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Fake-R against troublemakers of any kind by Matteo Petrassi RH Italy Team It’s mid of April and I have just come back from a night session at a very hard spot. While building up my gear I already noticed the huge amount of fresh water tortoise, which use to complicate the conditions as they like to destroy our hook baits. This is why I opted for Rod Hutchinson’s Fake-R for my two outer rods. I added a bit of pop up foam to enhance the floating ability.

For the ground mix I chose a light combination of Chocolate Malt boilies of 14mm and hemp pellets soaked in diluted Maplesteep Liquor, in order not to saturate the spot with baits.

In the early morning a run on the Fake-R Mulberry makes me jump out of my bed chair. But unfortunately the fish decided to unhook himself with an under water branch I was left behind grinding my teeth. But the positive thing was, as I imagined, the tortoise didn’t attack the Fake-R baits, while the classic baits were ruined and had become practically useless.

Matteo Petrassi Rod Hutchinson Team Italy

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