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September 22, 2013

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September 22, 2013

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September 22, 2013

Best year yet for Readers’ Choice winners F

rom the best accountant to the best wrecker service, the Rocky Mount Telegram presents its annual Readers’ Choice Awards in celebration of the people, places and things that make our area great. Response to this “Best of the Best” contest continues to grow every year. Clearly, our readers are passionate about their favorites. In fact, nearly three times as many readers voted this year than just two years ago, and we had nearly 45,000 votes to

tally this year. Special thanks goes to Jeanne Brown, Ashley Cox and Thomas Zawistowicz who tabulated all the online and print edition votes. We are always tinkering with the categories to keep this contest up-to-date and relavant. If there are categories you think we should add or subtract, contact special sections coordinator Jeanne Brown at 252-4079927 or When you’re out and

about, be sure to look for the colorful Telegram 2013 Readers’ Choice window cling (like on the cover of this magazine.) Support the businesses you and your friends, neighbors and coworkers voted as the best of the best. If there are some winners you’re not familiar with, you might want to visit and see what makes them a top choice. We thank our readers for their feedback and participation and congratulate the five voters who were ran-

domly selected to receive $20 gift cards to the winning businesses of their choice. Those winners include: Brenda Warbritton of Rocky Mount, Alicia Richardson of Tarboro, Jenice Meadows of Nashville, Sabrina Nicanders of Whitakers and Rick Sanford of Rocky Mount. We applaud the people and businesses highlighted within this magazine who make the Twin Counties such a special place to live.

Advertiser Index ------------------------------------------------1604 Day Spa & Salon - 37 Abundantly More Boutique - 43 All Smiles Child Care, Inc. - 36 Allen’s Nursery - 39 Anne’s Donut Shop - 7 Bailey’s Fine Jewelry - 17 Battle Winslow Scott & Wiley - 49 Belton & Schrimper - 41 Bob’s Appliance Service - 41 Boice-Wills Clinic - 23 Boone, Hill, Allen & Ricks - 34 Bottoms Tire & Auto Center - 36 Brekenridge Retirement Center - 25 Britt’s Carpet - 29 Chick-fil-A - 8 Clayton Homes Inc - 26 Clean Clean - 27 Coastal Wrecker - 44 Coldwell Banker Watson Property - 22 Courts, Frank J. DDS PhD - 13 Davenport Auto Park - 24 David Smith Construction Group - 38 Don Bulluck Chevrolet - 20 Don’s Body Shop - 42 Edmondson, Melvin - 10 Edward Jones - 10 El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant - 9

Elizabeth Michaels - 45 Englewood Barber Shop - 49 Express Floors - 27 Express Personnel Service - 51 Eyecarecenter,OD,PA - 15 Family Medical of Rocky Mount - 11 Gardner’s Barbeque - 4 Gateway Hotel Center Complex - 47 Hammer, John Paul Dr. - 22 Harley Davidson - 48 Harrison Family YMCA - 12 Henly & Company - 21 Hester & Moore, Attny - 14 Hicks Animal Clinic - 20 Highland Company - 49 Hopkins, Rodney - 41, 48 J & J’s Kitchen - 6 Jack Mcmanus HVAC - 44 JC Penney Optical - 39, 45 Jody’s Of Nashville - 19 King Exterminating - 49 Jake Labar & Son Exterminating - 31 Lady Elegant Hair Designers - 49 Manpower Temporary Services - 44 Mayflower Seafood - 5 Metro Maintenance - 40

Mr. Ribs - 9 Mullen, Jim Paul, DDS - 49 Nash OB-GYN - 52 Nash Rocky Mount Schools - 8 Nationwide Insurance - 28 Pemberton, Inc - 50 Planet Fitness - 30 Pridgen Tire And Auto Center - 46 Rocky Mount City - 12 Rocky Mount Telegram - 19 Roger Taylor And Assoc. - 33 Sharpsburg Restaurant - 19 Simmons & Harris - 40 Smith Florist - 34 Stonepark Childcare - 42 Studio 360 - 32 Sunset Computer Works - 50 Sunset Studios LLC - 16 Swimworld - 41 Tau Valley Apartments - 34 The Garden Day Spa & Salon - 35 Treanor Chiropractic - 25 Westridge Grill - 6 Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home & Cremations - 2 World Properties Int. Dwyer & Associates - 18 Yours & Mine Consignment - 38

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September 22, 2013

Category Index ----------------------Best Food-----------Asian Food - 5 Bakery - 5 Bar-B-Que - 6 Breakfast - 5 Caterer - 6 Chili - 7 Cup of Coffee - 7 Dessert - 7 Doughnuts - 8 Drive-Thru - 8 French Fries - 9 Fried Chicken - 9

Hamburger - 10 Home Cooking - 10 Hot Dog - 10 Hushpuppies - 11 Ice Cream / Shakes - 11 Iced Tea - 11 Italian Food - 12 Mexican Food - 12 Overall Restaurant - 12

Pizza - 13 Ribs - 13 Salad Bar - 13 Sandwich & Sub - 13 Seafood - 13 Soup - 14 Steak - 14 Value - 14

Best PeoPle ----& Where they Work----

Accountant - 15 Auto Mechanic - 15 Barber - 15 Car Salesman - 16 Chiropracticor - 16 Dentist - 16 Electrician - 19 Exterminator - 19 Family Doctor - 19 Financial Consultant - 20 Firefighter - 21 Hair Stylist - 21 Home Builder - 21 Insurance Agent - 21 Locksmith - 22 Manicurist - 22

Massage Therapist - 23 Nurse - 22 OB-GYN - 23 Paramedic/EMT - 23 Pastor - 23 Pediatrician - 25 Pharmacist - 25 Photographer - 25 Plumber - 26 Police Officer - 26 Real Estate Agent - 26 School Principal - 27 School Teacher - 27 Veterinarian - 27 Waiter / Waitress - 27

Apartment Community - 29 Appliance Repair - 29 Assisted Living Facility - 29 Auto Body Shop - 29 Automotive Dealership - 31 Bank - 31 Barber Shop - 31 Bridal Shop - 31 Car Wash - 31 & 32 Carpet Cleaning Service - 32 Cell Phone Service - 32 Church - 32 Computer / Electronics Repair Service - 33 Consignment Shop - 33 Convenience Store - 33 Day Care Center - 33 Day Spa - 34 Dry Cleaner - 34 Employment Service - 34 Fitness Center - 37 Floor Covering - 37 Flower Shop - 37 Funeral Home - 37 Furniture Company - 38 Gift Shop / Accessories - 38 Golf Course -38 Gun Shop - 38 Hair Salon - 39 Hearing Aid Center - 39

Home Health Agency - 39 Home Maintenance - 39 Hotel / Motel - 43 HVAC Service - 43 Insurance Company - 43 Jewelry Store - 43 Kid’s Clothing Store - 44 Lawn / Tree Service - 44 Men’s Clothing Store - 44 Mobile Home Sales - 44 Motorcycle Dealer - 44 Oil Change - 44 Optical Store -45 Overall Employer - 45 Park - 45 Pet Groomer - 45 Plant Nursery - 46 Pool / Spa Company - 46 Real Estate Company - 46 Roofing Contractor - 48 Sewing / Fabric Store - 48 Shoe Store - 48 Tanning Salon - 49 Tire Store - 49 Tuxedo Rental - 49 Weight Loss Center - 50 Women’s Clothing - 50 Wrecker Service - 50

-----------Best Places-----------

Thank You Rocky Mount for Voting Us...

1 Best



And A Winner In This Best Food Category: “Best Caterer”

A Best Barbecue Winner


Celebrating Our 41st Anniversary! Westridge Shopping Center - 443-3996 841 Fairview Rd. - 442-5522 Hwy. 301 N Bypass - 446-2983 Catering Service - Hwy. 301 N Bypass 442-9688


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September 22, 2013

AsiAn Food 1st


Ichiban Japanese Steak House

191 S. Wesleyan Blvd. • 984-0888

The name Ichiban means #1. They offer a delicious and memorable dining experience whether in the Teppanyaki dining room where knife-flashing chefs prepare your meal at the table, or in the traditional dining room or sushi bar.


Hing Ta


1276 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 985-1828



Cake decorator Jessica Sikes works on a custom design for a birthday cake at Anne’s Donuts & Bakery.

Tokyo Express 2816 Sunset Avenue 937-2228

BreAkFAst 1st

Telegram PHOTO

Cracker Barrel

238 Enterprise Drive • 443-0679

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The first Cracker Barrel opened in 1969 in Lebanon, TN. Their mission is to please people, providing a warm, welcome and good meal at a fair price.


Highway Diner 910 N. Winstead Ave. 451-5270

Best Seafood 2013


J&J’s Kitchen & Catering

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 446-6300


Anne’s Donuts

2714 Sunset Ave. • 937-6006

Founded in 1952, Anne’s specializes in donuts made the oldfashioned way; deep fried. In 1988 many other baked goods were added, in 2010, a gift shop was added.


Sam’s Club

300 Tarrytown Center 443-4044



3 Area locations Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Nashville

Thank You! From the crew here at the Mayflower, we would like to thank all of our customers for their constant support and loyalty. To us, you’re more than a customer - you’re family.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant 1520 N. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804 252-985-4002

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September 22, 2013



Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q Operations Manager Margaret Moore makes pulled pork barbeque at the Rocky Mount location. Telegram phoTo

Kim Eilers, co-owner of Hunter Hill Cafe, plates potato salad for a patron during lunch at the restaurant. Telegram phoTo


Smithfield’s Chicken N’ Bar-B-Que

670 North Wesleyan Boulevard • 937-3032 1169 Eastern Ave., Nashville • 459-0092

The first Smithfield opened in Smithfield in 1964. There are now over 30 in Eastern NC. They are committed to superior service and quality. Their secret? Being real, not trendy.


Gardner’s Barbecue

3 Area locations


Doug Sauls BBQ

813 Western Ave., Nashville 252-459-4247


Hunter Hill Café

501 Old Mill Rd. • 443-1311

Specializing in pit-cooked chicken, ribs and barbecue. Home of the Dean E. Smith Educational Aquarium.


Gardner’s Barbecue

3 Area locations

k n a u h T Yo

J&J’s Kitchen 3rd & Catering

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 446-6300

For Voting J & J’s Kitchen

One of Rocky Mount’s Best Caterers, Breakfast, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs! Country cooking at its best!

J & J’S Kitchen

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC

446-6300 • JoLynn Tyson, Owner

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September 22, 2013

Chili 1st



949 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 985-3440 1200 Eastern Ave., Nashville • 459-8600 101 River Oaks Drive, Tarboro • 641-4070

Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 it was named after his daughter. Quality is their promise by using fresh, never frozen products and making your food fresh when you order it.

CafĂŠ 2nd Central 132 S. Church St.



Pizza Inn

Hunter Hill Rd. • 937-2323 Fairview Rd. • 446-5141


Anne’s Donuts

2714 Sunset Ave. • 937-6006

Anne’s Donuts serves the Rocky Mount, NC area with some of the finest baked goods. It is also your one stop shop for your party and holiday gifts.

K&W Cafeteria



1266 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-4241


Home Depot Plaza 443-3044

Cup of Coffee 1st Dunkin’ Donuts employee Bri Manning fills an order for a box of assorted fancies at the new restaurant at Barkley Square on Sunset Avenue. Telegram phoTo

Dunkin Donuts

2120 Stone Rose Dr. • 972-3483

The first store opened in 1950 in Quincy, MA. Dunkin Donuts now offers 70 varieties of donuts and more than a dozen coffee items, as well as breakfast & bakery sandwiches and other baked goods. Quality and consistency is their promise.



731 Sutters Creek Blvd. 443-1195



9 Area Locations



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September 22, 2013



Carl Battle flips yeast raised donuts in the deep fryer at Anne’s Donuts. Once the donuts have been deep fried, Battle applies a sugar glaze. Telegram phoTo


Anne’s Donuts

2714 Sunset Ave. • 937-6006

Let Anne’s Donuts provide a convenient way to pick up your Birthday cake and presents, all from the warmth and the fresh sweet smell of their bakery.


Krispy Kreme

969 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 442-6600


Dunkin Donuts

2120 Stone Rose Dr. 252-972-3483

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

Nash Rocky Mount Public Schools salutes Quintin Mangano, Angela Ward, Shawnita Harper and Betsy Hester! Congratulations to our educators and administrators!

Jatovia Pearce, left, places her order with Antoine Pope at Chick-fil-A at Cobb Corners. Telegram phoTo



1332 Jeffrey’s Rd. • 442-3525

The first store opened in 1967 in Atlanta, GA. They have grown to 1700 restaurants in 38 states. Everything is hand made fresh every day.

Cook-Out 2nd 1020 N. Wesleyan Blvd.



2804 Sunset Ave. 451-1127

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September 22, 2013

Fried chicken 1st

Kentucky Fried Chicken 2108 Stone Rose Dr. • 442-7390 923 Raleigh Rd. • 446-6000 1120 N. Fairview Rd. • 442-3617

Colonel Sanders opened in Kentucky 70 years ago and now have 15,000 restaurants in 105 countries. They base their success on their secret blend of herbs and affordable prices.

Smithfield’s 2nd Chicken N’ Bar-B-Q

670 N. Wesleyan Blvd • 937-3032 Eastern Ave. in Nashville 459-0092 •


Silvia Bivens adds chicken to her buffet plate at the recently remodled Kentucky Fried Chicken on Stone Rose Drive.


4 Area Locations

A Special “Thank You” To All Our Customers For Selecting Mr. Ribs As Your #1 Favorite Place To Experience The Best Tasting Ribs In Our Area!

Mr. Ribs

Hwy. 301 South Bypass Rocky Mount, NC (In Peddler’s Village)


Open Wed.-Sun. 5PM Until. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Telegram phoTo

French Fries 1st

McDonald’s 7 Area Locations

Opened in 1955 in California. Have grown to 34,000 restaurants in 118 countries. Their goal is quality, service, cleanliness and value.



1332 Jeffrey’s Rd. 252-442-3525



9 Area Locations

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September 22, 2013


Home-Cooking 1


Pam Joyner, left, a cashier at Central Cafe, serves a hot dog, two cheeseburgers and fries to Danny Jones and his wife Deborah Jones at the restaurant in downtown Rocky Mount.

Hunter Hill Café & Catering

501 Old Mill Rd. • 443-1311

Offering full catering services for business meetings, parties, holiday gatherings, weddings, family reunions and any other gathering you can think of.


Cracker Barrel

238 Enterprise Drive 252-443-0679

Telegram phoTo


Central Café

Great food nestled in a small brick building with wood benches where you can get burger or hot dogs with fries. Simplicity at its finest.


K&W Cafeteria

1266 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-4241

Hot Dog

132 S. Church St. 446-8568

Cook-Out 2nd 1020 N. Wesleyan Blvd.


J&J’s Kitchen & Catering

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 446-6300

You Can’t Control the World, But You Can Control Your Decisions.

Sometimes the market reacts poorly to world events, but just because the market reacts doesn’t mean you should. Still, if current events are making you feel uncertain about your finances, you should schedule a complimentary portfolio review. That way, you can make sure you’re in control of where you want to go and how you get there.

Call or visit your local financial advisor today.


Central Café

132 S. Church St. • 446-8568

The food is 50’s style fast food, simple but excellent. No one makes a cheeseburger like they do. The best hotdogs and hamburgers in town since 1927.



2804 Sunset Ave. 451-1127

EDMONDSON PLUMBING 3&4*%&/5*"- $0..&3$*"-






Sherlon L Page Financial Advisor 210 Bryant St Suite B Rocky Mount, NC 27804 252-937-6997

Member SIPC


J&J’s Kitchen & Catering

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 446-6300

The Rocky Mount Telegram would like to take a moment to thank our readers for taking time to fill our our survey and let everyone know who they think is the best.

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September 22, 2013


ice cream

Gardner’s Barbecue

1st 1331 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 841 Fairview Road Westridge Shopping Center

Opened in 1972 featuring good ole Eastern NC country cooking. They specialize in barbeque, southern fried chicken and southern style collards.

Smithfield’s 2nd Chicken N’ Bar-B-Q

670 N. Wesleyan Blvd • 937-3032 Eastern Ave. in Nashville 459-0092 •


Hunter Hill Café

501 Old Mill Rd. • 443-1311

iced Tea 1st

Telegram phoTo

Customers wait in line at the Cook Out walk-up window at the restaurant on Wesleyan Boulevard.


590 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 451-1990 908 English Road • 443-7402

Originally opened in Charlotte in 1977, there are now 335 locations. They take pride in their distinctive flavor, high quality products made from scratch and friendly service. They have an extensive breakfast menu which is served all day.

2nd McDonald’s

7 Area Locations


Pizza Inn

1473 Hunter Hill Rd. • 937-2323 101 Fairview Rd. • 446-5141



1020 N. Wesleyan Blvd.

Originally opened for business in Greensboro, there are now 119 locations throughout NC, GA, SC, TN and VA. They specialize in hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and barbeque as well as a wide variety of milkshakes.



2804 Sunset Ave. 451-1127



1332 Jeffrey’s Rd. 442-3525

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September 22, 2013

ItalIan Food 1st

overall restaurant

Mama’s Pizza

1340 Benvenue Rd. • 977-3600

Opened in 1982 offering authentic Italian food. Serving New York Style Pizza, Pan Pizza (Thick Crust), Stromboli and Calzones, Children’s Menu, Beverages, Appetizers and Antipasto Salads in Rocky Mount & Tarboro.

Olive Garden 2nd Italian Restaurant 1140 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 442-1329

Outback Steakhouse in Rocky Mount serving quality steak, chicken and seafood.

Mario’s Pizza 3rd & Restaurant

3653 Sunset Ave. 451-9393

Telegram phoTo

MexIcan Food 1st

El Taptio Mexican Restaurant

1296 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 985-0027

Family owned and operated offering authentic Mexican food prepared by authentic Mexican chefs. Make your own combos or order from the menu.

San Jose 2nd Restaurant

1565 Benvenue Rd. • 442-7200



1701 Sunset Ave. 446-8600

Congratulations to the City of Rocky Mount’s Readers’ Choice Winners!


First Place: 4VOTFU1BSL Second Place: $JUZ-BLF Third Place: &OHMFXPPE1BSL


First Place: $ISJT.PTMFZ Second Place: 3JDLZ1BSLT Third Place: #+$POOJF


Third Place: 3BZ8BMLFS



Outback Steakhouse 210 Gateway Blvd. • 451-7800

Started in 1988 in Tampa, FL, Outback believes in hospitality, sharing, quality and having fun. They offer a variety of steaks, chicken, ribs, seafood and pasta.

Olive Garden 2nd Italian Restaurant 1140 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 442-1329


Pizza Inn

1473 Hunter Hill Rd. 937-2323 101 Fairview Rd. 446-5141

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September 22, 2013


sandwich/sub 1st Maggie Braswell serves herself at the pizza buffet during lunch at the Pizza Inn at Hunter Hill Shopping Center. Telegram phoTo


Pizza Inn

Originated in 1958 in Dallas, TX. There are now 310 restaurants internationally.

2820 Sunset Ave. • 443-3527 106 W. Nashville Dr. • 459-9600


Papa John’s

3014 Sunset Ave. 252-985-7272

Ribs 1st

Mr. Ribs

1230 S. Wesleyan Blvd. • 442-3711


Texas Steakhouse



711 Sutters Creek Blvd. • 443-3888 126 Gateway Blvd. • 443-7396


1276 Home Depot Plaza 443-3044

salad baR 1st

Pizza Inn

1473 Hunter Hill Rd. • 937-2323 101 Fairview Rd. • 252-446-5141

Pizza Inn specializes in their famous pizza buffet and their “pizzerts”. Their hallmark pizza is the bacon cheeseburger pizza.

2nd Ruby Tuesday

1457 Benvenue Rd. 252-212-1570



Jersey Mike’s

1463 Hunter Hill Rd. 252-937-6777


Pizza Inn

101 Fairview Rd. • 446-5141 1473 Hunter Hill Rd. • 937-2323


Mayflower Restaurant 1520 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 985-4002

With locations in Rocky Mount, Wilson, Mount Airy and Roanoke Rapids, they offer a wide variety of menu items. They offer some exotic menu items such as abalone, jelly fish, squab, duck, shark, sea cucumber and geoduck.

Red Lobster 2nd 1010 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-937-2190


Doug Sauls BBQ

813 Western Ave., Nashville 252-459-4247


Specializing in pork & beef ribs from locations in Nash and Edgecombe Counties. nd

The first Subway opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, CT. There are now 37,000 locations worldwide. Their goal is to serve fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches at a reasonable price.


1473 Hunter Hill Rd. • 937-2323 101 Fairview Rd. • 252-446-5141

Pizza Hut 2nd 1522 Jeffrey’s Rd. • 443-6999


1100 N. Wesleyan Boulevard • 984-0899 2420 North Church Street • 446-6693 3635 Sunset Avenue • 443-6450

Ribeye’s Steakhouse

108 W. Nashville Dr., Nashville 462-2356

Frank J. Courts, D.D.S., Ph.D. Pediatric Dentistry Elizabeth K. Miller, D.D.S., M.S. Pediatric Dentist

Specializing in Dentistry for Infants, Children & Patients with Special Needs First visit recommended at 12 months

73 Success Court Rocky Mount, NC 27804 252-443-7136

Dedicated to Children’s Oral Health

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September 22, 2013





Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1140 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 442-1329

Evelyn Whitaker places a slice of German chocolate pie with pecans in a to go box at K&W Cafeteria in Rocky Mount.

Olive Garden offers fresh, delicious and authentic Tuscan-inspired food in a comfortable, home-like setting. There are over 800 locations throughout the United States.

Honeybaked Hams



3641 Sunset Ave. • 937-4267

Pizza Inn

1473 Hunter Hill Rd. 937-2323 101 Fairview Rd. 446-5141

Telegram phoTo

SteakS 1st

Outback Steakhouse 210 Gateway Blvd. • 451-7800

Started in 1988 in Tampa, FL, Outback believes in hospitality, sharing, quality and having fun. They offer a variety of steaks, chicken, ribs, seafood and pasta.

Texas 2nd Steakhouse


711 Sutters Creek Blvd. 443-3888 126 Gateway Blvd. • 443-7396

Ribeye’s Steakhouse

108 W. Nashville Dr., Nashville 462-2356


K & W Cafeteria

1266 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-4241

The first location opened in Winston-Salem in 1937. There are now 33 locations in NC, SC, VA and WV. They offer homestyle foods from scratch. There are over 100 items daily and the entrees change daily.

Out 2nd 1020Cook N. Wesleyan Blvd.

Hester, Moore & Tucker PLLC ATTORNEYS AT LAW


Golden Corral

921 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-972-2043

(252) 451-5220 1-866-676-4687

Joseph M. hester Jr. Voted Best Attorney FIVe tIMes


t is an honor for Joe Hester to be chosen as the Readers’ Choice Best Attorney once again for 2013. We here at Hester, Moore & Tucker, PLLC have been in the business of helping people of the Twin Counties negotiate the criminal justice system for more than 35 years. Joe Hester began practicing law in 1977 as an Assistant Solicitor (now Assistant District Attorney) in the Seventh Judicial District serving Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson Counties. He joined the law firm of Moore, Diedrick, Whitaker & Carlisle in 1979 and later became a partner in the reorganized firm of Moore, Diedrick, Carlisle & Hester. He left the firm in 1999 and together with Thomas J. Moore II formed the partnership Hester & Moore, PLLC. The senior partners continue to practice to this day with Damian L. Tucker as Hester, Moore & Tucker, PLLC. Joe’s practice has consisted of criminal defense in the Seventh Judicial District in both the District and Superior Courts. He has handled thousands of cases, both felonies and misdemeanors. Joe is known by many of his peers as one of the most experienced DWI trial attorneys in the district.

3230 Zebulon Road, PO BOX 8256 Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Look for our new website at

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September 22, 2013

AccountAnt 1st

Keith Beck, CPA Keith Beck Accounting 109 Foy Drive • 443-5950

Let Keith Beck help you with all your general accounting and tax preparation needs.


Terry Sharpe

Bunch & Company 2300 Professional Dr. • 443-0551


David Oettinger

Auto MechAnic 1st 2nd

Oettinger & Company, CPA, P.A. 101 Candlewood Road • 451-1900

Joe Hester

Hester Moore & Tucker, PLLC. 3230 Zebulon Road • 451-5220

Joe Hester opened the firm in 1999. He specializes in criminal law with a specialty in DWI defense.


TW King

Thomas W. King 3202 Sunset Avenue 443-0113

Jake Parrott rd 3Battle, Winslow, Scott & Wiley 2343 Professional Drive 937-2200

Bottoms Tire & Auto 151 May Drive • 446-9466

Trust Glen to do honest, professional auto repairs quickly and to charge a fair price. He has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Charles Bryant Charles’ Auto Clinic 1725 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-9578

Attorney 1st

Glen Bottoms


Scott Tharrington

Tharrington’s Auto Works 1212 Construction Drive 451-1015

BArBer 1st

Tommy Waters

Englewood Barber Shop 1135 Jeffreys Road • 442-8902

Tommy Waters at Englewood Barber Shop has been serving families in Rocky Mount since 1984.


BoBo Braswell

BoBo’s Down Home Cuts

Robert Bass 3rdAll About Me Tanning & Hair 3671 N. Halifax Road 443-1803

Page 16

September 22, 2013

Car SaleSperSon

Rocky Mount Motors’ Danny Barkley can help you with the purchase of your next vehicle. TelegRaM phoTo



Danny Barkley

Rocky Mount Motors 1800 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 985-2601

Danny Barkley invites all his former customers to come and see him at Rocky Mount Motors for all their vehicle needs.

Gene Langely


Davenport autopark 650 english Road • 937-7500

Jammy Mitchell


Jammy Mitchell auto Sales 3713 Dortches Blvd. • 973-2277

ChiropraCtor 1


Dr. John Hammer

hammer Chiropractic 3123 Sunset avenue • 443-7400

Dr. hammer is originally from lakeville, MN. he opened the clinic in 1993. his promise is, “If I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can.”


Dr. Tim Treanor

Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center 4161 Capital Drive • 210-3490


Dr. Traci Clark

Miller Clark Chiropractic 1258 home Depot plz. • 446-8800



Dr. Paul Gaskins

Mullen & gaskins, DDS, pa 901 N. Winstead ave. • 443-7575

The practice of Mullen & gaskins has been fortunate to have Dr. gaskins. he is a compassionate dentist of the strongest integrity.

Berry Belton & 2nd Kevin Schrimper

Belton & Schrimper 1512 S. Winstead ave. • 937-7878


Frank Courts

Frank Courts, DDS pediatric Dentist 73 Success Court • 443-7136

September 22, 2013

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Page 18

September 22, 2013

A BIG thank you to God for allowing me to serve this community! I appreciate your vote! So grateful to all the clients I have been given the opportunity to work with ... you have become great friends!

Jen Dwyer Voted First Place Real Estate Salesperson

World Properties Int.-Dwyer & Assoc.

252-266-7083 If you are looking for personal service with results ... WPI Dwyer & Associates is happy to assist you with you buying and selling needs!

Page 19

September 22, 2013

ElEctrician Danny Outlaw


Carolina Wiring Service Inc. 740 Country Club Drive • 442-3932 “Wiring homes for the future”



Al Edwards



Alco Electric Inc. 313 Western Avenue 459-4370

Jerry Barnes


2nd Jerry Barnes Electric, Inc. 8387 Pamela Rhue 977-8845

Danny Bunn Pemberton, Inc. 277 NE Main Street 977-1813

Ronnie Peede Metro Maintenance 1175 Jeffreys Road 977-2730

ExtErminator Chris Puckett


Jake LaBar & Son Exterminating. 115 Forest Hill Ave. • 443-0650.

Family Doctor 1


Dr. Martha Chestnutt

Boice-Willis Clinic 600 Nash Medical Arts Mall • 451-3200

East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine graduate with 13 years experience.


Dr. Richard Michel

Family Medical Center 804 English Road • 443-3133

Allen King


Best Waiter/ Waitress

Jake LaBar

Jake LaBar & Son Exterminating 115 Forest Hill Ave. • 443-0650

King Exterminating 4106 Sunset Ave. • 937-8878

Thank You For Voting Us

The Best Consignment Shop

Dr. David Browder

Boice-Willis Clinic 600 Nash Medical Arts Mall 252-451-3200

T hank you for voting me your favorite!

Providing honest, quality service at a reasonable price. Serving Nash, Edgecombe & Wilson counties.





of Sharpsburg Restaurant

We want to be your favorite!

High Fashion ~ Low Prices Large Selection of Consignments New gift items, purses, totes, jewelry and accessories. New name brand scrubs featuring Nu Dimension

Mon. 12-5 Tues.-Fri. 10-5:30 Sat. 10-3

On-site Monogramming!

1000 Hunter Hill Rd ROCKY MOUNT,NC

446-5161 Why not give us a try and subscribe today? There’s so much to love:


t. ton S g n i sh shville . Wa a 27 W own N 3 nt




45 252-

• Local News • Sports • Community calendar • Editorials • Local ads • Classifieds and so much more! So give us a call and give us a chance to become your favorite! We have options to fit your lifestyle. Prices start as low as $5 per month!

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September 22, 2013

Financial consultant 1st

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor, left, and Shanna Bottoms of Roger Taylor & Associates share top honors this year in the Rocky Mount Telegram’s Readers’ Choice awards.

Roger G. Taylor & Associates 4020 Capital Drive • 937-2253

He has become part of the family of his clients and has enjoyed all the events he helped to make possible by steering his clients down a successful investment path. Protecting client investments from life’s jars and jolts since 1978.



Shanna Bottoms

Roger G. Taylor & Associates 4020 Capital Drive • 937-2253

A 2003 graduate of UNC-Wilmington with a B.S. in Business Administration. Shanna will help you plan for the unexpected events life may bring.


Russell Proctor

Stifel Financial 2933 Sunset Avenue 252-443-2724


Telegram phoTo

Sherlon Page

Edward Jones 210 Bryant St. Ste B 252-937-6997


Tim Dameron Ameriprise Financial 800 Tiffany Blvd. 252-467-2300

Chet 3rd Osterhoudt

Edward Jones 622 E. Washington Street 252-459-1805


Do it the better way at Don Bulluck Chevrolet

DON BULLUCK Your Thumbs Up Dealer

1920 Wesleyan Blvd. Hwy. 301 North, Rocky Mount SALES (252) 977-3355 • SERVICE (252) 977-3355

Family Owned Since 1917

Dr. Stuart Hicks would like to say Thank You for voting us your #1 Veterinarian



3200 Sunset Avenue (on the corner of Sunset & Englewood)

443-5994 The Hicks Family has served Rocky Mount for Over 91 Years!

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September 22, 2013

FireFighter 1st

Russell Stanton

Rocky Mount Fire Department

“Protecting lives and property through quality and excellence in service.”


Jeff Turner Red Oak Fire Department


Ray Walker

Rocky Mount Fire Dept

hairstylist 1st

Salon Moxie 2929 Zebulon Road • 451-7924

Stephanie 2nd Baker Richmond


The Garden Day Spa & Salon 3660 Sunset Avenue • 451-9451



Kaitlyn Anderson

Backstage Hair Salon 2451 Hurt Drive • 442-3560

Donald Poland

Studio 360 1026 N. Winstead Ave. 977-9734



Michelle Williams

Exquisite Design 119 Tarboro Street • 977-1605

David Smith

David Smith Group, Inc. 844 Country Club Road • 443-0277

David’s goal for quality and customer service is “Never settle for the acceptable but constantly strive for exceptional.”

Dean Holland


Dean A. Holland Builders, Inc. 1895 Rolling Acres Dr. • 459-7868


Johnny High

The Highland Company 982 N. Winstead Ave. • 443-1511

insurance agent

Alexandra Gupton

Definition of MOXIE 1: energy, pep 2: courage, determination 3: know-how. A salon determined to make you look and feel your best.


home Builder


William Walters

Farm Bureau Insurance 200 Western Blvd., Tarboro • 823-8101

William likes getting to know his clients. He takes pride in the fact that they put their faith in him to supply their insurance needs.


Chris Habit

State Farm Insurance 3305 Sunset Ave. 443-0036


Melvin Mitchell Allstate 3501 Sunset Ave. 443-5100

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September 22, 2013

Locksmith 1st


Chris Webb

Chris Webb Locksmith 708 Vestal Road • 442-4976

Nail technician Phyllis Hatchel performs a Shellac manicure for client Joceline Boring at 1604 Day Spa.

Chris loves helping people. He feels blessed to love what he does and get paid enough for it to support his family.

Dee Warren 3rd Moore’s Bicycle Shop

Boswell 2nd Don Don’s Bicycle Sales

Telegram phoTo

247 S. Washington St. 446-7012

& Service 3105 Ward Blvd., Wilson • 281-2184

nurse 1


Stephanie Wright

Women’s Health of Rocky Mount 804 English Road • 451-7060

Stephanie is one over over 84,000 nurses that call North Carolina home. She is also one out of 1,1000 that have chosen Rocky Mount as the city they want to serve.


Lewis 3rd Hope Nash Health Care

Frankie Williams

2460 Curtis Ellis Drive 962-8000

Family Medical Center 804 English Road • 443-3133


Phyllis Hatchel

1604 Day Spa & Salon 1604 S. Winstead Ave. • 451-0422

Experience the elements as we customize your manicure and pedicure with aromatherapy in our Signature Aveda nail treatment.

Brewer 2nd Jessica 1604 Day Spa & Salon

1604 S. Winstead Ave. 451-0422


Leigh Saunders

All About Me Tanning & Hair 3671 N. Halifax Road • 443-1803

Serving the Rocky Mount Community for over 20 years

Your support and trust in us for your chiropractic needs is what has led to our success of being Rocky Mount’s Best Chiropractor!

3123 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount



A huge thank you to the Twin Counties and surrounding areas for +BOFU8BUTPO  #SPLFS0XOFS "#3 "#3. $3# voting me

#2 Best Realtor

$31 $34 (3*

I appreciate being able to serve you for all of your home buying needs. We Never Stop Moving sm


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September 22, 2013

Massage TherapisT 1st

Heather Rogers

The Garden Day Spa & Salon 3660 Sunset Avenue • 451-9086

We welcome you to treat yourself to our spa or salon services and experience the difference. Because You’re Worth It.


Dixie Tippette

Head II Toe 856 Country Club Drive 252-937-6229

Beverly Finch 3rd 1604 Day Spa & Salon

1604 S. Winstead Ave. 451-0422




Dr. Christina Peyton

Dr. Dennis VanZant

Nash OB-Gyn 200 Nash Medical Arts Mall • 443-5941

Certified by The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Peyton joined Nash OB-GYN Associates in 2008. Certified by The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Van Zant joined Nash OB-GYN Associates in 1998.



Dr. Rose Glynne

Women’s Health of Rocky Mount 804 English Road 451-7060



Dr. David Lee

Vidant Women’s Care 2704 N. Main St., Tarboro 823-6333

paraMedic/eMT 1st

Adam Fisher & Ronald Perry Nash County EMS

Providing emergency and non-emergency paramedic level care to a population of 96,000 in Nash County with annual call volume of approximately 22,000 calls per year.


Joey Lewis & Cleveland Hunt


Dale Griffin & Ashley Shearin

Nash County EMS Nash County EMS

pasTOr/priesT 1st

Dennis Darvill

First Baptist Church 200 S. Church Street • 446-9113

Pastor Darville vision for the church is that God would give parishioners a white-hot heart for Him and that FBCRM would be known as a congregation which is greatly cared for.

2nd 3rd

Michael Cloer

Englewood Baptist Chruch • 1350 S. Winstead Ave. 937-8254 •

Fr. Tim Mears

Our Lady of Perpetual Help 315 Hammond St. • 972-1971


Richard Gurganus Church on the Rise 3520 Bishop Rd. • 972-7473

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September 22, 2013

Page 25

September 22, 2013

Pediatrician 1st


Dr. James Grant

Boice-Willis Pediatrics 100 Nash Medical Arts Mall • 451-3100

Garry Hodges was not only voted as the Readers’ Choice Best Photographer but was also awarded Small Business of the Year for 2013 by the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Grant practices general pediatrics with an emphasis on pediatric heart disease and ADHD.

Dr. Paul Kinnaird


3rd Dr. Vasanth Baliga

Boice-Willis Pediatrics • 100 Nash Medical Arts Mall 451-3100 •

Telegram phoTo

Pharmacist Allison Harris



CVS 2605 Sunset Ave. • 451-1908 420 Gold Rock Road • 442-7188 101 West Washington St. Nashville • 459-3540

Helping people on their path to better health. It’s our purpose, our promise, our passion … every day.



Randy Crawford

Medical Park Pharmacy 901 N. Winstead Ave. • 443-7979




Steve Jared

Oakwood Pharmacy 329 N. Fairview Road 252-442-8159



Garry Hodges

Sunset Studios 233 Dover Road • 937-8211

After starting his business in 1976 Garry continued his training by studying under several master photographers as well as attending school. He also loves flying and has now been doing aerial photography for several years.

Bill Goode 2nd Bill Goode Photography

1712 Howard Avenue, Tarboro 823-1383



Christina Valentine

Christina Valentine Photography 308-3113


To all who voted Dr. Tim Treanor one of your favorite chiropractors! We are honored and blessed to have so much support from our patients, whom we consider to be family, since we have opened our new office in March. We appreciate you all.

53&"/03$)*3013"$5*$ WELLNESS CENTER

Dedicated to servicing Rocky Mount and surrounding cities in helping them not only feel better but get well and stay well one person at a time, the natural way... We service all ages from infants to 999! We can help you with back & neck pain, headaches, scoliosis, arthritis, injuries from all types of accidents including sports injuries, wellness programs, and much more. Call today for your spinal assessment and become free from subluxations and dis-ease!

4161 Capital Dr., Rocky Mount | 252.210.3490 Check us out on Facebook Nostros hablamos Espanol

From Our Family To Yours, Thank You For Voting Us One Of Rocky Mount’s Best Assisted Living Facilities. Brekenridge Retirement Center And Independent Living Suites 2500 Hunter Hill Rd. Rocky Mount, NC

252-443-5400 C-12 Christian owned and operated business

Pam Evans Administrator

Page 26

September 22, 2013


Thank You Rocky Mount


For Voting Us The Leader In Mobile Home Sales For 2 Consecutive Years!

Melvin Edmondson 3451 Pridgen Road 407-8420

Edmondson Plumbing is owned and operated by Melvin Edmondson Sr. Mr. Edmondson worked hard to get his license to serve Rocky Mount and surrounding areas for over 35 years.

Phillip Sessoms



Phillip Sessoms Plumbing Co. 2884 Hunter Hill Road 252-443-6372

All Credit ! red Conside

Allen Roberson

Allen Roberson Plumbing 64US 301 N., Elm City 252-236-3483

Police officer 1st

Let us help you find the home of your dreams. With a wide selection of models right here on the lot, we’ll find what’s right for you!

Chris Mosley

Rocky Mount Police Department Non-emergency 972-1411

Integrity and fairness and to respect ourselves and others. That is the foundation for being a good law enforcement officer. It also represents three of our four core values that we hold in this agency.

Ricky Parks


Rocky Mount Police Department Non-emergency 972-1411


BJ Connie

Rocky Mount Police Department Non-emergency 972-1411

real estate agent


Plus, we carry E! used, repo, new & foreclosed land / home packages! Jen Dwyer helps a client find just the right place to call home. Telegram phoTo


Jen Dwyer

WPI Dwyer & Assoc. 231 W. Washington St., Nashville • 557-9684

252-442-9988 2120 N. Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount

Jen is committed to providing clients with innovative real estate solutions while creating an enjoyable, convenient and affordable experience.


Janet Watson

Coldwell Banker Watson Properties 3801 Westridge Cir Dr • 937-6500


Sandra Russ

Sandra Russ Real Estate 3120-B Zebulon Road • 937-3052

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September 22, 2013

School PrinciPal 1


Quintin Mangano


Rocky Mount for you support & patronage!

Benvenue Elementary 2700 Nicodemus Mile Rd, • 462-2835

Voted #1 Floor Covering #2 Carpet Cleaning 2 Room Special

Principal Mangano strives to create a learning environment which embraces diversity and empowers students to become 21st century leaders.

2nd Edward Bunn

Faith Christian Academy 1333 Faith Christian Dr. • 443-3700

3rd Angela Ward

Swift Creek Elementary 2420 Swift Creek School Rd.

Teacher 1


Shawnita Harper

Baskerville Elementary 1100 Stokes Ave. • 451.2880

Ms. Harper says that she teaches by the hands-on approach. She believes in a strong home and school connection. She believes that “by working as a team, we can help our children be the best they can be.”

Betsy Hester 2nd Rocky Mt. High School

1400 Bethlehem Rd. • 937-9050


Kim Gaskins

Mom & Me Academy

VeTerinarian 1st

Dr. Stuart Hicks

Hicks Animal Clinic 3200 Sunset Ave. • 443-5994

Dr. Hicks is a third generation veterinarian. He treats your pet as a member of your family and his family. He is noted for his attitude of caring, compassion and kindness.

Dr. Bobby Hicks



Dr. Leigh Walker

Coats Veterinary Hospital 4710 Sunset Ave. • 407-1616

Benvenue Animal Hospital 3151 Benvenue Road 442-1771



Sandra Lewis

Sharpsburg Restaurant 3500 N. Hathaway Blvd. • 442-0789

Waitress Sandra Lewis makes the down home cooking and a friendly atmosphere at Sharpsburg Restaurant something you don’t want to miss.




Miss Jaye

Westridge Grill 3629 Sunset Ave. • 937-7299

Sandra Edmondson

Jo McCullen 3rd Betty Texas Steakhouse

Sharpsburg Restaurant 3500 N. Hathaway Blvd. • 442-0789

711 Sutters Creek Blvd. • 443-3888

We offer: • Sales • Service • Installation • Carpet • Vinyl • Tile • Laminate • Hardwood • Floor Repairs

Zero Res Professional Cleaning!


Whole House Special

$99.00 (up to 1,000 square feet)

Senior Discount Available 24 Hr. Emergency Service

ExprEss Floors CoME sEE Us AT oUr NEW loCATIoN:

6154 West Mount Drive • rocky Mount, NC

Call: 252-266-1700 •


“Serving Your Fabricare Needs Since 1947”

Thank you to all our customers for making us #1 Best Dry Cleaner!

• Pick Up & Delivery Service • Drapery Cleaning


• Alterations • Suede & Leather Cleaning

Convenient Locations To Serve You Dry Cleaning & Coin laundry

Hwy. 301 Sharpsburg 446-5379 937 N. Fairview Rd. 443-1481 2404 Sunset Ave 937-7731

Pick-Up & Delivery 443-4700 Car Wash 937 N. Fairview Rd.

Dry cleaners

2408 Sunset Ave 443-4700 Westridge Shopping Center 443-1394

American Owned and Operated Since 1947 Serving and Supporting Rocky Mount For 66 Years.

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September 22, 2013

Page 29

September 22, 2013

ApArtment Community Assisted living FACility Tau Valley Apartments in Rocky Mount. Telegram PHOTO


Tau Valley Apartments 237 S. Winstead Ave. • 316-2302

Neighborhood living meets city convenience. Featuring spacious 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and townhomes with private patio.

The Woods 2nd At Benvenue


103 Jasmine Drive • 972-796

Spring Arbor 2nd 1251 S. Winstead Ave.

Freeman’s TV 2nd & Appliance

726 E. Washington, Nashville 252-459-2616


Ward’s Appliance

Brekenridge Retirement

2500 Hunter Hill Road 443-5400

Auto Body shop 1st

Don’s Body Shop

1181 S. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-6021

Serving Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas since 1989. Voted best Auto Body Shop 3 years running.

1888 Sunset Avenue • 442-7126

Serving Nash, Wilson & Edgecombe Counties since 1986.



1000 Colony Square 446-2255

st Bob’s Appliance Service

Autumn Care

1210 Eastern Ave., Nashville • 462-0070

Autumn Care was founded in 1979. Today there are 25 locations providing short term and long term care throughout NC and VA.

Colony Square Apartments

AppliAnCe repAir




Medlin Brothers

829 Hunter Hill Road • 443- 1912


Tharrington’s Auto Works

1212 Construction Dr • 451-1015

227 SE Main Street 446-2021

Thank You Rocky Mount

BEST CARPET CLEANING SERVICE We Are Also Your Place For Carpet, Prefinished Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

BRITT’S Carpet Services

3661 N. Halifax Road • Rocky Mount (Beside Smith’s Red & White) • 443-3822 • Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat By Appt.

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September 22, 2013

Page 31

September 22, 2013

Automotive DeAlership

BArBer shop 1st

Davenport Autopark is located at 600 English Road in Rocky Mount. For complete details on inventory call or click.

Great Clips 2nd 1241 Cobb Corners Dr.

Davenport Autopark

David’s Bridal has been making wedding dreams come true for over 60 years.

1920 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-3355



3 Area Locations




PNC Banking


r Cu


For Over 25 Years

Complete Termite, Moisture Control and Pest Control Service



Lyn n


Thank You Rocky Mount!









2810 Sunset Ave. • 451-0600



And thE winnEr is. . .


Shell Lube & Auto Spa

Offering the ultimate in customer service for your car, including oil change, full service car wash, an inspection station, free vacuum and much more. www.shelllubeandautospa

4 Area Locations

 Best Exterminator P  Best Employer P


Golden East Mall 446-2500

CAr WAsh

3357 Sunset Avenue • 443-7021 2550 Benvenue Road • 985-0311

Southern Bank


653 Tiffany Blvd. • 937-7324

Serving the county, state and public school employees and immediate families since 1937. nd

Elizabeth Michaels


BAnk 1

Locations in Raleigh & Greenville



709 Walnut Street 442-2833

David’s Bridal


Don Bulluck Chevrolet


Walnut Barber

BriDAl shop

600 English Road • 937-7500

Capital Ford 2nd 2012 Stone Rose Drive


937-5000 •

“Dealership for Life” a program which offers a lifetime warranty, free maintenance services and much more.


1135 Jeffreys Rd • 442-8902

Englewood Barber Shop is a full service shop service both men and women. No appointment is necessary.

Telegram PHOTO


Englewood Barber Shop



Locally Owned & Operated!

Page 32

September 22, 2013

Car WaSh 2nd


1120 Independence Dr 977-1655


Squeeky Clean Auto Spa 4093 Sunset Avenue

Cell phone ServiCe 2nd

Carpet Cleaning ServiCe 1st

US Cellular

2520 Sunset Ave • 937-1811 1442 Jeffrey’s Rd • 937-2355


Britt’s Carpet Service 3661 N. Halifax Road • 443-3822

Express Carpet Care 442-3490

Englewood Baptist Church in Rocky Mount. Telegram POTO

Wilkins Carpet 3 Cleaning rd

1357 N. Wesleyan Blvd • 937-2778

Cell phone ServiCe 1st


1243 Cobb Corners Drive 977-0650


Serving Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas. Ready to tackle your carpet cleaning, carpets & rugs, tiling & flooring needs. nd



1228 Home Depot Plz. • 443-3632 1100 N Wesleyan Blvd #7012 • 442-6928

Offer the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network available.


Englewood Baptist Church 1350 S. Winstead Ave. • 937-8254

EBC held their first Sunday worship service in 1962. Today they hold 3 Sunday services and broadcast messages on radio and TV. www.

W. Edgecombe 2nd Baptist Church

13821 NC 43 N. • 442-7041


First Baptist Church

200 S. Church Street • 446-9113

Page 33

September 22, 2013

Computer/eleC. repair 1st

Sunset Computer Works 2527 Sunset Ave • 210-9335

ConvenienCe store 2nd

Sunset computer Works offers repairs for everything electronic. www.


Cool Geeks

209 NE Main St. • 212-1551


L&L Food Stores 15 locations in Rocky Mount


Day Care

PC Joe’s Computer Serv.

600 N. Grace St • 442-1494

Consignment shop 1st

All Smiles Child Care teacher Tammy Johnson entertains a group of two-year-olds and infants with a bubble wand at the day care.

Jody’s of Nashville

235 W. Washington St., Nashville • 459-2083

Jody’s offers new and gently used clothing, accessories and gift items. They offer on-site monogramming.



Yours & Mine Consignment



3006 Sunset Ave. • 985-0002

ConvenienCe store 1st

Telegram PHOTO

Classy Attic

1550 Benvenue Road 977-3040


3 locations in Rocky Mount

Above all else, Sheetz is about providing kicked-up convenience while being more than just a convenience store.

Wilco Hess

5 locations in Rocky Mount.


All Smiles Child Care 1028 N. Winstead Ave. • 443-6556

All Smiles Child Care, Inc. was established in 1998 by owner Patricia Whitaker. Where their motto is “Doing what’s best for the children.”

Stonepark Child 2nd Care Centers

Four area locations


A New Day Child Care

105 Clinton Court • 937-6390

Page 34

September 22, 2013

Day Spa

Dry Cleaner

The Garden Day Spa & Salon provides you with a serene place to get away that’s still close to home

Superior 2nd Dry Cleaners

1604 S. Winstead Ave. • 451-0422

1st The Garden Day Spa 3660 Sunset Avenue • 451-9451

Garden Day Spa offers spa and salon services in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.


1604 Day Spa & Salon

1604 S. Winstead Ave. • 451-0422


Dry Cleaner 1st

Clean Clean Dry Cleaners Six locations in Rocky Mount • 443-4700

Serving you from six locations for all your dry cleaning needs.

1235 Cobb Corners • 212-1900

Express Employment Professionals 841 S. Wesleyan Blvd. • 443-1199

Express has been offering staffing services for 30 years with 600 locations across the United States.


Head II Toe Salon & Spa

856 Country Club Road 937-6229

$2.75 Cleaners

employment ServiCe





600 Tiffany Blvd. • 977-3722

The Action Group 3rd 134 Roundabout Ct. • 446-2000

Floor Covering 1st

Express Floors

266-1700 •

Family-owned for 8 years, Express Floors offers installation, repairs and cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

Dennis Hometown 2nd Hardwood Floors 3rd Flooring Center 4545 Joyner Road, Elm City 314-0080

2730 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-9500

Thank you for voting us

First Place


2311 Sunset Ave 252-443-4148

To see Rocky Mount’s complete inventory of residential, commercial lots, land, farms & also rentals - visit “enter MLS# in search box on top right side of screen”

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote us The Best Real Estate Company in the Twin Counties!

2013 Readers’ Choice

Best Florist

Smith Florist

Thanks for voting us:

Serving Rocky Mount With Over 38 Years Experience

1 Best ApArtment Community! #

Flowers For All Occasions: • Funeral Arrangements • Silk Florals & House Plants • Weddings (Silk & Fresh) • Balloons • Sunday Funeral Deliveries Available

1906 Sunset Avenue • Rocky Mount 252-442-2024 • M-F 8-5 • Sat. 8-2 House Accounts Available | Gift Certificates Available

237 S. Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount


September 22, 2013

Page 35

Page 36

September 22, 2013

1st Place Day Care M




Special thanks to our loyal customers and friends for supporting us as we celebrate our

27th Anniversary in 2013!

1046 n. Winstead Avenue rocky Mount, nC 27804

Thank you for voting Glenn Bottoms, First Place - Best Auto Mechanic in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Survey Contest and also voting Bottoms Tire & Automotive Center as one of your favorite places to buy new tires!

252-443-6556 “Doing What’s Best For The Children”

Also Offering Before/After School Care and Summer Camp

• Specializing in Foreign and Domestic Repairs • Drivetrain Installation and Replacement • Four Wheel Alignments • Oil Changes & More

• Towing Service Available Call 252-813-9004





Thanks for voting us #1 Day Care! serving ages 0-School age. After School Care. We offer breakfast, lunch, snacks & M M MM MM MM


Best Auto Mechanic

A Towing Service Winner

Bottoms Tire and Automotive Center, Inc. 151 May Drive, Rocky Mount, NC


Open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

Page 37

September 22, 2013

FitneSS Center Rocky Mount Parks Maintenance Supervisor Jacob Parker performs double bicep cable curls while working out at Planet Fitness. Telegram PHOTO


Planet Fitness

1281 Cobb Corners Dr • 442-5600

Planet Fitness prides itself in being a low-cost, safe place where anyone can go and be comfortable with no judgment. www.



1000 Independence Dr. • 972-9622

Flower Shop 1st

Smith Florist

1906 Sunset Avenue • 442-2024

Smith’s offers fresh and silk floral arrangements for all needs. They deliver to neighboring communities.

Drummonds 2nd Florist & Gifts

3689 Dortches Blvd. 442-6110


Flowers & Gifts 3026 Sunset Avenue 443-2106

Funeral home Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home of Rocky Mount is ready to serve your and your families needs. Telegram PHOTO


Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home

1130 N. Winstead Avenue • 451-8800

For several generations, Wheeler & Woodlief has provided healing experiences with quality, sincerity, integrity and trust.

Cornerstone 2nd Funeral Home & Cremations

1052 S. First St. • 459-0001

HD Pope 3rd Funeral Home

With 2 locations to serve you in Rocky Mount & Roanoke Rapids

Page 38

September 22, 2013

Furniture Company

Thank you for your votes!

Yours and Mine Consignment Boutique

Savvy Shopping at its Best! • Ladies Clothing • Plus Size Ladies Clothing • Maternity Clothing • Children’s Clothes & Items

• Art Work • Knick Knacks • Household Items • Lots of Misc. Items • Books • Shoes

3006 Sunset Ave.

Englewood Square Shopping Ctr.


Open Tues.-Fri. 10AM-5PM, Sat. 10AM-3PM Closed Sun. & Mon.

Thank you to all our friends and colleagues for selecting us as “BEST HOME BUILDER” for the 3rd year! At the David Smith Group, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your construction needs. Whether you are building a custom home, planning a remodel or an addition to your existing home contact us today for your FREE initial consultation to help you find the best way to achieve your residential or commercial needs.

DaviD Smith Group “Making Exquisite Quality Affordable”

252-443-0277 725 Shearin Andrew Road Rocky Mount, NC 27804


Hardee’s Furniture Warehouse 4603 Hwy. 301 S. • 977-2325

Since 1981, Hardee’s Furniture has offered quality furniture at affordable prices from a variety of manufacturers.

Bulluck Furniture



124 S. Church St • 446-1138

Davis Furniture

163 Southeast Main St 252-446-0163

GiFt Shop/aCCeSSorieS 1st

Amy’s Hallmark Abundantly More 3623 Sunset Ave. • 443-2203

Since 1992, Amy’s has created a fun shopping experience where customers are treated as part of the family. There are 3 locations in Rocky Mount, Washington and Roanoke Rapids.


Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

117 S. Winstead Avenue 443-7676


Bullucks Furniture Kenilworth

124 S. Church Street 446-1138

GolF CourSe 1st

Benvenue Country Club 100 Southern Blvd. • 443-3926

Since 1922, BCC has offered golf, tennis, swimming, fine dining and a beautiful clubhouse with banquet facilities.


Northgreen Golf Club

900 Northgreen Lane • 446-7224

Birchwood 3rd Country Club

901 Birchwood Drive, Nashville 459-3910 •

Gun Shop


Shooters Indoor Sports 141 N. Business Ct. • 977-9878

Opening in 1998, Shooters offers a wide selection of hunting, archery, shooting and outdoor needs. They feature indoor shooting and archery ranges.

Carolina 2nd Jewelry Pawn & Gun

2527 Sunset Ave. • 443-1668 www.carolinajewelry


American Jewelry & Pawn

4510 Sunset Ave. • 937-4482 www.americanjewelry

Page 39

September 22, 2013

Hearing aid Center

Hair Salon 1st

Backstage Hair Salon 2451 Hurt Drive • 442-3560

Ready to transform your hair with phenomenal cuts, color, and styles. Call to book your appointment today!

Great Clips



1241 Cobb Corners Dr. 937-5000

The Garden 3 Day Spa & Salon rd

3660 Sunset Ave. • 451-9451

Hearing aid Center

Peggy Lyon, left, with Avada Hearing Care Centers, chats with June Shearin during the Senior Day Health Fair at Braswell Memorial Library. Telegram PHOTO


Avada Audiology 3132 Sunset Ave • 443-6136

Avada offers a comprehensive hearing evaluation to find an affordable, customized solution for your hearing needs.

Beltone Hearing Aid Center


3250 Zebulon Rd. • 443-9955



3663 Sunset Ave 252-388-8531

Home HealtH agenCy 1st

Home Health Care Supplies 2487 Hurt Drive • 937-7006

Offering a full line of medical equipment and supplies since 1976. The business was destroyed in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd but was rebuilt bigger and better than ever.

Community Home 2nd Care & Hospice

3124 Zebulon Rd • 442-4918


Action Health Staffing

531 Tarrytown Ctr. • 451-1131

Home maintenanCe


Metro Maintenance 1175 Jeffreys Road • 977-2730

Metro Maintenance offers complete HVAC, plumbing and electrical services as well as general repairs. They are a one-stop-shop for all home repair needs.

Hopkins 2nd Construction & Home Repair 937-8917


MGM General Contractors 2507 Buckboard Trail 443-5181

Come See Why We’re



The Very Best of Every Season!

Hours: MON- SAT 8AM-6PM

Page 40

September 22, 2013




Voted Best Home Maintenance by Telegram Readers in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards!

Page 41

September 22, 2013

Thanks Rocky Mount for voting for Dr. Barry Belton & Dr. Kevin Schrimper We offer a variety of Dental Services, and are now accepting new patients. Call Today!

Thank you Rocky Mount

for voting us your

1 #

Swimming Pool & Spa Company!

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and friends for allowing us to supply your swimming pool needs for 38 years! 1512 S. Winstead Avenue Rocky Mount, NC 27803 252-937-7878 • Fax 252-937-6086

1610 Sunset Avenue • Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (Across from City Lake)


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 5:00

Hopkins Construction & Home Repair


Thanks to all of our customers for making


Bob’s Appliance # Service

3rd Place Best Roofing Contractor! Thank You for your support and patronage! Specializing in:   • Remodeling   • Additions • Decks   • Vinyl Siding & Windows   • Metal/Shingle Roofing   • Hardwood Floor Installation

Come see us and get the “Service You Can Count On” Fully Insured! Serving Nash County for over 30 years!

1888 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, NC • (252) 442-7126 Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm

Page 42

September 22, 2013

A+ Facilities

Our family here at Stonepark Childcares are very grateful for your votes and continued support over the many years we have been here to serve your families. We believe it is a privilege to be a positive part of your child’s life. We will always strive to be the very best. Your total satisfaction in our work means everything to us and to your children. Your children are very important to us and we will never take our work lightly.

Thank you Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas for supporting us for over 32 years!

Thank you for your trust in us!

We are proud that you have selected “Don’s Body Shop” as the best auto body shop in our area for the third consecutive year.


StonePark After School Gang, Inc. is now the only privately owned 5-star afterschool program in Rocky Mount. *State of NC environmental star rated licensing scale

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you through the years and most importantly for your continued support!

Stone Park 513 Old Mill Road


6:30 AM-6 PM


After School Gang 1261 S. Winstead Ave.

Don’s Body Shop

6:30 AM-6 PM

(Across from Peddler’s Village)


Voted A Best Day Care for over 7 years.

Hwy 301 By-Pass South Rocky Mount, NC

252-977-6021 24-Hour Wrecker Service Available

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September 22, 2013

Hotel/Motel 1st


Doubletree Hotel

651 N. Winstead Ave. • 937-6888

Offers value and comfort near I95 and Gateway Convention Centre. This location offers a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness facility.

Hampton Inn


530 N. Winstead Avenue 937-6333


Holiday Inn

200 Enterprise Drive 252-937-7100

HVAC SerViCe 1st

Jack McManus Heating & AC 114 Forest View • 977-3735

Serving Rocky Mount and surrounding areas for over 29 years. Authorized TRANE dealer.

Joyner’s 2nd Heating & AC 613 Chester Street 442-9211

Metro 3rd Maintenance

1175 Jeffreys Road 252-977-2730

inSurAnCe CoMpAny 1st

State Farm

State Farm has been providing complete insurance needs for home and business since 1922.


Nationwide Insurance


Farm Bureau Insurance

Jewelry Store The staff at Bailey’s Fine Jewelry in Rocky Mount are ready and waiting to help you select the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Telegram PHOTO


Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

117 Winstead Avenue • 443-7676

Family owned for 60 years, Bailey’s is a full-service jeweler and source for fine gifts. They have locations in Fayetteville and Greenville and 2 locations in Raleigh.


Osborne Jewelers

3659 Sunset Avenue 252-443-1985


Wade Designs Jewelry

2927 Zebulon Rd • 451-9270

Abundantly More Boutique and Amy’s Hallmark has been offering fashion accessories, apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags, cards, gifts and so much more since 1992. We are an uplifting, fun environment where Christ is honored and customers are respected; indeed many feel they are part of our family. Shop with us and discover the difference!

Abundantly More Boutique at Amy’s Hallmark 3623 Sunset Ave. | 937-4934 | Open Mon.-Fri. 9:30 am-9:00 pm, Sat. 9:30 am-6:00 pm • Closed Sunday for Worship

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September 22, 2013

Kid’s Clothing 1


Children’s Place

1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 442-6636

With locations throughout the United States, they offer children’s merchandise for ages newborn through 10 years old. They offer current fashion at reasonable prices.




1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-2355 •



125 S. Winstead Avenue 937-4692

Thompson’s Lawn Service 810 Carter Street • 446-5762

Family owned since 1960, Thompson Nursery is a full service landscaping and lawn service. Professionalism, quality and integrity is the backbone of their business.

Cockrell’s 2nd Tree Service


1109 W. Battleboro Ave • 977-7593

Hall’s Tree Service

143 N. Washington St • 985-4631

Men’s Clothing



1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-2355

Where Southern hospitatlity meets new Southern sensibility since 1888. Belk’s gives generously into their communities for women’s health, education and community strengthening.

Thank You For Voting Us No. 1! We appreciate your business & continued support!

Replacements Trane Factor y Trained State Lic #17191


451-091 •

Mobile hoMe sales 1st

Clayton Homes

2120 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-5401

Affordable home ownership of quality modular and manufactured homes since 1934.

Franks Home Place



901 E. Washington St. • 459-7132

Fisher Housing Company 1390 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-443-9520

MotorCyCle dealer 1st

Harley Davidson

928 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-7292

Rocky Mount Harley Davidsons success is based on customer satisfaction, innovative marketing, charitable giving, employee development and growth.

Twin County 2nd Motorsports

2800 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-2191


Two Wheel 3rd Accessories

1727 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-9000

Shell Lube & Auto Spa 2810 Sunset Avenue • 451-0600

Shell Rapid Lube and Auto Spa offers the ultimate in customer service for your car, including oil change, full service car wash.


Sales-Ser vice

3669 Sunset Ave. • 937-7966

A. Bank 3rd 129Jos. S. Winstead Avenue

oil Change


“Over 30 Years Experience” Residential Specialists Ser vice on ALL MAKES AND MODELS

Love’s of 2nd Rocky Mount

Red Caboose

lawn/tree serviCe


Men’s Clothing

Thanks Rocky Mount for voting us One of The Best! Please call us for all your staffing needs. 252-977-3722

Pridgen Tire 2nd & Auto Center

3521 Sunset Ave. • 937-8473


Colony Tire

1459 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-7444 232 W. Thomas St. • 977-2045

COASTAL WRECKER SERVICE, INC. “Thanks For Voting Us #1 This Year!”

BRENDA MOTT Owner 631 Fenner Road PO Box 7945 Rocky Mount, NC 27804

252-977-1025 WATS 1-800-849-1025

Air Cushions • Days or Nights Light & Heavy Duty Wreckers Lo-Bed Trailer • Crane Service Wheel Lift • Trailer Dollys Lighting System • Local & Long Distance In Memory of EJ Tucker

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September 22, 2013

Optical StOre 1st

Eye Care Center

3044 Sunset Avenue • 443-7011 819 Tiffany Blvd. • 972-2020

Eye Care Center offers complete eye exams and follow up with skilled optometrists. They have stylish frames for glasses as well as contacts for the whole family.

Watson Eye Associates


400 Nash Medical Arts • 443-1006 117 Foy Drive • 443-1006 143 N. Washington St. • 443-1006


JC Penney Optical


Jake LaBar & Son Exterminating 115 Forest Hill Ave. • 443-0650

We are a locally owned and operated since we started in 1986. Our goal is to provide honest, quality service at a reasonable price to our customers. We serve the Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties in eastern North Carolina.



450 N. Winstead Ave 443-9477



Sunset Park

River Drive, Rocky Mount

Spanning 25 acres, Sunset Park is the largest park in Rocky Mount. It features a mini train, merry-go-round, concession stands, lighted basketball and tennis courts and little league fields. Many picnic sites are available for public use..


City Lake


Englewood Park

pet GrOOmer

1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 972-0707

Overall emplOyer st




462 Jeffrey’s Road • 451-5200

One-stop shopping for everything pets. Academy trained groomers are on staff for dogs and cats. They offer a “Look Great Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction.


Pet’s Best Friend

3240 Zebulon Raod 937-7205



1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 442-1317


Hwy 301 N. 977-5111

The Difference Is


Thank you to all of our voters for ranking us as one of the best optical stores in the area.

Thank You Rocky Mount For Voting Elizabeth Michaels


Best Bridal Store


Best Tuxedo Rental

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Discounted Eye Exam.

Dr. Bill Stroud

252-972-0707 Located in Golden East Crossing Mall

653 Tiffany Blvd | Shoppes At Tiffany 252-937-7324 Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday by appointment only.

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September 22, 2013

Plant nursery


Lee Allen, co-owner of Allen’s Nursery, waters petunias at the business. Telegram PHOTO


Allens Nursery

2817 S. Halifax Rd • 937-2302

With over 15 acres Allen’s Nursery is sure to have what you need. Serving your lawn, flower & garden needs for over 30 years. www.

“More Than Just a Tire Store” Pridgen Tire is your local family owned and operated shop. Jeff and Steve, the owners, are the 4th generation of Pridgens to work on the local motoring publics’ automobiles. Our Great Grandfather started the business when he stopped shoeing horses and started shoeing cars. We try to apply the Boy Scout oath and law into how we operate our business; always helping people and getting the job done right the first time. We will sell whatever tires we can get our hands on, but we do endorse the Michelin® and BFGoodrich® family brands. When you purchase tires from us, we will rotate and inflate them for free to extend the life of your tires.

Harper’s Nursery


2145 Oak Level Road 252-459-2189


Patios in Bloom

3803 Dortches Blvd. • 454-0101

Pool/sPa ComPany 1st

Swimworld Pool & Spa 1610 Sunset Avenue • 446-7946

Offers above and in-ground pools, spas, repairs and maintenance since 1976.

Aqua-Clear 2nd Pools & Spas

4570 Sunset Avenue • 443-3866


Crystal Clear Pools

1081 N. Winstead Ave. • 443-2899

real estate ComPany

Pridgen Tire is a full automotive repair shop and can handle most general repairs that you need. Our services are honored nationwide through NAPA’s nationwide limited warranty. Most services are covered 24 months or 24,000 miles.

Eric Brewer, left, and his wife Flora, center, talk with Boone, Hill, Allen & Ricks Realtor Annette Allen while touring a home in Rocky Mount.

We have the Right Tire, the Right Services for thousands of satisfied customers!

Telegram PHOTO


Boone Hill Allen & Ricks 2311 Sunset Avenue • 443-4148

Provides knowledge and experience to guide you through every aspect of buying or selling your home. www.boonehillallenricks. com

3521 Sunset Ave. | 937-8473 | Pridgen Tire Proudly Salutes The U.S. Troops

Century 21 2nd The Combs Co.

3051 Sunset Ave. • 937-2121


Sandra Russ Real Estate

3120-B Zebulon Rd. • 937-3052

September 22, 2013


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September 22, 2013

roofing ContraCtor 1st

Sewing/fabriC Store

B&M Roofing Contractors 2841 N. Church St. • 442-5300

Family owned for over 15 years, B&M’s goal is finding the best product to suit the customer’s needs and budget.


Wayne’s Roofing & Gutter 132 Dalewood Drive 442-2636

Hopkins 3rd Construction & Home Repair 252-937-8917

Shoe Store 1st

Shoe Carnival

1452 Jeffrey’s Road • 451-4952

Offering a huge selection of name brand shoes and accessories at value pricing. Shoe Carnival feels that a rich culture of diversity is the cornerstone of their business success.



1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-2355

Rebecca Steed, right, looks at a wooden dice box while shopping at Hobby Lobby with her husband Patrick Steed.



Shoe Show

1826 Sunset Ave 446-8046 1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-9978

Hopkins Construction & Home Repair

252-937-8917 2nd Place Best Home Maintenance Service! Thank You for your support and patronage! Specializing in:   • Remodeling   • Additions • Decks   • Vinyl Siding & Windows   • Metal/Shingle Roofing   • Hardwood Floor Installation

Fully Insured! Serving Nash County for over 30 years!

Telegram PHOTO


Hobby Lobby

760 Sutters Creek Blvd. • 443-7085

With 557 stores since 1970, Hobby Lobby is the leader in all things arts and crafts. They base their success on doing business based on Christian values.


JoAnn Fabric & Craft

572 Sutters Creek Blvd. 972-0023


Terri’s Fashion Fabrics 1260 S. Wesleyan Blvd 985-1964

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September 22, 2013

Tanning Salon 1st

Tire STore

Planet Fitness

1281 Cobb Corners Drive • 442-5600

Planet Fitness is ready to help you transform yourself from head to toe. Don’t forget to keep that golden glow all year round. www.



905 S. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-7219


977-7444 •

3470 Sunset Avenue 252-443-9759

Pridgen Tire & Auto Center 3521 Sunset Avenue • 937-8473

Serving Rocky Mount for all you tire needs. Stop by today.

Thank You For Voting Tommy Waters and Englewood Barbershop 1st Place Best Barber and Barbershop! EnglEwood BarBErshop 1135 Jeffreys Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27804



Thank you to everyone for voting us #1 Again! We appreciate your support. Call Paul J. Gaskins, DDS

Family Dentistry • 252-443-7575

1826 Sunset Ave • 446-8046 1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 446-9978

Love’s Gentlemen’s Clothiers 3669 Sunset Ave. • 937-7966

Love’s Gentlemen’s Clothiers is ready to help you make heads turn at your next formal affair.

Belk 2nd 1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd.

Elizabeth Michaels


Lady Elegant Hair


Dr. Irene Mitchell-Hines Dr. Benita Johnson Operator

653 Tiffany Blvd. 937-7324

Professional Unisex Stylist Walk-Ins Welcome


Hair & Scalp Treatment - Barber Styling - Weaving - Curls Relaxers - Cuts - Styling - Eyebrow Waxing - Eyelashes Retail Center for Cosmetics - Beauty Aids & Natural Herbs

Owner Operator

Where We Treat You Like Family!

Shoe Show


Tux renTal

Cancun Tanning

Tire STore


Colony Tire 2nd 1459 N. Wesleyan Blvd

3476 Sunset Ave. • Wellongate Shopping Center Rocky Mount, NC 27804 252-937-2952

Thanks for voting for us!


Jacob R. Parrott III Attorney at Law


Thanks For Voting Post Office Box 7100 • 2343 Professional Drive Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804-0100 Office: (252) 937-2200 • (252) 937-4690 Fax E-Mail:

Thanks for voting for us! 4601 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount, NC 252-937-8878 | 252-937-6628

Thanks For Voting For Us!


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September 22, 2013

Weight loss Center 1st

Women’s Clothing

Weight Watchers

Krystal Bagley, right, and her daughter Bianca Bagley look at shirts while shopping at Belk at Golden East Crossing mall..

1350 S. Winstead Avenue • 651-6000

For over 40 years, Weight Watchers has been respected and recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide. The Rocky Mount meeting is held on Thursdays at Northside Community Church at 10am, Noon and 6pm.

YMCA 2nd 1000 Independence Drive




3040 Zebulon Road 443-3799

Telegram PHOTO

WreCker serviCe 1st

Coastal Wrecker Service 631 Fenner Road • 977-1025

Since 1958, Coastal Wrecker has served the Rocky Mount area. They tow all vehicles light or heavy. They offer dependable 24 hour service. They have 2 locations in Rocky Mount and Wilson.


By-Pass Wrecker Service

1721 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 977-1450


Bottoms Towing & Recovery 151 May Drive 446-9466



1100 N. Wesleyan Blvd. • 977-2355

Where Southern hospitatlity meets new Southern sensibility since 1888. Belk’s gives generously into their communities for women’s health, education and community strengthening.



1100 Wesleyan Blvd 972-6800





153 S. Winstead Avenue 937-7237

Pemberton Inc. Would like to say Thank You!! For Voting for them in our 2013 Readers Choice

Please call us for all your Heating, Air conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical needs.

252-977-1813 277 NE Main St. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Where we put customers first!

September 22, 2013

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Rocky Mount Telegram Readers Choice 2013  

The Twin Counties' best of the best in dining, business, and everything in between! The result of more than 1,000 ballots and 45,000 votes,...

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