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Promoting unity in the western industry.

December 11, 2019 www.rodeofame.com




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To kick off this issue, I would first like to welcome Wichita Falls PRCA Rodeo to the Rodeo Fame tour schedule! Check out rodeofame.com for interesting facts about Wichita Falls and closeup interviews with athletes who love competing there. What is the Rodeo Fame tour, you ask? Stay tuned for details in October 2019 on rodeofame.com. So much has happened since my last letter, I'd like to give a brief recap and end with my life-changing challenge for everyone. First, the Legacy of the West Gala happened in conjunction with the 2018 NFR and helped raise awareness to STOP human trafficking. The event was a great success THANKS TO all our amazing volunteers, sponsors, fans and athletes. It will happen again this year December 11, 2019 and we are seeking volunteers if you would like to help out. RF is growing and has added new distribution locations. Britany Diaz has joined the RF team and will inspire you with her passion for life and rodeo, (go Britany!)

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And. . .Guess what? I’m pregnant! Not part of the plan, but Blake and I are still excited. Get ready for the BIG maternity photos. Most people do not know this but I have been pursuing my real estate license. Unfortunately, I failed the exam twice, but this month I passed! Thank you Jesus! I am excited to announce that I will be talking with home owners who will give advice on buying, selling, decorating and saving money on diy projects. Who wants to hear the life changing challenge now? It will only change your life if you take the challenge though- here it is: CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. What do you think about all the time? Our thoughts eventually turn to action and action leads to results. When I failed the real estate test I made myself imagine what it would feel like walking out of the testing room with the word “PASS” on my paper, even though I FELT like a failure I kept imagining myself passing and eventually, I did! Note about cover athlete- Colt Gordon has not qualified for the WNFR, YET, but keep watching his career -watch his thoughts turn to action. We are confident his actions will lead him to the WNFR! GO GORDON GO GORDON GO GORDON!

April Patterson, Editor-in-Chief www.rodeofame.com










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Photo by Billie-Jean Duff / Roughstock Studio Photo

Ace Kickin Lashes & accessories by Rita

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Photo by Hubbell Rodeo Photos


Nearly every barrel racer, both young and old, has a common goal: Make the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV. The road to success in this sport is never easy but can be harder when you have false expectations and a bag full of excuses. 10


Throughout the years, many people tell me reasons they cannot travel, even though they may have that special horse. If doors are opening, step through them. Don’t talk yourself out of what might be the biggest opportunity to reach your NFR dreams. Every NFR competitor going has had to overcome obstacles. The following are the most common excuses:

“I have children”, or, “My family keeps me from going”. Although, many

choose to stay home because they have kids that are involved in sports and school activities, this isn’t a road block. It is a choice. 7 out of the top 15 2018 NFR qualifiers have children ranging in different ages. In fact, rodeo is known as a sport for the whole family. It makes it more difficult, but still attainable. Many rodeos have hospitality areas for children to play and feed the contestants and their families. Reserve World Champion

Barrel Racer, Jessica Routier, has five children ranging in age from 2-years-old to 13-years old. Routier says, “I couldn’t do it without great help and a very supportive family. I’m not the only one who has done it. Its just a matter of figuring out what works best for your situation. We have five kids, and although I would be happiest if we could all be together all the time, our motto has become, ‘Divide and conquer’. One thing that has really helped me is I am able to come home a lot between rodeos. I have rarely been gone for more than two weeks at a time. Being able to come home allows me to switch up who goes with and who stays home, which is determined by what everyone has going on. Between haying, kids rodeos, calving and shipping, it is harder for my husband, Riley, to go with. We have had help from hired hands and I have recently been fortunate to have a babysitter with me during the winter run. My advice for other moms is to do what works best for you.

ATHLETES & STARS | Everyone is different and you must figure out your horse’s needs too. With help, you can do it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Rodeo family is the best and usually willing to help any way they can.”

“I only have one horse that can win.” Almost every barrel racer that has made the NFR has won majority, if not all their money on one horse. Yes, it is nice to have a backup in the trailer that can also win at that level, but it is not possible for most. NFR horses are few and far between. There is a difference between nice horses and great horses. Lots of factors come into play. Can a horse handle the travel, change in weather, hay, water and atmosphere? Lots of nice horses can’t. Great rodeo horses can! If you have one great horse, you need to go! Don’t wait for a backup that can do the same. If you wait, you may miss your opportunity. If there were lots of great ones, everyone would be there. If you look at the 2018 World Standings, you will see that almost

every girl, with a couple exceptions, made majority, if not all their money on one horse. 2017 World Champion Nellie Miller qualified for her first NFR in 2010 on her horse, Blue Duck. He was the only horse she ran that year. Fast forward seven years and she qualified again on his maternal sister, “Sister”. Sister won Nellie enough on her own to win her the World Championship! When I asked Nellie how she does it with one horse, she replied, “it comes down to knowing your horse and knowing where to enter based on where your horse will do it’s best. It’s different for people also based on where they live. My rodeo plan is different from someone that lives in Texas or someplace else. I also think you need to manage your runs because at the end of the year a lot of girls' horses are worn out.” Her advice for those that have that one great horse is, “I don’t see having one horse as an excuse to not try. It gets proven every year that people make the NFR on one horse. I do think girls need to realize it may not happen the

first year. It takes time and experience to figure out what works for you and your horse. I hate to see girls quit too early when things are not going their way. It’s not easy and it can take awhile for things to come together.”

“I am too old to try to make the NFR.”

When I hear this, two names pop into my head. World Champion, Mary Burger, and June Holeman. Mary set a record for being the oldest world champion in the WPRA and the PRCA at 68-years-old in 2016. Before Mary, June held the record by qualifying for the NFR at the age of 62. In 2014, at the age of 70, June also qualified for the American Rodeo held in the AT&T Cowboy Stadium. Mary Walker won her world title at the age of 53 in 2012. Many others over the age of 50 qualify for the NFR. The lesson here is to never put an expiration date on your dream. God answers prayers in his timing. You can still do it!

“I don’t have enough money.” Rodeo is

a tough sport to make an honest living at, but not impossible. If you have a horse

Jessica Routier




that truly is good enough, that horse will win you enough money to keep going. I tell you this, because I have personally experienced this. When my horse started winning top three at almost every circuit rodeo, I either had to sell or take an opportunity God had given me and go try to accomplish a life-long goal. My horse, Rootie was purchased for $800 at a sale. I never had fancy equipment for her or any idea where she would take me. I was a small-town girl from ND, working a fulltime job during the day and then waited tables at night and weekends to help pay for my passion and dream. I traveled in a 1996 half-ton Chevy pickup pulling a stock trailer. My first year hauling was

Jessica Routier



hard, when I was not with a traveling partner, I would stop at truck stops to get a shower. Rootie won enough to allow me to upgrade my situation and carry me to two NFR’s. My situation has changed, but I didn’t let that situation stop my dream. You do not need fancy pickups, trailers and expensive horses to get there. You need the drive, a good horse with a huge heart and a will to go do it!! This past year, Tracy Nowlin qualified on Dolly Jo, a mare she paid less than $1300 for. You cannot make things happen. When it is meant to be, things will fall into place and big things happen. All it takes is one great horse to change your dream into a reality.

If you catch yourself saying one of the above, please rethink your words. Speak nothing but positive. Pray with purpose and believe in what you are asking to allow your life to move. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable; step out anyway. It is hard to beat someone who never gives up. Don’t let the negative around you put failure in your heart and mind. Peter never would have walked on water if he never got out of the boat, (referring to Matthew 14:27-29.) If you accept the cant’s, you will never be able to chase the cans.

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KID ROCK By Lori O’Harver

The Brookman Rodeo bucking horse breeding program is one of the oldest family operations in the United States with horses appearing at every Wrangler National Finals Rodeo except for that one when travel was unmerciful for founder Marvin Brookman. Before recent inceptions in registry backed by the science of DNA, record keeping was difficult and often kept in the sharp minds of great horsemen. Many times, when those horsemen died a lot of details died with them. This is the case for one of the most famous and beloved bucking horses kicking out the lights today, Brookman Rodeo’s Kid Rock. Kid Rock has thrilled fans and invaded the dreams of every serious bronc rider over the last 13 years of his stellar career. He’s been selected for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo eight times (the first by bareback riders before he made the career change to the halter) and never disappointed any cowboy who’s drawn the 18 year old Montana bred gelding. He was successfully bred to buck and always has, steps into the chute with a huge presence and stands like a regal statue while his opponent gets set to nod. Kid Rock recently won Raleigh, North Carolina under Texas bronc hand Dean Wadsworth. What everybody doesn’t know about this bad cat is he’s working on Life #2 after dying during anesthesia.

“After a little break after the 2014 NFR, Kid Rock joined the A Team on the spring Texas run with Kenny Barringer and wasn’t holding the weight we like to see. Always a slow eater, Kenny was watching him closely and going the extra mile for his nutritional needs, but Kid Rock wasn’t thriving,” said Cathy Brookman-Wieferich. “When he got home, we had him vetted and found a bad tooth. The extraction required anesthesia and when it was done, Kid Rock was unresponsive. The vet team moved quickly to administer stimulants and start doing compressions on his heart while Kenny held his breath and prayed. After what felt like forever, Kid Rock took a huge breath as his heart started beating again.” His second round in life carried on seamlessly. Kid Rock was again chosen for the 2015 NFR and every one since then. When he’s not on the road working his 2 minutes a year, he can be found hanging out with his bucking horse buddies out on thousands of acres or doing his favorite thing, babysitting the Wieferich girl’s barrel horses. Either way is good with him. He’s a rockstar and a favorite and accepts all of that as his due knowing that adoring fans are just part of his life.

Photo by Mary Peters



By Lori O’Harver

Kid Rock came back from the dead and is going strong thanks to his great team at Brookman Rodeo.

Photo by Robby Freeman Photo



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YOU'LL NEVER RIDE AGAIN How Daryl McElroy Went from Heartbreak to Hero By Lori O’Harver “It was Valentine’s Day, 2015, when I didn’t get the usual call after Daryl had ridden in Arizona,” Michelle McElroy said. “When the phone did ring, his first choked words were ‘I’m sorry.’ He’d broken his back and surgeons in the small hospital he’d been transported to wanted to fly him to Phoenix because it was bad. He flew home to me instead. It wasn’t until I’d met him at the airport gate that I realized just how seriously he’d been injured.” The reconstructive surgeries went well, but McElroy was told he’d never nod for another bucking horse. As his recovery wore on, Michelle realized it was no longer pain or confinement that deeply bothered him. It was knowing his rodeo days were done. “Physical pain is one thing and that’s bad enough. The pain he felt from losing his world, his passion? That was excruciating,” Michelle said. “I promised him right there that we’d find a way to stay involved more strongly than ever before. It wasn’t long before he told me he knew what he wanted to do.” By that fall, the McElroy's had founded the Texas Bronc Rider's Association (TBRA). One year later, they would host their first finals in Fort Worth's Cowtown Coliseum and invite the women of ranch bronc riding to compete. So impressed with the ladies talent and try, McElroy moved to include a standard event for them at all TBRA sanctioned events. Since then, those cowgirls have gained national attention through RIDE TV's series 'Cowgirls', appeared on NBC's Megyn Kelly Today in New York City and broke a near century old absence of lady bronc rider's competing at Cheyenne Frontier Days. This year, contestants like Virginia native, Jane Revercomb, and Texan, Alondra Castaneda will, again, take center stage at Cheyenne, not just for braggin' rights, but for their season championship. For more information on schools specifically for lady bronc riders and what the TBRA offers, please visit www.txbroncriders.com.



By Lori O’Harver

IN THIS ISSUE | Jane Revercomb’s historic moment when lady bronc riders returned to Cheyenne Frontier Days. Photo by Jackie Jensen

Physical pain is one thing and that’s bad enough. The pain he felt from losing his world, his passion? That was excruciating. Photo by Dave Roth Photo





helps western sports athletes with CTE By Brenda Beveridge

The death of a PBR bull rider is always an event that leaves the community in shock and reeling and the death of Ty Pozzobon in January 2017 was no different. But unlike a death caused in the arena by a bull stepping on the rider, Ty’s death was caused at his own hands. 20


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Through Ty’s Foundation we can ensure his name, destiny and legacy live on in and out of the arena.. After Ty’s death, his family donated his brain to the University of Washington. What they were able confirm was he suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma – often athletes – including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatize sub concussive hits to the head that do not cause symptoms. Basically, getting hit on the head over and over and then showing no symptoms until later.

The symptoms of CTE are memory loss, confusion, erratic behavior and personality changes including depression and suicidal thoughts. Tanner Byrne, a fellow PBR competitor and Ty’s best friend since they were 15 acknowledges towards the end of his life, Ty suffered from all of those symptoms. “He was the last person that you ever thought would ever do anything like that, due to his personality.” Byrne said. “In the later months, he started to close off. He knew that things were changing in him and his personality, and he started to kind of go away from me. And so there were subtle signs that didn't seem like that big of issues, but now, looking back, we're like, "Oh, my gosh." And all the CTE stuff that you read about and you learn about, he ticks off every single box on it.” Tanner had a gut check moment after the passing of his friend and he didn’t want this to happen to anyone else. Tanner, a handful of friends and Ty’s family took action and started the Ty Pozzobon Foundation in 2017. The purpose of the foundation is to protect and support the health and well-being of rodeo competitors inside and outside the arena. The TPF has the goal of assisting with funding the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team (CPRSMT) and a team dedicated to spotting concussion behavior at every ProRodeo and PBR in Canada from now on. In addition, the TPF looks to educate through educational videos, written materials and helping to fund CTE research. “Hopefully the seriousness will seem obvious now. But at that time, it was unheard of. Even concussions we didn't take serious. It's kind of like anything, it takes a tragedy, or something of that nature, to change for everybody else.” Tanner said. “Through Ty’s Foundation we can ensure his name, destiny and legacy live on in and out of the arena.”



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Bull rider’s wife, Paige Murray, grows her recipe book and her family By Brenda Beveridge

With a sleeping baby in her arms, Paige Murray single-handedly ¬– literally she typed with one hand –wrote out her second cook book, Southern Fried Skinnyfied, Delicious, Healthy Cookin’ from the TY Ranch, with the mind-set that now that her family was growing, she should probably make her recipes to serve more folks than just herself. “The last few years, I've really been collecting a lot of recipes. Since I've gotten married (to legendary bull rider Ty Murray) and became a stepmom (to Kase) and a mom (to Oakley Monroe), my recipes have become more family friendly. My old cookbook, it was more oriented towards cooking for one because I was single and just needed to cook for myself. I really wanted to make a more family friendly cookbook that was healthy, and everybody would like,” Paige said from her home on the TY Ranch near Stephenville, TX. The cookbook is geared towards the healthconscious family but Paige insists it is not a diet cookbook and follows no diet trends.




Some recipes, by nature are gluten-free or Keto or Paleo. Mostly, her recipes contain healthy fats and whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat. “It's basically just if you walked around the perimeter of a grocery store, that's what my cookbook's going to be using, those type of ingredients instead of going down all the aisles where all the processed foods are. It's just fresh,” Paige said. “I believe in balance, and moderation of everything. I even included a few dessert recipes because there’s always an occasion where you need dessert.” The pictures in the book are from Paige’s personal collection or she took them herself. “You see professionally styled food in a lot of cookbooks, and then you make it and it doesn't look anything like it. These photos were taken literally right before I ate it. I just wanted to show people what it looks like and what it's going to look like when they make it so they'll get a good idea,” Paige said. “My Nana and my mom taught me the basics of cooking. Then when I became passionate about nutrition, I taught myself how to cook with healthier ingredients just by reading a lot and trial and error and experimenting. This book's really been a work in the making for the past three or so years while I figured out what was best. I really wanted to make a cookbook that was special for me to pass down to Oakley one day. I wanted to include pictures of the ranch and pictures of my family and friends whose recipes I shared in the book and some handwritten recipes from my Nana and my great grandmother. I really made it a work from the heart give people an idea of what it felt like to live on a real working ranch.”



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For information call Clay @ 940-453-2364 Or Karl @ 940-210-1619

WISE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS - DECATUR TX Sponsored by: VISIT US ON Facebook: Cowboy Youth Bull Riders Association CYBR


Photos by Gary Peterson

December 11, 2019 www.rodeofame.com

Promoting unity in the western industry





Rodeo Fame Magazine, also known as the little publication that could, performed the big feat of bringing the western sports, fashion and philanthropy industries together for the Legacy of the West Gala - one of the most poignant and charitable events the western industry has ever seen. Matt West, PBR announcer co-MC’d the western celebrityfilled event, which took place at the Mirage Hotel and Casino during the National Finals Rodeo on the 7th day of competition. Notable guest included Tuff Hedeman; PBR World Champion Cooper Davis and wife Kait; World Champion Steer Wrestler Ote Berry; Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Gary Leffew; PBR entertainer Flint Rasmussen; Legendary bullfighter Robert Smet, just to name a few. For two hours, Rodeo Fame, along with sponsors Wrangler’s, Corral Boots, Reign Lashes, Crazy Horse Hats, Bob Soda’s, American Hat Co; and a host of other sponsors, spotlighted Refuge for Women, an organization that empowers women who have escaped human trafficking. Featured speakers were Anthony Lucia and Cody and Ashley Webster. A few of the major awards presented were to Kendra Santos, honored for her spirit of excellence in communications and journalism and Bob Tallman for serving as an ambassador who actively engages to promote the rodeo lifestyle and cowboy code. The Lane Frost Award – homage to the legendary bull rider who died 29 years ago and was always remembered for his willingness to lend helping hand – was voted on by the fans and awarded to tie-down www.rodeofame.com



NFR qualifier Tyson Durfey and National High School Rodeo Champ, Chet Weitz. Proceeds from this celebration went to Refuge for Woman, a national faith-based organization providing a residential healing and recovery program for survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation to receive safe housing, counseling, life and work skills development. With locations all over the United States, the organization offers women 12-months of free housing and round the clock care for the trauma they have experienced. While in the program and with the help of the trained and compassionate staff, residents work through the program to reclaim their identities, overcome addictions and begin the healing process and become selfsustaining and economically independent. Rodeo Fame honored those that have passed and celebrated their lives. The event also featured runway fashions showcasing the latest western wear trends including majestic wedding dresses and men’s apparel featuring the top designers of the western world.

Sponsorships are available now for the December 2019 Legacy of the West. Contact April Patterson at April@Rodeofame.com.



Photos by Gary Peterson

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Photos by Gary Peterson

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New Name - Same Important Game


Our sport needs citizens, the kind that take responsibility for promoting what they love and encouraging more young people to get involved. LORI O’HARVER



By Lori O’Harver

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Over the past several years, the Wrangler Arena at Cowboy Christmas on the second floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center has welcomed young, talented top cowboys and cowgirls competing at the biggest event of their lives, the Jr. NFR. That part hasn’t changed. Nor have the fiercely contested regular season competitions across North America produced by each event’s home organization that mean qualification for what’s now being re-branded as the Jr. World Finals. The assembly of dedicated former world champions that head up qualifying organizations in each event is the same; people like Ote Berry and Kelly Kaminski, Clint Corey and Lacie DeMers. These are the same people who built their respective programs from the ground up with their own funding, grueling hours invested and miles and miles of extensive travel all focused on the same thing - involving kids in a goal oriented program that not only produces great contestants in their respective events, but outstanding youth ambassadors.

Photo by Bull Stock Media Photo

“I had the privilege of working with several bareback and bronc riding contestants at last year’s event,” said Lori O’Harver of Bronc Riding Nation. “Those young men were impressive interviews; polite, professional and polished! As a whole, rodeo doesn’t just need to develop members and contestants for the big, sanctioning organizations. Our sport needs citizens, the kind that take responsibility for promoting what they love and encouraging more young people to get involved.”

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By Brenda Beveridge

Sean Gleason is CEO of Professional Bull Riders (PBR), one of America’s fastest-growing sports properties. Once a fringe, niche sport, PBR is storming into the mainstream with 82.5 million fans in the U.S., according to ESPN Sports Poll, and broadcasts on CBS Sports averaging more than 1 million viewers. PBR, which was founded in 1992 by 20 cowboys who broke away from the rodeo, now competes in five countries and is available in 130 territories around the world through global television distribution deals. Gleason joined PBR in 2000 and was named the sport’s CEO in 2015 – the same year the organization was acquired by global sports and entertainment leader Endeavor (formerly WME|IMG). Before assuming the CEO post, Gleason had served in roles overseeing nearly every aspect of the sport, including corporate and event marketing, sponsorship sales, fan relations, licensing, and digital media.



Gleason has championed many innovative programs to grow the sport and push America’s original extreme sport into the mainstream. These efforts include: launching RidePass, a 24/7 western sports digital network; Celebrate America, a season-long initiative honoring heroes in every tour market; creating the PBR Majors, the PBR Global Cup, and unique event formats such as Last Cowboy Standing; substantially increasing PBR competitor prize money; and partnering with the city of Las Vegas to move the PBR World Finals to T-Mobile Arena. Prior to joining PBR in 2001, Gleason oversaw the marketing and business development for all sports projects at Sierra Sports, including the best-selling NASCAR Racing, Trophy Bass and NFL Football Pro titles. He served as executive or supervising producer of six Grammy-nominated video and record projects and six multiplatinum video projects while with Miramar Productions, Inc. He is a graduate of Western Washington University.

1. The PBR seems to be moving in different directions lately ex. adding cities where bull riding is not the staple sport like D.C. and L.A. Can you attribute this to something specific? We’ve been moving in a different direction for 26 years, tackling markets where western sports haven’t been in decades. PBR is a sport that transcends wearing a cowboy hat and boots, even though our athletes are the toughest cowboys on the planet. It appeals to everyone that will give us trial, and we just need to be where they live. We have been at Madison Square Garden for 13 years, Chicago for a half dozen. LA and DC were natural additions to the schedule to keep bringing PBR to every corner of America. We keep working to break



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| ON THE COVER down perception barriers and make everyone understand “this is for you,” which is what the new “Be Cowboy” campaign is about. Once people give us trial they are hooked.

2. Bull riding is an international sport and the recent Global Cup was a great example of its world status. Any plans to showcase bull riding in other countries? Do you think bull riding can gain traction in other countries and are there other countries where you see an interest. i.e. Italy, Argentina, Spain etc.

We’re really proud of how the incredible team-based competition seen in the PBR Global Cup drew nearly 62,000 people to AT&T Stadium. Bull riding has international appeal – the sport is distributed on television to 130 countries and territories, and we have a strong global presence with tours in four other countries outside the US, using the same model that makes us successful here by presenting a very exciting standalone sport wrapped in a great production. We’ve had operations in Brazil, Australian and Canada since 2006 and have added events in Mexico. Overall, we’ve been able to grow our business substantially in a short period of time. Brazil remains a huge opportunity for us. Our new partnership with IMM, which had partnered with our sister company UFC, has brought fans in Brazil a new standalone tour. In North America, the Monster Energy Tour in Canada is now 11 events, up from nine in 2018, and Canadian fans get to see Unleash The Beast events through a landmark 32-week television deal with TSN. Down Under, there’s been tremendous growth and acceptance of the sport in Australia. We’ve made strides with event quality and ticket sales in Mexico as well. We believe there’s potential for PBR elsewhere in introducing the cowboy and western sports to a new fan base with shared



values, anywhere in the world. Rodeo and cowboys have faded from the mainstream in those countries largely because cowboys and storylines have faded from traditional media coverage. The PBR product has all of the elements necessary to appeal and attract an audience whether they live the western lifestyle or not. Our job is to bring it to them and get them hooked. We win our fans one at a time. That said, we’re taking it slow, focusing on the countries we are currently operating in, and working towards maximizing our growth here in the U.S. where we see a lot of runway. It’s all about the bulls, or lack thereof, in the rest of the world, and we are working on long-term plans to solve that issue.

3. Ty Murray said in an interview with Rodeo Fame magazine that PBR is going to be the next Monday Night Football. Is this true and is this the goal?

I engage with a lot of other sports, but I personally don’t spend much time comparing their success to ours from a business perspective. We want to continue to provide great opportunities for western sports athletes, give fans an unforgettable experience, and make PBR as big and successful as we can. We keep winning the hearts and minds of the most passionate fans in all of sports year after year. If I do my job right, that won’t end until long, long after I am a distant memory in the sport of bull riding. If that includes establishing PBR as a destination broadcast experience at a certain time that becomes synonymous with the sport, I certainly won’t be disappointed.

4. Twenty-five years ago, when those 20 cowboys all pitched in $1,000 bucks to form the PBR, do you think that any of them would have imagined where this sports was going? The sport has been growing since Day 1 when those 20 entrepreneurial cowboys invested a thousand dollars of their hard earned – very hard earned – money to break away from

rodeo and start the PBR. I know that to a man, they never imagined that the PBR would become one of the most prolific sports on network television, selling out events in the biggest cities and venues in the world and permeating a mainstream sports conversation in five countries. It still astonishes me what has been accomplished in my twenty years with the PBR, but as we talked about often over the years, the excitement and allure of the sport has carried us through a lot of bad decisions. I am certain that we wouldn’t be where we are if not for the absolute resolve of the founders. They will all tell you that they really didn’t have much to lose, so it wasn’t about laying their financial futures on the line. It was the belief that they could leave the world in a better place for the bull riders that came behind them. They’ve certainly done that in spades.

5. How did you get involved with all this?

I was working at Sierra Online about 24 years ago, overseeing marketing and business development for the Sierra Sports brand that we launched to consolidate all of our sports games. We offered traditional sports games like NFL Football Pro, NASCAR and a very successful line of hunting and fishing games. We were looking for the next “new” category of sports to tackle and PBR kept coming up in our research. Like everyone did back then, I discovered PBR was Professional Bull Riding and made the incorrect assumption that our customers were interested in rodeo. Thank goodness that one of our competitors had beaten me to secure the PRCA license or I wouldn’t be where I am today. We did a little more digging and found out that those consumers were specifically interested in PBR and not necessarily all rodeo. We made the very first computer game for bull riding, and I had a chance to get to know Randy Bernard and the founders. After my first event I was absolutely hooked and was fortunate to join the team after we launched the first game.

located in Broken Bow, NE Family Owned

Supporter of Jr High/High School Rodeo

The Outfitter Rodeo Team 10+ kids Store Discounts Brands we carry: Cinch, Fenoglio, Wrangler, Twisted X Boots, Ariat, Tin Haul, Justin Boot Co, Durango, Kimes Jeans & much much more!



Colt Gordon's




Photo by Jackie Jensen Photo


Colt Gordon’s bronc riding career started with an unquenchable, burning desire to ride the baddest horses in the world. It’s right on track today as he looks to nail his next big goal, WNFR qualification, but might not have been at all without the high-tech sports medicine support he’s gotten from Ozzie Smith Regenerative Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.

Last fall, like every great bronc rider has done since 1910, 22-year-old Gordon stretched over the ancient wooden chutes and looked out across Pendleton Roundup’s legendary Green Mile. It was to be the second time in his young career he’d throw it all on the line in hopes of making it back for the short round, the next great horse and prestigious Pendleton hardware. Everything about him said he liked his chances. When the chunks of sod quit flying around Gordon and Y U R Frisky, the young gun from Comanche, Oklahoma, was on top of the three performance leaderboard and the capacity crowd of bucking horse fans was on its feet. Gordon has the style and ability, the grit, passion and poise to go the distance. His parents, Krissie and Andy Gordon, believe in him and are supportive in every way. His traveling partner is Dawson Hay, the allbusiness kid from Wildwood, Alberta, raised at the knee of his many-time Canadian Bronc Riding Champion daddy, Rod Hay. Like all good partnerships, they feed each other’s vision and drive, love the road almost as much as they love good horses and Lady Luck seems to travel with them most of the time.

Photo by Aubree Lorraine


For Gordon, the Ozzie Smith Regenerative Medicine Center is just as valuable a part of his competitive war bag as Lady Luck and a lot more dependable.

IMAC Regenerative Clinic. “When we started treating Colt, our first bronc rider, our staff unilaterally decided that these guys were truly a different breed.”

“In 2016, I pulled my groin badly,” Gordon recalled. “I wanted to ride at the PRCA Permit Challenge in Las Vegas, but knew that injury would hold me back.”

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is simply a matter of drawing the patient’s blood then spinning it down in a centrifuge to concentrate it. It’s then reintroduced to the injury site where it goes to work accelerating and enhancing the healing process.

“My mom heard about the work they’re doing at Ozzie Smith Clinic that is non-invasive, speeds proper healing and provides fast relief,” said Gordon. “She made the call, told them my story and they got me in fast. By December, the pain was gone, my range of motion and flexibility was back to normal and I was ready to give it everything.” Doctors at Ozzie Smith Clinic routinely treat professional athletes in and around the sporting city if St. Louis. Their first experience with professional cowboys came when million dollar futurity barrel racer, Lance Graves presented himself for treatment after Tandy Freeman had closed his shoulder promptly after opening it. Freeman apologized to the groggy cowboy in the recovery room, saying the shoulder was done, his career was over. He’d never seen such a miserable mess in his long history of successfully returning rough stock athletes to high level competition. Today, Graves is functioning at 100%. “We saw a whole new level of toughness in Lance that made us reset the bar regarding what we know about professional athletes and stoicism,” said Doug Bouldin of Ozzie Smith



“It was an honor to treat Colt at our IMAC facility in St. Louis. Knowing his goal was to be healthy enough to compete in Las Vegas, we went to work immediate to help reduce his pain. As a supporting therapy, our staff developed a plan to strengthen his leg and send him back into competition in the best competitive shape possible,” said Bouldin. “Having barrel racer, “Elaine Duff on staff gives us tremendous insight into the relentless nature of the world of class rodeo athletes.” “The combination of our regenerative techniques and the fact that our staff possesses the same competitive drive as the athletes we serve helps us provide an edge that traditional medicine cannot offer,” Bouldin said. “Colt’s undeniable toughness and our professional staff of healers made a perfect combination for success.” “I love those guys in St. Louis,” Gordon said. “Now, other bronc riders, Brody Cress, for instance, have incorporated them into their competitive health regimens. They keep us going strong, I highly recommend them.”

Colt Gordon and Native Fringe of Dakota Rodeo Company.

ON THE COVER | Photo by Alaina Stangle

By December, the pain was gone, my range of motion and flexibility was back to normal and I was ready to give it everything. COLT GORDON




I believe that I still have valuable work to do for God and...I plan to finish strong!

Allen Bach


On his way to four team roping world championships and thirty Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifications, Allen Bach drove over one-million miles. On November 17, 2018, doing more of the same not too far from his ranch, Bach suffered his third stroke right before plunging his truck into a ditch. Fortunately, his friend, Bailey Cooper, saw it happen and went into action on his behalf. At the emergency room, over much prayer, Bach was administered a clot busting drug that was sure to do one of two things; save his brain or end his life. Released some days later, he tucked the sophisticated physical therapy plan devised for him away in some safe spot and saddled his horse. “I believed that my horse and the familiar daily training I’ve always done were the pathway back and kept hearing one of my favorite scriptures in my mind. Psalm 91 says, ‘Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’ Surely, he will save you from the fowler’s snare …’ Except what I was hearing clearly was ‘I most definitely will save you.’ Bach had lost his motor skills. Had no eye-tohand coordination. Today, that’s all back, but the journey was to be longer and more miraculous than anyone had guessed. Bach holds the firm belief that he ‘plays to an audience of One’ - that ‘One’ being God. It’s a creed his entire family lives by. Now, after his third stroke and much prayer, his wife, Peggy, said she believed that the next challenge should be finding out what was causing strokes in her world class athlete husband. That prayer



led them to a general practitioner close to home in Tyler, Texas. He listened, tested then told the Bach’s there were two people in the entire world who could fix what he knew to be a hole in Bach’s heart. One just happened to live in Texas. “It’s a little sharper than cutting edge medicine that the Lord directed us to,” Bach said. “The doctor went in and attached a patch to the tiny hole which my body then proceeded to mend over. I don’t believe in luck or chance. I believe in believing and have always felt like our Father has put me in the perfect place at the perfect time.” “I believe that I still have valuable work to do for God and the people I’ve always prayed He’ll divinely put in my path to help. I’m 62 years old and have done a lot of living and learning, been delighted to help young champions get their starts in roping and well beyond the arena. I plan to finish strong!”

2019 select bucking horse sale Featuring: 6-yr-old Stallion from Powder River Rodeo- BHBA Registered son of 2-time World Champion, Miss Congeniality, sired by a Go Wild clone. NFR daughters of World Champion, Painted Valley, consigned by Vold Rodeo Company with colts on their side, sired by Frontier Rodeo’s NFR Stallion, Night Watch.

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Photo by: Alaina Stangle

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# HAI LTO T H E C H I E F By Shannon Geddes

What started out as a conference call with the band Copper Chief, quickly turned into a comedy showcase. Each member of the band displaying that good old Texas charm and quick wit, making getting to know this band effortless.

Copper Chief is comprised of four incredible musicians, Mike Valliere, Rio Tripiano, Justin Lusk and John Jammall II. Personality oozes as each member of the band chimes in about music, food, being on the road with each other.



While still not certain on the actual story of how the band started, it can be said that Rio and Mike played together for a bit. Rio played with a couple different bands, but always seemed to end up playing with Mike on 6th street

_ T N

Gail Turner

Roping Horses Chris Neal Las

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Chris Neal Las


Vegas Stars Rop

Vegas Stars Rop


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F letch Photogr

F letch Photogr


Fit The Horse To The Rider: That’s our philosophy at T-N Roping Horses. We keep a good selection of

professionally-trained horses on hand, are always available to service our customers and will work hard to find a horse to fit YOU! Our business does not stop at providing quality rope horses; we also have a wide selection of barrel racing horses, ranch horses and gentle, fool-proof riding and trail horses.

We will assist you in selecting the horse that fits you best.

Sandall Photography


and elsewhere. Finally after a couple bottles of wine, Mike and Rio decided that it was time to get serious and get a band together. With Mike and Rio at vocals and guitar, they agreed that Justin, a mutual friend was the one they needed for bass and his vocals also. Lucky for them he was a free agent at the time and agreed. John came on board as drummer and they ended up with Copper Chief. Copper Chief’s defines their sound as roots rock’n’roll country soul music. These Texas boys grew up listening to what they describe as good music. If the music is good and the personality comes through, they listen and get their inspiration from it. The music can range anywhere from old country to Led Zeppelin and Beethoven. The band was featured on USA Network’s Real Country. They showcased their unique style with Waylon Jennings’s



“I Ain’t Living Long Like This” and won everybody over with their mustachioed, outlaw looks and irresistible sound. Copper Chief advanced to the season finale of Real Country, but more than that, they showed their musical diversity, flair and fun that is music. It can be seen that this band is more than just four guys playing music. They are truly a brotherhood in their roots and music. They have that chemistry that most bands can only dream of. They love what they do and love doing it together. Their goal is to make a difference, compel people to feel something through music. Copper Chief has done just that, they are a band that evokes something different in each song that they sing. No two songs are alike as this band is diverse as they come. #hailtothechief

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that you can find in Fort Smith.

Recognized as a “Top Ten True Western Town” by True West Magazine, Fort Smith, Arkansas is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. As the second largest city in Arkansas, Fort Smith has stayed true to its roots and the past that has shaped it to become a truly hospitable city.

Historic Bed and Breakfasts in Fort Smith, provide the perfect places for a relaxing stay. Michael’s Mansion will impress with its stain-glass windows and grand staircase. You can also enjoy a private, luxury suite at Beland Manor Inn. Spend your days reliving over 200 years of history. A tour of the Clayton house will take you to 1882 or step into the more colorful past with a visit to Miss Laura’s Visitor Center.

Fort Smith makes an amazing weekend destination anytime of the year, however Memorial weekend is the perfect time for a trip. Not only can one experience historic attractions, but you can also make plans to attend an event that has taken place since 1933. The Old Fort Days Rodeo is one of the most exciting PRCA Rodeos to attend. The tradition and pride that goes into this rodeo is evident, just as most everything

Spend your days wandering the streets of Fort Smith or ride on the electric trolley through downtown. Stop by the White Spot Cafe for their classic American dishes or enjoy great food and familyfriendly entertainment at The Sound Room. No matter what you decide to do in Fort Smith, finishing your days off at the Old Fort Days Rodeo watching the top cowboys compete will make for a perfect weekend getaway.

By Shannon Geddes

Photos courtesy of Old Fort Days Rodeo




Mason Lowe was a rising PBR star when his life was ended in the most horrific way – by a bull, on the arena floor in front of a packed house. The loss hit the western community like a ton of bricks. Andrew Giangola gave us an insight into Mason’s celebration of life.

PBR Community Remembers

MASON LOWE By Andrew Giangola

On a raw, gray, January morning, they started pulling up to the church, most in American-made pickup trucks displaying bumper stickers for the likes of Harley Davidson and Jack Daniels. His still-stunned friends slowly made their way across the muddy parking lot through misty rain arm in arm with wives and girlfriends in jackets embroidered with the logos of the American Cowboy Association, Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo, Central Bull Riders Association, and the PBR World Finals. Inside, a sea of wide brimmed hats and cowboy church music. This Little Light of Mine. Go Tell it on the Mountain. Songs first heard in Sunday school, now a somber soundtrack accompanying the quiet weeping of a young widow on shaky legs led to the front of Open Bible Praise Center in Boonville, Missouri. His riding gear was set at the edge of the altar. Every seat in the church was taken. Everyone sat at attention and waited, not a single one on their phones. Nobody was going to disrespect the bull rider being laid to rest, their good friend Mason Lowe. The outpouring of love and support from fans throughout the Western sports community was so great, Mason’s family asked for the services to be made available to fans on a digital stream. “In sorrow, we find hope,” Pastor Tom Levin said. “Grief and memory live side by side in our hearts.” Memories of Mason shared by PBR Announcers Matt West and Clint Atkins, by turns hilarious and heartfelt, brought laughs and tears. In a world casually throwing around the term, he was the real deal – a genuine cowboy, West said.



He was a tough, fun-loving American original who loved life and wanted those around him to love it, too. He made his friends laugh until their faces hurt. He was humble and generous, often paying contestant fees he couldn’t afford for cowboys who’d been a little short that week. The words of Lowe’s brothers in the PBR locker room, read aloud in the Missouri church, spoke to his impact. Derek Kolbaba said Mason brightened every room he walked into. Stormy Wing observed no dull moments with Mason, all to be cherished. J.B. Mauney said now matter how hurt he was, whenever Mason took that rope he would try until his head hit the ground. The judges in Tulsa may have had it differently, but Chase Outlaw swore that Mason Lowe, then 18, rode Bushwacker. Koal Livingston said Mason, nearly walking out of the arena after being stomped on the chest by that final bull, had more heart than anyone he knows That awful night in Denver, Mason Lowe would make it a few paces on the dirt before collapsing, that big heart irreparably damaged. He died doing what he loved. PBR fans rallied to donate more than $200,000 to Mason’s family. His funeral, carried on RidePass, has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. On February 15-16, PBR’s premier series event in St. Louis has a new name, the world’s best cowboys riding in the Mason Lowe Memorial. They’ll ride and we’ll remember. Because Mason will never be forgotten.

Photo courtesy of the PBR

New home of Jim Alvarado & Jennifer Allen

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The cedar siding on the outside and the cedar trim on the inside give the cabin a woodsy, outdoors atmosphere. An upstairs loft offers two twin beds while the main floor features a comfy sitting area with a flat screen satellite tv along with an eating or working area. Enjoy being disconnected or get some work done with wi-fi. With refrigerated air and a wall heater, this cabin is perfect for hunters, getaways and home away from home while on the job...during anytime of the year!

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BLESSINGS IN THE FORM OF ART Crazy Consuela is as funky as it sounds! The owner, Joli Beebe, says Consuela mean inspiration or hope and she has always been a little crazy, so the name just fit. Crazy Consuela is a one-of-a-kind team of artists and doers. The artists of Crazy Consuela range from influencers, art teachers, single moms and everything in between. They all have one thing in common and that is bringing their creations to life on quality, wearable,washable garments. Their art is reflected in a way that many of the artists never thought possible and are earning income in ways that they never imagined.

Crazy Consuela is all about the artists and Joli is always looking for new artists to get their designs out there. Joli has the means and method to bless those around her with her business and does. Crazy Consuela really is hope and inspiration in the form of distinctive, one-of-a-kind t-shirts.

Joli feels that Crazy Consuela is really a blessing to the artists and many other people that she works with. Her theory is community over competition. She shares her successes and willingly collaborates with those that may want to start up their own business.

For more information: Crazy Consuela www.crazyconsuela.com



By Shannon Geddes




What many know as Cripple Creek, started out in 1939 as Sidran. Sidran began producing its own product line of wholesale dress slacks, sport coats and suited separate items for Western-style clothing retailers. In 1979 “Circle S” was born and became the brand for Sidrin as tailored men’s western wear. In 1994 “Cripple Creek” was introduced as a line of high quality western styled apparel. Nine years later in 2013, Sidran became the official licensed manufacturer of the “Cowgirl Up” and “Cowboy Up” brands.

you will always get high quality western apparel from a company with an impeccable reputation.

It can be said that Sidran definitely knows the western fashion industry. Lane Mizrahi, Vice President of Sidran, attributes the success of the company to their forward thinking and ability to stay ahead of the curve in the western fashion industry. Sidran has now launched Cripple Creek as a direct to consumer website. Consumers can now go to cripplecreek.com and purchase these high quality, affordable products directly from the website. No matter what you are looking for from leatherwear to hoodies or denim to sport coats, it can all be found at many retailers or online. No matter where you shop,

By Shannon Geddes

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HANDCRAFTING HIGH END, PURE BEAVER HATS What started out as wanting to make a good quality hat that would last for his buddies has taken the fashion and western industry by storm. Herring Custom Hats has become one of the hottest hats in the western fashion world today.

The western industry revolves around the perfect hat. Clint is ready to clinch that top spot and build the rolex of hats. Herring Custom Hats is the perfect all american, custom, handmade hat.

Owner and Hat Maker Clint Herring prides himself in handcrafting high end, pure beaver hats. Clint hand makes all of his hats. No machinery is used and he is the sole hat maker. He is a master of detail, clear down to the herman oak leather sweatband that he free hand carves. Clint knows the makings of a perfect hat and demonstrates that in every hat that he makes. He understands the need for a good quality, durable hat being a team roper himself. The custom hat business has a lot of competition and Clint has a knack for developing unique, one of a kind hats that immediately capture the attention of the wearer and those around them. For more information: Herring Custom Hats www.instagram.com/herringcustomhats



By Shannon Geddes



HOW A DREAM CAME TRUE Travis and Michelle Garey had a dream to own a western store. Travis and Michelle are no strangers to the western world. Their children compete in Jr High and High School Rodeos and Travis has been a rodeo competitor since the age of eight. Two years ago in 2017, Travis, Michelle and Travis’s mom, Jo were able to fulfill this dream and purchase a Western Store in Broken Bow, Nebraska. The Outfitter Western Store not only carries the best in western wear, but caters to the ranchers in the area and has the tack that working cowboys need. The Outfitter Western Store is a huge supporter of the National High School and Jr High School Rodeo Associations. The have an Outfitter team consisting of Jr High and High School participants that they help and encourage and in return these participants wear a patch on their shirt wherever they are competing. Several members of the Outfitter team have made it to the National Jr High and High school finals rodeo, including two of their own boys, Trey and Dalton. Whether you visit The Outfitter Western Store in Broken

By Shannon Geddes

Bow, Nebraska or visit them at their booth at one of the many Nebraska Jr High and High School Rodeos or online at theoutfitterwesternstore.com, you will be sure to find what you need. From clothes to tack to Smarty Roping dummies, The Outfitter Western Store has it all.

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IT ALL STARTED WITH A PRAYER Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? Kelly Hindman had this experience, being a new mom and having a husband gone a lot working in the oil field to provide for the family had taken its toll on her. So what did she do, she started praying for help in some form, any form. Kelly received a call from a friend who had started the Thrive Experience and Kelly immediately noticed a difference about this friend, she was happy and excited about life. Kelly wanted to feel like her old self again, so after dragging her feet for about 3 weeks, Kelly met with this friend and realized that she needed this product.

many people that feel this same thing. Kelly and her husband shared their results from this product with everyone around them and have been remarkably successful. Their success has resulted in what Kelly describes as “freedom�. Freedom to live the life that they dreamed of, not only freedom financially, but the freedom of time to spend with their family and each other.

Kelly tried and loved this product from Le-Vel, the Thrive Experience. When she started her journey, she just wanted to feel better. However the more she looked around, she found that there are considerably For more information: Kelly Hindman - Independent Brand Promoter https://khindman.thrive123.com



By Shannon Geddes


Photos by CJM Stables


BUILT TO USE, BUILT TO LAST Waylon Wike grew up watching his grandad make everything from knives to spurs, not knowing at the time that the tooling was something that he would also be very good at one day. With his art background and the experience that he had watching this grandad, Waylon found saddle making to be a natural fit and love for him.

chokers to ladies hip belts and cup koozies to wallets, Waylon’s work is breathtaking and original.

Waylon Wike owns and operates Waylon Wike Custom Saddles. He has been making custom saddles for 24 years. As a team roper himself, Waylon’s main market is roping saddles, but he also enjoys making barrel racers and a few cutters. As a saddle maker, Waylon wants to stand out from the crowd. He comments that variation is what keeps him completely different and able to separate himself from the other leather workers. Waylon Wike Custom Saddles are built to use and built to last. He takes pride in each saddle he builds and only uses the highest quality materials available. Waylon’s true love is saddle making, but he has started dabbling in the western fashion industry. From leather

By Shannon Geddes

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TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS ALL IN ONE PLACE Have you ever wanted to find a horse trainer, but can’t find any information except from the neighbor down the road that has used the same trainer for many years? Clayton Oliver was in need of a trainer and when he got to asking friends about one, no one could give him a lot of information. Clayton at that point decided that there was a need for a place where consumers could go to find trainers along with details and reviews. Performance Horse Network became Clayton’s answer to this problem.

more listings on board each day. His goal is connect consumers to trainers or any equine related service faster than just by word of mouth. He wants to be able to take the western equine industry to a level of service and information that helps professionals increase their exposure and get the right customers for the right need.

Clayton has designed Performance Horse Network as a way for consumers to have an array of choices of professional trainers with all the information at their fingertips. He describes the website as a place where people can see top of the line products from trainers to horses and equipment to businesses. The website has only been up for roughly three weeks and has had over 6000 visitors. He is getting For more information: Performance Horse Network performancehorsenetwork.com



By Shannon Geddes



PRAY, WORK HARD AND PUSH YOURSELF “If the guy next to you does 10, then you do 12, if they run one mile, you run two�. Tina Gordon was given this life advice from her Marine Corps father. Born and raised in Wisconsin farm country, Tina quickly joined the military at age 17 and moved to Texas as fast as she could, with the bar set high and a fighting spirit, she was a pharmacy tech and one of the leaders of their Physical Training Unit. Her job was to get airmen fit to fight during her entire military career.

knows how to get her clients the body they want. She is supportive but she pushes each and every one of her clients. Her goal is to have her clients win in and out of the gym.

It is just fitting that Tina is now a personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas, where she specializes in body transformation for women. She has trained professional boxers and MMA fighters, including Alex Hernandez back in 2013 and 2014. She has also trained professional salsa dancers. Her specialty is National Physique Committee Bikini Contest Prep. She has trained dozens of national level bikini competitors. Tina started her own body building career in 2013, where she did really well. Her results drew attention and she knew that she wanted to help other women get into great shape. Her training philosophy is pray, work hard and push yourself. She has faced almost every personal challenge a female can endure and she By Shannon Geddes

For more information: www.instagram.com/tina_thetrainer www.rxphysique.com 210-201-3144 www.rodeofame.com



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Rodeo Fame Spring 2019  

Mental Health Issue - The battle is in the mind Bronc Rider, Colt Gordon takes us into his recovery process and what high-tech sport​s medic...

Rodeo Fame Spring 2019  

Mental Health Issue - The battle is in the mind Bronc Rider, Colt Gordon takes us into his recovery process and what high-tech sport​s medic...

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