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THE BOWDEN GROUP “I’m not bragging. I’m applying for a job. I want to be your Realtor.”

Rodney Bowden, MBA, Realtor, CDPE RE/MAX Bravo (540) 220-2336

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Rod Bowden v. Other Realtors


Did Your Previous Realtor‌


What My Clients Say...


Rod Bowden Can Get Your House Sold


What is a Hassle-free Listing?


Flexible Commission Schedule


Marketing Plan


Internet Marketing Partners


Complimentary Home Inspection

10. Complimentary Home Staging 11. Top Five Reasons to Stage your Home 12. A Short Sale Explained 13. Press Release—Rod Bowden and Short Sales 14. Frequently Asked Questions

I can get your house SOLD for the most money with the least number of hassles. Please contact me to schedule a no-pressure appointment. The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group

Rod Bowden v. Other Realtors

Average Realtor

The Bowden Group

Rod Sells 5 times more houses than the average realtor!

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 1

Did your previous agent…. • Offer a complimentary home

• Provide a complimentary pre-

• Provide you with feedback from all

• Develop a personal website to

• Provide you with exact reasons

• Contact you with updates at least

• Keep you updated with the

• Have a precise marketing plan that

• Have a support staff of

• Have a high-tech internet

staging consultation with a professional staging company?

listing home inspection with licensed inspector?

your home showings?

showcase your home?

why your home has not sold?

once per week?

number of calls that came in about your home, copies of all the advertising and monthly market analysis updates?

is designed specifically to develop a competitive demand for your home in its area and in the current market conditions?

professionals who are trained to take care of every detail of your listing?

marketing plan that provided information about your home to anyone around the world?

If not, make sure your next agent does! The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 2

What my clients say…. Please take a minute to read some of the feedback we’ve received from our many satisfied customers. We’d like to add you to that growing list! “The most important thing is that you deliver exactly what you promise. You are hardworking, and the way that you market a home is outstanding with great results! ~ Barbara C.

“You have new and fresh ideas which make the seller stand out! You’re proactive and informative. I will definitely use you the next time I sell my home.” ~ Laura C.

Rod is “a professional, innovative, and skilled representative who listens and provides reliable market-based information.” He’s also “easily accessible and reliable at providing timely status updates on your home.” ~ David G.

“You were active in marketing our home. You didn’t just list it and leave it! We rate you a 10 on delivering what you promised.” ~ Charles & Heather

“Rod, you are a 10 in my book! You delivered exactly what you promised and were very patient. We are in our new home because of the extra legwork you did to get us here. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you!” ~ Lenton D.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 3

Rod Bowden Can Get Your House Sold Rod Bowden, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been a resident of Virginia since

1989. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant, Rod earned his MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh and enjoyed a successful career in the business arena prior to beginning his current career in real estate. This business experience and knowledge gives you the edge when buying and selling your home. Rod, along with his wife Kathleen, are growing the successful team of experienced Realtors known as The Bowden Group to become one of the most respected real-estate teams in the Northern Virginia area and in the country.

Business Experience •

Senior Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international accountancy and professional services firm

Director of Finance at several global Fortune 100 firms

You get the benefit of my experience... •

Advice to help your home sell quickly— Not only will I give you a specifically tailored

master marketing plan, but I will make sure your house is ready to show and sell! Through offering a complimentary professional home staging consultation with a local interior design firm, I’ll make sure that buyers can envision themselves living in your home and then decide to actually make that a reality.

Advice on the pros and cons of each contract proposal— When I bring contract pro-

Advice on the process of selling a home— I'll explain the entire home-selling proc-

posals for your consideration, I'll explain each one thoroughly, have an estimated closing statement so that you'll have all the facts to make a good decision for your family, and make sure that you’re being treated fairly. After negotiating hundreds of contracts in the last 18 years, I am a master negotiator. ess so there won't be any unexpected surprises along the way.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 4

What Exactly Is a Hassle-Free Listing? • Flexible Commission Rates Don’t get stuck paying one set commission fee! My Hassle-Free Listing has many options from 0% to 6% commission.

• Easy-Exit Agreement If you are ever unsatisfied with how your listing is going, you can cancel at any time simply by calling and letting us know. The cancellation becomes effective at the time you call and does not involve any penalties. Enjoy quality service from an agent who is confident enough to make this offer.

• No Advance Fees You only pay if we procure an offer that is acceptable to you.

• Successful! Our listing program takes the worry out of selling your home. You can relax because your listing is in expert hands and on it’s way to becoming a successful sale.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 5

Flexible Commission Schedule Put more money in your pocket when you utilize Rod Bowden’s hassle-free listing service. Most Realtors will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells—even if you find the buyer. With The Bowden Group, you have complete flexibility from “full service” all the way to “do it yourself” options.





You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. You don’t want our assistance in writing the contract and preparing for the closing.

You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. We write the contract and walk it through the closing process.

We find the buyer and write the contract. There is no other agent involved.

We represent you as the seller, and another agent represents the buyer. Our commission is 3% and the other agent also receives 3%.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 6

Our Effective Marketing Plan OUR GOALS ARE: To help you get your property sold.

To put you in the best negotiating position.

To make selling your home as easy for you as possible.

To reduce surprises and set you up for success.

1. Pre-Inspection—We will reduce your risk of any surprises when negotiating with a buyer and make your transaction smoother. I will pay for this as part of my service to you. 2. Staging—We will bring in a staging professional to walk through your home and give you pointers, help you select paint colors, and prepare a “Top Five” priority report for you. 3. Pricing—We will assist you with pricing your home based on a competitive market analysis. This will help you set the best price on your home so that it will sell. 4. RE/MAX Sign—We will place on of our effective signs on your property. 5. Color Brochure—We will have your home professionally photographed and a full-color brochure prepared. 6. Lock Box—We will place a lockbox on your property to increase showings and provide you with the security of knowing who has shown your home. 7. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)—We will enter your home’s information into the MLS, which gives your home exposure to thousands of realtors with active buyers. 8. Internet—We will enter your home’s information on, the nation’s largest real estate website as well as over a dozen others. 9. Contact Realtors with Buyers– We will contact Realtors who have buyers in your price range and give them information about your house. 10. Counter Display—We’ll prepare a display including school information, surveys, utilities, HOA info, and other documents that will give buyers the confidence to write a contract. 11. Buyer/Realtor Survey—As part of the counter display, we will have a survey card for Realtors and their buyers to give feedback on the showing of your home. 12. Transaction Management—Our transaction managers will manage the details of your transaction to ensure that your contract closes on time—and you can move on time. 13. Weekly Contact—I will give you steady updates on marketing and answer all of your questions.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 7

Internet Exposure = A Sold Home Over 87% of all buyers start their search for homes online! We will feature your home on every major real-estate website, and we will design a website to market your specific home.

And more‌. The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 8

Complimentary Home Inspection

Prior to listing your home, we will schedule a professional home inspection at no cost to you. The pre-listing inspection is identical to the one that potential home buyers are required to order when your house is under contract. This inspection will allow you to address any issues on your own timeline, with your own trusted professionals, and within your own budget. Once your home is under contract, your options for repairs narrow significantly and can cost you thousands more than if you had been able to fix problems in the beginning. Relatively minor problems that are unresolved could even result in an unsuccessful sale! We want your sale to be a success!

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 9

Complimentary Home Staging We partner with a professional home staging company because we’ve seen the results— FASTER HOME SALES!

“Home staging is about creating a look, a mood, an atmosphere that buyers can aspire to. They can envision themselves living this lifestyle in the home that you are selling. Home staging is a matter of simple economics: Improve upon a product and the demand increases. When a house feels as if it could be home, buyers will intuitively reprioritize their list and focus on the positive! We’ll accentuate the positive and downplay the negatives in each room. We’ll create balance, warmth, and cohesion by using easy decorating tricks of the trade.” - courtesy of

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 10

Why Stage Your Home? Top Five Reasons to Stage your Home 1. You will make more money. U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell, on average, 17% higher than an un-staged home.

2. Your house will sell faster, which equals fewer headaches and hassles. The New York Village Voice reported that the average number of days an un-staged home is on the market is 30.9 versus 13.9 for a staged home.

3. The longer your home is on the market, the lower the price will be. So stage first! According to a National Association of Realtors survey, the homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than ones sold within the first four weeks! Have your house staged first!

4. Leaving your house in “as is” condition will help sell the competition. Right now the number of homes for sale on the market is at a record high. Competition is stiff and buyers have very high expectations. Successful agents know that the key to selling in today’s market is professional staging.

5. Most sellers cannot view their home objectively, and 10% of sellers can’t visualize the potential of a home! If you can’t see objectively, you can’t package effectively. That’s why staging a home is critical! You don’t want the advantages of your home overlooked and left up to the buyer’s imagination! *Information Courtesy of

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 11

What Is a Short Sale? In real estate, a short sale is a process in which an agreement is made between the bank and seller for the bank to accept a lesser amount than is actually owed.

Due to today’s volatile market, short-sales are on the rise. If you’ve been trying to sell your home without success and are afraid that foreclosure may be looming, you should know that there is an alternative!

Short Sale Process •

The seller needs to be in a distressed state, which could be the result of a mortgage payment increase, loss of a job, a business failure, the death of spouse, divorce, severe illness, relocation, etc.. Banks are increasingly willing to work with homeowners in distress.

A lengthy package of documents needs to be assembled by a specifically trained Realtor to prove to the bank that you, the seller, can no longer make payments.

The property must be listed for sale, and the Realtor must document a legitimate and thorough effort to sell the property at market value. The bank will not accept any amount— only the market value! The bank must approve of the purchase contract.

The bank will pay almost all required fees and commissions on behalf of the seller.

Short Sale v. Foreclosure •

Your credit will be affected in both cases. With a short sale, you can begin credit recovery after 2 years, but a foreclosure will hurt your credit score for up to 10 years.

Every lending institution has the right to ask if you’ve had a foreclosure—even after 10 years.

A short sale can result in as little as 50 points off of your credit score since only your late payments will be reported. A foreclosure, however, will take 300 points off for each loan foreclosure.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 12

Rod Bowden—Short Sale Press Release Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation Awarded to The Bowden Group Fredericksburg, VA, October 14, 2008. Rodney Bowden successfully completed the extensive training required to earn the nationally recognized designation of Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE.) The course teaches real estate agents how to successfully negotiate sales for owners facing the threat of foreclosure. The training is particularly relevant to today’s market as it’s estimated that nearly one in five homeowners are currently in danger of losing their homes. Several of the alternatives to foreclosure taught in the certification course include loan modifications, forbearance agreements, and short sales, which have been referred to as the “brain surgery” of real estate due to the complicated processes involved. While real-estate agents across the country have jumped on the bandwagon of listing properties as short sales, national statistics show that only 10 to 20% of advertised short sales are successfully approved by lenders. Due to their additional training, however, agents who have the CDPE designation, have an average 82% success rate on short sales. Dealing with a realtor who has the knowledge to effectively navigate a short sale benefits all parties involved: buyers, sellers, and even lenders. “It is much more cost effective for a bank to do a short sale than to foreclose on a home,” according to Bowden. Although banks usually do take a loss during a short sale, they can often

minimize their loss by as much as 10-20% over a foreclosure. Bowden knows that learning the short-sale process will allow him to better serve homeowners who feel that they currently have no other option than foreclosure. Many people mistakenly believe that a short sale and a foreclosure have the same impact on a seller’s credit report. According to Bowden, “late payments will show on the owner’s credit report, but the lender will report the loan as paid off at less than full balance or settled, rather than a foreclosure.” The homeowner will be able to purchase a home in 2 years rather than the 7-year waiting period incurred by a foreclosure. A comparison of foreclosure vs. short sale effects on credit is available in a chart form at Bowden’s website Additionally, many agents advise buyers to avoid considering a home that is marketed as a short sale because the success rate can be so low. Bowden said that since he has learned how to properly assemble and package all the required documents, he will be able to receive lender approval in as little as 30 days, with closing occurring often within two weeks of approval. The training for the CDPE designation is offered only by the Distressed Property Institute in Boca Raton, Florida. The training educates Realtors about all the options they have to help property owners in distress, including those that don’t bring them any money. The Distressed Property Institute opened in January and will train over 1000 agents this year.    

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 13

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why should we list our home for sale with you? You should use us for the same reason that sellers have used us over again—you can depend on us to get you the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest hassles. Every year we help 5 times as many people buy and sell a home as the average agent. As with hiring anyone to perform a job for you, experience and results count! Our Hassle Free Listing system offers flexible commissions to put more money in your pocket, a cancel anytime policy, and the right to sell your home yourself and pay us nothing.

2. How are you able to let us just cancel our listing at any time? Most agents will not give the consumer this right. You might ask yourself why agents need to “lock you up” for four to six months…. Why would they be afraid to give you the right to cancel? We are confident that we can provide a superior level of service and care. If we don’t, we don’t deserve your business. It’s that simple.

3. I heard that there are limited-service agents who charge less. Why shouldn’t I hire the cheapest agent? If your property would sell for the same price no matter who sells it, why aren’t you selling the home yourself? In that case, why pay any agent? Simply put—we can sell your home for more. We have the track record we do because we are experts at pricing the property by using a specific supply-demand analysis in addition to looking at comparable houses, and we are experts at creating the greatest amount of exposure for your property. Also, with our sliding scale commission (6% - 4% - 1% - 0%), our fees in many cases are even less than a limited-service broker. Sadly, there are many agents who need the deal even more than you do. In any transaction, someone who is in desperate need of the deal will be the weakest negotiator.. We are in the fortunate position of knowing that any one deal won’t make us or break us. Our negotiations are really about getting you the most money for your home. Period. If the offer doesn’t make sense, you can count on us to tell you so.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 14

Frequently Asked Questions 4. Why do your homes sell? Do you price them too low? Absolutely not. Most of our listings sell at full price, and we make it our business to know the market so that we can get the highest possible price for our sellers. All agents have access to the same market information, but it is the evaluation of how that information affects the marketing of a home that matters. X-rays mean nothing until they are evaluated by a competent doctor.

5. How do you set the price for my home? We will meet with you to review a complete market analysis of your home, evaluate supply and demand for the area, and examine property condition. At that point, we can guide you to the correct range of pricing.

6. Tell me about your marketing plan. Will our home be on the internet? The exposure your home gets while listed with us is second to none! You will find no stronger internet presence than what is provided for you with The Bowden Group. For each home we list, we create an individual web site with multiple digital pictures, important information, and a slide-show virtual tour. See an example at In addition to your home’s individual website, your home will be marketed on every major real estate website including the number one real estate website in the world, Please see our partner sites page for a list of a few of the web sites where you home will be marketed. Not only do we provide effective high-tech marketing, but we also go above and beyond industry standards. We place a for-sale sign in front of your home, and we provide an attractive inhome brochure. Both of these measures increase the attention we attract to our homes. We also market to the agent community. Remember, there are thousands of agents who we encourage to think of us first when preparing to show properties. Additionally, we mail more than 70,000 pieces of mail annually to both past and potential clients, and we work with active buyers on a daily basis.

7. Can I save more money if I both buy and sell through you? Absolutely! If you’re selling more than one house or plan to both sell and buy, ask for a copy of our Client Rewards Program. We will mail or email it to you immediately!

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 15

Frequently Asked Questions 8. If we list with you, will we be on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? Absolutely! Any agent who does not place your home on MLS is doing you a huge disservice. With thousands of agents in the surrounding area, it is important to tap in to that agent base of buyers. Also, if you are not on the MLS you cannot appear on, the number one real estate site on the internet.

9. Shouldn’t I pick an “area specialist” to sell my home? There are agents who tend to focus on one geographic area or neighborhood. Since, however, buyers now come from all over the state and country, simply labeling yourself as an “area-specialist” is no longer an effective way to recruit buyers who don’t know the area in the first place. Many years ago, the real estate business was successfully composed of lots of small “boutique” offices that did specialize in a certain area or part of town, but computers, and cell phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now the important points in selecting an agent are experience, track record, and marketing skills.

10. Are all Re/Max Allegiance agents part of the Bowden Team? No! RE/MAX Allegiance is the brokerage firm we work for, and each agent or group is similar to an independent contractor. Since over 1,400 Realtors work for RE/MAX Allegiance, you need to contact The Bowden Group directly at (540) 220-2336 in order to receive the benefits of our experience and hassle-free listing program.

11. How long does it take to get my home on the market? Once we have a signed listing agreement and a spare key, we can have your home on the market within 24 hours. However, it usually takes a day or two for the sign company to professionally install the sign.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 16

Frequently Asked Questions 12. I personally know of a couple of people who are interested in buying my home. If they buy it, do I have to pay you a commission? Absolutely not. There is no commission due for any buyer that you personally find either before or while you have your home listed with us, as long as that buyer is not an Agent or working with an Agent. With most agents, if you have your home listed with them and find your own buyer, you still owe them the full commission. How would you feel if this happened? When you list with us, there is no commission due if you secure the buyer.

13. Do I need an appraisal before we list my house? In most cases it is not necessary to get an appraisal prior to sale. In fact, a current appraisal may be unusable by the buyer’s lender—even if it is the right “type” of appraisal—because the appraiser is not approved by the lender. Once your home is under contract, the lender for the buyer will determine what appraiser they will allow to do the appraisal. However, when a property is so unique that pricing can be difficult, an appraisal can guide sellers towards proper pricing. We say “guide” towards proper pricing because we have seen many homes sell above as well as below appraisal price. If you have a question on whether you should obtain an appraisal on your home please feel free to contact us for counsel.

14. One I have reviewed the My Hassle Free Listing package, then what? Contact our office by email or phone, and we will set up an appointment to have one of our listing specialists meet with you. We will tour the home, go over recent market activity in your area to educate you on values, and make recommendations for maximizing your profit and increasing your speed of sale.

15. What if my plans change and I don’t need to sell my house? You may cancel your listing at anytime. There will be no charge and no hard feelings.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 17

Frequently Asked Questions 16. If I’m out of town, can you handle the transaction for me or will I need to come back to town? We can take care of all the details from start to finish without you needing to come to town. We simply need a key and your fax number to get started.

17. I don’t have any money to fix up my home. Can you still sell it in its current condition? Absolutely! Just like any home, we will professionally evaluate the condition along with the supply and demand in the neighborhood, and then we will price your home relative to those factors.

18. How long is your listing agreement for? For ease of paperwork, we typically use a seven-month period. But remember, unlike most agents, you are free to cancel anytime.

19. I am currently listed with another agent and want to cancel. Can you get me out of my listing agreement with them? Unfortunately, if you signed a listing agreement with another agent, you are bound by that agreement. You certainly can approach the broker or agent to address your unresolved issues. Our “cancel anytime” policy does not give us the authority to cancel other agents’


20. Will you be representing me or the buyer? We always represent the seller on any home we have listed for sale. The real question is whether we will be representing the buyer as well. In the event that we have a buyer for your home or another Re/Max Allegiance agent does, it would fall in the category of “Dual Agency” representation. In that scenario, unless you have instructed us in writing otherwise, Re/Max Allegiance will represent both parties.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 18

Let’s Get Your House Sold! 21. Will you make a flyer for my house? Yes. We prepare a high-quality, multiple-photo, full-color flyer about your home. However, unlike most agents, we don’t place flyers outside the home in a “take-one” box. Statistics show that flyers out front actually do not encourage a buyer to call. If we can’t speak directly to the buyer, it is nearly impossible to sell them your home. We always place the flyer inside the home to highlight the home’s unique features and to serve as a visual reminder for the buyer once they leave to make their decision.

22. Can I have my sign as well as yours on the property? The only marketing right you give up when you list with us is the right to have your own for sale sign. Having a sign besides our Re/Max Allegiance sign, could interfere with agent showings. In order to comply with Realtor rules, we can have only one sign on the property.

23. If I list with you, can I still run an ad in the paper or hold an open house? Yes. The ONLY marketing right you give up when you list with us is your personal yard sign. If you find a buyer who is not an agent and who isn’t working with an agent, you have the option of calling and letting us know you’ve sold the property. We will then cancel the listing at no charge to you. Or, if you would like us to represent you in the sale, we will write the contract and handle all the various details to ensure a successful closing. You pay just 1%!

24. Can I sell my house if I owe more than it is worth? Yes. If you need a closing due to a hardship, many times the mortgage company will actually pay the commissions, closing costs, and any short-fall on your mortgage through a short sale. In addition to being a licensed Realtor, I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), and I specialize in this type of transaction.

25. Why does it matter if I list my short-sale with a short-sale specialist? While the short sale approval rate for the typical realtor is only 15%, over 80% of CDPE short sales are approved! The difference lies in our training, knowledge, system, and nationwide network of expert support. Simply put, we know how to present the offer effectively to the bank while many realtors simply fumble their way through the complicated process.

The Most Effective and Seller-Friendly Program Available!

The Bowden Group 19

When you’re ready to make your next move, we’re ready to make it happen. (540) 220-2336. We’re looking forward to your call!

Rodney Bowden, MBA, Realtor, CDPE RE/MAX Bravo (540) 220-2336



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