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South Dakota Republican Party Weekly Legislative Update

February 21, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Six

Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner Lincoln Day Dinner season is upon us! Thank you to everyone who helped make the Hughes County dinner a success this week. I’m looking forward to seeing you at your local county party event in your district! For the Party, Dan Lederman, SDGOP Chairman

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Session Highlights

P This was the sixth week of session, running from the 21st through the 24th legislative days. P Wednesday February 26th is the last day to move a bill out of committee to the house of origin. Thursday the 27th is the last day to pass bills or joint resolutions by the house of origin, which would then go to the other chamber for action.

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P 293 bills have been introduced in the House, and 186 bills have been introduced in the Senate. P Governor Kristi Noem has signed eight House Bills as of February 20th, and no Senate Bills, leaving 24 Bills on the governor’s desk to be acted on. Currently, there have been no Gubernatorial vetoes yet in the session.

House Bill 1047 aims to hold human traffickers accountable

bill. Semmler then went onto say that the bill is aimed to do three things; to better identify and define perpetrators of this crime, better identify victims, and to help victims receive the support and services that they need after victimBy Claire Rydberg, Legislative Communications Coordinator ization. She talked about how this issue and bill are of great importance to Governor Noem. She ended her testimony ouse bill 1047 is a bill to revise certain provisions by saying that “Human Trafficking has no place in South regarding human trafficking. The bill was requestDakota.” ed by the House Committee on Judiciary at the Further proponent testimony was given by Becky Rasrequest of the Office of the Governor. mussen. Becky is the Executive Director of the group Call to HB 1047 prohibits Human Trafficking, makes First Freedom. Call to Freedom is an organization that is dedicatDegree Human Trafficking a felony and Second Degree Human Trafficking also a felony. HB 1047 previously passed ed to providing supportive services for victims and survivors of human in the House trafficking and Judiciary Comsexual exploitamittee 11-0. The tion. Rasmussen bill was then sent said that “this bill to the house floor is an important where it passed step in developing 65-0. HB 1047 the foundation to was then heard in build off of, but we the Senate Judiciaknow that much ry Committee on more work is Tuesday. needed.” She said Kara Semmler that over the past testified on behalf four years Call of HB 1047 for to Freedom has Governor Noem. served over 310 Semmler said that women, men, and Governor Noem children who have was requesting been victimized by support for this Becky Rasmussen of Call to Freedom testifies in favor of HB1047


SDGOP The Majority Report

human trafficking. She then went on to say that what we are doing isn’t good enough and that we need to do better and intervene for the youth. HB 1047 would help victims that have criminal records clear them. By clearing these criminal records it would help these victims begin the recovery process by giving them better access and opportunity to get driver licenses, access to education, being able to sign up for the military and much more. Being able to recover and move on is the next

Senate moves forward on changes to speed limit law for temporary safety measures

By Claire Rydberg, Legislative Communications Coordinator


enate Bill 21 is a bill to authorize temporary variable speed limits on state highways under certain circumstances. The bill is sponsored by The Committee on Transportation at the request of the Department of Transportation. The bill states that if the secretary of public safety and the secretary of transportation, after consultation with the director of the highway patrol, agree the limited speed zones are necessary for the protection of life and property,

step for these victims of such a horrendous crime. HB 1047 passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee 7-0. On Thursday it went to the Senate floor and passed 34-0 with no opposition HB 1047 will go to Governor Noem’s desk for a final review. Human Trafficking has no place in South Dakota and the bi-partisan support of this bill from the legislature proves that.

the secretary of transportation may establish limited speed zones as follows, through highway work areas on the state trunk highways; and; On any segment of the interstate highway system based upon monitored traffic, weather, or road surface conditions. Temporarily reduced speed limits may be established for different times of day, different types of vehicles, varying weather conditions, and any other factor that has a bearing on a safe speed. A limited speed zone is effective when it is conspicuously posted on appropriate fixed or variable signs. Senate Bill 21 was heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on January 24th. It passed through committee 6-1. On Tuesday it was heard and debated on the Senate floor. Senate Bill 21 passed on the Senate floor 20-14. SB 21is now headed to the House. February 21, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Six

Governor Noem moves to reduce red tape, streamline ag development in South Dakota

By Claire Rydberg, Legislative Communications Coordinator


his week Governor Noem and her administration went one step closer to achieving Governor Noem’s plan for economic growth for the state. SB 157 is a bill that will revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process. The sponsor of this bill is the Senate State Affairs Committee by request of the Governor’s office. In committee, Governor Noem testified on behalf of this bill, asking the committee for support of the bill to ensure that economic progress is possible for all of our communities long into the future. Governor Noem said many times before and during her testimony that South Dakota is the best state to do business in the nation. Kristi mentioned our low taxes, smart regulations, and strong work ethic make us unique. She said that if we want to keep our state competitive we must keep things fair, open, and honest. She then went onto talk about how important it is to keep our youth in the state as they begin to start their lives. She said that the first step into that is fixing our problems and SB 157 outlines one of those problems. It outlines the problem of a conditional use of the process in the state. When developing agriculture in the state, the problem is that the process takes a long time and can be hijacked by a vocal few as Governor Noem talked about during her testimony. Senate Bill 157 is a bill that will develop a more fair and predictable process for businesses and families who want to create or expand their operations in South Dakota. Governor Noem said that this legislation will protect local control by putting decisions in the hand of the majority of local residents, not a vocal few. It will provide certainty to what can be a very unpredictable process. She made it clear that this legislation does all that it says without changing any environmental standards the state or counties must follow; without making changes to current or future zoning standards established by a county; and without changing public input or notice for conditional use permits.

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Governor Noem ended her testimony by telling the committee to imagine a future where grandparents don’t have to travel long distances to see their grandkids because their families stayed right here in South Dakota and are able to have a life where they can support themselves here instead of elsewhere. She urged them to vote yes on SB 157. Senate Bill 157 passed through the Senate State Affairs Committee 6-3. It will now be sent over to the House.

Get to Know...Madison Russell

Madison Russell is a Senate Intern and the daughter of Sen. Lance Russell. Madison is double majoring in |History and Political Science at Black Hills State University. She is interning for president pro tempore Brock Greenfield. When asked what her favorite thing about interning is she said, “my favorite thing about interning is that I get to work with other students across the state that have a passion for the same thing I do!” When asked if she ever wanted to run for public office she said, “I would run for office later in life, once I’ve gained life experience.”

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Last day to move required delivery of bills or resolutions by a committee to the house of origin Last day to pass bills or joint resolutions by the house of origin, AND Last day for final introduction of Concurrent/House/Senate resolutions Last day to move required delivery of bills or joint resolutions by a committee to the second house, AND Last day for introduction of commemorations Last day for a bill or joint resolution to pass both houses Last day of session, Reserved for consideration of gubernatorial vetoes Petition filing deadline for Primary Election candidates