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by the Illustrious Sir Jim Burma, Jr.

ell, it’s been a hot and busy summer so far—hope most have had time to enjoy a parade or two. Thanks to all the units that made it down to Crofton, Nebraska, for that parade I have heard the town and the Yankton Shrine Club were all very happy. In June we wrapped up our out of town circuses with some good numbers in Worthington, Yankton and Winner. Yankton had to switch things up this year with a new place to put on the show but all turned out great and should be a nice place to host future summer circuses. July had some of us off to Daytona Beach, Florida, for the Shriners Imperial Session. A great time was had by all and the meetings were interesting as always as we got to see Shriners International keep growing in more and more countries. South Dakota’s Grand Master, Yancy Smith, was in attendance and I would like to thank him for his attendance and support. On a personal note, our family is moving from our home on the east side of Sioux Falls to the Spruceleigh area just off of Kiwanis Avenue which will be complete by early September. August will be another exciting month when we are off to MSA in Bloomington, MN, August 17–19! It will be


MONTHLY STATED MEETINGS Wednesday, August 23 7:00 p.m. – El Riad Shrine

For the Purpose of Old and New Business Your Attendance is Urgently Requested WEAR YOUR FEZ — DOOR WILL BE TILED Attest: David Neiman, P.P., Recorder Yours in the Faith,

JIM BURMA, JR, Potentate EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Chief Rabban, Maury Richard; Potentate, Jim Burma Jr.; South Dakota Grand Master, Yancy Smith; & Naja Shrine Potentate, Tim Rensch at Imperial Session in Florida

great to get together and bring home some more trophies for the units that compete. But competition or not, it is a fun to time to get together with other Shriners and tell old stories and make new memories. After that, the Pote’s Golf Tournament will be August 25 in Garretson, SD, and this year’s details will come out soon. Then, the Annual Potes Party will be August 26 at the Shrine in Sioux Falls. I hope everyone will consider coming. The theme is “Caddyshack” from the motion picture. Costumes are not required but simple casual golf attire will do—but if you’re a fan of the movie go for it!! Our own culinary unit will be doing the cooking and the cost is just $20 per person or $40 per couple. All members, friends and family, please try to make this important annual event. More to come in September with the Shrine Cup, Shrine Football game and new back to Lodge Nights we will be trying. Stay tuned for more information on all of this! Thanks for all you do, remember “We are all El Riad!!” Jim Burma Jr. 2017 Potentate El Raid Shrine








Shrine Office: 510 S. Phillips Ave., P.O. Box 1203, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1203 (605) 336-1117 • Fax (605) 336-3059 • (800) 477-3574 Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday



Fife & Drum....................................................... 5 Outhouse/Back 40 Boys................................... 6 Sprint Cars......................................................... 7 Rickshaws.........................................................10 Classie Autos....................................................14 Motor Corps.....................................................16 Blast & Cast..................................................... 33 Roadrunner..................................................... 33 Culinary Unit............................................34 – 35 Chanters...................................................40 – 41


Craft & Vendor Fair...........................................11 Pote’s “Caddyshack” Party..............................18 El Riad Shrine Cup............................................19 Shrine Football Game..................................... 20 Sportsman Classic Fundraiser........................ 21 Hot Ballroom Nights........................................22 Masonic Night................................................. 23 Rickshaw Wine Raffle..................................... 29 Clowns Grill Raffle........................................... 29 All Masonic Picnic........................................... 29 Shriners Hospital Open.................................. 39 Motor Corps Poker Run..................................46

Jim Burma, Jr., Potentate

Executive Committee Chairman

Pote’s Parade............................................24 – 25 Family Day at the Zoo..................................... 25 Lennox Parade................................................ 26 Big Band...........................................................27 Last Call Rock Band.........................................27 Worthington Circus......................................... 28 Crofton Parade...............................................30


Notes from the Pote.......................................... 3 Cactus Supporter.............................................. 5 Calendar of Events.......................................8 – 9 Memorials & Contributions.......................12 – 13 Black Camel...................................................... 13 Birdies for Charity............................................ 15 Cash Calendar Winners.................................. 17 Birthdays......................................................... 32 Donations and Memorials Contributions..... 36 $100 Million Dollar Club.................................. 37 First Ceremonial Master.................................38 Stated Meeting........................................ 42 – 44 Contact List.....................................................45

On the Cover... On June 17, Illustrious Sir Jim Burma Jr., rode in a Classie Auto convertible during the Pote’s Parade in Garretson, South Dakota. It appeared the entire town was present for the parade and we had a tremendous amount of involvement from our units and clubs. Photos by Jane Anderson, Jeff Smith, and Josh Jurgens 4

Big Bend Shrine Club, Twin Lakes Shrine Club, Highlanders, Blast-N-Cast Club

Don McCoy, Captain of the Guard

Brookings Shrine Club, Outhouse #1

Maury Richard, Chief Rabban

Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball Chm., Football, El Riad By-Laws, Shrine Cup

John Whitelock, Asst. Rabban

Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball, Corn Palace Hillbillies, Oriental Band, Fife & Drum, Ritualistic Unit, El Riad By-Laws

Mark Richard, Outer Guard

Rosebud Shrine Club, Mystic Brewers

Chris Karr, Chief of Staff

Ass’t. Chief of Staff, Pote’s Aides, Parades (Ceremonial, Midwest & Imperial)

Alan Machmiller, Assistant Chief of Staff George Hamilton, Chaplain Scott Denney, Temple Director Southwest Minnesota Shrine Club

Leo Baumgart, 2nd Ceremonial Master

Reid Jensen, Membership Chairman Wade Behm, Membership Asst. Chairman Larry Miller, Circus Chairman Ken Ward, Football Chairman Ryan Simmons, Shrine Cup Chairman Leo Baumgart, Sportsman’s Classic Chairman Roger Risty, Shrine Hospital Seminars Chairman Randy Ingalls, Donor & Sponsor Relations Maury Richard, Pote’s Ball Chairman Les Kruse, Unit/Club Seminar Jeffy Wilkes, President, Roadrunners Gail Gustafson, Roadrunner Coordinator Rich Hagler & Ethan Jones, Masonic Relations Tom Johnson, Public Relations Dave Strum, Stop Burns Chairman Ike McDonnel, Rich Osvog, Jim Gould, Speakers Bureau Joel Baker, Building/Events Manager Gail Gustafson, Front Office Assistant Gary Smith, Unit & Club Support Rocky Hayes, Cactus Designer & Editor Josh Jurgens, Photographer-Shutterbugs Mark Richard, Cactus Advertising Sales

Board of Trustees

All articles or comments should be directed to the Editor at and advertising matters to the advertising sales manager at

Al Zahn, High Priest & Prophet

Exec. Divan, Hospital Comm., Futures Comm., Clowns, Roadrunners, Dance Club, Motor Corps, Golf Unit, Sprint Car Unit, Gopher Shrine Club

Dave Neiman, PP, Recorder


Doug Kristensen, Marshall

El Riad By-Laws, Executive Divan State Donor Relations

Bruce Wallin, PP, Treasurer Executive Divan

Les Kruse, Oriental Guide

Exec. Divan, Futures Comm., Lewis & Clark/Animal Unit, Chanters, Horse Corps, Provosts, Ski Club, Steel Drum Band, Outhouse Unit

Jim Slater, 1st Ceremonial Master

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Spring Ceremonial, Classie Autos, Culinary Unit, Legion of Honor, Director’s Staff

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Fall Ceremonial, Big Band, Rickshaws, Parker Shrine Club/ Flivvers, Worthing ton Shrine, Oaze Cycle Corps, Shutterbugs

David Neiman, PP, Chairman Tom Benz Loren Eggebraaten, PP Edward Anstine, PP Charles Brown, PP

For information concerning Shriners Hospitals for Children, call (800) 237-5055. Printed by Leader Printing, Madison, S.D. • • AUGUST 2017



t’s been quite a summer for the magnificent men in the spiffy red and blue uniforms! Here are the highlights: Annual Memorial Day appearance at the Veterans Hospital. Always a great opportunity for us to honor our veterans and I must say, we looked sharp doing it. This is one of those times when it’s REALLY great to be a Fife & Drum member. Followed that with our annual appearance at Buffalo Days in Luverne, MN the first weekend in June. We love this parade for its short duration followed by a hearty lunch at the Pizza Ranch. Harland Danielson really impressed the crowd with a couple of big pistol discharges during our signature 88 tune. We looked and sounded great and glad to see around 20 guys on the street. This is always a big family event for the “Wife” & Drum as we have so many of our kids that attend. Fun for all that is for sure! Then comes the Pote’s Parade and a big party hosted by the Archer Clan that evening. We had a good turnout for the parade and certainly enjoyed the food and beverages. Once again, the Culinary Unit really put on a feast. Duane Heilbult, Greg Kerska, and I learned of the advantages of arriving well before the parade by enjoying delicious breakfast sandwiches and equally refreshing breakfast beverages. Thanks to everyone that made this fun day despite the threat of wet weather. And especially, thanks to John Archer and Lady Sherry for hosting this great Fife family get together. The combo day of the Pote’s Parade and Archer Clan party makes for as terrific fun day as a Shriner.

by Bruce Norton

fair winds and following seas to all!”

I hosted a June Fife meeting at my house that was a fun way to meet. Devon Johnson and Randy Schilling made sure the Fife meeting beverages were on hand. We closed out the meeting by having Rick Turgeon providing balls and club to hit across the pond to the 15th green at Prairie Green. It’s a 109 yard chip that only five out of 15 guys made it across. Perhaps we were too relaxed?!? However, 15 out of 15 guys left nice divots in my yard. As I write this, we are preparing for one of the truly fun things we do each year as a Fife & Drum group. Our annual trip to Okoboji on July 8 hosted by Dave Daily and his Lady Barb. We take a bus out there, ride around on the big party boat visiting a few bars, concluding with our big appearance at the Barefoot Bar. Boy, this is a time we really feel like rock stars! We then adjourn for boat rides, a big lunch, then our trip home. A wonderful unattended consequence of our trips here has resulted in around $10,000 in donations from a generous dock resident there over the years. Can’t wait to report on this in the next Cactus. Finally, we are finalizing plans for our Midwest Shrine trip that will include a dinner cruise, golf, and of course, the Shrine parade. Many thanks to Randy Ingalls for working on all the arrangements for this! MSA is a fantastic time for all of us that attend and while we won’t be competing, we’ll be there to support El Riad and our amazing philanthropy. As our beloved leader Admiral Darrell Griggs likes to say, “fair winds and following seas to all!”



hank you again to Lyle Sturdevant, PP who donated $20 to help support the Cactus. It makes a big difference in the amount of space we have available for articles, photos and other news relating to the Shrine, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and El Riad in particular. EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


It’s time once again to pay dues for the coming year. Please consider adding that extra $20 to become a Cactus Supporter. Stop by the office or mail to: El Riad Shrine P.O. Box 1203 Sioux Falls, SD 57101 5

Isn’t it time you joined the






$100 and feel like a MILLION!


The photo of the band courtesy of Jane Anderson ­— thanks Jane. Prior to our stop in Crofton a few members of the band stopped at Lewis & Clark in Yankton and had the pleasure of a boat ride with Greeter and Denise Colbert. What a great morning and many thanks to Greeter and Denise for your hospitality. Their were two “skippers” on board and the overwhelming

Photo by Jane Anderson

ooking forward to another busy summer in the clan. The Mitchell Hillbilly Unit hosted the Outhouse Reunion in May at Lonnie Glanzer’s farm place in Bridgewater. Four new members joined the clan in a special and unique reunion. The new members were from the Huron, SD Shriners (Yelduz in Aberdeen) and this was made possible with agreement from the necessary parties. Believe they will be called Outhouse #2 as the Sioux Falls clan is called Outhouse #1. A fun event for sure and we welcome our new brothers to the clan.  The Back 40 Boys participated in the Crofton, NE, Q125 Celebration on July 1. We thank El Riad Marshall Doug Kristensen for his invitation. There were about 114 different parade entries ­— tractors, combines, vintage cars, floats, etc. But most especially the Shrine was well represented. We had 13 units from El Riad as well as units/clubs from Abu Bekr in Sioux City, IA and representation from Sesostris (don’t ask me to pronounce it) in Lincoln, NE. Great parade and the B40Bs performed on stage at an intersection in downtown Crofton.

by Buttons, Keeper of the Quill

For complete details see the form on page 37 or call Dave Neiman, PP at (605) 376-6745 or email

Back 40 Boys 6 • • AUGUST 2017

feeling was everyone wanted Greeter to pilot the boat as the other “skipper” seemed to have just come from Gilligan’s Island — see the pictures and judge for yourself. The B40Bs are sometimes asked if there is a video clip they can watch to see/hear what we do. With many thanks to Steve Haase (soundboard) and Rocky Hayes (video) we “cut” a sound video for viewing. Please go to one of the following websites to view: or  The Back 40 Boys (B40Bs) are making arrangements to entertain on the Front Porch at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls on August 5–13. The dates/times for the band haven’t been set yet but we are excited about the opportunity. We are also committed (no comment) to play/sing in Parker at the Turner County Fair on August 14. There is a possibility we will again be at the SD State Fair in Huron. There is also a chance of us being a part of the 2017 Colton Hillbilly Days Festival in the park on Saturday, July 29.  Members of the Outhouse Unit #1 choose a Hillbilly name that is used in the clan. Thought it might be fun to see how many you can identify from the names listed. Not a contest but just kind of a little mind exercise to see how many you know.  Gravy, Bubbles, Disco, Puter, Buck Shot, Greeter, Zeke, Critter, Guzzler, Busted, LRB (Lurb), Sunshine, Billy Boy, Goat Roper, Andy, Griller, Sweet Pea, Ug, Rodeo, Backwash, Gran Pappy Amos, Rooster, Greaseball, Plunger,


Tony Bachman – Gravy Tim Bachman – Bubbles Darold Ball – Disco Paul Berndt – Puter Tony Burns – Buck Shot Pat Colbert – Greeter Doug Costar – Zeke Cole Crittenden – Critter Harland Danielsen – Guzzler Scott Denney – Busted Logan Denney – LRB (Lurb) Kieran Denney – Sunshine Dave Doeringsfeld – Billy Boy Richard Hagler – Goat Roper Don Jensen – Andy Chris Kahny – Griller Donald Lauria – Sweet Pea Lee Lewis – Ug

Paul Maxwell – Rodeo Scott Maxwell – Backwash Don McCoy – Gran Pappy Amos John McInroy – Rooster Jim Murray – Greaseball Larry Narum – Plunger Russ Olson – Moonshine Dave Peters – Famous Mike Richard – Horn Dog Dave Saunders – Cotton Bill Schepeler – Willy Dick Schlechter – Buttons Roger Thompson – Mordecai Kevin Tomshack – Flap Clay Wilhelm – Boxcar Tom Johnson – Uno Pat Campbell – Otis

How did you do????? Please consider membership into the Outhouse Unit or any other unit for that matter. Contact: Outhouse Rabban of the Clan/President – Denny “Gizzmoe/Pax” Kaarup – 929-8608. The philanthropy is successful when the fraternity is successful.


he Sprint Cars have had a very busy last few months and are in the heart of our parade season. We have attended parades in Luverne, Hills, Garretson, and Dell Rapids. We made an impressive showing at the Potentate’s Parade in Garretson with all 12 cars on the street! We delighted the crowd with our precision driving, tire squealing, and sliding. We then attended the Oasis, put on by the Culinary Unit at the end of the parade. Great food and fellowship was had by all, thank you to the Culinary Unit, Chief and Assistant Chief of Staff, and our Potentate for putting on such a great day. The Sprint Cars then headed off to the 6th Annual Sprint Car Pool Party. Even though it rained pretty

Moonshine, Famous, Horn Dog, Cotton, Willy, Buttons, Mordecai, Flap, Boxcar, Uno and Otis. And the answers are:

by Mark Richard

hard and no one got in the pool, our members and their wives had a great time and enjoyed great food, fun, and fellowship. Looking forward to the next one. The troops have been busy working on our MSA competition routine. We are expecting to hone these maneuvers so that we can continue El Riad’s track record of competition excellence. Competing members are Jason Schlechter, Dave Murphy, Dave Duncan, Tim Meirose, Chad Schave, Ike McDonnel, Terry Kinnetz and Mark Richard. Keep up the hard work guys! We put four wheels on the street to help kids get back on their feet.

We put four wheels on the street to help kids get back on their feet.”

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota






Chanters 7 p.m. Rickshaws 6 p.m. Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7 p.m.


7 Worthington after Lodge


8 Chanters 7 p.m. Classie Autos 7 p.m. Lewis & Clark 6:30 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.



Fife & Drum Corp 7:30 p.m. Highlanders Pipe & Drum 6 p.m. B&E & Board Meetings

Blast & Cast 7 p.m. Chanters 7 p.m. Dance Club 7 p.m. Hillbillies - Outhouse 7 p.m. Parker Flivvers 6:30 p.m.


21 Mystic Brewers 7 p.m.


22 Chanters 7 p.m. Provost 7:30 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.

28 Fife & Drum Corp 7:30 p.m. Highlanders Pipe & Drum 6 p.m.


2 Legion of Honor 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.

Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.

Clowns 6:30 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m.

4 Delta Waterfowl Banquet

Brookings 7 a.m. @ Perkins Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.

5 Cactus Deadline






Dance Club

16 Masonic Motor Club 6:30 p.m. Motor Corps 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.




17 Director’s Staff 7 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.

MSA Summer Session – Minneapolis

23 Last Call Rock Band Rehearsals 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Stated Meeting

29 Chanters 7 p.m.


24 Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.

30 Shutterbugs 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.

25 Pote’s Golf Tourney

26 Horse Corps 10:00 @ Shrine Bldg. Potentate’s Party

31 Corn Palace Hillbillies 6:30 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m.


MS t a e in r h S r u o y t r o p Come sup 8 • • AUGUST 2017





4 Labor Day – Closed

5 Cactus Deadline Chanters 7 p.m. Rickshaws 6 p.m. Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7 p.m.


11 Fife & Drum Corp 7:30 p.m. Highlanders Pipe & Drum 6 p.m. B&E & Board Meetings


Chanters 7 p.m. Classie Autos 7 p.m. Lewis & Clark 6:30 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.

19 Blast & Cast 7 p.m. Chanters 7 p.m. Dance Club 7 p.m. Hillbillies - Outhouse 7 p.m. Parker Flivvers 6:30 p.m.

25 Fife & Drum Corp 7:30 p.m. Highlanders Pipe & Drum 6 p.m.

26 Chanters 7 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.



6 Legion of Honor 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.


18 Mystic Brewers 7 p.m.



7 Clowns 6:30 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Shrine Cup Golf Tournament


27 Last Call Rock Band Rehearsals 7 p.m. Shutterbugs 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m.






Brookings 7 a.m. @ Perkins Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.

Shrine Football Game

20 Masonic Motor Club 6:30 p.m. Motor Corps 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Nobles Birthday Party


Dance Club

13 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Stated Meeting


21 Director’s Staff 7 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.





First Day of Fall!

28 Corn Palace Hillbillies 6:30 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Provost 7:30 p.m. Steel Drum Band 6:30 p.m.

Horse Corps 10:00 @ Shrine Bldg.

y! a D r o b a L y p p a H EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


d El R ia


by Rich Burns, Scribe

ES, it’s true! ‘PUFF’ is a mama. The big day came and she gave birth to four, yes four, baby dragons. All is well with the babies and PUFF. The little dragons put up such a stink that we had to give in and let them follow “Mama” to the Potentates Parade in Garretson, SD, back in June. As you might guess they were a little wobbly in their first parade. But, like all little kids they were quick to learn a few tricks. So, we let them follow “Mama” to the Dell Rapids parade a few weeks later. Where they were getting a little stronger. But, still have a ways to go to be as strong as their MOM. Our Nobles are trying hard just to stay on the little buggers. It appears that are coolies are also learning many things the hard way. One of the little dragons ate, yes ate, Brian S. shirt during the first parade. Now we know we should feed the babies better before a parade. We also learned that the baby


dragons are fussy on how much their drivers weigh! So now we have many of our coolies on a diet. We appreciate the kind words, and the gifts that have been given to our baby dragons. Like all babies they are very cute and the parade crowds seem to thoroughly enjoy watching the baby dragons perform. If any of you Nobles are interested in joining a fun unit and would like to drive one of the new dragons—now, would be a good time to talk to our Emperor Chad Goldsmith about joining this really fun parade group. Speaking of good times, the Rickshaw unit would still like to extend an invitation to any of our Shrine Nobles that are not currently in a Shrine Unit to please come to the Shrine Temple on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. for a FREE meal and adult beverage and see if we are the parade unit for you!

Photo by Josh Jurgens



SECURITY, INC. w w w. 3 D S e c. c o m

tf. 888-923-5333 p. 605-543-5159 f. 605-543-5179 c. 605-366-8601 e:


10 • • AUGUST 2017


Ashrama Temple #97 Daughters of the Nile








Craft and Vendor Fair

october October 1st, 2017 Event will be held at the El Riad Shrine. 510 S. Phillips Ave. | Sioux Falls, SD 57104

NOON –- 4:30PM There will be food, door prizes, and FUN! There will also be lots of great crafters & vendors! Contact Jessica Buus for Vendor Information. email:

Please Join Us for a Fun Filled Day! EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




In Memory of Warren D. Nelsen by Andrea R. Kuehn Curtis W. Kuehn Linda N. Baker R. C. Baker Bill & Peg Baker Richard Viehweg Craig & Diane Bauch Paula A. Boehmer Dorothy Legel Charyl & David Wilson Cheryl E. Taylor First National Bank Miscellaneous Donors Martha L. Baker In Memory of Katelyn Seigfred by John & Janet Sallak In Memory of Betty Schroeder by Ron Mathison In Memory of Kent Morstad, PP, by Ron Mathison Al & Du Zahn Robert Bucknell, Jr. Richard Viehweg James Collingwood Truman Phelan James Raddatz Mavis Carl Jeff Parker Tim & Teresa Bachman May Moen Jane Baysore Elton & Beverly Budahl Les & Gloria Kruse Dave & Linda Stadheim Gerry & Jane Giddings Barbara Harms Mike & Lorna Fitzgerald Kirk & Janet Anderson Carolyn Schuler 12

Brenda Lewis Richard & Camille Alick Greg & Phyllis Heineman George & Deborah Kuhler Russell & Carol Greenfield Linda N. Baker Faith Christiansen Dr. Barry & Mary Pitt-Hart Craig & Pat Lloyd Mark & Shelley Hanisch Larry & Dorothy Meyer Lavonne Anderson Rin & Virginia Stabell Mary Ranney John & Anne Borgmann Fred & Grace Ehlers Laverne & Norma Hofer Thomas & Dannette Graves Jane Meekins H. J. & Carolyn Lowe L. A. & M. J. Ellis George & Faye Boom Karen Fredrickson Paul & Julie Bruflat Wauthena Brooks Garry & Dianne Jacobson Thomas & Mary Simmons Ardys Berven M. M. Mahlstedt Tammy Skillman Marcia Vanginkel Travis & Michelle Thie Gary & Diane Maassen David & Linda Munson Wayne Gustafson S. D. Funeral Directors Assoc. Baue Funeral Homes Richard A. Johnson M & M Commercial Cleaning Thomas & Judith Koppy Judith Graves Thenetta Nield Jeffrey & Sarah Herbert


In Memory of Kent Morstad by John & Ralynn Whitelock

TRANSPORTATION FUND: In Memory of Norma Stangland by Lyle & Verla Sturdevant In Memory of Betty Schroeder by Mike & Bunny Howes In Memory of Kent Morstad by Mike & Bunny Howes Gary & Alberta Smith Lyle & Verla Sturdevant Bruce & Kristi Wallin El Riad Culinary Unit Donald Dunham III Barbara Sampson Paul Lewis John & Marcia Kittelson Bob & LaRae Zwart Dee Ordinachev Larry & Mindee Johnson Kathleen Heligas John Peckham Martha Baker Rich & Glenna Burns Dave & Jan Lewis Karen Kirkeby Edward Anstine John & Sherry Archer Janice & Bob Pfeifer In Memory of Charles “Pete” Pederson by Jerry & Sharon McNary In Memory of Ingolf Maurstad by John & Marcia Kittelson In Memory of Patrick Lofswold by El Riad Classie Autos • • AUGUST 2017

In Memory of Gen Harmon by Eleanor Knutson


Donations by Joanne Avery Mitchell VFW Ladies Auxiliary Warren & Corlynn Wilbeck El Riad Office Candy Bowl

MARVIN BAILIN West Des Moines, Iowa July 21, 1924 – May 11, 2017 Created November 2, 1962 KENNETH B. CHAMBERLAIN Wickenburg, Arizona Jan. 22, 1921 – Jan. 5, 2017 Created November 18, 1955

License Decals by Darin Groos Larry Bouma Joe Greve Wade Thomas

GORDON EDMAN Centerville April 11, 1932 – June 22, 2017 Created November 14, 1956


In Memory of Kent Morstad by Dave Neiman El Riad Circus Committee Don & Helen Jensen Sid & Diane Strange M. L. Knutson In Memory of Warren D. Nelsen by El Riad Circus Committee In Memory of Bill Hobson by Don & Helen Jensen In Memory of Betty Schroeder by Sid & Diane Strange In Memory of Rick Seeley by Jim & Cindy Slater

WILLIAM L. HOBSON Sioux Falls Feb. 22, 1931 – June 2, 2017 Created May 7, 1958



KEN MILLER Oakmount, Penn. Aug. 24, 1918 – Dec. 25, 2016 Created April 14, 1973 ILL SIR KENT MORSTAD, PP Sioux Falls April 4, 1936 – June 4, 2017 Created May 25, 1961 ROBERT WINJUM Chamberlain June 24, 1924 – June 17, 2016 Created June 18, 1966 We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone (605) 336-1117 or email

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




by Aaron Zahn, Secretary

two-door and four-door with the same paint job. For many years my grandpa would drive one and my grandma would drive the other in local parades. When my wife and I were married nearly 13 years ago we chose to have a group of Classie Autos transport the wedding party and of course for my wife and I we had grandpa and grandma chauffeur us in their red and black Buick Special! A few years later grandpa decided to part with the four-door and I just happened to be looking for a classic car. After some negotiating we came to a deal! A group of Classies attended a Unity Lodge meeting .

he Classie Autos are certainly a unit that is going places! We have had a very busy and active summer so far. We have had great turnouts for parades in Brandon, Harrisburg, Dell Rapids, Garretson, Crofton, and Lennox. We have a few more to go before the season is over. We have several cruises lined up with one already in the books with a group of Classies and their ladies visited the Brandenburg Gallery in Luverne, MN. Following a great idea by one of our members a group of Classies attended a Unity Lodge meeting in support of fellow Classie and Unity Lodge Worshipful Master Kyle Orth. It was wonderful to have a group of Brothers come together as a Shrine Unit to attend a Blue Lodge meeting. We are planning to make more lodge meetings like this and make this a more regular event. We would encourage other Shrine Units to do the same!

The best thing about your classic? It’s a big heavy old all steel American classic. The worst thing about your classic? My clutch foot gets tired in some of the long parades!

Is this your first classic? Yes, with a 1939 Chevy Pickup in “project mode”. How long have you been a member of “Classie Autos”? About 7 years

What made you decide to join Classie Autos? As Masons we meet on the level. Very similar to this the Classie Autos gather from all walks of life with an interest in cars, young and old, convertibles, sports cars, new Shriners and veterans, Chevy guys, Pontiac guys, and we even let Ford guys in!

Featured Member Name: Aaron Zahn

Make/Model: 1955 Buick Special

How long have you owned your classic? I have owned it for about five years.

How did you come across it and what made you want to buy it? My grandpa restored the car and did most of the work himself other than the paint. My grandpa and grandma were married in a car that was nearly identical to this one. Some years later grandpa found and restored a 14 • • AUGUST 2017



e are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new initiative, Birdies for Charity — a fun and friendly golf-themed fundraising competition. Now through November 1, 2017, golf fans nationwide can guess the number of birdies that will be recorded during the 2017 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open while supporting life-changing care for kids. Supporters who guess the correct, or closest, number of birdies will automatically be entered to win an ultimate Las Vegas getaway, which includes: round trip airfare for two to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2018 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, three nights hotel accommodations, VIP experience at the tournament during the 3rd and 4th rounds, two tickets to a Las Vegas show, and a meet-and-greet opportunity with the 2018 tournament champion.


• Supporters visit to guess the number of birdies that will be made during the 2017 tournament and donate to their favorite hospital. • The individuals with the correct, or closest, guess will automatically be entered to win a VIP experience at the 2018 tournament in Las Vegas. Other great prizes include autographed tournament pin flags and tournament apparel packages that will be awarded to the next closest guesses. • The hospital that receives the most monetary donations via the Birdies for Charity program will be awarded the

by Chris L. Smith, Past Imperial Potentate

opportunity to host the 2018 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Media Day. The event will include an appearance from the 2017 tournament champion, a patient visit, press conference and meet-andgreet opportunity for local hospital supporters. • The tournament covers all administrative costs for the program and turns over 100% of all monies collected to Shriners Hospitals for Children.


• Spread the word. Tell your friends, family and anyone else who is interested in helping Shriners Hospitals for Children that Birdies for Charity is underway!

• Raise funds. • Encourage friends and colleagues to join you and give to your favorite hospital at, or, print and distribute the offline donation form for mail-in donations. Nobles like you make it possible for us to send Love to the rescue®. 

COCKTAIL HOUR EVERY WEDNESDAY 4 – 10 p.m. | El Riad Oasis Served by your favorite bartenders and open to the public! EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




t’s time to update the status of your El Riad Motor Corps, it’s been a long time since we submitted an article for your reading enjoyment. Since we last spoke, the Motor Corps has been busy with May Bar, parades in Luverne, Garretson and Mountain Lake. Along with parades, Road Captain Jeff Landborg has been busy planning practices for our award winning competition team as well as purchasing and preparing our new ambulance. The summers are always full of parades, parade practices and competition practice. We are looking to repeat our performance of a year ago when we swept MSMCA competition with almost every award except the Spirit Award which we felt the Sprint Cars or us should have received but that is history. We have developed a routine that wins so why change until someone can beat us, right? Anyway, that takes a full commitment from our team and keeps Capn’ Jeff on his toes and busy until it ends in mid August. The team consists of Jeff Landborg, Steve Haase, Jim Slater, Rob Myers, Alex Mehlhaff, Ken Ward, Aaron Neiman and Jerry Hauff so if you see any of these individuals, wish them the best this summer at competition, it’s just around the corner! There will also be several other members attending the competition to run the obstacle and slow course as well as helping detail and prep for the competition and parades. We are excited to have three new members attend this year along with five or six who are coming to help. I don’t have the full list of members attending so my apologies for leaving your names out. Last weekend, several of our members gathered and participated in a poker run to help support other


by Jerry Hauff, Commander

charities as well as promote our poker run which will be held September 23, 2017 starting and stopping at Fresh Horses. The stops include The Wheel in Canton, Waddy’s in Hundson, Alcester Bar in Alcestor and the Davis Bar in Davis. The payout will total $2,000 and will pay out to the TOP 10 so bring your bike, trike, truck, bus, car, camper, we don’t care, just come and have fun with the Motor Corps. This year, we are also allowing our members to play only there will be a separate pool and those who ride and participate will be asked to help with registration and clean up at the end. You can register online at elriadmotorcorps. org but pre-registration is not required and we are not sure about doing shirts again, it doesn’t pay out and we are usually left with extras. Look for the ad in this issue of the Cactus for more information. If there are any new members interested in joining the Motor Corps, please talk to one of the executive members consisting of Jerry Hauff (Commander), Ken Ward (Vice Commander), Steve Haase (Adjutant), Jeff Landborg (Road Captain) or Aaron Neiman, Alex Mehlhaff, Bruce Heitman (Members at Large). You can call the office and ask for contact information or the Cactus to reach me. For now, that is about all she wrote. Please be safe and look for us coming from all directions because we don’t take the straightest or shortest route, it’s not A to B it’s more like A to D to Z to P back to D and on to M and maybe we might actually find B. Thanks to you guys who continually help out and make it happen. • • AUGUST 2017



JUNE 2017 WINNERS Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Winner Bill Phelps Carol Skinner Merry Bauer William Minow* Taylor Specht Wade Jensen Mike Soukup Gene Lansdowne Gene Lansdowne Sue Brown Jean Benson* Michael Rayne Highland Mfg. Carrie Mason Brenda Engen** Tim Heptig Curtis Andera Charlotte Kristensen* Michelle Mitchell Luke Giese Hostetlers Repair Kristy Spoonemare Steve Ryken Larry Kippes Tom Senske* Roger Sprakel Stephanie Rieck Austin Richters Dulcy Vitek Mike Lavin

Sold By Roadrunners Twin Lakes Shrine Club Steel Drums Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Horse Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Oriental Band Oriental Band Chanters Twin Lakes Shrine Club Fife & Drum Corps Motor Corps Sprint Cars Sprint Cars Motor Corps Horse Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Horse Corps Director’s Staff Oriental Band Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Shutterbugs Sprint Cars Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Outhouse #1 Blast & Cast Motor Corps Sprint Cars

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Winner Tom Senske Andrew Christina* Highland Mfg. Chris Strayer Tyler Chambers Dennis Gartamaker Sebastian Budde Brian Baker Mark Rozeboom* Chris Lofswold Ryan Slaven J.D. Rienicke Michael Ingalls Steve Isaacson Jason Hegg** Kelly Conolly* Doon Elevator John Fehringer Janet Naessig Kirk Otterman Troy Hansen Michael Nipp Matt Potts* Leo Cwach, Jr. Aubrey O’Connell Michael Stapleton Kathy Walters Curt Pansch Sherrod Franklin Jenn & Tammy Wiese* Jim Schmidt

Sold By Sprint Cars Motor Corps Motor Corps Motor Corps Horse Corps Horse Corps Parker Shrine Club Office Sprint Cars Classie Autos Steel Drums Twin Lakes Shrine Club Outhouse #1 Motor Corps Shutterbugs Motor Corps Horse Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Sprint Cars Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Horse Corps Sprint Cars Sprint Cars Corn Palace Shrine Club Classie Autos Horse Corps

*$100 Winners **$300 Winner

*$100 Winners **$300 Winner EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


! d e t i v n i ice. n e s i r h c a i h w me, r YoI u o f ' n i o g got that So

18 • • AUGUST 2017

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


20 • • AUGUST 2017

  


   


 


   EARLYBIRD DRAWING


for Benelli shotgun if ticket purchased by Sept. 8, 2017



      

For shrine news and events, photo albums, and much more!

 



 EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


22 • • AUGUST 2017



Joe Mauer, Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, Shaquille O’Neal , Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Gary Sanchez, , Mike Tyson, Chris Carter, Bo Jackson, Bob Feller , and many more!

View Auction Items on our Facebook Page at

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Photos by Josh Jurgens


Photos by Rocky Hayes


24 • • AUGUST 2017

Photos by Jeff Smith

Cell: (605) 941-9399 Email:

Sales: (866) 862-8709 Service: (866) 780-1162 Parts: (888) 476-4608

RACHAEL NEIMAN RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN OFFICER 605.333.8243 :: f 605.333.8240 6109 S OLD VILLAGE PLACE SIOUX FALLS, SD 57108 NMLS Identification 1535038 Lender License 410144

Photos by Jane Anderson


Todd P Neuberger Financial Advisor .

3614 S Southeastern Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-371-0375

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


PARADE Photos by Tim Dykstra


Call For Flowers at



It’s about your people, not health policies. phone [605] 338-1489 webULVW\EHQH¿WVFRP

26 • • AUGUST 2017

Photo by Secretary Markus

Photo by Steve Haase


On June 12, the Big Band Unit hosted The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra for the third year in a row at the shrine. “Thanks to the Support from the Divan, this dance was clearly a success. The mellow and sweet sounds of this excellent group of musicians drew a crowd from Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska,” stated President John Bayer. “We look forward to hosting more events of this type in the future.”

President John Bayer performs with the Last Call band on June 10 in Trent, South Dakota.

Phillips Centre w 300 S Phillips Ave w 331-4000 Silver Valley w 1707 S Marion Rd w 361-5636 Dacotah Town Centre w 3302 E 10th St w 336-7700 57th & Cliff w 1209 E 57th St w 334-8500

LAST CALL ROCK BAND Photos by Jeannette Schipper

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Photos by Tom Anderson


Photos by Tom Johnson


28 • • AUGUST 2017

Rickshaw Wine Raffle



$5 each or 3 for $10

1st Place: 2 Cases of Wine 2nd Place: 1 Case of Wine 3rd Place: 6 Bottles of Wine

Tickets can be purchased from any Rickshaw member or the Shrine office! (Drawing held Nov. 11, 2017 ) Proceeds are for the benefit of the El Riad Rickshaws. Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


PARADE Photos by Tim Dykstra





Phone: 605.275.5660 5229 West 12th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(Corner of W. 12th & Marion Rd.)

American American Family Mutual Family Insurance Mutual Insurance Company,Company, American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American American Family Insurance Family Insurance Company,Company, American Family 6000 Insurance American 6000 Company, American Parkway, Madison Parkway,WI Madison 53783WI 53783 6000 American Parkway, Madison 006441—Rev. 006441—Rev. 11/15 WI 11/15 ©53783 2015 © 2015 006441—Rev. 11/15 © 2015

Les Kruse Les Kruse Agency Agency Les Kruse Agency 301 E 14th 14th St300 Ste St 300 Ste 300 301 E301 14th StESte Sioux Sioux Falls, Falls, SD 57104 SD Sioux Falls, SD 57104 57104 (605) 336-3444 336-3444 (605)(605) 336-3444 • • AUGUST 2017

Bill Thompson FSS, Agent 603 W 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Bus: 605-339-2520 8:00-5:00 Monday - Friday Saturdays and Nights By appointment Se habla Español 1211999 State Farm, Bloomington, IL

Helping you achieve your goals has always been ours

Todd Nelson Team

Congratulations to Todd Nelson for being recognized on the Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors list.


Todd was ranked #1 in the state of South Dakota.

Merrill Lynch 110 South Phillips Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Todd Nelson Senior Vice President Senior Financial Advisor Senior Portfolio Advisor

Life’s better when we’re connected® Source: Barron’s magazine, March 6, 2017, America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors list. Advisors considered for the “America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors” ranking have a minimum of seven years financial services experience and have been employed at their current firm for at least one year. Quantitative and qualitative measures used to determine the advisor rankings include: client assets, return on assets, client satisfaction/retention, compliance records and community involvement, among others. Barron’s does not receive compensation from advisors, participating firms and their affiliates, or the media in exchange for rankings. Barron’s is a trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management makes available products and services offered by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, a registered broker-dealer and Member SIPC, and other subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation. Investment products:

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EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

May Lose Value ARFQFN7H | AD-04-17-0498 | 471003PM-0217 | 04/2017



NOBLES! August 2017

Dan Farris – 8/17 Michael J Fitzgerald – 8/24 Patrick James Foss – 8/12 Fred M Frank – 8/22 Howard C Friedrich – 8/24 Gene W Gibson – 8/25 Lonnie Glanzer – 8/15 Jason Gross – 8/17 Mike Grovenburg – 8/30 Tim Hagen – 8/9 George H Hahn – 8/4 Grant S Hansen – 8/1 Harold A Hanson – 8/7 Matt Hanson – 8/17 Terry L Hanten – 8/7 Jon K Haverly – 8/20 Ray Henry – 8/21 Stanley Hoffman – 8/28 Howard J Horner – 8/16 Larry Neil Hornstra – 8/3 Kenneth E Hoyne – 8/5 Roger A Huntley – 8/21 Gregory K Jasmer – 8/7 Kevin D Jensen – 8/18 Dan Johnson – 8/25 Daniel R Jones – 8/29 Keith L Keel – 8/6 David L Kehm – 8/26

Virgil D Andersen – 8/29 Harry Anderson – 8/2 Michael Bankowski – 8/7 Frederick C Benson – 8/2 Paul Berndt – 8/25 Philip R Blackford – 8/2 Timothy Alan Blume – 8/18 Jonathon Borden – 8/17 Donald N Brown – 8/4 Charles Samuel Brust – 8/6 Patrick Bunkers – 8/28 Dwayne Burckhard – 8/13 Steven B Cattnach – 8/19 Christopher A Caudill – 8/7 Joel Christophersen – 8/7 Nicholas R Clausen – 8/21 Dale E Clement – 8/1 Jason Collins – 8/20 Cole Crittenden – 8/26 Leo Cwach Jr. – 8/4 Charles K Dawdy – 8/13 Robert S Demuth – 8/7 Logan Denney – 8/21 Dwight L Dexter – 8/4 Thomas E Dixon – 8/17 Rodney A Eisenbeiss – 8/18

David M Kelly – 8/18 Michael J Kirkeby – 8/2 Ryan Kleinsasser – 8/19 Dennis J Kniffen – 8/10 Rick Kuhnert – 8/27 Thomas Jay Lewis – 8/4 Kelly B Lieberg – 8/24 Gerald E Lindberg – 8/28 Richard D Lofswold – 8/21 Keith Luethje – 8/16 Arthur E Maize – 8/14 Scot D Mannschreck – 8/18 Alex Mehlhaff – 8/6 Craig J Meyer – 8/15 Michael A Millard – 8/19 Todd Miller – 8/1 William D Monson – 8/22 Douglas G Monzat – 8/31 Samuel J Nash – 8/4 Roger Nester – 8/23 Dale W Oleson – 8/10 Robert G Perez – 8/6 David Peters – 8/13 Gary L Peterson – 8/31 Steven A Polzin – 8/2 Darrell Renken – 8/19 Nylis Renschler II – 8/23 David Rezac – 8/6

Mike Richard – 8/13 Robert E Richmond – 8/29 Richard R Ringstmeyer – 8/18 Tobias Ritesman – 8/25 Hubert L Sandmann – 8/10 Reg Schenk – 8/10 Cory Schmidt – 8/18 Jason A Schroeder – 8/19 Kerry Scott – 8/21 Brent R Sheets – 8/25 Michael A Simon – 8/24 Clark E Sinclair – 8/4 Sam R Sommers – 8/4 Timothy L Sorensen – 8/11 Brandon M Stevenson – 8/28 Albert D Stoddard – 8/16 Rolland Stolsmark Jr. – 8/6 Lyle V Sturdevant – 8/6 Brian K Swab – 8/31 Larry Thygesen Jr – 8/7 Stefan L Tonjes – 8/2 James Chris Vlahakis – 8/11 David Vrooman – 8/18 Norman F Wessels – 8/28 Jeffrey B Wilkes – 8/12 Bruce L Wohlwend – 8/22 DaNiel D Wood – 8/16 Donald Wayne Wood – 8/22


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2921 West 41st St., SIOUX FALLS, SD • 605-336-3244 1157 21st St. HURON, SD (605) (605) 352-4038

605 Main St. GREGORY, SD (605) 835-8711

1201 Broadway YANKTON, SD (605) 665-2604

2291 Colorado Blvd. SPEARFISH, SD (605) 642-8604

413 S. Main St. WINNER, SD (605) 842-2541

400 W. Sioux PIERRE, SD (605) 224-0439

1832 W. Main RAPID CITY, SD (605) 343-3610

1801 9th Ave. S.E. WATERTOWN, SD (605) 886-2017

32 • • AUGUST 2017



by Ron Brandt

he El Riad Blast & Cast unit congratulates Craig Sletten on becoming our newest member. Remember, we meet at the shrine in front of the Oasis, monthly on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. Our annual June fishing trip to the Beal Ranch was an outstanding success. Yes, it was hot, but I heard the members caught fish, and had a great time. The Blast & Cast brought along a new air conditioner, which they installed and enjoyed.  Soon our custom gun raffle will be underway and you will be able to get your tickets from any member. This was very popular last year, and it was a firearm anyone would be proud to own. Mark your calendars members, the wedding we have in September is Big Mike from the OB. We will need all hands on deck to live up to our reputation of running a good wedding.  If you ever see this guy in the picture on the water, holler at him so he wakes up, there’s a walleye on his line. See you in the great outdoors.

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



by Jeffy Wilkes, President

ere is the May, June and July report since it has been a busy three months. Joe Greve and Butch Andernacht were all set to go to Minnesota but the weather had a different idea. Snow? I don’t think so, it was May 1. Bruce Norton and Ken Steele got on the road May 3 on a one trip to Minneapolis. May 3 also saw Doug Kristensen and Bruce Jorgensen driving to Omaha to drop off one of our patients at the airport. Then the two drove back to Omaha to pick them up on their return trip on the 5. Don’t tell me, Doug Kristensen and Bruce Jorgensen get the “SUPER HERO AWARD”. Three trips in a row, this one was an overnighter to the Twin Cities on May 9–10. Arlen Nordhagen and Jim Dewey (our Admiral) had signed up for a one day trip on the 15, that was cancelled. Thanks guys! Freddie Contreras and Joe Greve took the next one day trip to the Cities on May 17. May 26 George Hamilton and Denny Kaarup drove off to the Cities on a one day trip. May 31 was a busy day with Jerry Kobes and Butch Andernacht driving to Omaha and Denny Kaarup and his wife Theresa on an overnighter to Minneapolis. On June 2, Jeffy Wilkes and Aaron Zahn picked up a patient in Omaha. Howard Greer and Bill Kullander were to take a new patient on an one day trip to Minneapolis but the father cancelled. Then Jim Dewey and Jeffy Wilkes had a very interesting trip to Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul (asks us about it) on June 5. We did find a great place to eat pizza. The best I have ever eaten. Doug Voss and Dana Schmid did the next one day trip on June 7. Our SUPER HEROS are back again on the road, June 8. Doug Kristensen and Bruce Jorgensen did an overnighter again. Thank you guys. On June 21, Art Wienke and wife Karen drove an overnight trip to the Cities. Then on July 11 on a trip to Omaha dropping off a patient were Aaron Zahn and Dave Kemper. On Wednesday, July 12, was date night on an overnighter for Jim Dewey and Lisa. You need to take her to the Red Savoy for pizza. July 13, Vince Jones and Ken Levene drove to Omaha to pick up a patient. July 26, Butch and Karen Andernacht dropped of a patient in Omaha. July 28, Tom and Shirley Kucera picked up a patient in Omaha. Gail has been busy and doing a great job. Thank you, Gail, for everything you do for our PATIENTS! ALSO THANKS TO EVERYONE ON THE ROADRUNNER TEAM! We are doing the Lord’s work. If you Shriners would like to be a part of this outstanding club call me or Gail. 33



by Eaton Doolittle, Communications Director

Breakfast treats!

Break time!

Saturday, May 6 ur busy Culinary Chefs greeted and served our new Brother Shriners along with their sponsors and officers the traditional Moslem Feast. From the Culinary grill, we served beef sirloin on Texas toast with mashed potatoes swathed with seasoned gravy. To round out the plate we served green beans with cheese. Dessert consisted of assorted cookies.   Along with the feature, Our Chefs led by Dave Sieler created the hors d’oeuvres for the afternoon reception. These included a selection of seasoned meatballs, deviled eggs, smokies, nacho cheese and chips along with cheese cubes and crackers.    Thursday, May 11 We had the honor of serving the Past Masters of Unity Lodge along with their guests. Our table settings were presented with elegance in design. We started the dinner with a fluffy fruit cocktail salad served on chilled plates. The entree was sliced pork loin, corn and served with potatoes 34

Happy paraders.

Joe wants to fry bacon!

Curt & Nate Hauff

Spring Ceremonial & Reception

Unity Lodge Past Masters Dinner

Happy chef.

and gravy. The desert consisted of delicious sized variety of cheesecakes. A masterful performance by all our Chefs!  

Kent Morstad’s Visitation

Thursday, June 8 Past Potentate Kent Morstad’s black camel visitation was held at the Shrine. The Masonic service was held with 300 people attending the service. Tim Bachman performed the masterful Masonic service and then the guests participated in talking with friends and enjoying a wonderful reception provided by Miller Funeral Home. The Culinary crew served the guests. The Potentate’s Parade  Saturday, June 17 It was a nice overcast day in Garretson! A full force of our Chefs turned out to serve our parade participants. Our Chefs started the day early with Dave Sieler’s now traditional breakfast sandwiches. We used 15 dozen eggs, cheese and 20 pounds of bacon. From the Culinary grill we cooked up and served 300 hamburgers, 80 hot dogs and 180 brats. Our table included beans with bacon, potato salad, chips and cookies. • • AUGUST 2017

Our grill masters in training; Curt Hauff and son Nate, served well alongside Dave Sieler and George Roberts. Likewise, Tim Dunn, served well alongside Lloyd Siemonsma, our grill master. For this event, our Chefs served around 350 people!

Shrine Family Day / Picnic at the Zoo

Saturday, June 25 Not all the animals are in the zoo! Along with a perfect day for a family picnic! We served around 160 summer hot dogs and 96 brats off the grill received by 250 picnickers. We added beans, chips and cookies along with a lot of smiles. Chef hats off to our organizer Chef George Roberts and his crew.    

Upcoming Culinary Events

•S  aturday, August 5 Culinary summer picnic – Hauff Haus •S  aturday, July 22 All Class Reunion at the Shrine • Saturday, August 26 Pote’s ball at 7 p.m. •M  onday, August 21 Augustana football team feed at the Shrine  •S  aturday, September 16 Shrine football game at Augustana University

Ready for Zoo visitors!

Who knows where the instructions are?

A small bite of culinary sage:

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!” ~Author Unknown


CACTUS! nice

just ask around

Located at I-29 & W. 12th Street 605-221-2000 • From left to right: Ryan Simmons, Bruce Heitman, Mark Jones, Denny Wasmund, Marv Lovro

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


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The $100 Million Dollar Club is a way for Shriners and non-Shriners alike to provide a gift of hope for a child in need. It’s an excellent opportunity to personally participate in the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy” — Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Shriners operate 22 hospitals in North America dedicated to treating children with orthopedic problems and burn injuries. There are 18 orthopedic hospitals, three burn hospitals and one Shriners Hospital that provides orthopedic, burn care and spinal cord injury care. All care and services provided by Shriners Hospitals are totally without cost to the patient or family. Since the founding of Shriners Hospitals in 1922, about $5.5 billion has been spent to provide quality and compassionate medical care to more than 675,000 children with orthopedic problems, severe burn injuries or spinal cord injuries. Most of these services are paid for by the Shriners Hospitals for Children Endowment Fund. Without this fund, Shriners Hospitals would not be able to ensure optimum and compassionate patient care. In order to meet the needs of thousands of children in need of the expert care Shriners Hospitals provide, the endowment fund must continue to grow during these times of increasing cost of medical care. Since approximately 95 percent of the annual Shriners Hospitals for Children operating budget will be spent in direct support of the 22 hospitals, your gift to its endowment fund is a gift to one of the world’s “purest” philanthropies.

Visit our website: Application for membership

$100 Million Dollar Club

Todd (TJ) Person Kent Alberty Luanne Alberty

p Yes, I (we) want to share in the care of SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN. p I have previously made a will leaving a bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners Hospitals for Children endowment fund. p I have added a provision in my will leaving a bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners for Children Endowment Fund. p I prefer to make a cash donation at this time (of $100 or more). Make your check payable to:

4320 South Louise Avenue, Suite 105 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Ph 605.271.5627 F a x 605.271.3343

SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN Signed _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Temple Member? ________________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________________________________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _________________________


You may give a $100 Million Dollar Club Membership in another person’s name, as a special anniversary, birthday or appreciation gift. Please have the membership certificate read:



CACTUS! EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RETURN THIS APPLICATION TO EL RIAD SHRINE P.O. Box 1203 • SIOUX FALLS, SD 57101-1203 37



n April 13, I got an opportunity that I just could not pass up. I was asked to go to Pasadena, CA, and attend the dedication of our newest Shriners for Children Medical Center. This hospital was the replacement for Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles, CA. Let’s back up and start from the beginning. How did it happen that I would get this opportunity to attend to the dedication of a new hospital in the shrine system? Gary Greenleaf asked if I would like to accompany his godfather, Linda and Gary, to the dedication. A littler history on Stan Gary’s Godfather Stan — he has been a long time Member of Al Malaikah Shriners and Stan is a long time member of the Clown unit at Al Malaikah Shrine in Los Angeles. Stan loved to spend time at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and he loved it so much that he spent over 4,000 man hours at the hospital volunteering over the years. Stan’s love for Shriners Hospital did not stop there—when he heard that the new hospital was going to be built he decided to dedicate some money to the new hospital. For all of his time and donation to the hospital, a visitor’s room was dedicated in Stan’s name with a marker and some pictures of him in his clown costume. I had the opportunity to meet Stan in Sioux Falls and then again in Mesa, AZ. I was honored to be asked to go along on this trip. What a great opportunity for Stan to see this new hospital and to have his Godson, Gary Greenleaf, Linda Forest, and me, join him. As we arrived at the hospital there were lot of Shriners and their wives coming to see the new hospital, and some


by Jim Slater, First Ceremonial Master

patients along with the Imperial Officers and Grand lodge Officers were also at this event. As I walked through the new hospital I had the opportunity to see this hospital before any or our kids were admitted to the hospital. This hospital will be treating cleft lips, orthopedic problems, and from time to time speech therapy. Just like our Twin Cities Hospital it is very kid friendly with colorful hallways. There is also a wall that kids can play different games upon as it’s reactive to touch and movement. There is a new EOS machine and a state of the art prostatic lab and fitting area. We had the opportunity to see their new full surgical suite with great recovery and rehab areas. If the patients need to stay for a extended amount of time there is an arrangement with a local hospital just a few block away. The dedication for this new hospital was started by a Masonic ceremony of placing items in a time capsule and then placing it in the corner stone. It was very interesting to see this ceremony and also to watch two of our kids get the opportunity to place the capsule under the corner stone. As in most dedications there were many speeches and appreciative comments for all the time spent and the many years it took to raise the over 70 million dollars to build this hospital. The best part was the emcees of the this event which were four young patients that had a great time poking fun at the Imperial officers and the board of directors of the hospital. This was a opportunity that I am glad that I was able to be a part of and please take the time to visit our hospitals with your family, friends, and interested shrine candidates. • • AUGUST 2017

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



by Rocky Hayes, Secretary

s is always the case, this sizzling summer has been a nonstop one for our choir and families. The chanters ran the June Wednesday night menus and Oasis Bar—we thank everyone who came down to support us and enjoy a cool summer night inside the shrine. As Bob Uecker explained, “the new carts make it a breeze to bus tables at the Shrine”. Our brothers always work so hard to prepare the delicious food in the summer heat and help tend bar to cool off Faux Painting

everyone that comes down. The list of all the chanters who took the time to help out each Wednesday is long and a big slap on the back is deserved for every one of them, especially the ones who were able to help on multiple occasions. Once again our smoked pork loin sandwiches with sweet corn menu was another big hit and thanks to Joe Brown for taking the time to prepare all of those delectable vittles. Speaking of hard work, on June 7 many of our chanter brothers worked hard to tend

Photo by Bob Uecker

Photos by Josh Jurgens


New carts make it a breeze to bus tables at the Shrine, push me, pull me!

JaDecor…simply beautiful Certified Dealer


WALLCOVERING & PAINTING SERVICE A Complete Professional Service Specialty Wall Finishes

Gary Griffith Hartford, S.D. 40

Cellular 351-2084 Hm. 605-528-6523 Fax 605-528-6200 • • AUGUST 2017

Photos by Bob Uecker

a wedding dance at the shrine so thanks again for the opportunity for our unit to make some extra cash and to all our chanters and their wives who volunteered. As you know, the summer brings parades for a plethora of shrine units. The chanters sang and waved at the Pote’s Parade in Garretson and also during the Dells Rapids Parade. Thanks to Illustrious Sir Jim Burma Jr. and his Lady Kim for hosting a well attended Pote’s Parade. We love the wind in our fezzes as we serenade small Dakota towns with our patriotic renditions as we cruise both gravel and paved streets in the middle of our fellow El Riad units and clubs who also are showing off their skills. On Sunday, June 18, the El Riad Chanters hosted three of our fellow shrine chanters: Abu Bekr, Sioux City; Kem, Grand Folks; Yelduz, Aberdeen at our Voices of Summer concert. We had a great turnout at First Lutheran Church with people from the community, members of our family, many friends and we’d also like to thank all of our fellow El Riad Shriners including Illustrious Sir Jim Burma Jr. and his Lady Kim along with members of the Divan who came to support our concert. A special thanks to Don McCoy for again emceeing the event. Thank you all!! This year, the Saturday before our Voices of Summer Concert, we hosted some of our brothers from the other shrine temples that made the journey to Sioux Falls. Roger Risty was generous enough to host the crew at his business and offered hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and we all got to enjoy some karaoke songs from chanters of multiple temples along with our own Clay Wilhelm who brought his guitar. We’re happy to announce that there will be a third annual Voices of Summer concert in 2018! In August, the chanters will be attending MSA at the

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Zuhrah Shrine in Bloomington, Minnesota. However, this will be an unconventional trip for us. Typically, all Midwest shrine meetings include a competition between El Riad Chanters and the other Midwest chanters. Unfortunately, despite our interest and preparation to compete the other chanters one-by-one dropped out and decided not to attend. Feeling undeterred, we are still attending MSA to support Potentate Jim Burma Jr. and our fellow El Riad Shriners—and we’re excited to mention that during our visit we are going to the Twin Cities Shrine Hospital for Children to perform a concert at the hospital! Anyone in the cities on Friday, August 18, at 11:00 a.m. is invited to our concert, which will be at the hospital auditorium and to enjoy a luncheon afterward in the hospital courtyard. On a bittersweet note, our beloved and long-serving accompanist, Vicki Streifel, is retiring from full-time piano duty later this summer. She still is willing to help out now and then but she is focusing her energy on a full-time position closer to her home in Minnesota. For many years, Vicki has braved bad weather and late evenings as she commuted from her Minnesota home to not only play at our concerts but also to offer imperative duties tickling the ivories for our weekly practices. Words cannot do justice for our appreciation of her good-natured professional abilities of enduring our boys club over these myriad practices. We will miss you, Vicki…the chanters wish you all the luck in the world on your new ventures. Everyone is invited to a chanters retirement concert for Vicki Streifel on September 10 at 6:00 p.m. in the Messiah New Hope Lutheran Church located at 5001 E. Madison Street in Sioux Falls.




by David W. Neiman P.P., Recorder

May 10, 2017 • El Riad Temple • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

he meeting was opened by Potentate Jim Burma Jr. at 7:00 p.m. Scott Denney gave the Invocation. Potentate Burma then led the Nobles in the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the February Stated Meeting held on April 12, 2017 were, upon proper motion and second, approved as printed and distributed. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bruce Wallin P.P. gave the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a proper motion and second to accept, this report was approved. A Resolution was read regarding the Motor Corps Units request for a no interest loan from the Equipment Reserve Fund. The request is for a $15,500 loan to purchase a used ambulance which will be used tow their trailer which hauls the parade trike, up to 3 motorcycles as well as uniforms and other parade equipment and competition equipment. Upon proper motion and second the resolution was passed. Building and Entertainment Committee Report: Chief Rabban Richard gave a progress report on projects completed, current projects and projects under consideration with the most important including: The new 48 inch east door has been installed. The gas lines have on the roof have been relocated and came in $450 under budget. The committee has been reviewing proposals to replace the vinyl covering we presently use to cover the dance floor and has decided to move forward with a floor tile system. The security cameras are now in place and are viewing but not recording. The committee decided to upgrade the system and tie it into our new door swipe card system at a budgeted cost of $4,500. During recent events at the Shrine the sound quality by the main bar area has not been very good. The committee decided to add two new speakers and wiring which should alleviate the problem. Upon proper motion and second this report was approved. There was no correspondence.

Committee Reports: 42

Chief of Staff: Chief of Staff Chris Karr reminded

us that the all Shrine parade will be in Garretson on June 17 with a 10:30 start time. There will be an Oasis after the parade. The Midwest Summer session will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota August 17–19. The registration form will be coming from the office. The Units need to let the office know how many Nobles will be attending and how many rooms will be needed at the Doubletree hotel. Do not make reservations on your own. The Potentate will be making reservations for a section at the Twins game on Thursday August 20 so we will need to know how many people will be attending the game. The cost is $50/person. The Potentates reception will also be on Thursday evening. Membership: We all need to continue working on membership including recruiting new members and retaining our existing members. Circus: Circus Chairman Larry Miller thanked all who worked at the circus. Parking was a challenge Thursday evening and it affected our attendance. The circus was still a success. The Summer circus dates are June 22 in Worthington, June 23 in Yankton at the Archery Center and June 24 in Winner. They can always use volunteers. He reminded everyone that we will have a circus next year with animals. Hospital Report: Hospital Representative Pat Colbert P.P. told us that our screening clinic will be at Orthopedic Institute on May 13 and asked us to come and wear our Fez. He encouraged everyone to help find new patients. Hospital day will be on May 20. Leo said we have two buses available to take Shriners and their guests to the hospital. Jeff introduced Jim Dewey who became a new Road Runner at their breakfast this morning. Cactus/Internet: Communications chairman Rocky Hayes attended the PR seminar in Tampa the first weekend in May. He reminded us that the deadline for the August Cactus is July 5. Our new website went live this past week with help from Mike Olawsky. Rocky demoed the site for us so we could see how it operates and the features that are available. It looks great! Masonic Relations: Chairman Richard Hagler reported that the Grand Lodge annual meeting will be in Rapid City June 16 and 17. The Grand Lodge is selling commemorative coins for $10. The plastic dues cards have • • AUGUST 2017

been ordered and they are trying to get them out before the annual meeting. The Lodges will be doing a Master Mason degree on June 1. The Scottish Rite Spring reunion will be on May 13. DeMolay is doing a pancake feed on May 20. Jobs Daughters is planting flamingos in yards in May. The cost is $25 to have them planted in someone’s yard and $25 to have them moved to someone else’s yard. The Masonic building does need a building manager and a new job description is being developed. The job will be posted. Jim Slater pointed out that there is a Masonic app that has pertinent Masonic information. Trip Reports: First Ceremonial Master Jim Slater said he recently took a trip to see the new hospital in Pasadena California. They focus on prosthetics and cleft lip and palate.

Other Business from the Floor:

• Trinity Lodge and Unity Lodge recently went to Luverne

to help with degree work. • Ron Knott told us that Directors Staff members went to their annual meeting in Wisconsin and won recognition for the best new stunt. He also said Imperial officers were there and are encouraging Shrines to do the second section and that it looks like El Riad will be hosting the annual Directors staff conference in 2022. • May 13 Screening clinic at Orthopedic Institute. • May 20 Hospital day at Twin Cities Hospital. • Chaplin George Hamilton gave a closing prayer. There being no further business to come before the body, Potentate Burma thanked the Provosts for tiling the doors. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:09 p.m. The motion was approved. Respectfully submitted, David W. Neiman P.P. Recorder

June 14, 2017 • El Riad Temple • Sioux Falls, South Dakota The meeting was opened by Potentate Jim Burma Jr. at 7:00 p.m. Chaplin George Hamilton gave the Invocation. Potentate Burma then led the Nobles in the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the May Stated Meeting held on May 10, 2017 were, upon proper motion and second, approved as printed and distributed. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bruce Wallin P.P. gave the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a proper motion and second to accept, this report was approved. Recorder Dave Neiman read the obituary for Past Imperial Potentate and Imperial Recorder Jack H. Jones. Building and Entertainment Committee Report: Chief Rabban Richard gave a progress report on projects completed, current projects and projects under

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

consideration with the most important including: The committee has been reviewing proposals to replace the vinyl covering we presently use to cover the dance floor and has decided to move forward with a floor tile system. The security cameras are now in place and will be fully operational soon. The landscape project on the west side of the building has been completed and looks great. Upon proper motion and second this report was approved. There was no correspondence.

Committee Reports:

Chief of Staff: Chief of Staff Chris Karr reminded us that the all Shrine parade will be in Garretson on June


17 with a 10:30 start time. Lineup for the parade is at 9:30. There will be an Oasis after the parade. The Midwest Summer session will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota August 17–19. The registration form will be coming from the office. The Units need to let the office know how many Nobles will be attending and how many rooms will be needed at the Doubletree hotel. Do not make reservations on your own. The Potentate will be making reservations for a section at the Twins game on Thursday August 20 so we will need to know how many people will be attending the game. The cost is $50/person. The Potentate’s reception will also be on Thursday evening. The children’s picnic at the zoo will be held on May 25. The Culinary Unit will provide food from 11:00 – 1:00. Membership: The Potentate encouraged all to continue working on membership including recruiting new members and retaining our existing members. Circus: Circus Chairman Larry Miller reminded us that the Summer circus dates are June 22nd in Worthington, June 23 in Yankton at the Archery Center and June 24 in Winner. They can always use volunteers. He reminded everyone that we will have a circus next year with animals. Hospital Report: Hospital Representative Pat Colbert P.P. told us that our screening clinic at Orthopedic Institute on May 13 went very well as did Hospital day on May 20. Leo said we had two buses available to take Shriners and their guests to the hospital. Visitors were able to see the EOS machine which El Riad Shrine contributed over $100,000 towards its purchase. Cactus/Internet: Communications chairman Rocky Hayes reminded us that the deadline for the August Cactus is July 5. He said our units are doing a great job with posts but we can always use pictures. Our new website has received great reviews thus far. He would like to get new unit photos at the all Shrine parade in Garretson.


Masonic Relations: Ethan Jones reported that the Grand Lodge annual meeting in Rapid City is happening this week end. Trinity Lodge will put on a Master Mason Degree on June 19. Back to the Lodge nights are tentatively scheduled to be in September. Inquirer nights will be held before each Shrine Stated meeting beginning in August.

Other Business from the Floor:

• The Chanters voices of Summer will be held at First Lutheran Church on June 18 at 3:00 pm. • High Priest and Prophet Al Zahn has the Unit requests completed. There being no further business to come before the body, Potentate Burma thanked the Provosts for tiling the doors. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. The motion was approved. Respectfully submitted, David W. Neiman P.P. Recorder • • AUGUST 2017


All cities are in South Dakota unless otherwise noted. (605) is the area code for all South Dakota phone numbers. BIG BAND / SHRINE SWING BAND – Parade Unit


RICKSHAWS – Parade Unit







HORSE CORPS – Parade Unit


President – John Bayer (Janean) 1511 Riverdale Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 360-1204 Email: (Unit meets for Ceremonials) President – George Martin 411 Scotts Lane, Chamberlain 57325 C: 730-0099 B: 234-6009 E: (Meets as called) President – Rolland Stolsmark (Rene) 1003 Par Tee Dr., Hartford, 57033 C: 359-6888 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)

BROOKINGS SHRINE CLUB – Parade Unit (Meets 2nd Thursday, 7a.m. @ Perkins)

CHANTERS – Parade Unit

President – Brad Vostad (Naomi) 1809 S. Shellynn Dr., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 201-5481 E: (Meets every Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Vince Jones (Sandy) 45975 - 267th St., Hartford 57033 C: 366-3178 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)

CLOWNS – Parade Unit

Big Clown – Brian Schultz (Jill) 4108 S. Cathedral Ave., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 351-7950 E: (Meets 1st Thurs. @ 6:30 p.m.)


President – Jeremy McNary (Jennifer Larson) 1029 E. 2nd Ave., Mitchell R: 999-5381 E: (Meets last Thurs. @ 6:30 p.m.)


President – Steve Hauff (Sue) 904 Ridge Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 R: 338-9625 B: 332-2131 C: 376-2452 E: (Meets as called)


President – Chris Karr 7421 W. Luke, Sioux Falls 57106 C: 695-0391 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Paul Berndt 1007 Magnolia St., Brandon 57005 C: 595-2525 E: (Meets 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Brigadier (Pres.) – Darrell Griggs (Jess) 2608 S. Groveland Ave. 57110 C: 310-3267 E: (Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays @ 7:30 p.m.)


President – Dave Skancke 2305 Pepper Ridge, Sioux Falls 57103 C: 553-3351 E:

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

President – Andy Harries (Mari) 1224 - 3rd Ave., Windom, MN 56101 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday of January or as called) President – Bob Sorensen (Sherry) 3109 S. Holly Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 413-5964 E: (Meets Mondays @ 6:00 p.m.) President – Dennis Kaarup, PP (Theresa) 716 W. 25th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 929-8608 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.) Trail Boss (Pres.) – Greg Bailey (Heidi) 26136 K – 408th Ave., Mitchell 57301 C: 999-4306 E: (Meets last Saturday @ 10:00 a.m.)


Cmdr. (Pres.) – Scott Denney (Rhonda) 312 W. 34th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 323-9678 E: (Meets 1st Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Captain (Pres.) – Ethan Jones 325 N. LaSalle Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57110 C: 370-8588 E:


President: Doug Kristensen (Julie) 401 E. Grant St., Wausa, NE 68786 R: 402-586-2534 C: 402-360-3492 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m. Social/eat; Mtg. @ 8 p.m.)

MOTOR CORPS – Parade Unit

Cmdr. (Pres.) – Jerry Hauff (Amy) 5905 S. Lous Lane, Sioux Falls 57108 C: 261-4736 E: (Meets 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Brew Master – Nathan Faini 3111 S. Mayfair Dr., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 212-8444 E: (Meets 3rd Monday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Robert Demuth (Sandra) 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 B: 507-372-2919 (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)


President – James Fitzgerald (Deb) 111 E. Elm St., Beresford 57004 C: 496-3209 E: (Meets Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m.)

Emporer (Pres.) – Chad Goldsmith (Cindy) 5904 S. Galway Ave., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 940-4310 E: (Meets 1st Tuesday @ 6:00 p.m.) President – Jeff Landborg (Kristi) 2811 S. Lyndale Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 942-3831 E: (Meets as called) President - Jeffy Wilkes (Cathy) 217 W. 19th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 201-4480 E: (Meets as called) President – Richard Ringstmeyer (Janet) 27968 - 318th Ave., Winner 57580 R: 842-2092 B: 842-3732 C: 842-5537


President – Josh Jurgens 2601 S. Minnesota Ave., Ste. 105, Sioux Falls 57105 C: 261-5963 E: (Meets last Wedensday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Jane Anderson (Tom) 47948 Copperwood Cir., Harrisburg 57032 C: 310-5461


President – Tony Bachman (Stacey) 1005 N. Sycamore Ave., Sioux Falls 57110 C: 201-5998 E: (Meets as called)

SPRINT CARS – Parade Unit

President – Todd Long (Stacie) 804 Agate Ave., Brandon 57005 C: 553-2774 E: (Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Steve Burtis (Julie) 1901 S. Queens Ave., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 941-2317 E: (Meets 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Jason Martin (Jena) 816 N. Prairie Ave., Madison 57042 C: 270-2917 E: (Meets 1st Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Bob Demuth, Jr (Sandra) 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 E: (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)

PARKER SHRINE CLUB/FLIVVERS – Parade Unit President – Don Budde (Roberta) PO Box 725, Parker 57053 R: 297-6742 C: 338-7634 (Meet 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m.)

PROVOSTS – Parade Unit

Chief (Pres.) – Doug Monzat (Terri) 2301 E. 29th Pl. N., Sioux Falls 57104 C: 212-5478 E: (Meet 4th Tuesday @ 7 p.m.) 45




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n u R r e k o Total P $ t u o y a P 0 1 2000 Purse top Starts and ends at Fresh Horses

OTHER STOPS: The Wheel, Waddy’s, Hillbillies & the Davis Bar

Preregistration starts @ 11:00am Must be back by 5:30

September 23rd, 2017 door prizes Must be at least 21 years old

Proceeds go to:El Riad Motor Corps Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions. 46 • • AUGUST 2017

SHOT Photo by Jeff Smith


The Sprint Cars bring excitement to this young parade attendee.

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


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