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ROCKY TRIFARI | LT. GOVERNOR DIVISION 20 | Letter of Introduction

Dear Division  20,  New  Jersey  District  Board,  and  the  Kiwanis  Committee,     My  name  is  Rocky  Trifari  and  I  am  currently  a  junior  in  the  Networking,  Information  Technology,  and   Communications  Academy  at  the  Morris  County  School  of  Technology  in  Denville.  I  am  both  honored   and  excited  to  be  the  Lieutenant  Governor  of  Division  20  for  the  2012-­‐2013-­‐service  year.  I  have  always   been  extremely  passionate  about  Key  Club,  and  I  promise  to  carry  my  commitment  and  love  for  this   organization  into  the  next  twelve  months  of  service.       In  addition  to  Key  Club,  I  am  an  active  member  in  numerous  other  clubs  and  organizations  including  the   Students  for  Environmental  Awareness,  Student  Government,  and  Photography  Club.  During  my  free   time,  I  enjoy  listening  to  music,  reading,  drawing,  going  on  the  computer,  practicing  my  Chinese,  and   being  with  my  family  and  friends.       I  have  been  an  active  member  in  numerous  branches  of  the  Kiwanis-­‐Family  for  many  years.  I  was  a   officer  in  K-­‐Kids,  the  Vice  President  of  Builders  Club  at  one  point,  and  I  have  been  a  member  in  Key  Club   since  my  freshman  year.  I  started  off  as  a  general  member  and  then  held  the  position  as  the  Secretary   and  Web  Master  both  during  my  sophomore  year  and  junior  year.  I  am  thrilled  to  be  able  to  serve  as  the   Lieutenant  Governor  of  Division  20  during  my  senior  year.       Although  I  enjoy  having  fun  as  much  as  any  other  teenager,  I  am  serious  about  the  work  ahead  of  me  as   Lieutenant  Governor.  Listed  below  are  the  goals  I  hope  to  achieve  in  this  coming  year:    

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Increase spirit  and  motivation.   Promote  fundraising  for  the  ELIMINATE  Project.   Publish  appealing  newsletters  that  follow  graphic  standards.   Get  all  dues  paid  on  time.   Strengthen  weaker  clubs.   Increase  attendance  at  district  events  such  as  DCON  and  Fall  Rally.   Keep  in  close  contact  with  schools  through  various  methods  (texting,  emails,  visits,   Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube  videos,  etc.)  

I  look  forward  to  meeting  all  of  you!  If  you  ever  have  any  questions,  please  never  hesitate  to  ask.  I  am   always  open  for  questions  and  communication.  Thank  you  so  much  for  this  amazing  opportunity  and  I   am  looking  forward  to  hearing  from  all  of  you  soon!     Yours  in  Caring  and  Service,    

Rocky  Trifari   Lieutenant  Governor  of  Division  20  

Rocky's Letter of Introduction  

Lieutenant Governor of Division 20 for the 2012-2013 service year.