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Before you start making use of white magic, you do have to know about a variety of influences for powerful magic like planetary influences. While you can go ahead and cast a variety of spells for your benefit and for the benefit of others, you'll have more power if you work together with the planets. In magic, however, you'll be dealing with seven astrological bodies namely, the sun, the moon, and the planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All of these astrological bodies have attributes and powers associated to them and using the planetary power system, you can make your spells work better. The sun is a great astrological body to make use of in white magic if you're casting a spell for success and prosperity or healing and health. In keeping with the pattern of the sun, it going to be best for you to cast spells for quick money on a Sunday. Together with this, you might like to incorporate other symbolism for the power of the sun by making use of yellow candles. As for stones that relate to the sun, some of these are topaz and goldstone. With regard to spells and rituals that involve love, dreams and help with emotional problems, the moon is the best astrological body to work with. Essentially, the best day to cast spells for dreams for instance would be Monday but it all depends on what you want your spells to effect. Maybe you want to cast a spell for love, a Friday with a full moon would be better. Just like the sun, the moon will have colors associated to it like silver and pearl white. When you're casting a spell and you want to incorporate the power of the moon, you can make use of oils like lotus and white rose. Jumping ahead to Venus, this is the astrological body you should work with when you're casting a spell for love. Again, in keeping with the days that correspond to astrological bodies, Friday would be Venus' day. Any ritual you want to perform for love, marriage, partnerships and creativity should be done on a Friday with the help of colors like green or pink and stones like jade or amber. When you know about planetary influences and make use of these in your rituals, your spells and your talismans will have more power for bringing what you wish to you.

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==== ==== . Click the link to learn all about " White Astrology" ==== ====

Planetary Influences and White Magic  

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