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by the Illustrious Sir Jim Burma, Jr.

ell, April was circus month! To start it all off the Big Bend Shrine Club in Chamberlain had four great shows. Everything there ran smooth with lots of great volunteers helping. Then the circus moved to Sioux Falls for nine great shows. Again, the Shriners, volunteers and circus committee did a great job as always! Last stop for April was Mitchell. The Corn Palace Shrine Club had six great shows to round up our April Circus schedule. El Riad has always showed up big and helped make the circus a great show for our audience. Thanks to all the Shriners, volunteers and these circus committee members for all working together to have another successful year for El Riad! Moving into May we will all be busy again! Spring Ceremonial will be May 6 so please come out and support





Chamberlain Circus Volunteers

our new nobles and take part in this important Temple celebration. We will again have a few changes to the day to speed it up a bit and give us more time to get to know our new nobles. Watch the Schedule for these adjustments. May 13 will be the patients screening clinic so Chairman Roger Risty and the other members of our Hospital Team will be helping. May 20 will be our Annual Hospital Day trip to the Twin Cities Shrine Hospital. Please sign up to go, we hope to fill two busloads for the trip again this year! Please save the date for the Potes Parade in Garretson, SD, which will be June 17. Please plan to attend this great day for El Riad. It’s always fun to get together for one big parade each year. Lots of things going on as always! Thanks to all for your help!

Wednesday, May 10 7:00 p.m. – El Riad Shrine

For the Purpose of Old and New Business Your Attendance is Urgently Requested WEAR YOUR FEZ — DOOR WILL BE TILED Attest: David Neiman, P.P., Recorder Yours in the Faith,

JIM BURMA, JR, Potentate EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Jim Burma Jr. 2017 Potentate El Riad Shrine








Shrine Office: 510 S. Phillips Ave., P.O. Box 1203, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1203 (605) 336-1117 • Fax (605) 336-3059 • (800) 477-3574 Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday



Rickshaws.......................................................... 5 Motorcorps........................................................ 5 Clowns............................................................... 6 Mystic Brewers................................................. 12 Sprint Cars........................................................16 Dance Club.......................................................22 Oriental Band.................................................. 28 Blast & Cast..................................................... 29 Culinary Column.............................................30 Classic Autos...................................................34 Roadrunners................................................... 35 Ashrama Temple No. 97.................................40 Fife & Drum......................................................41 Outhouse Unit/Back 40 Boys.........................44


Voices of Summer.............................................11 Shrine Family Day............................................18 Prom Through The Decades...........................19 Potentate’s Trip............................................... 20 Divan Day Weekend........................................ 21 El Riad Shrine Cup........................................... 39

Jim Burma, Jr., Potentate

Executive Committee Chairman

Brookings Shrine Club, Outhouse #1

Maury Richard, Chief Rabban

Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball Chm., Football, El Riad By-Laws, Shrine Cup

John Whitelock, Asst. Rabban

Exec. Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Comm., Pote’s Ball, Corn Palace Hillbillies, Oriental Band, Fife & Drum, Ritualistic Unit, El Riad By-Laws

Photo by George Hamilton


Chris Karr, Chief of Staff

Ass’t. Chief of Staff, Pote’s Aides, Parades (Ceremonial, Midwest & Imperial)

Alan Machmiller, Assistant Chief of Staff George Hamilton, Chaplain Scott Denney, Temple Director Southwest Minnesota Shrine Club

Board of Trustees

All articles or comments should be directed to the Editor at and advertising matters to the advertising sales manager at

Exec. Divan, Hospital Comm., Futures Comm., Clowns, Roadrunners, Dance Club, Motor Corps, Golf Unit, Sprint Car Unit, Gopher Shrine Club

Bruce Wallin, PP, Treasurer

The El Riad Sprint Cars hosted the Khartum Bagpipers from Winnipeg, Canada, on March 17, 2017. Pictured with the Pipe and Drums is Illustrious Sir, Jim Burma Jr.

Rosebud Shrine Club, Mystic Brewers

Leo Baumgart, 2nd Ceremonial Master

Al Zahn, High Priest & Prophet


On the Cover...

Mark Richard, Outer Guard

Reid Jensen, Membership Chairman Wade Behm, Membership Asst. Chairman Larry Miller, Circus Chairman Ken Ward, Football Chairman Ryan Simmons, Shrine Cup Chairman Leo Baumgart, Sportsman’s Classic Chairman Roger Risty, Shrine Hospital Seminars Chairman Randy Ingalls, Donor & Sponsor Relations Maury Richard, Pote’s Ball Chairman Les Kruse, Unit/Club Seminar Jeffy Wilkes, President, Roadrunners Gail Gustafson, Roadrunner Coordinator Rich Hagler & Ethan Jones, Masonic Relations Tom Johnson, Public Relations Dave Strum, Stop Burns Chairman Ike McDonnel, Rich Osvog, Jim Gould, Speakers Bureau Joel Baker, Building/Events Manager Gail Gustafson, Front Office Assistant Gary Smith, Unit & Club Support Rocky Hayes, Cactus Designer & Editor Josh Jurgens, Photographer-Shutterbugs Mark Richard, Cactus Advertising Sales

Dave Neiman, PP, Recorder

Notes from the Pote.......................................... 3 Calendar of Events.......................................8 – 9 Memorials & Contributions............................. 13 Black Camel...................................................... 13 Circus Supporters............................................14 Honorary Ringmasters....................................16 Cash Calendar Winners.................................. 17 Cactus Supporters........................................... 17 Pediatric Burn Seminars................................. 29 Birthdays......................................................... 32 Donations and Memorials Contributions..... 36 $100 Million Dollar Club.................................. 37 Stated Meeting................................................ 42 Contact List.....................................................45

Big Bend Shrine Club, Twin Lakes Shrine Club, Highlanders, Blast-N-Cast Club

Don McCoy, Captain of the Guard


Circus Committee Dinner............................... 24 Last Call Band................................................. 26

Doug Kristensen, Marshall

El Riad By-Laws, Executive Divan State Donor Relations

Executive Divan

Les Kruse, Oriental Guide

Exec. Divan, Futures Comm., Lewis & Clark/Animal Unit, Chanters, Horse Corps, Provosts, Ski Club, Steel Drum Band, Outhouse Unit

Jim Slater, 1st Ceremonial Master

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Spring Ceremonial, Classie Autos, Culinary Unit, Legion of Honor, Director’s Staff

Exec. Divan/NV, Futures Comm., Fall Ceremonial, Big Band, Rickshaws, Parker Shrine Club/ Flivvers, Worthing ton Shrine, Oaze Cycle Corps, Shutterbugs

David Neiman, PP, Chairman Curtis Kuehn, PP Loren Eggebraaten, PP Edward Anstine, PP Charles Brown, PP

For information concerning Shriners Hospitals for Children, call (800) 237-5055. Printed by Leader Printing, Madison, S.D. • • MAY 2017


uff is “pregnant” yes it’s true, she is having quadruplets. In a few months you can expect to see four little, brand new baby dragons on the streets parading. As with most little kids the new dragons will be spirited, fast, and cute as the dickens and joy for all to behold. Our Emperor Chad Goldsmith and his Rickshaw management team have been pushing the Rickshaw Nobles in a new direction all winter. We will soon be a more diversified unit with our own sub-parade unit available for parades in the local communities. We are experimenting with a new concept in the Shrine World to help attract new members along with keeping it exciting for our experienced Nobles. We will keep you all informed as to the growth and progress of our new “babies”. There is a rumor going around that these new little “babies” of ours may be cause for concern to the Motor Corps and Sprint Car units. With a little more “training” we will be ready to face any competition that may wish to challenge us.


El R iad


by Rich Burns, Scribe

Speaking of good times, the Rickshaw unit would still like to extend an invitation to any of our Shrine Nobles that are not currently in a Shrine Unit. Please come to the Shrine Temple on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. for a FREE meal and adult beverage to see if we are the parade unit for you!


ou won’t believe what just happened! We pulled off another fantastic raffle with record sales. Everyone in this unit should be proud of your accomplishments and the fact you all pulled together and made it a success. It was touch and go for a while but EVERYONE in the Corps contributed with either ticket sales and/or prize donations. Even our wives helped sell tickets and gather prizes so THANK YOU ladies for your help. We had two good friends of the Motor Corps and outstanding Nobles of the Shrine help us to sell tickets and those were Al Zahn and Ernie Wevik, you guys are awesome and we thank you very much for your efforts. It’s not very often you have other members selling tickets for your event! The night went off without a hitch and with our emcee Moe Richard, we kept the party moving and entertaining. The culinary provided another awesome taco bar and there was no food left over, I really should have eaten dinner that night but I had too much on my plate, no pun intended... EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


by Jerry Hauff, Commander

With all that being said, the winner was Jami Gates (she chose the bike), second place was Troy Novak and third was Paul Berndt. Troy Novak owns the Bottoms Up Bar in Corson, SD and agreed to donate $500 back to the Motor Corps, set up a $250 bar tab for the Motor Corps and kept the remaining $250. Troy has been good to us and to the Shrine so if you are out in Corson enjoying a few cold ones and be sure to thank Troy for his support and generosity. Next up is May bar and by the time you read this, we will have just finished our legendary Fish Fry on May 3. See the menu in this article for the May 10, we are working on a few good options. May 17 we will feature MY PLACE FOOD TRUCK so look for some variety from the Motor Corps this month. Instead of thanking individuals, I am going to thank the entire Motor Corps for their efforts in making our raffle another huge success. Until we meet again, don’t forget to look both ways, we WILL be coming!



by Red



Keep Smiling”

e want to start off by saying thank you for all the support we witnessed from the St. Patty’s Day Parade this year. We had a GREAT turnout. For some of our guys, this was their first exposure to a parade setting, and they did fantastic. Not long after that we were able to “clown around” with guests, players and even the Sioux Falls Storm Cheerleaders at the “Night of Hope & Caring” game. It was great to be invited to the game and show support while they raised money for the Sioux Falls School District Elementary to “Bridge the Gap.” We do what we do for all kids. We all have Circus on the brain right now. This is the biggest event of our year! We are gearing up to be part of Campbell’s Circus Days on Saturday, April 8. Also, Mulligan and I will be “clowning up” and going to visit The Banquet to hand out some Circus tickets. This is something that we truly enjoy doing each year. We are also really excited for the upcoming summer because we all know that Clowns love parades! If you are interested in seeing what we do, please consider joining us for our meetings. We meet the first Thursday of each month at the Shrine. Social at 5:00 p.m., dinner at 6:00 p.m. and our meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. We hope to see you there! 6


CACTUS! • • MAY 2017

SHARE YOUR Scentsy will donate $8 from the sale of each Sebastian the Superbuddy and Love Heals Warmer to Shriners Hospitals for Children®.


Learn more at


Suited up and ready to save the day, Sebastian is here to send Love to the rescue® on behalf of Shriners Hospitals for Children. Includes one Scent Pak.

LOVE HEALS $35* 6" tall, 25W *Cannot be purchased using Half-Price Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards or in Combine & Save.

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota







1 Highlanders 6 p.m.

8 Fife & Drums Corps 7:30 p.m. Highlanders 6 p.m. B&E & Board Meetings

14 Mother’s Day

9 Chanters 7 p.m. Lewis & Clark 6:30 p.m. social, 7:00 p.m. dinner Classie Autos 7 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.

15 Highlanders 6 p.m. Mystic Brewers 7 p.m.



23 Chanters 7 p.m. Provosts 7 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.

29 Memorial Day – Closed

30 Chanters 7 p.m.


3 Happy Hour 4-10 p.m. Boondockers 7 p.m. Legion of Honor 7 p.m.

4 Clowns 5 p.m. Social; 6 p.m. dinner, 7 p.m. meeting Oriental Band 7 p.m.

24 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Last Call Rock Band Rehearsals 7 p.m.


11 Brookings Shrine Club 7 a.m. @ Perkins Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drums 6:30 p.m.

17 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Masonic Motor Club 6 p.m. Motor Corps 7 p.m.


Cactus Deadline Cinco de Mayo

10 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Stated Meeting

Blast & Cast 7 p.m. Chanters 7 p.m. Hillbillies 7 p.m. Dance Club 7 p.m. Parker Flivvers 6:30 p.m.

22 Fife & Drum Corps 7:30 p.m. Highlanders 6 p.m.


2 Chanters 7 p.m. Rickshaws 6 p.m. Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7 p.m.



AY 14


12 Dance Club

Corn Palace Hillbillies 6:30 p.m. Steel Drum 6:30 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m.

13 Screening Clinic 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.


Director’s Staff 7 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum 6:30 p.m.


6 Spring Ceremonial

20 Armed Forces Day Twin Cities Hospital Trip 5 a.m.


27 Horse Corps 10 a.m.

31 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Shutterbugs 7 p.m.

y a D l ia r o m e M is ho have sacrificed th

Remember those w 8 • • MAY 2017
















Clowns 5 p.m. Social; 6 p.m. dinner, 7 p.m. meeting Oriental Band 7 p.m.


5 Fife & Drums Corps 7:30 p.m. Highlanders 6 p.m. B&E & Board Meetings Cactus Deadline


6 Chanters 7 p.m. Lewis & Clark 6:30 p.m. social, 7:00 p.m. dinner Rickshaws 6 p.m. Twin Lakes Shrine Club 7 p.m.

12 Highlanders 6 p.m. Glenn Miller Orchestra

13 Blast & Cast 7 p.m. Chanters 7 p.m. Classic Autos 7 p.m. Hillbillies 7 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m.

7 Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Legion of Honor 7 p.m.

Brookings Shrine Club 7 a.m. @ Perkins Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drums 6:30 p.m.

14 Flag Day Masonic Motor Club 6 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Stated Meeting

15 Director’s Staff 7 p.m. Oriental Band 7 p.m. Steel Drum 6:30 p.m.

All-Shrine Parade – Garretson

Grand Lodge


19 Father’s Day Fife & Drum Corps 7:30 p.m. Highlanders 6 p.m. Mystic Brewers 7 p.m.

25 Family Day at the Zoo


Chanters 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4-10 p.m. Dance Club 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Parker Flivvers 6:30 p.m. Motor Corps 7 p.m. Nobles Birthday Party

26 Highlanders 6 p.m.

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


27 Chanters 7 p.m. Sprint Cars 6:30 p.m. Provosts 7 p.m.

22 Corn Palace Hillbillies 6:30 p.m. Steel Drum 6:30 p.m. Worthington Circus

28 Shutterbugs 7 p.m. Happy Hour 4 – 10 p.m. Last Call Rock Band Rehearsals 7 p.m.


23 Yankton Circus

24 Horse Corps Winner Circus


Oriental Band 7 p.m.


Join the El Riad Shrine

Hospital Auxiliary Since 1923, the Auxiliary has worked to provide a loving and  supportive environment for the children and families who get critical medical care at Shriners Hospital for Children® — Twin Cites.  The hospital provides state of the art orthopedic care to more than 5,000 children annually regardless of the family’s ability to pay. It is one of 22 Shriners Hospitals in the country. Both the Shriners Hospital and the Womens General Auxiliary operate from the compassionate generosity of donors. In addition, the auxiliary is staffed 100% by volunteers and there are no paid positions. For more information visit Equipment – The Auxiliary purchases and repairs the wheelchairs and special therapeutic equipment for the patients of the Shriners Hospital for Children® — Twin Cities.

In 2015, the Auxiliaries provided: • 56 Manual Wheelchairs • 18 Refurbishes • 145 Pairs of Forearm Crutches

• 16 Power Wheelchairs • 17 Growth Kits • 30 Bath Chairs & Benches

• 79 Repairs • 98 Walkers • Durable Medical Equipment

o Yes, I would like to join the El Riad Shrine Hospital Auxiliary. Dues are $5 per year. If you are able to join us at our monthly meeting, they are held in the lower level of the Masonic Center on the first Tuesday of the month April through December. The meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. with a social time followed by a catered lunch ($7) at noon. A program and a short business meeting follow the lunch. Name:

Address: ZIP: Email: Phone:

Please complete the above information and send it with your payment to:

Helen Jensen, Membership Chair, 1204 S. Holly Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 For further information, please call: Joanne Avery (339-1516) or Helen Jensen (335-4019) 10 • • MAY 2017

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Isn’t it time you joined the


MYSTIC BREWERS his year the Mystic Brewers are well prepared for summer with a new trailer dedicated for brewing equipment for our brew sessions. A brew session is what we call when we get together to brew some beer and wine. It is held at members’ houses, garages and yards who are willing to host. We have these brew sessions not only to brew, but to share what we’ve made with each other, learn from each other and socialize.  When brewing beer or wine, it takes all kinds of equipment. From burners and brew kettles to fermenting vessels and kegs.  The average home brewer never has to worry about moving their equipment around from location to location. But we do. We are essentially a mobile brewery. So, with this new trailer we will be eliminating the logistical problems we’ve faced in the past. In February, we hosted the second Storm Superbowl Party. We call it this because with the Sioux Falls Storm we host a family friendly


by Nathan Faini

event before the Superbowl. We are proud to bring a family friendly event to the Shrine. Our venue provides Storm fans with plenty of room to stick around and mingle with Storm staff, cheerleaders, players and Shriners alike as they pick up their Storm season tickets. This year many new things were added to the event. Families could sign up their children for the SD Junior Football League, we had new food vendors for the free will donation lunch. And the Great Plains Zoo Mobile was a big hit with the various critters they brought. Which included a falcon. Which was very fitting since the Falcons were in the Superbowl this year. We’d like to give a shout out and thank you to the El Riad Clowns for being a part of this event again. And look forward to next year’s Storm Superbowl Party. In which we will continue to posture as a family friendly event. 


$100 and feel like a MILLION! For complete details see the form on page 37 or call Dave Neiman, PP at (605) 376-6745 or email dneiman0315@ • • MAY 2017


CONTRIBUTIONS TRANSPORTATION FUND: In Memory of Dean Christie by Dennis & Barbara Converse Philip & Jacquelin Blackford In Memory of Dick Avery by Paul & Jody Hauffe In Memory of Marvin Stadum by Bill Anderson In Memory of Dawn Kjelden by Marv & Deborah Lovro In Memory of Larry Nielsen by Dave & Jan Lewis Jay & Melanie Parsons Robert & Marilyn Christensen In Honor of Del Hubers & Kevin Mickelsen by John & Debra Weir In Memory of Gladys Machmiller by El Riad Rickshaws



In Memory of Bob Iverson by Donald & Denise Koopsma Hobart Cole Merlyn & Mary Miller John & Carmen Vipond In Memory of Duane Fodness by Lowell l& Delores Larson


In Memory of Mareileen Benson by Dave Neiman El Riad Circus Committee


In Honor of Robert Iverson by El Riad Shrine Clowns

BLACK CAMEL JAMES O. EDWARDS Brookings, South Dakota March 18, 1933 – June 10, 22016 Created May 14, 1977 LARRY NIELSEN Viborg, South Dakota Sept. 10, 1945 – March 16, 2017 Created November 4, 1989 ROBERT PURVIS Burke, South Dakota Dec. 26, 1923 – Nov. 27, 2015 Created May 20, 1978 DAVID REINERS Humboldt, South Dakota Dec. 27, 1949 – Dec. 8, 2016 Created November 20, 2004 CHARLES STRATTON Burnsville, Minnesota April 21, 1929 – March 3, 2017 Created June 15, 1962 We are sorry to say that Nobles sometimes pass away without our acknowledgement. As they are Brothers, they are due the recognition of their passing. Please assist in notifying the Temple when a Noble expires. Phone (605) 336-1117 or email


EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



SUPPORTERS Reported as of April 7, 2017. Our thanks to these Nobles for buying their circus coupons for the kids! It’s not too late to support our circus — our largest fraternal fundraiser. If you haven’t returned your coupons and donation please take a moment and do so now. Additional donors will be listed in the next issue of the Cactus. Thank you for your support!

Terry Adams Kent Alberty Daryl Alons Richard Amos Matt Amundson Chip Andela Butch Andernacht Virgil Andersen Laverne Andersh Cory Anderson Kirk Anderson Tom Anderson Charles Anderson William Anderson Rob Angerhofer Edward Anstine Alan Aspaas Dennis Bachman Keith Backer Richard Baker Michael Bates Leo Baumgart Beri Bawdon Douglas Beecher David Benning Jon Benson Ross Benson Bradley Bergerson Larry Bierman James Birgen Matt Bjordal Bruce Boegler 14

George Boom Sid Bostic Gordon Bourne Roger Braaten John Brand Everett Brandenburg Laurence Breslow Leon Brink Allen Brown Kellly Brown Barry Brown Dwayne Burckhard Bryon Burke Richard Burns Steven Burtis Marrel Bush Stanley Cadwell Lee Calhoon Ernest Carlson Joe Carmody Donald Carsten Hans Christensen Tim Clarke William Clayton Rolfe Cole James Collingwood Curtis Comp Kevin Congdon Craig Converse Dennis Converse Luverne Crosser Homer Daniel

Charles Dawdy Russell Dean Roger Dearduff Chad Devries Paul DeYoung Thomas Dixon Dave Doeringsfeld Roy Drake David Driver Merl Duba Michael Duffy Donald Dummermuth Don Dunham III George Dunn Mark Dunn Timothy Dunn Melvin Dykstra Gary Edman Loren Eggebraaten Kip Eggebraaten Stephen Egger Bruce Eiesland Mark Ekse David Eliason James Ellis Terry Engelland William Erickson Quentin Everson John Ewing Cyril Farner Gary Fischer Robert Fitch

Mike Fitzgerald Elden Fodness John Foster Larry Foster Jerald Fowlds Donald Freese Loran Frost Gene Gibson G Dale Gibson Ron Goergen James Gould Vic Graham Larry Green Gary Greenleaf Howard Greer Gary Griffith Darrell Griggs Donald Gromer James Gulson George Gulson Edward Gustafson Curtis Hage Timothy Hagen Wayne Halma Jim Halpin Ronald Hammer Glen Hampshire Arvin Hannemann Scott Hansen Roger Hansen Harold Hanson Larry Hanson

Henry Hauck Peter Hauff Steven Hauff James Havlik Robert Hayes Arnold Hegdahl Bruce Heitman Larry Hemmer George Henningsen Walter Henningsen Kristi Hensley Clifford Hicks Bill Hobson William Hoffman Craig Holmen Darvin Holter Larry Hornstra Dave Hosley Michael Houk Mike Howes Scott Hoy Jim Hoy Carleton (Tex) Hoy Delwyn Hubers Donald Hughes Glen Hundley E Milt Husby Charles Ihlen Mark Ingalls Randy Ingalls Maurice Jamison Stanley Jarovski • • MAY 2017

Christopher Jensen Todd Jensen Randall Jensen Donald Jensen Lamont Jibben Jerry Joehnck Larry Johns Jerry Johnson Richard Johnson Larry Johnson Wallace Johnson Matt Johnson Robert Johnson Wayne Johnson Donald Johnson Vince Jones Robert Joyce Donald Kachelhoffer Elmer Karl David Kehm Dave Kemper Greg Kerska Dale Kiebach Anthony Kirchner Michael Kirkeby John Kittelson Bill Klein Glenn Kluis Terry Knutson Royal Koch Brad Kooiker Mervin Koppang Neil Kotas William Kratochvil Eric Kritzmire John Krolikowski Les Kruse Thomas Kucera Michael Kuzeppa Richard Landsman Charles Larsen Lowell Larson Gene Larson George Larson Kevin Larson Rodney Larson first Last Bruce Lease Thomas Leesch David Lewis Paul Jay Lewis Allen Lewis Dale Lofswold

Richard Lofswold Keith Luethje Larry Luetke Leroy Luitjens Dale Mabee Douglas Magnus Arthur Maize Ron Mann Herm Martin Ron Mathison Darin McDonnel Ike McDonnel Douglas McFarland Donnie Miller Larry Miller Jack Miller Doug Monzat Kent Morstad Harold Mostrom Milton Mutch Larry Narum Adam Nash Sam Nash William Neale Grant Nehman David Neiman Robert Nelson Stanley Nelson Todd Nelson Jack Nelson Mark Neuharth Marvin Nofziger Arlen Nordhagen John Nordlie Bruce Norton Gary Ohnstad Mike Olawsky Larry Olson Richard Osvog John Peckham Sidney Pederson Allen Peterson Roger Peterson Bob Pfeifer Truman Phelan Michael Pickett Raymond Pierson Gale Pifer Duane Pingeon Kent Quail Thomas Reaves Gary Reinicke Darrell Renken

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Mike Richard John Richardson Robert Richmond Richard Ringstmeyer Jeff Rohlena Robert Sala Dave Saunders Walter Schaefer Ivan Scharffenberg Cory Scharffenberg Randy Schilling Richard Schlechter Jason Schlechter Dana Schmid Todd Schmidt Lyle Schroeder Darrell Schultz Ralph Scoular William Scoular Alan Seefeldt William Shields Lloyd Siemonsma Thomas Simonsen Ernest Skidmore Todd Smith Gary Smith John Smith Jason Snyder Sam Sommers James Steen

Nelson Stone Jayson Strauss David Strum Lyle Sturdevant James Sturdevant Dave Stverak Mark Sundvold Merlyn Sundvold Jeremy Swenson Arthur Temple Ralph Teslow George Thielsen Timothy Thies Bill Thompson Jerry Thompson Stefan Tonjes William Truman Elwood Truman Stewart Turnwall Ernest Tyler Bob Vanderlinde Calvin Vaudrey Steven Veenhof Richard Viehweg Curtis Vipond Joel Vipond James Voigt Steven Walker Bruce Wallin Harold Warner

Don Weeg Norman Wessels Wayne Wetzbarger Cal Wheeler Larry Wilcox Jeff Wilkes Tim Wingen Aaron Wohlleber Bruce Wolhwend David Wooters Joseph Young Al Zahn




by Mark Richard

t doesn’t seem possible that it is already May! Thankfully, winter is gone for another year. The Shrine Circus was here and gone already. The Sprint Cars once again ran the cotton candy and snow cone booth on the upper eastside and it was fully staffed all nine shows, thanks to the members and their ladies. Thanks go out to Dan King for setting the schedule and getting

Prior to the week of the Circus, we met at Maury “Big Moe” Richard’s for a BYOB party. In this case, BYOB meant “Bring Your Own Battery”! Our annual maintenance night prior to the parade season saw us with some additional items that we haven’t had to do in the past. This year we had to reinstall the batteries for our electric start and install a few new seats in some of the cars. Otherwise,

We put four wheels on the street to help kids get back on their feet.”

our booth properly staffed. I heard that the booth was as busy as always. We also had a group of guys from our unit assist our President Todd Long (also Circus Novelties Chairman) in sorting the novelties so they end up in the right booth at the Circus. Thanks guys for all your help, it is appreciated.

everything looked great and we are ready to go for another parade season. See you in Brandon for the Loyalty Day Parade! Not much else going on until the parade season starts. Until next time. “We put four wheels on the street to help kids get back on their feet.”



Thanks to these Nobles and sponsoring units and clubs for their extra support of our circus! (Listed as of April 7, 2017)

Tom Anderson, PP Keith Backer Doug Costar Ron Knott, Jr. Jeff Landborg Donald McCoy


Larry Miller Larry Narum David “Cotton” Saunders Dick “Buttons” Schlechter Stew Turnwall Bruce Wallin

Jeffy Wilkes Greg Bailey Sponsored by Corn Palace Shrine Club Lloyd Siemonsma Sponsored by Culinary Unit • • MAY 2017



APRIL 2017 WINNERS Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Winner Ralph Langenbau Steve Veerhof* Skylar Fugere Cheryl Koletzky Tod & Kathy Hauck LaRae Zwart Bette Kramer

Sold By Horse Corps Oriental Band Horse Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Twin Lakes Shrine Club Director’s Staff Twin Lakes Shrine Club


Dick Murphy Donna Stanford* Gene Slater Jill Snedeker Chris Haberer Marian Seliski Virgil Stensland Joe Snyder** Abby Bruce* Hostetlers Repair Steve Martinec Charles Ihlen Roger Claussen Chris Hanten Kristy Spoonemare Cory Dobbins* Trey Stolsmark JoAnn Sprakel Marlowe Hovey Jerry Muchow Marietta Lakness Allison Gerry Dave Kemper*

Motor Corps Chanters Motor Corps Chanters Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Fife & Drum Corps Steel Drum Unit Classie Autos Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Director’s Staff Fife & Drum Corps Motor Corps Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Outhouse #1 Oriental Band Motor Corps Blast & Cast Lewis & Clark Shrine Club Chanters Chanters Horse Corps Horse Corps Outhouse #1

*$100 Winners **$300 Winner


hank you again to these Nobles who donated $20 to help support the Cactus. It makes a big difference in the amount of space we have available for articles, photos and other news relating to the Shrine, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and El Riad in particular.

Bradley Bunker John Cable David Eliason Ronald Fox Janet Gruenig

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

It’s time once again to pay dues for the coming year. Please consider adding that extra $20 to become a Cactus Supporter. Stop by the office or mail to: El Riad Shrine P.O. Box 1203 Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Thomas Johnson John Kittelson Todd Loomer Richard Lundin Colin May

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Stanley Nelson Patrick Ostermyer Steven Rindsig Ken Steele 17

18 • • MAY 2017

P Prroom Attttii ree R e q u e mA s t ed r butR e q u e s t not requireed d! but not requ ired!

5.12.17 5.12.17 Presentedby bythe the El El Riad Riad Dance Dance Club & Ballroom Presented Ballroom Dance DanceClub Club





p i r T s ’ e t a t n Pote


ad i R

Hotel Riu Cancun January 15 – 22, 2018

The Riu Cancun Hotel is an unmatched location in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone on a white sandy beach with turquoise water. Four pools, six restaurants, 24-hour food/drink, day/night activities, and a disco are among the amenities included in the Riu’s room rates.

Package Includes • Roundtrip coach airfare from Sioux Falls • Seven nights hotel & taxes on their All Inclusive Plan • Roundtrip airport transfers • One hour semi-private cocktail party • Ocean-view double rooms • Three flight schedule options

$1,792 per person based on double occupancy. Trip Insurance - $99 per person non refundable and $250 deposit per person to hold space on trip. Final Payment due on or before Sept. 8, 2017 and last date to cancel without penalty – Oct. 8, 2017. Pricing subject to available space.

Contact Information: AAA Travel 20

Debbie Lovro,, 605.221.1603 Kay Parrott,, 605.221.1609

FLIGHT OPTIONS Flight times subject to change.

Option #1 • Leave Sioux Falls at 6:10 a.m. – Arrive in Cancun at 1:45 p.m. with a plane change in Atlanta. • Leave Cancun at 3:10 p.m. – Arrive in Sioux Falls at 9:29 p.m. with a plane change in Minneapolis Option #2 • Leave Sioux Falls at 8:00 a.m. – Arrive in Cancun at 3:30 p.m. with a plane change in Minneapolis. • Leave Cancun at 1:05 p.m. – Arrive in Sioux Falls at 9:29 p.m. with a plane change in Minneapolis Option #3 • Leave Sioux Falls at 5:15 a.m. – Arrive in Cancun at 2:10 p.m. with a plane change in Minneapolis • Leave Cancun at 4:20 p.m. – Arrive in Sioux Falls at 11:03 p.m. with a plane change in Minneapolis • • MAY 2017

2017 Open House & Divan Day Weekend

Friday, August 25 | Saturday, August 26 The Board of Governors of Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Cincinnati are thrilled to invite... ALL DIVANS, NOBLES, MASONS, LADIES, STAFF AND GUESTS to attend our 2017 Cincinnati Hospital Open House and Divan Day Weekend.

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game

Friday Night Social for EVERYONE...

August 25, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

GAME STARTS AT 7:10 PM Watching a game from The Handlebar is one of the most fun and unique experiences in Great American Ball Park!

Cost for game ticket, food & drinks is $53 per person. Includes a ticket for a batting cage experience if you like!

Please register no later than Friday, August 4, 2017 PLEASE NOTE: Indoor Handlebar Access Passes provide entry to the ballpark

For additional information or questions, please e-mail Sherry Helen @ or call: 513-872-6207 Amenities include: • Access to the Handlebar, which is climate-controlled and features a 26-foot video wall and several HD video columns • All-inclusive upscale food buffet • 6 drink tickets per person good for available alcoholic beverages redeemable ONLY in the Handlebar*

inside the Handlebar Club but DOES NOT include a ballpark seat.

(Holding 45 Rooms)

Hampton Inn Cincinnati Riverfront

Please register no later than Friday, August 4, 2017

YES, I am planning on attending the Open House and Divan Day Weekend. I will participate in the following events: (Please indicate the number of attendees for EACH event

Friday Night Social $53 per person # of attendees: Batting Cage (free) # of attendees:

Saturday Divan Day Program & Tours # of attendees:

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

$125.00 + 11.3% tax = $139.12 Phone (859) 581-7800 Fax 859-581-8282

200 Crescent Avenue Covington, KY 41011

Divan Day Program and Tours... 8:00 - 9:30 AM Continental breakfast

in the Atrium

8:30 AM Hospital tours 10:00 - 11:30 AM Presentations

in the Atrium

• Unlimited Coke products


Please call now & make your reservations asking for the Shriner-Cincinnati Rate:


SATURDAY, August 26, 2017

11:30 AM Hot buffet lunch for all guests

in the Atrium

12:30 PM Gift Presentations 1 - 3 PM OPEN HOSPITAL BOARD MEETING All nobles are invited to attend the hospital’s August Board meeting

Name (first and last):

Temple / Group:

Please send completed registration & check made out to:


Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati

Spouse / Guest (first and last name):

City, State and Zip Code

Phone (daytime):

e-mail address:

Attn: Sherry Helen Kappel Administration, ML #180 3329 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

For additional information or questions, please e-mail Sherry Helen at or call


If you require any of the auxiliary aids or services identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act, please include these requirements in writing with your registration.


ad Dance Clu lE Ri b


by Rich Burns, Tipsy Two Step



he Dance club has had a very strong attendance this winter at our dances. Also, the Dance Club is and has been a strong supporter of our Big Band group. The March dance sponsored by the Big Band had a great turnout for the Tommy Dorsey Band that performed in March. Also coming up in June the Big Band is once again sponsoring the Glenn Miller Band which always draws a large dance crowd. Please take time out of your busy life to stop by and learn a few steps and join us for an enjoyable evening. We are now offering specials for dance passes on a quarterly basis. Stop by and check out the new and EXCITING Shrine Dance Club. If any of you have a wedding dance in the future for your kids, you might want to stop by and take advantage of our special rates for some dance lessons and a place to practice. Nothing worse than to be on the dance floor dancing at your son’s or daughter’s wedding dance and not looking smooth and cool on the dance floor. Each month we have a different theme and would encourage everyone to stop by and check out the bands and 22

the free dance lessons that usually precede each monthly dance. Attire ranges from business dress to sport coats to tuxedos. Your choice of course…we just want you to attend and enjoy an evening out with your significant other. Remember we dance on the second Friday of each month from 7:30 to 11:00 p.m. There is usually a free lesson prior to the start of each dance at 6:45 p.m. Please feel free to contact our President, Chris Karr, for more information on our special dance rates. Call (605) 695-0391.




CALL FOR FOR A NO-OBLIGATION A NO-OBLIGATION CALLCALL FOR A NO-OBLIGATION FREEFREEFREE QUOTE. QUOTE. QUOTE. American American Family Mutual Family Insurance Mutual Insurance Company,Company, American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American American Family Insurance Family Insurance Company,Company, American Family 6000 Insurance American 6000 Company, American Parkway, Madison Parkway,WI Madison 53783WI 53783 6000 American Parkway, Madison 006441—Rev. 006441—Rev. 11/15 WI 11/15 ©53783 2015 © 2015 006441—Rev. 11/15 © 2015

Les Kruse Les Kruse Agency Agency Les Kruse Agency 301 E 14th 14th St300 Ste St 300 Ste 300 301 E301 14th StESte Sioux Falls, SD 57104 SD 57104 SiouxSioux Falls, SD Falls, 57104 (605) 336-3444 336-3444 (605)(605) 336-3444


It’s about your people, not health policies. phone [605] 338-1489 webULVW\EHQH¿WVFRP

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota






tf. 888-923-5333 p. 605-543-5159 f. 605-543-5179

SECURITY, INC. w w w. 3 D S e c. c o m

c. 605-366-8601 e:


RACHAEL NEIMAN RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN OFFICER 605.333.8243 :: f 605.333.8240 6109 S OLD VILLAGE PLACE SIOUX FALLS, SD 57108 NMLS Identification 1535038 Lender License 410144



Locally Owned Since 1945

1000 E. 41st Street | Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Marv Lovro, President of SCRAFA serving dinner to the Circus Committee.

JOHN EGAN Broker/Owner

Cell: (605) 360-3954 Email:

Over 35 Years of Residential & Commercial

Real Estate Experience 24 • • MAY 2017

3.5” x 2”

Todd P Neuberger Financial Advisor .

3614 S Southeastern Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-371-0375

MASTER MASONS RETIRED OR NOT: Gavelers High Twelve, a club of local members of High Twelve International, meets each Thursday at the Royal Fork.

Phone: 605.373.0068 2607 West 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone: 605.275.5660 5229 West 12th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57106

(Just West of Best Buy)

(Corner of W. 12th & Marion Rd.)

High Twelve is a social and philanthropic organization open to all Master Masons. Locally, we meet each Thursday at 11 a.m. for lunch and social hour. At Twelve we have a very short meeting followed by a program of education or entertainment. We would be happy to have you join us. Stop in at the Royal Fork on a Thursday or call one of these Masons for more information: Don Wendt, President, (605) 334-9732 Roger Hansen, Secretary/Treasurer, (605) 338-3560

Learn more at EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


just ask around

Roger Thompson- Sales Consultant Cell: 605-941-9399 Email:

Sales: 888-828-1926 Service: 866-979-7530 Parts: 866-787-6717 25



Last Call (Big Band sub-division) played at El Riad on Saturday March 18th. This contains Lloyd Schipper and Chris Hahn (Elvis).

Phillips Centre w 300 S Phillips Ave w 331-4000 Silver Valley w 1707 S Marion Rd w 361-5636 Dacotah Town Centre w 3302 E 10th St w 336-7700 57th & Cliff w 1209 E 57th St w 334-8500

COCKTAIL HOUR EVERY WEDNESDAY 4 – 10 p.m. | El Riad Oasis Served by your favorite bartenders and open to the public!

26 • • MAY 2017




Amy Olson-Miller

Ritch Noble

Steve M. Tripp Bernard DeWald

Robert Whitmore

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



ORIENTAL BAND pring has finally arrived and the El Riad Oriental Band has started out with a bang. 12 members of the band took a pilgrimage to Kansas City to participate in the Association of Shrine Oriental Bands Jamboree. The trip itself was not without its excitement as it began with mechanical difficulties in their conveyance. Thanks go out to Greg Van Luvanee who, with timely intervention, helped save the day. Brother Greg, who works at Inland Truck Parts Company, was able to get immediate attention at one of their Iowa service departments, the problem was fixed in short order and the pilgrimage continued without further incident. Rumor has

two-man scramble with a shotgun start at 3:00 and a steak dinner to follow. The entrance fee is $45; contact Lonnie Merriman at (605) 310-0138 to reserve your spot. The Oriental Band will be hosting weddings at the Shrine on July 8 and September 30, and the 1977 Class Reunion for Washington and Lincoln High Schools on July 22. The Oriental Band will be Marching in the Czech Days Parade in Tabor, SD on Friday, June 16; in the All Shrine Parade in Garretson, SD on Saturday, June 17; and, in the D-Days Parade in Vermillion, SD on Saturday, October 7. There is talk of another parade but no final decision has been made.

You can not put a price on what we do, so we do it for free.”

it that the local service manager was less than pleased by the interruption to his schedule but the boys won him over with their majestic sound as they practiced in the parking lot while repairs were underway. After a fierce competition our brothers returned to Sioux Falls with a first place trophy in the Large Band Division, congratulations to all the brothers who were able to participate. The band is now preparing for the annual El Riad Shrine Circus, April 20 – 23. Many hot dogs will be sold and many will be consumed. The Half Way to Halloween Dance and Costume Party, featuring 35th and Taylor will be held on Saturday, April 29. Tickets and tables are now on sale so make plans to attend the best costume part at the Shrine this spring. The El Riad Spring Ceremonial will be held on Saturday, May 6, at El Riad Mosque. The Otis Open is scheduled for Thursday, May 25, at the Bridges Golf Course in Beresford, SD. The format is a


by Lee A. Lewis, Scribe

During the circus a couple of years ago one of our new Oriental Band members had an experience that pretty well sums up why we do what we do. He was selling hot dogs on the floor and went up into the bleachers to make a sale. The sale was made to a mother who had two children with her, ages approximately six and seven years old. The younger of the two was seated at the end of the row. The mother ordered three hot dogs and gave the money to her youngest to pay for the food. After the six year old received the change the mother says to him “what do you say?” he promptly says “thank you.” He then looks up to our Brother and holds out his two arms and says “Look, my left arm is now exactly the same as my right.” He then pulls up his pant leg to show off a brace. “The doctor says the brace will be coming off in a couple of weeks and I can run with my brother.” He continued in a joyful tone, “then I’ll be the same as everyone else.” • • MAY 2017




by Ron Brandt

he Blast & Cast will be meeting at the Shrine on May 16. With a successful Cabin Fever 2017 in the books, we are gearing up for another custom built gun raffle. More information will be forthcoming in future issues. We continue to experience unit growth with the addition of new members Ryan Rollinger and Ryan Karst. Our unit president, Rolland Stolsmark, has been inviting nobles from other units in for meetings and social events. It was educational to have some Mystic Brewers join us at our fish fry. I saw how the brewers enjoyed the walleye as much as us fishermen enjoyed a fine craft beer...or three. Thanks to Big Clown Sticky for getting some clowns to help with a social event. Remember other units, when the Blast & Cast has a featured speaker or fish fries, etcetera, you are welcome and encouraged to attend. Working and socializing with members of other units will only make our Shrine stronger. As I say, come to a monthly meeting in front of the Shrine bar. Our meetings are short and nobody goes home hungry. I will be looking for YOU.



by Roger Risty

wish to thank everyone who helped with the Pediatric Burn Seminars on March 20 – 23. A special thank you to the committee who gave their time to make this a success. Between the four locations, Mitchell, Yankton, Sioux Falls and Brookings, we had

These seminars can prove to be lifesavers in cases of burn tragedies.

about 425 in attendance. It goes without saying that without the participation and knowledge of Jean Merz from the Cincinnati Shrine Hospital and her willingness to travel all over southeastern South Dakota, these seminars would not happen. What makes these seminars especially important is the initial treatment of burns for first responders which is not being communicated in South Dakota. These seminars can prove to be lifesavers in cases of burn tragedies. Once again, thank you to all for your work in making the seminars a success.

Ron Brandt


just ask around

Located at I-29 & W. 12th Street 605-221-2000 • From left to right: Ryan Simmons, Bruce Heitman, Mark Jones, Denny Wasmund, Marv Lovro

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



by Eaton Doolittle



Chamber Mixer

Tuesday, March 14 Our service greeted the guests with vibrant, colorful banquet tables presented in black adding to the atmosphere of elegance and welcome.  The visual display continued with the most tender pulled beef sandwiches on soft, floured buns. Next were the lil’ smokies in a rich, thick western barbecue sauce. Contrasting yet complimenting them was an offering by our flavor masters of tender meatballs marinated in a surprisingly sweet, robust flavored sauce.  Looking ahead our guests were dazzled by the display of copious amounts of jumbo shrimp layered atop ice in large bowls, surrounding a large martini glass arising from the center filled with our sauce masters own shrimp sauce.  For the finale, our masterful Chefs did themselves proud by completing the explosion of flavors and display with a presentation of apple wood smoked salmon on blackened cedar planks. The smooth, subtle, fresh salmon flavor, served with sweet buttery crackers, tasting of scarcely anything beyond itself, echoed the combination of sweet, slowly smoked apple wood.  Our reward was the union of fellowship, networking and good will shared by all. Our guests left feeling sated, happy and eager to come back!  The credit for this extravaganza goes to our whole organization. Each member contributed with their hands, heart and mind. Our diversity and great leadership creates superior events such as these. Of note are the efforts of George Roberts along with Joe Alick and Bruce Boegler. Many thanks to Karla Alick who assisted in our table arrangements. We willingly take upon ourselves these opportunities, supported by involvement of our entire membership to promote the El Riad and as well ourselves. 30  

The Three Amigos

Khartum Dinner

Khartum Pipe & Drum Supper

Friday, March 17 The Culinary Group had the privilege of receiving the Khartum Pipe & Drum Corps of Winnipeg, Canada. With leadership provided by George Roberts and Bruce Boegler, we served our weary, road worn, guests a hearty meal consisting of hot meatballs, lil’ smokies in a rich, thick western barbecue sauce, cheese cubes with crackers, mixed nuts and fruit. Again, our heartfelt thanks go to Karla Alick who helped with our preparation. We were rewarded with an outstanding performance by their great Highland Bagpipes!

Motor Corp Taco Party

Friday, March 24 The Culinary Chefs greeted and served the Motorcorps and their guests with a hearty taco bar. The lineup included soft taco shells loaded with choices of seasoned taco meat, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, refried beans along with corn chips, cheese dip and all the fixins’. 

The Culinary Unit Home Improvements

Check out the new stove / oven the unit donated to the Shrine Kitchen.

Culinary Closet Clubhouse

With the craftsmanship of Joe Alick, Bruce Boegler and George Roberts (The Three Amigos) we now have a proper storage room adjacent the kitchen. Our Chefs/ Carpenters designed the closet so well that no chair storage was lost as the chairs will go above the new culinary closet. Notice in the picture that Bruce is the only one covered in wood chips. • • MAY 2017

Upcoming Culinary Events

This encounter shared by Tim Dunn, Noble & Chef

• Wednesday, April 19 Setup for the circus at the Sioux Falls Arena • Thursday, April 20 through Sunday, April 23 Circus at the Arena • Saturday, May 6 Spring Ceremonial – Moslem Feast • Thursday, May 25 Masonic Past Masters dinner • Saturday, June 17 Pote’s Parade in Garretson  All picture credits go to George Roberts. Who along with all his contributions has the presence to record everyone’s efforts. You will note that I am not in any of the pictures!  

“Something I wanted to share with my fellow Shriners. I was in Lewis today shopping, when a lady working there noticed I had a Shriner hat on. She asked me if I was, and replied “yes”. She went on to tell me that her son was a patient of Shriners Hospital six years ago at the age of 15 for scoliosis and was very grateful to Shriners. She told me how we drove them to Minneapolis for his multiple surgeries including a rod in his back to correct his. Now he can stand tall and is living a normal life. I have always known all of the great things our fraternity does, but being told one on one by the patient’s mother, really made me proud to be a Shriner.” Future Bagpipers

s p r o C r o t o M d a The El Ri MAY 3 May 10 s fish and chips.

Motor Corps’ famou

May Bar

ing pulled pork and Uncle Ed’s night serv potato salad. chicken, beans and

May 17 mand Back by popular de k! Tr “My Place” Food uc

Watch for eblasts containing more details! EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota



NOBLES! May 2017

Joe L Alick Jr – 5/18 Lloyd A Amundson – 5/9 Cory T Anderson – 5/5 Thomas M Anderson – 5/26 Tim Anderson – 5/31 Eddie Anstine – 5/27 James Axelson – 5/5 Tony L Bachman – 5/27 Gregory Bailey – 5/16 Dustin Baumgart – 5/15 Arch E Beal Jr. – 5/16 Jason D Behrens – 5/23 Adam T Bergdale – 5/22 Alden Bietz – 5/25 Kelly Brown – 5/20 Charles E Bryan – 5/1 Walter Oscar Carlson – 5/16 Joseph G Carmody – 5/15 Ray A Carter – 5/31 John H Chapple – 5/2 Michael M Collins – 5/21 Kevin W Congdon – 5/23 Freddie Contreras Jr. – 5/28 James L Cope – 5/30 David D Daily – 5/11 Gene G Dvorak – 5/8 Timothy R Dykstra – 5/11 Randy Eide – 5/11 Bruce M Eiesland – 5/28 Mark A Ekse – 5/10

Lewayne Marvin Erickson – 5/9 Troy J Fergen – 5/15 Ronald L Fox – 5/15 Todd Gannon – 5/19 James C Gould – 5/6 Thomas W Graham – 5/19 Michael J Grubb Jr. – 5/21 James P Halpin – 5/6 John S Hammer – 5/6 Glen L Hampshire – 5/25 Douglas H Hanneman – 5/24 Clinton G Hanson – 5/19 Timothy R Harsh – 5/31 William Heiam – 5/12 Timothy D Higgins – 5/3 Hugh W Holmes – 5/28 Michael Honeycutt – 5/2 Merritt C Hosley – 5/8 Jim Jares – 5/11 James M Jensen – 5/16 Thomas S Johnson – 5/18 Brian J Juhnke – 5/27 John R Kelley – 5/12 Donovan B Knott – 5/19 Ronald L Knott Jr. – 5/14 Dale D Knox – 5/26 Arlen H Knutson – 5/2 Thomas K Koehn – 5/25 Simon Koster – 5/24 Neil Kotas – 5/24 Eric S Kracke – 5/2 Jerry Kraus – 5/18

Delmar E Kroon – 5/19 Richard Landsman – 5/25 Wayne B Langland – 5/1 Brian Lansdowne – 5/24 Roger F Larson – 5/17 Richard Lund – 5/21 Richard D Lundin – 5/25 Dale H Mabee – 5/8 Jason D Martin – 5/6 Robert Mickiewicz – 5/6 Larry R Miller – 5/23 Wayne A Miller – 5/4 John P Milliron – 5/1 Jason Moen – 5/8 Greg D Mohr – 5/7 David M Moore – 5/26 Kent E Morris – 5/15 Michael Mullin – 5/28 Wayne A Murray – 5/15 Steven L Mydland – 5/13 William Neale – 5/12 Ronald Nedved – 5/27 Grant E Nehman – 5/22 Warren D Nelsen – 5/4 Arlen Nordhagen – 5/12 Kyle L Orth – 5/14 Lee Peterson – 5/20 Jason K Piercy – 5/26 Gale A Pifer – 5/12 Eric Quick – 5/14 Bernard L Raiche – 5/24 Jeremy C Reimer – 5/4

Gary D Reinicke – 5/4 James K Roddel – 5/15 R Anthony Ryan – 5/8 Paul Schulz – 5/2 Alan D Seefeldt – 5/7 Matthew G Seifel – 5/15 Spencer E Sells – 5/31 Michael Simon – 5/5 Rodney C Skorpik – 5/3 Jon R Slater – 5/19 John Snobeck – 5/19 Travis H Starks – 5/20 Kenneth W Steele – 5/2 James C Steen – 5/20 Jason D Swindler – 5/21 Troy R Tegels – 5/13 George L Thielsen – 5/8 Bradlee Thompson – 5/16 Roger D Tiede – 5/19 Robert E Turner – 5/23 Robert Uecker – 5/14 Vernon C Vanderhule – 5/31 James L Velzy – 5/18 Dennis L Ver Hey – 5/6 Todd A Walhof – 5/11 Holland M Ward Jr – 5/22 Harold R Warner – 5/26 Jack L Weibel – 5/4 Donald P Weiland Jr – 5/13 Jason B Wettlin – 5/29 Ryan Wilbeck – 5/7 Michael L Zeman – 5/15

BEEN TO OUR WEBSITE LATELY? VISIT ELRIAD.ORG For shrine news and events, photo albums, and much more!

2921 West 41st St., SIOUX FALLS, SD • 605-336-3244 1157 21st St. HURON, SD (605) (605) 352-4038

605 Main St. GREGORY, SD (605) 835-8711

1201 Broadway YANKTON, SD (605) 665-2604

2291 Colorado Blvd. SPEARFISH, SD (605) 642-8604

413 S. Main St. WINNER, SD (605) 842-2541

400 W. Sioux PIERRE, SD (605) 224-0439

1832 W. Main RAPID CITY, SD (605) 343-3610

1801 9th Ave. S.E. WATERTOWN, SD (605) 886-2017

32 • • MAY 2017

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




he snow is gone (hopefully) and soon it will be time for us to hit the pavement. The cars are anxious to get out of hibernation. Our first parade will be May 7 for Brandon’s Loyalty Day celebration. It will kick off a busy parade season for Classie Autos as we have nine on the schedule so far. We are also planning several cruises to various car museums and collections.

Featured Member Name: Dave Wilson

Make/Model: 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Engine/Specs: 3.2 Liter 215 hp Maximum Speed: 150 mph

How Long have you owned your vehicle? I bought it last March.

How did you come across it and what made you buy it? I came across it on Craigslist and fell in love with it. The price and mileage (23,000 miles) let me know that this was the car for me. The worst thing about your classic? It’s not a car I’m comfortable driving in anything less than ideal weather. I don’t want to get it dirty. My problem...not the cars.  34

by Aaron Zahn, Secretary

Is this your first classic? If not, how many other Classics have you owned? No. I started with a ’65 Rambler Classic 2-door coupe 4-speed with overdrive (never should have sold that one), a ’59 MGA (too many electrical issues), a ’95 Mazda Miata (an absolute blast to drive), a ’91 Mazda Miata (a project car I could never bring myself to put the money into it to where I wanted it to end up). How long have you been a member of Classie Autos? Three years. Currently I’m vice president. 

What made you decide to join “Classie Autos”? I felt comfortable with these guys from day one. They didn’t care what I owned or drove. They welcomed me because I care about the same thing they Classie Autos...just some guys who enjoy cars...all cars.  Any advice for someone looking to buy a classic car? Buy what makes YOU happy. You’re the one driving it and don’t worry about what other people think. The prettiest girl in the room probably isn’t the one who can make you happy. 

Join a group of like minded people for advice and fun... like the Classie Autos!!! • • MAY 2017

SAVE THE DATE Semi Annual Meeting



May 10, 2017 | 9 – 10 a.m.

Masonic Unity Lodge, 520 S. 1st Ave., Sioux Falls by Jeffy, President

More details will be mailed out. Hope to see all of you great volunteers.

El Riad Shrine Roadrunners trips with drivers and Nobles Don Wendt, Rocky Hayes, Joe Greve, and Past Potentate Dennis Kaarup with patient’s mother, Shiloh Long, and Twin Cities Shriners Hospital patient, Cody Rasmussen.


arch was a slow month as far as driving goes. We did have one hickup at the first part of the month. Gail tried to get someone to make a trip the first week of March. She tried every trick in the book, but, could not get two drivers. We had to cancel that trip and reschedule for a later time. We then had an overnight trip to Minneapolis, thanks to Bill and Elizabeth Hoffman for making that journey. Then came four trips to Omaha, two drop offs and two pick ups. Jerry Kobes and Dave Kemper on March 16. Gene Renschler and John Pudwill then went down the next day and picked up our patient the next day. Howard and Judy Greer made the next trip to Omaha on the March 26. With Jon Haverly and Jeffy Wilkes driving down on the March 27 to pick up the patient. The story on that trip I am sure has happened before. We left the Temple at 3 p.m., 20 miles from Omaha my phone rings. The mother was calling to let us know they missed their plane in Chicago. Good news they are on the next plane to arrive after 9 p.m. We had lots of time to kill. Drove downtown to the Market to eat at Spaghetti Works. That killed an hour, just 3.5 hours to go. We drove to the airport to watch people. Monday evening the Omaha Airport is not very busy. At 9:50 p.m. the plane was on the ground. EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

After meeting up with the mother, aunt and little patient, we were on the road at 10:30 that evening and we got back to the Temple at 1 a.m. The next morning I dropped off the paperwork to Gail. “I said, as president I think we should get paid time and a half for this trip. After Gail stopped laughing, she said NO.” Well, that’s the end of this month’s report. See ya next month.


Date Received: _____________________________ [Office Use Only] Ex: _____________

DONATIONS AND MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS Donation in honor of _____________________________________________________________________________ Memorial in memory of ___________________________________________________________________________ El Riad Hospital Transportation Fund El Riad Hospital Transportation Endowment Fund El Riad Keith Rose Building Fund Shriners Hospitals for Children Unit and Expense Loan Fund Hospital? Twin Cities ___ Chicago ___ Cincinnati ___ $100 Million Dollar Club

$ ________________ TY: __________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $ ________________ $100 $ ________________

*Given by: _____________________________________________________________ ACK:_________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________________ State _________ Zip _____________ Phone # ______________________________________________________ *Please acknowledge my gift to: ____________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________________________ State _________ Zip _____________

36 • • MAY 2017


Join the Shrine’s


The $100 Million Dollar Club is a way for Shriners and non-Shriners alike to provide a gift of hope for a child in need. It’s an excellent opportunity to personally participate in the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy” — Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Shriners operate 22 hospitals in North America dedicated to treating children with orthopedic problems and burn injuries. There are 18 orthopedic hospitals, three burn hospitals and one Shriners Hospital that provides orthopedic, burn care and spinal cord injury care. All care and services provided by Shriners Hospitals are totally without cost to the patient or family. Since the founding of Shriners Hospitals in 1922, about $5.5 billion has been spent to provide quality and compassionate medical care to more than 675,000 children with orthopedic problems, severe burn injuries or spinal cord injuries. Most of these services are paid for by the Shriners Hospitals for Children Endowment Fund. Without this fund, Shriners Hospitals would not be able to ensure optimum and compassionate patient care. In order to meet the needs of thousands of children in need of the expert care Shriners Hospitals provide, the endowment fund must continue to grow during these times of increasing cost of medical care. Since approximately 95 percent of the annual Shriners Hospitals for Children operating budget will be spent in direct support of the 22 hospitals, your gift to its endowment fund is a gift to one of the world’s “purest” philanthropies.



Visit our website: Application for membership

$100 Million Dollar Club

p Yes, I (we) want to share in the care of SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN. p I have previously made a will leaving a bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners Hospitals for Children endowment fund. p I have added a provision in my will leaving a bequest (of $100 or more) to the Shriners for Children Endowment Fund. p I prefer to make a cash donation at this time (of $100 or more). Make your check payable to:

SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN Signed _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Temple Member? ________________________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Todd (TJ) Person Kent Alberty Luanne Alberty 4320 South Louise Avenue, Suite 105 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Ph 605.271.5627 F a x 605.271.3343

City_________________________________________________________________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _________________________ You may give a $100 Million Dollar Club Membership in another person’s name, as a special anniversary, birthday or appreciation gift. Please have the membership certificate read: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Call For Flowers at


or visit us at

Bill Thompson FSS, Agent 603 W 41st Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Bus: 605-339-2520 8:00-5:00 Monday - Friday Saturdays and Nights By appointment Se habla Español 1211999 State Farm, Bloomington, IL

Helping you achieve your goals has always been ours

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May Lose Value AR37CQNC | AD-05-16-0318 | 471003PM-1215 | 05/2016 • • MAY 2017

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




by JIll Butterfield, Past Queen

shrama Temple ended the 2016 – 2017 year with Queen Valori Maher having a very successful year. The temple had a very good fundraising year as our Annual Craft Fair was one of the best so far. We also had our Fall Harvest Festival Salad Luncheon and our annual Queen’s Raffle and our Chinese bag raffle at our Christmas party. With the success of our year Ashrama Temple donated $3,500 to the Convalesent Relief Fund which is an interest bearing fund that our Supreme Temple donates the interest every year to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Supreme Temple donates over 3.7 million dollars annually to the Shrine Hospitals across the country. At our February meeting we installed out seventh new member for year. Michelle Tull, wife of Brian Tull who became Queen Valori Maher with our a Shriner at the 2016 newest member Michelle Tull Fall Ceremonial. We

are so happy that Michelle reached out to our Queen at the ceremonial to ask about Daughters of the Nile and wanted to be involved in what we do for the children. At our March meeting we elected our new officers for the 2017 – 2018 year. Glenna Burns, wife of Past Potentate Rich Burns, was elected Queen of Ashrama Temple for the ensuing year. We held installation of officers on March 26 at the Masonic Center. We were pleased to have Illustrious Sir James Burma as a guest at our installation. Ashrama Temple has some great social nights planned. In May, we are planning a potting party and will be making plans social events monthly for the year. We will be hosting a picnic on July 22 for our members and their families at Cherry Rock Park. This fall we will be making blankets for the Shrine Hospital patients. Our members include many Past Queens and Ladies of the Household that have also been Past Potentate Ladies. It is an honor to have them in our Temple as the Daughters of the Nile have the same Philanthropy that the Shriners do. We support the hospitals. We have fun so kids can run. If anyone is interested in membership, please reach out to any Nile member. We would love to talk with you and tell you about our organization.

2016-2017 Elected and Appointed Officers of Ashrama Temple No. 97, Sioux Falls, SD Front Row: Dawn Rice, Princess Banker; Mary Schave, Princess Tirzah; Glenna Burns, Queen; Sheila Reimer, Princess Badoura; Kelly Peters, Princess Recorder Second Row: Kristine Clark, Princess Nydia; Olivia Larson, Princess Zenobia; Katrina Hosley, Lady of the Keys; Tasha Rhodes, Princess Zuliema; Karmen Gross, Princess Chaplain, Kimberly Bergstresser, Princess Zora; PQ Valori Maher, Junior Past Queen Back Row: PQ Jill Butterfield, Princess Marshall; Shirlene Hagler, Lady of the Gates; Nichole Stoll, Princess Zulieka Not Pictured: Jessica Buus, Princess Royal; Michelle Tull, Attendant; Stacy Huizenga, Attendant; Nancy Ryger, Princess Musician 40 • • MAY 2017



by Bruce Norton

TTENTION! Shamrock Shootout replaces NCAA Basketball as top sports story in March! Commissioner Mike Archer and his tech wizard sidekick Admiral Darrell Griggs registered 100 teams for this year’s tourney! This is a new record and our best run tourney yet. First place paid $600, second $300 and third $100. For anyone that was there, this was quite a sports scene! The above, of course, was all housed within a tremendous 14th annual St. Patty’s Day Bash! on March 18. This party was o’fun from the moment we opened the doors at 11 a.m. until we closed them at midnight. There are no words to properly thank the members that pour a ton of effort into this event and for our membership in general who played a role. Manpower for our 13-hour extravaganza is absolutely critical and thanks to task master Terry Adams, we pulled another stunner of a party. Great to see new members like Matt Bjordal step up to help at our always busy shot bar during the day, then taking on a night shift as well. Our shot bar is ground zero during Saint Patty’s Day, so helping here for the first time is rather daunting. Also want to offer a special shout out to leprechaun Brad Streich for preparing his crazy great pulled pork sandwiches and for Scott Streich and Zach Else for serving up the 100 pounds of meat we had. I overheard them telling people you just couldn’t beat Brad’s meat. We also offered free admission this year which no doubt help contribute to the wall-to-wall party goers all day and night. Always glad to welcome the Oriental Band in for a song and also having the Khartum gang perform. Last Call played late afternoon and by all reports ECLIPSE really “shamrocked” the house that night. So overall, not bad entertainment for no charge! Next year will be our 15th anniversary St. Patty’s Day Bash and will also be on the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day. Should be crazy...oh and one last thing, let us not forget the incredible dedication Mark Wolfe exhibited by securing an abundant supply of beads for the group to use while on a trip to New Orleans. One can only imagine the research Wolfy applied to ensure we procured the most effective beads available. Another fun thing to report is that Ahtra Elnashar of KDLT will be doing a special interest piece on the Fife & Drum to air on her morning show during sweeps week. EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

She’ll be attending our May 8 meeting to interact with us, play the fife, and practice marching as we prepare for our Memorial Day appearance and the Buffalo Days parade in Luverne, MN. We are loving the visibility this will offer our group, out beloved El Riad Shrine, and our amazing philanthropy. We’ll certainly keep our readers posted on this development.  By the time you read this, the Fife & Drum will have put in another legendary effort selling pop at the Shrine Circus. This is an early thank you to all our members for their commitment to sell as much pop in as many shows as possible. It’s hard to be humble sometimes when you are a part of such greatness! Lastly, we want to issue an all hands on deck ahoy there notice for our VA Hospital appearance on Memorial Day. The numbers we have for this appearance show how much we honor our veterans. It is the most important message our group can render and what makes being part of the Fife & Drum so special. As our fearless leader, Admiral Darrell Griggs is fond of saying, “fair winds and following sees to all...” Faux Painting

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by David W. Neiman P.P., Recorder

March 8, 2017 • El Riad Temple • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

he meeting was opened by Potentate Jim Burma Jr. at 7:05 p.m. Chaplain George Hamilton gave the Invocation. Potentate Burma then led the Nobles in the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the February Stated Meeting held on February 8, 2017 were, upon proper motion and second, approved as printed and distributed. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bruce Wallin P.P. gave the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a proper motion and second to accept, this report was approved. Building and Entertainment Committee Report: Chief Rabban Richard gave a progress report on projects completed, current projects and projects under consideration with the most important including: A bid was received from Option Supply for a single 4-foot wide steel door with a welded frame for the east door including installation at a cost not to exceed $3,500. The Board of Directors upon proper motion and second approved the request. Three bids were also received for electronic security for the east and south doors. A bid from 3D security in an amount not to exceed $5,000 was approved which also includes 500 key cards. The Board of Directors upon proper motion and second approved the request. A bid was received from Dede construction in the amount of $2,908.43 to remove existing concrete and replace the east walkway. An amount of $1,100 is being allowed to replace the carpet. The Board of Directors upon proper motion and second approved the request. The Committee approved increasing the amount the Ritualistic Unit requested to $6,000 to allow for roll up devices that were manufactured for the backdrops. The Board of Directors upon proper motion and second approved the request. The engineering report was received and reviewed regarding replacing the front doors. There are various options that will be investigated further. Upon proper motion and second this report was approved.


Committee Reports

Chief of Staff: Assistant Chief of Staff Alan Machmiller reminded us that the Khartum Pipes & Drums will be at the Shrine on Friday March 17 for a reception and that the St Paddy’s bash will be on March 18. Circus days at Campbells Supply will be on April 8. Circus set up will be on April 19. The circus will hold 9 performances April 20 – 23 and he encouraged all Nobles to schedule time to work at the circus. It is the largest fund raiser we have to support our Temple. The Spring Ceremonial will be held on May 6 and the all Shrine parade will be on June 17 at Garretson. Membership: Chairman Reid Jensen is hosting a membership event tonight. Circus: The Circus Committee is meeting every Monday and things are on track. Hospital Report: Hospital Representative Pat Colbert P.P. told us that we are working on strengthening our relationship with Mayo. He also told us that Imperial is asking us for far more patients for our hospital. Nobles need to be more proactive on recruiting patients. Ken Steele P.P informed us that the Fife & Drum Corps recently sent $10,250 to the Twin Cites Hospital. The Fife & Drum Corps raised $5,250 of that money from sponsors who donated their money designated specifically to the hospital during their Johnny Holm dance. Hospital Committee Chairman Roger Risty said he will do an interview on KSFY on March 10 regarding our Burns Seminar which will be held at the Shrine on March 22. Other seminars will be held in Yankton, Mitchell and Brookings. They are the only burns seminars held in South Dakota for all first responders including police, EMTs, firefighters, nurses, and doctors. They will receive 3hours credit for taking the seminar. On March 27 Nobles from El Riad will be talking to a class at SDSU regarding the Shrine and our philanthropy. Our screening clinic will be at Orthopedic Institute on May 13 and the Hospital day will be on May 20. A bus will be available to take Shriners and their guests to the hospital. • • MAY 2017

Stop Burns: No report. Public Relations: Chairman Tom Johnson showed us the 1.3 million children served Let’s Celebrate advertisement. Tom will be attending the PR seminar in Tampa May 3 and 4. He will start doing some local tapes that tell the story of what we are doing locally. Cactus/Internet: Rocky told us that the deadline for the May Cactus is May 5. He has redesigned the cactus and all email addresses are now linkable. Shrine Cup Golf Tournament: Chairman Ryan Simmons informed us that the Shrine Cup has donated $277,000 to the hospital since it started 14 years ago and that $27,000 was donated last year. He is looking for some new larger sponsors and would like to add some more Nobles to the committee. The tournament will be at Willow Run on September 7. Masonic Relations: Chairman Richard Hagler reported that the Grand Lodge will be issuing new plastic membership cards to all Masons. A new card will still be issued each year. They also will be sharing District and Lodge calendars as well as data bases. DaNiel Wood said they want to update the information on all Masons and that he can do it tonight on his computer and will also be available to do it at the next Stated meeting. Degree work is being done Monday & Thursday evenings this month. The

Masonic Building Association approved the purchase of a new computer with QuickBooks and other software. Steve Butterfield donated a painting of the Square & Compass on the south wall of the dining room. Potentate Burma, Chief Rabban Richard and Assistant Rabban Whitelock met with the Grand Lodge line of officers for dinner on February 17 to discuss items of mutual concern. The goal is to continue having these meetings in the future. Trip Reports: Treasurer Bruce Wallin P.P. reported on the Recorders seminar that he and Recorder Dave Neiman P.P. recently attended.

Other Business from the Floor:

• The Hillbilly Shindig will be this Saturday March 11. • The Shrine will host the Chamber mixer on March 14. • The Fife & Drum Corps are having their St Paddy’s bash on March 18. • The Big Band presents the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra on March 23. • The Motor Corps Raffle is being held on March 24. • The 76th annual El Riad Shrine Circus will at the Sioux Falls Arena April 20 – 23.

There being no further business to come before the body, Potentate Burma thanked the Provosts for tiling the doors. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m. The motion was approved.


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EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota




by Buttons, Keeper of the Quill

ot too much going on in the Outhouse to report. Maybe if I write veeerrrry slooowwwwllllyyy the article will last just a little longer. Our Outhouse Shindig from early March as reported in our last Cactus issue turned out to be a positive event – both in revenue and lots of smiling faces. We are now planning for our summer season of parades and “friendraisers”. In the immediate future is the upcoming Spring Ceremonial – May 6, the All Shrine Potes Parade in Garretson – June 17, and the Shrine Family Day at the Zoo in late June. The Outhouse Unit will have some other parades on our docket and are looking forward to additional invites and Shrine fundraisers. The Back Forty Boys were invited to perform by the Ladies Auxiliary in Watertown (Yelduz Temple – Aberdeen) for their fundraiser on April 7. Their fundraisers


help to support the Shrine Hospital in the Twin Cities. The B40Bs our donating their time and “talents” for this event. And of course, now in the history books is our latest edition of the Shrine Circus. Much effort by so many people to bring fun and entertainment to kids of all ages. We anticipate another great year and the sharing of many stories. Please consider membership into the Outhouse Unit or any other unit for that matter. Contact Outhouse Rabban of the Clan/President – Denny “Gizzmoe/Pax” Kaarup at (605) 929-8608.  

The philanthropy is successful when the fraternity is successful. • • MAY 2017


All cities are in South Dakota unless otherwise noted. (605) is the area code for all South Dakota phone numbers. BIG BAND / SHRINE SWING BAND – Parade Unit


RICKSHAWS – Parade Unit







HORSE CORPS – Parade Unit


President – John Bayer (Janean) 1511 Riverdale Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 360-1204 Email: (Unit meets for Ceremonials) President – George Martin 411 Scotts Lane, Chamberlain 57325 C: 730-0099 B: 234-6009 E: (Meets as called) President – Rolland Stolsmark (Rene) 1003 Par Tee Dr., Hartford, 57033 C: 359-6888 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)

BROOKINGS SHRINE CLUB – Parade Unit (Meets 2nd Thursday, 7a.m. @ Perkins)

CHANTERS – Parade Unit

President – Brad Vostad (Naomi) 1809 S. Shellynn Dr., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 201-5481 E: (Meets every Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Vince Jones (Sandy) 45975 - 267th St., Hartford 57033 C: 366-3178 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)

CLOWNS – Parade Unit

Big Clown – Brian Schultz (Jill) 4108 S. Cathedral Ave., Sioux Falls 57103 C: 351-7950 E: (Meets 1st Thurs. @ 6:30 p.m.)


President – Jeremy McNary (Jennifer Larson) 1029 E. 2nd Ave., Mitchell R: 999-5381 E: (Meets last Thurs. @ 6:30 p.m.)


President – Steve Hauff (Sue) 904 Ridge Rd., Sioux Falls 57105 R: 338-9625 B: 332-2131 C: 376-2452 E: (Meets as called)


President – Chris Karr 7421 W. Luke, Sioux Falls 57106 C: 695-0391 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Paul Berndt 1007 Magnolia St., Brandon 57005 C: 595-2525 E: (Meets 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Brigadier (Pres.) – Darrell Griggs (Jess) 2608 S. Groveland Ave. 57110 C: 310-3267 E: (Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays @ 7:30 p.m.)


President – Dave Skancke 2305 Pepper Ridge, Sioux Falls 57103 C: 553-3351 E:

EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

President – Andy Harries (Mari) 1224 - 3rd Ave., Windom, MN 56101 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday of January or as called) President – Bob Sorensen (Sherry) 3109 S. Holly Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 413-5964 E: (Meets Mondays @ 6:00 p.m.) President – Dennis Kaarup, PP (Theresa) 716 W. 25th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 929-8608 E: (Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.) Trail Boss (Pres.) – Greg Bailey (Heidi) 26136 K – 408th Ave., Mitchell 57301 C: 999-4306 E: (Meets last Saturday @ 10:00 a.m.)


Cmdr. (Pres.) – Scott Denney (Rhonda) 312 W. 34th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 323-9678 E: (Meets 1st Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Captain (Pres.) – Ethan Jones 325 N. LaSalle Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57110 C: 370-8588 E:


President: Doug Kristensen (Julie) 401 E. Grant St., Wausa, NE 68786 R: 402-586-2534 C: 402-360-3492 E: (Meets 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m. Social/eat; Mtg. @ 8 p.m.)

MOTOR CORPS – Parade Unit

Cmdr. (Pres.) – Jerry Hauff (Amy) 5905 S. Lous Lane, Sioux Falls 57108 C: 261-4736 E: (Meets 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


Brew Master – Nathan Faini 3111 S. Mayfair Dr., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 212-8444 E: (Meets 3rd Monday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Robert Demuth (Sandra) 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 B: 507-372-2919 (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)


President – James Fitzgerald (Deb) 111 E. Elm St., Beresford 57004 C: 496-3209 E: (Meets Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m.)

Emporer (Pres.) – Chad Goldsmith (Cindy) 5904 S. Galway Ave., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 940-4310 E: (Meets 1st Tuesday @ 6:00 p.m.) President – Jeff Landborg (Kristi) 2811 S. Lyndale Ave., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 942-3831 E: (Meets as called) President - Jeffy Wilkes (Cathy) 217 W. 19th St., Sioux Falls 57105 C: 201-4480 E: (Meets as called) President – Richard Ringstmeyer (Janet) 27968 - 318th Ave., Winner 57580 R: 842-2092 B: 842-3732 C: 842-5537


President – Josh Jurgens 2601 S. Minnesota Ave., Ste. 105, Sioux Falls 57105 C: 261-5963 E: (Meets last Wedensday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Jane Anderson (Tom) 47948 Copperwood Cir., Harrisburg 57032 C: 310-5461


President – Tony Bachman (Stacey) 1005 N. Sycamore Ave., Sioux Falls 57110 C: 201-5998 E: (Meets as called)

SPRINT CARS – Parade Unit

President – Todd Long (Stacie) 804 Agate Ave., Brandon 57005 C: 553-2774 E: (Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Steve Burtis (Julie) 1901 S. Queens Ave., Sioux Falls 57106 C: 941-2317 E: (Meets 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Jason Martin (Jena) 816 N. Prairie Ave., Madison 57042 C: 270-2917 E: (Meets 1st Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.)


President – Bob Demuth, Jr (Sandra) 1404 Indian Hill Rd., Worthington, MN 56187 R: 507-376-6470 E: (Meets 1st Monday after Lodge)

PARKER SHRINE CLUB/FLIVVERS – Parade Unit President – Don Budde (Roberta) PO Box 725, Parker 57053 R: 297-6742 C: 338-7634 (Meet 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m.)

PROVOSTS – Parade Unit

Chief (Pres.) – Doug Monzat (Terri) 2301 E. 29th Pl. N., Sioux Falls 57104 C: 212-5478 E: (Meet 4th Tuesday @ 7 p.m.) 45

46 • • MAY 2017




Bill Thomson clowning around at the Campbell Supply Circus Day. EL RIAD SHRINE • Sioux Falls, South Dakota


El Riad Shrine 510 South Phillips Avenue PO Box 1203 Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1203



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El Riad Shrine Cactus May 2017  
El Riad Shrine Cactus May 2017