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feather & twine photography Sometimes it’s not about a church, or a band, or a big cake or even a host of people gathered around to wish you well. Sometimes it’s just about the two of you, telling one another that you’re the most important thing in the world, that at the heart of it, it will always be the two of you together. Sometimes it’s about a little escape to a dreamy valley where hillsides of wild grasses and lupines blow in the wind, the green mountains stand protectively behind you, and deer wander in and out of the moment. It was here that we staged the scene for our real life couple, Jenna and Anthony. Where they talked, laughed, cuddled, picnicked, played guitar and enjoyed every moment, knowing that there was no one in the world with whom they’d rather spend a long summer evening, and a lifetime with. - Gabby Greenleaf, Banks & Leaf & Robyn Rissman, Bare Root Flora


Rocky Mountain Bride Colorado

Rocky Mountain Bride Colorado Spring & Summer 2017  

The Bride's Planning Guide to a perfect Rocky Mountain wedding in Colorado!