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Early on Pat Parelli realized that horses already had all the skills they needed to thrive in the world. He discovered that understanding the mind, personality and nature of horses could become the basis for a brilliant human-horse relationship. Pat named his new relationship “natural horsemanship�

Pat Parelli was born in California and was obsessed with horses at an early age. At the age of 9 he begun training and raising foals (baby horses). At the age of 17 Pat started rodeos, his favourite event was bare bareback riding. Then some things turned his life around. He met Troy Henry who helped him understand horses. Pat is now a very successful horse man. He and his wife Linda now perform events around the world.


The seven games of Parelli are natural to horses, they are bought up playing them with the horses around them. The seven games are- Friendly, porcupine, yoyo, driving, circle, squeeze and sideways. We play theses games with our horses on the ground not ridding. The reason why we play the seven games is to prepare for ridding and to gain trust with your horse and not to just jump straight onto its back, we also play the seven games to make sure the horse is safe to ride horses have phases, you start by lightly touching the hair on the horse than you go up a stage by touching skin then if the horse has not done what you have asked then you jump up to stage 3 which is muscle then stage 4 which is the last option of bone. You may think that this would hurt the horse but it does not.

You may ask “what's the difference between Parelli and usual riding� well Parelli is natural in EVERY way possible, it is a way to connect with horses and have a great relationship. In Parelli there are 4 savvy's which are, on line- which is ground work, at Liberty- which is free of physical resistance, Free style- which is riding without contact either a loose reign or bridal less or bareback. And finally Finisse- which is riding with contact refinement and precision. In Parelli we also use four keys- relationship, understanding, communication and trust.

Parelli uses horsenality which is like personality. We split our groups into four which are Right brain introvert, Right brain extrovert, Left brain introvert, Left brain extrovert. If your horse is extrovert, it might have lots of energy, be quick, and will have the tendency to run. Introvert horses might have low energy, it will be slow and will want to stop. A right brain horse will be submissive, fearful, not confident, nervous and reactive. A left brain horse will probably be dominant, brave, calm and tolerant.


Computer games, not so bad Computer games, you think they’re bad but in fact there not always. Games like Wii fit, Xbox Kinect and Playstation

When you say to someone, ‘Computer Games’ most of them automatically think about Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2, two great games but they are not just about killing people online, it’s the old fashion puzzle game. Until now the futuristic game Portal 2, which we will be doing a review on it.

Games like the Wii, Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect are the future of fitness, for young kids today. They have proven that they can increase your fitness level. The things with these games are that they are fun, if you want any of these games you can just order them of There are new computer games coming out every day for people to enjoy, some of them are different genres but they could all increase your fitness. Xbox Kinect has a lot of different games to play on, unlike the Wii which has a small option of games but, the Wii mostly increases your fitness. If you have a Wii fit board you can measure your weight and record your results. Personally I enjoy Playstation move because of the variety of games and fitness.


Our review on Portal 2 This new game is a favourite with sci-fi puzzle lovers, it offers a action packed, brain boggling puzzle for you to work out on your Xbox or PS3 in your own time. In the back ground there is no rattling machine arsenal to give you a headache, there is a nice noise of the robots ones you play as. It is proven that it successfully proves your intellect. This game Is fairly funny and mentally stimulating. This game might not be the most popular game but in a few weeks it could certainly be. I have had played on this game, and I have found it struggling at times but in the end you get through it‌ Buy this game on Amazon UK or any good game store‌ 4

Playing on computer games too long, can they change you? The computer games of our day and age, can change you. These games get addictive after a while if you play to long games like Modern Warfare 2 and other games related to it can change you. All you want to do is play on these games, they interrupt your homework and social life. You should only really be playing these games for a 1-2 hours a day. Although these games are good, have a break.. I have experienced the effects of being addicted to my PS2 before I bought my PS3 because I had a great game, SEGA Classic collections which I could never leave even if I need the loo. It had a wide variety of games including a Formula 1 racing game to a hard platform game. Although this console has passed on it was a great game that I played.

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Sport for boys England 6 Nations 2010 England won the 6 nations 2010 after beating France Wales Scotland and ,Italy England 59-13 Italy Wale 19-26 England

England 17-9 France England 22-16 Scotland

Word search

We lost against Ireland 24-8 England

World cup football World cup football Spain won They were playing agents' Holland Spain won 1-0 Holland It was a close mach but Spain Rugby, union, team, ball, just got a goal try, teams, contact, sport, pitch, players, spectators, Webb-Ellis


Sports for girls Netball Australia 2-1 England. Australia came over to play against England and two other countries England got into the final and unfortunately lost in the final

Ice Hockey Spain 4-2 England England 3- 2 France England 2-1 Scotland After being in the final England lost there nerves against Spain.


Olympics stuff • The Olympics stadium is going along great .the swimming stadium is almost done and ready to use. Velodrome also know as the biking area ¾ of the way done and are ahead of schedule so the will definitely be done by 2012 • All the equipment has arrived apart from a few things that will arrive when they are • This is the 2012 logo




Guildford Rugby Club Guildford rugby is a fantastic place to go it’s all a lot of fun. Guildford rugby is the best club now in surrey. So join to day and be one of the Guildford Rugby team 10

The Olympic games Pole vault Pole vault is a track and field event . People vault over a large beam using a steel pole . Until 1956 the poles were made of bamboo . In Berlin 1936 the pole vault competition was won by Earle meadows . Those who do the pole vault need the skills of a gymnast, acrobat and athlete. In 2010 blue peter presenter Andy tried pole vault .

The Olympic games will be held in London in 2012.

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Show jumping Show jumping is an exiting event which involves horses jumping over a series of high and low fences .

Hammer throw Hammer throw involves throwing a heavy metal ball. Hammer throw is included in the highland games . Hurdling

Picture from google images

Hurdling is a track race . The athletes stride pattern is very important in the 40 meters race , there are 3 strides between each 10 hurdles . Picture from Google images


Olympic sports Some facts about show jumping Show jumping is one of the highlights of the Olympics. some of the jumps are very high . The horse has to jump over the jumps in a particular order .

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High jump High jump involves jumping over a large pole onto a crash mat , it requires athletic and technical ability . The high jump is interrupted by medal presentations .

Discus Discus involves throwing a heavy metal disk . In 1928 Halina Konopacka won the discus competition in Amsterdam , she set a new world record

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This is the page on board games here are some of them Cluedo, Scrabble, Rush hour Chess, Yes! No! , Monopoly and Twister. Some people think board games are boring but they are not so are quit mad and fun!!! It is estimated that over 750 million people have played the game of Monopoly since 1935. The game of Monopoly is sold in 80 countries, and produced in 26 languages. It is good for power cuts because no power =no electrics mean you can do board games.


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It has finally come MONOPLOY UK!!! They have finally see what we can do. It is great get it before it is gone hurry!!!ď Š


We got 5 people to test them well it turned out with some of the quietens were whose your charier the muddier?, was the muddier the same on each one?, and what is the best one and it was the ORIGINAL so if you are going to buy cluedo go for the original one!!!


It is the latest in twister and the best yet get yours today!!!ď Š don’t get to twisted!


You can get all of it at toy shops the best is in London it called hamleys !!!ď Š


Here are some of the fact about Cluedo it was made in china the person who mad it was Anthony Ernest Pratt. Made in 1944 in was put in to English.


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Riding hat £15.99 Giant Snakes & Ladders Set £8.99

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At the Parelli Ranch in Colorado If you’re into horses, win a trip of your dreams to Pat Parelli’s ranch in Colorado. Spend 2 weeks with Pat Parelli and 3 of yours friends or family members. This prize would include….. - Staying in a cosy cottage with horses outside your doorstep. -Going out on day long hacks with Pat and Linda. - HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

To have a chance in winning answer the following question and call in on 07900 811256 or go onto Calls cost 30p from a BT landline. Or text to parelli098 which will be your network price.

What is a young horse called? a) Colt b) Mere

Includes first class British airways flights.

c) Foal


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Parelli celebration 2011 was a fantastic way to learn how to understand and read horses. The atmosphere in the LG arena in April was MAD!!! Around 6000 people filled to seats with heaves of excitement. Pat and Linda Parelli made a brilliant entrance allowing the massive crowed to scream with excitement. As the show came to halt as lunch approached, the crowed was blown away by Wally from Switzerland creating a magical show and riding a beautiful reactive horse that was a highlight to the day.

On the second day of the Parelli celebration the crowed was still wild. The day begun with the savvy team showing what they could do. The whole weekend went well, and ended on a high with a spectacular finale of 6000 glow lights waving in the air.

By Fran Stent


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