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Microsoft Office Tools Autodesk AutoCad 2D e 3D Adobe Acrobat Internet Explorer -Autodesk AutoCad -Google Sketchup -Graphisoft ArchiCad -Rhinoceros -Grasshopper (modelação paramétrica)


Artlantis Studio V-ray for Sketchup e Rhinoceros

Graphic and video edition Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Première (edição audiovisual) Cinema 4D (animação multimédia)

Good mood and fast learning Organized, punctual and responsibly, with ambition and passion in achieving professional proposals. Athlete of high competition in handball federated by Juventude Desportiva do Lis, which allowed strong skills of team spirit and easy integration, as well as healthy competitiveness and good response in the face of pressure environments.

January-Aprill 2011

Participated in the exhibition of Academic Works in the Machado de Castro Museum, Coimbra, under the subject of Project V, inserted in Cultural Week of University of Coimbra: “Coimbra Reinvented: Urban visions for Mondego”, organized dy the Dpt. of Architecture of FCTUC.

October 2011

Bussaco conferences: “Arquitectura/Floresta/Paisagem”, organized by Fundação Mata do Bussaco, special participation of Aires Mateus and Kengo Kuma.

March 2011

“Conversaciones con Gonçalo Byrne”, organized by Fundación Pedro Barrié de La Maza, Coruña, under the exhibition: Gonçalo Byrne, Urbanidades.

January 2010

“Jacques Herzog” Conference, organizada em conformidade com a Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2010, no Teatro Camões, Lisboa.


Participated in exhibition “Walking on the moon” and “O mundo em amarelo”, under the subject Drawing oriented by the professor and artist António Olaio.

March 2006

Participated in the Internacional Conference “Cidade e Mar – Aquatic Landscapes”, organized by the Department of Architecture under the VIII Cultural Week of University of Coimbra



Marco José Santos Antunes Rua do Meirinho, nº83 Quinta do Retiro, Barreira 2410-251 Leiria, Portugal 12, May of 1987 +351 919085951

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Category B e B1

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Academic Formation Master’s Degree in Architecture by the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Science and Tecnology of the University of Coimbra. Participation in the international project Alberti Digital led by the Architect and Professor Mário Krüger, support by Social Center Studies and Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Science and Tecnology of the University of Coimbra. Academic work published in the magazine Via Latina, #8 série VI: Reinventar a Cidade (p. 53-54)

February 2013 2012-2013

March 2011 Language skills

Portuguese English C1 (fluent writing and speech) Spanish B1 (elementar writing and speech )

Mother tongue Other languages (european reference level)


Renewal of the Coimbra train station (assisted by prof. Jorge Figueira) e Alves Costa


House for a painter + atelier (assisted by prof. Pedro Maurício Borges)


Hotel & spa in Coimbra (assisted by prof. António Lousa)


Reinventing Choupal (assisted byprof. Gonçalo Byrne)


House in Leiria


Belval bus shelter


renewal of the Coimbra train station 2006-2007 Project II, assisted by prof. Jorge Figueira and Alves Costa

The exercise of project II, demanded the renewal of the Coimbra train station, and the adjacent allotment, where they would be inserted commercial spaces and the reformulation of existing school, (that would have to be respected), taking into account the passage of the new metro line. Thus, the proposal recasts the interior of the station, but maintains the exterior facades, enlarging pre-existing your program for a new body that shoot the territorial boundaries between the highway and the station. The creation of retail space is developed in the same idea, creating a sort of frontier between the new metro railway line and creating a square in the center of the project, the lower a quota that wants to connect to the bank of the river Mondego.

Planta do piso 0

house for a painter + atelier 2007-2008 Project III, assisted by prof. Pedro MaurĂ­cio Borges






Perfil B 109,7



106,6 109,1




107 105,2 100,8



hotel & spa in Coimbra 2009-20010 Project IV, assisted by prof. António Lousa


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4 9



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reinventing Choupal 2010-20011 Projecto V, assisted by prof. Gonçalo Byrne e João Paulo Cardielos

Under the Cultural week of Univ. Coimbra, the subject of project V, aimed to contribute to the interdisciplinary debate around the urban transformation of the banks of the Mondego river. These Urban Visions, sought to “reinvent” the near future of Coimbra, comprising three strategic areas:

Given the margin of the Mondego, which houses the Choupal national forest, the first important phase of the proposal was to create a protection against the aggression that the new high-speed railway section, TGV, would createin a natural environment as it is Choupal. So, in the face of this new railroad, was created a “tube” that would protect the forest, and which would be complemented with a bike path and pedestrian walkway that took advantage of the sense of this new link between the banks.

In other program more distinctive, located further inside the forest, was intended to renew the spaces of Natural Protection and Biodiversity Institute expanded with pedagogical areas; the renovation of the sports areas for high performance Centres; as well as the deployment of a restaurant and all the support services to the practice of visual and sensory exploration of the Mata do Choupal. Before this whole program, a multi-functional building, linking the various purposes was projected, creating a new port of entry and receipt of Choupal, in relation to different audiences. The building appears in a star looking for various programs and creating distinct relationships between the arms and between the dimensions of the flying platforms, trying to relate to the natural environment and topography.


1. The banks of Mondego, between the Choupal and Bencanta 2. The right margin between the House of salt, and the Green Park of Conchada Coimbra 3. The left margin between the dam, Santa Clara and São Martinho do Bispo


Mondego river

Sports area

Restaurant Administration area Main entrance Turism area

Exhibition and pedagogic area




6.2 6.1 1




entrance floor plan




6.8625 3.6500






house in Leiria 2011-20012 (in progress)

Localizado num pequeno aldeamento de Leiria, em Cumeira, o projecto desenvolve-se a partir de uma recuperação de um antigo lagar e pátio adjacente. O novo programa pretende albergar a habitação de uma família de emigrantes do Canadá muito ligados à ideia da madeira como principal material construtivo e “ambiente familiar”, pelo que o revestimento interior, bem como a criação de asna de madeira (falsa) na cobertura torna-se numa espécie de obrigatoriedade programática.

Apesar do espaço reduzido, era pretendido a existência de garagem, lavandaria, sala, cozinha e três quartos. Ladeado por habitações adjacentes, a captação de iluminação natural estará muito condicionada, pelo que é projectado um terraço superior que recorta a cobertura e que projecta a luz solar para o interior da habitação.

Belval bus shelter (Luxembourg) 2011 (ideas competition)

The contest aimed to the creation of an area of road is expected to promote “the encounter and exchange of experiences�. The concept of the project seeks to connect the various spaces (bus, Green Park area and school) and visual connection between these. This idea is conveyed in constant communication between the bus and the green surroundings, as well as by immersion of the building gesture from the ground up to the higher quota for his contemplation. The project comprises two distinct parts: one expects more protected by smoke glass road; and another more releases, meeting and leisure character backed by a small kiosk. In this area, coverage platform creates as the portal of connection between the adjacent secondary school and the arrival of buses. As the main target of the project are the students, the standby databases are created in semi-circular form, creating a dynamic game and ergonomic, which awakens the entertainment and breaks the notion of waiting room.

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