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of bridal skincare

By: Alline Arguelles Licensed Esthetician & Professional Makeup Artist Owner of Tejasi Beauty & Manager at Alpenglow Beauty, Telluride

One of the most important factors for looking your best on wedding day is smooth, even toned skin. Taking the right steps in the year or months leading up to the big day can insure you put your best face forward.

Skin Care Basics If you don’t have a regular daily routine now is the time to start! Not all skin care products are created equal. It is crucial to find products that are not only best for your skin type and conditions but also work with your budget and lifestyle. Your best bet is to see a licensed esthetician for a skin care consultation and analysis. Be sure to mention upfront your budget and preferences for natural, organic, fragrance free, etc… You should ask for a liquid cleanser, exfoliating toner and moisturizer that address your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive) or any skin conditions (fine lines, large pores, acne, sun-damage). Look for an eye cream that addresses your specific needs (fine lines, puffiness, or dark circles) or if you’re happy with your eye area start using a hydrating eye cream that is high in anti-oxidants.

Pre-Wedding Treatments Once you master the basics, you’re ready to up-grade your skin care regimen. Treatment products are designed to deliver powerful and targeted results so look for products that address your specific concerns. Serums, facial oils and powders are meant to be used daily, before or mixed with moisturizer. Masks should be used once or twice a week. Products in these categories can be mixed and matched, find a few you love and alternate. If you have some serious skin troubles (acne, scarring, pigmentation) it’s a good idea to look into professional services such a laser and microdermabrasion. For most people monthly facials at your favorite spa will enhance the effects of your at home routine, helping skin to be clear, smooth, and soft. Facial services also provide an opportunity to relax the mind and body. We all know wedding planning can be stressful so plan a few facials and massages to help your feel your best. Couples massage anyone? If you have been tending your own brows, then let them grow for a month or two before seeing a brow specialist who can help you create your best shape. Get brows waxed no sooner than 5 days prior to the wedding, your makeup artist will clean up any strays. If you want lash extensions do them a month out to be sure you don’t have any reactions to the glue, then get a fill before the big day.

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Rocky Mountain Bride Colorado Fall 2014  

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