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Access to Higher Education Diploma Assignment Brief ACCESS COLLEGE / CENTRE Student’s Name Student’s Group Deadline Date Date Submitted Date Assignment to be returned to student (two working weeks after submission)


Referral Deadline (one working week after first submission returned) Pathway Unit(s) Being Assessed Title Of Assignment Assessor


Student Declaration I am aware that plagiarism is defined as the submission or presentation of work, in any form, which is not one’s own, without acknowledgement of the sources used. I have included full referencing as required in a format endorsed by the course teaching team (the Harvard System). I recognise that plagiarism can also arise from one student copying another student's work or from inappropriate collaboration between students. I am aware that assessment evidence that has been deemed to have been plagiarised will not receive credit. I confirm that the attached assessment evidence is all my own work Signature:…………………………….. Please attach this assignment brief to the work you are handing in for assessment. Work that does not include this will be returned unmarked.




Introduction to Psychology GD 2: APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE Selected Elements Selected Elements Merit Distinction

The student’s work:

The student’s work:

Makes use of relevant ideas and perspectives with either breadth or depth that goes beyond the minimum required to Pass

Makes use of relevant ideas and perspectives with breadth and depth and Demonstrates excellent levels of accuracy, insight and analysis

Demonstrates very good levels of accuracy, insight and analysis GD7: Quality Selected Elements Merit

Selected Elements Distinction

The student’s work::

The student’s work :

Is structured in a way that is generally logical and fluent

Is structured in a way that is consistently logical and fluent

Taken as a whole, demonstrates a very good response to the demands of the brief/assignment

Taken as a whole, demonstrates an excellent response to the demands of the brief/assignment



Access Psychology Induction Assignment/Structured Essay Guidelines

In order to successfully complete this assignment I would recommend that you read through all the activities, materials and exercises we have covered in class over the last few weeks. Attached is a copy of the Unit Assessment Criteria which details what you need to demonstrate in your work to achieve either a Level 2 or Level 3 pass. If you achieve a Level 3 pass your work will then be assessed to see whether it is a Pass, Merit or Distinction – see p. 2 of this assignment brief. You are required to complete a structured essay as the first part of assessment for the Access course. This essay will be based on historical development of psychology, the approaches to psychology and the research methods used in psychology. How to set out the essay: Total number of words: minimum 1000, max 1500 Introduction: give a brief overview of the historical development to psychology, you may want to discuss some of the major historical figures. Describe and evaluate the five approaches to psychology: • psychodynamic • behaviourist • cognitive • humanistic • biological you must make reference to their social and cultural impact. Make a short conclusion for your essay. Draw a detailed table of the four research methods (experimental, observational, case study and survey). For each method, define it, and give the advantages and disadvantages. References: these must be done in the Harvard referencing system original.file2011


Guidelines: The introduction to the assignment should not be too long, we recommend that it should be approximately 200 words. You should use the information from the lesson but also some of your own research to give a very brief description of the historical development of psychology. You may choose to mention about some of the major historical figures like Plato or Freud. It is recommended that you discuss each approach separately. For each approach make a subtitle, then describe the main assumptions. Once you have done this evaluate the approach in terms of the good and bad points about it. Lastly comment on its social and cultural impact. Repeat this for all of the approaches. You then need to create a table of the four research methods that we had discussed in the lessons, for each method describe it and then evaluate it in terms of the advantages and disadvantages. You may use the table we completed in class as a guide. Reference section. You are expected to fully reference all the sources that you have used including class work and notes. You must use the Harvard referencing system to do this. All work will be processed through a system which highlights plagiarised work so please make sure that all work is your own words and has not been copied directly from class notes, other students the internet, books or any other source. Of course you need to use these sources, but you must reword the work. Plagiarism is treated very seriously by the college and may result in you being removed from the course. Please remember that extensions can only be granted in extenuating circumstances by the Personal Tutor.

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Psychology assignment 1 2013  
Psychology assignment 1 2013