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In all honesty, there are a number of articles out there that tell women how to attract a man. It's all the usual advice, dress nicely, flutter your eye lids, and flirt so he knows you're interested. And while this is true, many articles don't let you know what to do after that in order to get the type of relationship you want out of the man. If all you want is a one nigh stand, then it's pretty obvious what you have to do. If you want something more long term and meaningful however, there's a lot more to it then that. Here are some tips that will allow your to go from flirting with him to a long lasting loving relationship: Give Him The Chance To Get To Know You. If you're looking for a long term boyfriend, you want to keep the guy interested enough to get to know you. You don't however want to bare all to him (Literally) as he'll more then likely be gone after. If a woman gives it up to a man to quickly and easily, he won't look at her as a potential long term partner. What you want to do is keep up the flirting and interest, but not get tempted to be drawn into the bedroom too early. Meeting in public places and doing fun activities together will allow you to have fun and get to know each other much better. Building up this relationship with him will mean that he's more likely to come to see you as some one he'd want to spend a lot more time with (Which is what you want in a long term partner). Don't Be Clingy. Remember, at the early stages of getting to know a guy you still don't properly know each other. Many women make the mistake of attaching themselves too much to men, calling and texting them all the time. This type of behaviour actually turns men off, so it's often best to wait and see what happens. A good idea it to give the man your number and not take his. That way if he calls you then there's some interest there you can work off, but if not you know he's not interested in you and you can move on without being tempted to chase him up. Avoid Players. You of course want to avoid players when it comes to getting a life long partner. There are stand out signs that will show you when you are talking to a potential player, such as him making sexual jokes, him over complementing you (A sign he's trying to butter you up), or him trying to encourage you to drink more. Some players may also straight out tell you he wants to have sex with you, and as I'm sure you know this is your exit cue. Don't waste your time with these 'men' when you could be looking for the man for you.

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==== ==== . Click the link to learn all about " The Best Facebook and Online Dating Pickup Guide for Men" ==== ====

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