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South Dakota Republican Party Weekly Legislative Update

January 29, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Three

Republicans at the Capitol All Weekend Starting February 7


ebruary 7th through the 10th will be a full weekend of events for the South Dakota Republican Party! Our Friday will start with the Republican Day at the Capitol, Saturday will be our State Central Committee Meeting, Sunday will have informal training sessions, and Monday is the SDFRW Legislative Day! For the Party,

Dan Lederman SDGOP Chairman

Session Highlights


This was the third week of session, running from the 9th through the 12th legislative days. Thursday was the Last day for unlimited bill & joint resolution introduction.


158 bills have been introduced in the House, and 117 in the Senate. Next Thursday (Feb 6) is the Last day for introduction of individual bills and joint resolutions.

House Bill 1057 Passes House of Representatives By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


his week the House debated and voted on the controversial bill HB1057. The bill’s purpose as introduced is to prohibit elective sex reassignment procedures on minors. The bill only applies to medical professionals who perform the procedures on those under the age of 16. The penalty for violating the law in the amended bill is a class 1 misdemeanor. Previously the bill passed in the House State Affairs Committee 8-5. Prime sponsor Representative Fred Deutsch spoke on the House floor on behalf of the bill, noting “This is a bill of compassion, subjecting children to these treatments is deeply hurtful. Treatment is based solely on the child’s feelings that they’re transgender.” Proponent debate included many republican House members. Speaker Haugaard spoke in support of the bill stating, “This issue is about children, who have not received wise mental counseling.” Representative York also spoke in support of the bill, she said, “This is a child protection bill. We’ve made laws that parents can’t beat their children, restrictions on smoking, wearing seatbelts until they are a certain size. This is the same thing.” Representative Howard

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talked about the threats of economic implosion in the state if the bill passes. She said, “Economic impact isn’t a reason to oppose the bill. The argument that North Carolina’s bathroom bill didn’t affect its economy has been a popular one in the past week, but I have yet to hear any legislators address that North Carolina’s bill was overturned.” Some of the opponents’ debate against the bill was from the House Democrats and some House Republicans. Democrat Rep. Duba re-read testimony from the House State Affairs committee. Another Democrat, Rep.Healy said, “Last week’s meeting was filled with alarmist quotes. All these arguments are refutable.” Republican Rep. Olson reflected the view of several Republican opponents noting, “Parents have the right to make decisions about their child for medical care and we need to be careful when interfering in parental rights.” Representative Deutsch gave his final remarks before the vote. He said, “This is homegrown. Other states are bringing it up. Its time has come.” HB1057 passed in a 46-23 vote. It is now headed on to the Senate for more debate.

Senate Bill 70 Opens Up Spanish Language Drivers Tests By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


his week SB 70 was assigned to Senate Transportation Committee. The purpose of the bill is to authorize other languages to be used in the process of issuing certain driver licenses and permits.

Its prime sponsor is Senator V.J Smith. The bill has Republican and Democrat co-sponsors. The bill calls for a Spanish-Language version of the South Dakota driver-license test. If passed, the Spanish- Language test would take effect on January 1, 2022. South Dakota Law currently states that English is the common language of South Dakota. The bill would add an exception to that. Last year a similar bill went through the Senate and passed with a 19-15 vote, it later died in a House committee. Some businesses in the Sioux Falls area including Brookings, Yankton, and Mitchell support the bill due to the influx of recent immigrants from Spanish speaking countries.


The purpose of the bill is to authorize other languages to be used in the process of issuing certain driver licenses and permits.


January 29, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Three

Representative Hansen told the Argus Leader, “I think its wrong to make a commodity out of children. Commercial surrogacy represents the commercialization of human babies.” Hansen said the bill would not criminalize altruistic surrogacy, but said he also thought the system has inherent problems that he’d like to see regulated in a manner similar to adoption. The bill would also make any commercial surrogacy contract unenforceable and void in the state of South Dakota, no matter where the contract was created. Hansen has also said his heart goes out to any parents who are struggling with infertility. “I pray that adoption may be the answer for some,” he said.

Get to Know...Julia Russel

House Bill 1096 would prohibit commercial surrogacy in the state.

Julia Russel is a senior at Rapid City Central High School. This is her second year paging. Her father and sponsor is Senator Lance Russel. Julia plans to study Political Science at Black Hils State University. When asked what her favorite part about paging was she said “I really enjoy conversing with all the different legislators. They all have different opinions and good insight to share on different topics.”

By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


epresentative Jon Hansen introduced a bill that states that any person or agency “who knowingly engages in, advertise services for, offers payment of money or other consideration for, profits from, solicits a woman for, or otherwise assists or participates in commercial surrogacy” would be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. The bill would effectively prohibit those who seek to hire or sell child-bearing services on a commercial basis. These prohibitions would not apply to the mother of the child which is defined in the bill as “a woman carrying a child in her womb, any healthcare provider that cares for the mother or child, or to any person who pays the healthcare expenses of a mother or child.”

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