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Annual Report 2011

Collector’s Legacy

Rockwell Museum of Western Art

Mission Statement To grow, preserve, research and promote the Rockwell Museum’s unique collection through interpretive offerings, rich exhibits and dynamic programming to inspire and engage both the general public and the scholarly community in furthering their understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the cultures and aesthetic traditions of the American West and Native Americans. Vision Statement The Rockwell Museum will be recognized for its imaginative programming and as a sought after resource for study, knowledge and engagement by local and national audiences. Value Proposition An unexpected immersion into the American West experience from the moment you enter the Rockwell Museum of Western Art.

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Cover Image: Olaf Carl Seltzer, C.M. Russell on Old Monte, c. 1925, oil on canvas, 12 inches x 9 inches. Museum purchase with funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase fund and the Silver Dollar Society. 2010.2

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Board of Directors


OfďŹ cers

Gigi AlvarĂŠ Director of Education

Anne V. Crowley Chairperson and President Bryan J. Lanahan* R. Pierce Baker Vice President Paul R. A. Burke Secretary Debra R. Naylor Treasurer

Trustees Alan L. Cameros M. Elizabeth Dann Katherine Eade Denise A. Hauselt Mary Beth Maxa* E. Marie McKee Pamela C. Schneider John C. Sirianni Thomas Snow Andrew T. Sprague Judith S. Walsh* Frederick G. Weeman David B. Whitehouse Victoria R. Zingler*

Kate Andrukat Administrative Assistant Kristen Bocek-Kahn Operations Manager Andrew C. Braman Controller Patty Campbell Executive Secretary/ HR Coordinator Lisa Combs Admissions Coordinator James F. Peck Curator of Collections Timothy L. Decker Registrar

Beth A. Manwaring Marketing and Communications Director Mary E. Mix Senior Museum Educator Melissa Murray Education and Volunteer Coordinator Rita D. Reed Retail Services Coordinator Robert F. Rockwell, III Preparator Kristin A. Swain Executive Director Cindy Weakland Director of Public Programs and Visitor Services

*A warm thank you is extended to those who completed service on the Board of Trustees in 2011

Trustees Emeriti Polly W. Guth James R. Houghton Joanna Wurtele


A Message from the Executive Director People collect things for many reasons. A personal collection is a representation of individual identity. The Museum saw first-hand the unique reasons for which people collect through a popular program called “Appraisal Day.” In November, the Rockwell was host to some 350 attendees who received professional appraisals from experts of Heritage Auctions. Attendees enthusiastically shared their stories of heirlooms, fine art and decorative objects. The act of collecting is a way of recognizing value in things. Museums collect for similar reasons. Acquiring objects helps to support an understanding of how the world has developed and continues to evolve. From America’s time of westward expansion to today’s contemporary west, the Museum collection of more than 4,000 items builds an awareness of the people, places and ideas of the North American West. The Rockwell Museum of Western Art began with an important collection of western art given by founding collector Bob Rockwell and has expanded through the generosity of additional individuals. November 8, 2011 would have marked the 100th birthday of Bob Rockwell. The Museum celebrated with a special exhibition, “Collector’s Legacy,” that commemorated the Rockwell family and acknowledged the significant additions made by other collectors. Members of the Silver Dollar Society, a core group of Museum donors, added to the celebration by gifting the Museum a piece of artwork. The painting is a portrait of one of Bob Rockwell’s favorite artists, Charlie Russell, atop Russell’s beloved steed, “Old Monte.” The painting was created by another of Bob’s favorite artists, Olaf Seltzer. This painting now is on view in the Remington and Russell Lodge. One of Bob Rockwell’s friends and a fellow collector, Clara S. Peck, left a significant monetary contribution to the Rockwell Museum upon her death in the 1983. The Peck Fund has been used over the years for the acquisition of art. In 2011, the fund provided resources for the purchase of three prints: Rio Tesuque (1939), Valle Grande (1922), and Processional (1956), made by the master printmaker of the American Southwest, Gustave Baumann. Now on display in the third floor Indian Gallery, these prints build on the strength of the Museum’s collection, while allowing for exciting expanded educational and public program opportunities. Contributions from individuals help to ensure that the Rockwell Museum of Western Art will grow and continue to inspire minds with the ever changing face of Western and Native American art. We appreciate the support from Museum members, visitors, volunteers and donors. Thank you and I hope to see you at the Museum often this year.

Kristin A. Swain Executive Director 2

New Mexico Modernism at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art During the last 30 years, few topics about the art of the American West have generated more excitement, scholarship, or exhibitions than New Mexico Modernism. Scores of exhibition catalogues, symposia and scholarly books have been produced in the Southwest and throughout America. Having a greater involvement with New Mexico Modernism allows the Rockwell Museum to remain relevant in the most interesting research currently being undertaken in early 20th century American West art. It is a visually exciting style, is generally accessible to the general visitor as well as the scholar, and it is still, for the most part, relatively affordable and collectable. As of 2010, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art had collected some 50 works of art by New Mexico Modernists. Most of these are watercolors and prints made by less well known names from the movement. However, one exception is a fine woodblock print by Gustave Baumann, entitled Procession, purchased in 2000. Building on this top-rate work of art, and with an eye toward a potential exhibition about New Mexico Modernism in the near future, Curator of Collections James Peck recently recommended three additional wood block prints by Baumann for purchase (purchased 2011). The purchase of the Baumann prints solidified the collection, and gave the Museum four Baumann prints to serve as standard-bearers upon which to further develop the New Mexico Modernism collection.

Gustave Baumann: Master Printmaker of the Southwest The three prints purchased, Rio Tesuque (1939), Valle Grande (1922), and Processional (1956), were made by the master printmaker of the American Southwest, Gustave Baumann. Although many of the New Mexico Modernists turned to print making as an artistic outlet, none mastered the process like Baumann, who excelled in the ancient medium of wood block printing. To make these prints, Baumann carved the image he wanted from a fine, soft wood block. Each wood block was carved, by hand, in reverse, as the image on the paper is by nature reversed in the print. Next, Baumann applied each color separately. Once an area had been colored, the paper was run through a press. The process was repeated for each color, thus, each print went

through the press up to six times. The process required great accuracy and patience, two characteristics which Baumann had in excess. Processional, in fact, offers an instructive contrast with Procession, the print purchased by the Museum in 2000. Baumann, using the same wood block print, completely transforms Procession into Processional simply by changing the colors. The three prints offer great variety of subject and place, too, with each print representing a different place or event in New Mexico. Rio Tesuque presents a view across the Tesuque River toward a mountain range near the Tesuque Pueblo, just north of Santa Fe. Valle Grande represents a valley just south of Albuquerque; and Processional recreates a ceremony in or near an unnamed Indian Pueblo somewhere in New Mexico. All three have great wall presence due to their rich colors, graphic boldness, and superb framing. Baumann uses abstraction to suggest the underlying geometry of the land, offering the viewer both more, and less, of what they would see in a photograph. The prints are framed in high quality reproductions of the original frames that Baumann, a master woodworker and marionette maker, made for each print. galleries for up to 8 people


Late 2010 and 2011 Acquisitions ART Bequests from the Estate of Robert Rockwell, Jr. Frances Flora Palmer 2010.7.1 Buffalo c. 1910 Oil on canvas Attributed to Ralph A. Blakelock 2010.7.2 Sunset c. 1915 Oil on canvas Gaspard Latoix 2010.7.3 Navajo c. 1890 Oil on canvas Raphael Lillywhite 2010.7.4 Peace and Quiet at End of Day 1937 Oil on canvas Frederic Kimball Mizen 2010.7.5 Indian Ceremony c. 1950 Oil on canvas Frederic Kimball Mizen 2010.7.6 When the West Was Young c. 1960 Oil on canvas Joseph Henry Sharp 2010.7.7 Untitled Preparatory Sketch (Three Horses’ Heads) c. 1900 Oil on canvas board Robert Totten 2010.7.8 Midnight Cowboys 1991 Oil on masonite


Robert Totten 2010.7.9 Below the Border or Mexican Cowboys c. 1964 Oil on masonite Robert Totten 2010.7.10 The Border 1964 Oil on masonite Unknown Artist 2010.7.11 Hunters in the Rockies c. 1870 Oil on canvas Frederick Carder 2010.7.12 Self-Portrait Mid-20th century Oil on board Unknown Artist (“Nobuo”) 2010.7.13 Portrait of Robert Rockwell, Jr. c. 1930s Oil on canvas Veryl Goodnight 2010.7.14 Untitled (Mountain Stream) Late 20th century Oil on board John Edward Borein 2010.7.15 Two Riders c. 1920 Pen and ink on paper James Boren 2010.7.16 Barn Study c. 1986 Watercolor Nick Eggenhofer 2010.7.17 The Hanging of Jack Slade 1961 Ink and gouache on illustration board

Paul Surber 2010.7.18 Village 1978 Watercolor Alexander Phimister Proctor 2010.7.19 Pony Express 1910 Bronze plaque After Painting by William Tylee Ranney 2010.7.20 The Trapper’s Last Shot c. 1850 Engraving After Painting by Charles Schreyvogel 2010.7.21 Attack on the Stage c. 1904 Print After Painting by Charles Schreyvogel 2010.7.22 An Unexpected Encounter c. 1904 Print After Painting by Charles Schreyvogel 2010.7.23 Indians on Horse c. 1904 Print Joseph A. Imhof 2010.7.24 Navajo c. 1960 Lithograph Joseph A. Imhof 2010.7.25 Superstition Mt. c. 1960 Lithograph

Joseph A. Imhof 2010.7.26 Marie of Taos c. 1960 Lithograph Nick Eggenhofer 2010.7.27 Stage in Trouble 1974 Engraving, no. 228/1000 Nick Eggenhofer 2010.7.28 Buffalo Were Aplenty 1974 Engraving, no. 228/1000 Nick Eggenhofer 2010.7.29 Untitled (Navajos Driving Horses) 1983 Engraving, no. 18/300 Artist Unknown 2010.7.30 Model Stagecoach No date Wood, metal

Gifts of Edward and Irene Grandt Roy Keister 2011.2.1 Drum and Chant, San Juan Ceremony 1927 Oil on canvas Tim Washburn 2011.2.3 Untitled (Navajo Family – Father, Mother, and Daughter) 2000 Stone sculpture Rick Nez 2011.2.4 Spring Harmony 2006 Colorado alabaster sculpture Orlando C. Joe 2011.2.5 Chinle Girl 1990 Bronze sculpture

Hakseya-Teh-Des-Wod 2011.2.6 Untitled (Seated Southwest Native American Woman with Shawl) 1992 Stone sculpture

Frank Howell 2011.2.15 Yesterday Wind 1988 Print on rag paper, no. 11/60

Mary Ellen Connelly 2011.2.7 Plymouth Woods 1998 Oil on board

Frank Howell 2011.2.16 A Cheyenne Woman Waiting and The Cheyenne Woman 1986 Lithographs

William V. Hatch 2011.2.8 Medicine Wheel c. 1999 Oil on board

Benson Halwood 2011.2.17 Untitled (Navajo Patterns) Late 20th century Print

Armand Wargny 2011.2.9 Untitled (Two People Reading) c. 1926 Graphite on paper

Benson Halwood 2011.2.18 Untitled (Three Navajo Women Walking in Snow) Late 20th century Print

Armand Wargny 2011.2.10 Untitled (Two People Reading, Woman with Parasol) 1926 Graphite on paper Yal-Ha-Yah (Reverend Charles Lee) 2011.2.11 Untitled (Native American Couple Riding Horses) 1977 Gouache on paper Anthony Chee Emerson 2011.2.12 Untitled (Groups of Navajos Greeting Each Other) Late 20th century Gouache on paper Anthony Chee Emerson 2011.2.13 Where’s Dad? 1986 Hand-colored print

Benson Halwood 2011.2.19 Untitled (Five Spirits Rising from Navajo Hogan) Late 20th century Print Joe David 2011.2.20 Ka-Ka-win-chealth 1977 Woodcut print Rudolph Carl Gorman 2011.2.21 Dezbah 1997 Lithograph Roland W. Reed 2011.2.22 Meditation c. 1910-1920 Photogravure

Peter Sumatzkuku 2011.2.14 Snake Clan Whipper; Warrior Kachina; Black Crow Kachina; Sun Kachina; Owl Kachina; Mud Head Kachina 1996-1998 Acrylic on papers


2010-2011 Acquisitions cont. Roland W. Reed 2011.2.23 Stolen Property c. 1910-1920 Silver gelatin print Roland W. Reed 2011.2.24 Shepherd of the Hills c. 1910-1920 Photogravure Roland W. Reed 2011.2.25 The Pass Finders c. 1910-1920 Photogravure Roland W. Reed 2011.2.26 & 29 The Wood Gatherer, Hopi, Ariz. c. 1910-1920 Photogravures Roland W. Reed 2011.2.27 The Trail Makers – Blackfoot, Mont. c. 1910-1920 Silver gelatin print Roland W. Reed 2011.2.28 The Message – White Quiver at Council, Blackfoot, Mont. c. 1910-1920 Silver gelatin print Roland W. Reed 2011.2.30 The Water Hole – Blackfoot, Mont. c. 1910-1920 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.31 Yebachi Sweat –Navaho 1904 Photographic print Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.32 A Smoke – Arapaho 1910 Photographic print


Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.33 Apache Land 1903 Photogravure

Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.34 Mat Stams – Maricopa 1907 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.35 Yellow Owl – Mandan 1908 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.36 The “Catcher” 1906 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.37 Hipah – Mohave 1907 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.38 Navaho Medicine-Man 1904 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.39 Tokopala-Walalpai 1907 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.40 Arapaho Maiden 1910 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.41 A Tlu’ Wulahu Mask – Tsawatenok 1914 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.42 Assiniboine Mother and Child c. 1926 Photogravure Edward S. Curtis 2011.2.43 Nez Perce Bebe c. 1900 Photogravure

Unknown Artist 2011.2.44 3 Prints from The Indian Races of North and South America by Charles de Wolfe Brownell: Buffalo Chase; Execution of an Indian Captive; and Indians Making Their Offerings to the Dead 1852 Prints After Painting by Charles Schreyvogel 2011.2.45 Dispatch Bearers 1900 Print After Sketch by Kern 2011.2.46 Head of the First Canon of Grand River below the Mouth of Coo-che-to-pa Creek, Septbr. 7 No date Print After Painting by Frederic Remington 2011.2.47 Branding Cattle 1888 Print Unknown Artist 2011.2.48 Vue de la Ville de Basle prose al extremite du Fauxbourg de St. Alban: A Baste chez. Chr: de Mechel No date Lithograph

Suite of John Doddato Prints – Gifts of John Doddato 2011.1.1 Moon House – Cedar Mesa, UT 1999 Silver gelatin print, no. 2/50 2011.1.2 Canyon Eyes – Canyonlands, UT 1999 Silver gelatin print, no. 3/50 2011.1.3 Floating Rock – Pebble Beach – Jenner, CA 2006 Silver gelatin print, no. 2/50

2011.1.4 Sea Arch – Goat Rock Beach – Jenner, CA 2006 Silver gelatin print, no. 2/50 2011.1.5 Sea Stacks – Coastline, CA 2006 Silver gelatin print, no. 3/50 2011.1.6 Pebble Beach St. Park – Coastline, CA 2006 Silver gelatin print, no. 2/50 2011.1.7 Bodie Ghost Town – Bodie, CA 1999 Silver gelatin print, no. 3/50 2011.1.8 Grapevine Trail – Big Bend, TX 2000 Silver gelatin print, no. 4/50 2011.1.9 Sea Stacks – Garrapata Beach, CA 2000 Silver gelatin print, no. 5/50

2011.1.10 Dusk at Garrapata Beach, CA 2000 Silver gelatin print, no. 4/50

Other Donations Alvin Gill-Tapia 2010.6 San Francisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos 2008 Acrylic on panel Given by Gordon G. Micunis and Jay A. Kobrin Frederic Remington and Various Other Artists 2011.3.1-100 236 Copies of Prints, primarily from Illustrated Magazines c. 1886-1910 Ink on papers Gift of Barbara Taggart Johnny Meeko, Sr. 2011.4 Stalking Man c. 1974 Soapstone Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Lichtman

Unknown Artist (Signed “Frederic Remington;” but discovered to be a fake) 2011.6 Indian on Pinto Horse No date Oil on canvas Gift of Sandra Rockwell Herron (Robert Rockwell, Jr.’s first Western Art purchase) After Frederic Remington 2011.7.1S (for Study Collection) The Bronco Buster (reproduction) 20th century Bronze sculpture Gift of Rory White After Frederic Remington 2011.7.2S (for Study Collection) The Cheyenne (small reproduction) 20th century Bronze sculpture Gift of Rory White After Frederic Remington 2011.7.3S (for Study Collection) The Rattlesnake (small reproduction) 20th century Bronze sculpture Gift of Rory White


2010-2011 Acquisitions cont. Museum Purchases Olaf Carl Borre Seltzer 2010.2 C.M. Russell on Monte c. 1920 Oil on canvas board Museum Purchase with Funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase Fund and the Silver Dollar Society Gustave Baumann 2011.5.1 Rio Tesuque 1939 Color woodblock print Museum Purchase with Funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase Fund Gustave Baumann 2011.5.2 Valle Grande c. 1922 Color woodblock print Museum Purchase with Funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase Fund Gustave Baumann 2011.5.3 Processional 1956 Color woodblock print Museum Purchase with Funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase Fund

ETHNOGRAPHIC COLLECTION Gifts of Edward and Irene Grandt Rose Williams 2011.2.2 Navajo Pot 1980 Clay Unknown Artist(s) 2011.2.49-50 2 Dreamcatchers No dates Feathers, bone, beads, sinew, animal hide, metal, wood, possibly horsehair Unknown Maker(s) 2011.2.51-55 5 Arrows No dates Wood, feather, sinew, bone, leather, stone


Image credits: Gustave Baumann Rio Tesuque (1939); Valle Grande (c. 1922); and Processional (1956) 2011.5.1-3 Color woodblock prints Museum Purchase with Funds from the Clara S. Peck Purchase Fund

Crooked Trails Frederic Remington Harper and Brothers, 1898 John Ermine of the Yellowstone Frederic Remington Macmillian and Co., 1902 Pony Tracks Frederic Remington University of Oklahoma Press, 1961 Frederic Remington in the Land of his Youth/Some of Frederic Remington’s North Country Associations Atwood Manley Northern New York Pub. Co., 1961 Indians of the Old West: The Story of the First Americans Anne Terry White Golden Press, 1958 Catalogue of the Frederic Remington Collection Ogdensburg Public Library, 1916

Brenda Crosby 2011.2.56 Regional Navajo Weaving c. 1990 Wool, yarn, dye

Magazine Stories Relating to the West Bound Volume of Stories from Various Illustrated Magazines 1904

Della Woody Begay 2011.2.57 Regional Navajo Weaving c. 1970 Wool, yarn, dye

The Great White Buffalo Harold McCracken J.B. Lippincott, Co., 1946

BOOKS Gifts of Barbara Taggart

Painters of the Wild West: Frederic Remington Robin McKown Julian Messner, Inc., 1959

Cuba in a Time of War Richard Harding Davis Illustrated by Frederic Remington R.H. Russell, 1898

The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life Frances Parkman Little, Brown, and Co., 1900

Wolfville Alfred Henry Lewis Illustrated by Frederic Remington Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1897

Done in the Open: Drawings by Frederic Remington Frederic Remington and Owen Wister P.F. Collier and Son, 1903

The Song of Hiawatha Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Illustrated by Frederic Remington Bounty Books, 1968

Drawing by Frederic Remington Frederic Remington R.H. Russell; London, Lawrence, & Bullen, 1897

Preserving The Heritage of the Old West Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 1961 The Old West Comes for a Last Roundup: 1960 Exhibition of Western American Art Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 1960 “How the West Was Won:” Paintings, Watercolors, and Bronzes by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell Wildenstein and Co., 1968 Portfolio of Six Western Prints by Frederic Remington Frederic Remington, no date

Gifts of the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester The Photography of Josef Muench Arizona Highways, 1974 Native American Style Elmo Baca and M.J. van Deventer Gibb-Smith Publisher, 1999


2010-2011 Acquisitions cont. Great Works of Heart Anne Childs, Editor Leisure Arts, Inc., 1961 Lost Trails of the Cimarron Harry E. Chrisman The Swallow Press, Inc., 1964 The History of Western Art Erwin O. Christensen New American Library, Inc., 1959 Painting Western Character Studies: Techniques on Oil Joseph Dawley Watson-Gaptill Publications, 1975 Regards to the Bunch: Letters, Poems, and Illustrations of C.M. Russell Elizabeth A. Dear C.M. Russell Museum, 1992 History in Their Blood: The Indian Portraits of Nicholas de Grandmaison Hugh A. Dempsey Hudson Hill Press, Inc. 1982 Vanguards of the Frontier: A Social History of the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountains from the Fur Traders to the Sod Busters Everett Dick University of Nebraska Press, 1974 The North American Cowboy: A Portrait Jay Dusard The Consortium Press, 1983 Ross Stefani: An Impressionistic Painter of the Contemporary Southwest John H. Goodman Northland Press, 1977 American Western Art: A Collection of One Hundred Twenty-Five Western Paintings and Sculptures with Biographies of the Artists Dorothy Harmsen R.R. Donnelley & Sons, The Lakeside Press, 1977

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Indigenous Art of the Americas: Collection of Robert Wood Bliss National Gallery of Art Smithsonian Institution, 1947

Gary Niblett: A New Look at the Old West Mary Terrence McKay Action Press, 1990

Gifts of Edward and Irene Grandt

Western Horsemen Collection by Mignery Herb Mignery Cornhusker Press, 1990 Peter McIntyre’s West Lune Magazine & Book Co., 1970 The Art of John Yardley Ron Ranson David & Charles, 1990 A Limitless Sky: The Works of Charles M. Russell Ginger Renner Northland Press, 1986 Bison: Symbol of the American West Michael Sample Falcon Press, 1987 The Anatomy of the Horse George Stubbs Dover Publications, Inc., 1976 Texas Traditions: The Culture of the Lone Star State Robyn Montana Turner Little Brown & Co., 1996 Schwereing and the West Robert WakeďŹ eld North Plains Press, 1973 San Xavier: The Spirit Endures Kathleen Walker Arizona Department of Transportation, 2000 Adventure Trails in Montana John Willard John Willard, 1971 From Thunder to Breakfast Hube Yates with Gene K. Garrison Northland Press, 1978 Prix de West 1996 National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, 1996


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Other Gifts Dust and Pearls David L. DeVary Booth Museum of Western Art, 2001 Richard Buswell: Echoes – A Visual Reflection Archival Press in Association with the Museum of Fine Arts of the University of Montana, 1997 Given by Richard Buswell Silent Frontier: Icons of Montana’s Early Settlement Photographs by Richard Buswell Montana Museum of Art and Culture, 2002 Given by Richard Buswell Traces: Montana’s Frontier Revisited Photographs by Richard Buswell The University of Montana Press, 2007 Given by Richard Buswell Conner-Rosenkranz Selections from Thirty Years, 1980-2010 Conner-Rosenkranz Gallery, New York, NY Texas Traditions: Contemporary Artists of the Lone Star State Michael Duty and Susan Hallsten McGarry Fresco Fine Art Publications, 2010 Given by Michael Duty

Western Traditions: Contemporary Artists of the American West Michael Duty and Suzanne Deats Fresco Fine Art Publications, 2005 Given by Michael Duty Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color Kevin D. MacPherson North Light Books, 1997 Given by Kevin D. MacPherson Landscape Painting Inside & Out Kevin D. MacPherson North Light Books, 2006 Given by Kevin D. MacPherson Art from Fort Marion: The Silberman Collection Joyce M. Szabo National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, 2007

Great Sand Dunes National Park: Between Light and Shadow John B. Weller Westcliffe Publishers, 2004 Gift of John B. Weller Art Across America: A Comprehensive Guide to American Art Museums and Exhibition Galleries John J. Russell and Thomas S. Spencer, editors Friar’s Lantern, Inc., 2000 Migrations: New Directions in Native American Art Marjorie Devon, editor University of New Mexico Press, 2006 Picture-Writing of the American Indians in Two Volumes Garrick Mallery Kessinger Publishing, 2009

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Western Passages – Charlie Russell & Friends The Petrie Institute of Western American Art, 2010

The Animals Came Dancing: Native American Sacred Ecology and Animal Kinship Harold L. Harrod The University of Arizona Press, 2000 Library Purchase


Exhibitions and Related Programming At the core of the Museum mission is inspiring and engaging the public in ways that promote a better understanding and appreciation of the American West and Native Americans. Toward that end, during 2011, the Museum was host to visitors from all 50 states and at least 10 countries. Those visitors rated their overall satisfaction with the Museum experience as a nine on a 10-point scale, including the quality of the exhibits and public program topics.

From iconic images of cowboys to the mysticism of Native American traditions, the 2011 exhibition calendar showed the diversity of the people of the West — the historic, the modern, the real and the imaginary. Four diverse temporary exhibitions inspired learning and interesting dialogue through interpretive tours, lectures and member receptions. Throughout 2011, Museum Board and staff members worked with guest curator, Michael Duty, on exhibition concept and design. Duty capitalized on the strength and scope of the permanent collection,


while exploring the many faces of the American West. Having been the Director of the Rockwell Museum in the 1980s, Duty brought expertise in the field of Western art and a genuine passion for the Rockwell Museum collection. He served as guest curator during the interim time before the new Curator of Collections, James Peck, was hired. January 22, 2011 – May 8, 2011 Face to Face: Portraits and the American West The exhibition, Face to Face: Portraits and the American West, included works from the permanent collection of the Museum, as well as items drawn from private collections. Focusing on the people of the West, Face to Face: Portraits and the American West showed the West from many different perspectives, both historic and contemporary. Images from Native American artists combined with traditional portraits of 19th century western life and modern interpretations, present the American West as a mosaic of different people, different histories and diverse expressions. It is the people shown in this artwork who hold the many stories of the West. January 22, 2011 – October 16, 2011 Andy Warhol: Cowboys and Indians Visitors throughout the year enjoyed the sights of 10 original silk-screen prints by pop-artist, Andy Warhol. Kicking off the year was Cowboys and Indians, a suite of thematically-related images featuring “history’s

About James Peck, Curator of Collections In June of 2011, the Board of Trustees was pleased to announce that James Peck joined the Museum as Curator of Collections.

victims.” Warhol portrayed Western icons: General Custer, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne and Annie Oakley. In contrast, he represented Indians mostly through Native American art including an Indian mask, Hopi Kachina dolls, and a Plains Indian shield. This suite is in the permanent collection of the Museum and was donated by Jamie and Maisie Houghton. May 25, 2011 – January 2, 2012 Wild West: Beauty of the Beast The term, “Wild West,” often conjures up images of stagecoaches, gun fights on the streets of a dusty frontier town, or cavalry charges. That “Wild West,” is largely the product of the imaginations of countless artists, past and present, which have told and still are telling stories of adventure, drama, and romance of the American West. There is also another “Wild West,” a world that is quite literally wild and has inspired countless artists. The Wild West that inspires these artists is the natural world of the American West, home to animals big and small, beautiful, untamed, and fascinating. The work of 11 contemporary western artists formed this exhibition and represented the finest in modern wildlife art. October 28, 2011 – January 2, 2012 Collector’s Legacy The Rockwell Museum of Western Art resulted from the efforts of Bob Rockwell who amassed an important compilation of historic western art. The Museum began with these important works of art but the scope expanded to include new collecting territories. The collection tells many different stories of the West and those stories were made possible by individuals who have made significant contributions. Collector’s Legacy celebrated those who contributed to the Museum.

Most recently a Robert S. and Grace B. Kerr Fellow of the University of Oklahoma Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of Art and the American West, Mr. Peck has taught at the University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, and Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. From 2002 through 2008, he was the Ruth G. Hardman Curator of European and American Art at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His work at the Charles M. Russell Study Center involved cataloguing the Eugene B. Adkins Archive, part of the seminal Adkins collection of more than 3,500 western and Native American objects. In his new role at the Rockwell Museum, Mr. Peck brings his unique focus on the Taos Society of Artists and Native American art to one of the nation’s finest museums of American art. Mr. Peck also is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Oklahoma, completing his studies in its unique Ph.D. program focusing on Art of the American West and Native American Art.

“As a guest curator, the collection gives one the ability to stretch and explore the definitions of western art and, also, to create exhibitions that can inform and entertain Museum visitors. I have long thought of the Rockwell collection as one of the best in the country, particularly in the area of 19th and early 20th century works of art. It has great examples of art by some of the West’s most widely known and most accomplished artists, and its signature pieces can be compared favorably with the best collections of American western art anywhere. In more recent years, the collection has broadened to encompass modern interpretations of the West, including excellent work by leading Native American artists. The result is a permanent collection that is truly reflective of the continuing diversity and vibrancy of the West. It is exciting to work with such a collection. It is really a pleasure to work with paintings and sculpture that seem like old friends from my earlier time in Corning and to encounter the works of a new generation of artists. It is invigorating to work with a collection and a Museum that is moving forward with both traditional and more modern expressions of the West.” Michael Duty, Guest Curator and Former Director of the Rockwell Museum of Western Art


PUBLIC PROGRAMS The galleries buzz with the sounds of music, adult education, and member events throughout the year. Museum galleries are an inviting space not only for visual art but the performing arts as well. Each year, the “Music in the Galleries” series spotlights local and regional talent for Museum audiences. The Visions of the West gallery and in particular, Albert Bierstadt’s Mount Whitney, creates the perfect backdrop for performances. In its eighth collaborative year, the Museum hosted The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes for the annual “Musicians’ Choice” chamber concert. In 2011, Orchestra musicians took the audience on a journey West through a performance of Folk Music Montage and Western Art. Throughout the warm summer months and into the cool days of autumn and winter, the program calendar continues to be inspired by music. The ever-popular, “Music, Margaritas and Sunsets on the Terrace” series continued in 2011 with performances by Virgil Cain, Top Shelf and the Lucky Ducks. Lively entertainment, delicious margaritas and dramatic sunsets make the Museum terrace a favorite summertime spot. With an eye toward the Museum collection and special exhibitions, the public program offerings of the Museum always provide a unique opportunity for continuing adult education. In March of 2011, Guest Curator, Michael Duty, provided an insider’s


2011 Adult Programs January 25, 2011 Member Opening Reception Face to Face: Portraits of the American West March 4, 2011 Music in the Galleries: The Tumbleweeds Cowboy songs and ballads with the Lanahan family March 15, 2011 Silver Dollar Society Event Insider Event with Michael Duty, guest curator Face to Face: Portraits of the American West March 16, 2011 Lecture: Old Friends, New Faces with Michael Duty, guest curator Face to Face: Portraits of the American West April 15, 2011 Musicians’ Choice: Folk Music Montage and Western Art In collaboration with The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes

look into the exhibition, Face-to-Face: Portraits of the American West. Duty offered a glimpse into the making of an exhibition and shared a fresh perspective of the Museum collection. Audiences learned of how the boundaries of Western Art are being redrawn by today’s new generation of artists. The American West has a large population of Hispanic people and several of the works in the Museum collection are inspired by this rich culture. The traditional Mexican holiday, El Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” is celebrated at the Museum each year. El Dia de los Muertos combines the Spanish Catholic feast of All Soul’s Day with pre-Conquest Indian rituals of death. The Museum was awarded a grant from the New York State Council on the Humanities, which brought lecturer Susan Aberth to the Museum for an adult public program. This presentation provided a stunning visual survey of the altars, food, objects, and cemetery observances connected with this unique Mexican holiday.

May 25, 2011 Member Opening Reception Wild West: Beauty of the Beast June 22, 2011 Music, Margaritas & Sunsets on the Terrace Featuring Virgil Cain, performing music influenced by Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Dave Matthews. July 20, 2011 Music, Margaritas & Sunsets on the Terrace Featuring Top Shelf, performing a blend of contemporary jazz, swing, pop, rhythm and blues

August 3, 2011 Silver Dollar Society Art in the Sky August 24, 2011 Music, Margaritas & Sunsets on the Terrace Featuring The Lucky Ducks, performing jitterbug, blues, and soft rock. September 23, 2011 Silver Dollar Society Annual Recognition Event October 6, 2011 Turquoise, Silver Sun and Chocolate: Southwest Jewelry Party Museum Trading Post Shop October 7, 2011 Lecture: El Dia de los Muertos The Mexican Celebration of Life November 4, 2011 Silver Dollar Society Behind the Scenes of Antiques Roadshow® Featuring Kathleen Guzman, Managing Director of Heritage Auctions in New York City and a regular guest appraiser on Antiques Roadshow® November 5, 2011 What’s it Worth? Appraisal Day with Heritage Auctions 11.11.11 @ 11:11 a.m. — Veteran’s Day Free Gallery Tour Highlights from the Permanent Collection of Western and Native American Art

To coincide with the special exhibition, Collector’s Legacy, a new event was launched called “Appraisal Day.” The all-day event brought some 350 attendees into the Museum with items from their personal collections. Attendees were greeted by 11 experts from world-renowned Heritage Auctions — the largest collectibles auctioneer and the third largest auction house in the world. Experts from Heritage Auctions were on-hand to assess and provide an 15

2011 Family Programs April 4 – 8, 2011 Schools Out Program Area artists led families in drawing and sketching activities throughout the Museum May 7, 2011 Mother Earth Day Sponsored by Southern Tier Hospice and Palliative Care Local residents were treated to free admission at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art and Tanglewood Nature Center in celebration of Earth Day July 7, 14, 21, 28, 2011 Sketching in the Galleries Area artists led families in drawing and sketching activities throughout the Museum September 16, 2011 Masks, Movement, Monologues and Music The culmination of a seven-week course using the theme of nature as depicted in the Museum collection, a performance was presented by students of the High School Learning Center within the CorningPainted Post Area School District October 10, 2011 Schools Out Program Young visitors created paper flowers, bracelets and necklaces using traditional symbols of the Mexican holiday, “Day of the Dead.” November 6, 2011 El Dia de los Muertos Celebration, demonstration and traditional Mexican dance This program was funded by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and in collaboration with The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes December 4, 2010 Family Sparkle Holiday Open House


estimated insurance value on each piece. In typical Antiques Roadshow® fashion, attendees waited in line to talk with the experts. While waiting, attendees were able to enjoy the art collection on display in the Visions of the West gallery. Appropriately, these ‘collector’s were also able to view the temporary exhibition, Collector’s Legacy. Heritage Auctions is managed by Kathleen Guzman, former President of Christie’s East and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Ebay. Ms. Guzman appears regularly as an expert on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow®. Guzman gave an entertaining insider’s look at the behind the scenes of Antiques Roadshow® to an exclusive Silver Dollar Society audience. Local PBS personality, Gregory Keeler, moderated the program.

Education Programs and Student Exhibits Serving the educational public is an important way in which the Museum can fulfill its mission. It is the responsibility of the Museum, whether in the galleries, or in the classroom, to further student understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the cultures and aesthetic traditions of the American West.

Mexican El Dia de Los Muertos celebration as part of the students’ study of Mexico’s cultural traditions. The program also was presented to Middle School students taking Spanish classes from Alfred-Almond Central Schools, and the Elmira City Schools. Nearly 400 students were impacted through this program.

The Rockwell Museum of Western Art, in partnership with area school districts, has launched a comprehensive outreach program where Museum educators head to the classroom with an on-the-road Museum experience. Outreach initiatives have been developed to reach schools that are not able to visit the Museum due to the lack of transportation funding for field trips.

Museum staff and volunteers presented the Iroquois Art and Culture Program to all fourth grade students at Hendy Avenue Elementary School in Elmira, New York. Visual thinking strategies were used while presenting to art students at Southside High School in Elmira.

In addition to the over 4,000 students the Museum hosts each year, the new traveling outreach program provides a forum for hundreds more to be exposed to the art collection. In November 2011, the Museum education staff visited third-grade students at Smith Elementary in Corning, New York, to present the

The Education Staff at the Museum plans to continue to develop outreach programs based on the needs of surrounding school districts. Beginning in May of 2012, the Education Department will visit all eight Elmira City Schools Pre-K Classrooms, as part of an ongoing effort to reach out to area schools. The program will serve approximately 300 children.


Throughout 2011, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art hosted some 200 school tours representing 4,026 students. Museum education staff served 18 school districts and three universities. All programs were designed to support New York State Learning Standards and grade level curricula. Fortunately for the Museum and the surrounding community, school tours offered at the Rockwell are done so free of charge. This is due to the support received from area businesses who contribute to the Arts in Education sponsorship program. Museum staff remain incredibly grateful for this support.

Corning-Painted Post School District Calvin U. Smith Elementary Erwin Valley Elementary Frederick Carder Elementary Hugh Gregg Elementary William E. Severn Elementary Winfield Street School Corning Free Academy Northside Blodgett East High School High School Learning Center Elmira City School District Broadway Middle School Hendy Elementary Riverside Elementary Elmira Heights School District Cohen Elementary Watkins Glen School District Watkins Glen Elementary Campbell – Savona Central School District Campbell – Savona Jr. High Southern Tioga School District Warren L. Miller Elementary Babylon School District Babylon High School (Babylon, NY) Bath Central School District Dana Lyon Middle School Northern Tioga School District Westfield Elementary Russell B Walter Elementary Portville Central School District Portville Central High School Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District Canisteo- Greenwood High School Waverly Central School District Waverly Middle School Odessa — Montour Central School District Odessa – Montour Jr./Sr. High School Homer Central School District Homer Central High School Other Lake Center Christian School (Hartville, OH) Horseheads Christian School Corning Christian Acadmey All Saints Academy YMCA- Pre-K Colleges and Universities Corning Community College Mansfield University Pennsylvania College of Technology, Penn State The educational offerings of the Museum don’t stop with pre-kindergarten through college students.


2011 Student Exhibits March 9, 2011 – May 13, 2011 Identity and the Artist: Mountain as Metaphor Students of the High School Learning Center in the Corning-Painted Post Area School District explored aspects of individual and community identity by studying the Museum collection and participating in reflective writing exercises. The exhibit showcased the artwork by these students which became proposed designs for the Alley Art Project. June 15, 2011 – August 11, 2011 My Portrait, Your Perception Seventh grade students of Corning Free Academy Middle School in Corning, New York created photographic portraits under the direction of their art teacher, Sharron Holland. The project was inspired by the Museum’s special exhibition Andy Warhol: Cowboys and Indians and involved a special tour created for the participating students. August 18, 2011 - September 25, 2011 Capturing the Animal Within Inspired by the special exhibition, Wild West: Beauty of the Beast, students of the Corning Salvation Army and Corning Family YMCA programs worked with professional photographer Kirsten VanAtta to create images and writing.

In 2011, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art was selected for a second year by education staff of the Smithsonian Institute to host a workshop. Awarded through the U.S. Department of Education, the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute was awarded a grant which targeted initiatives with a focus on teaching American history.

October 5, 2011 - November 11, 2011 El Dia de Los Muertos Student Altar During the month of October, area middle school Spanish students created decorative objects for a El Dia de los Muertos altar that was installed in the Museum Education Gallery. The Day of the Dead is a festival of “welcome” for the souls of the dead and is an ancient tradition traced to the Aztec civilization and Mexico. The Museum program integrates cultural traditions with classroom education and creates an opportunity for students to connect an artistic experience with traditional learning.


November 15, 2011 – February 15, 2012 In the Spirit of the Clans This exhibit included work by all fourth grade students of the Corning-Painted Post Area School District and was directed by district elementary art instructors and Museum educators. The exhibit was inspired by new Iroquois pieces in the Museum collection and the Museum sponsored fourth grade Iroquois Art and Culture tour. In September, education staff of the Rockwell Museum of Western Art hosted 30 area high school educators for a workshop. Teachers from the Binghamton, Corning-Painted Post, Elmira, Horseheads and Addison school districts spent one and a half hours with the Rockwell collection of American Western Art to study history as it relates to the settlement of the Great American West. The curriculum for the teacher workshop focused on America’s history between the 1860s and the turn of the 20th century. Teachers were able to participate in this workshop free of charge because of the grant. The program is designed to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge and understanding of and appreciation for traditional U.S. history. By helping teachers to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of U.S. history as a separate subject matter within the core curriculum, this program will improve instruction and raise student achievement. The Rockwell Museum of Western Art creative educational programs are aligned with New York State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum and inspire the interest of students in core subjects including Language Arts, Social Studies, and U.S. History. The Museum school tour program underscores connections to art and strengthens the role of museums as a valuable resource in students’ lives. The educational offerings of the Rockwell Museum foster real connections within and among our local and regional communities. Through thoughtful interpretation, both written and verbal, the Museum commitment to education through American art allows it to showcase the bounty and depth of the permanent collection, while making a real difference within the community and beyond.


Docents and Volunteers Rockwell Museum docents and volunteers enable the Museum to host nearly 5,000 students each year by leading pre-k through high school students on guided tours. This represents over 200 tours or at least one tour every day throughout the academic year. Trained docents play a vital role in the delivery of Rockwell programs. Docents not only conduct school and adult tours, but help in a variety of ways to facilitate programs and do “behind the scenes” work necessary to ensure the high quality the community has come to expect from a Rockwell offering.

Many of our trained docents are retired school teachers. With an ability to engage young learners with the art, and the knowledge to answer questions in an age appropriate way, retired teachers and naturally born educators make wonderful Museum docents. A stellar example is Jacqueline Knitter, a retired classroom teacher. After Jacqueline’s retirement in 2008 from both public and private education, she realized that she missed her students. She wanted to continue working with children. With a combined interest in the areas of Native Americans and art, Jacqueline thought of the Rockwell Museum of Western Art as the perfect post-career opportunity. She began as a volunteer at the Rockwell Museum to fulfill her desire to work with students and now regularly leads school groups through Museum galleries. Jacqueline has a love for her community and a passion for giving back. For instance, she has an interest in literacy and shares her expertise with the Southern Tier Reading Council as well as the Family Reading Partnership of Chemung. Jacqueline also


regularly teaches French classes at 171 Cedar Arts Center, sharing her love of language and culture with young people. Jacqueline’s story fits the profile of most Rockwell Museum docents — community-minded individuals with a desire for lifelong learning. Jacqueline is one great example that represents all Rockwell volunteers; she devotes much of her time to the advancement of a selfless gift: knowledge. Involving volunteers is important for museums; it allows museums to do things that would not normally be able to be done — extending services or creating new aspects of services. It is a privilege for Rockwell board and staff to have such dedicated volunteers. By becoming a volunteer at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, you can join a group of like-minded individuals who contributed a total of 1,155 volunteer hours in 2011. The national estimate of value of a volunteer hour in 2011 was $21.79. The total value of volunteers to the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in 2011 was an astonishing, $25,167.45.


2011 total volunteer hours: 1155 National estimate of value of a volunteer hour: $21.79 Value of volunteer hours to the Museum in 2011: $25,167.45

Silver Dollar Society

Kirk and Penny Gregg Michael and Ruth Hosey Jamie and Maisie Houghton David and Marianne Lubin John and Bonnie Sirianni Charles W. and Kristin A. Swain* Wendell Weeks and Kim Frock Weeks


Patrons James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber Dr. Edward J. Grandt

Benefactors Stafford Lyons and Henry Offermann E. Marie McKee and Robert H. Cole, Jr.

Sponsors R. Pierce and Becki Baker Alan Cameros

Margot Bliven and Richard Rosenberg* Tom and Barbara Blumer Jesse and Kimberly Cates* James and Doreen Clappin Jack and Mary Cleland George and Barbara Connors Charlie and Trudy Craig Anne V. Crowley Matthew and M. Elizabeth Dann Michael and Trisha Donnelly Walter and Karen Douglas* Katherine Eade Alan and Lynnette Eusden A.J. Fratarcangelo Mark and Vivian Gernand Ian Harrop and Lynette Estep Vincent and Anne Hatton Denise Hauselt

James and Kevyn Hennessey Donn and Sandra Rockwell Herron Amory and Priscilla Houghton Kyle Kohberger Bryan and Adele Lanahan Tom and Peggy MacAvoy David and Debra Naylor* Barry and Ann Nicholson John and Ellen O’Hare David and Susan Payne John and Susan Peck Phil and Missy Rittenhouse Frank T. Rose and Beth Cain John and Chris Sharkey James and Diana Sirianni Tom Snow and Karen Meriwether Richard and Judith Sphon Andrew and Christine Sprague Conrad and Lucy Stemski Tom and Beth Tranter Tony and Mary Tripeny Almont and Paula Venette Rick and Cindy Weakland* Frederick G. and Alice Weeman Scott and Lori Welliver David and Elizabeth Whitehouse JD and Marianne Young Bolded represent Founding Members *Thank you to Corning Incorporated Foundation for matching these gifts.


Donations Received January 1 – December 31, 2011 In Honor of High School Learning Center Lou and Peggy Vogel

In Memory of Robert F. Rockwell, Jr.


Richard and Judith Sphon Charles and Kristin Swain* Frank Swain Janice Weisenfeld Dennis and Lee Younge

Richard and Jackie Pope Joyce Walter

Curatorial Fund

Annual Appeal

General Donations

James and Susan Bocek Marsha Brown Edward and Louise Bush Donald and Laura Campbell James and Doreen Clappin Chris and Kathy Cole Paul and Ellen Corradini Janet Cotton Robert and Elizabeth Dalrymple Nancy Doutt Shirley Edsall Donald and Ann Egan James Flaws and Marcia D. Weber Katherine Funk David and Ann Grossman Amory and Priscilla Houghton Joe and Kay Hurley Linda Jolly* Elizabeth Jones Milton and Margret Lapp Roye Lowry Loretta Manning Karen C. Martin* Selma McDonald Robert McKinnon Charles and Sue Milazzo Vernon Patterson Paula Peter Bill and Jane Plummer James M. Pryslak Ruth Riesbeck Amy Rogoski Noel and Grace Schlageter Laura Siebold Jeffrey and Maryann Smith

Waller Community 4-H Club Homer High School Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc. R. Pierce and Rebecca Baker Patricia Dann Hannah Eade Stafford Lyons and Henry Offermann

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Grants Christ Episcopal Church Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes Great Circle Foundation Inc. New York State Council on the Arts The ARTS of the Southern Finger Lakes Tripp Foundation The Triangle Fund

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Exhibition Sponsor World Kitchen

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Memberships Received January 1 – December 31, 2011 Nickel ($500-$999) Thomas and Hanna Appelt* Donald and Deborah McCabe* Robert and Elizabeth Turissini

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2011 Annual Report  

The Rockwell Museum of Western Art is committed to grow, preserve, research and promote the unique collection through interpretive offerings...

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