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Arrow Mart is a Lasallian themed grocery that will deliver grocery goods right to the doorstep of our customers within the perimeter of DLSU. It aims to bring comfort to students wishing to buy grocery items but do not want the bother of going out of their home.

Company Background Arrow Mart is an online convenience store dedicated to helping clients maximize the value of their time and energy. The company aims to serve the food industry with its quality products and assured service for all its customers to enjoy. Located in the ground floor of the burgundy tower, Arrow mart used to be a small convenience store in said location but thought of a way to reach consumers through the web and that is how the online store branch began. The company aims to bring customers in the Taft area an opportunity to shop at one’s usual convenience store online with the delivery and billing done at his or her home. As a developing business, we are committed to pursuing high standards of products and service towards our customers. We provide customers with the chance to critique our performance in order to better serve them in the future, and to benefit the local community in the things that we do.


The business is associated with the food industry since we cater to the buy and selling of mostly food products to the different residents of the Taft area. The biggest competition in the area is the convenience stores located in it like the numerous 7/11 stores, Ministops and other small stores around. On the other hand there are also the different fast food places like Jollibee and Mcdonald’s that provide food and at the same time deliver them to whoever is ordering them. As you we can see, an online convenience store is not really a popular or known trend here as compared to the other countries. Therefore, the idea of becoming one of the most well known online convenience stores is a very intriguing prospect.

Mission Statement To bring people the resources they need so they can focus on the more important things in life.

Vision Statement To simplify the lives of those living in the De La Salle community, one order at a time.

STRATEGY Modifying the way people buy their goods around the area. Give availability to those in need at all times.

Review of Similar E-Commerce Businesses Mission/Vision/Strategies Suy Sing states their purpose for putting up such a business as “We champion the growth of the Filipino Grocer. Suy Sing is the expert in the grocery industry, a onestop shop for independent grocers that provides the most convenient and trusted service for a viable grocery business. Through our extensive range of products, exciting promotions, efficient distribution services, and excellent customer service, we enable our customers to save time and focus on the growth of their business”. Suy Sing also abides by 6 principles to keep their company afloat and stay on top as one of the best grocery suppliers in the Philippines, and they are: Service Excellence, Concern for People, Continuous Improvement, Integrity and Fairness, Teamwork and Commitment. They have high regard for their employees, thus making sure that their employees are provided with a good working environment. The company recognizes their employees as “family”, thus having the willingness to provide them with benefits that will ena-

ble them to develop more as individuals inside and outside of the company. As for the customers, Suy Sing puts their clients’ needs first. Their aim is to always exceed customer expectations, and they are able to do that by getting things right at the first time, keeping things simplified for their customers, exercising professionalism and honouring their commitments to their clientele. Phil Grocer is a nationwide grocery delivery company by FastNet Communications. Their vision-mission is “Our all grocery products, we maintain high quality. We had never experience with customer complains. We always do our best to serve our valued customers. We have started with a low-price philosophy while providing a high level of service. Our concept of cost-effectiveness, fair prices, totally dedicated support brought us to what we are today. PhilGrocer.Com is all about people. You will always get a HUMAN response from PhilGrocer.Com on ANY request or issue that you may have and we will assist you as fast as humanly possible�. Phil Grocer gives high regard for their customers. Inferring from their vision-mission, the way that the company is run and how the management team is able to strategize is based on the responses of their customers, because without their clients, Phil Grocer would be nothing. The customers of Phil Grocer play a very vital role in the survival of the company in the grocery industry, or being a player in the competition of grocery suppliers in the country.

Comparative Chart of the Features of the Website FEATURES Membership feature Language variety aside from English Social Media Links Flash Graphics “About Us” page Contact Information Mobile Applications Delivery feature On-Site Checkout Secure Online Payment Forms Custom Payments Form Newsroom “Career” page Application for Prospective Merchants “Frequently Asked Questions” Confirmation Emails Prices of Items are seen on the catalogue Product Catalogue Online Order Form Inventory Tracker Easy Navigation “Featured Products” Search Engine Optimization Wish List feature Shipping Options Product Descriptions Order Tracker feature Currency Converter Customer Account Management Gift Card Issuing and Processing Categorized Product Catalogue Return and Refund/Replace feature Methods of Payment

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Analysis of Competitive Sites

The Suy Sing website is site that may be identified under the Business-to-Business (B2B) E-commerce category. B2B is a commerce transaction between businesses, involving a manufacturer and a wholesaler or a retailer and a wholesaler. This is business conducted between businesses or companies rather than between a company and individual customers. For the case of Suy Sing, their business transaction is between a retailer and a wholesaler. SearchCIO has stated, “Forecasts are that B2B revenue will far exceed business-to-consumers (B2C) revenue in the near future. According to studies published in early 2000, the money volume of B2B exceeds that of e-tailing by 10 to 1. Over the next five years, B2B is expected to have a compound annual growth of 41%�. Their company website sells directly to other businesses, such as groceries.

Phil Grocer is a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce business. This means that the transactions of the company are between the business and individuals consumers, who are the end users of the products being sold by Phil Grocer. All transactions are done through the Internet, as it is evident through the homepage of the website. The features of the company website are more consumer-friendly. It really shows in their website that they want their clients to be the end users of the products that they sell, instead of being just a middleman.

Possible Features for Adoption Suy Sing must integrate more customer-friendly features into their website to have a more effective marketing campaign and to increase their company profit. The company should only go towards the direction of developing their website further because this is the number one means of gaining more customers and expanding their market reach. On the other hand, due to the increasing demand of customers’ wants, especially in the grocery industry where competition is high, Suy Sing must make it a point to give importance to the needs of their consumers and not so much on their suppliers. The following features are recommended additions for Suy Sing to increase their market reach and gain more partners or customers: 1) Mobile Applications for Android, Windows and iOS; 2) Language options; 3) Social Media links or widgets; 4) On-Site Checkout; 5) Secure Online Payment Forms; 6) Sending of emails confirming the orders of their customers; 7) Stating the prices of the products; 8) Inventory counter – having the option of placing multiple orders of a single product or stating how many more of the product are available for purchasing; 9) Tab for “featured products” of Suy Sing with simple graphics; 10) Currency Converter; 11) “Wish List” feature; 12) Shipping Options; 13) Product Descriptions below or beside the product being sold; 14) Order Tracker – for the customer/s to know where their orders are at a certain time; 15) Gift cards – for customers who would like to give away grocery supplies to their friends or family; and 16) Return/Refund/Replace tab – for customers who are not satisfied with their orders.

The website of Phil Grocer is a site caters to their customers’ needs due to the number of features that have already been integrated into their website. It is more customer-friendly. Although, their website lacks a few features that would make their company a top competitor in the grocery supplier industry, and they are the following: 1) Mobile Applications for Windows, Android and iOS; 2) Variety in languages other than English for their website; 3) Newsroom or Updates page where their prospective clients and/or suppliers will be able to get the latest information on how the company is currently doing and what new innovations they are able to get a hold of and develop further; 4) “Career” page – for individuals who are looking to find a job in the grocery supplier industry or for those who have expertise in such and want to innovate certain products and marketing strategies for the company; 5) Online Order Form – so that customers will have an easier time in getting their orders across to the company and want to have products delivered to them right away; 6) “Featured Products” – having this feature will enable the company to get their products across easier to their customers; and 7) Gift Cards – for customers who would want to give away food and non-food supplies to their friends or family. For this industry, things are better when simplified, thus the following is a list of features that are not needed in the websites of Suy Sing and Phil Grocer: 1) Music; 2) Flash Graphics; 3) Extra features that are on Auto play; and 4) Excess information and media. These additional features are needed only by certain companies, such as those in the leisure industry.

How Recommended Features Supports Mission/Vision/ Strategies The recommended features would be able to support the mission-vision and strategies that Suy Sing and Phil Grocer live by. Such added features will be able to provide grocery companies convenient and trusted service that will cater to the most important needs of their customers. The clients of Suy Sing will experience further business growth. Phil Grocer will be able to provide their customers with cost-effectiveness, fair prices and totally dedicated support.

Evaluation using the 7 elements of a business model

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