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AT YOU R SERV ICE | 605.376.0127


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From the POTE Illustrious Sir Thomas Anderson Season’s Greetings to All! Here we are in December already! Recapping November, the Fall Open Ceremonial was a great success! Thanks to 2nd Ceremonial Master, Jim Slater, and Membership Chairman, Wade Behm, and all who made this Ceremonial one to remember! Thank you for the Ritualistic unit for a performance of a lifetime! Our Patients had wonderful stories to tell.

Our Hospitals do amazing work! Thank you for all you do to support the Fraternity and the Hospitals. For without your support none of this is possible. Sprint Cars had a great evening with Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute band. The house was a rockin! Hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving! Then off to Brookings for their Shrine Basketball


MONTHLY STATED MEETINGS Wednesday, December 14 Wednesday, January 11 7:00 p.m. – El Riad Shrine For the Purpose of Old and New Business Your Attendance is Urgently Requested

Game at SDSU. Our Legion of Honor brought in the flags for the opening ceremonies. Thank you Commander Kevin Tomshack. Don’t forget to submit your Shriner of the year applications. December started out with a Patient Christmas parties in Mitchell, Brandon, Manchester, and one in Sioux Falls. Thank you to Outer Guard Don McCoy and your committees. It is amazing the smiles those kids get when they are honored with the Christmas parties. Some of our Patients hearts are so big that you have a great sense of appreciation for them and their families. It just makes you melt! The year is winding down and it has flown by. Christmas parties are going on, unfortunately we can’t attend them all. Lady Jane and I would like to thank each and every Noble and Lady for a fantastic year!! Your dedication to the Shrine and to the Shine Hospitals is unwavering! I’m PROUD to be a member of El Riad Shrine Temple because you Ladies and Nobles make it the BEST! Lady Jane and I wish you all a MERRY CHRISMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Speaking of New Year, don’t forget the Dance Club’s and the Rickshaws New Year’s Eve Dance. Featuring the band Time Machine. They play all types of music. So get your tickets before they are goooooooonnnnnne. January annual meeting is slated for Saturday, January 14. You must have current dues card to attend. Looking forward to a new slate of officers to lead this great temple into 2017. Congratulations to all! Thank you for a FANTASTIC 2016! Hats off to you all!

WEAR YOUR FEZ — DOOR WILL BE TILED Attest: David Neiman, P.P., Recorder Yours in the Faith,

Ills. Sir Thomas Anderson Potentate El Riad Shrine



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INDEX Autumn Ceremonial..............................................22 Birthdays ...................................................... 32–33 Black Camel ....................................................... 13 Blast & Cast............................................................5 Cactus Supporters .............................................. 34 Calendar ........................................................... 8–9 Calling All Masons...............................................15 Cash Calendar Winners ...................................... 17 Chanters ...............................................................46 Classie Autos..........................................................6 Culinary Column............................................40–41 Dance Club...........................................................12 Daughters of the Nile............................................14 El Riad's Newest Shriners ..............................20–21 Fall Ceremonial Schedule.....................................33 Fife & Drum Corps ............................................. 18 Freshly Harvested Pecans.....................................28 From the Pote ....................................................... 3 Frozen Pub Run....................................................39 Groundhog Prom..................................................38 Last Call Band ......................................................16 License Decals......................................................11 Memorials & Contributions ................................ 13 Mitchell Patient Christmas Party ..........................22 Motor Corps ...........................................................7 Motor Corps Raffle ...............................................30 Mystic Brewers .....................................................31 Outhouse Boys Unit #1 and Back Forty Boys ..... 14 Parting Shot ....................................................... 47 Pote Receives $5,000 ...........................................23 Recorder’s Minutes ....................................... 42–43 Roadrunners ....................................................... 11 Ritualstic ................................................................7 ROCK the Shrine ..................................................28 Shrine Christmas Party.........................................26 Shrine Football Game Sponsors...........................16 Shrine Officers ...................................................... 4 Shrine Patient Christmas Party.............................27 Shrine Patient Party..............................................24 Steel Drums .........................................................44 Stated Monthly Meeting Announcements ............. 3 The Khartom Bagpipers ........................................12 Time Machine.......................................................10 Twin Cities Hospital Day.......................................35 Unit & Club Contact List .................................... 45 Valentine’s Bash 20th Anniversary........................19

On the cover...

El Riad Chief Rabban and 2017 Potentate, Jim Burma, Jr., poses with his Lady Kim and Santa Claus during the 2016 Shrine Christmas Party. Enjoy many other photos from that party and our Shrine Patient Christmas Parties. Photo by Darrell Griggs


El Riad

CACTUS Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Shrine Office: 510 S. Phillips Ave., PO Box 1203, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1203 (605) 336-1117  • Fax (605) 336-3059  •  1-800-477-3574 Office Hours – 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

2 0 1 6



Tom Anderson, Potentate Executive Committee Chairman


Jim Burma, Jr., Chief Rabban Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball Chm., Football, El Riad By-Laws, Shrine Cup

Maury Richard, Asst. Rabban

Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball, Corn Palace Hillbillies, Oriental Band, Fife & Drum, Ritualistic Unit, El Riad By-Laws

John Whitelock, High Priest & Prophet

Exec. Divan, Hospital Comm., Futures Comm., Clowns, Roadrunners, Dance Club, Motor Corps, Golf Unit, Sprint Car Unit

Dave Neiman, PP, Recorder El Riad By-Laws, Executive Divan State Donor Relations

Bruce Wallin, PP, Treasurer Executive Divan

Al Zahn Oriental Guide

Exec. Divan, Futures Comm., Lewis & Clark/Animal Unit, Chanters, Horse Corps, Provosts, Ski Club, Steel Drum Band, Outhouse Unit

Les Kruse, 1st Ceremonial Master

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Spring Ceremonial, Classie Autos, Culinary Unit, Legion of Honor, Director’s Staff

Jim Slater, 2nd Ceremonial Master

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Fall Ceremonial, Big Band, Rickshaws, Parker Shrine Club/ Flivvers, Worthington Shrine, Oaze Cycle Corps, Shutterbugs

Board of Trustees

David Neiman, PP, Chairman Curtis Kuehn, PP Loren Eggebraaten, PP Edward Anstine, PP Charles Brown, PP


Leo Baumgart, Marshall

Big Bend Shrine Club, Interlakes Shrine Club, Highlanders, Blast-N-Cast Club

Doug Kristensen, Captain of the Guard Brookings Shrine Club, Sioux Falls Outhouse Unit, Boondockers, Dive-In Unit

Don McCoy, Outer Guard

Rosebud Shrine Club, Mystic Brewers

Mark Richard, Chief of Staff

Ass’t. Chief of Staff, Pote’s Aides, Parades (Ceremonial, Midwest & Imperial)

Chris Karr, Assistant Chief of Staff George Hamilton, Chaplain

Scott Denney, Temple Director Southwest Minnesota Shrine Club

Wade Behm, Membership Chairman

Jeff Landborg, Retention/Restorations Rich Osvog, Unit/Club Acquisitions

Reid Jensen, Circus Chairman Ken Ward, Football Chairman

Doug Schneider, Shrine Cup Chairman Jim Slater Chr., Leo Baumgart, Asst., Sportsman’s Classic Roger Risty, Chr., & Don McCoy, Shrine Hospital Seminars

Randy Ingalls Endowment, Wills & Gifts Jim Burma Jr., Pote’s Ball Chairman Al Zahn, Unit/Club Seminar

John Pudwill, President, Roadrunners

Gail Gustafson, Roadrunner Coordinator Kevin Tomshack, Masonic Relations Tom Johnson, Public Relations

Dave Strum, Stop Burns Chairman

Ike McDonnel, Rich Osvog, Jim Gould, Speakers Bureau Joel Baker, Building/Events Manager

Gail Gustafson, Front Office Assistant Gary Smith, Unit & Club Support

Rocky Hayes, Cactus Designer & Editor

Josh Jurgens, Photographer-Shutterbugs Mark Richard, Cactus Advertising Sales

All articles or comments should be directed to the Editor – – and advertising matters to the advertising sales manager – For information concerning Shriners Hospitals for Children, call 1-800-237-5055 Printed by Leader Printing, Madison, S.D. • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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El Riad Blast & Cast The El Riad Blast & Cast had their late summer walleye fishing weekend a while back, the fishing was poor but the fun was great. We convened our trip on Waubay Lake on Thursday, September 15, only to be met with the thunderstorm of the summer. That is all it takes to put lock-jaw on fish in this prairie pot hole region lake. Better weather greeted us on the September 16, but the fish still didn’t cooperate. Yours truly hooked onto a giant bullhead, which may have made a new state record, had I not returned it to those sacred waters, and I also landed the big walleye for the day with the help of Fryer Goldie. We were blessed by our provisioner Dean “The Pork Man” Theisen, and our master griller Kevin “Almost Walleye” Wohlleber, to a more than fantastic dinner. I never thought pork could taste that good. Sunday morning we were again, at the breakfast trough, and Rolland “The Cowboy Wokman” Stolsmark introduced us to a unique cooking device that fed 15 hungry fishermen in about 10 minutes. Thanks again Rolland. After the shotguns are cleaned and put away and it’s too early to limber up our fishing rods, we have something new to introduce to the El Riad philanthropy! On February 24, 2017 we will host a dinner at the El Riad shrine. Our intent is to invite all Nobles and their Ladies, friends, new

candidates for a “Cabin Fever” night. This get together will make South Dakota’s long winter, short. There will be libations, prizes and a dinner for those that attend. Look for our flyer at the Shrine and announcements at the Wednesday Night Social during the month of January for more information. I want to thank all the Blast & Cast members and all our El Riad Brothers for a great year for the Blast & Cast, we had a great time, and we gave back what we could. Looking forward to a great 2017. We do it for the children. Randy Jensen El Presidente, El Riad Blast & Cast

Spread the joy!

Ask someone you know to become a Shriner!

UNIT & CLUB OFFICERS TRAINING SEMINAR January 21, 2017 | 8:30 a.m. – Noon If you are going to holding an officer position in an El Riad Shrine unit or club, for 2017, then you are invited to the Unit & Club Seminar. The training you receive will make you more knowledgeable, effective, & decisive, in your position of leadership. Come and learn about things like: the Red Book, parade requirements, social media, getting additional &/or updating equipment, and much more. It is imperative that your unit have representation at this event, and preferably, all Presidents should be there. Don’t be the

one who uses the excuse, “Well nobody told me that!” We want you to be informed & prepared. So please join us! We will have coffee and rolls available starting at 8 Am and the seminar will start promptly at 8:30. We will also be serving lunch at the end of the session (12pm). Thank you in advance for your commitment to your unit, and to the temple, by being a leader in your unit and club in 2017.

Faux Painting

JaDecor simply beautiful Certified Dealer

Griff’s WALLCOVERING & PAINTING SERVICE A Complete Professional Service Specialty Wall Finishes


Cellular 351-2084 Hm. 605-528-6523 Fax 605-528-6200


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El Riad Classie Autos In September some of us were able to head out to Rapid City to help the Masons celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mount Rushmore. The cruise to Rapid City was great as was the stop in Murdo to look at all the collectibles there. And of course you can't beat the scenery of the Black Hills.

Homecomming for Augustana University was October 15 and several of our Classie Autos were able to participate in the festivities surrounding the event. Then it was off to Harrisburg to drool over Joe Floyds collection of Fords. Wow, was that cool and what a fun cruise. Soon the snow will be on the ground and though some of our collectibles will be under car covers and safely in storage—we'll still be busy. Modifications and simply tinkering with our classics still need to be done. Already we are planning out parades for 2017 and looking for new Classies to show off their prized possessions or simply get involved with other Shriners who have a passion for "sweet rides".

The Shutterbugs & Pixels Unit are willing to attend your Unit/Club events to take pictures and provide them to you.

If you would like our services, please contact us 2 weeks prior to your event to get scheduled.

LET US CAPTURE YOUR MEMORIES! Contact Unit President, Josh Jurgens at (605) 261-5963 or 6


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El Riad Motor Corps Well it’s that quiet time of the year for the Motor Corps. At Fall Ceremonial the Motor Corps showed our new brothers that we are one of the finest in El Riad by donating $5,000 to the building fund and $1,000 to the patient Christmas party. We also made a donation for $35 on behalf of all the pickle owners to the transportation fund. That will make the total giving $18,035 for 2016. The Motor Corps once again will be having a joint Christmas party with the Sprint Cars on December 17. If it is anything like last year I’m sure a great time will be had by all. First event on the list is our annual Frozen Pub Crawl on February 18, please look for further information on this event or contact any Motor Corps member. If you have never been on this event you should at least try it once. Jerry Hauff is diligently working on the 2017 Bike Raffle. Date for this year’s raffle is March 24. We once again will be offering either a Harley Davidson Softail Slim or a Can Am Commander 800 XT. Cost is $100 per ticket. Please see a Motor Corp member for your ticket. Being it is the end of the year and my final as commander, I would once again like to pass along a few thanks.

First, thank you to Illustrious Sir Tom Anderson on the wonderful year. Thank you to the Divan for your leadership and support of Illustrious Sir and the temple. Thank you to my executive committee for all your extra work and support of me the last two years. Thank you to the membership of the Motor Corps for all the time you put into the motor corps making it one of the top units in El Riad. Thank you to the ladies of the Motor Corps for helping us and allowing us to make a difference in the children’s lives. Finally and most important a big thank you to my wife Rachael and family for supporting me during the years as an officer of the Motor Corps. I wouldn’t be able to do it without your support and understanding. Each and every one of you made my time memorable and rewarding. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please continue to support the incoming officers as much as you supported the previous officers and me. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this great unit and I know there will be many great years ahead for it. Till the Wheels Fall Off, Commander Aaron Neiman

El Riad Ritualistic Unit We ACED it at ceremonial! One terrific “A” performance. One of the best two performances we have done in my nearly 22 years with the El Riad Ritualistic Unit. We created 22 Shriners at the Fall Ceremonial on November 5. Another exceptional performance was fall of 2014 when we had in attendance Imperial Potentate Dale Strauss of KEHM Temple, Grand Forks, ND. He was so impressed with our unit that he stated, “that’s how it should be done.” For the first time since 1999, Shrine Ladies were admitted to the Fall 2016 Shrine Ceremonial. That, of course, was an added incentive to do our very best. We take great pride in our work, grading ourselves, always striving to be the best possible performers, working as a team, in an effort to constantly improve. We do it for ourselves, certainly. However, we also did it out of respect for our Potentate, Illustrious Sir, Tom Anderson. We did it out of respect for our Director, Richard Hagler, an active Ritualist in the unit, Past Master of Unity Lodge #130, and Sr. Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota. Also in attendance was Stephen Butterfield, who is Deputy Grand Illustrious Master of the York Rite. The depth and quality of our performance is directly related to the fact that our ranks include Past Masters of their lodges, A past Grand Master, Past Potentate, Past EL RIAD SHRINE • SIOUX FALLS • SOUTH DAKOTA

Venerable Masters in Scottish Rite, Ritualists from the York Rite, and those dedicated to mastering their parts. There are not enough positive words to describe Joe Brown in the part of the Inspired Charge. I have written before about his five star performances. This time he ascended to a new plateau. I have studied acting and admired the work of some of greatest actors of our age, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sir Anthony Hopkins and the late Richard Burton, all Master Masons. Noble Brown’s performance was of their caliber. Our tech team Garrett Hanson, Scott Denney and Bruce Crawford are professionals in the music, lighting and staging fields. Their knowledge and skills are beyond description. The El Riad Big Band and the Chanters outdid themselves and the Culinary Unit pulled together a super Shriners Feast, as usual. Officers for the 2017 year are President: Jeff Landborg, Treasurer: Harland Danielson, Director: Richard Hagler and Secretary: George Hahn. George Hahn Secretary


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1 Clowns 5pm social; 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting



Rickshaw Christmas SDSU Shrine Party Basketball Game Oriental Band Christmas Party

Oriental Band 7pm

4 Shrine Patient Christmas Party

5 Highlanders 6pm

6 Chanters 7pm

Bldg/Ent Committee Rickshaws 6pm Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7pm

11 Classie Autos Christmas Party

12 Fife & Drum Corps 7:30pm Highlanders 6pm

Board of Directors

Chanters 7pm

7 Boondockers 7pm Happy Hour 4–10pm Legion of Honor 7pm


Classie Autos 7pm Lewis & Clark 6:30pm social; 7:00pm dinner

14 Happy Hour 4–10pm Stated Meeting

8 Brookings Shrine Club 7am @ Perkins

9 Dance Club

10 A&B Christmas Party

Oriental Band 7pm Steel Drums 6:30pm

15 Director’s Staff 7pm Oriental Band 7pm

16 Multi-Group Christmas Party

17 Sprint Cars Christmas Party

Steel Drums 6:30pm

Sprint Cars 6:30pm

Shrine Floor Refinishing (tentative)

18 Motor Corps Christmas Party


Hillbillies 7pm Parker Flivvers 6:30 pm

Quarterly Christmas Party

Mystic Brewers 7pm

Dance Club 7pm


Chanters 7pm

26 Closed for Christmas

21 Dive In Unit 6:30pm Masonic Motor Club 6pm Motor Corps 7pm

Blast & Cast

Worthington/ Oaze Cycle Patrol after Lodge

Christmas Day


Highlanders 6pm

27 Chanters 7pm Provosts 7:00pm Sprint Cars 6:30pm



24 Christmas Eve

Steel Drums 6:30pm


Happy Hour 4–10pm

Corn Palace Hillbillies 6:30 pm

Rock Band Rehearsals 7pm

Oriental Band 7pm

Shutterbugs 7pm


Oriental Band 7pm


31 Horse Corps New Year’s Eve Dance Divan New Year’s Eve Party

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 8 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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1 New Years Day


2 Closed for New Year Holiday


3 Chanters 7pm Rickshaws 6pm Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7pm


4 Boondockers 7pm Happy Hour 4–10pm Legion of Honor 7pm Stated Meeting

5 Cactus Deadline Clowns 5pm social; 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting




Fife & Drum Christmas Party

Oriental Band 7pm

8 Avera Christmas Party



Fife & Drum Corps 7:30pm

Chanters 7pm

Highlanders 6pm

Lewis & Clark

11 Stated Meeting

Classie Autos 7pm

12 Brookings Shrine Club 7am @ Perkins

13 Dance Club

14 Annual Meeting/ Installation

Oriental Band 7pm Steel Drums 6:30pm

Bldg/Ent Committee 6:30pm social; 7:00pm dinner Board of Directors Sprint Cars 6:30pm


16 Highlanders 6pm Mystic Brewers 7pm Worthington/ Oaze Cycle Patrol after Lodge

17 Blast & Cast 7pm Chanters 7pm Dance Club 7pm




Dive In Unit 6:30pm Director’s Staff 7pm Masonic Motor Club Oriental Band 7pm 6pm Steel Drums 6:30pm Motor Corps 7pm

21 Unit & Club Seminar HyVee Christmas Party

Hillbillies 7pm Parker Flivvers 6:30 pm


23 Fife & Drum Corps 7:30pm Highlanders 6pm

24 Chanters 7pm Provosts 7:00pm Sprint Cars 6:30pm

Mystic Brewers 7pm





Happy Hour 4–10pm

Corn Palace Hillbillies Clowns’ Christmas 6:30 pm Party

Rock Band Rehearsals 7pm

Oriental Band 7pm

28 Horse Corps MetaBank Christmas Party

Steel Drums 6:30pm

Shutterbugs 7pm

30 Highlanders 6pm

31 Chanters 7pm

! on ti la al st In & ng ti ee M al u nn See you at our A EL RIAD SHRINE • SIOUX FALLS • SOUTH DAKOTA


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12.31.16 new years eve

4 great tribute acts in one night El Riad Shrine, 510 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls

Doors open at 7 p.m. • Games & prizes at 8 p.m. • Band starts at 9 p.m. Tickets (605) 336-1117 • $20 in Advance • $25 at the Door • Reserved Rooms & Tables Available


Proceeds are for the benefit of the El Riad Dance Club and Rickshaw activities. Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions. • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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El Riad Roadrunners

License Plate Decals Our new batch of license decals for organizational plates finally arrived and are available in the office. They are $25 for a set of two or $12.50 for one for a motorcycle. All proceeds go to our Transportation Fund.

Thank you to all the Roadrunners who turned out to our Fall Breakfast meeting on October 19, 2016. We had 27 attend. This was our annual Life Savings and election meeting. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue did a very great job of teaching the course. I've done this at leased five times and always learn something new every year. Meet and greet our new president and vice president: Jeffy Wilkes was elected president and George Hamilton was elected vice president. Thank you both for accepting those positions. Drivers for October were: Overnight trips-Freddie Contreras and Joe Graves, Dana Schmidt and Doug Voss, Jeffy Wilkes and John Milander. One day drivers were: Bruce Norton and Ken Steele, Mike Bates and Arlen Nordhagen, John Pudwill and Rocky Hayes. The Pudwill and Hayes trip was canceled as the patients mother decided to drive with a friend at the last minute. Drivers who dropped off a patient were: Gene and Marita Renschler. Drives who picked up that patient were Dave Kemper and Mike Kuzeppa. Thank you Nobles for all you do. The patients and family sincerely appreciate what you do. Thanks again to the Nobles that made it a great year for me as president and also thank you so much to Gail Gustafson for all you do for us! John Pudwill Jr. Roadrunner President Photo by Josh Jurgens


It’s about your people, not health policies. phone [605] 338-1489 webULVW\EHQH¿WVFRP

ROADRUNNERS NEEDED! ➤ One day round trips ➤ Overnights ➤ Comfortable vans & precious cargo (our patients)

Meet and visit with hospital staff and drivers from other jurisdictions. Nobles’ wives are also welcome as the second driver.

Contact Gail at 336-1117 or

Are you a



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Bagpipers Been to our website lately? Visit today for news and events, photo albums, and much more!

CACTUS Advertising Rates: Annual — 10 Issues



Business Card ........$



1/8 Page .................$



1/4 Page .................$



1/3 Page .................$



1/2 Page .................$ 1,050


Full Page ................$ 1,900


Contact Mark Richard, Adv. Sales (605) 360-7870 or the El Riad Shrine office: 336-1117

Notice to All Masons and Shriners (spouses, family members or survivors) If you have a loved one in the hospital, ill or shut in, please call the Masonic center or the Shrine office. We will attempt to make a hospital visit or call you at your home or residence. Details of our greetings will be put in your Lodge and Units mail boxes to update everyone. Anyone who would like to join our visitation committee, please notify one of the offices. Please note: “No meetings just Greetings”. This includes those in surrounding towns. Thank you. — Dennis Bachman

12 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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MEMORIALS & CONTRIBUTIONS TRANSPORTATION FUND In Memory of Jared Ritter by Dee & Royce Adams In Memory of Laura Bagley by Merlyn & Judy Sundvold Rob Joyce Gina Turnbaugh Chuck Bagley In Memory of Joyce Newhagen by Bill & Ona Anderson El Riad Sprint Car Unit In Memory of Jerry Moen, PP, by Margaret Dalthorp Bruce & Kristi Wallin Dale Gibson John Peckham Janice & Bob Pfeifer Dave Lewis Jerry Cozad Loraine Milstead Beverly & Bill Butler Jim & Pam Pfeifer Joe & Karla Alick In Memory of Jacob Henningson by Beverly & Bill Butler In Memory of Ronald G. Davis by KG and Darla Reavis In Memory of Cheryl Johnson by Jon & Karon Hoecherl Bill & Ona Anderson Dave & Karen Bangasser Doug & Carolynn Costar Gary & Alberta Smith Kelly & Lois Brown Jim & Pam Pfeifer Lyle & Verla Sturdevant Matthew & Laura Johnson Don & Helen Jensen Joe & Karla Alick Mike & Bunny Howes Harland & Lori Danielsen Melvin & Judith Dykstra James & Phyllis Gould Lavonne Goos Kelly Burns Troy & Wendy Steinbeck Karen Fredrickson Herm & Benita Martin In Memory of Gerry Rockwell by Lloyd & Susan Siemonsma

In Memory of Norma Smith by Bill & Ona Anderson Dave & Karen Bangasser Doug & Carolynn Costar Kelly & Lois Brown Lyle & Verla Sturdevant Bruce & Kristi Wallin James & Phyllis Gould Donation in Honor of Merv Iverson by Ann Marie Trent License Decals by Bennie Nustad Marvin Pedersen Al Zahn David Skancke James Rollason Larry Narum

TRANSPORTATION ENDOWMENT FUND In Memory of Bob Adams by Dick & Joanne Avery In Memory of Cheryl Johnson by Dennis & Terry Karrup & Myrtis Kaarup Dave Neiman Bob & LaRae Zwart Al & Du Zahn

HOSPITAL FUND In Memory of James Roden by Jacquelin Blackford H.D. Wickstrom Anonymous

BLACK CAMEL RONALD G. DAVIS Sioux Falls Feb. 21, 1949 – Sept. 7, 2016 Created June 10, 1982

JOHN C. NELSON Sioux Falls July 28, 1929 – Oct. 23, 2016 Created November 14, 1969 DONALD SALMON Sioux Falls Jan. 16, 1934 – Nov. 5, 2016 Created August 24, 1978

We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone 605-336-1117 or email

Get noticed. Advertise in the

Cactus !

In Memory of Cheryl Johnson by Dean & Amy Gesch David & Renee Eliason Heath & Stevie Van Hill Donations by David Skancke Douglas W. Weeks Arthur G. Temple Stuart Webster Glenn “Hoot” Gibson Curtis Hage

KEITH ROSE BUILDING FUND In Memory Cheryl Johnson by John & Ralynn Whitelock

Donation by Ralph Schreurs



FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:07 AM Page 14

El Riad Outhouse Unit #1 and Back Forty Boys On a sad note: Our thoughts, prayers and love are with Tom / Uno, Kevin and Betzi Johnson on the passing of their beloved Cheryl. She was active with Shrine activities and will definitely be missed. Well, we got through Halloween on a great night for tricks or treaters. Believe we had about 56 at our home place and enjoyed visits from many kids in costume. One little girl dressed as a princess stated the obvious when we asked who (what character) she was. “Well, I’m a princess, you silly”. Another good month for the clan. The Outhouse #1 and Mitchell Hillbillies joined together to entertain, sing some tunes and of course a little antifreeze on the manifold does create some smoky results at the Hobo Days Parade in Brookings. Lots of students, alumni, parents, grandparents and children lining up on both sides of the street. Gran Pappy Amos would occasionally glance in my direction with a wry smile. He is a graduate of SDSU and I have connections to USD. I would occasionally speak in a loud whisper “Go Yotes”. To our surprise some or should I say a few seemed to agree. A fun time and a not to miss parade. We just welcomed 22 new Shriners to El Riad at the Fall Ceremonial and enjoyed a great day of fellowship. It was also a first, as the Ritualistic Unit did an outstanding presentation of the First and Third Sections before our ladies. We hope that the

ladies are invited to future Ceremonials. And with the new Shriners we also hope they all join a unit or club. A suggestion would be to visit the unit / club that interests you to get a sense if it is a good fit for you. The Hillbilly Outhouse #1 Unit meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm down at the Shrine. Preparations are underway for Christmas events and our upcoming Beer, Wine and Moonshine gig down at the Shrine. We will have more details later. We extend our thanks for the support from our Potentate Tom Anderson and Lady Jane. What a great year. Well done!!! To each and everyone in our Shrine family we wish you the best for the holiday season and a very Happy New Year. And for those who have suffered loss, please know that our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Please consider membership into the Outhouse Unit or any other unit for that matter. Contact: Outhouse Raban of the Clan / President – Don McCoy: 366-5062 The philanthropy is successful when the fraternity is successful. Submitted by: Buttons, Keeper of the Quill

Daughters of the Nile Girls Day Out Ashrama Temple No. 97 recently spent some time together with Mat Sha Temple form Saint Paul, MN. Five


members from Sioux Falls traveled to Austin, MN, to meet up with members from St. Paul for a girls day out. We started the day with lunch at Kenny's Diner. The atmosphere was amazing with walls covered with memorabilia, great food and service. Once we were pleasantly full from lunch we ventured out to the Spam Museum. We had a great time touring the museum and learning about the origin and popularity of Spam. The museum has an amazing gift shop with every kind of Spam for purchase. Some flavors are only available in the shop and in certain areas of the world. We ended the day with

a group photo with the girls from Minnesota and talked about some ideas for our next adventure with them. The ladies of Ashrama Temple have many fun social outings planned in the near future. We love spending time together while working towards our fundraising efforts of supporting the Shriners Hospital for Children. Submitted by Jill Butterfield • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:07 AM Page 15

Calling All Masons Consider this an official summons from the Grand Lodge of South Dakota – we need your help! The Grand Lodge has recently covered the expense of activating the MORI Our Lodge Page (OLP) for every Lodge in the state, and we now need you, as South Dakota Masons, to all go out to the MORI home page and create an account. It’s exceptionally easy, just point any internet browser to and right in the center of the screen will be an area titled “Help for New Users”. The first option is to Sign up! When you click on Sign up! You will be taken to a screen where you create an account by using your Grand Lodge number, which is located on your dues card, and your date of birth for verification. Please complete this process and enter all of your contact info. Once you have an account (please be sure to include your email address when entering your contact information) you’re set to now begin using Our Lodge Page. As previously mentioned, every Lodge in South Dakota now has an internet presence and a unique website. To see the page(s) for your Lodge, go to: http://<your-lodge-number> Example: would send you to the page for Rapid City #25.

Our Lodge Page will be the premiere resource for the Masons of South Dakota to find out what’s happening at their Lodge, in their District, at the Grand Lodge, or any Lodge across the state. Each OLP website

will have a suite of features and tools to drive member engagement including; calendars, news feeds, online RSVP’s, file and photo uploads, links, and more. In addition, all of the basics will be there such as meeting nights/times, address, map, current and past officers, even event photo albums.

Each Lodge currently has a website which contains basic information that has been automatically populated by MORI. We are strongly encouraging Lodges to designate one or more “webmasters” who will be in charge of maintaining their site. This is a GREAT way to get a new Mason involved in your Lodge. Each Lodge Secretary has been sent detailed instructions on how to assign webmasters. Having an active webmaster will be paramount in your Lodge being able to reap all of the tremendous benefits of this service. In the near future, the abilities of OLP will continue to expand and will include a mobile application with messaging, calendar integration, RSVP’s, and even secure Masonic Messaging. Please go out as directed above and create a MORI account – this is vital to your ability to participate in this technology. Brothers, this is the future of Masonic communication in South Dakota and we as the Grand Lodge are pleased to bring this to each and every one of you. Fraternally, DaNiel D. Wood Senior Grand Warden Grand Lodge AF & AM of South Dakota


Storage Units

We Offer… • 5 x10 • 10x15 • 10x20 • 10x25

New Facility - Outside Storage Security Fence Located in Sioux Falls at

1700 E. 39th St. N (605) 321-7060



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El Riad Last Call Band The band is called “Last Call,” but certainly the rock group is anything but ready for just one more song or dance. The El Riad Big Band’s rock unit rehearses regularly, is actively looking for occasions to play their special brand of rock and roll (both within the Shrine family and beyond) and has even put out a couple of CDs. “The El Riad Big Band has always looked for ways to expand our musical offerings,” said Band President John Bayer. “Originally organized as a concert, ceremonial and parade band, it wasn’t long before those founding Shrine bandsmen put together a dance band.” That was when the music of the swing era and the big dance bands was the nation’s “popular music.” A dixieland, or swing band, followed led by Shriner Wallace Johnson, himself the leader of a popular big dance band. But musical tastes changed in the ‘50s. The big bands were no longer as popular as they were during the World War II era. Bill Haley and Elvis arrived on the scene. Rock and roll became the most popular music among the young set and dancers. A dozen or more years ago, talk began among the El Riad musicians about putting together a rock band. A couple dozen local rock and roll musicians were invited to the Temple one Sunday afternoon to see if there was enough talent and interest in playing rock music in the Shrine. But it wasn’t until the late Jim Kirkeby put pen to paper and produced a couple dozen rock tunes

that the band move towards reality. Kirby also had his own rock band years earlier and much of the music came from that band. Originally the band was to be called the Sultans, but after some discussion the name became “Last Call.” Mark Neuharth, who plays keyboard with the band, says band members “love the music of the 60s and 70s, so that’s what we play.” Lloyd Schipper, a guitar and trumpet player, says “most of us grew up with this music. Now we are middle age, but this music is always in vogue.” Although membership in the band has changed somewhat over the years, it features a brass section consisting of Bayer, George Gulson, Mark Pederson and Randy Smith on trumpets; and Craig Holman on trombone. The rhythm section consists of Neuharth and Darin Hetland, while the front line consists of Steve Sundem, Schipper and lead vocalist and leader Dwayne LaFave. “We took a short break over the summer,” said LaFave, but now we are back on our regular rehearsal schedule. We have several gigs lined up and are looking for more. You can hear “Last Call” on line. Also, any Shriners who play or sing that want to join us, they’d be more than welcome. Contact me or any of the other guys in the band.” “Last Call” rocks on.

Smart Marketers... advertise in the


FOOTBALL TICKET SPONSORS Our thanks to all who are helping support Shriners Hospitals and El Riad Transportation Fund 16

Since the November Cactus: Staley Larson • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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November 2016 Winners: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23


Doug Sangl Darci Barger Renae Phinney Gene Barnes James Thedens Scott Krell* Steve Westra Jamie Koch Benita Martin Sarah Noble Scott Janke Sonja Kellen Katie Matzinger* Susan Giesler Peggy Boysen** Paul Christensen Mike Archer William Minow Bob Hass Jim & Mary Morrison* Doug Costar Maren Van Luvanee Doon Elevator Co.

Sold By

Horse Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Mystic Brewers Lewis 7 Clark Shrine Club Horse Corps Blast & Cast Fife & Drum Corps Horse Corps Oriental Band Horse Corps

Oriental Band Culinary Unit Horse Corps Horse Corps Sprint Cars Clowns Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Parker Shrine Club Oriental Band Outhouse #1 Oriental Band Horse Corps

24 25 26 27 28 29 30


Luke Deblauw Roger Tiede Kevin Hesvik Eric Rust* Dennis Klein Merle White Roxane Clarke

Sold By

Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Horse Corps Horse Corps Horse Corps Horse Corps Shutterbugs Fife & Drum Corps

*$100 Winners    **$300 Winner

ENJOYING THIS ISSUE? If so, please become a Cactus Supporter! Your yearly $20 donation helps us keep the presses rolling.

Visit today for news and events, photo albums, and much more! EL RIAD SHRINE • SIOUX FALLS • SOUTH DAKOTA

Send your check today to El Riad Shrine P.O. Box 1203 Sioux Falls, SD 57101 or call the office at (605) 336-1117. 17

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On Saturday, February 17, 2017, the Fife & Drum will mark its 20th consecutive Johnny Holm Band event. This is truly an amazing achievement and has transformed the El Riad Fife & Drum as a preeminent group of Nobles regardless of Shrine Temple affiliation. Consider our humble beginnings when Ron Fox had the foresight to suggest we take a huge financial leap and hire the Johnny Holm Band for our Valentine's Day event. We decided as a group to go for it and Jack Weibel signed the contract to bring Johnny in 20 years ago. His first show was sold out and we haven't looked back since. 20 years later, we can attribute many Fife & Drum milestones in bringing Johnny and his band to El Riad. Among the more noteworthy are:

1. Recognizing total proceeds in excess of a quarter of a million dollars from this event

El Riad Fife & Drum 2. The Fife & Drum Corps funding the climbing wall at the Twin Cities Hospital in honor of Buttons the Clown 3. Helping us to contribute on average, over $20,000 back to El Riad each year for the last 10 years. 4. Making a $5,000 donation to the Twin Cities Hospital in Johnny's name five years ago 5. Helped springboard our St. Patty's Day event 14 years ago and our beer pong tourney 7 years ago. These events are now regularly included in the Sioux Falls Visitor's Guide. 6. Established the format/template that has facilitated other El Riad groups to sponsor their own events. This has transformed their financial well being and greatly escalated their giving capabilities back to El Riad. 7. Helped fund new, historically authentic Fife & Drum uniforms to replace the original version. 8. Helped fund numerous group trips to

MSA and Imperial, Also legendary trips to Yankton and Okoboji on multiple occasions. All these were enormously fun group adventures. 9. Created enthusiasm among El Riad Nobles to join our group, which now numbers over 65 members. 10. Has enabled a gigantic amount of fun for the Fife & Drum and all the folks that attend the event. We are planning a huge party to celebrate this 20th year achievement and invite all El Riad Nobles to join in the fun. Elvis and Cupid will be on hand along with other special activities. This will definitely be an event you won't want to miss. And by the way, if you haven't made your reserve table arrangements yet, please call Tim Clarke at 335-7162 to do so. I would also direct your attention to our flyer in this Cactus edition for more details. We especially thank everyone in our group that has played a role in this labor of love over the years with a special thank you to all the Johnny fans that have attended his shows. We'll see you for our 20th consecutive event on February 11!! Respectfully submitted, Bruce Norton

Phillips Centre Š 300 S Phillips Ave Š 331-4000 Silver Valley Š 1707 S Marion Rd Š 361-5636 Dacotah Town Centre Š 3302 E 10th St Š 336-7700 57th & Cliff Š 1209 E 57th St Š 334-8500

18 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:07 AM Page 20

ewes t N S s h ’ r d i a n i e R r l s ! E 22 New Nobles Created Saturday, November 5, 2016

Photos by Darrell Griggs

Adam Bergdale

Sponsor: Tom Elliott

Wade Eastman

Sponsor: Roger Thompson

Tracy Johnke

Sponsor: Patrick Campbell


Mike Bjelland

Sponsor: Maury Richard

Jeffery Gates

Sponsor: Wayne Wetzbarger

Sherman Junker

Sponsor: Maury Richard

Matt Bjordal

Sponsor: Bruce Norton

Michael Grubb Jr.

Sponsor: Aaron Hensley

Brenden Lutz

Sponsor: Shane Harris

Vincent Danh

Sponsor: Ron Knott

Brad Hearst

Sponsor: Rocky Hayes

Aron Nevin

Sponsor: Kevin Johnson

Gregory Dubois

Sponsor: Burton R. Seifel

Michael Hunneycutt

Sponsor: Mark Pederson

Michael Quinlivan

Sponsor: Nicholas Seliski • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:08 AM Page 21

Allen Regimbal

Sponsor: Wade Behm

Joseph Relhak

Sponsor: Ron Knott

Ryan Rollinger

Sponsor: Jayson Strauss

Devon Stewart

Sponsor: Kyle Orth

Jerrid Thomas

Sponsor: Eric Quick

El Riad 2016 Autumn Class Welcome to our 2016 Autumn Class! Our newest El Riad Shrine members, the 2016 Autumn Class, November 5, 2016.

Brian Tull

Sponsor: Steven Leu

Jared Vilhauer

Sponsor: John Archer

SAVE THE DATE Spring Ceremonial will be on May 6, 2017

INSURE CAREFULLY, DREAM FEARLESSLY. CALL FOR A NO-OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE. American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company, 6000 American Parkway, Madison WI 53783 006441—Rev. 11/15 © 2015


Les Kruse Agency 301 E 14th St Ste 300 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 336-3444

Phone: 605.373.0068 2607 West 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (Just West of Best Buy)

Phone: 605.275.5660 5229 West 12th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(Corner of W. 12th & Marion Rd.)


FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:08 AM Page 22

2016 Autumn Ceremonial

Photos on this page by Josh Jurgens

JOHN EGAN Broker/Owner

Cell: (605) 360-3954 Email:

Over 35 Years of Residential & Commercial

Real Estate Experience

22 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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Mitchell Patient Christmas Party

Been to our website lately? Visit today for news and events, photo albums, and much more!

Photos on this page by Jane Anderson

El Riad Potentate Receives $5,000 on behalf of Shriners Hospital

On November 9, alongside South Dakota Congresswoman, Kristi Noem, El Riad Potentate Tom Anderson received a $5,000 check for Shriners Hospital from the SD Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner and Children’s Charity.

Call For Flowers at

336-2815 or visit us at

Bill Thompson FSS, Agent 603 W 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Bus: 605-339-2520 8:00-5:00 Monday - Friday Saturdays and Nights By appointment Se habla Español

1211999 State Farm, Bloomington, IL



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Shrine Patient Party at Lewis Drug

Photos on these pages by Jeff Smith and Josh Jurgens


SECURITY, INC. w w w. 3 D S e c. c o m


tf. 888-923-5333 p. 605-543-5159 f. 605-543-5179 c. 605-366-8601 e:


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Locally Owned Since 1945

1000 E. 41st Street | Sioux Falls, SD 57105



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Shrine Christmas Party

Photos on this pages by Darrell Griggs, Jane Anderson and Josh Jurgens

26 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 28

Todd Nelson Team

Helping you achieve your goals has always been ours

Todd Nelson Senior Vice President – Wealth Management Senior Financial Advisor Senior Portfolio Advisor 605.335.0548

Congratulations to Todd Nelson for being recognized on the Financial Times 400 Top Financial Advisers and Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors lists. Merrill Lynch 110 South Phillips Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Life’s better when we’re connected® Source: The 2016 Financial Times 400 Top Financial Advisers (FT 400) is an independent listing produced by the Financial Times (FT), March 2016. The FT 400 is based on data gathered from firms, regulatory disclosures and the FT’s research. As identified by the FT, the listing reflected each adviser’s performance in six primary areas, including assets under management, asset growth, compliance record, years in existence, credentials and accessibility. Neither firms nor their employees pay a fee to the Financial Times in exchange for inclusion in the FT 400. Source: Barron’s magazine, March 7, 2016, America’s Top1,200 Financial Advisors list. Advisors considered for the “America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors” ranking have a minimum of seven years financial services experience and have been employed at their current firm for at least one year. Quantitative and qualitative measures used to determine the advisor rankings include: client assets, return on assets, client satisfaction/retention, compliance records and community involvement, among others. Barron’s does not receive compensation from advisors, participating firms and their affiliates, or the media in exchange for rankings. Barron’s is a trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management makes available products and services offered by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, a registered broker-dealer and Member SIPC, and other subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation. Investment products:

Are Not FDIC Insured Are Not Bank Guaranteed

© 2016 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.


May Lose Value AR37CQNC | AD-05-16-0318 | 471003PM-1215 | 05/2016 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 30

30 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 31

El Riad Mystic Brewers Seasons greetings from the Mystic Brewers. It always amazes me how fast years can travel by when you are having fun. What also amazes me is how many times a unit president can overlook a deadline for Cactus articles, and I apologize for not being more dedicated to writing these articles. As you are reading this, I will be preparing for my last meeting as president of the Mystic Brewers. What amazes me most is the members of my unit. Without you all, I would just be a guy, holding a gavel that can also open a bottle, in an empty room. I want to thank each and every Mystic Brewer for their participation this year and I can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for the next president. This year, we saw many firsts and we continued some traditions. Our bar stools were again a very big excitement to see parade this year. We did numerous parades, including the Pote’s Parade. We also were able to have several brew sessions this last summer that brought the members that know how to brew and those that don’t together under one roof. We were able to share brews, knowledge, and most of all companionship with each other. We also were able to throw together the first pickling/horse radish session in this units short history. As we all know, no president is able to accomplish all their lofty goals

in a year. Instead it is important for a leader of any unit to change their perspective and see if they did one of three things. First, did you help teach something? Second, did you better your unit? And finally third, did you have fun? My answer to all of these questions is yes, but it would not be without also thanking my other officers over the last year. I raise a glass to my officers, Adam Loftessness, Bruce Loewenberg, Terry Hanten, Joe Greve, Freddie Contreras, and last but not least Richard Hagler. You all were an amazing benefit to this unit, and without your help it would not be the amazing unit that it is. You are all amazing brothers and nobles and I want to thank you for everything you have done for this unit. I would like to take a very long paragraph to welcome the new nobles that joined our fraternity at fall ceremonial. There is nothing more exhilarating than sharing our passions with you for the very first time. So please do not hesitate to come and join us for a meeting. We are always looking for new members and we want your participation. We meet on the third Monday of every month at the Shrine. We usually have a social period starting at 5:30, some form of food (lately we have been grilling meat that we bring) around 6 p.m. and we then

have a regular meeting at 7 p.m. There is no obligation to join our unit but come down and check out what we have concocted and meet some new brothers. Finally, I raise a glass to you all. I thank the Mystic Brewers for taking a chance on a man who was only a shriner for slightly over a year to lead you. I will always be available to answer your questions and provide you feedback on what you make. It has truly been an honor. Cheers, Prost, and Skol James “Jimmay/Buzz the Clown” Rollason

Todd P Neuberger

Financial Advisor


3614 S Southeastern Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-371-0375



FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 32

Happy Birthday! Steven G Ahrendt – 12/26 Donald Altman Jr. – 12/7 Timothy L Anderson – 12/4 John F. Archer – 12/17 Ronald C Arndt – 12/14 James Augustus – 12/8 Keith A. Backer – 12/10 Robert B Baily – 12/22 G. Wade Behm – 12/5 Brooks Bennett – 12/24 David G Benning – 12/13 Terry Berkness – 12/8 Derwood R Bessler – 12/17 James J. Birgen – 12/28 John P Blackburn – 12/3 Russell H Blanchard – 12/20 Shawn Austin Boen – 12/5 Tor Boen – 12/10 George Boom – 12/16 Larry O. Bouma – 12/21 Tim Boysen – 12/17 Myron Eugene Bramstedt – 12/20 Dennis Gail Brierly – 12/18 Dale Henry Broscha – 12/8 Richard E Brown – 12/21 Scott Robert Budahl – 12/2 Mark Buechler – 12/20 Lee C Buffington – 12/12 Randal Bult – 12/8 Charles Burkard – 12/15 Gerald Todd Butler – 12/4 Bruce Campbell – 12/5 Matthew Clarke – 12/24 Michael Timothy Clarke – 12/24 Curtis D Comp – 12/17 Charles Conzemius – 12/13 Bob Cook – 12/31 Mark Norman Cook – 12/8 Jerry L Cozad – 12/8 Richard G Daniels – 12/13 James Dresch – 12/28

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS Wade M. Eastman – 12/13 Gary Edman – 12/23 Richard L. Ericsson – 12/24 Vaughan G Fellows – 12/24 Bryan Ferwerda – 12/9 Mark D Fonder – 12/31 John D Foster – 12/5 Larry A Foster – 12/19 Larry R Fuller – 12/23 Jeffrey E Garrett – 12/31 Lee Douglas Gass – 12/5 Brian T. Gochal – 12/27 Hayden Graff – 12/15 Scot Hayden Graff – 12/15 Edward J. Gustafson – 12/27 George Hamilton – 12/20 Garret Hansen – 12/4 Scott R. Hansen – 12/5 Robert W Hartman – 12/8 Warren G Hatfield – 12/10 Steven C Hauff – 12/28 Rocky Hayes – 12/8 Cedrick Hillyer – 12/19 Jon Hoecherl – 12/5 Nowell D Hofer – 12/15 William D. Hoffman – 12/6 Joseph W. Hoffman,II – 12/31 Corey Holm – 12/21 Carleton R Hoy – 12/12 Don Hughes – 12/8 Bruce F Hundley – 12/7 Donald Lyle Irish – 12/29 Brian Iverson – 12/31 Reid P Jensen – 12/29 Devon Johnson – 12/23 Jerry W Johnson – 12/9 Wallace J Johnson – 12/27 James Vincent Jones – 12/13

nice just ask around

Located at I-29 & W. 12th Street 605-221-2000 •


From left to right: Ryan Simmons, Bruce Heitman, Mark Jones, Denny Wasmund, Marv Lovro

Jeffrey Joneson – 12/3 Dale Juranek – 12/25 Neil Kenyon – 12/3 Anthony A. Kirchner – 12/11 Jeffrey Kistler – 12/21 Robert Koletzky – 12/23 Troy Kretzschmar – 12/15 Gene Earl Kroger – 12/20 Travis M. Krueger – 12/18 Heath Lacey – 12/26 Charles Ervin Larsen – 12/9 Stanley T Larson – 12/4 Chuck Lee – 12/24 Matthew David Leedom – 12/29 Walter C Leyse – 12/22 Steve J Lien – 12/6 Jon Little – 12/23 Dale A Lundquist – 12/5 Paul Marquardt – 12/11 George William Martin – 12/21 Mario Massa – 12/24 Eric Ronald Matt – 12/25 Jeremy S McNary – 12/27 Leon Messler – 12/30 Christopher N. Mikkelsen – 12/10 Jonathan D. Miller – 12/9 Michael A. Moots – 12/28 Abbott W Mosher – 12/3 Michael Nadolski – 12/19 Todd A Nelson – 12/20 Kenneth L Nicholas – 12/6 Craig Allen Novacek – 12/22 Craig M. Olson – 12/10 James W Otteman – 12/15 William H Pay – 12/6 Charles A Pedersen – 12/17 Kendyl Peebles – 12/15 Steven L Perkins – 12/19 Roger A Peterson – 12/2 Bruce L Pfeil – 12/24 James A Pinkerton – 12/26 John Douglas Prince – 12/28 Dieter W Proehl – 12/18 Robert N Purvis – 12/26 Kenneth R Rahn – 12/15 William Glen Reavis – 12/24 Allen Scott Regimbal – 12/30 Justin Gregory Rehms – 12/1 David B Reiners – 12/27 Dan Reiter – 12/1 Jerry Reiter – 12/18 Jay F Reniker – 12/27 Steven J. Rindsig – 12/29 Craig J Robbins – 12/2

W Duff Robinson – 12/16 Jeffrey Lynn Rohlena – 12/25 Deward J Roth – 12/2 Harry E Sage Jr – 12/5 Robert M Sala – 12/18 Tom Salestrom – 12/30 David Saunders – 12/10 Walter G Schaefer Jr – 12/6 Richard A Schlechter – 12/15 John Schuety – 12/9 Wesley Jon Schutte – 12/2 Terry Scott – 12/16 Jeffrey A Scoular – 12/7 R.James Scoular Jr. – 12/15 Bob Sebert – 12/9 E Wallace Sherman – 12/19 James D. Skjeveland – 12/22 Jeff J Smith – 12/2 Patrick Timothy Smith – 12/2 Kristoffer N. Steele – 12/22 James Severt Stockdale – 12/16 Brad K. Sundvold – 12/2 David Thielbar – 12/6 Craig M Thompson – 12/11 Brad Tieszen – 12/12 Richard Turgeon – 12/17 Timothy B Unruh – 12/23 Steven T Webb – 12/11 Carter O Wiese – 12/13

Isn’t it Time You Joined the $100 Million Dollar Club?

Give $100 and Feel Like a Million! For complete details see the form on page 37 or call Dave Neiman, PP, at 605-376-6745 or email dneiman0315@ • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 33

Larry H Aanenson – 1/1 Mohamud M. Abdulle – 1/1 Matthew Adams – 1/14 Kent S Alberty – 1/12 Tim Ray Albrecht – 1/23 Lowell Arwood – 1/20 George Axelson – 1/27 Chris Backer – 1/5 Joel T Baker – 1/23 Thomas J Batcheller – 1/29 Harry Beckmann – 1/18 Doug J. Beecher – 1/29 Bradley R Bergerson – 1/1 Kendig Bergstresser – 1/4 Matt Bissell-Yale – 1/26 Matt Robert Bjordal – 1/3 William J Bobzin – 1/19 George B Breidenbach – 1/30 Richard Buechler Jr – 1/4 Steven Burtz – 1/5 Stephen M Butterfield – 1/10 Darrell D Butterwick – 1/2 Lee A Calhoon – 1/27 Irvin John Carey – 1/26 Rand Carlson – 1/26 Donald K Carsten – 1/30 Kenneth B Chamberlain – 1/22 Chris Christianson – 1/20 Gary Dean Christie – 1/20 Timothy Paul Clarke – 1/24 Richard B Costain – 1/1 Donald De Langhe – 1/17 Norman Drake – 1/24 Michael B Duffy – 1/9 Stephen E Egger – 1/29 David Eliason – 1/8 Bernard E Ellis – 1/30 Robert Fredrickson III – 1/13 Matthew James Freeburg – 1/8 Marshall Maurice Fueston – 1/30 Chad Clinton Garnes – 1/7 Jeffery Julius Gates – 1/31

JANUARY BIRTHDAYS Scott Gilbert – 1/11 Douglas P Gores – 1/21 John William Griffith – 1/19 Terry L. Gulbrandson – 1/21 Jason Haakenson – 1/24 Steve Haase – 1/8 Tony A. Hagen – 1/2 James E. Havlik – 1/1 Nathan Headley – 1/27 Arnie Hegdahl – 1/30 Justin Heng – 1/3 George M Henningsen – 1/14 Lawrence James Hoyme – 1/18 Delwyn L Hubers – 1/29 Dwayne D Jackson – 1/19 Mark P. Jensen – 1/13 Austin Johnson – 1/31 Douglas W. Johnson – 1/4 Michael Anthony Johnson – 1/6 Charles Eastman Jones – 1/11 Mark Edward Jones – 1/1 Josh Jurgens – 1/1 Robert W Kaberna – 1/29 Elmer L Karl – 1/23 Chris Karr – 1/31 Daniel G. King – 1/23 Mervin D Koppang – 1/24 J. Lee Kratochvil – 1/19 Douglas D Kristensen – 1/26 Eric Kritzmire – 1/7 Harold A Kruse – 1/20 Ryan T. Lamer – 1/12 Ronald Lawrence – 1/12 Kevin Earl Leapley – 1/4 Melvin R Lee – 1/17 Philip W Lindley – 1/16 Marvin Lovro – 1/16 Brenden Michael Lutz – 1/30 Nicholas A. MacDonald – 1/19

Joshua L. Mannhalter – 1/21 Jerry May – 1/22 Joshua M. McFarlane – 1/15 Duane Mergen – 1/31 Jack E Miller – 1/13 Lyle D Muetzel – 1/9 Jarrod D Muller – 1/15 Daniel A. Nace – 1/17 Douglas Nelson – 1/4 Darin B. Nemec – 1/29 James E Nessan – 1/25 Todd P Neuberger – 1/26 Donald Nickel – 1/19 Howard B Nissen – 1/21 Bennie I Nustad – 1/28 Robert C. O'Connor – 1/25 Erik David Pederson – 1/8 Mark A Pederson – 1/25 Thomas E Pennington – 1/1 Eugene Peska – 1/6 Truman D Phelan – 1/30 Lloyd C Phelps – 1/21 Wade R Pringle – 1/25 Richard A. Reyes III – 1/3 Mark A Richard – 1/25 Douglas W Richards – 1/9 Ken Roberts Jr – 1/28 John C Sazama – 1/5 Jeff Schmidt – 1/28 Douglas Schneider – 1/17 Dennis H Schroeder – 1/27

James Allen Schultz – 1/4 Brian Scott – 1/26 Ralph J Scoular – 1/31 Ethan Wilbur Serck – 1/16 Bruce Shay – 1/14 Michael Shearer – 1/13 Kim E Sigler – 1/31 Kevin Sirovy – 1/9 Jason W. Snyder – 1/31 Roger H Squires – 1/4 Craig Stadtfeld – 1/16 Gregory Stensaas – 1/28 Chad Stensland – 1/23 Gary D Stewart – 1/7 Brad Streich – 1/28 Tim D Suhr – 1/20 Chad Allen Sundvold – 1/24 Merlyn Archie Sundvold – 1/6 Jeremy Swenson – 1/3 Travis V. Thill – 1/11 Sven-Eric Thompson – 1/26 Dr Douglas E Torbert – 1/15 Douglas Voss – 1/4 James Foster Wessman – 1/1 Thomas E Weston III – 1/22 Douglas D Wilson – 1/30 Aaron Wohlleber – 1/8 Harvey L Youngberg – 1/8 George Francis Zahn – 1/27 Larry Paul Zikmund – 1/25

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2016 Cactus Supporters Thank you again to these Nobles who donated $20 in 2016 to help support the Cactus. It makes a big difference in the amount of space we have available for articles, photos and other news relating to the Shrine, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and El Riad in particular. It’s time once again to pay dues for the coming year. Please consider adding that extra $20 to become a Cactus Supporter. Stop by the office or mail to: El Riad Shrine, PO Box 1203, Sioux Falls, SD 57101 Mohamud Abdulle Richard Amos Butch Andernacht Lee Andersen Virgil Andersen Laverne Andersh Mark L. Anderson Thomas Anderson Shirley Anderson Robert Angerhofer Edward Anstine Arnold Appelt John Archer Mike Archer Tim Bachman Dennis Bachman Tony Bachman Robert Baker Brian Baker James Baker Darold Ball David Bangasser Stuart Barns Frederick Benson Thomas Benz Louis Bergner Paul Berndt Larry Bierman Russell Blanchard Herbert Bose Roger Braaten Everett Brandenburg Myron Bransfedt Ryan Brech Laurence Breslow Leon Brink Kelly Brown Richard Brown Donald Budde Richard Buechler Robert Burke Jim Burma, Jr. Steve Burtis Lee Calhoon Sean Callahan Jerus Campbell Joe Carmody Donald Christensen Dean B. Christie Andrew Christopherson

Pat Colbert James Collingwood Dennis Converse Roger Coon Douglas Costar Mary J Cozad R. Blake Curd


Leo Cwach David Daily Scott Denney Monty Derousseau Chad DeVries Paul DeYoung David Dierks Greg Dix Richard Dougherty Jeff Dresch David Driver Don Dunham Mark Dunn Melvin Dykstra Gary Edman Thomas Elliott William Erickson Richard Ericsson Ted Fetters Robert Fitch Mike Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald Mark Fonder Nicholas Fosheim Ron Foster Jerry Fowlds Ronald Fox Nicholas Gates Glenn Gibson Gene Gibson Kevin Goff Jeffrey Goldie Chad Goldsmith Lavonne Goos Jim Gould Richard Gourley Deane Grav Donald Gray Lawrence Green Gary Griffith Janet Gruenig Edward Gustafson Steven Haase Curt Hage Richard Hagler Richard Hahn Gene Hamaker Arvin Hannemann Harold A. Hanson Donald Harder Steven Harmes Thomas Harper Henry Hauck Henry Hauck Peter Hauff Steven Hauff Rocky Hayes Nathan Headley

Bob Henley John Hinrichs Noah Hodak Nowell "Shorty" Hofer Mark Hoffman Ed Hoffman Hugh Holmes Larry Hornstra Mike Howes James Hoy Tim Hudson James Hudson Don Hughes Michael Huitt Gregory Jasmer Reid Jensen Donald Jensen Mark Jensen Randall Jensen Jerry Joehnck Dan Johnson Matthew Johnson Clayton Johnson Tom S. Johnson Kevin Johnson Warren Jones Bruce Jorgensen Robert "Rob" Joyce Neil Kenyon Anthony Kirchner John Kittelson Dennis Kniffen Ronald Knott Mervin Koppang Neil Kotas

Steven Kovacic Douglas Kristensen Jim Krogh Del Kroon Les Kruse William Kullander Jeff Landborg Roger Larson Lowell Larson George Larson Kevin Larson Floyd Lashley Allen Lewis Paul Lewis David Lewis Jon Little Dale Lofswold Dale L. Long Todd Loomer Marv Lovro Leroy Luitjens Wade Lunders Richard Lundin Daniel MacRandall Arthur Maize Scot Mannschreck Todd Matthies Donald Maxon Colin May Jerry May Don McCoy Douglas McFarland Tim Meirose Lonnie Merriman Ed Meyer Larry Miller

Todd Miller Jack Miller Jerry Moen Kent Morstad Harold Mostrom Michael Nadolski James Naumann William Neale Rod Nedved Aaron Neiman David Neiman Lyn Neiman Jack Nelson James Nessan Paul Nester Todd Neuberger John Nordlie Bill O'Connor Travis Olson Claude Olson Kyle Orth Michael Parkhill Roland Pearson John Peckham Allen Peterson Viola Peterson Mike Petterson James Pfeifer Truman Phelan Kirby Proehl Kent Quail Robert Rauenhorst David Reiners Gary Reinicke Jerome Reinke Dennis Rens Nylis Renschler II Glendon Rice Mark Richard Maurice Richard Mike Richard Matt Richard Denny Robinson Jeff Rohlema E. Terry Roisum Robert Sala Tom Salestrom Walter Schaefer Jr. Timothy Schendel Paul Schilling Jason Schlechter Dick Schlechter Brian Schmidt Todd Schmidt Doug Schneider John Schuety Brian Schultz Al Schultz

Brian Scott Jeffrey Searles Alan Seefeldt Spencer Sells Kim Sigler James Slater Ronald Smidt Todd Smith Jeffrey B. Smith Gary Smith John Snobeck Ken Steele James Steen Troy Steinbeck David Stoterau Jayson Strauss David Stverak Chad Sundvold Mark Sundvold Merlyn Sundvold Paul Sundvold Jared Swenson David Thielbar Wade Thomas Jerry Thompson Roger Thompson Craig Thompson Rick Turgeon Kjell Turner Joel Turner Tim Unruh Greg Van Luvanee Dennis Ver Hey Richard Viehweg Todd Walhof Steven Walker Bruce Wallin Harold Warner Stuart Webster Don Wendt Wayne Wetzberger Ernie Wevik Cal Wheeler John Whitelock Clayton Wilhelm Jeffy Wilkes Aaron Zahn Al Zahn • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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Date Rec’d: _____________________________

[Office Use Only] Ex: _____________

DONATIONS AND MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS Donation in honor of _______________________________________________________________________________ Memorial in memory of _____________________________________________________________________________ El Riad Hospital Transportation Fund El Riad Hospital Transportation Endowment Fund El Riad Keith Rose Building Fund Shriners Hospitals for Children Unit and Expense Loan Fund Hospital? Twin Cities ___ Chicago ___ Cincinnati ___ $100 Million Dollar Club

$ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ _100.00 _______________

TY: __________

*Given by: _______________________________________________________________ ACK: ____________________ Address __________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________ Phone # ______________________________________________________ *Please acknowledge my gift to: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

To advertise your business in the El Riad Shrine

CACTUS contact Mark Richard (605) 360-7870

Heritage Funeral Home


4800 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57108


Phone 605-334-9640 Fax 605-334-4186 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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Give $100 and Feel Like a Million! Join the Shrine’s $100 Million Dollar Club The $100 Million Dollar Club is a way for Shriners and non-Shriners alike to provide a gift of hope for a child in need. It’s an excellent opportunity to personally participate in the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy” – Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Shriners operate 22 hospitals in North America dedicated to treating children with orthopaedic problems and burn injuries. There are 18 orthopaedic hospitals, three burn hospitals and one Shriners Hospital that provides orthopaedic, burn care and spinal cord injury care. All care and services provided by Shriners Hospitals are totally without cost to the patient or family. Since the founding of Shriners Hospitals in 1922, about $5.5 billion has been spent to provide quality and compassionate medical care to more than 675,000 children with orthopaedic problems, severe burn injuries or spinal cord injuries. Most of these services are paid for by the Shriners Hospitals for Children endowment fund. Without this fund, Shriners Hospitals would not be able to ensure optimum and compassionate patient care. In order to meet the needs of thousands of children in need of the expert care Shriners Hospitals provide, the endowment fund must continue to grow during these times of increasing cost of medical care. Since approximately 95 percent of the annual Shriners Hospitals for Children operating budget will be spent in direct support of the 22 hospitals, your gift to its endowment fund is a gift to one of the world’s “purest” philanthropies.

Visit our Web site:

Todd (TJ) Person Kent Alberty Luanne Alberty 4320 South Louise Avenue, Suite 105 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Ph 605.271.5627 F a x 605.271.3343

Are you a

Cactus Supporter?

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$100 Million Dollar Club ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

Yes, I (we) want to Share in the Care of SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN. I have previously made a Will leaving a Bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners Hospitals for Children endowment fund. I have added a provision in my Will leaving a Bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners for Children endowment fund. I prefer to make a cash donation at this time (of $100 or more).

Make your check payable to: SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN Signed ___________________________________________________________ Temple Member? ___________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________________________________ State _____ Zip _________________ You may give a $100 Million Dollar Club Membership in another persons name, as a special anniversary, birthday or appreciation gift. Please have the membership certificate read: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ RETURN THIS APPLICATION TO EL RIAD SHRINE TEMPLE PO Box 1203 • SIOUX FALLS, SD 57101-1203 EL RIAD SHRINE • SIOUX FALLS • SOUTH DAKOTA

24-Hou Emergenr c Service y












Been to our website lately? Visit today for news and events, photo albums, and much more!

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38 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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El Riad Culinary Column Hollandaise Edition

Masonic One Day installation Saturday October 8 We had several members of the Culinary Unit present for the Ceremonial. Thanks to everyone who helped. It is always a special day when you can spend it with friends. Today we had the privilege to serve our new and esteemed Masonic brothers a hearty meal of succulent fried chicken (hot, perfectly fried, amply breaded and seasoned) with potato salad and hot, buttered buns. And soft, chewy cookies to round out the spread. Fall Ceremonial Saturday November 5

Moslem Feast For the feast, we had a lot of Chefs donate their time and skills on one of the few remaining, beautiful days of Fall. Led by Chef George Roberts, assisted by Joe Alick and Bruce Boegler we served square hamburgers, seasoned and grilled to perfection, along with garlic seaFall Ceremonial Serving soned mashed potatoes and cheesy green beans. Our team, “Green Beans,” was again headed up by the one-man team of Chef Charlie Anderson. He executed bean placement and cheese distribution with the care and precision you would expect from a superbly trained technician of haute cuisine. Cookies again complimented our offering.

ers for the upcoming Children’s’ Christmas Party. A total of $5,000 given representing our efforts supported with our Nobility’s generous tips and engagements. Reception Joe Alick's Cotton Candy Bowl That evening we pulled Sombrero out all the stops in our service and menu. Our table set an inviting stage for the wonderful hor d'oeuvres to come. We had heaping meat and cheese trays, bowls of fruits and vegetables with dips. A huge overflowing bowl of shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce. And a five-tiered tower filled with sinfully delicious deviled eggs. One of our diners described these filling and delicious treats as, “the most satisfying meal you can get for a generous tip!”

Meaning of Thanksgiving The Real Celebration Food has gotten big. From celebrity chefs to cooking shows, food has permeated our lives in more places than the kitchen table. Turkey dinners, cranberries, candied yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, four-day weekends, football games and family gatherings—these are all commonly associated with most Americans’ yearly celebration of giving thanks—Thanksgiving Day! before Hamburger's View of Perfection you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, or begin watching a parade or football Unit Presentation and Donations game, be sure to take time to truly thank God in prayer and Chef Jerry Hauff articulated well to the Nobles and thought for the national wealth, power and prestige He has guests present the purpose and provision the Culinary Unit given this nation. brings to the El Riad. He followed this with a presentation of As the Culinary Unit, in our work, we prepare our hearts our donations of $3,500 to the building fund, $1,000 to the – In gratitude, we humbly reflect upon all the gifts (family, Shrine Hospital and approximately $500 towards hamburgfriends, health) that saturate our lives. By “giving-thanks” we choose to extend ourselves and give to others less fortunate. Out of the abunCactus dance of our hearts, we are able to offer our resources to help others. for February issue Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer O God, when I have food, help me to remember



Jan. 5 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 41

the hungry; When I have work, help me to remember the jobless; When I have a home, help me to remember those who have no home at all; When I am without pain, help me to remember those who suffer, And remembering, help me to destroy my complacency; bestir my compassion, and be concerned enough to help; By word and deed, those who cry out for what we take for granted. Amen. —Samuel F. Pugh

Q. If you could witness any event of the past, present or future, what event would that be? A. The Gold Rush in the Black Hills Q. What do you feel most proud of? A. The Corporation I have helped build. Q. What is a skill you would like to learn? A. Culinary Chef A small bite of Culinary sage “The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.” — Author Unknown

Culinary Fellowship To better know our fellow Culinary Chefs, we are sharing some answers to reveal something Lady Marla Richard & Jerry Hauff of ourselves to promote fellowship in a fun, fact filled way. Noble & Chef Jerry Hauff Q. What was your home town? A. Sioux Falls

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” —Barbara Johnson

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to a Happy New Year!

Q. Does your home town have a slogan? A. A Great Place to Live! Q. What is your favorite culinary dish - not from the Culinary Unit's selection. Is this dish something the Culinary Unit should have in our repertoire? A. Apple Crisp and Yes!

Reported by your Culinary Communications Director Eaton Doolittle

Reception Serving

Q. What is your favorite cut of meat? Why? A. Ribeye, marbled goodness, lots of flavor. Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? A. Ireland & Scotland, I have not been there before and the history is very intriguing.

M ID -C ITY STORAGE 1400 S. VanEps

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(605) 334-1050

✦ Climate Control ✦ Security Cameras ✦ Residential – Commercial ✦ Units 5´x5´to 12´x40´ ✦ 24-Hour Access

Craig Ross – Manager


PO Box 88053 • Sioux Falls, SD 57109

Del Hubers

Artistic Director



Diana Kappen

Executive Director



FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 42

Recorder’s Minutes

EL RIAD SHRINE MONTHLY STATED MEETING OCTOBER 12, 2016 EL RIAD TEMPLE – SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA The meeting was opened by Potentate Tom Anderson at 6:58 p.m. Chaplain George Hamilton gave the Invocation. Potentate Anderson then led the Nobles in the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance. The miutes of the 2016 Stated Meeting, held September 14, 2016, were, upon proper motion and second, approved as printed and distributed. Treasurer's Report: Treasurer, Bruce Wallin, P.P., gave the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a proper motion to accept and proper second, this report was approved. Building & Entertainment Committee Report: Chief Rabban Jim Burma Jr. gave a progress report on projects completed, current projects and projects under consideration with the most important including: 1. The two new microphones have been installed and are in use. 2. The new ceiling tiles and lighting have been installed in the El Riad room. The painting will take place within 2 weeks. 3. The Ritualistic backdrops are ready to be ordered and will be in place for the Spring Ceremonial. 4. The East and West door project is pending communication with another source. 5. We have received bids to replace the office computers and monitors. The specifications are being reviewed by Steve Haase. 6. The AV computers are here and will be installed soon. Upon proper motion and proper second this report was approved. Correspondence: None

COMMITTEE REPORTS Chief of Staff: Chief of Staff Mark Richard said he received a thank you from Hills regarding our participation in their parade. He reminded us that the Fall ceremonial is November 5th and that there will be some changes this year. He urged us

to get the Unit Christmas party dates to the office so Divan members can get them on their schedule. He noted that the Shrine patient Christmas party is on December 4th and to contact Don McCoy if you want to help at the party. He told us to sell our cash calendars. Circus: Chairman Larry Miller told us that SCAFRA was held in Billings last week and that Marv Lovro was elected to be President for this coming year. The SCAFRA conference will be held in Sioux Falls October 19-21, 2017.The SCAFRA website will be up and running soon. Hospital: Hospital representative Pat Colbert told us we still need money for the EOS machine. A possible donation did not pan out. The Twin Cities Hospital has received some nice recognition for caring for some refugees that are amputees. Membership: The Membership seminar is presently being held in Tampa. The Masonic one day raised 18 new Masons. The Grand Lodge has decided that each Lodge can only have 10 candidates for each one day. The Fall Ceremonial is November 5th. The black camel has claimed 50 Nobles so far this year. Public Relations: No report Cactus/Internet: Please get your information to Rocky or Mike so they can get it out to the Nobles. The Cactus is now on line. Stop Burns: No report

Shrine Football Game: Potentate Anderson said the day went very well and that we can still purchase tickets to help support our transportation fund. Shrine Cup Golf Tournament: The tournament looks like it will net approximately $25,000 for the hospitals.

Ronald L. Fox President


27164 - 470th Ave., Suite 1 Tea, SD 57064

Ph. (605) 368-5557 Fax (605) 368-5572 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 43

Sportsman’s Classic: Jim Slater told us 450 people attended the event and that it was a great event. The final numbers aren’t in yet. The Mitchell Sportsman’s event went very well also with over 300 in attendance. They expect to net about $5,000 more than last year. Trip Reports: None

Masonic Relations: Chairman Kevin Tomshack reminded us that the Scottish Rite BBQ is October 21st serving lunch and dinner. The Scottish Rite Halloween party will be held on October 27th and that the Clinic is running at capacity. He informed us that the Feast of Tishri will be held on November 8th at approximately 6:30. Unity Lodge will do an Entered Apprentice degree on October 29th and Trinity Lodge will do a Fellow Craft degree on November 17th. The bathrooms are nearing completions at the Lodge. Fall Ceremonial: Potentate Anderson informed us that this is an open ceremonial. The Ladies will be able to come in the building at 9:30. Parking will be reserved for them in the East lot and buses will take them to the Ladies Luncheon and bring them back for the afternoon. The doors will open at 8:00AM for Noble admittance and registration of candidates. Assistant Rabban Maury Richard will do a Shrine University segment. Other Business: The Corn Palace Shrine Club will decorate a Christmas Tree at the Capitol on November 19th. The theme this year is a Monumental Christmas. If you are interested in helping contact Jerry McNary. The Boise Temple contacted us about how to put on a Sportsman’s classic and netted $70,000. The Rickshaw poker party is November 13th. The all Unit Christmas party will be December 16th. The cost is $20. Pat Colbert found some old Temple yearbooks and is leaving them at the office if you wish to see them. Maury encouraged all of us to go back to Lodge. There being no further business to come before the body, the Potentate then thanked the Provosts for tiling the doors. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:39. It was approved. Respectfully Submitted David W. Neiman, P.P., Recorder

Change of address? If your mailing address or e-mail address has changed recently, please inform the Shrine office. 336-1117 or

Since 1920

ISEMAN HOMES 4733 N. Cliff Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD (605) 336-3270 Joe Wager Dave Driver

Ken Ward

Ron Tilstra Randall Pohl

2921 West 41st St., SIOUX FALLS, SD • 605-336-3244


1157 21st St. HURON, SD (605) (605) 352-4038

605 Main St. GREGORY, SD (605) 835-8711

1201 Broadway YANKTON, SD (605) 665-2604

2291 Colorado Blvd. SPEARFISH, SD (605) 642-8604

413 S. Main St. WINNER, SD (605) 842-2541

400 W. Sioux PIERRE, SD (605) 224-0439

1832 W. Main RAPID CITY, SD (605) 343-3610

1801 9th Ave. S.E. WATERTOWN, SD (605) 886-2017


FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 44

El Riad Steel Drum As indicated in our last article “weather permitting” we would parade at Dakota Days on October 8. Well the weather was permitting, at least for most of us, parade time temperature was 60 degrees with a slight breeze. Apparently that does not fit into Johnny “Red” Richardson’s definition of weather permitting. By the way, Stumpy our senior leader recovering from knee surgery made that parade. He was assisted by his research partner Bongo, also a knee surgery recipient. As a matter of fact so is Todd “Taco” Thoelke, Rob “ Chip” Angerhofer, and Steve ”Ossifer” Burtis all knee surgery recipients. I can throw in Steve “Candy” Cain for our hip surgery recipient to round out the joint boys that made the parade. Who knows there may be others I have missed. Any way the parade was a whole lot of fun with large crowds lining the route and definitely enjoying our music. Our president “Cranium” Ericcson was a big hit with the crowd. At least in his own mind. After the parade we were able to locate Jim “Big Deal” Burma, Jr. at one of the local establishments for a round of refreshments. We then travelled to Burbank for a lovely lunch at Whimp’s. There must be something with Brandon and the Band. One of our newer members, Keith “Dwain” Backer, has difficulty with time. As the rest of the band was south of Beresford on our way to Vermillion for

the Dakota Day Parade. Dwain called Chip and wanted to know if Chip wanted him to pick him up to go to the parade. When Chip explained to him where he was Dwain did not believe him so Chip handed the phone to Rico who further informed Dwain what mile marker they were passing. Needless to say Dwain got the message and was able to make it to the parade on time. Oh, guess what? I forgot to mention that “Fluff” Miller did not make it to Dakota Days. Yes, his GPS failed again and sent him to Billings this time for a SCAFRA meeting. I bet you thought I was going to say he went to Brandon again. Oh, guess what? “Fluff” is moving to Brandon. Why you ask? Well if you didn’t know by now “Fluff” is getting married to the lovely Merry Bauer in January. We are still waiting to hear from George Cardin about whether or not the elephants are coming so stay tuned for that one. Congratulations to “Fluff” and Merry. Congratulations to our very own Marvelous Lovro. Marv has been elected as President of SCAFRA. Marv has worked long and hard for several years towards this honor and is well deserving of it. November 5 was the Fall Ceremonial and we made our presence known. We would like to acknowledge the great work our membership committee has done bringing new members into this great fraternity. We would also like to congratulate our

American International Investigative Consultants P.O. Box 87972 • Sioux Falls, S.D. 57108

Phone: 605.553.5270 • Fax: 605.271.3919

Arthur G. Temple Private Investigator Retired Federal Criminal Investigator Over 30 Years Investigative Experience


Specializing in Corporate Financial Fraud, Employee Misconduct, Insurance Fraud and Pre-employment Background Investigations

Potentate Tom Anderson and the rest of the Divan for guiding us through this year. It is hard to believe that this Shrine year is coming to an end. Time flies when you are having fun. With the holidays upon us we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s to one and all Stay tuned for 2017 when our very own Jim “Big Deal” Burma Jr. takes the reins of this organization as our Potentate. SAVE THE DATE!! Our third annual Ground Hog Prom will be February 18, 2017, and will feature The Guilty Pleasures Orchestra. Please see the poster in this issue.




BUREAU A number of El Riad’s finest Nobles offer their expertise regarding our fraternity, our mission and our hospitals. If you feel that your group, club, church or organization would like to know more about Shrine Masons, our hospitals and our many other activities, please call the office at

(605) 336-1117


“When Only the Best Will Do!”

“Disco the Clown” – Owner


Carpet Cleaning / Water Restoration Furniture & Rug Cleaning / Duct Cleaning

24-Hr. Emergency Service / Commercial & Residential • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 45

2016 El Riad Unit & Club Contact List All cities are in South Dakota unless otherwise noted. Area Code for all South Dakota phone numbers is 605.

BIG BAND / SHRINE SWING BAND – Parade Unit (Unit meets for Ceremonials) President - John Bayer (Janean), 1511 Riverdale Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 360-1204 Email:


President - George Martin, 411 Scotts Lane, Chamberlain 57325 C: 730-0099 B: 234-6009 E: (Meeting dates as called)


President - Randall Jensen (Barbara), 2513 E. Stanton Cir., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 212-0608 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm)


President - Mike Archer, 1712 S. Wayland Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 R: 321-5459 (Meet 1st Wednesday @ 7:00pm)

BROOKINGS SHRINE CLUB – Parade Unit (Meets 2nd Thursday, 7am @ Perkins)


President - Josh Jurgens, 5012 S. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls 57108 C: 261-5963 E:

CHANTERS – Parade Unit

President - Dan Jones, 315 E. 15th St., Sioux Falls 57104 C: 715-271-1419 E: (Meet every Tuesday @ 7:00pm)


President - Vince Jones (Sandy(, 45975 - 267th St., Hartford 57033 E: C: 366-3178 (Meet 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00pm)

CLOWNS – Parade Unit

Big Clown - Dave Saunders (Beverly), 2105 W. 16th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 C: 359-2704 E: (Meet 1st Thurs. @ 6:30pm)


President - Brandon Manchester (Molly), 312 S. Isadore St., Mitchell 57301 C: 770-1057 E: (Meets last Thurs. @ 6:30pm)


President - Steve Hauff (Sue), 904 Ridge Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 R: 338-9625 B: 332-2131 C: 376-2452 E: (Meets as called)


(Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm) President - Chris Karr, 7421 W. Luke, Sioux Falls 57106 C: 695-0391 E:


President - Ron Knott (Diane), 1602 S. 1st Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 E: C: 413-7053 (Meets 3rd Thursday @ 7:00pm)


(Meets 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30pm) President - David Daily (Barb), 1616 Cameo Way, Sioux Falls 57105 C: 370-3672 R: 334-0851 E:


Brigadier (Pres.) - Wade Behm (Tera), 9105 W. Lakeside Dr., Sioux Falls 57107 C: 366-6252 E: (Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays @ 7:30pm)



President - Dave Skancke, 2305 Pepper Ridge, Sioux Falls 57103 E: C: 553-3351


President - Andy Harries (Mari), 1224 - 3rd Ave., Windom, MN 56101 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday of January or as called)


President - Bob Sorensen (Sherry), 3109 S. Holly Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 R: 338-9387 E: (Meets Mondays @ 6:00pm)


President - Don McCoy (Trudy), 100 S. Sunshine Ave., E: Brandon 57005 C: 366-5062 (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm)

HORSE CORPS – Parade Unit

Trail Boss (Pres.) - Tim Boysen (Peggy), 24237 - 310th Ave., Presho 57568 C: 360-3615 E: (Meets last Saturday @ 10:00am)


Cmdr. (Pres.) - Kevin Tomshack (Robin), 4106 E. 21st St., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 521-9280 E: (Meets 1st Wednesday @ 7:00pm)


Captain (Pres.) - Ethan Jones, 325 N. LaSalle Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57110 C: 370-8588 E:

LEWIS & CLARK SHRINE CLUB – Parade Unit President: Doug Kristensen (Julie), 401 E. Grant St., Wausa, NE 68786 R: 402-586-2534 C: 402-360-3492 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30pm Social/eat; Mtg. @ 7

MOTOR CORPS – Parade Unit

Cmdr. (Pres.) - Aaron Neiman (Rachael), 217 S. Sunshine Ave., Brandon 57005 C: 521-9186 E: (Meets 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00pm)


Brew Master - James Rollason (Emily), 809 N. Spring Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 C: 310-7952 E: (Meets 3rd Monday @ 7:00pm)


President - Robert Demuth (Sandra), 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 B: 507-372-2919 (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)


President - Todd Miller, 712 S. Walts Ave., Sioux Falls 57104 E: C: 321-5257 (Meets Thursdays @ 7:00pm)

RICKSHAWS – Parade Unit

Emporer (Pres.) - Chad Goldsmith (Cindy), 5904 S. Galway Ave., Sioux Falls 57106 E: C: 940-4310 (Meet 1st Tuesday @ 6:00pm)


President - Harland Danielsen (Lori), 3504 E. Micah Ln., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 321-9091 E: (Meet as called)


President - Johnn Pudwill, 702 S. Tama, Rock Rapids, IA 51246 R: 712-472-0040 C: 605-660-0000 E: (Meet as called)


President - Richard Ringstmeyer (Janet), 27968 - 318th Ave., Winner 57580 R: 842-2092 B: 842-3732 C: 842-5537


President - Josh Jurgens, 2601 S. Minnesota Ave., Ste. 105, Sioux Falls 57105 E: C: 261-5963 (Meet last Wedensday @ 7:00pm)


President - Jane Anderson (Tom), 47948 Copperwood Cir., Harrisburg 57032 C: 310-5461


(As called) President - Tony Bachman (Stacey), 1005 N. Sycamore Ave., Sioux Falls 57110 C: 201-5998 E:

SPRINT CARS – Parade Unit

President - Tim Meirose (Vicki), 1001 S. Joliet Ave., Sioux Falls 57110 R: 336-9063 C: 553-1810 E: (Meet 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 7:00pm)


President - Richard Ericsson (Sue Olson), 609 W. Ave. N., Madison 57042 R: 256-3046 C: 270-9456 E: (Meets 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thursdays @ 7:00pm)


President - Wally Johnson (Doris), 1812 Edgewood Rd., Sioux Falls 57103 B: 334-7160 B: 336-2932 E:


President - Wayne Wetzbarger, 915 Jennifer, Madison, SD 57042 C: 480-3890 (Meets 1st Tuesday @ 7:00pm)


President - Bob Demuth, Jr (Sandra), 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 E: (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)

PARKER SHRINE CLUB/FLIVVERS – Parade Unit President - Don Budde (Roberta) PO Box 725, Parker 57053 R: 297-6742 C: 338-7634 (Meet 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30pm)

PROVOSTS – Parade Unit

Chief (Pres.) - Doug Monzat (Terri), 2301 E. 29th Pl. N., Sioux Falls 57104 C: 212-5478 E: (Meet 4th Tuesday @ 7pm)


FLa_Cactus_December-Jan2016_121516.qxp_Layout 1 12/15/16 11:09 AM Page 46

Photo by Bob Uecker

El Riad Chanters THANK YOU to everyone who braved the cold weather and wintery roads to attend our Voices of the Season concert! The El Riad Chanters performed our annual Voices of the Season concert on Sunday, November 20, at First Congregational Church in Sioux Falls. Special guests included the Singing Boys of Sioux Falls Concert Choir; Paula Hahn, soprano; and Brett Cooper, piano. With direction from Del Hubers, Chanters Artistic Director, and accompaniest, Vicki Streifel, the audience listened to a variety of sacred and secular seasonal selections. We love performing this annual concert! On December 3, we had our Chanters Christmas Party at The Country Club of Sioux Falls. Chanters President, Dan Jones presented Bob Uecker with a plaque as he was awarded our “Chanter of the Year” and for various reasons he certainly deserved this honor! Also, be sure to save the date for February 25, 2017, for the Chanters’ ROCK the Shrine 2017 event to be held at El Riad Shrine and once again featuring Pop ROCKS! This concert and karoake battle was a an incredibly fun and tremendous success in 2016. The same will be happening again...only 2017!!! If you missed it last time or want to see them again, get your tickets!!! Keeping it falsetto, Rocky Hayes

Party photos by Vincent Gene

46 • e-mail: • DECEMBER 2016–JANUARY 2017

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ot h S g n i t r Pa

Photo by Jeff Smith

This is why we are shriners. During our El Riad Shrine Christmas Party, a member of the Lewis & Clark Shrine Club poses with one of our amazing Shriners Hospital patients after toy shopping at the Lewis Drug Patient Christmas Party.



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El Riad Shrine


510 South Phillips Avenue PO Box 1203 Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1203



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