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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Buying local benefits the environment, too As we’ve noted in past issues of our Shop Local magazine, buying local has many benefits. But while consumers may know that buying local helps grow the Twin Counties economy by supporting local business owners and creating jobs, they may not realize the positive impact that buying local can have on the environment as well. Eco-conscious consumers often go to great lengths to ensure their money is being spent in an environmentally friendly way. But one of the easiest ways to be an eco-friendly consumer is to support local businesses, which tend to benefit the environment in a variety of ways. * Shopping locally reduces the environmental impact of your purchases. When buying from a large national chain store, chances are the products you’re purchasing were produced outside of your local community, oftentimes halfway across the globe. That means those products had to be shipped to reach the store shelves in your community. Such shipping leads to greater fuel consumption and air pollution. But local businesses often buy their supplies from other local businesses, cutting down on shipping and, as a result, benefitting the environment. * Local businesses often operate from the center of town. Local businesses typically need less space for their stores, which allows them to set up shop right in the heart of town as opposed to on the town’s outskirts. That makes local businesses more accessible to community residents, who might be able to walk or take a short bike ride to smaller, local businesses. On the contrary, larger chains tend to diversify their offerings and, as a result, need more space. This often pushes them to the fringes of towns, eliminating the possibility of walking to the store. That means consumers will have to drive to the store, increasing their fuel consumption and their carbon footprint as a result. * Shopping locally employs your neighbors, reducing their carbon footprints as well. Another benefit to shopping locally that’s often overlooked is the impact it can have on your neighbors’ carbon footprint. Local businesses often employ members of the community, which translates to shorter commutes, less highway congestion and less fuel consumption. So while shopping locally reduces your carbon footprint, it’s also helping members of your community reduce their own potentially negative impact on the environment. These are just a few of the many examples of how shopping local can benefit the area’s environment. I invite you to look through the rest of this magazine for even more reasons to spend money at area stores. Jon Noel is Director of Advertising and Marketing for the Telegram.

Rocky Mount Telegram

Thursday, May 8, 2014



A semi-annual complimentary magazine with circulation through copies of the Rocky Mount Telegram. Single-copy center; hotels; libraries, pharmacies, select restaurants and many other high traffice areas.





Downsides of Need Convincing? Online Shopping

Local gift benefits

Beginners Couponing


Locally Popular Items

Advertiser Index Affordable 2 Insurance - 14 Ann Langley Insurance - 11 The Bath Place - 5 Bottoms Insurance - 6 Don Bulluck Chevrolet - 2 EA Bargain, The Closeout Store - 20 Freedom Credit Union - 10 Golden East Crossing - 14

Terri’s Fashion Fabrics - 10 Towel Town - 20 S&B Shooting Sports - 10 Virginia’s Dress Shop - 5 Viverette Furniture - 11 Ward’s Appliance Center - 5 Years In Business Showcase - 15 - 19

On the cover: Adrienne Lynch and Christopher Glover admire some of the jewelry created by local artisans at the Maria V. Howard Arts Center within the Imperial Centre, downtown Rocky Mount. (Telegram photo – Jon Noel.)

Rocky Mount Telegram


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Still Need Convincing?

Here are Six More Reasons to Buy Local Are you anxious about getting the most value for your hard-earned dollar? There’s a constructive step you can take right now. Think of something you need and go buy it at a local store. By “local” I mean any business that you can easily get to by walking or driving; and is independently owned by people from the Twin Counties. National firms, whether brick-and-mortar or online, don’t qualify. As we become global consumers, shopping at chain stores and online, it’s easy to forget how crucial small, independent businesses are to our collective well-being. The point is to go to a locally owned store and spend money. It doesn’t have to be a lot. If your budget is tight, make it a basic item you would have bought anyway. Why is this a good idea right now? Because as we become global consumers, shopping at chain stores and online, it’s easy to forget how crucial small, independent businesses are to our collective well-being. In fact, small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, accounting for about half of all private-sector jobs, and 65 percent of new jobs created in the past 17 years. These figures come from

the Small Business Administration, based on its definition of a small business as one employing fewer than 500 people. Local economies often depend on businesses at the low end of that scale. For a real economic recovery to take off nationally, it must happen among the millions of small enterprises in cities and towns like Rocky Mount. Running these businesses isn’t easy. Larger

Don’t forget that many aspects of our economic lives are out of our hands, controlled by distant people pursuing agendas that aren’t necessarily in line with our own. The rise of big-box stores and giant retail websites is more of the same. Where did that meat come from? Why are ads for the shoes I was checking out yesterday following me everywhere I go online? Buying from Twin County busi-

companies enjoy all kinds of competitive advantages, and online shopping has cut deeply into local economies. It’s time to make buying local a conscious part of our routines, just like physical exercise — something you do because of the many benefits it brings. Still need convincing? Shopping at small, local stores is a lot smarter than you think: 1. It Gives You Control.

nesses is partly about taking back control. You’re dealing with real people who understand what they’re selling. 2. Local Spending Circles Back to You. The money you spend at national chains and online enriches distant organizations and their stockholders. Local independents are more likely to keep their profits circulating in the local economy, a multiplier effect that directly

benefits you and your neighbors. Small retailers and service providers support their communities in countless other ways, too, from sponsoring youth sports teams to supporting local charitable organizations. 3. Make It a Percentage. For most of us, buying everything local isn’t possible or practical. Instead, designate a percentage of your spending for this purpose. The 10% Shift movement, which started in New England several years ago, suggests households shift 10 percent of their total spending from non-local businesses to local independents. For instance, if you normally spend $150 a week on groceries, set aside $15 of that for shopping at a local bakery or the farmers market. 4. Price It Out. Buying local doesn’t have to cost more. Local businesses work hard to keep their prices competitive. With online purchases, shipping often cancels out any discount. Comparison shop and you’ll be surprised at the bargains awaiting you right here in the Rocky Mount area. 5. Get Happy. Shopping at local stores, where the person serving you is frequently the owner, is a terrific antidote to our impersonal, screen-driven work lives. Before long, there will be

Rocky Mount Telegram

6. Build a Better World. If efficiency and cost are all that matter, then big-box stores and online behemoths should rule the world. But is that the world we want? Are we just pure consumers or are we something more? Remem-

ber that free markets build better communities. For that to happen, small local enterprises must remain vital. Embrace the idea that business can be a force for good, and shop accordingly. Why leave it to the politi-

New Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce members

Butterfields Butter, LLC

several stores that you’ll create excuses to visit, just because you like being there. You’ll spend a few bucks, a small price to pay for a warm smile and chat, and the emotional boost you’ll take away.

4009 Hawthorne Road, Suite 2, (252) 904-9441

Muhammad Akram, CPA, PLLC 100 Coast Line Street, 1st Floor, (252) 531-0667

NC Association of Community Development 110 Fountain Park Drive, Suite J23, (252) 443-4659

Mind the Gap Public Relations, LLC

Scottish Food Systems, inc. dba KFC Mrs. Cammy Hodges

3216 Woodlawn Rd., (252) 314-2309

Miracle Ear

3663 Sunset Avenue, (252) 443-4399

Sohi Eye Care, OD, PA

1525 Benvenue Road, (252) 557-2257

Reverend Peter Gilliland

1301 North Main Street, (302) 563-0992

415 Forest Hill Ave, (252) 813-7964

Baker Professional Lawn

Benton Office Interiors

4601 Baker Road, (252) 314-3639

109 West Spruce Street, (252) 237-6176

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7766 Ewing Boulevard, Suite 200, (800) 933-3909

RJ’s Hot Dog Dayz

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205 NE Main St Downtown Rocky Mount 888-530-0591 Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat. 10-3

cians to save the economy when, in the long run, we can do so much ourselves? When you buy local, you’re shaping a brighter future for your community, your family and yourself. That’s an economic plan worth supporting. - JN/Metro

Target Marketing

710 Scott Court, (252) 462-5524

164 S. Main Street Uptown Rocky Mount 252-446-4487

Thursday, May 8, 2014

2108 Stone Rose Ave.,(252) 442-7390

Graff-Gessaman Consulting, LLC

Great Selection of New Spring Merchandise!


and more!

PLUS! We service most brands!

Call Today! 446-2021

WARD’S APPLIANCE, INC. 227 S.E. Main Street • Uptown Rocky Mount

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Staying local when gift buying has its benefits The average adult must shop for gifts for friends or family members several times over the course of a typical year. Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are often the driving force behind such excursions, but some people will buy a gift for a loved one even if there is no special occasion attached. When buying gifts for those we love, many consumers hope to find something unique. But unique items can be hard to find at a national chain store. That reality highlights just one of the many benefits of shopping locally. O Local merchants tend to have more unique merchandise. A national chain store on one side of the country is not much different from its counterpart on the opposite coast. The stores’ layouts are likely identical and so is their inventory. Unlike such corporate giants, local merchants aren’t mass-producing their items, and chances are the items sold by local merchants are one-of-a-kind. Such items make for more unique gifts that recipients might find more thoughtful than an item they can find at larger chain stores. O Local merchants often provide more satisfying customer service. Larger chains tend to rely on automated systems to handle many of their customer service calls. Some consumers may never even speak to a real person when they call a customer service line, while others may first have to answer several automated questions before finally being connected to a real person. Local merchants tend to handle their own customer service, and consumers who have a concern or question about a product often speak directly with the store’s owner. That sense of direct connection gives consumers some peace of mind and can make them more comfortable when making their purchases. O Local merchants tend to be more knowledgeable about their products. Large chain stores might have many employees working on the floor or behind the registers, but those employees are not always experts on the products being sold throughout the store. Local merchants tend to have less inventory and fewer employees, who often know a great deal about the products on the shelves. Some employees might even have developed the products being sold, and that knowledge can be put to use when uncertain shoppers are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. O Local merchants are more accessible. Arguably the biggest benefit of shopping locally for gifts is the proximity to home. Consumers who buy products from merchants within their community won’t have to travel far to do their shopping, nor will they need to gas up the car if the item needs to be returned or exchanged. Some local merchants may even be within walking distance of home, making a shopping trip even more accessible. Consumers often find shopping local when buying gifts for family and friends is a great way to obtain more satisfying and reliable customer service. -Metro



125 NE Main Street • Rocky Mount, NC


Affordable Coverage Options • Flexible Payments • Low Down Payments • Auto Insurance • Homeowner’s Insurance • Commercial Insurance • Bonds Renter’s Policies

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Terri’s is your hometown place to shop for quality fabrics and machines. They feature “quilt shop only” fabrics. We are the area’s largest sewing machine dealer featuring Husqvarna-Viking sewing machines. Classes are offered regularly at Terri’s, located at 1260 S. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount. Phone 252-985-1964 or visit the store on Facebook and on its Website –


Cindy Coker invites you to come down and browse through what’s new for this spring. Also see the largest selection of unique home décor items in this area. We also repair all lamp types, stock shade replacements, and make custom hanging light fixtures. Quality merchandise at affordable prices! Come shop Towel Town at 248 S.W. Main Street in Downtown Rocky Mount. Front and back door parking available for easy access. Phone: 252-446-9383.


We Can Put A Smile On Your Face! Buying a new or pre-owned vehicle? Leave all your insurance worries with us! For affordable coverage and an insurance plan to fit your budget, let us show you how we customize your policies to fit your insurance needs. Flexible payments and low down payments are available for your auto, homeowner, renter’s, and commercial policy needs. Bottoms Insurance is located at 125 NE Main St. in downtown Rocky Mount. Phone: 252-446-1236.


For the famous appliance names you know and trust, General Electric and Maytag, visit Ward’s Appliance. We carry new and used appliances and appliance parts for most major brands. Ward’s Appliance, celebrating our 54rd anniversary, a name you can trust for appliance sales, service and parts. Great selection, great prices and great service! We’re local and we’re here when you need us. Visit us at 227 S. Main St. in Uptown Rocky Mount. 252-446-2021.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Downsides of Online Shopping By James Rafferty

The popularity of online shopping has sky-rocketed, however, it does have its drawbacks and before you consider buying products or services that you find online, it is better to carefully weigh both the pros and the cons. That being said, here is a brief overview of the most notable downsides of online shopping: You do not Get to Try the Items First This is by far the biggest downside of buying online, and it mainly applies to clothes. While it is true that online you can find a variety of clothing items, you do need to know your dress size. However, even if you do know your dress size, the clothes may still not fit you right or they may not look exactly as you want them to. Most, if not all of the online stores allow you to return the product within 10 to 14 days from the moment of purchase, should it not rise to your expectations. However, this is too much of a hassle for many buyers, who simply end up with their money spent on clothes they seldom wear. Shipping Fees Many online shoppers seem to forget that they need to take the shipping fees into account when determining the actual total cost of items. Some of the largest retailers offer to cover these fees if you purchase items that are above a certain sum of money, but not all of them do. Besides this, the shipping time should not be neglected either, as it typically takes several working

days to have the item delivered, and up to two weeks if you have it delivered internationally. Not All That Glitters is Gold In other words, looks can be deceiving. Remember that the main goal of each online store is to sell as many products as possible, this is why they often hire professional models and photographers to get the best out of their products. Maybe that dress looks gorgeous in the picture, but when you buy it and try it on it is far from what you expected it to be. This is precisely why many people choose not to take any chances and stick to live shopping instead. Security Matters In spite of the fact that most online stores use advanced encryption software that protects the personal and credit

card details of the buyer, there still is a risk that your credit card purchase can get hacked. Many people do not want to take any chances when it comes to paying with their credit or debit card online, as hacking these websites (although secure) has become easier than ever before. At least make sure to thoroughly read the privacy policy prior to making any purchase. Only this way you can be sure that the online store is authentic and that your personal details are fully protected. It is highly recommended to read the Terms of Service and the Return Policy of the online store in question, as well. Lack of Social Activity Remember that one of the real joys of shopping is that you can go out with friends, try different things and then

ask for their unbiased feedback. This is basically impossible with online shopping, as you cannot try the product neither can you take your friends out for an online shopping session. What looks awesome in your eyes may actually seem less than stellar in the eyes of a person that is close to you and can give you an objective opinion. The Bottom Line To summarize, these are some of the most notable downsides of online shopping that you should keep in mind prior to investing your hardearned money into something that may not fit you or may actually end up being far more than what you actually bargained for. James Rafferty is the coowner of com and other related sites.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


If this should ever happen to you make sure your rear end is covered. We’re here to make sure your life is more comfortable knowing that your insurance agent has your back if you’re ever in an automobile accident! Serving North Carolina For Over 42 years, A. Langley Insurance, is a name you can trust for auto, motorcycle, homeowner, commercial, mobile home and life insurance. Visit us at 157 SE Main St. in downtown Rocky Mount. Phone: 252-212-2005. Remember “An Accident is Only An Attitude Away.”


Virginia invites you to come see the store’s new spring and summer colors arriving weekly at Virginia’s Dress Shop. The latest fashions are now available for Mother’s Day or any special occasion. Easy access back or front door parking available at 164 S.W. Main Street in Downtown Rocky Mount. Phone 252- 446-4487.


Freedom Credit Union is your auto loan resource! Stop by the headquarters branch (shown here) at1080 N. Winstead Avenue to finance your next new or used automobile. Freedom Credit Union serves the financial needs of individuals who live or work in the Rocky Mount community. Join today and experience the benefits of local credit union membership.


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Coupon Tips For Beginners - Know Them Well By P K Martin Coupons can be easily termed as basic tools for saving time and money while shopping. Coupons are quite simple to use, however a beginner can get confused sometimes. Therefore, this article will provide you some key information on some of the coupon tips for beginners. You should know more about them if you truly wish to save your hard earned money. There are a lot of people who aren’t brand loyal and still want to get some special discounts. The long term benefits of coupons are surprising as they allow you to save great money every single time you go out for shopping. Where to look for coupons? One of the major things about coupons that every beginner should know about is the place where to look for coupons. Every beginner needs to research hard to come across a suitable place where he or she could find some lucrative coupon deals. There are several local store web-

sites that permit you to get some coupons. You can also visit some of the local stores so you are able to take advantage of instore coupons. Avoid using coupons you don’t require Whenever you start using discount coupons, you must ensure that you don’t use them for a purpose which is not important. Start clipping various coupons so that you are able to save your bucks in the right manner. Discount coupons with sales One of the best methods you can

employ is to acquire discount coupons with sales. You must look for deals that you can save some money on and try to combine various coupon deals to get super saver discounts. Multiple purchases You could easily indulge in multiple purchases by using the right coupons. As a beginner, you’ll have to ensure that you get your hands on the most affordable coupons. Try and purchase the items that make your work simple. Be courteous and stay organized You need to be courteous and stay organized so that you are able to use the coupons in the right way. Ensure that you look out for some of the best website and in-store resources that allow you to save some bucks. These are some of the crucial coupon tips for beginners that could help you in saving your hard earned bucks. Have fun! PK Martin is an expert author for

Your Hometown Store


Locally Owned and Operated

Fashion Fabrics Peddlers Village • Hwy. 301 South Rocky Mount, NC 27803


Mother’s Day is May 11th!



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Trade In Any Machine, Any Condition, and Receive $1500 towards a Husqvarna Designer Ruby Deluxe Embroidery Machine

• Sewing Machines • Embroidery Machines • Fabrics • Notions • Gift Certificates Hours: 10am-5pm Mon.-Fri. 10am-2pm Sat.


Shooting Sports LLC 1009 West Mount Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27804

• Guns • Ammo • Shooting Accessories • Reloading Supplies • Gunsmithing Available Open Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm Saturdays 10am-3pm


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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Don Bulluck has been in business since 1917. Serving Rocky Mount, Nashville, Wilson, Roanoke Rapids, and Raleigh and surrounding areas. Visit or give us a call at (252) 557-2672.


EA Bargain The Closeout Store sells name brand products for as little as the generic costs. Get 50% or more off multiple categories such as over the counter medicine, hair products, fragrances, nail products, food, cosmetics, toy’s & gifts, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, electronics, dvd’s & cd’s, flat screen tv’s and much more.

Golden East Crossing

Belk’s, jcpenney, Petco, Ross Dress for Less, Bed Bath & Beyond, Books-A-Million, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Ashley Stewart, Victoria’s Secret, The Children’s Place, and so many more! GREAT SELECTION. VALUABLE SAVINGS. BEST SHOPPING DOWN EAST. Visit our website www. or our Facebook page to see a list of our sales and events.



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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Popular items that can be purchased locally Home services

Many consumers prefer to buy locally when shopping. There are several advantages to choosing local products, including the benefit of aiding your local economy by supporting a business with roots in your community. Dealing with an individual or small enterprise instead of a billion-dollar operation is another reason people are drawn to local stores and businesses. Spring and summer are great times of year to shop locally, as the warmer weather facilitates strolling community shops and business districts. The following items are popular among consumers who emphasize buying local when making their purchases.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning unit or are considering a home renovation, using a local, licensed contractor is often the smart way to go. Rather than dealing with the red tape of a larger outfit that may subcontract its work, local businesses are often more customer-service driven. What’s more, if ever a problem arises, it’s much easier to go into a local business and discuss concerns face-to-face instead of dealing with an unknown person answering phones at a corporate call center.


The home-based arts and crafts industry has undergone a rebirth thanks to sites like Continued on page 14 ➤


If you desire fresher fruits and vegetables, then shopping locally is the way to go. According to Local Harvest, most produce in the United States is picked four to seven days before it reaches the supermarket shelves, and it might have traveled thousands of miles before landing on those shelves. A lot of produce is grown and imported from South and Central America, and such produce can take even longer to arrive on supermarket shelves. As a result, the flavor and freshness of fruits and vegetables shipped from afar might be compromised. The best way to get peak-season produce is to buy items that come from local providers. The popular Farmers Market of Rocky Mount is located at 1006 Peachtree Street and open seasonally on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

A. Langley Carrying quality name brand furniture including: • Craftmaster • Paula Deen • Catnapper • Klaussner • Vaughan Bassett • Universal • Edgecombe Upholstery • And more!


Special Orders Welcome!

Save on quality-crafted furniture for every room in your home, including living room, dining room, bedroom and a new mattress gallery.

Parking In Front and Rear of Store!

Viverette Furniture 140 N. W. Main Street • Rocky Mount



Open Mon.-Sat. 9:30 AM-6:00 PM


KAY BOTTOMS Manager/Agent


157 SE Main St.

Rocky Mount, NC 27801

252-212-2005 Phone 252-212-3386 Fax/Phone Serving North Carolina For Over 41 Years.

An Accident Is Only An Attitude Away

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Thursday, May 8, 2014



Are you serious right now? Yes, anything can happen these days! Make sure your coverage is complete and comprehensive to cover any mishap! At Affordable 2 Insurance Service we have your best interest at heart. Auto, Home Owners, Commercial, Mobile Home, Non-Owner Policies, and Life & Health Insurance, whatever your insurance need, Affordable 2 Takes Your Insurance Personally. Located at 302 SW Main St. in downtown Rocky Mount. Phone: 252-212-5027.


S&B Shooting Sports, located at 1009 West Mount Dr., is your one stop shop for pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, holsters and accessories. We have a full service gunsmith as well. Other services include consignment, layaway, Cerakote and hydrocoating. Call 252-442-0712 or come in for full service.


Spring is in full bloom at The Bath Place and we invite you to come experience the popular new fragrance, “Love Is….”, as well as our updated assortment of Spring candles. At The Bath Place, we create handcrafted, spa quality, natural bath goodies fresh onsite daily. Enjoy special local pricing at our downtown Rocky Mount location, 205 NE Main St. and for additional savings subscribe to our newsletter by submitting your email address to Phone 888-530-0591.


Come see the new arrivals and vibrant colors just in time for all your spring & summer home decorating needs. We’re in our new location at 140 N.W. Main Street in Downtown Rocky Mount and invite you to come see our newly remodeled showroom. Save on quality-crafted furniture featuring famous name brands that you know and trust. Special deals now going on during our Bloomin’ Spring Sale. Parking available in front or rear of store. Phone: 252-446-6598.


Rocky M ount Telegram


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Continued from page 12 Pinterest, Craftsy and Etsy. Many of the items offered at craft stores are handmade by local artisans and not mass-produced in overseas factories. Local artisans may be your best bet when shopping for unique arts and crafts full of detail and quality. Check out the Bel Air Artisans Center at 115 S. Church Street, Rocky Mount.

Prime Smokehouse, Lou Reda’s and Milton and Miles. There are numerous benefits to shopping locally and ideal ways to get started in the Twin Counties. Take in a farmer’s market or enjoy a meal at a local restaurant to get started. –JN/Metro


Dining out is a different experience when you select independent restaurants over national chains. Chefs at independently owned restaurants have a greater say over ingredients and menu choices than those at franchise establishments, and you may be introduced to foods you had never before dreamed of trying. Restaurants that team up with local food suppliers offer a double-dose of regional commerce and fresher ingredients. Several new restaurants have opened in recent months in the Rocky Mount area including Hibachi Grill, The




4FSWJDFJTUIF,FZ -ZDPOJB .D$BGGJUZ Auto • Home Owners Commercial • Mobile Home Non-Owners Policies Health & Life Insurance

Call Today For Your Free Consultation


Find These Retailers And More! 977-6464 • Hwy. 301 North • Rocky Mount Visit for sales & events!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Years In Business 105 Years in Business

95 Years in Business


Richardson Funeral Home

240 Atlantic Ave. Rocky Mount, NC 27804

90 Years in Business

Serving you since 1918

Family Owned & Operated

607 S. Main Street Louisburg



550 South Wesleyan Blvd Rocky Mount, NC 27803

204 N. Alston Street Nashville



84 Years in Business

77 Years in Business

“The Cooling System Specialist�

60 Years in Business Since 1923

821 S. Church St. Rocky Mount, NC 27803

252-977-1445 Workwear Uniform Rental Facility Service


71 Years in Business


727 N. Grace St. Rocky Mount, NC

Blind & Awning


Located at

65 Years in Business STRICKLAND EQUIPMENT CO. For Your Lawn & Garden Needs Since 1949

1818 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, NC

1800 Sunset Avenue

Rocky Mount, NC 27801

• Plantation Shutters • Wood Blinds • Custom Picture Framing • Security Doors • Storm Doors • Ornamental Iron Rails

309 S. Barnes St. Nashville, NC 27856


Celebrating 86 Years

105 East Cross Street Nashville, NC

Mary Crotts


Join Us On Facebook



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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Years In Business 62 Years in Business

Serving the community for more than 59 years



53 Years in Business

COASTAL WRECKER SERVICE, INC. • Lowboy Service for Heavy Equipment • Air Cushions • Local & Long Distance • Light-Heavy Duty Wreckers • Truck Tire Service • Rollback Service • Tire Service & Road Service (Cars • Heavy Equipment Forklifts) Work

FULL SERVICE AUTO CENTER • Tune Ups • Brake Repair • State Inspections • A/C Service • Wheel Alignment • Lube & Oil Changes

56 Years In Business





Serving Your Area For Over 40 Years! We Are A Complete Garden Center • Natural & Man-Made Stone • Straw/Mulch • Planting Supplies Mike & Jan Harper, Owners 2145 Oak Level Rd.

1525 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • Rocky Mt.


52 Years in Business

41 Years in Business

41 Years in Business

In Business Since 1974


Rigby Electric Supply Inc

Murrays Auto and Tire Center Inc.

ecil C Capps

(252) 972-4566 117 Coeco Cir, Rocky Mount, NC

906 Eastern Avenue Nashville, NC 27856 (252) 459-7545



3670 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, NC

37 Years in Business

36 Years in Business

35 Years in Business

Wholesale ~ Retail • Paints • Wallcovering • Ladders • Brushes • Rentals • On-Site Decorator • Custom Tinting, Any Color

945 N. Church Street Rocky Mount, NC Open: M-F 7:30-5:30

252-446-6045 39 Years in Business JOYNER’S Heating & Air Conditioning 100% Financing Available On Approval

Sales - Service - Installation 613 Chester St. • Rocky Mount, NC

Alvin Joyner, owner




631 Fenner Rd. Rocky Mount, NC

3515 US Hwy.301 W Wilson, NC







Concept Salon



442-4166 Locally Owned & Operated

2525 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, NC 27804

252-443-5527 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-2pm

“Enhancing your natural beauty through nature’s creation”

129 Foy Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27804


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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Years In Business 33 Years in Business

Jack McManus Heating & Air Conditioning 3FTJEFOUJBM4QFDJBMJTUT



33 Years in Business

People’s Termite & Pest Control Inc. 129 W. Battleboro Ave. Battleboro, NC 27809



31 Years in Business

Finding Homes for Families Since 1985


John’s Gifts & Reproductions, Inc. John, Carolyn & Scott Atkinson

Started 1982

• Gifts • Furniture • Home Accessories

Christmas trees, wreaths & gifts

1081 North Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount, NC

252-443-2403 28 Years in Business


3&/5  '"9

Serving You Since 1985

28 Years in Business



3690 Highway 111 North Tarboro, NC 27886

252-823-1824 252-641-1020 (FAX) JoE W. DICKENS, JR.

Different Sizes Available 24-Hour Access Low Monthly Rental You Furnish Lock - You Have Only Key Boats - Cars - Supplies - Route Salesman


14218 S 64 Alt. West Near The Fairground




28 Years in Business

27 Years in Business 



Rocky Mount, NC

25 Years in Business

J & J’s

Kitchen and Catering Located at 1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. Mon.-Fri. 6AM-2PM

Catering Is Our Specialty JoLynn Tyson - Owner


5728 Speights Bridge Rd. Stantonsburg, NC 27883

252-238-3766 Fax 252-238-3764 1-800-846-8880 Since 1985

749 Fenner Road, Suite A Rocky Mount, NC 27804


7369 Hunter Hill Rd. Rocky Mount, NC



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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Years In Business Tri-County Arts Complex, Inc.

Dance, Gymnastics & Cheerleading

Parker & Davis Insurance Agencies Greg Parker & Michael Davis, Agent

252-446-1119 101 S. Church St. Rocky Mount

24 Years Of Service The Wright’s Center Adult Day Health Services

• Transportation & Meals Provided • Craft - Music - Exercise • Music Therapy • Personal Care & Health Monitoring by RN • State Certified & Monitored • Veterans Welcome

Save The Date April 24, 2014 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration Honoring Founder Visions, Inc. 513 W. Raleigh Blvd. 252-442-8363

25 Years in Business

Over 35 Years Teaching Experience 21 National Winners! Recreational & Competitive Classes QUAlITY-CERTIfIEd INSTRUCTORS

1964 Stone Rose drive, Rocky Mount



21 Years In Business BATTS TREE SERVICE Complete Tree Removal Certified Arborist, Stump Grinding Senior Citizen Discount (Fully Insured Workmans Comp and Liability)

Call: 252-289-6435

In Business Since 1988 Fireplaces, Wood & Pellet Stoves • Gas Logs • Mantles & Marble


25 Years in Business UNTY A CO


25 Years in Business

Fireplace Creation, Inc.

2483 Hurt Drive

Rocky Mount, NC 27802

Open 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday 10:00-2:00 Saturday

443 South Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27803



20 Years in Business

20 Years In Business

Gary Kirkwood - Owner

A Quality Consignment Boutique & Health Care Uniform Shop

of Rocky Mount Monday 12-5 Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 Saturday 10-3:00

227 W. Washington Street Nashville, NC 27856

252-459-2083 “Take A Trip To Japan”

Since 1993 560 Fenner Road Rocky Mount, NC 27804


16 Years in Business

ICHIBAN Hampton Village


Authentic Teppanyaki

Art of Japanese Cooking in a Relaxed Atmosphere


Steaks • Chicken • Seafood Sushi Bar • All ABC Permits

Call About Our Specials!

191 S. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC 252-984-0888

Call Today to Schedule Your Personal Tour!


Purchase of $40 or More Get $ 5 Off With This Coupon

One coupon per couple or group. Not valid with other offers. Expires 12/31/14

Professionally Managed by Trademark Residential

252-937-2822 TradeMark Office Hours: Residential M-F 8:30 to 5, 919.510.4010 fax 919.510.4009 Sat. 10 to 2

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Years In Business 15 Years in Business

14 Years in Business

15 Years in Business


Carolyn O’Garro-Moore

Heating & air Specializing In Installation & Repair For All Your Residential, Commercial and Mobile Homes Needs


Locally Owned & Operated by John Bandy

Serving Nash County Since March of 2002 “Dedicated To Service Above Self”

Autumn Care of Nash

1210 Eastern Ave. Nashville, NC 27856


252-462-0673 (FAX)

10 Years in Business

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Serving • No Soap, No Shampoo Nash,Edgecombe • Fast Drying (1-2 Hours) & Wilson Counties • Removes Dirt, Grease, Stains Independently • Safe For Kids And Pets Owned & • Red Stain Removal, Operated Pet Stains

252-443-4433 Joey & Denise Barden - Owners

4 Years in Business

3 Years in Business

3713 Dortches Blvd. • Hwy. 43 Rocky Mount, NC 27804

252-972-CARS (2277) After Hours Call: 252-883-6655

“Where The Low Overhead Equals Lowest Prices”

Attorney and Counselor at Law

For all your Real Estate needs think First!

Sunset Towers 168 Roundabout Court P.O. Box 8405 Rocky Mount, NC 27804


1100 West Thomas Street Rocky Mount, NC 27802

252-443-1493 FAX



9 Years in Business

5 Years in Business

Drier, Cleaner, Healthier.®

Specializing In Skilled Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

Jammy Mitchell Auto Sales

11 Years in Business

WIRES, INC 338 S. Franklin St. Rocky Mount, NC 27804

(252) 977-9444 3 Years In Business


2 Years in Business

Sutton’s Framing & Gallery Women’s Apparel & Sunless Tanning

2931 Zebulon Rd. The Shoppes at Stoney Creek Rocky Mount, NC 27904 252.443.3000

WE OFFER: Extensive Rug Cleaning & Full Service Flooring Carpet-Vinyl-Tile-Laminate-Hardwoods Rugs & Home Decor

• Featuring Nash County Artists • Painting, Prints & 3D • Custom Framing • Dry Mounting • Conservation Framing • Classic & Modern Designs

Joey & Denise Barden

141 S. Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount

3763 Dortches Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27804

(252) 443-2433 Family Owned & Operated



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Great Ideas for Mother’s Day and Spring Home Decorating & Improvements!


New Items Every Day!



• Electronics • TVs and MP3’s • House Hold Supplies • Cosmetics • Fragrances • Cleaning Supplies • Hair & Nail Supplies • Gifts & Much More!

Your favorite name brands for him and her at a fraction of the cost!


2760 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (Across from the Highway Patrol Station/DMV)


• Interior Design Items • Flags • Decor Items • Mailbox Covers • Lamps • Lamp Shades Open: Mon.-Fri. 9:30-5:30, Sat. 9:30-4:00

248 SW Main St. 446-9383

Shop local spring 2014  
Shop local spring 2014