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Get introduced to my journey with GraphicDesign! Designing is creating Painting is exploring Reading is relaxing I love all sorts of Art

If you haven’t got a glimpse of who I’am well! it’s all right i will introduce my self to you.

Bio Roudha ALmalik| Graphic designer From Dubai fluent in both Arabic and English born in the early 90s with a minor in Applied Psychology. Currently enrolled at Zayed University in Dubai. Graduation on Spring 2014. Exploring the world of design and experimenting with several design elements is a necessity. Because design itself is a necessity! My Work path includes Illustrations which are the initial aspects of my design incorporated with typography, photography, cutouts, and other forms of design. My concepts come from things around me that inspire me. I don’t stick to one message portrayed in my work. Every piece has a different meaning to it. Whether it is something fun and playful, cultural, fashionable, or giving awareness. My aim is to graduate from university have an excellent degree and start my adventure with Graphic design.

Artist Statement A journey to creativity that never ends filled with eye-catching features that wows you, this is my view upon graphic design. Design a form of changing simple words or ideas to majestic creations that cause the viewer to stop have a look and ponder. I cannot specify my interest when it comes to being a graphic designer, because I believe that this field includes all the elements of art and puts them together. My artistic journey began in an early age with my interest in illustrations and crafts. I used to scribble images of characters and the like all over the place. I liked reading books and comics and from that I began to realize there is more to it than just that. As my interest grew I began to introduce myself to various fields of design. I got my inspirations from whatever I see. Whether it is something in the newspaper, a setting I read in a book, something I saw on Tv, or simply a design on a package, any thing could be my inspiration. As you think, look and investigate you get inspired. To me graphic design is the visual communication that one needs to broaden ones perspective upon life. Everywhere you look some form of design stares back at you. Illustrations, photography, typography, cutouts, and any other materials are some things I use in my work. Textures another key element I like to use in my designs. When I design something I always try to think ‘’when one looks at this what does one think?’’ It’s interesting to know how people view something because not everyone see’s it as I do. I define my work as being handmade, expressive, and vibrant. I would like to pursue a goal of innovating new forms of design that will change the world. I want to change the typical. I want to add my flare to the world of design. I want to have every kind of design as my best friend.

Promoting the type I Created Put those together! and form a letter!

These two posters where createdto promote the type i created the concept took a nature turn.Conserve nature and take care of trees was the message.

Book cover project Our hopes dreams and future

‘‘Exchanging pictures, learning new things and designing a poster, WHO wouldn’t like that!’’

Collaborative Project

I’m presenting the concept a simple joyful life where memories are carried through the abra and through the sea.

Relate to the past back to Alkore

Dubai Creek? Have you heard of it?


lkhor (Dubai creek) is one of Dubai’s old places that still exist this very day. Though it is not the center of Dubai as it used to be it still holds the elements that made up Dubai, the city we know today. The Dubai creek was the most important trading stop during the olden days.

Did you know? The Creek was shallow?


‘‘I get so much peace at this place Sitting onthe edge of the shore and my grandson by my side I teach him to fish then he smiles.’’


he creek was not just a place for trading people used to gather and enjoy the place. ALkhor as it is said in arabic, was not as deep as it is today locals used to cross from Deira to BurDubai since the water was so shallow. However came a time where that was a negative factor so dredging the creek was a must to enhance transportation of ships and goods.

What are you waiting for? Explore the Creek


he creek is one of Dubai’s attractions why visit Dubai and not visit Alkor? The first place to check out when here is the Creek! All the memories and old souq the smell of the spices the hussele of the crowd and the atmosphere itself. It without a doubtgets you back to the old days. The ultimate local experience!

A talk with a local Emirati Alkhor: AlABRA TALKS 10:am -12:pm Bastakiya

Where memories are right at the door

Memories Within Dubai Creek

Experience the past Re-live the moment

‫ذﻛﺮﻳﺎت اﳌﺎﺿﻲ‬

Old hips Spice Souq

Bastakiya PORT RASHID Al Shindagha

Coaster Berth

Al Maktoum Bridge Dubai Court

Waterview Hotel Apartment

Ro ad

Al Kha tta b

Al S oo rS

tree t

Ro ad


British Council


Fortune Hotel

Flora Grand Hotel

Mu tee na

Ra sh ee dR

Str ee t


Reef Mall

Al Futtaim Centre Marks & Spence

Avari Dubai Hotel

Thomas Cook Al Rostamani

Clock Tower


Coral Deira Dubai

Renaissance Hotel Dubai

Airline Centre

Warba Centre

Holiday Inn Downtown Hotel

Hawthron Hotel, Deira

Orchid Hotel

Kings Park Hotel

Coral Deira Hotel

Semiramis Hotel Delmon Hotel

Sun & Sands Hotel Somalia, Consulate Nihal General Hotel

Metropolitan Deira Hotel

Department of Health


Al Dubai Palm Hotel






Dream Palace Hotel

Eureka Hotel Versailles Hotel Taj Palace Hotel

Vendome Plaza Hotel

May Fair Hotel

Marriott Executive Apartment (A)

Al Jazeira

Hall Mark Hotel

Quality Inn Horizon Broadway Hotel

Metropolitan Palace Hotel

Al Maktoum

Baniyas Road

Al Nasr Club

Lotus Hotel

K-Porte Inn Dubai

Lords Hotel Dana Shopping Centre


Moscow Hotel

Royal Falcon Hotel

Al Futtaim Centre (Marks & Spencer)

qabat Road Al Muraq

Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel

Shangrila Hotel

Al Khaleej Holidays

Dubai Concorde Hotel Dubai Concorde Residence

Dubai T.V.

Al Nasr Leisureland

Zain International Hotel

Dubai Land Department

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Banglahdesh, Consulate General

Fish R/A City Star Hotel

Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel

Belhoul Speciality Hospital

Marco Polo Hotel

Om ar

Es Al


Al Khaleej Palace Hotel

Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing




Marhaba Beach Hotel

Musallah Al Eid

Gulf Dessert Hotel

Montreal Hotel Excellent Hotel Spectrum Hotel Claridge Hotel


Al Rigga

Al Faris Hotel Apartments 3

Royalton Hotel

Havanna Palace Hotel Panorama Hotel Deira

d Roa ab Al Kha tt Ghurair

Conrad Hotel

Comfort Inn Hotel

Sadaf Hotel Dreamland Hotel

Department of Economic

ad Ro in udd lah Sa

Ireland, Consulate General

Marmar Hotel

Al Maktoum Hospital

Dubai Intercity Hotel

Union Square

Al Omar Bin

Etisalat Sheraton Dubai Tower Creek Hotel and Towers

Marhaba Deira Hotel Dubai Intercity Hotel Burj Branch Nahar Hotel

ad l Ro ita sp Ho


Libyan, Consulate General

Umm Hurair Road Malaysia, Consulate General


D85 Dubai Development Board

Kuwait, Consulate General



Sweet Palace Hotel

um kto Ma

Lebanon, Consulate General

Al N

Karoon Hotel Transworld Hotel

ad Ro

Indian, Pakistan, Consulate Oman, Consulate General Consulate General General Jordan, Consulate General

Palestine, Consulate General


Al Na if R oad



Islamic Studies College

Central Post

SAS Radisson Creek Deira

British Embassy

D88 Germany, Consulate General

Yemen, Egypt, Consulate Consulate General General

us lM

hal ak

A Ishat Intermediate School

d bel Roa Za`a Central Lab.

Twin Towers


Al Karama Hotel President Hotel


D79 Iranian School

Al Maktoum Road


Canada, Consulate

Regent Palace Hotel

eef Al S

Savoy Crest Hotel Apartment




Four Point Sheraton Hotel

Netherland, Consulate General

Savoy Suites Deluxe Hotel Apartments



Al Kh aleej Golf Park Roa d



rji Bu

Dubai Creek Branding Icons



Branding Dubai Creek

iyas Ban

Australian, Consulate General

Savoy Park Hotel

Waleed Road

The waters of the creek hold history within its waves

Dubai Museum

Mussalla Tower Mall

Khalid BinAl

Road AlQataiyat

Dubai Creek Magazine spread

Panama, Consulate General



Blue Shiraz Diamond Hotel HotelAl D aghay Golden Hyatt a Str.Star Golden Al Maha Royal Galaxy Gold Hotel Sea Blue Regency Star Garden Land Hotel Hotel Dubai Hotel Deema Hotel Juba Hotel Grand Hotel Deira Gardinia Al Hotel Al Kawakeb Dana Andalus Hotel Al Uroba Hotel Hotel Omania Al Sahil Al Deyafa Hotel Aswar Al Fursan Hotel Hotel Hotel Palace Hotel Hotel Rahab AYAL London Breeze Hotel NASIR Blue Lagoon Hotel Sky Way HotelAntalia Al Noor Khaibar Hotel Hotel Hotel Al Hotel Hotel Hawaar Country Al Sabkha QueensBaha Najm Hotel Hotel Zariana Hotel Simba Al Khaleej Ferrari Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel P Hotel Hotel Florida Sima Hotel Down Town Hotel Al Wehda Index Hotel Al Hashemi Hotel Hotel Al Rabia Hotel Hotel Duna 2 Hotel Classic Vienna Hotel Sahari House Mariana Palace Hotel Naif Tehran Abraj Hotel Hotel West Hotel Deira Souk Hotel Al Ahrar Centre Rafee Hotel Hotel Str. Royal Al Middle East Park Hotel Deira Piccaddily Hotel Park Hotel Hotel Orange Hotel Tylos San Marco Hotel Al Kameelia Al Land Mark Hotel Al Al Marwa Hotel Wasl Souk Hotel Parasol Diplomat Hotel Khaleej Hotel Sandras Inn Hotel Hotel Hotel Al Dar Al Sham Hotel Land Mark Plaza Hotel Hotel Al Qaid Al Maydan Shopping Centre Hotel Phoenicia Hotel Gulf Pearl Int`l California Tara Hotel Coral Riviera Hotel Hotel Priv. Hospital Hotel Oriental Hotel Dubai Benta Hotel Lotus Carlton Tower Central Boutique Fal Hotel City A Hotel Paris Hotel Sochi Hotel King Hotel Riga Hotel Hotel Dulf Hotel Hotel

AL Hotel Plaza Hotel Gold Souk DAGHAYA Sikkat Al Khai Al Khaima l St ree Hotel t AL BUTEEN Lapaz Hotel


Dhow Palace Hotel

Deira Fish, Meat & Vegetable Market

Deira Bus Station The Gold House Gold Gold Oasis Centre

Tamarind Hotel

Tal ebS tre

Arabian Court Yard Hotel

Regal Plaza Hotel


Karama Shopping Centre


Al Ahmadiya School

Al Shamal Hotel

Spice Souk

York International

Mankhool R oad

(1) Trade


Rush Inn Hotel

Al Khaleej Centre

Ramada Hotel Dubai


Dubai Nova Hotel

Imperial Suites Hotel

Qatar, Consulate General

Centre Road


Shi Al Tunndagha nel

Baniyas Road

Al Khor Str.

Al Ras Hotel

Suncity International Hotel

Winchester Grand Hotel Apartment

Musallah Al Eid


Vasantam Hotel

iS hid Fa


St. George Hotel

Qasr Siyaha Hotel

Astoria Hotel

Capitol Residence Hotel Apartment

Al Rais Shopping Centre

Meena Plaza Hotel


Heritage & Diving Village

Emirates Science Club AL RAS Central Public Library

Time Palace Hotel


d Roa

Admiral Plaza Hotel

Panorama Hotel




da S Al Nah Dallas

olla AlR


Al Falah St reet

Everest International Hotel

Ascot Hotel


Sheikh Saeed House

Al Juma Mosque Norway, Consulate General

Ambassador Hotel

Str e ee et t


Sea Shell Inn Hotel


Bin Suroor Mosque


eet Str fa Penninsula Raf New Hotel

Hyde Park Hotel

Palm Beach Rotana Hotel

Al Sab kha

Highland Hotel

Seaview Hotel

Al Mina Road

Tariq Ibn Ziyad Road

Al Adhid Road

Dubai Customs Head Quarters

Roa d

Al Khaleej Al Shindagha Market

Al Ghubaiba Road



all ah


ess Exper

Champselysees Hotel

Grand Moov Hotel

Hamarain J.W. Centre Marriott Hotel

oad ker R Abu Ba

Traders Hotel


Designed in year: 2012 Font classification: Display font Font type: Regular

Creating a type from scratch! My type is made out of twigs I collected from the yard. It was a fun and cool process!

Type is really COOL! Lots of Serifs Lots of San- Serifs

Word pairing

For this particular project I had to pair English and Arabic words together by using only the font given and the letters to form shapes.

CUT Fold and GLue with Packaging That’s all you Do!

Self promotional package Creating a package that will advertise myself and be as a thank you little gift. Every card has got a saying on it that will cheer you up no matter what! They could also be used as a bookmark!

Local Food Product !‫ق‬

‫ﻨﻮ‬ CAM ‫ﺣﻠﻴﺐ اﻟ‬ EL M ILK


F Deli resh c


r go io !‫ ق‬Cam u o el d o s ld ‫ اﻟﻨﻮ‬Milk ‫ﺐ‬ ‫ﺣﻠﻴ‬

ier The choi heal ce th

Enjo cup y yo ur our of wa every fre authe rm mil day sh home fro ntic cak with lan m your mel d far milk. m.

‫ﻟﻌﻠﺐ‬cl‫ ا‬ed Bott ‫ ﺗﺪوﻳﺮ‬les ‫إﻋﺎد‬


For this project the idea was to pick a local food product and create a logo, brand story, and a package. I choose to reinterprate the Camel milk and turn it into something more modern and not very dull so that even kids would snatch the bottle of the shelf.

Board game PSYCHED

A game based on TABOO but why a psychological twist!

I’ts fun and very informative!

‘‘I want to have every kind of design as my best friend.’’ Roudha Almalik

Thanks alot for checking out my work!

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