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Rocky Mountain Tanners has been in business for over 20 years, showcasing all types of hide tanning services and custom leather products. At Rocky Mountain Tanners we believe that using the whole animal that you harvested is not only wise and practical, but it is the most ethical thing to do as well. In addition to a nice rack on the wall, you can use your tanned Deer, Elk, Bison, or other big game hides, as a handsome wall hanging, a blanket, a rug, or even a work of natural art. If you are looking for Custom Hide Tanning Services, hair on or hair off big game hides, or want some top quality custom leather work, you've come to the right place. We can offer all of these and more. There are very few places left in the US where you can actually still send a big game hide, have the hide tanned in to leather, and then have something made out of your own hide. We can provide you with that type of service.

Bison leather is a good example of the material used to create some of the beautiful, rugged things we can do with tanned hides, with or without the hair on. Bison leather can be used to make incredibly warm blankets and coats as well as items such as chaps, gloves, boots, travel bags, hats and vests, to name a few. Bison leather is sometimes known as "buffalo leather" because the American bison is often called a buffalo. However, the American bison is not related to the Asian water buffalo, which is the only animal that can truly lay claim to the name "buffalo." When you purchase this leather, make sure that it comes from the American bison and not some other animal. We only sell leather made from the American bison, not from water buffalo or related animals.

Rocky Mountain Tanners offers custom leather sewing! We can custom make a wide range of products using your custom tanned hide, or our in stock leather supply. Sample items include, but are not limited to gloves, mountain man shirts, vests, chaps, jackets, pillows and blankets.

Custom leather sewing