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EXCUTIVE SUMMERY This paper is 4th year degree project design brief .This paper goes through various researches and studies been done during the 1st phase of the degree project where I manage to achieve and complete 60% of the total project. In this project brief I summarized my degree project into few points where my design thesis going to be fully based on it. In this 2 nd phase I am continuing my research and studies to explore and get more detailed about this degree project where further and more specific information and data are required to complete a comprehensive understanding about the nature of this project .Relying on my 4 years of study in IIUM and based on all learned courses and experience I collected I am hoping to achieve the best in order to complete my mission and to contribute better in the future.

1. INTRODUCTION Today, more and more people are living in the city. Many they would move from rural areas towards the cities. At this moment cities become larger than ever, the growing speed is extreme and hard to control. Many have chooses the city to live in for many reasons work, lifestyle, families, trends and other. Many are having jobs and responsibilities to take care of, living in such urban environment means the acceptance of modern fast lifestyle where people life should evolve around that and day after day life is getting faster than ever due to inventions, products, technology and trends. Many modern families are getting busy with their daily activities from jobs, homes, taking care of children, obligation to society and guess what life wonâ€&#x;t stop there and it will keep hitting you more and more.

Technology advancements in todayâ€&#x;s world allow us to design better solutions faster, easier and cheaper than ever before. Although over the past decade we witnessed an unimaginable rate of growth in the technology sector, we have not changed our daily habits nearly to the same degree to take advantage of the new opportunities. Some people believe that only fast life is the real life. Unless they can get their delicate nerves well-strained, they think, they havenâ€&#x;t done anything.

In a survey, carried out by Tesco Mobile (UK) to establish the top 100 greatest inventions ever, washing machine been placed in 12th place. A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer) is a machine to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. The Cambridge economist HA-JOON CHANG argues the washing machine beats the internet hands down when it comes to economic impact. In his book, 23 Things They Don't Tell You about Capitalism, Chang says the washing machine, and related gadgets such as the electric iron, have ''totally transformed the way women, and consequently men, live''.

Washing machine plays an important role in our lives since ever. Tracing washing machine development throughout the history illustrates how fast this invention is changing. The design of the washing machine been changing based on many factors such as concepts, lifestyle, technology, human attitude, and space around it.

2. THE ISSUE Although washing machine was invented to ease our life, its SIZE, is a drawback within the fast life we are living now days. Since modern families lives in the city and our cities are getting more crowded than ever our homes and apartments are getting smaller in space. Having a washing machine can easily consume more space in our apartments, we know that washing machine design has been changed in the last decade even the size but seems we„ve never had the best one where the size and practicality and the beauty of design meets together. Size been always a problem for people living in small spaces and it could be a real nightmare for you to choose the right one. Along with the washing machine comes the laundry basket where we stack our dirty cloths waiting for the time to come to be washed means we just increase the usage of space in that particular urban space.

3. DESIGN PROPOSAL The humble washing machine revolutionized the way we all live. Today, the washing machine takes care of all the hard work for us, even if it is a less-than-thrilling machine. Laundry might be the last household task anyone would classify as “fun,� related to all issues attached to laundry process. Putting in mind that most of our urban houses and apartments are getting lesser and smaller spaces and getting packed more and more with new gadgets that consume space along with people whom stays there. All these elements consume our spaces and push manufacturers to go for the big expensive or cheap without beauty, In this project the design proposal is aiming at redesigning the washing machine in term of size and design to fit the urban space to search for the perfect size without losing the beauty of the product to be presented in our living spaces what I mean by that is to create some sort of loving to look at this gadget from total different perspective. By redesigning this important invention a lot of features and design ideas, concepts can be implemented.

4. DESIGN OBJECTIVES  To find the best achievable size for the compact washing machine.  To support the idea of using minimal design without losing the main function of the machine.  To achieve the best size and dimension without losing the aesthetical look and feeling.

By Sakher Jamal Abu Shammala 0731515

Degree Project Design Breif  
Degree Project Design Breif  

By. Sakher Abushammala To Bro. Ismael bin Jasmani