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Bussad, Rodrigo    [Composer]    

(São Paulo  –  SP/BRAZIL,  b.1985)                                                                                                                                                                              Telephone:                                                +1(786)  252-­‐8931     email:  /   web: ussad                d     Current  Work:  Assistant  Teacher  at   the  University  Of  Miami:  Frost   School  of  Music/  Audio  Engineer       Current  Education:  Masters  degree   Address:   at  University  of  Miami-­‐Frost  School   13858  SW  90th  AVE.  APT  KK205   of  Music.   Miami,  FL.  33176        


•    Currently  studies  Composition  with  Dr.  Lansing  McLoskey   (  at  the  University  of  Miami-­‐  Frost  School  of  Music   •   Masters  degree  (MM)  in  Music  Theory  and  Composition  at  the  University   of  Miami  –  Frost  School  of  Music,  FL  (2012-­‐2014*).   •      Studied  with  the  composer  Marcos  Balter  (Columbia  College  Chicago)   during  the  “II  Bienal  Musica  Hoje”  (July/2013).   •      Studied  with  the  composer  Lei  Liang  (UCSD)  and  Josh  Levine  (Oberlin)   during  the  8th  SoundSCAPE  Festival-­‐  (July/2012)   •      Artistic  Director  of  the  Ensemble  Gaoshan  Liushui  ,  first  traditional   Chinese  music  ensemble  of  South  America.  (2010).   •   Technician  of  Audio  and  Acoustics  -­‐  Institute  of  Audio  and  Video  (IAV)  SP   -­‐  (2011).   •   Bachelor  in  Music  -­‐  Composition  -­‐  Universidade  Estadual  de  Campinas   (Unicamp)  –  (2006  -­‐  2011).  


Instrument Proficiency:     •   Classical  Guitar  (Advanced  level)   •      Studied  with  Rafael  Padron  (Director  of  Guitar  Studio  at  University  of   Miami-­‐Frost  School  of  Music);  Paulo  de  Tarso  Salles  (Associate  Professor   at  Universidade  de  Sao  Paulo  (USP)  and  Angela  Müner  (private  teacher).  

•    Performed  at  the  world  premiere  opera  “Entanglements  “by  the  composer   Charles  Norman  Mason,  Miami-­‐FL  (2013);  Performed  “Valsa  Choro  Suite”   by  Heitor  Villa-­‐Lobos  on  the  “Semana  Villa-­‐Lobos”,  Tatuí-­‐BRA  (2007);   Performed  Bagatelles  (n02/3)  at  the  “Recital  de  Violonistas  da  Unicamp”,   Campinas-­‐BRA  (2010).   •      Dizi/Xiao  Di  (Traditional  Chinese  flutes)  (Intermediate  Level)   •      Several  performances  with  the  Ensemble  Gaoshan  Liushui;  including  the   series  “Chinese  Landscapes”,  in  Sao  Paulo-­‐BRA  (2013).  

Commissions:     •      Commissioned  by  the  Ensemble  Paramirabo  (Montreal-­‐CAN)  to  write  a   Pierrot  ensemble  piece  “Loin”  that  will  be  performed  in  London,  Toronto   (premiere  night)  and  Montreal  –  Jan  14th,  17th  and  24th    (2014).   •      Commissioned  by  Svet  Stoyanov  (Miami-­‐FL)  to  write  a  piece  for  4   percussionists  +  solo  percussionist  that  will  be  performed  in  April  (2014).   •      Commissioned  by  the  soprano  Marília  Vargas  to  write  a  piece  for  soprano,   clarinet  in  Bb  and  Piano  that  will  be  recorded  in  her  new  album  and   performed  in  Curitiba  (BRA)  (2014)   •      Commissioned  by  the  II  Bienal  Musica  Hoje  to  write  a  piano  trio   performed  by  the  Ensemble  (Stuttgart-­‐GER)  in  August  (2013).   •      Commissioned  by  the  SoundSCAPE  Festival  of  New  Music  to  write  a   chamber  trio,  July  (2012).   •      Commissioned  by  the  SoundSCAPE  Festival  of  New  Music  to  write  a  solo   clarinet  piece,  July  (2011).    

Awards  and  Professional  Activities     •      Winner   of   the   Annual   Concerto   Competition   and   Composition   Winners-­‐   Frost  Symphony  Orchestra  with  the  symphony  orchestra  piece  “Depois  da     Chuva”   that   will   be   conducted   by   Thomaz   Sleeper   on   February   4th   of   2014,  Miami-­‐FL  (2013).   •      Winner  of  the  2o  place  on  “The  American  Prize  of  Composition-­‐  Student   Chamber  Music  Division”  with  the  piece  Urizen-­‐The   Chain   of   Reason,   EUA  

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(2013).   One  of  the  4  worldwide  selected  composers  to  participate  at  the    “II  Bienal   Musica  Hoje”,  where  studied  with  the  composer  Marcos  Balter  (Columbia   College  Chicago)  and  had  the  world  première  of  the  piece  La  Couleur  de   L’invisible  (Piano  trio),  performed  by  the  Ensemble  (Stuttgart-­‐ GER)  (2013).   Recording  session  of  the  piece  KUNDALINI  (solo  alto  saxophone)  with   Eliot  Gattegno,  Miami-­‐FL  (2013)   Awarded  with  a  full  Scholarship  and  Teaching  Assistantship  at  University   of  Miami,  (2012/2013)        Selected  with  the  piece  La  Couleur  de  L’invisible  (Piano  trio),  to  integrate   the  Emerging  Composers  Concert-­‐  (Miami  Festival  of  Music,  Oct-­‐2013).   Selected  for  the  “Zilele  Muzicii  Noi  Festival”  with  the  piece  “Moon  Inside”,   performed  by  the  pianist  Masha  Sumareva,  Moldova  (2013).   Selected  to  be  part  of  the  Subtropics  XXII  Biennial  of  Electroacoustic  Music   to  present  the  piece  “Inner  Cycles”  for  quintet+electronics,  Miami-­‐Florida   (2013).        Premiere   Inner   Cycles,   for   ensemble   and   electronics   performed   by   the   FEME  at  the  CYBORG  Concert  at  University  Of  Miami  (Nov-­‐2012).        Premiere   O   Circulo   (The   Circle)   for   voice   and   electronics   at   CYBORG   Concert  at  University  Of  Miami  (Nov-­‐2012).      World   Premiere   Moon   Inside,   for   piano   solo   performed   by   Masha   Sumerava  at  the  SCI:  Miami  Concert    (Nov-­‐2012).        Selected  with  the  piece  Bodisativa  (World  Premiere),  (Percussion  quintet),   to   participate   at   the   Emerging   Composers   Concert-­‐   (Miami   Festival   of   Music,  Oct-­‐2012).        Member  of  the  Frost  Electronic  Music  Ensemble  (FEME)  (Aug-­‐2012)        Kisetsu  (solo   Flute),   published   by   the   Arcomis  Publisher   to   be   part   of   their   2012  Flute  Album  (Jul-­‐2012).        Worked   as   the   Audio   Engineer   at   the   8th   ed.   of   the   SoundSCAPE   Contemporary  Music  Festival,  Maccagno-­‐  Italy  (Jul-­‐2012).        World  Premiere  Kisetsu  (solo   Flute)   performed   by   Jeff   Stonehouse   at   the   8th  SoundSCAPE  Festival  (Jul-­‐2012).        World   Premiere   Urizen   (Chamber   trio)   performed   by   Matt   Gould,   Liza   Cella   and   Jeff   Stonehouse   at   the   8th   SoundSCAPE   Contemporary   Music   Festival  by  the  SoundSCAPE  faculty,  Maccagno-­‐  Italy  (Jul-­‐2012).        Piece   Iginis   Fatuus   (solo   Clarinet)   recorded   on   the   album   Refractions   by   the  clarinetist  Gleb  Kanasevich  (Feb-­‐2012).        World  Premiere   “Depois   da   Chuva”  for  symphony  orchestra  performed  by   the   Unicamp   Symphony   Orchestra   (OSU)   at   the   concert   “The   New   Composers”,  Campinas  –  SP  (2011).        World   Premiere  “Ignis   Fattus”   (Goblins   Fire)   (solo   Clarinet),   chose   to   be   performed  at  the  7th  SoundSCAPE  Festival-­‐  Italy  (2011).  

Rodrigo Bussad CV  

Rodrigo Bussad CV