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New Horizons! Discover unspoilt destinations‌ from the Amazon to Antarctica and beyond


to the 2011 issue of Cruise Passenger magazine’s annual Adventure Cruise Guide. Each time I write this introduction, it seems there’s something exciting going on in the travel industry. The buzz for all Australian travellers heading overseas is the continuing strength of the Aussie dollar and, as most adventure-cruise products are priced in US dollars, it’s a great time to go expedition cruising. Not only can you save more than 20 per cent on what you would have paid a couple of years ago, given the favourable exchange rate, the depressed American travel market has also been discounting fares and offering passenger incentives like never before. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) notes that the number of seaborne tourists making landings on Antarctic territory has fallen steadily since its peak in the 2007/08 season; hence the balance of supply and demand has altered. Most of these absent travellers are GFC-spooked Americans; Australians are travelling like there’s no tomorrow, and US operators are bending over backwards to attract Aussies and our strong dollar. This coming Antarctic season sees the banning of large ships carrying heavy fuel oil, among them the stalwart Kapitan Khlebnikov, the Russian icebreaker that almost single-handedly opened up the deep Antarctic to tourism two decades ago. This also means regular cruise vessels from Holland America and the Crystal, Princess and Celebrity cruise lines will no longer offer their sightseeing-only cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, which have accounted for about 15,000 travellers each year for the past couple of seasons. Beyond the frozen land down south, our own waters are enjoying renewed activity, and the much-anticipated arrival of Orion II will add more capacity for Australians wishing to experience new areas in Orion Expedition Cruises’ intimate expedition style. South-East Asia, the vast Indonesian archipelago, the Russian Far East and the Inland Sea of Japan are all now on the adventure menu. When is the best time to go adventure cruising? Now. There’s always a good reason to take your dream adventure today. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

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Meet the Cruisers

Check out what ‘real people’ have to say.


Safety at Sea

It’s essential to learn some safety basics – just in case!


Top Gear

Invest in the best: footwear and photographic equipment.


The Outer Limits

Test your endurance with some extreme adventure options.

100 Years of …

Intrepid travellers have been doing it for centuries.

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What level of adventure cruising suits you best, and who are the key operators?


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“The endangered pygmy elephants of Borneo have a mysterious past. Were they a Sultan’s gift gone wild or native?”

New Arrival: Orion II The much-anticipated public arrival of Orion II occurs in June this year, after she completes a number of private charters and exclusive past-passenger voyages. Beginning with two cruises around the Russian Far East and three around the Inland Sea of Japan, she sails south in August to visit the Philippines and Borneo on a series of brand-new itineraries. It’s been fun to follow expedition leader Justin Friend as he updates his Facebook page with glimpses of the new destinations. The soon-to-be former Clelia II gave the Orion Expeditions team a scare when she suffered some minor damage during a particularly heavy crossing of the Drake Passage in December. In the meantime, Australian adventure cruisers wait for news on Orion III, hinted at for 2013 by CEO and founder Sarina Bratton.

NewBuild: Stella Australis Launched last year for Chilean Cruceros Australis, the 210-passenger Stella Australis is purpose-built to cruise the scenic waters of Patagonia between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, operating 3- and 4-night itineraries. Fares are all-inclusive and include an open bar service.

Stella Australis

2 cruise Passenger Magazine


news 2011: a Landmark Centenary Year for Expedition Cruising

This year, we celebrate several landmarks in adventure cruising. Norwegian giant Hurtigruten waves the flag for Scandinavians, recognising the 150th birthday of Fridtjof Nansen and the centennial of Roald Amundsen’s triumph at the South Pole. The company is planning two special itineraries to mark these occasions. This year’s Climate Voyage, departing July 21, commemorates Fridtjof Nansen’s 150th with an 8-day voyage from Reykjavik to Svalbard aboard the deluxe expedition ship MS Fram. The popular 17-day Chilean Fjords & Antarctica itinerary from December 4 presents a unique opportunity to visit Chile’s magnificent fjords and Antarctica’s awe-inspiring wilderness, where guests will join in a celebration of Amundsen’s achievement on December 14, the date he reached the most southerly point on the planet. New Zealand stalwart Heritage Expeditions celebrates the 2011-12 Antarctic season by marking 100 years of Australian Antarctic Expeditions. Those who journey south aboard Spirit of Enderby on December 1 join a tradition established a century earlier by the first Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of 1911-14, led by Douglas Mawson. The 27-day voyage is scheduled to visit Cape Denison and Mawson’s Huts as well as the nearby French base of Dumont d’Urville.s



adventure BRIEFING

NewBuilds: Le BorÉal et L’Austral

Hot Spot: Russian Far East

Adventure-cruise operators are turning their sights to remote regions of the Russian Far East: specifically, the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril and Commander islands, and Chukotka Province, regions normally near-inaccessible to tourists. Heritage Expeditions, Orion, Hapag-Lloyd, Aurora and Quark are among the leading operators offering enriching itineraries to this fascinating and unexplored region rich in wildlife and natural beauty.

French-flagged line Compagnie du Ponant employed the busy Italian shipyard Fincantieri to build its new twin vessels. The Berlitz-lauded Le Boréal began cruising in May last year, while L’Austral is scheduled to join her sibling the same month this year. The 142-metre vessels are state-of-theart and weigh in at a whopping 10,700 tons each, despite catering for just 224 to 264 guests. L’Austral is operating 10day Antarctica: Land of Extremes cruises from November 2011. Call 1300 950 622 or visit

FAREWELL, Cruise West, welcome Alaskan Dream Cruises Sadly, the industry bid farewell to Cruise West, the 37-yearold pioneering Seattle-based cruise company that collapsed in September after the American cruise-market crash of 2008 – a consequence of the US economy’s woes. “It was like after 9/11; the phones went dead. Not just no bookings but also a lot of cancellations,” said Dick West, CEO and son of the now-defunct cruise line’s founder, Chuck West. The company’s six vessels have been sold and will resume new lives in the cruise market. A new company, Alaskan Dream Cruises, was launched by Sitka, Alaska-based Allen Marine Tours, which has operated day tours there since the 1970s. The new line will operate Cruise West’s 78-passenger Spirit of Columbia and Spirit of Alaska, which will be renamed Admiralty Dream and Baranof Dream respectively. Stop the press! Dick West has announced his intended return to the adventure-cruise scene with a new venture.


New Destination: Northern Lau In May, boutique cruise specialist Blue Lagoon Cruises is sending the 35-berth MV Mystique Princess on her inaugural voyage to Fiji’s Lau Islands, as part of a 7-day itinerary. A highlight of the cruise around the Lau archipelago, also visited by Captain James Cook back in 1774, is a day on Qilaqila Island, the jewel in the crown of the Lau group’s Bay of Islands. Blue Lagoon Cruises hopes to run similar voyages in August and November.

New Itineraries: Alaska

New, moderately priced Alaskan expeditions will be offered this year aboard 157-foot Wilderness Adventurer and 170-foot Wilderness Discoverer, each carrying up to 49 guests. Innersea Discoveries, a sister company to the award-winning American Safari Cruises, will sail the wildlife-rich South-east Alaska region. The cruises offer memorable itineraries for adventure travellers of any age in Innersea’s two small expedition vessels.

Blue Lagoon Cruises in Northern Lau 3

adventure guide


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luxury, adventure or hardcore expedition?

4 cruise Passenger Magazine

There’s a level of adventure cruising to suit every type of traveller, from intrepid explorers who don’t mind roughing it to those who love landing in lesser-known ports but still want five-star comforts. We’ll help you choose.


dventure and expedition cruising are relatively modern phenomena, especially in a mass-market sense. But today, dozens of operators with solid credentials cover everywhere from the Amazon to Antarctica. Even once-sedate river cruise lines have taken on a harder edge, adding remote jungle itineraries and wild cultural encounters to their schedules. Now that I have more than a decade of adventure cruising under my belt plus hours of dinner-table research, I can understand more clearly the motivations of typical adventure cruisers – and the mistakes they often make. Firstly, develop a relationship with an expert agent who understands your preferences as well as the products on offer. Dealing directly with cruise lines is fine, but sometimes they’ll sell you a departure because the line needs to make up passenger numbers. An agent will shop for your best deal, considering your preferences.

SOFT ADVENTURE This form of cruising suits those who are really looking for relaxation and some unapologetic pampering. Vessels travel to hedonistic tropical islands and remote atolls full of honeymooners, retirees and overworked executives fighting corporate burnout. The Mediterranean, French Polynesia, Fiji and the Caribbean are typical haunts for these vessels, which carry anything from a dozen to a couple of hundred passengers. You can expect waiters in tuxedos and dressup dinners at least occasionally. These ‘soft adventure’ ships provide an alternative to the crush of bigger liners and are often able to visit ports and locations that are off the radar of the 3,000-passenger behemoths. Key operators: Star Clippers, SeaDream Yacht Club, Nomade Yachting Bora Bora, Tui Tai Expeditions, and some of Compagnie du Ponant’s fleet.

MEDIUM CHALLENGE This probably is the safest choice for first-timers looking to extend themselves while still experiencing a few ‘David Attenborough’ moments. You’ll have the choice of undertaking easy or more difficult options while still feeling like you’re part of the expedition. Mildly challenging treks, snorkelling or scuba-diving excursions, and opportunities to swim and kayak are all on the menu. These vessels typically run itineraries around the Galapagos Islands, along Western Australia’s Kimberley coast, through Melanesia, around New Zealand and even as far as the Antarctic Peninsula. Physical fitness is a bonus, and you’ll need to be able to climb stairs and get in and out of Zodiac tenders. Key operators: Orion Expedition Cruises, Coral Princess

choose your adventure Cruises, Aurora Expeditions, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and Peregrine Adventures.

HARDCORE EXPEDITION The more intrepid among us can find voyages and expeditions that give us the chance to put ourselves into the ‘hero’ class. Imagine scuba diving under ice, going skiing and trekking overnight, mountaineering, ocean kayaking and even swimming at the North Pole. Yes, some operators are now including these extreme options in their adventure-cruise itineraries for those keen to test their limits, usually as cost-plus add-ons. Don’t be put off by the more extreme adventure options they offer: most of these departures are fine for regular travellers, too. Key operators: Aurora Expeditions, Peregrine Adventures (Quark Expeditions), Oceanwide Expeditions, One Ocean Expeditions and Heritage Expeditions.

THE BOTTOM LINE Not everyone can enjoy a ‘money’s-no-object’ experience, so your choice of cruise may be influenced by your budgetary bottom line. It’s no secret that most adventure cruises are considerably more expensive than equivalentlength cruises on the big ships but usually, the cost covers more inclusions than your average cruise fare does, and is a reflection of the remote destinations with little or no infrastructure to which you’ll travel. Expedition cruise operators can be broken up into three categories, based on cost: of course, some will overlap, depending on the itinerary.

UNDER $500 PER DAY These are generally on older vessels on simpler itineraries, with basic inclusions only. You can still get a decent experience so don’t be put off by this. Example: Captain Cook Cruises 7-night Northern Fiji Heritage & Cultural Cruise, from $1,999 per person.

$500-$1,000 PER DAY The majority of expedition-ship voyages fall into this category: typically, they include all dining and most excursions. Example: Orion Expedition Cruises’ 11-night Papua New Guinea Cultural Highlights cruise, from $8,995 per person.

MORE THAN $1,000 PER DAY You can expect all the trimmings in this elite bracket, including an open bar and all excursions. Example: SeaDream Yacht Club’s 7-night Eastern Caribbean (San Juan roundtrip) voyage, from $9,900 per person. That said, canny shoppers will find occasional specials from some cruise lines, and the current strength of the Australian dollar means we’re enjoying a true purple patch with regard to US dollar and Euro conversions. Enjoy it while it lasts! 5

Meet the Cruisers Want to know who’s cruising? Here are some of the folk I’ve met on my travels – who are just like those you’ll meet, too.


enerally, expedition cruisers come with adventure-travel experience rather than cruising experience. Surprisingly few have big-ship experience and many declare they will never travel on a typical cruise liner. Most are couples over 50, but this is not universal and I often meet singles and travellers under 40 who are so attracted to a destination they can’t wait for their superannuation to kick in. It’s fair to assume that you’ll meet teachers, academics and professional people who are prepared to get involved in lively debates. Never underestimate your travel companions on an adventure cruise! On one occasion I sat down to eat with the guy who invented ground-penetrating radar, travelling with his buddy, an aeronautical engineer and crash investigator. Pilots, scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs of all nationalities are common, yet snobs are not, with most delighted to share their wisdom without being patronising. However, don’t feel you need to wear your diploma around your neck to participate.

It feels so much nicer to get to know each member of the crew and feel like an individual rather than being treated as a so–called ‘guest’ among a few thousand. – Seb and Ema

Kylie & Kerrod: East Antarctica

Seb & Ema: Fiji

Sebastien and Ema are French expatriates in their 30s: Seb works for a major construction company and Ema is in hospitality. The intimacy and small-group atmosphere appeal to them. It’s a style Seb delightfully refers to as “human-size adventure”.

6 cruise Passenger Magazine

Don & Di: Antarctica Retired computer programmers, Don and Di are setting out on the adventures they’ve always dreamed of now their children have moved out. They choose small ships because they don’t want to be packed into a group or following a guide with a flag and whistle. “Luxury has never been a priority,” says Di. “The destination (and the journey) is far more important. Going on a small ship maximises the opportunities to get ashore with the Zodiacs and get to see things that you don’t see with a big group. Meeting other passengers with similar interests was also a highlight.”

In their mid-30s and both earning modest incomes, Kylie and Kerrod try to avoid the crowds and really appreciate some quiet time in a natural surrounding. Avid photographers and animal-lovers, the two would often disappear with their cameras and spend hours enjoying the antics of penguins or seals along the beaches. Interestingly, remote Antarctica was their first cruise ever. “We wanted to have maximum possible landings for our buck and weren’t concerned about living in luxury,” says Kerrod. “We met fantastic people on board who shared our passion for the environment, nature and wildlife.”

Alex Douglas: Fiji with Tui Tai Alex is an American engineer I met aboard Tui Tai in Fiji. He describes himself as “older than dirt”, but he’s as fit as a fiddle and probably about 60. He normally travels with his wife but was enjoying the tranquil waters of Fiji while Mrs Douglas was at a family gathering. “I don’t like waiting in line and everyone knows my name on a small ship,” he says. “I love photography, and particularly in the crystal-clear blue-green waters of Fiji.”

adventure BRIEFING

Safety at Sea Whether it’s man overboard or merely a lifeboat drill, it’s worth learning some basic at-sea safety skills – just in case.


ust like driving, flying or crossing the road, cruising has is own set of safety rules. Some safety procedures, such as those governing lifeboat drills, are mandatory under the law; you must attend these drills. Others, such as correctly boarding Zodiacs and tender vessels, are just common sense and will enhance your enjoyment as well as your safety.

Abandon Ship 101 Sure, it’s the worst-case scenario, but it does happen. We all remember the famous 2007 sinking of MS Explorer, and there have been several nervous moments when other ships have bumped rocks or become stuck. Thankfully, all these recent events have transpired without loss of life or serious injury – due, in the main, to greatly enhanced safety procedures and technology. It’s all a far cry from the Titanic. Lifeboat drill: Pay attention. It’s critical that you recognise the emergency alert and know how to put on the lifejacket (no, they’re not all the same), where your muster station is and how to get there. Don’t try to take your suitcase along, but wear warm (or appropriate) clothing and if you can, bring your passport/wallet. Whether it’s a drill or the real deal, listen carefully to announcements, follow instructions and stay calm. Panic can be fatal.

Your expedition leader should demonstrate the correct hand holds for getting in and out of tenders. For want of a better term, we’ll call it ‘monkey grip’ when each person grasps the forearm of the other. This hold is effectively a double-strength grip and so is substantially more secure than a hand-to-hand grip, especially if hands are wet. Men: don’t be too proud to take a hand; it’s far less embarrassing than landing on your bum – or worse. Listen carefully to instructions from the crew. They may ask you to sit here or there depending on the load in the boat. If it’s a bit rough, wait to be signalled to get in or out, and always have two hands ready to hold. Move quickly but don’t rush. Don’t fool around: if you do, you’re endangering everyone.

help Yourself One hand for the boat and one for yourself: it’s an old saying, repeated often and for good reason. When

moving about inside or on deck when a vessel is traversing rough seas, you should always have one hand on a railing or a firm fixture. A sudden change in the pitch of the vessel can quickly send you flying. When moving your hand from one position to the next, be careful not to grip onto the edges of door-jambs and unfixed objects such as chairs.

Man Overboard! This is another potentially frightening scenario, but one in which your quick action could mean the difference between life and death. If you see someone go over the side, scream “man overboard!” at the top of your lungs and get the attention of as many people as possible. Immediately throw a life ring, buoy or any floating object you can find in the person’s direction (even a deckchair will do). Remember: someone – perhaps you – should continue to watch the ‘man’ overboard, never losing sight of him or her.

Zodiac Control Getting in and out of Zodiac tenders for shore excursions can be a bit of a nail-biter, especially in rough conditions. But a few sensible precautions will keep you out of trouble.

Correct hand holds are important 7


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adventure topguide gear

Feet First adventure cruising means encountering a range of terrains. ensure you’ve the shoes for the conditions. gripping

OK, so you’re a lazy adventurer. These Merrell Jungle Mocs are slip-on, slip-off, with all the comfort and rugged construction you get from those finicky hiking boots. The pigskin uppers are water-resistant and the soles are grippy. Available in three colours, RRP $149.

Give me five! There is some hidden hippie in these radical slip-on sports shoes. Vibram FiveFingers is a back-to-basics sandal/shoe that claims to enhance posture, work muscles in the feet and lower legs, reduce the risk of injury and give the wearer greater awareness and natural balance during exercise or outdoor activity. To the uninitiated, they look like excellent deck shoes, perfect for surfing or board sports and canoeing. But Vibram claims its slip-ons, available in a dozen styles, are therapeutic, too, liberating our feet from over-engineered trainers. RRP from $159; for stockists, check out

ICEBREAKER Cold feet? Merino wool socks might sound indulgent, but wear a pair and you’ll see why so many adventure travellers swear by them. Warm and odour-resistant, they mean you’ll stay snug and fresh for longer. For stockists, call 1800 554 224 or check out

Warrior in the wet

The famous Crocs have spawned many cheap lookalikes, but the Warrior has taken lightweight budget sandals to a new level. With sturdy elasticised side straps, they stay on and are perfect in wet or sloppy conditions of the kind you may encounter on your next tropical adventure cruise. Ideal for island shore excursions and wet landings, light walking or around the ship – and they weigh next to nothing! In stores and online, RRP $24.95;

Flat Strap

Guys and girls can slip into stylish Merrell sandals on and off the vessel. Savannah for ladies is comfy, cushioned and cool while Hemlock, for blokes, is perfect for strutting the deck in comfort. Both feature leather and microfibre construction with sturdy soles and come in a range of colours. In stores, RRP from $159;

Women’s socks (from left to right): City Ultra Lite, $29.95; Hike Lite Crew, $35.95; City Lite Crew, $34.95; Multisport Superlite Mini, $29.95.

Men’s socks (from left to right): Multisport Superlite, $29.95; Hike Lite Mini, $27.95; Mountaineer, $59.95; City Lite Crew, $34.95. 9

top gear

Capture Me conditions can be rugged, so make sure you’ve got the camera equipment that’s up to the job. submarine perfection Ask any of the pro underwater shooters and they’ll tell you the Canon PowerShot G series cameras are the duck’s guts. Yes, you can spend heaps more on a DSLR and housing but, dollar for dollar, the G series gives stunning results. The latest incarnation is the G12, which works perfectly well on dry land, too! Snapshot: 5x optical zoom, HD movies with stereo sound, optical image stabiliser (IS), close focus to 1cm, huge 2.8” LCD, 10 megapixels. RRP: $799 Must-have accessory: WP-DC34 (underwater housing), RRP $399. Allows diving to 40 metres with full operation of controls. Note: also suits Canon’s earlier G11 model, but not the G10 (WP-DC28).

Tough Customers: Quick-view Shop Around Lumix DMC-FT2 Toughened and fattened up, the new Lumix is good for a 2-metre drop, a 10-metre dive and 14.1 megapixels. RRP: $499 Sony Cyber-shot TX5 The tiny TX5 is good for three metres underwater and a 1.5-metre drop. Great colours, too. Price guide: $349 Canon D10 Still one of the best underwater compacts around. 10m/1m/12.1 MP: $599 Olympus MJU Tough 8010 Hardcore at a keen price. 10m/2m/14 MP: $399

Hands-Free It had to happen: a video camera in a scuba mask. If there’s one thing that’s a bit fiddly, it’s handling your underwater camera while enjoying your scuba dive or snorkel, and the Liquid Image range of camera-enabled scuba masks has it sorted. There are three models, covering depths from 5 to 40 metres, so it can cater to snorkellers and serious divers. Capture stills or video on SD cards using sensible AAA batteries. RRP from $199: check out Cruise Passenger’s Facebook page to see how you can win one!

Liquid Image Camera Masks make underwater photography a cinch.

Camera Smarts


2 3 4

In steamy tropical weather, taking your camera out of your air-conditioned cabin will cause condensation inside the lens and camera body. The reverse happens in the cold. Where possible, leave your gear outside at ambient temperature. Consult your cruise director regarding a safe location. Always keep your camera covered during Zodiac transfers. Even a plastic shopping bag will do. Salt water is your enemy. Use your camera’s neck or wrist strap. It’s all too easy to drop a camera. You’ve seen it: they don’t like it. Even if you’re a hard-nosed pro shooter, carry a handy compact for short-notice opportunities. The new-wave little cameras are surprisingly good. 11


the outer limits

ultimate experiences

Whether you’re keen to kayak among the ice floes, camp under an Antarctic sky or take an MIR submersible deep beneath the ocean waves to view the sunken Titanic, there’s an expedition ship out there waiting to oblige.


or some folks, just going to the ends of the Earth isn’t enough. Adventurous operators are catering to the outlandish desires of some prospective passengers by offering ‘extreme add-ons’. Here is a list of mild and wild options you can add to pump some extra adrenalin into your next adventure cruise.

Camping Kicking back with a beer at the end of a long day’s exploring can be relaxing, but have you ever imagined pitching a tent out on the ice? Camping in Antarctica has been an occasional option offered on some departures, particularly to the Antarctic Peninsula. It will give you a glimpse of what some of the heroic-era explorers had to contend with on their long treks to the Pole. Quark, Aurora, One Ocean and Oceanwide Expeditions regularly offer camping. Expect to pay up to $300pp for this option with Quark; Oceanwide, One Ocean and Aurora Expeditions all include overnight Antarctic camping at no additional charge in some of their cruise packages.

Trekking If you hanker for more than a vigorous stroll, seek out an operator that offers serious trekking. The gold-medal hike is almost certainly the Shackleton crossing of South Georgia, which is offered only occasionally. In 1916, the trek took an already exhausted Sir Ernest 36 hours to complete, but you can expect to be allowed at least three days. Needless to say, you need to be pretty fit – and experienced with an ice axe to tackle it. Aurora Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions and Peregrine Adventures have offered this trek in the past. The cost is approximately $1,000 per person.

Diving Beneath the icebergs is a whole other world – and yes, it is possible to scuba-dive beneath the ice and see the wildlife in their underwater habitat. Naturally, you’ll need special certification to complete this dive; consult your local PADI dive store for details. The tropical waters of the South Pacific present a much more relaxed alternative and are suitable even for first-time divers. Aurora Expeditions, in conjunction with partner Waterproof Expeditions, offers ice diving at $1,170 for one Arctic departure. Coral Princess Cruises, Tui Tai Expeditions and North Star Cruises are set up for exciting diving from their vessels on the Great Barrier Reef, and in Fiji and Papua New Guinea respectively.

Climbing Mountaineering has been an integral part of Antarctic exploration, and reliving the excitement of the early explorers is sure to give you the trump card at your next dinner party. Though it helps to have some experience, not all climbs are aimed at the next Sir Edmund Hillary or Greg Mortimer. Just extending yourself in the fascinating Antarctic terrain is an experience in itself. World Expeditions and Aurora Expeditions offer climbing as an option for around $250 on their Antarctic voyages.

Kayaking Paddling in silence among the ice floes of the polar regions is an exhilarating adventure option. Quiet kayaks allow for exceptional wildlife viewing, delivering an experience that goes beyond the average shore excursion. Some experience is essential, but the paddling’s not as vigorous as you might imagine. Expert guides supervise you at all times and all equipment is supplied. Aurora Expeditions typically offers this option at either end of the world for about $950.

Flight-seeing Some adventure vessels come equipped with helicopters for optional or inclusive rotary-wing ‘flight-seeing’. Imagine soaring above the icy wilderness of the Arctic or Antarctic or viewing the spectacular Kimberley region from a jet helicopter; it adds a whole new dimension to your voyage. True North, Marina Svetaeva, 50 Years of Victory and Kimberley Quest all carry helicopters either full-time or on selected departures. True North’s four-flight Heli Package (approximately two hours’ flying time) is $1,835.

Submersibles Is this the ultimate adventure option? Adventure Associates has offered this dedicated voyage on and off for more than a decade, and will again take expedition guests to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean this year to view the Titanic in its final resting place. One dive takes 11 hours and takes just two passengers at a time: you’ll spend seven of those hours exploring the wreck. The 13-day itinerary will cost you US$59,680 for divers, US$10,000 otherwise. You can also ask about expeditions to the wreck of WWII battleship Bismarck and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Start saving!

Photographic workshops Don’t fancy strapping crampons to your boots or swinging an ice axe? Then just enjoy the myriad photographic opportunities that extreme environments present, under the guidance of an expert photographer such as Steve Parish, Ken Duncan or Peter Eastway. Learn new skills and techniques for grabbing those prize-winning shots and afterwards, dazzle your friends with a stunning slideshow. Heritage Expeditions, One Ocean Expeditions, Orion Expedition Cruises, North Star Cruises and Coral Princess Cruises’ ships regularly carry celebrity photographers – and there’s no extra charge. 13

years of

adventure cruising

Though it’s easier than ever before to embark on an adventurous voyage to the end of the Earth, in truth, commercial adventure cruising has been active for at least a century.


n the 18th century, 25-year-old Joseph Banks paid his own way aboard Captain James Cook’s Endeavour expedition of 1768 to 1771. The fare was a hefty GB£10,000 and included wages for Banks’ staff and modifications to the ship to accommodate the sizeable – and unwelcome – entourage. Even longer ago, history records that wealthy young scholar Antonio Pigafetta enlisted as a ‘supernumerary’ on Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the world in 1519. Of the original 240 who set out, Pigafetta was one of only 18 men who returned. Magellen himself was killed in the Philippines and it was in Pigafetta’s meticulous journals that the journey was recorded, making the youthful Italian one of the world’s first independent travel writers. Historians, notably the famous Greek historian Herodotus, sailed around the Mediterranean writing great tales more than 400 years BC, but the terms of his passage are unclear. The greatest interest in adventure cruising has occurred over the past century, however, possibly thanks to lavish photographic works produced by the likes of Herbert Ponting, Frank Hurley and Sir Hubert Wilkins. Hurley, in particular, was energetic in producing swashbuckling entertainment for the masses. Such was his enthusiasm for creating irresistible imagery that he often fell out with those of more conservative opinions, such as Sir Douglas Mawson, with whom he collaborated on the 1913 documentary Home of the Blizzard. Hurley was also a member of the crew of the Endurance, Shackleton’s famous vessel of 1915 that was crushed, ultimately, in the ice. Interestingly, Endurance was built in 1912

14 cruise Passenger Magazine

for polar explorer and adventure-cruise entrepreneurs Adrien de Gerlache and Lars Christensen, who intended to run Arctic hunting trips for tourists. When de Gerlache and Christensen fell out, Shackleton snapped it up in a ‘fire sale’ for GB£11,600 – equivalent, at the time, to just over $67,000. World’s first round-world cruise In January 1923, Cunard Line’s then-brand-new liner RMS Laconia began the world’s first commercial round-world cruise. It lasted 130 days and visited 22 ports but unfortunately, with the vessel’s fame came her demise. In September 1942, she was torpedoed and sunk by U-boat U-156 in what became known as the ‘Laconia incident’. The Germans had a passion for luxury expedition cruising as early as the 1920s. In August 1927, the liner Monte Cervantes was christened; by July 1928, she’d been refitted as a luxury adventure vessel and was sailing for Svalbard in Norway via Spitsbergen with 1,835 passengers. The trip coincided with the famous crash of the Italia airship, and a frenzied search-and-rescue operation was taking place. Monte Cervantes soon became the focus of her own rescue when she struck what was believed to be an iceberg and required five days of repairs, during which her passengers were taken ashore. Fortunately, the Russian icebreaker Krasin was in the vicinity and was able to assist the stricken vessel, providing divers to effect the repairs. At the start of 1930, Monte Cervantes was on another adventure – this time to South America – and, after a stormy passage from Punta Arenas, she berthed at Ushuaia before setting out again on January 22. She hadn’t gone far when a rock was sighted and, altering course to avoid it, she struck another, uncharted object and began to take on water. Her passengers and most of the crew were evacuated and despite serious efforts to stop her sinking, she rolled over the following day while two other officers were aboard, salvaging items. The officers jumped to safety but Captain Dreyer

adventure history Ironically, it was at this time that the Soviet Union collapsed, freeing numerous highly capable vessels for the polar cruise market.”

slipped while attempting to jump overboard, fell onto the promenade deck, was trapped and became the sole fatality. With the world in the grip of The Great Depression, many hedonistic pursuits were curtailed, but Germany’s mighty zeppelins briefly took the front running in adventure travel. Following the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin’s history-making 12-day round-the-world flight of 1929, it seemed that intercontinental travellers would take to the air in droves in hydrogen-filled airships, but the 1937 Hindenburg disaster ended zeppelins’ commercial career in spectacular fashion. Private adventure cruising did not resume in any serious form until after World War II, and the fact that it did was

largely due to the efforts of one man: Lars-Eric Lindblad. Born in Sweden in 1927, Lindblad immigrated to the USA in 1951. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, his company, Lindblad Travel, began escorting tour groups to some of the most out-of-the-way, exotic and forbidden lands in the world, with initial offerings including the Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, China and Bhutan. Lindblad’s first charter to Antarctica was with an Argentinean Navy vessel, MS Lapataia, in 1966, with 56 passengers. Buoyed by the success, he commissioned the building of his own ship, MS Lindblad Explorer, in 1969. She ran aground and was repaired in 1972, but after a colourful and cheerful career, ultimately sank in 2007. Lindblad enjoyed a virtual monopoly on expedition cruising until he fell foul of US trade sanctions against Cambodia and Vietnam and was levied with heavy penalties. These fines led to the collapse of his company in 1989, despite the fact that the embargoes on both countries were lifted soon afterwards. Ironically, it was at this time that the Soviet Union collapsed, freeing numerous highly capable vessels for the polar cruise market. With everything from 1,500-ton oceanographic ships to nuclear icebreakers now available for private charter, the world’s adventure fleet was changed forever. And the rest, as they say, is history.

SS Monte C adventure ervantes, a short-lived cruises in th e late 1920 German vessel, undert s ook

enture cruising

red the modern era of adv

Lars-Eric Lindblad pionee 15

Adventure cruising regions around the world

the arctic, canada


The rush is on to see the vanishing Arctic landscapes and threatened wildlife, from Spitsbergen through Canada to the Russian Far East and even as far as the North Pole.

Inside Passage by small ship is an adventurer’s treat. A booming region, adventure cruisers will find the glaciers, salmon fishing and first nation experiences fascinating.


Vancouver Québec


Baja and the Sea of Cortez have been American secrets for too long. Whale watching, snorkelling and sea kayaking await small-ship cruises.

Los Angeles

New York


EUROPE/mediterranean/north africa

The cradle of Western civilisation, the entire region is full of history and legend. Smaller ships offer more intimate experiences.

The caribbean

One of the world’s most popular cruising destinations, but plenty of choice for small ship cruises. Try St Thomas, St Barts or Virgin Gorda for a quiet oasis.

Pa c i f i c O c e a n

South America

Cruisers to South America usually end up wildlife-watching in the Galapagos or Amazon, but Patagonia is emerging as a cruise region thanks to staggering scenery.

Atlantic Ocean


Amsterdam Paris

Vienna Budapest



A f r i ca


S ou t h A m er i ca seychelles/madagascar/ indian ocean


The original adventure destination, the Peninsula is a firm favourite now that intrepid operators take passengers to the deep southern continent. 16 cruise Passenger Magazine

The glorious fjords of Norway, remote Scottish Islands and volcanic Iceland are the lands of the Vikings and Norse gods.

E urope


baltic/north europe

No longer a region of mystery, these isles are opening up to adventurous cruisers seeking unusual wildlife and scenic treasures.

adventure guide

far-east russia

Cut off from the world for decades by the USSR, these unexplored lands are drawing more visitors every year as the veil of mystery is lifted.

asia and se asia



The vast coastal and river cruising opportunities in China and Indochina are opening up to those in search of mystic treats.


Rangoon Phnom Penh Ho Chi Minh City

PNG and Melanesia

The lands of magic and sorcery are ready to entrance you. Emerging destinatons such as the Solomon Islands and remote Vanuatu are waiting.

Indian Ocean

contents Adventure cruise operators Aranui Cruises������������������������������������������������������������������18 Aurora Expeditions���������������������������������������������������������20 Captain Cook Cruises����������������������������������������������������22 Coral Princess Cruises���������������������������������������������������24 Cruceros Australis����������������������������������������������������������26 Delfin Amazon Cruises�������������������������������������������������28 GAP Adventures��������������������������������������������������������������30 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises�����������������������������������������������������32 Hurtigruten�����������������������������������������������������������������������34 Katarina Line���������������������������������������������������������������������36 Orion Expedition Cruises���������������������������������������������38 Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises���������������������������������������������40 Peregrine Adventures����������������������������������������������������42 Silversea Expeditions�����������������������������������������������������44 Star Clippers���������������������������������������������������������������������46 Tui Tai Expeditions����������������������������������������������������������48 Variety Cruises�����������������������������������������������������������������50 Victoria Cruises����������������������������������������������������������������52 Voyages of Discovery����������������������������������������������������54

Legends Use these symbols to help you choose the right cruise history & culture

A us t ral i a australia

If Flinders could see us now. The entire Australian coastline from the Kimberley to the Great Barrier Reef is giving up its secrets to adventure cruisers from all over the world.



wildlife scuba diving/ snorkelling

Sydney Photography


NZ and Polynesia

The great ‘Polynesian triangle’ has adventure and romance at every turn. Follow the great exploreres and fall under the spell of the South Pacific.


adventure guide

Aranui Cruises Catch a cargo ship and be entranced by an island paradise.

Regions operating in

French Polynesia: the Tuamotu and Marquesas Archipelagos

Aranui 3

Cruise in the comfort of this unique Tahitian passenger-freighter

Experience a 14 day soft adventure cruise onboard the Fact file: Aranuimost 3 Aranui Vessels: 3 to the unspoilt Passengers: 200 and remote Islands! Entered Marquesas service: 2003 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Dining room • Bar • Saloon lounge • Library • Gym • Pool • Doctor • Expert tour guides


he Marquesas have entranced western explorers, artists, travellers and dreamers for almost 400 years, while the native Polynesians have made it their home for almost 2,000 years. The staggering scenery, fashioned from the Earth’s own fiery ingredients and thrust into the middle of the Pacific Ocean will enthral you. However, the ancient customs, energetic and enthusiastic dancing and magnificent arts and crafts may distract you occasionally as you travel among these remote islands aboard Aranui 3, the most modern and comfortable vessel to ply the combined passenger and freight route here among the six inhabited islands. Just 200 passengers travel aboard Aranui 3, allowing for a personalised experience. You’ll enjoy fresh local produce including fish and seafood as part of your daily dining experience, along with a complimentary bottle of wine for your table. After your meal, there’s entertainment in the bar when the crew perform with ukuleles and guitars for an evening of singing and dancing. If you are looking for a quieter time, there’s a library, video room and saloon where you can relax with a book or chat with your new-found friends. Your adventure cruise in the Marquesas Islands can be as energetic or as relaxed as you want to make it. The ship’s gym is fitted with walking machines, step machines and bikes as well as basic weights to help you work off the delicious desserts. On board, you will find lectures and guides with information and history on this fascinating destination. There are lectures and seminars scheduled almost every day with experts in their fields to help you to fully enjoy this immersive Polynesian experience.

Travel in the comfort of this unique custom-built passenger-freighter which caters for 200 passengers with its lounges, bars, swimmingpool, dining-room, boutique shop and 86What’s cabins, fully air-conditioned included in the price: meals including wine with lunch and all• All with outside views. and dinner • All shore excursions • All port, tourist and cruise taxes • Gratuities are totally at your discretion, they are not expected

You will take part in delivering essential supplies to the 6 main Marquesas and 2 Tuamotu islands Contact: Ultimate Cruising some of the while experiencing Phone: 1300 662 943 world’sEmail: remarkable scenery Web: along the way.

The Small Ship People



Three delicious, hearty meals of fresh, local produce are served every day with 24-hour complimentary self-serve tea and coffee in between. The spacious restaurant is free seating, so you can relax and circulate among all your new friends throughout the voyage. When dining on board each table receives a free bottle of wine with lunch and dinner.

There are four distinct standards of accommodation available. The Suite and Deluxe cabins offer queen-size beds and the Standard A cabins are set up as twin- or triple-share. All cabins are fully air-conditioned and have ensuites. For the more adventurous, there are multiple-share cabins available. Each accommodates up to eight passengers and the bathrooms are shared.

18 cruise Passenger Magazine


Call 1300 662 943 for a free 16 page brochure, DVD and pricing information

The hospitable staff, many of whom have worked with Aranui 3 for years, will introduce you to this paradise and the century-old customs that so fascinated the early explorers, such as Cook and Melville. You’ll be aware of the connections with Paul Gauguin, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jacques Brel, for example, and you will ABN 24 003 026 369 Lic No 2TA 003 131 understand how they became so captivated by the charm of these islands.

Aranui 3 - freighter to paradise

Nuku Hiva Ua Pou

Ua Huka Hiva Oa Tahuata

Fatu Hiva

Rangiroa Fakarava


Kids enjoying Aranui 3

A typical suite

Marquesan dancers 19

adventure guide

Aurora Expeditions Travel to the ends of the earth and discover amazing regions with experienced guides and a small group of like-minded travellers. Regions operating in

Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Franz Josef Land, North East Passage, Russia Far East , Papua New Guinea, Kimberley Coast & more


urora Expeditions is an Australian-owned adventure cruise company specialising in small group voyages to Antarctica, Arctic and other wild, remote destinations such as Russian Coast, Papua New Guinea and the Kimberley Coast. We offer passengers an intimate experience of the destination, with the support of expert staff and flexible, innovative itineraries. The small numbers on the vessels allow passengers to visit outside the reach of conventional ships, while Zodiacs allow for up close exploration. Deeply committed to education and preservation of the environment, Aurora Expeditions’ philosophy is to respectfully visit these wilderness areas in turn creating ambassadors for their protection. Having pioneered a number of adventure activities in remote destinations, Aurora Expeditions offers an extensive program of activities including mountain climbing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, camping and photography on selected voyages. All voyages are run under the guidance of experienced expedition staff, expert naturalists, historians and crew, who give illustrated lectures on board and are on hand to answer your questions. Your security, well-being, enjoyment and understanding of the region are their priorities. So come and unlock the secrets of mysterious Russia; see your first polar bear sighting in the European Arctic; Zodiac around icebergs looking for penguins and seals in Antarctica or witness ancient rock art along the Kimberley Coast. Aurora Expeditions voyages will stir the soul, push the boundaries of adventure travel and deliver personal attention on unforgettable expeditions.

Fact file: Vessels: Polar Pioneer, Akademik Shokalskiy, Oceanic Discoverer, Coral Princess Passengers: 46-72 Entered service: 1985 onwards Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Fleet of Zodiac cruises / Explorer vessels • Open-bridge policy • Lecture room • Library • Spa and sauna on selected vessels • Bar What’s included in the price: • Comfortable and spacious cabins • All meals, port taxes and charges • All shore excursions from the ship including Zodiacs • Lectures, film shows and guide services • Services of resident medical office • Pre-departure booking service Contact: Aurora Expeditions Phone: 1800 637 688 or 02 9252 1033 Email: Web:




Delicious, wholesome meals are prepared by Western chefs. Tea and coffee are available 24 hours. Open seating in the dining rooms.

Cabins are spacious with ample storage space. All cabins have outside portholes or windows. There is a choice of cabins with shared or private facilities.

Pioneers in expedition travel, Aurora Expeditions lead small groups to remote regions accompanied by expedition teams with impressive credentials. There is a relaxed, casual atmosphere on board, fascinating lectures, open-bridge policy and viewing decks to observe the stunning scenery and wildlife. Camping, climbing, sea kayaking and scuba diving are offered on selected voyages.

20 cruise Passenger Magazine

Our ship and fleet of Zodiacs allow you to have a close polar bear encounter in Spitsbergen Photo: Jennifer Harvey

A kayaker exploring the polar waters in front of Polar Pioneer. Photo: Al Bakker

A cute elephant seal pup in Antarctica Photo: Andrew Halsall

Smiles come easily while Zodiac cruising! Photo: Andrew Halsall 21

adventure guide

Captain Cook Cruises ˝I had ambition ... not only to go farther than anyone had been before, but as far as it was possible for man to go.˝ Captain James Cook Regions operating in

Fiji Islands, Murray River, Sydney Harbour


aptain Cook Cruises offers small-ship discovery cruises throughout Australia and the Pacific at great-value prices. The cruise experience is informal and friendly, and the destinations are awe-inspiring. From the volcanic Yasawa Islands to the remote Northern Fiji Islands, from the bays and beaches of Sydney Harbour to the vast outback of the Murray River basin, we draw on four decades of cruising knowledge to create individual travel experiences you will never forget. Discover the natural beauty, environmental diversity, culture and history aboard our fleet of explorer-style small ships. Our unique itineraries take you to places where mainstream tourists rarely venture and where you can meet the locals. Every day there is a new vista and a new destination to explore, all with the helpful and insightful assistance of expert local guides. Limited numbers on board all of our vessels mean that every guest is welcomed and becomes known as an individual. That is why our crew members have to be really special – eager to share their extensive local knowledge and ever-mindful to give you the personal freedom to explore. Choose from a 2-night cruise on Sydney Harbour or 3, 4 & 7-night cruises on the Murray River and Fiji Islands. Cruises depart every week.

Fact file: Vessels: MV Reef Endeavour, PS Murray Princess, MV Captain Cook´s Explorer, SV Spirit of the Pacific. Plus a fleet of 20 cruise-, sail- and solar-powered charter vessels in Sydney and the Fiji Islands. Passengers: 1-150 Entered service: 1987 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: Our small-ship fleet offers comfortable facilities with plenty of big-ship extras including swimming pool, spas, saunas, massage and beauty treatments, entertainment and easyaccess small-boat boarding platforms. What’s included in the price: • Shore excursions • Accommodation • All meals • Morning and afternoon tea • Entertainment Contact: Captain Cook Cruises Phone: 02 9206 1111 Email: Web:




Dining is an essential ingredient to your cruise. Menus (both buffet and à la carte) are international and feature fresh local delicacies, prepared onboard by master chefs. All vessels offer single-sitting dining rooms with tables for six to 10 guests.

The majority of onboard accommodation is twin-share Staterooms or Cabins that open directly onto the outside deck. A small number of Premium Staterooms or Suites are available for those wanting cruising comforts, plus there are family rooms and bunk-bed inside cabins.

Booking your holiday should be a pleasure, which is why Captain Cook Cruises makes your choices easy. Your fare comprehensively covers all necessities of life onboard and much more – all meals (buffet & à la carte), an exciting selection of shoreside tours, entertainment and use of shipboard facilities.

22 cruise Passenger Magazine

Discover the remote Northern Fiji Islands aboard MV Reef Endeavour

Murray River gorges

Vineyard door tastings

Million-dollar views 23

adventure guide

Coral Princess Cruises The leader in Kimberley cruises expands its horizons to take in some of the region’s most exotic destinations. Regions operating in

Australia: Great Barrier Reef, The Kimberley, Across the Top of Australia. Papua New Guinea: Rabaul – Alotau. New Zealand: Auckland – Milford Sound. Melanesia: PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia


aving pioneered the concept of luxury small-ship cruising on the Great Barrier Reef and along Western Australia’s spectacular Kimberley Coast, multi-award-winning Coral Princess Cruises continues to deliver innovative itineraries to some of the South Pacific’s most exotic cruising destinations. After commencing operations on the Great Barrier Reef with a converted Fairmile class vessel in 1984, this proudly Australian, family-owned company has forged a reputation as one of the world’s leading small-ship cruise lines. Coral Princess Cruises operates a fleet of three ecotourism-accredited, state-of-the-art small ships, Coral Princess, Coral Princess II and the 63-metre flagship Oceanic Discoverer. Each ship is designed to provide all the comfort and facilities of larger cruise ships, yet is small enough to enable access to reef and island sites inaccessible to larger vessels. Coral Princess Cruises is currently sailing to emerging destinations such as Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. A diverse itinerary exploring the spectacular coastlines and interesting cultures of New Zealand is also featured. Closer to home, the company is the pioneer and acknowledged leader in Kimberley cruising, introducing guests to the rugged scenery and ancient landscapes of Australia’s last great frontier. An unforgettable 11-night Across the Top of Australia itinerary takes in the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land, Cape York and the Great Barrier Reef. Back where it all began, year-round 3-, 4- and 7-night cruises introduce the very best of the Great Barrier Reef and tropical islands in total comfort and unmatched style.

Fact file: Vessels: Oceanic Discoverer, Coral Princess, Coral Princess II Passengers: 44–72 Entered service: Coral Princess 1988 (refurbished 2009), Coral Princess II 1996 (refurbished 2009), Oceanic Discoverer 2005 Months of operation: Great Barrier Reef – year-round. Kimberley – AprilOctober. PNG – March and November. Melanesia – March and November. New Zealand – December and February Facilities: • Sundeck, spa pool and open bridge • Dining room and lounge, cocktail bars • Reference library • Xplorer and fleet of Zodiacs What’s included in the price: • Accommodation and all meals • Service of expedition staff and guest lecturers, presentations, all-Australian crew, guided expedition touring • Use of onboard facilities and more! Contact: Coral Princess Cruises Phone: 1800 079 545 or 07 4040 9999 Email: Web:




All meals during the cruises are included. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are usually served in the dining room located on the main deck. Dinner is table d’hote style and features buffet meals. Coffee and tea is available 24 hours. Meal times may vary according to the day’s activities.

Select from several grades of spacious accommodation. Each features a choice of twin or double bedding, private en suite, individual air-conditioning, desk, large wardrobe, luggage storage and windows for expansive ocean views. All accommodation is serviced daily.

Kimberley: King George River and falls, Prince Regent River, King Cascades, Montgomery Reef and Horizontal Falls. Great Barrier Reef: Exclusive Pelorus Island, Cooktown, Lizard Island, Ribbon Reefs. Papua New Guinea: Cruise 100km up the Sepik River, island cultures, World War II history. Melanesia: Jungle-clad peaks, fiery volcanoes. New Zealand: Milford, Doubtful and Dusky sounds, White Island Volcano, Stewart Island.

24 cruise Passenger Magazine

Oceanic Discoverer at Raft Point, the Kimberley

Enjoy your own private island paradise on Coral Princess Cruises’ exclusive Pelorus Island

Oceanic Discoverer Stateroom

Access the shore aboard the specially designed expedition vessel Xplorer 25

adventure guide

Cruceros Australis Explore Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego visiting the fjords of the Beagle Channel, glaciers of the Darwin Mountain Range, and Cape Horn. Regions operating in

Chile and Argentina; Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego; Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel, Cape Horn.


ruise through the southernmost tip of South America in expedition voyages through channels, fjords and islands, along the Darwin Mountains to visit its imposing glaciers as well as unexplored forests of incomparable beauty. Witness the same ‘creation’ process that impressed Charles Darwin in areas where the forest is born after glaciers retreat. Visit penguin and elephant seal colonies and marvel at the fauna, including different species of cold-water dolphins that sometimes swim along with our vessels. Sight numerous terrestrial, coastal and marine bird species (approximately 153 different species). Our daily shore excursions and lectures are carried out by a team of bilingual naturalist guides, and represent the heart and soul of our experience. We combine small-ship comfort and coziness with a singular wilderness where glaciers share the scenery with the Magellanic subpolar forests – the world’s southernmost forest ecosystem. We disembark at Horn Island (weather permitting) and visit the Cape Horn memorial albatross monument in honour of the sailors who died while attempting to ‘round the Horn’; the ‘end of the Earth’ and last confine before Antarctica. Departures from Punta Arenas (Chile) or Ushuaia (Argentina) for 4- night or 3-night cruises. Four weekly cruise options. Our one-way cruises greatly complement any ground itinerary in Patagonia, and are an excellent option to combine both countries. Cruises with breathtaking scenery, and landings that offer direct contact with nature in an isolated environment, can certainly enrich any ground program. Operating since 1990, we specialise in this particular route.

Fact file: Vessels: Via Australis / Stella Australis Passengers: 136 / 210 Entered service: 2005 / 2010 Months of operation: September to April Facilities: • Zodiacs for excursions • Panoramic lounges, dining room & upper decks • Shop, bar, open-bridge policy & reference library • Satellite phone in cabins • Stella Australis has a small gym, and a large upper-deck panoramic lounge. • Via Australis has a small games room. What’s included in the price: • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) • All alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages • All daily excursions (with Englishspeaking naturalist guides) • Lectures (with English-speaking naturalist guides) Contact: Cruceros Australis Phone: (56-2) 4423112 Email: Web:




We combine international cuisine with local recipes such as the Patagonian king crab and the Magellanic lamb barbecue. Chilean and Argentine wines are included. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, and dinner offers a set menu with two options. We can cater for dietary restrictions. Our spacious dining rooms can seat all passengers at the same time.

All cabins have picture windows, private bathroom, heating, safety deposit box, closet, and hair dryer. Twin or double beds. MV Via Australis offers all cabins with 15m2. MV Stella Australis offers cabins with 16.5m2, and four superior cabins with 20.5m2. Fourth deck cabins on Stella Australis have floor-toceiling windows. Cabins are serviced daily.

New custom-built vessels (Via Australis 2005 / Stella Australis 2010). The only cruise ships that specialise in the remote fjords of Tierra del Fuego. Personalised small-ship service. All-inclusive. Natural wonders include: Glaciers of the Darwin Mountain Range; Magellan Forest; Cape Horn; Magellan penguin and elephant seal colonies.

26 cruise Passenger Magazine

Magellan penguin colony

MV Stella Australis at Pia Glacier

MV Stella Australis cabin

Cape Horn Memorial 27

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Delfin Amazon Cruises The pioneer top high-end jungle river cruise company in the Upper Amazon offers two luxurious vessels, the Delfin I & Delfin II. Let them take you into the world largest protected flooded forests. Regions operating in

Upper Amazon located in the North East of Peru, Latin America.


iscover one of the world´s most intriguing environments, rich in unparalleled wildlife diversity, places still undiscovered, culture, history and traditions. The legendary Amazon Rainforest… the world’s largest river basin. Do it with style and comfort… do it with Delfin Amazon Cruises, pioneers in High-End Jungle River Cruising in Peru since late 2006, specifically in the Upper Amazon Region. From the unique Amazonian design in its two jungle river vessels, to its privately owned embarkation ports, special transfer service conducted on a limousine couch and superb gourmet cuisine… this boutique jungle river operation delivers an exclusive and authentic Amazonian experience to the most discerning world-class traveller. Conceived, built, operated and owned by Delfin Amazon Cruises, these river cruisers capture the essence of the true Amazonian spirit and deliver it to all its guests. Delfin’s passionate crew will spoil you with a personalised service. On specially designed aluminium river boats, the professional, bilingual, jungle-born guides will take you to the most amazing wonders of the world’s richest rainforest, searching for wildlife, flora and visit small river villages. Have first-hand encounters with the most impressive rainforest wildlife while letting yourself be overtaken by the splendor of the Amazon Rainforest. You will enjoy first-class comfort in the middle of the most remote place on earth aboard either vessel: Delfin I, with only four Master Suites with private sun decks and Jacuzzis, for just eight passengers; or Delfin II, with 14 oversized Suite Cabins for 28 passengers. Both vessels are air-conditioned and built in a delightful Amazonian style.

Fact file: Vessels: Delfin I and Delfin II Passengers: 8 and 28, respectively Entered service: Mid-2006 / April 2009 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: Delfin I • Dining Room, Lounge, Bar, TV, DVD. • Two Jacuzzis (Deluxe Master Suites) Delfin II • Lounge, Bar, TV, DVD and Hammock on observation deck What’s included in the price: Delfin I and Delfin II • Transfer from Iquitos Airport to Nauta (private embarkation port) • All guided excursions (2x per day) • Three gourmet meals a day • Entrance fees Delfin I only • All soft and alcoholic beverages (except Prime Liquor Brands) • Entrance fees Contact: Delfin Amazon Cruises Phone: 011 511 719-0999 Email: Web:




Let us take you on the most impressive Amazonian dining experience! Our innovative chefs will surprise you with the most creative combinations of fresh regional produce. We serve a fixed menu of three gourmet meals per day. However, we cater especial dietary tastes, which must be ordered prior to the departure date.

Delfin I: the living area of the four Master Suites is 655 square metres; suites are half inside, half outside. The two on the main deck include a private Jacuzzi. All include a futon, adjustable AC, panoramic windows, pure cotton linens and environmentally friendly amenities. Delfin II: 14 oversized Suites, 4 Master Suites (29 square metres) plus 10 Suites (26 square meters). All with the same comforts as Delfin I including adjustable air-conditioning and panoramic windows.

Cruise the strongest and bigger river on Earth. Discover the mysterious pink river dolphins and the biggest river fish, the arapaima! Visit the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve; one of the largest in the world. See hundreds of bird species, monkeys, frogs, orchids and bromeliads. Understand how local people have developed their life inside this fantastic forest. Taste exotic fishes, fruits and local aphrodisiac drinks; all these while in the comfort of the most high-end, unique river vessels.

28 cruise Passenger Magazine

Deluxe master suite, Delfin I

Delfin II

Night safaris

Piranha fishing 29

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Gap Adventures Explore the awe-inspiring polar extremes with the leaders in small-ship expedition cruising. Regions operating in

Antarctica, Arctic


ith a maximum of 126 passengers, MS Expedition provides an intimate smallship cruising experience to the polar extremes. Completely refurbished in 2009, she boasts spacious cabins, each featuring ocean-facing windows or portholes and private en-suite facilities. Large common areas and observation decks provide panoramic views of the distinctive landscapes of some of the most remote regions on earth. The MS Expedition offers space, comfort and expertise - all at a price that few can better. MS Expedition has one of the highest ratios of expedition team members to guests – with one expert for every 10 guests there is always someone on hand to answer your questions and provide greater insight and appreciation of the world at its extremes. Our expedition team is comprised of professional and highly skilled historians, marine biologists and naturalists who offer keen insight and a unique personal perspective to each and every adventure. At 105 metres in length, MS Expedition is able to approach remote areas to which many other vessels cannot navigate – and is one of the most stable expedition ships in its class. The ship’s fleet of 14 Zodiacs enables passengers to travel safely and quickly from ship to shore for unique, personal encounters with awe-inspiring wilderness. MS Expedition travels to both the Antarctica and Arctic regions. In addition Gap Adventures offers sailing trips around The Amazon, Thailand and Greece. Please visit our website for more information on sailing adventures.

Fact file: Vessels: MS Expedition Passengers: 126 Entered service: 1972 / Renovated 2009 Months of operation: Year-round (except April and October) Facilities: • 360° Observation Deck • Fleet of 14 zodiacs • Large, heated Mud Room; Library • Discovery Lounge; Polar Bear Pub • Gift shop; computer room • Medical clinic • Sauna; gym; public telephone • Kayaking and camping excursions What’s included in the price: • Accommodation; meals on board • Zodiac excursions • Lecture and educational programs • Boots for duration of your cruise • Airport transfers • 10:1 Expedition staff/passenger ratio Contact: Gap Adventures Phone: 1300 796 618 Email: melbourne@gapadventures. Web:




A great journey deserves extraordinary food, and a voyage on MS Expedition is no exception. The ship’s dining room is large enough to seat all guests in one sitting, where you’ll be served a diverse selection of gourmet dishes prepared by professional chefs. Breakfasts and Lunches are served buffet style, while dinner is a fourcourse meal.

Fully refurbished in 2009, MS Expedition boasts spacious cabins, all of which feature oceanfacing windows or portholes that frame the distinctive landscapes of some of the most remote areas on earth. All cabins are equipped with private ensuite facilities for the comfort of our passengers. We offer cabins and suites in five different category options, suitable for every budget.

While itineraries are well planned, the ship’s crew will also seize opportunities for spontaneous adventure. This could mean jumping aboard Zodiacs to get a closer look at seals sunbathing on ice floes, or taking a mid-dinner break to watch curious whales slide through the water. For the more adventurous, kayaking and camping options are an ideal way to make the most of your polar experience.

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MS Expedition at South Georgia

See polar bears on Arctic Expeditions

One of the spacious suites MS Expedition has to offer

Getting up close and personal to the wildlife 31

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Expect the unexpected on an expedition cruise to some of the world’s most stunning locations with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Regions operating in

Kamchatka, North West Passage, Arctic, Antarctic, Africa, Indian Ocean, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and (nearly) everywhere in between – even Europe and (sometimes) Australia


idden places, unexplored coastlines and legendary routes – welcome to expedition cruising. Going to such remote areas does not mean that you have to compromise your comfort. We offer neither bunk accommodation nor short itineraries. Once you compare cabins with private facilities you will find our fares most attractive. Ms Hanseatic is the only five-star rated expedition ship while Ms Bremen is rated four-star. They offer lots of space, extraordinary service, gourmet food and unique adventures to a small group of people. Both ships were purpose built with comfort of passengers a high priority. Our vessels have the highest ice category for passenger ships, making them safer and more manoeuvrable than many ‘research vessels’. Our ships have been traversing the entire Northwest Passage every year since 1996. We regularly attempt to cross the Antarctic Circle, travel the entire length of the Amazon River to Iquitos and, in between, visit places most of your friends have never heard of. Typically there are five lecturers on each cruise whose seminars will broaden your knowledge and whose knowledge will enrich shore excursions and your experience. Zodiacs take you to places where no ship can go – whether that is among the mangroves of the Amazon or up close and personal to wild animals or in front of the glaciers at Ilulissat. On our expeditions cruises, expect the unexpected.

Fact file: Vessels: Ms Hanseatic, Ms Bremen Passengers: Ms Hanseatic 184, Ms Bremen 164 Entered service: Ms Hanseatic 1993, Ms Bremen 1990 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Both ships carry sufficient Zodiacs to accommodate all passengers. • Warm parkas and rubber boots are provided free, if necessary. • Both ships have a pool, gym and sauna as well as hairdressing and laundry. • There is internet access and text emails are free. What’s included in the price: • Accommodation and all meals • Soft drinks in minibar • Cancellation Penalty Insurance • Port taxes and government fees • Gratuities are not required • Room service Contact: Landmark Travel Phone: 1300 13 68 46 Email: Web:




Hanseatic offers Marco Polo restaurant and Columbus Lounge for breakfast and lunch buffets. The quality of the food is truly five star. Bremen has one restaurant. Buffet breakfast and lunch are also served in the Club Lounge. Standard of food is better than her four-star rating suggests. A highlight is the Bavarian lunch on either ship, and alfresco dining is also offered, weather permitting.

All cabins afford an outside view with a minimum of 18 square metres (Bremen) or 22 square metres (Hanseatic) and private facilities. All cabins were refurbished in 2008/09. Soft drinks in minibar are included in the cruise price. Bremen has two balcony suites, and Hanseatic offers butler service in the suites on Bridge Deck.

Adventure and comfort without compromise. Most capable ships, highest ice rating, gourmet food, excellent service, world-class lecturers and guides plus enough Zodiacs for all passengers at the same time. This is why Hapag-Lloyd has been setting the standards for other cruise lines since 1849.

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Ms Hanseatic

Our Zodiacs in the Amazon

Ms Hanseatic Suite

Ms Hanseatic in her natural environment 33

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Hurtigruten Discover the Norwegian Fjords with Hurtigruten, the original explorers.

Regions operating in

Norway, Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Europe


urtigruten is renowned for comprehensive and adventurous voyages to some of the most dramatic coastlines on the planet. These trips provide the best in specialist knowledge on journeys that far exceed expectations. With Hurtigruten, travellers can encounter the environments (iceberg calving, Northern Lights), the wildlife (polar bear spotting and whale watching), and the people at the very ends of the earth. Hurtigruten’s 12-day Norwegian Coastal Voyage exposes travellers to the rich culture and breathtaking natural scenery of Norway, a northern European gem. With almost daily departures year-round, guests can witness the beauty of the winding Norwegian coastline in every season. And with 34 ports of call, they can see it from right up close, too. On our signature Norwegian cruises, the scenic coast is combined with activities such as photography, bird-watching, and astronomy. And in winter, guests can get try dogsledding and snowmobile safaris, as well as Quad Safaris in Kirkenes, which take you to the Russian border. Our classic selection of Norwegian cruises include the 12-day round trip, 7-day northbound voyage and 6-day southbound voyage. Our voyages into Greenland, Antarctica and Spitsbergen sail into posts such as Disko Bay and the Falkland Islands. The expeditions take you close to icebergs and mountain formations, and habitats of unique bird species, polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Hurtigruten’s Norwegian and Explorer voyages enable guests to experience amazing wildlife and untouched landscapes; they promise intimate and authentic journeys. Become more than a spectator – discover the wonder behind the World’s Most Beautiful Voyage.

Fact file: Vessels: 14 Passengers: 105–1,000 Entered service: 1893 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Main reception • Observation salon • Restaurant • Fitness room • Sauna and heated Jacuzzis • Selected ships are fitted with libraries and saloon bars What’s included in the price: • Cabins • All meals • Port taxes • Government fees • In-suite beverages • Lectures/Presentations Contact: Hurtigruten To book, please contact your preferred Wholesaler or Discover the World Marketing Phone: 1800 623 326 Email: hurtigruten@discovertheworld. Web:




Menus are based on traditional Norwegian cuisine. Chefs take advantage of seasonal ingredients, planning menus around the fresh local produce.

The ships hold a number of stylish and comfortable cabins as well as the more lavish suites. All cabins vary in both size and location. Selected rooms are fitted with private balconies, bay windows or portholes.

Hurtigruten’s voyages journey deep into the Arctic Circle, sailing into some of the most remote destinations the world has to offer. And with smaller vessels, we pride ourselves on our ability to take travellers closer to these environments than many of the larger cruise liners.

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Sailing through striking Raftsundet, Norway

Dog-sledding through Tromso

Grand Suite, MS Midnatsol

The western coast of Greenland 35

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Katarina Line Cruise the stunning Adriatic Sea and dramatic Dalmatian Coast on board the romantic sailing vessel Eos. Regions operating in

Adriatic, Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and Northern Croatian coast.

Fact file: Vessel: Eos Passengers: 42/45 Entered service: 2008 Months of operation: Guaranteed departures from April until October Facilities: • Spacious air-conditioned ensuite cabins and dining room • Spacious restaurant and bar • Large sundeck area • TV

eyond Slovenia offers you the possibility of exploring a little piece of heaven on Earth – the Croatian Adriatic coastline with more than 1,000 islands and coastal towns. During your 7-day cruise, immerse yourself in the beauty of the crystal-clear sea, hidden bays and the most beautiful sunsets in the world, walk through the streets of ancient towns and enjoy national cuisine.


What’s included in the price: • Accommodation in cabin • Welcome drink • 7 x nights Halfboard (breakfast and lunch) • Captain’s dinner • Guided sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik

If you feel adventurous you can experience our white-water rafting on Cetina River, the perfect relaxation during hot summer months, or you can join an excursion to Mostar in Bosnia/ Herzegovina before or after the cruise and discover the beauty of this magical town where east meets west.

Contact: Beyond Slovenia Phone: 1300 557 501 Email: Web:

Our friendly and hospitable crew (captain, chef, waiter and two sailors) on board will do everything to make your stay a most pleasurable one. Join our Katarina cruise and meet new friends while relaxing under the sun! We are certain that once you travel with us, you will want to return again and again...




• •

• •

Breakfast and lunch cooked and served in Croatian Mediterranean style Meet & Greet BBQ on first evening Captain’s dinner – your choice of fish or meat menu prepared in ship’s own style/ specialty

6 twin on-deck cabins 7 double on-deck cabins (3 with possibility of an extra bed) 8 twin/double below-deck cabins

• • • • •

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Dubrovnik – pearl of Adriatic with guided sightseeing Split – capital of Dalmatia, famous for 1700-year-old Diocletian’s palace Hvar – sunniest Adriatic island and jet set destination Korcula – birthplace of Marco Polo Rafting on Cetina River (extra charge) Excursion to Mostar (extra charge)

Romantic cruiser Eos

Spacious dining room

Comfortable twin cabin

The magical Adriatic coastline 37

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Orion Expedition Cruises Orion Expedition Cruises is the leading expedition cruise operator in Asia-Pacific.

Regions operating in

The Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and sub-Antarctic Islands, Antarctica, Borneo, Vietnam, Russian Far East and Inland Sea of Japan.


ince our launch in 2004, Orion Expedition Cruises has become the leading expedition cruise operator in Asia Pacific. The introduction of Orion II in May 2011 doubles our capacity and doubles our opportunity to introduce our guests to new, and in many cases, unique experiences in amazing destinations. All while enjoying the comfort and safety of our 100 guest ships and five-star onboard service Our destinations in 2011 will include the Russian Far East’s ring of fire; the culturally rich Inland Sea of Japan; the energetic and charismatic Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia; the incredibly rich diversity of Borneo; New Zealand and sub-Antarctic islands that so few can visit; Papua New Guinea’s ancient and primitive cultures; the grand frontier of Australia’s Kimberley region and the Antarctic Continent. We venture into locations where larger ships can not access, nor could they bring their guests ashore. To deliver these experiences, from Australia’s Antarctic to the northern Pacific coast of Russia, we must at all times put your safety first with the utmost professionalism of our operations. The vessels are sleek, modern and comfortable, from its expert guides to the award-winning cuisine. Heavy-duty Zodiacs enable guests to be whisked away to experience an array of shoreside expeditions. The onboard experience is enhanced by our qualified expert expedition leaders and speakers – marine biologists, naturalists, diplomats, artists, award-winning chefs, ecologists and scientists who share their specialist knowledge with guests. You can now relax, and take in the experiences the Orion world can offer you.

Fact file: Vessels: Orion and Orion II Passengers: 106 and 100 Entered service: 2004 and 1991 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Lecture theatre & library • Spa, hair and beauty salon • Boutique • Gymnasium • Outdoor café and restaurant • Observation lounge What’s included in the price: • Accommodation • All meals • Entertainment • Educational programs • Port taxes • Gratuities • 24-hour room service • Use of ship’s sporting equipment and facilities Contact: Orion Expedition Cruises Phone: 1300 361 012 or see your travel agent Email: Web:




Dining at any time is an unhurried experience with a single sitting free of fixed table assignments. Dinner is always served in the Restaurant or you may dine alfresco, under the stars. During the day if the scenery is too spectacular to simply let pass by, take a seat for a buffet breakfast or lunch at our outdoor Café.

All 50 Suites and Staterooms offer ocean views, room to relax during the day and a choice of either queen- or twin-bed sleeping arrangements. The marble bathrooms are well appointed. All rooms offer conveniences such as ample storage space, complementary 24-hour room service, a flat-screen TV, DVD/CD player, internet connectivity, a personal safe, hairdryer and a mini-refrigerator.

Although custom-designed for expedition cruising, our vessels are the epitome of elegance. Their luxurious appointments mean they are more mega-yacht than cruise ship and their guests are few; just 100 guests, all cared for in comfort by a crew of around 70. From gourmet dinner menus to pampering at the beauty salon, you will rediscover your capacity for relaxation and indulgence.

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MV Orion at Naturalist Island, The Kimberley

King George Falls, Kimberley

Balcony Suite

King penguins at Macquarie Island 39

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Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises What better way to explore the wild and remote Kimberley coastline than on an intimate, purpose-built vessel? Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises is the expert in this area! Regions operating in

The Kimberley region, north-west of Western Australia


earl Sea Coastal Cruises provides a significant tourism experience and unique introduction to the spectacular wilderness areas of the Kimberley, normally only accessible by boat, helicopter and light aircraft. Specialising in 7- and 13-day nature-based eco-expeditions, we operate between the months of March and October catering for individuals and small groups accommodating just 18 passengers on scheduled cruises and exclusive private charters onboard our vessel Kimberley Quest II. Kimberley Quest II is a luxury, 25-metre, fully air-conditioned expedition vessel equipped with its own helipad and spa. Custom-built for the remote Kimberley region, the vessel is arguably the perfect way to explore this vast coastline. The ship carries three excursion tenders, and days are filled with a myriad of activities including exploring the waterways with your very own local guide who has extensive knowledge of the Kimberley region. Cool off in a freshwater pool; try and catch the infamous barramundi; or share one of our guide’s secret, rare art sites. The vessel is yours to finish the day in the spa located on the sundeck or enjoy one of the many indoor and outdoor dining areas taking in the panoramic scenery and breathtaking sunsets. You can be sure that your Kimberley experience with us will exceed your expectations, as you can do as much or as little as you wish! So why not take the adventure with one of the Kimberley’s original explorers who are still discovering after 17 years of cruising...

Fact file: Vessels: Kimberley Quest II Passengers: 18 Entered service: Kimberley Quest II was launched in 2004 adding to Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises’ years of experience cruising the Kimberley. Months of operation: March–October Facilities: Custom-built to explore the Kimberley, on board there is a helipad, spa, extensive library including reference books and general interest novels, three tenders, 24-hour tea & coffee, open wheelhouse and galley, BOSE surroundsound music system and laundry service. What’s included in the price: • All meals prepared by the onboard chef • Cabins with private ensuite (serviced daily) • Daily guided shore excursions • Helicopter and light aircraft transfer (7-day cruises only) • Pre- and post-cruise transfers Contact: Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises Phone: 08 9193 6131 and 1300 156 035 Email: Web:




Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises offers buffet-style cuisine providing you with a variety of freshly prepared meals, including freshly caught fish, Kimberley oysters and mud crabs, which are prepared by our talented onboard chef. A choice of meal options is presented to cater for all preferences, with an emphasis on locally sourced fresh produce.

Accommodating just 18 passengers and six crew, your holiday of a lifetime can be enjoyed with fellow travellers in small intimate surrounds. You have the choice of nine cabins from twin, double, superior and the exclusive flybridge. All cabins feature private ensuites, individual air-conditioning, viewing windows and mini-refrigerators, and are serviced daily by your hostess.

The superb facilities of a luxury vessel combined with the allure of travel to the 1,800-millionyear-old Kimberley. We aim to offer ‘a holiday never to be forgotten’.

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Kimberley Quest II – custom-built for the Kimberley, designed with your comfort in mind

Cool off in your own freshwater pool

Superior cabin

Discovering why people continue to explore the Kimberley 41

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Peregrine Adventures Polar and Galapagos expeditions give you the chance to visit some of the most incredible wilderness and wildlife places on Earth. Regions operating in

Antarctica, The High Arctic, Galapagos

Antarctica and the High Arctic Peregrine is the polar expert because of its state-of-the-art expedition ships and worldleading expedition staff. All Peregrine voyages combine exploration with relaxation, comfort and adventure. This season Peregrine welcomes Sea Spirit to the fleet, adding another level of comfort to the program. Antarctica is a magical world of giant icebergs, glimmering mountains and icy plains. In the Falklands black-browed albatross raise their chicks and in South Georgia king penguins and elephant seals line the shores. Among Peregrine’s High Arctic adventures is the 10-night Spitsbergen Explorer, which ventures north of 80 degrees, high above the Arctic Circle, encountering polar bears along the way. The Galapagos Discover your spirit of adventure on a 7- or 10-day Galapagos expedition voyage. See animal species in their natural habitats, including giant Galapagos tortoises, blue-footed and masked boobies, land and marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, whales, and sea turtles. Explore one of the world’s greatest marine reserves with 16 or fewer like-minded travellers, and with an expert English-speaking naturalist. Using the eight-cabin M.Y. San Jose as your base, spend as much time as possible cruising the wildlife-rich waterways by Zodiac inflatable boat, and exploring the enchanted isles on foot. Combine a voyage with a tour on mainland Latin America, which can take you to the lush equatorial jungles of the Amazon Basin or to experience the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in Peru, and beyond.

Fact file: Vessels: Antarctica & The High Arctic: Sea Spirit, Akademik Sergey Vavilov, Clipper Adventurer, Ocean Nova, Kapitan Khlebnikov, 50 Years of Victory Galapagos: MY San Jose Passengers: Antarctica & The High Arctic: 122 (max), Galapagos: 16 (max) Entered service: Antarctica & The High Arctic: 1989 Galapagos: 2003 Months of operation: Antarctica: November-March, High Arctic: June- August, Galapagos: All Facilities: Antarctica and the High Arctic: Include a well-stocked library, sundeck, sauna, plunge pool and gymnasium. Galapagos: Large and comfortable lounge, dining area and sundeck. What’s included in the price: • Onboard accommodation • For Antarctic voyages starting in Ushuaia, one night pre-voyage hotel accommodation • Onboard activities and shore excursions • Lectures/presentations • Most meals Contact: Peregrine Adventures Phone: 1300 352 625 Email: Web:




Antarctica & the High Arctic World-class chefs provide a choice of international menus including seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, accompanied by an excellent variety of beverages and wine. Galapagos Large and comfortable lounge and dining area where scrumptious meals are served by the Ecuadorian crew.

Antarctica & the High Arctic All cabins have an outside view, with portholes or a window, and are tastefully furnished. Most of them have private or semi-private facilities. Galapagos There are eight well-appointed, individually airconditioned, twin cabins (no bunk beds), with private facilities. All are lower berths.

Antarctica & the High Arctic Bird and wildlife watching is the backbone of all Peregrine’s expedition programs and groups will head out in the company of world renowned naturalists and ornithologists. Galapagos Frequent shore and Zodiac boat excursions in the company of an expert English-speaking naturalist, to experience the flora and fauna of the Galapagos.

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Antarctica: Find a beautiful spot and soak it all up

The Galapagos Islands boast diverse wildlife like this brilliant red-breasted frigate bird. Photo: Peter Lemon

Snorkelling with playful sea lions is a highlight of The Galapagos Islands

Cruising in the Arctic – majestic icebergs often form the backdrop of you adventure 43

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Silversea Expeditions Embrace the adventure and relish the luxury of full-scale expeditions from a luxury base at sea. Regions operating in

Antarctica, Arctic, Caribbean and Central America, British Isles, West Africa


mbark on an all-inclusive, luxurious expedition to far-flung destinations of the world aboard Prince Albert II, a purpose-built expedition ship unlike any other. Designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s remotest destinations, including both of Earth’s polar regions; the 6,072 GRT vessel boasts a strengthened hull with a Lloyd’s Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger ships. With eight Zodiac vessels on board, her 132 privileged guests can visit even the most off-the-beaten-path locations. Experience the thrill of a true expedition aboard Prince Albert II. Venture deep into regions where other vessels cannot go while enjoying a privileged lifestyle that is simply second to none. On board, savour a convivial cosmopolitan ambience and many special amenities usually found only on larger ships, including a spacious library with an internet café, boutique shopping, a full-service spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, sauna, live evening entertainment and two top-deck whirlpools. Prince Albert II even features The Humidor, where connoisseurs can enjoy the finest cigars and cognacs – a diversion offered by no other expedition ship.

Fact file: Vessels: Prince Albert II Passengers: 132 Entered service: 2008 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Small-ship ambience • Library with an internet café • Boutiques, spa and beauty salon • Fitness centre, sauna and two top-deck whirlpools What’s included in the price: • Entertainment, all meals, beverages and gratuities • Port taxes and government fees • Room service and minibar • Hosted adventures ashore • Parka jacket with layering system (Antarctic and Arctic itineraries) • Water-resistant backpack • Complimentary fine wines and spirits served throughout the ship Contact: Silversea Expeditions Phone: 1300 306 872 Email: Web:




• Open seating dining • Complimentary 24-hour room service • Menus by Relais and Châteaux • In-room beverage cabinet stocked with your complimentary selections

Prince Albert II boasts the largest average size accommodation of any expedition ship. Twenty premium suites have been created for the discriminating traveller with 32-62m2 of luxurious living space. Select suites have French balconies or large verandahs, and elite amenities including butler service. All 66 ocean-view accommodations are tastefully appointed, with private marble bathrooms.

On board Prince Albert II we offer expedition experiences unlike any other. Venture into regions where other vessels cannot go while enjoying a lifestyle that is second to none. Walk along a glacier and toast the midnight sun; watch penguins, dolphins and whales in the wild; share in the traditions of jungle cultures; enter the realm of the polar bear. Experience the thrill of true expedition.

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Silversea Expeditions aboard Prince Albert II

Explorer Class suite

Prince Albert II - restaurant

Enjoy a relaxing massage 45

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Star Clippers Adventure sailing is in a class of its own aboard Star Clippers’ luxury tall ships, combining the nautical traditions of the past with the creature comforts of today. Regions operating in

Caribbean, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, and Ocean Crossings


n the 1900s, sailors on the legendary clipper ships lived a tough, spartan existence as these greyhounds of the seas raced around the globe with their precious cargo, often emerging from storms with their sails in tatters and crew clinging to the rigging. Today, the three magnificent high-tech replica clippers of the Star Clippers fleet manage to blend the true romance and traditions of the age of sail with the luxury, personal service and space-age cruising technologies of a private yacht. The five-masted, 134-metre flagship, Royal Clipper is the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world today and features a spectacular three-deck atrium with spiral open-sided stairways. The two elegant 114-metre sisters – Star Clipper and Star Flyer – are the tallest tall ships sailing today with masts reaching as high as 69 metres above the waterline. The three ships feature classic nautical décor abounding in polished brass, gleaming brightwork, antique prints, teak decks and mahogany rails. On deck, amid a wondrous backdrop of billowing sails, stays, lines and ropes there are two swimming pools and more space per passenger than in conventional superliners. Superb sailing vessels with graceful lines, these tall ships operate under full sail and in harmony with the environment visiting exclusive ports of call inaccessible by larger cruise ships, providing the ultimate true sailing adventure for the discerning traveller.

Fact file: Vessels: Royal Clipper, Star Clipper, Star Flyer Passengers: Star Flyer, Star Clipper – 170; Royal Clipper – 227 Entered service: Star Flyer – 1991, Star Clipper – 1992, Royal Clipper – 2000 Months of operation: Eastern & Western Mediterranean – May to Oct. Central America, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean Crossings – Nov to Apr. Facilities: • Pools, bars, Lounge, gift shop, library, restaurant. • Royal Clipper: floating marine platform, observation lounge, grandstand, balcony wings, health spa, fully equipped gym. What’s included in the price: • 4-star accommodation and all meals • Activities and water sports (excluding scuba diving) • Live entertainment and resident pianist • Dining with captain/officers, • Honeymoon, ceremonies, vow renewals Contact: Star Clippers Phone: 1300 362 599 Email: Web:




Casual elegance is the order of the day and night on board. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, while dinner is à la carte. Get to know fellow passengers and the officers in one unhurried open seating while sampling dishes by a leading French Michelin chef. Relax in the cocktail lounge by the piano, escape in the timber-lined, Edwardian-style library or celebrate a night up on deck in the Tropical Bar.

Most Cabins are outside cabins; Suites with private balconies are available aboard Royal Clipper. All cabins have television with in-house videos, direct-dial telephone, private safe and beds that can be converted from single to queen size, as well as a marble-lined bathroom with a shower and hair dryer. Some cabin types also have whirlpool baths.

Listen to the Captain’s talk, learn and participate in a true sailing adventure. Take a chance to haul on ropes to set the sail in the traditional manner, climb a 75-foot mast to the crow’s nest or unwind in the bowsprit net while gazing at the sea below. Observe fish and other sea creatures through thick glass portholes in Royal Clipper’s unique lookout lounge below the waterline.

46 cruise Passenger Magazine

Royal Clipper is the largest square rigger in the world

Outside cabin

On deck with the friendly crew

Royal Clipper spa 47

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Tui Tai Expeditions Luxury and adventure can easily go hand in hand when it comes to discovering the natural beauty of Fiji. Regions operating in

Remote islands in Fiji


e hope you’ll join us for the trip of a lifetime, during which you’ll visit remote beaches, snorkel over incredible reefs, kayak to local villages, and experience the most breathtaking locations across northern Fiji. Tui Tai Expeditions introduces guests to the natural beauty of Fiji, and the kindness and warmth of the Fijian people. Tui Tai Expeditions is the premier adventure experience in the South Pacific. Luxury that doesn’t get in the way of adventure The word luxury can be defined in many ways. On Tui Tai, luxury means that everything has been made easy without being soft or pretentious. We focus on the kinds of luxuries that matter: the best toiletries, 800-count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets, spa treatments, and the world’s kindest and most thoughtful service. The result is that Tui Tai is a luxury resort that moves through the South Pacific, offering guests views that change all day.

Fact file: Vessels: 1 Passengers: 22 Entered service: 2002 Months of operation: 12 Facilities: • Lounge • Star deck cabanas • Sundeck day beds • Fresh cook outdoor kitchen and bar • Spa What’s included in the price: • All services • All food and drink • Scuba diving and dive courses • Snorkelling • Kayaking • Spa treatment • Accommodation • Fees and taxes Contact: Tui Tai Expeditions Phone: +679 885 3032 Email: Web:

Adventure that doesn’t get in the way of luxury Like luxury, adventure can be defined many ways. To our guests it means spontaneity, having the flexibility and the resources to do and see amazing things. Even on the world’s least-trodden beach, or surrounded by the mist of a giant waterfall, you can still get a massage right there – because we set up spa services where you want. You might be kayaking up a jungle river, but our support boat makes sure chilled beverages and snacks are waiting for you upstream.




Enjoy gourmet meals made to your liking. Fresh, locally purchased ingredients, fused by the chef into tasty tropical presentations to befit a visiting chief. You’ll dine outside on the main deck, save for a few special occasions where meals will be set up on a remote sandy beach.

All cabins and staterooms open to the ocean. All have air-conditioning and private bathroom/ shower facilities ensuite.

This is the only way to visit the Pacific Cultural Triangle, where you will be immersed in Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian culture, all within a tight group of islands. At Rainbow Reef, scuba dive and snorkel the reefs named ‘the Soft Coral Capital of the World’ by Jean-Michel Cousteau. Travel in style and enjoy the activities that you like best: fishing, kayaking, hiking, waterfalls, surfing, biking and more.

48 cruise Passenger Magazine

The beautiful Tui Tai vessel

Plenty of space to relax

Snorkel in pristine waters

Luxury on board 49

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Variety Cruises Small-ship cruises for inquisitive minds.

Regions operating in

Greece, West Africa (Senegal, The Gambia), East Mediterranean (Syria, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus), Black Sea, Turkey


ariety Cruises offers life-enriching journeys for the inquisitive mind. We combine a private yachting type of on board experience with mesmerizing ports of call to offer our guests an authentic and memorable travel experience and become part of the Variety Cruises family. With just 30 to 50 fellow passengers cruising together no wonder that after a few days into the cruise, most of our guests will be on first name basis with both crew and guests. With a professional yet family –like atmosphere on board, the Variety informal and personal approach is a valued part of your experience not found on larger vessels. Our programs deliver an up-close and personal cruise experience that larger ships cannot offer and allow for an in –depth exposure to the culture and history of each destination. Our ‘slow’ programs allow for lots of time at each port. While we earned our reputation with our Greece and Turkey programs, we have expanded our ships deployment to include the Adriatic and Venice, the Red Sea and Egypt and in 2010/11 the Rivers of West Africa from Dakar/Senegal and the Black Sea from Odessa and Istanbul. We look forward to welcoming old and new friends and sharing with them our love for the Sea and the beautiful places which we visit.

Fact file: Vessels: Harmony V, Harmony G, Galileo, Panorama, Pegasus, Halis Temel, Variety Voyager (coming 2012), Obsession, Monte Carlo, AK Passengers: 30-50 Entered service: 1949 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: • Indoor & outdoor dining area • Internet and email service • Special meals (advance request) • Library • Cruise Manager on scheduled cruises • Sport equipment (kayak, snorkelling) • Mini Spa Suite on selected vessels What’s included in the price: • Full/half-board (destination dependant) • Double or twin cabins • Filter coffee, tea and water free all day • Use of fishing equipment • English-speaking cruise escort • Port Charges and VAT Contact: Variety Cruises Phone: +30 210 6919191 Email: Web:




All of our Greece cruises are on half-board basis, while all our other cruises are on fullboard basis. Local and international cuisine is offered to suit every palate. The stylish Dining Rooms offer large windows providing for the most beautiful views of all destinations the ships cruise, as well as the external dining areas where meals are served alfresco.

All cabins are premium and contemporary, decorated with soft colour furnishings. Cabins are comfortable and average size is 12.5sqm. Cabins offer large windows or portholes (on Lower Deck) and en suite bathrooms with shower and elegant finishing on walls and floors. The cabins are equipped with flat-screen TV sets, DVD players, mini fridges, hairdryers, individual A/C and safe deposit boxes.

With just 30 to 50 passengers on board, Variety Cruises’ ships sail to world famous destinations as well as unspoiled places off the beaten track where only our small ships can go to. So, if you want to admire the wonders of the exciting ports we visit, explore unique archaeological treasures or simply enjoy the bright skies and the crystal sea, join us!

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Harmony V in Delos, Greece

Harmony G in a secluded bay in the Cyclades

Pegasus in the Gambia River

Category A Cabin, Harmony V 51

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Victoria Cruises China’s Yangtze River offers spectacular sights, both natural and man-made. There’s no better way to see them than on a voyage with Victoria Cruises. Regions operating in


Fact file: Vessels: Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Victoria Empress, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Prince, Victoria Lianna, Victoria Selina Passengers: 130-396 Entered service: From 1994-2009 Months of operation: Mar–Nov Facilities: Multilingual cruise directors, private balconies (on most ships), air-conditioned, business centre, internet access and fitness area, gift shop and beauty salon


he world’s largest hydroelectric project rises 110 metres above the river and two kilometres across the broad valley at Sandouping and effectively achieves flood control, hydroelectric generation and improved navigation. For centuries boats had to struggle for survival as they attempted to sail the treacherous rapids through the Gorges. Today, massive step locks lift ships past the dam for smooth passage on the reservoir to Chongqing. The construction of the massive Three Gorges Dam, and the ultimate widening of the Yangtze by the rising water level, has added another dimension to the river cruise experience. The flooding of the river reached its maximum in 2009 and the resultant higher waters allowed vessels to reach previously inaccessible parts of the river system, offering new sightseeing opportunities. Meanwhile, the sheer height of the mountain peaks and cliffs – from several hundred to 1,000 metres – through the Three Gorges of Qutang, Wu and Xiling, will ensure travellers continue to enjoy an unforgettable cruise along the Yangtze River, one of the world’s great natural wonders, for many years to come. We offer a number of outstanding tours, including sightseeing excursions ashore – strolling the streets of quaint rural towns, browsing village shops, exploring ancient temples and experiencing up close the many points of cultural, historical and commercial interest that are unique to this region. Each excursion allows ample opportunity for you to discover not only the changes and the glories of the Yangtze, but also the beauty, charm and wonders of some of the most famous regions and cities of China.

What’s included in the price: • Accommodation, meals, entertainment • Shore excursions (when booked in Australia) • History and culture lectures, Tai Chi, painting and calligraphy lessons Prices share cabin per person: • Downstream 4 days / 3 nights from $575 • Upstream 5 days / 4 nights from $540 Contact: Helen Wong’s Tours Phone: 1300 788 328 Email: Web:




Authentic Chinese with a mix of Western specialities is served during a single seating in the Dynasty Dining Room on each ship, with American-style buffet breakfasts, buffet lunches and Chinese banquet-style dinners. We have introduced expanded menus with more western-style specialities and optional à la carte in a separate dining room (offered on all vessels except Empress and Prince).

Ships feature cabins in four categories – Superior, Executive, Deluxe Suites and Shangri-La Suites. All cabins feature satellite TV with HBO and CNN broadcasts plus Sky Sports from Hong Kong. All cabins (except on Victoria Rose) feature private balconies for viewing the magnificent Three Gorges scenery, and full baths in the bathrooms. All ships boast the same deluxe style and décor.

Victoria Cruises has introduced extended sailings between Chongqing and Shanghai, which take in interesting stops such as Wuhan, Huangshan and Nanjing. In 2012, Victoria Cruises will include more features on this cruise with a 75-minute ride on China’s high-speed Bullet Train between Shanghai and Nanjing in both directions. This will be a memorable ride prior to or after the cruise.

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Cruising up the Yangtze River

There is a selection of cuisine available

Tastefully appointed cabins

MV Anna on the Yangtze 53

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Voyages of Discovery There’s a whole world of Discovery. Even before you set foot ashore. Take a Voyage of Discovery to Europe, The Holy Land, Asia or around Australia. Regions operating in

Northern Europe, The Baltic, The Mediterranean, Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, South America, Caribbean


he moment you step on board Discovery, you’ll feel warmth in the welcome of her crew and staff. On the bridge is Captain Derrick Kemp from Britain, an experienced Master who commanded passenger ships for 16 years. With him is fellow Briton, Captain John Brocklehurst, who has many years’ experience on ships around the world. They are supported by a team of officers from Europe and more than 300 international crew members. In addition to our staff and the company of the guest speakers we’ve invited to join us, you’ll also enjoy the talents of accomplished musicians and entertainers. Discovery shore excursion programme gives you the most comprehensive introduction to the many exciting ports and places that she visits. It is also exceptional value, and brings to life all the expert knowledge that is imparted in our onboard presentations. Each cruise offers options to suit your interests and mobility, and are all accompanied by carefully chosen guides who will ensure that your time ashore is as enjoyable as your time on board. Together, they’ll ensure that your cruise on Discovery is as rewarding and enjoyable as it can be. As well as the wonderful places you’ll travel to, Discovery is a destination unto herself. Whether you prefer relaxing in a quiet corner, dancing your cares away, keeping fit or treating yourself to a massage, life on board Discovery will keep you as busy or as restful as you like. Our World 2011/12 Voyages of Discovery to Australia, Asia and the Middle East promise a wealth of unique experiences, each of which will bring a deeper understanding of the captivating destinations and cultures you will discover in this beautiful part of the world.

Fact file: Vessels: 1 Passengers: 650 Entered service: 2003 Months of operation: Year-round Facilities: Health and fitness centre, 2 swimming pools, 2 public Jacuzzis, 4 lounges, 6 bars, 2 restaurants, cinema, library, card room, Internet centre, shop, medical centre. What’s included in the price: • All meals from breakfast to late-night snacks • Captain’s cocktail party and gala dinners • 24-hour complimentary tea and coffee • Comprehensive programme of informative talks by port lecturers and guest speakers • Artistic workshops on many cruises • All gratuities • All service charges included • All port taxes Contact: Voyages of Discovery Phone: 02 9959 1381 Email: Web:




Dining on board is always a special event and on Discovery you will experience new levels of gastronomic delight. From breakfast through to midnight snacks you will be impressed by the choice and quality of the superb food our chefs have prepared and by the friendly, attentive service of the stewards.

Cabins on Discovery are tastefully designed to provide maximum space and comfort and are fully equipped with private facilities, TV, A/C, hair dryer and personal safe. The ship provides 350 cabins sleeping 2 to 4 passengers, including two single cabins. The cabins have twin beds or a double bed, and some have upper berths that can be folded away when not in use. The maximum number of lower berths is 698.

On all cruises there will be additional guest speakers who will give in-depth talks on their own areas of expertise, sometimes connected with the destinations of the cruise, sometimes of general interest. All have been invited for their ability to entertain as well as inform. We shall be welcoming two or three guest speakers on every sailing as well as specialists in areas such as art and photography.

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Immerse yourself in the destination

MV Discovery

Travel with 650 like-minded passengers

Discovery will visit Australian shores in 2012 55


Where to go, who can take you there and where to find them


New Zealand and Polynesia

Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Cruceros Australis .............................................................................. 26 GAP Adventures..... ..............................................................................30 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32 Hurtigruten ............................................................................................34 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42 Silversea Expeditions...........................................................................44

Aranui Cruises ........................................................................................18 Captain Cook Cruises .........................................................................22 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Tui Tai Expeditions.................................................................................48

North Europe, UK and Baltic

Silversea Expeditions ...........................................................................44 Variety Cruises.........................................................................................50

Aurora Expeditions...............................................................................20 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................34 Silversea Expeditions...........................................................................44 Voyages of Discovery.............................................................................54

Arctic, Alaska and Canada

Papua New Guinea and Melanesia

Africa (West and North)

Aurora Expeditions ...............................................................................20 GAP Adventures..... ..............................................................................30 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................34 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42 Silversea Expeditions...........................................................................44

Australia including Great Barrier Reef, Broome and the Kimberley region Aurora Expeditions ...............................................................................20 Captain Cook Cruises .........................................................................22 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises ...................................................................40 Voyages of Discovery.............................................................................54

Caribbean and Mexico Star Clippers ............................................................................................46 Voyages of Discovery............................................................................54 Silversea Expeditions...........................................................................44

Europe, Mediterranean, Adriatic Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32 Katarina Line...........................................................................................36 Star Clippers ............................................................................................46 Silversea Expeditions............................................................................44 Variety Cruises....................................................................................... 50 Voyages of Discovery.............................................................................54

Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Coral Princess Cruises .........................................................................24 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38

Russian Far East Aurora Expeditions ..............................................................................20 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32 Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38

South America including the Amazon, Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands Cruceros Australis .............................................................................. 26 Delfin Amazon Cruises........................................................................28 Hurtigruten .............................................................................................34 Peregrine Adventures ..........................................................................42 Voyages of Discovery.............................................................................54

Southeast Asia and Asia Orion Expedition Cruises ...................................................................38 Victoria Cruises.......................................................................................52 Voyages of Discovery.............................................................................54

Seychelles, Madagascar and Indian Ocean Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ...........................................................................32

Amazon treasures: golden lion tamarin monkeys 56 cruise Passenger Magazine

Expedition Voyages in Antarctica & the Arctic Awarded as “World’s Leading Polar Expedition Operator” in small-scale seaborne adventures off the beaten track in the Arctic and Antarctic Polar regions. Expedition concept; “Basecamp Plancius” voyages with all adventure activities included; kayaking, mountaineering, field camping, zodiac excursions, snowshoeing/ hiking & photo workshops.

A fleet of comfortable and ice strengthened vessels offer a variety of voyages. Antarctic Peninsula, North Atlantic, Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Contact 50 Degrees North for more information Phone: 1300 422 821 / e-mail: License: 32937

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