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South Dakota Republican Party Weekly Legislative Update

January 24, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Two

A Message From the Chair

I say to you – Rise above it. Champion the Republican cause. I would encourage you and admonish you that we s chairman of the GOP, I can say with all honesty as Republicans can disagree without being disagreeable. We that there are days where it seems we are living in a can make our shared vision as Republicans be the heroic time of challenge. goal of debating any disagreement without casting our felAfter a tough primary season last election, when it low Republican as the villain. seemed at times like people were just mad at each other, I The great thing about the Republican Party is that we watched the Republican Party come from many different come back together in the fall backgrounds and experiences. – in a challenging mid-term The entirety of the GOP – is election year - to elect Kristi a tremendous combination of Noem, our new Republican contributions from all of us. Governor, and Dusty Johnson, Truly, the whole is greater than our new Congressman. And the sum of our individual parts. as they led the ticket, we once As we move forward into again swept every office at the another election season, and top of the ticket, and as many quite possibly find ourselves as we ever had down the rest of competing in the arena of ideas the ticket. against one another, We also As a cohesive group of need to steel ourselves against like-minded individuals, I’ve the forces who want to move us US Congressman Dusty Johnson met at the Capitol to say watched our Republican party backwards and use divisiveness hello to Governor Farrar and Governor Noem. do what some thought were to pit us against one another. impossible, again and again. We might compete against one another, but we should Yet, there are those who are eternally dissatisfied. There remember that we also remain unified as Republicans. are those who would peck at and attempt to erode our coalition from within for their own purposes. They draw lines For the Party, against others in the party …often for no reason. Because they seek divisiveness for the sake of divisiveness. Conflict for conflict’s sake. Dan Lederman, SDGOP Chairman


Session Highlights

This was the second week of session, running from the 5th through the 8th legislative days. P Thursday was the Joint Memorial Service, recognizing former legislators who passed away in 2019 P


81 bills have been introduced in the House, and 69 in the Senate. Friday is the limited introduction deadline for Concurrent Legislative Resolutions.

Budget work just starting in appropriations committee, will be ongoing throughout session unclaimed property money, which would normally go back By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


he Legislature’s joint appropriations committee met this week, and discussed several budget items for the next fiscal year. Long-time appropriations member Representative Jean Hunhoff gave a good break down on what the committee did this week as related in a Facebook post for constituents who follow her via social media. As noted by Hunhoff, Joint Appropriations met and reviewed requests for three Departments this week, The Office of the State Treasurer, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Social Services. When State Treasurer Josh Haeder appeared before the committee, he requested a $139,357 increase from FY2020. The request is coming specifically for the unclaimed property fund, which is facing several challenges. Haeder wants to use money from the unclaimed property fund to provide funding for a fraud prevention analyst. The fraud analyst position would monitor domestic and foreign unclaimed property accounts, claims, and communications to migrate against fraudulent threats and work to develop a comprehensive threat matrix. Haeder is also asking for money to increase space on a site outside of the capitol. The site outside of the capitol would be used for office operations. He is also asking for an expenditure authority for a computer software lease that would improve operational efficiency from switching from paper to electronics. The discussion was mostly focused on the use of the

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into the general fund. The claims paid out over the past five years averaged around 12M per year with the receipts in the fund averaged about 70M per year. The committee requested that Treasure Haeder to provide metric data to indicate what operations would improve with the addition of the 2 FTE’s. When the Department of Human Service appeared, they asked for a $153,766 reduction from their expenditures in FY 2020. Due to the change in Federal Medical Assistance Percentages the general fund will decrease by three million and the federal portion will increase by 2.9 million. Under DHS, the Division of Developmental Disabilities requested an increase of 3 million due to growth in the home and community-based programs of 144 adults and an additional 2 FTE or “Full TIme Equivalents,” a measure of the number of employees in State Government. For the South Dakota Development Center at Redfield, a decrease of 1.5M is being recommended. This is due to a reduction of 30 FTE’s. Also, the Long Term Services Supports are being reduced by 1.7M. In this division, there is an increase due to 3 tier levels being proposed for assisted living reimbursement and there is a projected decrease in nursing home days. The Division of Rehabilitation Services is requesting an increase of 90K, and no increase to the services to the Blind and Visually Impaired. Discussion in the committee was focused on the workforce needs and adjustments at Redfield,

types of long term services and supports, and the awards for the Nursing Home Innovation Grants. The committee also heard from the Department of Social Services in their second appearance before the committee. They are one of the five departments that the Appropriations committee is evaluating the budget on. The DSS department presented their accomplishments from the past year, including focuses on access to behavioral health services, their collaboration with partners for addressing the opioid use in South Dakota, online training for parents

wanting to become foster parents, and leveraging the federal policy change in the Medicaid program to achieve savings reinvested in the program. With many more weeks of budget work ahead of the Appropriations Committee, the State Budget is one of the last items that will be voted on by the South Dakota legislature. This comes as a result of many funding requests that take place over the course of the legislative session, as well as the committee work on proposed department budgets that is ongoing.

Controversial sex-reassignment bill heard in House State Affairs By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


his week the House State Affairs committee heard testimony, and amended house bill 1057, a bill proposed by State Representative Fred Deutsch to prohibit elective sex reassignment procedures on minors. At the request of author Rep. Fred Deutsch, the bill was amended and will only apply to medical professionals who perform the procedures on minors under the age of 16. While as originally introduced, the measure created a new felony for violations, the bill was amended to drop the penalty to the penalty to be a class 1 misdemeanor. The committee room was filled with supporters and opposers of the bill. The committee heard testimony from both sides of the issue.

Proponents of the measure included Sydney Wright, who is a transitioned trans man. Wright talked about regretting the surgery, and stressed that this bill is important and it will protect similarly affected children. One opponent of the bill that testified was 17-year old Quincy Parke, who pointed out to the committee that their pronouns were they/them. Parke identified as non-binary, meaning that they are neither male or female. Parke argued that the bill would take away the rights of their fellow trans peers. After much discussion, House bill 1057 was passed 8-5 and will be headed for a full vote on the House floor sometime next week. January 24, 2020 Legislative Session: Week Two

Measure filed seeking to put Plastic Bans on hold in South Dakota By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


enator John Wiik filed Senate Bill 54 this week and was joined by over 20 co-sponsors. The purpose of SB54 is to regulate the use of auxiliary containers. The bill would prohibit cities and counties in South Dakota from adopting ordinances that would ban straws, bags, and other auxiliary containers. The bill defines them as bags, bottles, cups, packages, or other containers made out of plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, corrugated material, or recycled material that is reusable or a single-use item. Eight states have banned single-use plastic bags and 15 states, including Minnesota and North Dakota, have adopted laws prohibiting government entities from banning plastic bags. Republican Sen. John Wiik told the Argus Leader he decided to introduce the legislation after working with retailers on the issue and seeing neighboring states attempt similar legislation. He said, “I just thought it was time to move ahead and give the small businesses, your mom-and-pop convenience stores, and small-town businesses, a little more solid footing going into the future.” The bill was first read in the Senate and was referred to a hearing in the Senate Commerce and Energy committee. Its first hearing will be held on the 28th of January.

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Intern Spotlight: Andrew Rasmussen

Andrew Rasmussen is a house intern for Speaker Haugarrd and Rep. Gosch. He is a student at South Dakota State University. He is also the SDSU College Republican president. He is majoring in Political Science and is minoring in Public Relations. When asked if he plans to run for office he said as of now he doesn’t plan to.

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Last Day for unlimited bill and joint resolution introduction All bill draft requests due in LRC Last day for introduction of individual bills and joint resolutions Republican Day at the Capitol. 8:00am - 3:00 pm SDGOP State Central Committee Meeting, Pierre Last day to move required delivery of bills or resolutions by a committee to the house of origin