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==== ==== If you own or rent a home, the first impression folks will get from you will be the landscape design of your front lawn. This doesn't mean you need to strive for a Versailles Palace type of garden but there are some great, fun and inexpensive ideas that .For more info. Click on link; ==== ====

Garden No. 1: The Japanese garden. Creating a Japanese garden is an interesting project because the Japanese garden design depends on symbolism as much as it depends on plant elements. What is most important for a Japanese garden design is a prevailing notion of simplicity. There are a number of elements that make up a Japanese garden. These gardens often include water, a lantern, an island and a bridge. A successful Japanese garden will inspire peace and contemplation. To enhance the atmosphere you may like to add a special place for you to sit, and contemplate. Garden No. 2: The water garden. Water gardens or aquatic gardens are especially popular because water has always been associated with serenity and peace. Water features in your garden can create a truly atmospheric place. Water features are normally made up of three features: a pool, aquatic plants (submerged, like the water lily or floating, like the water hyacinth) and fish. Other decorative pieces, such as rocks, can be added and you can even build fountains and waterfalls for extra effect. Garden No. 3: The English garden. What is called an "English garden" refers to a style of "informal landscape gardening" that was popular, as the name reflects, in England over the last couple of centuries. There's a lot of information available on the Internet to tell you what goes into an English garden. Some of the most popular items include a water feature and a sundial. Whatever style of garden you wish to create please note: plan first. Things that are important to know before you start digging and planting include knowing what types of plants suit your climate. When your plants will flower is also important to know so that you don't end up with a dull winter full of dormant plants. Water supply is probably the most important things to think about before your start. Speak to an expert about how to build a suitable irrigation system that will keep your plants well fed and keep your workload to a minimum.

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