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South Dakota Republican Party Weekly Legislative Update

January 17, 2019 Legislative Session: Week One

Noem Reaffirms Support of Israel, Condemns Anti-Semitism, Signs Executive Order Against BDS Campaign


his week Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive order that joins 27 other states in condemning Anti-Semitism and standing against the Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. The Executive Order directs state entities not to contract with businesses supporting the BDS campaign. “Israel is one of our nation’s closest allies, and their success is critical to American national security,” said Noem. “we reaffirm that South Dakota stands with Israel and will only contract with businesses who agree to fairly compete. Our state will not stand for any discrimination based on race or religion.” Executive Order 2020-01 ensures that state agencies are contracting with businesses who market broadly, positively impacting the state’s partnership with those entities for receiving goods and services. It also clarifies that the state will not be a passive participant in discriminatory tactics that advance the BDS campaign. “For over a decade, the BDS movement has attempted to erode the confidence in Israel’s legitimacy by inflicting economic harm and limiting commercial relations through boycotts, divesting, and imposing sanctions against Israel,” said Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz, director of the Chabad Jewish Center of South Dakota. “I am grateful that Governor Noem is standing up to this ugly resurgence of Anti-Semitism and unjust practice of discrimination against Jews, and for her continued support of Israel.” “South Dakota has one of the smallest Jewish populations in the nation, yet the state’s strong support for the nation of Israel is unparalleled,” said Stephen Rosenthal, Chairman of South Dakotans for Israel. “This action sends a clear message that Anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in South Dakota. Thank you, Governor Noem, for supporting Israel and our Jewish community.”

Noem’s Executive Order requires contractors and bidders to certify that they are not participating in the BDS movement when the subject of the state contract is related to the contractor’s boycott activities. Contractors and bidders who employ more than five people and are contracting for goods or services exceeding $100,000 must make the certification. The Order does not apply to individuals who choose to exercise a boycott by their own consumer purchases. Contractors and bidders should expect to see the certification requirement in new contracts or in responses to requests for proposal in the next 30 days. During the 2019 legislative session, the South Dakota House of Representatives, with the Senate concurring, passed House Concurrent Resolution 1005 that declared opposition to and condemned the BDS movement. Governor Noem’s order today brings action to this declared condemnation.

State of the State

By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


he first day of the 2020 legislative session began with the swearing-in of new legislators and the State of the State address given by Governor Kristi Noem. Kristi spoke about expanding economic growth without raising or creating new taxes. She wants to keep the government out of the way of individual prosperity. She also outlined the success of the new campaign addressing the meth epidemic and her guardrails for decriminalizing industrial hemp. She also talked about one of her administration’s priorities is to keep South Dakota’s government open, make it more accountable, and transparent than it has ever been before. The Governor’s speech outlined her vision for the future of South Dakota and its people. Governor Noem said that since her budget address revenue has been slightly better than expected. She said that it means we have more flexibility to achieve the things she wants to accomplish. Noem discussed how her number one priority along with ongoing money is to provide more funding for k-12 schools, providers, and employees. That would also mean pay raises for state employees. Funding would also go towards her new campaign addressing the meth epidemic. An important point the Governor emphasized multiple times was how it is important that South Dakota encourage economic opportunities for all. Noem called on every state resident to get involved with the long-term preservation of the pheasant habitats. Since tourism and hunting are revenue growers for the state, The Governor addressed how crucial it is to have these pheasant habitats. South Dakota is a premier destination for hunters,

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and Kristi noted that she wants to make sure that the title remains ours for the next century to come. The Governor mentioned how neighboring states are trying to steal away our hunters, and how we as South Dakotans should take that as a threat, emphasizing that we need to work to expand and preserve the pheasant habitats. Governor Noem also touched on the importance of securing broadband internet access for rural South Dakota residents. She told a few stories about families that did not have access to broadband internet. It’s important for these rural areas to have access to broadband internet, especially those who conduct business in these rural areas. Noem wants to give all South Dakotans the tools to succeed and have access to equal opportunities. A problem that our state has been facing for years is how other states love our children’s work ethic - South Dakota students are getting an education and then taking their skills out of South Dakota. Noem wants to keep South Dakota students in the state to raise their families and do business here. There needs to be an incentive in place to provide these students opportunities here so they can contribute to the success of the state. The Governor concluded her state of the state address by reminding legislators that South Dakota is the best state in the country. The Governor intends to grow economic opportunity and preserve our way of life. A major theme of the Governor’s this session is that “South Dakota is open for business,” meaning that we need to encourage business to do business in South Dakota. We can look forward to hearing more about Governor Kristi Noem’s initiatives, as they are discussed and debated by our legislators throughout this year’s session.

State of the Judiciary

By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


his week. Chief Justice David Gilbertson gave his 19th and final State of the South Dakota Judiciary following the reading of a Joint Resolution from the Legislature honoring his service to South Dakota. Gilbertson is the longest-serving chief justice in South Dakota history. As Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden said, “it’s a bittersweet moment”. Chief Justice Gilbertson is closing the final chapter of his 34-year judicial career. He made a heartwarming shoutout to his wife who got a standing ovation from the members of the chamber and gallery. Chief Justice Gilbertson used his speech to advocate for a justice system that helps people with drug addictions and to stay out of prison. He referred to these drug addictions as “evil” that leads to crimes and requires funding to assist law enforcement for addiction treatment connected to drug and DUI courts. Gilbertson stated that the number of adult arrests for drug-related crimes has doubled in the decade between 2008 to 2018. He also said that there has been an explosion in the amount of female offenders. This legislative session, there is a bill that the legislature will be considering, Senate Bill 70, which will address criminal justice reform. Gov. Kristi Noem has requested increased funding for addiction treatment. Gilbertson pointed out during his speech the cost savings probation provides over incarceration of offenders. He stated that incarceration is 10 times more expensive with a far less success rate of recovery. The Chief Justice requested funding for seven more

court service officers for the probation program and noted that 82% of drug court graduates do not re-offend. His speech also gave an overview of how he’s been able to accomplish what he wanted to during his four terms as Chief Justice with the help of cooperative legislatures, and governors, like Governor Bill Janklow, Governor Mike Rounds, Governor Dennis Daugaard, and our current Governor, Kristi Noem. The Chief Justice explained that in his early years of serving as Chief Justice he wanted to ensure that the South Dakota Judiciary should mirror the citizens it serves. However, at that point, the judicial system was overwhelmingly male with only six women on the circuit bench and none on the South Dakota Supreme court. He then went onto say that today we have eighteen female circuit judges out of a total of forty-four and that two out of the five Supreme Court Justices are women. Chief Justice Gilbertson didn’t say it, but it should be noted that the women appointed to the bench have all been appointed by Republican governors. Gilbertson ended his speech by saying, “I have striven to achieve a government of the people by the people and for the people where “Under God, the People Rule.” At his conclusion of a fond farewell to the people of South Dakota, the gallery broke into a standing ovation of applause in honor of his service to his state. January 17, 2019 Legislative Session: Week One

expelled from their own. Although our history has been complicated, we must work together as leaders of tribal nations and state government to create a better future and address shared priorities. Together, we are all Dakota strong.” This year is the 30th anniversary of South Dakota’s year of reconciliation with Native Americans. The tribal chairmen stressed that it is important to get the Dakota Removal Act repealed. If repealed it would be a great first step into forming better relations between the tribes and the state.

Get to Know...Natalie Fawcett State of the Tribes

By Claire Rydberg, SDGOP Communications Director


row Creek Chairman Lester Thompson delivered the state of the tribe’s address in Pierre this week, stressing how the tribes want to create a better and more positive relationship with the state. Representatives from all nine tribes in South Dakota were in Pierre in attendance. There was a group of drummers who performed and welcomed all. The drum group contained members of all ages, and one of them also performed a prayer in the Lakota language before the address started. The South Dakota tribes are hoping and pushing for legislation on Native American education and pipeline cleanup. They also want to repeal the Dakota Removal Act. The Dakota Removal Act is a 1863 federal law that keeps the tribe from owning land in Minnesota. South Dakota tribes are asking for the state’s help to repeal the measure. Tribes expressed a need for better education, and are in support of legislation that will allow charter schools, specifically Native American schools to use a curriculum that teaches Oceti Sakowin culture. Chairmen expressed they are opposed to the Keystone Pipeline, Thompson explained that they are concerned about the effects that the man camps could have on Native American women and children. Chairman Thompson stated during his address, “A people who have welcomed others to their land while being

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Natalie Fawcett is seventeen years old and is a senior here in Pierre at T.F. Riggs High School. The legislator who is sponsoring her is Sen. Jeff Monroe. Natalie’s plans for after high school are to enlist in the Air National Guard and study Aviation. When asked why she paged she answered with, “I thought it would be a new learning experience for me, I’ve never seen or really been around this type of stuff before so it has been great to see the whole process.”

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Joint Memorial Service, 3:00 pm Last Day for unlimited bill and joint resolution introduction All bill draft requests due in LRC Republican Day at the Capitol. 8:00am - 3:00 pm - Join the SDGOP as we meet with legislators, talk with state officials and watch from the gallery as the House and Senate gavel into session. SDGOP State Central Committee Meeting, Pierre