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Home-Start East Lothian

Home-Start East Lothian


Across the UK thousands of Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or who are just finding parenting a struggle.

They provide non-judgmental practical and emotional support and help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope.

To get Home-Start support, you must have at least one child under five.

Home-Start runs more services and has more volunteers supporting more families than any other family support charity in the UK.

A few words from The Scottish Director for Home-Start Scotland – Shelagh Young 2015/16 was a period of change for Home-Start in Scotland. Recruitment of a new Director of Scotland was swiftly followed by news that a grant application to the Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention Fund and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund had succeeded enabling the creation of a new core team to lead and develop the Home-Start network across Scotland. Home-Start East Lothian, along with others, played a key role in supporting the first challenge faced by the new director – maximising the fundraising and profile raising opportunities presented by a link-up between Home-Start UK corporate sponsor Utilita Energy and the Scottish League Cup. A few half-time pies later and we had a new insight into the world of mascots, medal presentations and money in buckets. As a forward looking and ambitious local team, Home-Start East Lothian is likely to find itself being asked to work alongside the Scotland team more often as plans to help develop the network – including growing our work with fathers and tackling school readiness – start to take shape. We are certainly looking forward to further joint adventures.

Shelagh with Gordon Strachan (Scotland Manager) and Bill Bullen (CEO of Utilita Energy)

Another year and another report from the chair. Where do I start? First thanks are due to the staff who are dedicated beyond the norm. Katy Pollock leads them with an amazing energy and commitment. Angela Clyde, now with HSEL for 8 years has continued to be a serene and secure support to the organisation and Katy. Kelly Wallace, admin now with HSEL for 15 years continues to answer the phone with courtesy and warmth and is a wonderful first voice for all those ringing in. Mandy Hockey, along with our Treasurer Elaine Johnson, has taken on the onerous task of our finances - updating and re organising the budget and making it more comprehensible. The team has been joined this year by Julie LaRoche, who was a volunteer with us for 5 years, as a family support worker. Without all this loyalty, enthusiasm and sheer hard work HSEL would be a much less interesting, achieving scheme and I thank you all. Our volunteers; without them the scheme would be nothing and many families in East Lothian would be without a friend/confidante or whatever is asked of them. Thank you all so much. We have a new Home Start Scotland Director – Shelagh Young - and it was fitting that at her first Home-Start UK award ceremony held in Nottingham, our own Laura Fozard was awarded the Volunteer Personal Development Award. We are grateful to our funders - the Big Lottery and East Lothian Council. Without their continued support we would not be able to support the families as we do. Once again this year Linden Ross and Elaine O’Brien held a wonderful fundraising afternoon tea in Linden’s house and a magnificent £1,350 was raised which is shared with Kidzone, Dunbar. No raising of money is achieved without hard work and generosity and we thank Linden, Elaine and their friends for this annual gift. My fellow Trustees give up time and energy to oversee all which goes on.

We have been joined

by Ann Lewis and Jenny Howie and special thanks are due to Elaine Johnson who has helped us to organise our budget in a more meaningful way.

After 12 years we said good-bye and thanks to

Sean Rafferty, our social work advisor and hello to Mike Rodger, ELC. Other advisors have been with us for some years and again we are very grateful to them for their continuing advice and commitment. So another year comes to a close and another year is ahead of us. Hard work and loyalty seems to feature frequently in my report and we are a lucky and prosperous scheme because of it.

Mary MacLeod – Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Home-Start East Lothian Statement of Financial Activities for the Year Ended 31st March 2016

Restricted Funds £


Total Funds 2015/16

Funds £

Total Funds 2014/15























Publicity (including for volunteer recruitment)





Volunteer Training





















Expenses of fund raising activities





Charitable Donations



















Incoming Resources Grants


Donations & Other Income Interest received Proceeds of Fundraising activities

Ougoing Rescources Salaries & Other Staff Costs

Family Visiting Board & Governance expenses Management fees and insurances Office running costs

Total Operating Expenses

Net Incoming / (outgoing) resources



Reconciliation of Funds Total funds brought forward

Total funds carried forward

Subject to independent examination

The above summary is from the statutory accounts which have been independently examined by Lyle Crawford & Co, Chartered Accountants. The full accounts are available on request.

Katy Pollock, Senior Co-ordinator This has been a very busy year for us as a team, my first full year in charge. It is a privilege to work alongside the dedicated staff, trustees and volunteers who all help to make Home-Start East Lothian a happy, supportive and ever evolving project. We have seen an increase in family support along with the appointment of Julie, as our Family Support Worker. In the last year we have supported 75 families enabling us to touch the lives of 169 children. As a staff team, we have worked hard this year to continue raising the profile of Home-Start East Lothian. This involves attendance at county wide meetings and groups as well as family fun days and market places, alongside the core work of support to both families and volunteers. I have taken on the lead for the Tranent and Fa’side Support from the Start in this last year. The ethos of the group fully supports the work of HSEL and allows us to make contacts across the area working collaboratively with different agencies. The next year looks as busy and as exciting with groups growing, new projects emerging and further collaborative work. We are all up for the challenge and look forward to supporting more families right across East Lothian. Using the online management system from Home-Start UK we are able to evaluate how the support of the volunteers and staff helps the lives of the families, encouraging them to make small but very importantly significant changes. The outcomes achieved through our support show most families achieve improvement over the time of their support in the past year. (average scores)

Key: ------ Initial Visit ------- Mid visit ------- End Visit

Families are referred by the different agencies across East Lothian, we have also had 12 selfreferrals in the past year.

Improving Outcomes for families: over the length of the support 14. Others 13. Use of services 12. Coping with extra work of under 5’s 11. stress caused by conflict in family 10. day to day running of the house 9. managing the household budget 8. coping with child’s mental health 7. coping with child’s physical health 6. Parents self esteem 5. coping with feeling isolated 4. coping with mental health 3. coping with physical health 2. understanding child’s development 1.Managing child’s behaviour

Key: ------ outcome achieved ------- outcome not achieved

showing families achievements

Partnership working We continue to have a good working relationship with the Health Visiting teams and Social Work ensuring we deliver a joined up, cohesive service to the families.

Christmas time brought about another joint venture. Lead a Bright Future who support young people in progressing towards getting a job or entering further education chose HomeStart East Lothian to receive donated gifts collected by them. The group established a mini Santa’s grotto at our office and we were able to distribute many presents the week before Christmas.

We have made 22 referrals to the East Lothian Foodbank in the period April 2015- March 2016.

Their referral

process is very streamlined and we elect to deliver to our supported families direct. A huge thank you to the staff at the Foodbank in Tranent and for the donations of “cupboard essentials” which we added to the Christmas Hampers distributed to all our supported families. This was the third Christmas that we have gifted hampers and we thank the Big Lottery for their support in this project.

“It was such a surprise and really made our Christmas. We’ve enjoyed eating the contents of the hamper

Tesco Extra in Musselburgh and ASDA, Dunbar

(dad particularly pleased with the

are also very supportive to Home-Start East

cheese!) “


Home-Start family

homeware goods which are then passed onto






supported families. These donations make a huge difference to our families.

Being a county wide service we are involved in all six Support from the Start area meetings.


services working together to provide services, support and information to families to ensure the best possible start in life for our East Lothian Children. These meetings are always interesting and prove working together works! Market Place events across the county have given us a volunteer recruitment opportunity as well as promoting our service. In July we have helped out at “Magic in the Park” in Haddington, Katy delivers baby massage in Dunbar, Angela codelivered a Raising Children with Confidence course to parents in Haddington, Julie runs PEEP groups in Dunbar and Haddington.

“Hello from Home-Start”- After discussions with Sarah Ogden, Headteacher at Pinkie St Peters School, Julie co-facilitates a parents and carers drop-in at the primary school.

Freecycleeastlothian – Tracey Cunningham from freecycleeastlothian has been an amazing friend of Home-Start East Lothian by sourcing and transporting fantastic household items for families.

George Keravan, MP, on his facebook “AN MP'S FRIDAY at the very impressive Home-Start project in Tranent, Home-Start East Lothian is a free, confidential home

Sharon Saunders, Head of Children’s

befriending service for families with children under 5 years

Wellbeing ELC, visited the Home-Start

of age. On Friday I paid a visit to their base at Sandersons Wynd. I was made very welcome (and given a thorough briefing) by Katy Pollock and Angela Clyde. They also provided great filled rolls for lunch! Well done to the many volunteers in East Lothian who give of their time and experience as part of Home-Start.’’

offices in August. She met with staff, volunteers and a supported family to experience a flavour of our service.

Work with our families Families at Home-Start East Lothian are supported in a variety of ways. Our core work is the befriending, where a volunteer will support a family for 2-3 hours weekly within the family home. The support is varied and tailored to the individual needs of the family. Recognising there can be different or additional ways to support has seen us begin to deliver small groups either at the Early Years Centre or in different locations around East Lothian. In the past year our volunteers have made 669 visits amounting to, in excess of, 2000 hrs of support. In addition, there are review and support visits from staff plus a summer outing and a Christmas party for all families.

‘Fab morning, thank you so much, really enjoyed the beach’

This year we went to Whitesands just outside Dunbar for the summer day out. The weather was kind and all had a fantastic time building sandcastles, collecting shells and simply running along the water’s edge. A picnic and ice-cream helped the day along.

Another successful Family Christmas Party held at Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School. Gorgeous food, creative crafts and great entertainment for all the children provided by Bambino Beats and Alexander the Great. Thank you to everyone who came along on the day and to all the helpers who made it such a fantastic party for the 75 children who attended with their parents. The highlight for all the children was a visit to our magical Grotto where they met Santa and received a gift of books.

Raising Children with Confidence (RCWC) As part of our commitment to the Big Lottery, we delivered RCWC to parents across East Lothian. This year saw us deliver both in Tranent and Haddington ( with the fantastic support of The Knox Academy, Haddington and Tots and Teens giving us space for training and the creche). We worked with 20 parents, with positive results: 100% stated they had an increased awareness and understanding of factors affecting mental health and well-being 100% stated there was a positive impact for their children.

Extra Help Programme – a programme introduced to support families ensuring they have all the essential household items and safety equipment for their children. Over the past year 32 families have benefitted from the Extra Help Programme. Feedback from families tell us: To what extent has the Extra help provided made a difference? large extent


good improvement


How satisfied are you with the extra help service? very satisfied




neither satisfied or dissatisfied


Extra Help items provided this year include: 6 beds including a Zbed and a cabin bed, 8 lots of bedding, 1 buggy and 2 double buggies, 8 car seats, 3 microwaves, 8 chest of drawers, 3 wardrobes and other bedroom storage units, 4 hoovers, 2 irons, other kitchen utensils, a dishwasher, a cooker, paint, kitchen flooring, window locks, 9 stairgates, a playpen and a squease vest.

chest of drawers – “my mind feels a bit better as when my

Chest of drawers, lamp, black out

room is clean so is

blinds, bookshelves

my mind”

– ‘room is tidy and looks lovely and good for bed time routine and reading stories’

window locks – “I can now relax and know my children are safe”

Hibernian Football Club Home-Start Scotland was the nominated charity by Utilita, this year’s sponsor of the Scottish League Cup.

Hibernian FC invited us to their Family Day in December where the Scottish League

Cup was on display and we took photographs of fans with the cup for a small donation. Hibs gave us match tickets and several families enjoyed seeing the home team win 1-0. In January a very excited boy, from one of our supported families, was the Hibernian team match day mascot at the semi-final when Hibs won through to the final at Hampden against Ross County. He summed this experience up…”Awesome”. The final at Hampden was a truly exciting time and the score did not dampen the day for our 6 Home-Start mascots who emerged from the tunnel with the Hibs team and lined up in front of the BBC TV cameras. Archie, aged 8, and his chum and dad along with Katy and Angela, were pre match hospitality guests of the sponsors. Sky Sports did live transmissions interviewing Shelagh Young, Home-Start Scottish Director and Collette Boyle, Senior Co-ordinator of H-S Glasgow South, as well as Gordon Strachan and David Moyes from the football world. Archie, along with Kyle from East Highland H-S were the first young people to present a Championship Cup to the winning team.

At the heart of Home-Start East Lothian….. Without Volunteers generosity of time and knowledge there would be no befriending service in the county. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, their expertise is varied along with their ages. This variety is very important to allow us, as co-ordinators, to ensure a secure match with every family with both sides of the match gaining from the time spent together. As part of our ongoing support we offer different opportunities for our volunteers including the initial training, ongoing training, social events and support to move onto work or college placements. Volunteers are asked to commit to two years at Home-Start East Lothian with many staying for longer, enjoying the variety different matches bring.

We hold three celebratory volunteer gatherings a year when the Board say a big “thank you” to our volunteers for their dedication and great work. This is a lovely time for volunteers to meet .

‘Great night

‘Thank you, thank

and what a

you, lovely evening,

fabby wee

great food, great


present, thank you to all’

Craft and Chat was started in January 2016 to allow volunteers to get together and share their knowledge and craft skills while helping worthwhile causes. HSUK

use the snowflake to

symbolise that every child is unique and fragile, by producing crocheted snowflakes over the year we hope to have enough stock to raise money at different Christmas fayres and raise the awareness of Home-Start East Lothian.

We have also been

knitting tulips to support ‘Knit a tulip for ME’ raising the awareness of ME within young people.

Lovely tulips knitted by Audrey

Training All our volunteers initially attend a nine week preparation course ensuring they can demonstrate the awareness, attitude, skills and knowledge needed to be a Home-Start befriender as well as having the understanding of the needs of families and the provision available to support them. Annual Child protection training is mandatory for everyone. We also offer additional training throughout the year. This has included:- Paediatric Baby and Child First Aid, Book Bug in the Home, Mindfulness Training and TinyTalk. We are grateful for the training opportunities offered by other organisations which our volunteers have the opportunity of attending. Volunteers make great use of these opportunities to further their own knowledge base for either their volunteering or as steps to a change of career or into further training. We constantly review the training offered and are happy to tailor sessions to volunteers suggestions. It is very important to acknowledge the time freely given by volunteers.

VOLUNTEER AWARDS Congratulations to Laura Fozard on her award for Volunteer Personal Development.

This award was presented to Laura by

Kirstie Alsopp and Alasdair Stewart OBE at the first National HomeStart UK Convention held in Nottingham in March 2016. Laura also received a letter of congratulations from Home-Start Royal Patron, Princess Alexandra. The award ceremony was part of a two day convention attended by over 180 Home-Starts from across the UK allowing for networking, practice sharing and new knowledge gaining. The keynote speakers were inspirational, giving Angela and Katy time to think and review both practices and ideas back at the office. Workshops allowed time for reflection and discussions. The award ceremony was a time to celebrate across the organisation with 8 awards presented to a range of volunteers. Laura’s words at the end of an exciting day:

‘come on people of East Lothian, volunteer. Yes it can be hard but it is fun, I have had a fantastic day, I cannot pick out one bit, it has all been braw’

Hi my name is Julie LaRoche and I have now been in post as the Family Support Worker since September last year.

This is a new role for us at

Home-start East Lothian so we have spent some time exploring ideas and agreeing the best way to develop the role going forward. At the moment I divide my time between carrying out 1:1 family support sessions for families who have been newly referred, or perhaps those who just need some short term support and group work. 1:1 Family Support The creation of my role has allowed us as a team to get to know the families better prior to placing them with a volunteer.

This has a huge advantage as it allows us to “fine-tune” the

matching process as I am able to get a fuller picture of the family’s circumstances prior to the volunteer matching by the allocated co-ordinator. It also helps us to identify the best way in which to support specific families, as everyone’s needs are different. Another positive advantage is that we can now provide short term support and/or maintain regular contact with our families while they are waiting for a volunteer which provides continuity for them. On average I support about 6 families at any one time, aiming to visit them on a regular basis, either weekly or fortnightly. To date I have supported 11 families through minimum support. Groups Along with the minimum support work I also organise and run several groups, providing a valuable service to the parents and carers of East Lothian whilst allowing us to increase our profile within the community. I run a Peep (Parent Early Education Partnership) group in Dunbar on a Tuesday morning and Haddington on a Thursday morning. The aim of the group is to support parents and children to learn together in a fun and relaxed environment. Peep as a concept is quite new to East Lothian so it is a great time for us to be involved and it also means we can reach and support families whom we may not have come across otherwise. I also run a “Time for Mum” stay and play group on a Monday morning, based at the Early Years Centre in Tranent. This group is to engage with those parents who, for many different reasons find it difficult to go to a larger group setting, but who recognise the benefits of getting out and letting their children play in a safe and stimulating environment. In addition to this I hold a drop-in session aptly named “Hello from Home-start” in Pinkie Primary School in Musselburgh once a month. This project was set up in conjunction with the Headteacher in Pinkie who felt it would be a great way to help the parents understand how we could help them and also provide somewhere for parents to come and have a chat about anything that is concerning them, or indeed just to have a coffee and a chat about the stresses of the day!

Why volunteer? Because when a parent can't cope with whatever life is throwing at them, then their children will suffer and when a family asks us for help, it is a volunteer who makes the difference. Home-Start East Lothian’s volunteers are a lifeline for families and there are lots of ways to get involved. You can visit parents and children in their homes, help run a support group, act as a trustee, help fundraise, and so much more. You will be trained and supported by skilled Home-Start East Lothian staff. And you could turn a family's life around. Home-Start East Lothian amazing volunteers encouraged 75 families last year. But we have many more asking for help.

Whatever way you volunteer for us you will: 

make a difference to parents and children facing great difficulties

give something back to your local community

perhaps return the support you once received from Home-Start

share a similar experience

You may also benefit yourself, through: 

better health and well-being;

improved personal and skills development;

improved chances for work

and more self-confidence

preparing to return to work or to progress your career

doing something amazing with your spare time

Please see back page for contact details to receive further information.

Thank You Home-Start East Lothian depends on the support and goodwill of many individuals and agencies in order to be able to continue to provide services to families across East Lothian. Our thanks go to all those who have supported us over the past year. In particular we would like to thank:Our primary funders – East Lothian Council and the Big Lottery; Johnathan Mendoza, Funding Officer, The Big Lottery for his ongoing support; Asda Dunbar in particular Charlotte De’ath for their help with the Family Christmas Hampers, Easter Eggs and setting us up for a Fundraising day at the store. East Lothian Foodbank. Tesco community Champion in Musselburgh, Jane Shepherd, for the generous donations. Longniddry and Gladsmuir Churches and their congregations for their generous support and donations of books; Linden Ross and Elaine O’Brien for their continued support through fundraising; Sharon Saunders, Shamin Akhtar and Iain Gray MSP for their ongoing support; Kevin Burns for his ongoing I.T. support; Karen, Sarah, Alison, Sarah, Jenna, Gayle and Linden for their expertise at our volunteer Pamper evening. The Advisors to the Board for their continued support and advice; The many East Lothian residents who have donated money (sometimes anonymously), children’s clothing, knitting, toys and equipment over the year; And most important of all – A huge thank you to all the HomeStart volunteers and Trustees who, without their generosity in donating their time, skills and compassion we would not be able to provide the support to families that we do.

Home-Start East Lothian Board 2015/16 Trustees Mary Macleod, Chair

Sheila Jamieson

Anne Craig

Helen Macmillan

Elaine Johnston

Audrey Peacocke

Ann Lewis

Jenny Howie Advisors

Mary Preston, Educational Support Officer, pre-school Noreen Lillie, Health Visitor Sherlene Weir, Olivebank Children and Family Centre Mike Rodger, Service & Practice Development Officer, Children’s Services Sean Rafferty, Area Practice Manager, Children’s Services, CP Advisor to the Board Staff Katy Pollock –Senior Co-ordinator, Angela Clyde – Co-ordinator, Julie Laroche– Family Support Worker Kelly Wallace –p/t Administrator & Extra Help Admin, Mandy Hockey– p/t Administrator & Extra Help Admin

Interested in further information about Home-Start East Lothian? If you would like to know more about‌‌ - Giving talks to agencies / organisations - Becoming a member of the Board of Trustees and Advisors - Becoming a volunteer befriender Please contact us on 01875 616066 admin@homestarteastlothian.co.uk www.homestarteastlothian.co.uk

Sara, aged 5

Becoming part of HSUK picture book for Princess Charlotte

Archie and Kyle meeting Gordon Strachan

Sean Rafferty receiving his 12 year certificate – Thank you

Profile for Kero Graphics

Home Start Annual Report and Accounts 2015-2016  

Across the UK thousands of Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation,...

Home Start Annual Report and Accounts 2015-2016  

Across the UK thousands of Home-Start volunteers visit families at home each week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation,...