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Does the idea of a free brand new iPhone, Xbox, or laptop computer seem too impossible for you to believe? I certainly understand as I use to feel the same way. On the internet nowadays you see a lot of so called Free XBox sites and the like and most of them, once you fill in your zip code and click submit, take you to page #2 of the web site where it tells you you have to complete about 10 different trial offers that would take some of your money and a LOT of your time. I never got past the second page because I was not even sure that if I had filled out all their requirements that the whole thing might still be a scam. Recently I came across FreeStuffExposed web site. It explained how the major companies that make and distributes these electronic items have huge advertising budgets of millions of dollars every year. Part of the goal of the distributors of items like Xbox, iPhones, etc. is to ensure that current customers remain current customers and continue to purchase the newest models of their gadgets. An even larger goal is for them to acquire brand new customers. Commercials for these products can only do so much. Everyone in business knows that the best source of new business is referrals from 'satisfied' customers. The plan of these companies is this: allocate several hundred thousand dollars of their advertising budget every year to giving away some of their electronic products to people who are not yet customers. Why? Here is what happens... Let us say you get a free brand new $600 laptop computer delivered right to your front door. If your like most people your going to be very excited and happy. Not only did you get the newest, coolest, latest laptop computer but even better you got it free! What are you likely to do? Maybe call a bunch on friends and family to tell them about it. Your probably going to want to show them this new free laptop you just obtained. Everyone is going to want to know how you got it free. A certain percentage of these people are also going to like the product and be impressed with it. Generally speaking people are creatures of instant gratification. We want it and we want it now. So believe it or not even though your friends who have just checked out your cool laptop COULD get it free just like you did MOST of them want it NOW. Not in a week or even two weeks. So they go to Wal-Mart or Costco and they buy it now. Here is another way to look at it. That brand new $600 laptop you just had delivered to your door for free costs the producer about $100 to produce. $500 of it is pure profit. So if just one of your friends buys that laptop because of checking out the one you just got free the company made a

$500 profit off of your friends purchase. So basically they spent or gave away $100 to make $500. Also in a couple of years when the newest and most recent version of that laptop comes out there is a pretty good chance your going to buy it then. So the bottom line is that it is just good business for these companies that distribute the laptops, and computer games, and cell phones, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, etc to give away a certain amount of their product free. The catch however is they do not want to give away their merchandise to just anybody. That will do their best to make sure that your are likely to purchase additional products in the future related to the free product they just gave you for free. They also want to make sure they are giving away their electronic gadget to people who are NOT already customers of these products. In other words they do not want to just arbitrarily give away free stuff but to do so strategically in a manner that will results in increased future sales. This is where the FreeStuffExposed manual comes in. It shows you how to go about telling these companies 'what they want to hear' so they feel you are the ideal candidate for their free merchandise.

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==== ==== Find out how you can get the latest electronic gadgets for free‌including iPhones, iPods, Laptops, Xbox and PlayStation 3. Click On The LINK ==== ====


Find out how you can get the latest frree stuff electronic gadgets for free…including iPhones, iPods, Laptops, Xbox and PlayStation 3

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