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The 5 Factor Diet, has also been referred to as "The Hollywood Diet", as it originated with Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer to Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys, among others. He basically came up with this plan to facilitate the celebrity lifestyle, exercise on breaks, and quick basic meals, that are easy to make. Since often time and space is limited, the exercises are based on simple, do as you have time basis. The Five Factors: It is a 5 week plan, consisting of 5 "meals" a day, (basic meals and mid morning and mid afternoon snacks), consisting of no more than 5 ingredients, to be made in 5 minutes, with 5 cheats in the plan, such as ice cream, cake, french fries or pizza- 1 cheat per week. The 5 week plan does not make it a lifestyle changing diet, but the five cheats allow you to not feel deprived while trying to curb sugar cravings and spikes, as is required for any sizeable weight gain. Many celebrities do not have massive weight gains before doing something about it, so the 5 Factor Diet works, when used on an as-needed basis. Menu Selections: On the 5-ingredient, 5 minute meal menu, there are things listed such as egg and turkey bacon sandwich, sea scallops with orange sauce, and curried chicken with brown rice. Pretty basic meals with a protein and some starch or vegetable basically. The plan offers hundreds of recipes and online support with the fee for membership of $65.00 each 13 weeks. While there is expense involved, if you are able to make the menus become a mentality when shopping, and are able to curb the sugar intake without support, then you can make this diet a lifestyle. It is basic meals that can be made quickly and don't taste like diet food, and are nutritious, so the whole family can eat them, and you can make a homemade meal quickly between work and the other activities that keep you busy. Exercise Option: The plan does encourage a 25-minute per day workout, to go along with the diet, and the exercise can be cut up into mini sessions, as time allows, even walking throughout the day. It is meant to help fit in some type of activity on a daily basis. There are simple, easy to do exercises available when you purchase the plan that you can do in limited space and with limited time. In Conclusion: The diet appears to be based on a well-balanced meal plan and does incorporate exercise as a part of the plan, making it more of a lifestyle basis if you can take it beyond the 5 week plan, which

is just meant to jump start or take off a few unwanted pounds. For any sizeable loss, the plan would need to be continued beyond 5 weeks, thus the 13-week membership. Since many people need a support group for reinforcement on weight loss, this plan offers that via Internet, as part of your fee.

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==== ==== For a great and effective way to loose weigth look at this. ==== ====

5 Factor is a 5 week plan, consisting of 5 "meals" a day,  

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