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After a tough few years touring ‘Riot!’, Paramore are finally on better terms and working on their next record. ROCK SOUND spoke to frontgal Hayley to find out what went on…

MOVIE MAKERS ETID and Fall Out Boy to star in movie together very Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley is planning on working with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump on a feature film! The frontman told Rock Sound he’s been busy working on the script for his debut flick. “I’ve been talking to Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy about doing a movie,” Buckley explained. “Pete came to me first about writing a movie together, I gave him my idea and we started going back and forth on it. Patrick then said he wants to direct it. I’m really excited about that.” According to Buckley the film is a cross between It’s A Wonderful Life and Being John Malkovich, and currently the script is two pages long. Wentz commented: “The idea is insane, it’s ridiculous. I actually have no idea how he is going to pull it off.” In other ETID-related news, Buckley said the five-piece will not be making any traditional music videos to support their new album and Epitaph debut ‘New Junk Aesthetic’. “I really don’t think there is a point to doing videos anymore, unless you’re Justin Timberlake then TV will not play your video anyway. I think we’re going to do a bunch of shit and put it on the internet for free instead. I want to try and do something around really bad homemade videos, the audio will be great but the footage will be recorded on my parents’ old camera and nothing else. I think kids will love it.” /




Paramore overcome difficulties for album three

aramore frontgal Hayley Williams has told Rock Sound how the pop sensations almost didn’t make it onto album number three. Since the release of ‘Riot!’ in June 07, the band have been on a steady ascent from the scene to stars as Grammy nominations, headline tours, soundtrack appearances and solid album sales have steadily separated the quintet from the chasing pack. Despite the veneer of success and joy, inside the rise things looked very different for the band. “We had a lot of pressure and a lot of people watching us,” vocalist Hayley recalled. “I felt like we were in a room that was always getting smaller and smaller while more people were looking on. I don’t know if any of us thought the band was over but there were certainly times when it would have been easier if it was. It was definitely never said out loud but I know everyone thought it at some point. There were times when I wondered if I would be happier, or even if I would get along better with the guys, if we were not playing music together anymore.” Some of the band’s problems began in the UK on their January 08 headlining run and, in Rock Sound issue 107, the band admitted they were fighting and exhausted by the demands of their schedule. “That was a really tough tour for us,” Williams reflected. “We were telling everyone that we were so happy, that we were best friends and as soon as we got home from a five-month tour we would be hanging out again every day. It was a very unrealistic image of ourselves and very exaggerated. “We did that innocently,” clarified the singer, guessing the next question. “We weren’t trying to come off as perfect, it was just that we had never done this before, we had never been in a band that people paid attention too.” Eventually Paramore cancelled the remaining dates due to ‘internal issues’. In later interviews it was claimed that those issues were resolved, they were not. “There was a really awkward tension around us all the time,” Williams remembered. “Even if we tried to hang out together there was always some kind of black cloud directly above us and it felt really bad. All of a sudden it felt like we didn’t care about each other and we didn’t care about the music we were making either.”

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The Gaslight Anthem, Paramore, Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, You Me At Six, Rancid, Suicide Silence + more

Rock Sound 124  

The Gaslight Anthem, Paramore, Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, You Me At Six, Rancid, Suicide Silence + more