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How to tie drop off weed leaders and weed rigs – step by step By Sebastiaan Schuurman RH Team Benelux

We all try to find the best camouflage for our presentation. In this article I will explain how to make two weed effect leaders in brown and green colours. Then I will show you two weed effect rigs that fit perfectly to the leaders. These two leaders and rigs have the big advantage that the fish will approach with much less suspicion and therefore will probably pick up the bait. I recommend to use the brown colour at the end of the year and in the early Spring when most of the weed dies and turns brown. In springtime everything becomes green again and the green colouring works best. Of course you can use the brown version as well in summer but then it should be used for fishing near obstacles like roots of trees, branches or reed, generally everything that is of brown colour. As I’m using leadcore for the leaders I make drop off leaders, which means in case of a bite your lead will drop off the lead clip.

PART 2 Brown colour Weed Leader Brown You need : HBT031 Brown Safety Lead Clip with pin , HBT028 Tail Rubber brown, HBSW18 Normal swivel XL, HBT054 Shrink Tube, HBL022 Fluorowisp Leadcore STD, Splicing needle, Carp Leaders Weed effect brown and the Lucky Leads Truffle version 4,oz.We

We start with the Leadcore STD. Slide down the exterior until you have uncovered about 10cm of the core. Just break the leadcore off. Push the tip of the core inside so we prevent it from coming through you leader when in action. Pull the woven material over the core again and we are ready to splice the first part. Stick the needle inside the line where the core was before and after half of the needle’s length go to the outside again. Put the XL swivel on the end of the leadcore and stick the needle through right at the end. Now pull back the needle through the core until it comes out so the loop for the swivel is closed. Now cut off the end that sticks out and pull on the swivel. As you can see and feel the first part of splicing is done and the swivel is securely stuck

Then cut the leader material at the preferred length. I usually use 1,20m �1,50m for a leader. We repeat the same splicing procedure at the other end only this time without a swivel. We just create a small loop and the leader is finished..

We take the brown lead clip and pull out the small safety pin. Stick your splice needle through a piece of 2cm shrink tube, we add a green tail rubber to the lead clip and stick the needle through both of them. Now stick the needle through the loop at the and of the leader and pull it back so the shrink tube and the lead clip are threaded on the leadcore next to the swivel. Pull the swivel inside the lead clip and put the safety pin back inside the lead clip.

Take now the brown weed leader and cut off a piece that should be 10cm longer than your leader. Start to stick your needle through the thick core of the weed leader material until you find it completely on your needle. Push the needle through the free loop end of your leader and then pull it back through the core of the weed leader. Make sure the weed leader is carefully placed along the leader which has become the new core of our leader. Insert the needle in the shrink tube and pull the weed material inside at a length of 2cm. Cut off a piece of the shrink tube of the same size and place it at the other end of the leader and pull the weed material through it at a length of 2cm.

Place two small clip on leads on the weed material that sticks out and steam the two pieces of shrink tube. Like this the weed leader is safely fixed on the leadcore and won’t move. Now clip the Lucky Lead Moss lead 4oz on the lead clip and your weed leader is ready to use.

Brown weed effect Blow Back combi rig. You need: HBT004 Round Ring Size M, HBSW18 Normal Swivel XL, HBH002 New Grippa Carp Hook, HBL034 Sabre Fluorod 27lbs, HBL015 K‐Amid 45lb, Carp Leader Weedy Brown, HBT053 Shrink Tube brown S. 2 Chocolate Malt Boilies (20mm and 14mm) on a boilie needle and clip‐on leads.

We start making a loop in the K‐Amid with a knot at the height of the 14mm boilie. We thread the boilies and cut off the other end at about 15cm.

Now put the wire two times through the Round Ring M and press it together behind the boilies. Then place the ring on the Vice Carp Hook M. Make sure that the ring sits on the height of the hook bend and adjust the length of your hair as you prefer. Personally I leave a distance of 3,5mm to the hook. Then make an extra knot on the ring. Now you take the other end of the Gossamer and pull it through the hook eye and fix it with a no�knot knot. Cut off a piece of the shrink tube (2,5cm) and place it on the hook. The first part of the rig is done.

Then take the Fluorod material cut off a piece of 15cm, fold it and make an Albright knot. Make sure the Gossamer with the hook is sticking out about 3cm of the knot.

Your combi rig is now connected. Take the other end of the Fluorod and fold it. Splice a 15cm piece of the brown weed leader on your needle.

Attach the splice needle to the end of the Fluorod line and pull the weed material on it to the knot at the other end.

Take the Swivel XL and attach it with a Four Turn Grinner knot. To make it perfect add clip�on leads on each side of the rig and one in the middle and some Tungsten around the Albright knot.

The last step is to steam the shrink tube on your hook. Your brown weed effect rig is now ready to use.

Now we have our weed effect leaders and combi rigs ready to get them in. This is how they look under water.

I would say, give it a try and profit from the advantage. Another tip: use some PVA foam or a PVA stick around your rig. I personally stick a tent peg through the PVA foam or stick so the rig will fit in without any problems. Like this the leads don’t catch the foam and will enter smoothly. By adding PVA material you will avoid problems while throwing out your line. Greetings Sebastiaan Schuurman Rod Hutchinson Netherlands

How to tie drop off weed leaders and weed rigs step by step