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Annie + Alex

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Alex has had his eye on Annie since his Sophomore year in high school. Within a month or two, Alex got the nerve to ask Annie to be his girlfriend. She agreed! The couple dated for no more than four months before Annie realized there were “stronger, more attractive fish in the Carmel High School sea.” The two parted ways. Fast forward 13 years to Annie living in St. Louis and Alex in Denver. Mutual connections brought the two back together under the guise of “single, shared history and lots in common.” So when Annie was scheduled to be in Denver for a work trip, they reconnected over dinner and had a blast. As fate would have it, a few weeks later, Annie had another work trip scheduled and reached out to Alex for a proper date. The rest is history! Within months, their relationship rapidly accelerated between cocktails and concerts, and Alex knew he couldn’t wait another 13 years before making things official. While in Steamboat for the holidays, Alex took Annie on a romantic winter hike and popped the question! The two planned a mountain, modern wedding in Telluride on July 23rd.


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