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Corpus Christi Engagement Rings Victoria’s Fine Jewelry is the premiere fine jewelry store on the Texas Gulf Coast. Located in the resort town of Rockport just 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, Victoria’s Fine Jewelry makes shopping for fine jewelry an experience to remember!

Diamond Rings Corpus Christi Having been in the jewelry business for over 25 years, we, along with our experienced staff are always striving to create a memorable experience for all of our guests. Creating that memorable experience begins with our greeter, Belle, an 800 lb. concrete gorilla who lives in our front yard. She is a constant reminder to us that life is much more fulfilling when filled with fun, unexpected surprises.

Diamond Engagement Ring Corpus Christi Diamonds are the cornerstone of our business. We travel over 10,000 miles each year to Antwerp, Belgium to select diamonds for our customers-Conflict free, handcrafted, personally selected.

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Corpus Christi Jeweler  
Corpus Christi Jeweler  

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