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The Nimbus

™WORD (The Many Ways Of Rainy Days) w w w. m a n y w a y s o f r a i n y d a y s . c o m

crafted with an equal sense of musicianship, thought-provoking themes, and infectious grooves

Honestly, it was hard for me to write a review on this album because I felt the music more than I could describe in words. I believe it was crafted to do just that….so, pardon me while I take you on this ride through The Nimbus. The record is full of ambient layers and electronic haunting rhythms. Even though the songs have a similar vein of darkness with clever, subtle atmospheres and lyrics, each one has it’s own vibe and mood. The common thread is the deep beats and alluring vocals that draw you in. This is the kind of music you would listen to loud with headphones and your eyes closed; taking in each facet of the melodies and electronics. Funny as it sounds, if you listen to this album with your eyes closed, it transcends your senses because you focus on nothing but the sounds. It sinks in and takes you to another place. The album opens up with “The Party”, a dark song with a commanding rhythm that resonates like a heavy heartbeat. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel this song in your chest… it’s heavy and it surrounds you.

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With your print ready art and master color 12 X 18 posters .50 cents each “The Impasse” is a moody dramatic tune with spooky vocal effects. The entire song is a slow spiral of sounds that draws you in. I love the way the song wraps around you. The song “Little White Lies” is one that pulled me in immediately. I love the deep driving vocals on the chorus. The vocals give the sense of pleading, while still maintaining an edge of a torturous emotional battle. It’s almost like standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a stormy, angry ocean. The final song on the album, “Breaking Ions”, starts with heavy bass that goes into a super catchy reggae beat coupled with guitar. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the upbeat energy of the music will keep this song in your head for days. This album is soothing and moving in the most pure musical way. The emotional edges and sensuality really shape the album’s experience. If you’re drawn to and moved by music, this one will be on repeat. It’s obvious that The Nimbus’ band members, Ritch Napierkowski and Martin McCreadie, are intelligent creatives. The songs are crafted with an equal sense of musicianship, thought-provoking themes, and infectious grooves. That combination makes this a must hear from a talented Austin-grown band. Artists I would compare The Nimbus to: Depeche Mode, NIN, Recoil, Crosses ++ Rona Rougeheart, Drummer • Dead Love Club

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