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meet fabian learn about the wish kid and his family pg. 2

your guide to wish week every event you need to attend pg. 4 11 years of wishes every wish kid leading up to fabian pg. 6

All About Me The 2020 Wish Kid, Fabian, waits for his interview with RCTV while at the Make a Wish Foundation Jan. 21. Photo by: K. Rex

the rock volume 16 no. 2 february 21, 2020 spread design Amanda Brauchler

02 wish issue

meet Fabian

An introduction to the Wish Kid and his family. by Amanda Brauchler and Jana Seal

Fabian thinks of his response during an interview with RCTV Jan. 21. photo by K. Rex

S Fabian and Carlos’ additions to the wall at the Make a Wish Foundation Jan. 21. They drew Goombas, mushrooms from Mario, next to their names. photo by A. Brauchler

ignatures and well-wishes in every color of the understanding that stems from shared experience. rainbow cover the walls of the Make A Wish “Fabian and Martin share an extra special bond, Foundation. since Martin also has Hypoplastic Left Heart Inside, a tree sprouts through a round Syndrome. Fabian has shown to be an awesome big table, its plastic leaves extending into the tiled ceiling. brother,” SanJuana said. In that room sits a purple, velvet couch adorned with Fabian spends his time playing video games, diamond-looking grommets. like Minecraft and Super Mario Bros, with his two Jan. 21, a young boy sporting a blue Mario shirt little brothers. His nine year-old brother, Carlos and thick, black-framed glasses sat on the purple accompanied him to his visit to the Make a Wish couch. Foundation. The star of the show. “I do have to take care of my brothers,” Fabian Three cameras, three set lights, said. “Especially my little brother, and two large, boom microphones because he has the same problems pointed at him. Seniors Sage as me.” Wheeler, Nick Quam and Despite the atypical struggles Matt Meijia filmed him for the that Fabian has faced at a young traditional introductory video age, he remains a passionate RCTV makes for Wish Week. student, video game player, and “I’m Fabian, and welcome to Lego connoisseur who greets Wish Week,” the ten year-old said, everyone with a smile and invests facing the main camera lens. in his relationships with family and Our 2020 Wish Kid, Fabian, friends. wishes to go on a family vacation to “I think we’ve [gone] through so LEGOLAND. many things that it’s important for “We’ve never taken a family us to stay together,” SanJuana said. vacation and we hardly ever get “That’s how we just have our own to do anything that’s really fun,” strength; we just rely on each other SanJuana, Fabian’s mom said. “If I for support.” take time off from work, it’s to go to Every Tuesday, when his doctors appointments and to go to dad takes off work, Fabian and be at the hospital. Fabian deserves his family spend time together. to have some fun.” They play video games, read, and Fabian was born with go to some of Fabian’s favorite Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Sage Wheeler ‘20 films Fabian restaurants like McDonalds or (HLHS), which prevents normal for RCTV’s opening video, while Freddy’s. blood flow in the heart (cdc.org). His wish, to travel to mother SanJuana watches Jan. He was diagnosed only 40 hours LEGOLAND, is not only a 21. after he was born. trip to Fabian and his family-photo by E. Shea “But you would never ever guess it represents a spark of relief that [he has a heart condition]; he is at the end of a long tunnel of full of energy,” SanJuana said. “And medications, hospital visits, and he just doesn’t let anything hold him back.” surgeries- a chance to laugh and have some fun. At one week old, Fabian had his first heart “We do tell jokes; and we do tend to laugh a lot,” surgery to allow the right side of his heart to Fabian said. function as a full heart. He had two more surgeries Outside of time with his family, Fabian goes to by the time he was four years old. elementary school where his favorite subjects are When he was seven, Fabian was diagnosed with math and science. He hopes to become a detective Plastic Bronchitis, his lungs had filled with lymph when he is older. fluid and restricted his breathing. He had one more “Detectives are smart and they get to wear a really heart surgery. Now, Fabian has been cast-free for two cool outfit. And, it has been a long time since I’ve years and only does daily nebulizer treatments. used a magnifying glass so I would get to use one of His four year-old brother, Martin, was diagnosed those.” with HLHS at birth as well, and the two share an

Q&A With Fabian Learn about Fabian from the expert: himself.

Q: How would your friends describe you? A: Smart, kind, funny, and brave. Because they ask questions and I’m the only one who answers. I help my friends. Q: What is your favorite color? A: Red Q: What if your favorite animal? A: Frog Q: Favorite foods? A: Carrots and celery; Black Jack pepperoni pizza; Kit Kats; and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

Wall of Stars Fabian adds his name to the wall at the Make a Wish Foundation Jan. 21. Photo by: A. Brauchler Photo illustration: D. Peters

winter issue 03

Q: Who’s your favorite Lego character? A: Emmett, he’s funny and he does build really neat stuff. Like the double-decker couch. That has to be one of my favorites Q: What is your favorite subject in school? A: “That would be science and math; [in] science I’m learning about the human body. And tomorrow, I think we’re gonna complete it. It’s a plastic skeleton so we’re about to put its head. And that’s the finishing touch actually.”

Restaurant: (All Day)

spread design Amanda Brauchler

Jersey Mike’s 2008 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210

Qdoba University Location

Meeting Michael At the 2019 Opening Assembly, Student Council members, Mia Jackson ‘20 and Izzy Daboub ‘20 walk Michael out to meet the students March 1. The students at the assembly had just watched RCTV’s introductory video. Photo by: A. Brauchler

10am-12pm: Walk for Wishes At Rock Canyon, a 1.7 mile walk around campus with vendors like Kendra Scott, Starbucks and Flippin’ Flapjacks and outdoor activities. Not a weatherpermitting event, if it is snowing the event will be inside. Free, but donations are accepted and encouraged. Cash only. Wear blue and wish gear. For anyone under 18, a waiver must be filled out to participate.


Restaurant: (All Day)



Restaurant: 5pm-8pm

Chick-Fil-A 3700 E Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Costa Vida 10005 Commons St Suite 280, Lone Tree, CO 80124 Mention Wish Week at checkout.

Most Valuable Player Nasser Marrakchi ‘18 helps the 2018 Wish Kid, Violet, throw a ball during Blacklight Dodgeball March 5, 2018. After the senior team won, Violet and her family played a round of dodgeball against Student Council. Photo by: E. Humes

9am-1pm: Dare to Share Outside the 9000s pod Students’ last opportunity to participate in Dare to Share. Refer to information above for sign ups and waivers.


Noodles & Company University Location

7pm: Dodgeball For five dollars, students can support their class’ dodgeball team and Fabian. Each class faces off in the main gym, to see which grade will dominate. For announcements about class themes, follow @rcRockMedia on Twitter or check rockmediaonline.org before the event.

7pm: Band Concert Band performs pieces inspired by Fabian’s favorite things in the main gym. Jazz is playing the “Mii Theme” and band is playing “Everything is Amesome,” from the LEGO movie. Restaurant: 4pm-8pm

04 wish issue

Restaurant: (All Day)

Camryn Allen ‘21

I’m looking forward to Dare to Share because it’s really cool seeing the number of students eager to get involved in such a good cause. At the end of the event, it’s crazy how much hair is laid out. Madeline Evans ‘22

People should go to the [band concert] because it’s a great concert dedicated to our wish kid and making their dream wish come true.”

Walk for Wishes permission form.

9am: ALL Donations Due Donations will not be collected past nine a.m., to allow Student Council time to calculate totals. This includes online donations. 2:10-2:50pm: Closing Assembly To conclude Wish Week, Student Council reveals how much money was raised and how many wishes were granted, in total. Wear 2020 Wish Week shirt.


the rock volume 16 no. 2 february 21, 2020


Starting off with the opening assembly Feb. 21, Wish Week presents a myriad of opportunities to fundraise for Fabian.

Cycle for Michael Now seniors, Nichole Loomis, Morgan Nowak, Juliet Abbott, Emma Cuisick and Amelia Gish flash a thumbs-up after completing their cycle class March 2, 2019. FNHS raised $550 for the 45-minute class. Photo by: G. Slavin

Spin for a Wish sign up link.

Going to the restaurants nightly is one of the best ways to contribute to Wish Week.”

1pm-2pm: Spin for a Wish 7824 Park Meadows Dr #150, Lone Tree, CO 80130 French National Honor Society hosts their second Spin for a Wish fundraiser at Cycle Bar. For $25, you can rent a bike and participate in a class, all of the proceeds go to Wish Week. You can sign up for a bike here: bit.ly/2ScZn7t or scan the QR code below. Wear work out gear and blue to the class to support Fabian.


Restaurant: (All Day)

MOD Pizza 8225 S Chester St #102, Centennial, CO 80112 -or3622 E Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Hunter Van Ramshort ‘21


6pm: Wish Week Basketball The second annual Wish Week competition where each class competes to win. After a five dollar entry fee, students can support their teams in the main gym.

9am-1pm: Dare to Share Outside the 9000s pod Sponsored by Amy Hommel, Dare to Share is the annual event where students can donate eight inches of their hair to the Children with Hair Loss Program. It is five dollars to participate and sign up and a waiver form are required beforehand.

take t with his pag e y you ou, it’s r gu ide!

Crave a Shave Jessica Reimers ‘19 shaves her head for the third consecutive year for Dare to Share in the wrestling room March 5, 2019. Reimers did not share her freshman year, but she convinced her parents to let her the next year. Photo by: A. Brauchler

Dare to Share sign up link.

Restaurant: 4pm-8pm

Chipotle 9500 Heritage Hills Cir #700, Lone Tree, CO 80124 Mention RCHS

Restaurant: 4:30pm-7:30pm

Dairy Queen 9435 S University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 Must have paper flier.

Dare to Share waiver link.

Lifted Spirits Joe Bryson ‘18 lifts the 2018 Wish Kid, Violet, to the basketball hoop during Swish for a Wish March 7 2018. Photo by: A. Brauchler

Your Wish Week

Checklist Let it Rain 2019 Wish Kid, Michael, and his sister, Genevieve play in the confetti aftermath of the Closing Assembly March 8, 2019. In 2019, a total of $62,086.99. Photo by: E. Wilson

met Fabian

bought a Wish Kit

went to Spin for a Wish

posted about Wish Week

went to Walk for Wishes

donated my hair

went to Swish for a Wish

went to dodgeball

donated at Miracle Minute

dressed up every day

ate at 3+ restaurants

went to every assembly

wish issue 05

Donate online with this link.

Check off what you did this Wish Week, to see how much you participated.

the rock volume 16 no. 2 february 21, 2020 spread design Amanda Brauchler

Dolphin Dreams and RC Teens The 2016 Wish Kid, Lucy, her mom, sister, and family celebrate the granting of her wish to swim with the dolphins Feb. 26, 2016. That year, $73,259 was raised. Photo by: S. Nandy

through the years:

Wish Week by Jana Seal and Kira Zizzo Look back at our 11 years of history with Wish Week- every kid, every wish granted.

06 wish issue

2010: Harley

The face of our very first Wish Week, Harley Shepherd arrived on the scene in 2010 with her camera and a smile. Harley was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia--a genetic disease that causes nervous system damage and consequently inhibited motor skills--at the end of her fifth grade year after struggling in soccer, a sport she had previously excelled in. Throughout her journey, Harley’s constant was her passion for photography. “When she was little I would walk upstairs and she would have a sheet hung up and her stuffed animals lined up perfectly,” Harley’s mother, Kristi Shepherd, said in the 2010 issue of, The Rock. “When I asked Harley what she was doing, she would always say, ‘Mom, it’s picture day for the animals.” Prior to becoming a Wish Kid, Harley travelled around the country with her mother, Kristi Shepard, taking photos and creating memories along the way. In places like San Diego, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, Harley transcended her condition and expressed herself through her photography. These experiences inspired her wish for photography equipment. Harley cited the permanence of this wish over the prospect of a short-lived vacation as the determining factor in her decision. “Originally I was going to wish to go to Ireland,” Harley said in the 2010 issue of The Rock. “If I went to Ireland, I would only have my wish for one moment and this is something I want forever. I want to be able to capture the moments of perfect light in my life, and if my wish is granted, I can do that.” Harley’s wish was granted in 2010, along with 3 others. The first of many, Wish Week raised $15,298.00 and established an enduring tradition.

total raised: $ $15,298.00 total wishes granted: 3

2011: Taylor

In 2011, Taylor Easterberg wished his way to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Just two years before, however, his life was not smooth sailing. In 2009, Taylor was diagnosed with stage IV Burkitts, Lymphoma and Leukemia, and had abdominal surgery to remove a tumor in his upper intestine. The subsequent year brought 8 additional surgeries, chemotherapy, and 200 days in the hospital. Throughout his trials with these illnesses, Taylor remained his bubbly self. The Harry Potter and Eminem fan immersed himself in his hobbies of building legos and watching sports, and remained a source of strength for his family. “He takes about ten minutes to warm up [to anyone]. We’ll be in line at the grocery store and he’ll come home with a phone number,” Michelle Easterberg, Taylor’s mother, said in the 2011 Wish Week issue of The Rock. “He likes everyone. He will do anything that makes someone smile.” A Finding Nemo fan and committed swimmer, 9 yearold Taylor became entranced with the idea of travelling to the Great Barrier Reef, and refuted all other options suggested to him when presented with the opportunity to make a wish. Knowing that the reef ’s lifespan has been waning for years, Taylor decidedly wanted to visit before it was gone. The $41,271.00 raised granted Taylor’s wish, as well as those of 6 other children. At the time of Wish Week, Taylor had been in remission for nearly a year. Taylor passed away March 16, 2013, and is remembered as the selfless, thoughtful, and passionate person he was.

total raised: $41,271.001 total wishes granted: 6

2012: Natalie

In 2012, Wish Week commenced on a joyful, or rather “C,” note, as Natalie conducted all 2,000 students in singing, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at the opening assembly. Known for twirling and singing at every turn, Natalie wished on a star and found herself at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At this time, Natalie was considered to be in partial remission, meaning that the cancer cells were responding to treatment but had not yet been eliminated. A year earlier, however, Natalie was diagnosed with Leukemia, and battled chemotherapy, surgeries, and even a quarantine due to a case of pneumonia. When Natalie began suffering from exhaustion and even discoloration, her parents brought her to the Sky Ridge Hospital emergency room. She was immediately sent to Denver Children’s Hospital, and diagnosed with Leukemia. Natalie’s chemotherapy treatments began immediately, due to the severity of her condition. “I knew the symptoms and was always worried, but that day, the doctor confirmed my fears,” Natalie’s mother, Danielle, said in the 2012 Wish Week Issue of, The Rock. A year later, with around 8 sessions of chemotherapy still scheduled for the coming 2 years, 5 year-old Natalie lit up the halls, always with a Barbie Doll in tow and a smile on her face. Throughout the week, her bubbly personality instilled hope and joy with the student body. “She taught me to keep a smile on my face no matter what battles I was going through because I knew nothing would compare to hers,” Ariel Bailey ‘15 said in an article for the Make A Wish Foundation. Natalie’s wish to travel to Disney World was granted, along with 7 others,’ thanks to the $44,483.42 raised throughout the week.

total raised: $44,483.42 total wishes granted: 7

2013: Mara

An outwardly shy girl, 2013 wish kid Mara brimmed with dreams, determination, and personality. Mara’s journey had been characterized by “beating the odds,” and so was the week-- the $60,587.80 raised exceeded expectations, and granted Mara’s wish to embark on a Disney Cruise. Mara was born with a rare disorder called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, or S.C.I.D.S, a gene mutation that yielded her exceedingly susceptible to otherwise avertible infections. “...If you’ve ever read about how in the 1980s there was a boy that lived in a bubble,” Mara’s mother, Dawn Dawkins, said in the 2013 Wish Week Issue of The Rock. “Mara has the same condition.” Not only this, but Mara was born with a form of dwarfism called Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia, a rare bone growth disorder that often coincides with S.C.I.D.S. Mara treaded unknown waters for years, with doctors unsure of her dwarfism’s specific categorization and an undetected case of Hirschsprung’s disease. Having been diagnosed at the age of 5, doctors were shocked by Mara’s tenacity. “Most kids--again, this is where Mara beats the odds-have ruptured their bowels before the age of 1, and she was 5 before they even caught it,” Dawn said. According to dawn, while at the National Jewish Hospital in Denver following a bone marrow transplant, which qualified her for a wish with the Make A Wish Foundation, Mara loved to draw, play, and inspire the other patients around her. Mara’s wish came true, along with those of 8 other children in 2013.

total raised: $60,587,80 total wishes granted: 8

2014: Isaac

Issac Lucero, the 2014 wish kid, adores the color red and dreamed to visit the Big Apple. At 13 years old, Issac’s wish came true when $72,500 was raised throughout the week, eventually granting 9 wishes. Rocking a red mohawk, Issac explored New York City. He was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 10 and suffered through years of seizures. Issac was also faced with the rampant effects of chemotherapy. Despite these medical issues, his long term prognosis looked bright, according to his mother, Desiree Lucero in 2014. “He had to grow up very fast. He didn’t get to be a kid,” Desiree said in the Castle Rock News Press in 2014. Isaac was too ill to attend the closing ceremony, so students waved large cutouts of his head on a stick. “There are always the stereotypes about high school students, that they have a bad attitude about everything and are self-centered,” Desiree said. “But these students do an incredible thing. During the week, Issac eagerly participated in blacklight dodgeball, powderpuff, and the basketball tournament. In the opening assembly, $13,000 was raised during the Miracle Minute, which granted Issac’s wish immediately. “It was more than Isaac could ever have dreamed of, so much more than I had ever imagined. He’d get home at night and couldn’t sleep because he was so amped up from the events. He was on cloud nine all last week,” Desiree said.

total raised: $72,517.79 total wishes granted: 9

2015: Jeremy

total raised: $67,500 total wishes granted: 8

“Hi Faith. Keep your spirits high and have fun tomorrow. GO USA. Love uuuuu XO,” Biles said on Twitter. Faith’s influence reached the Biotech 2 class, where they 3D bioprinted the words “Wish 4 Faith.” “It was incredible to see how fast she formed friendships with everyone in student council and with students too. She made me realize how having a good attitude and staying positive can make any situation you’re going through a bit easier,” Caroline Frahm ‘19 said in the 2017 yearbook. total raised: $ $68,975.91

total wishes granted: 9

2018: Violet

Violet Ekern peered curiously at the sea of students through her 2016: Lucy purple-rimmed glasses. She wished to In 2016, 9 year-old Lucy Huizar’s experience another sea, a one with her love and dedication to her family favorite animal, dolphins in Disney’s distinguished both the presence she Give Kids the World Village. brought to Wish Week, and her wish Violet and her twin sister, Lilly, were itself. A lover of dolphins, Lucy admired born a few weeks prematurely. At 18 their intelligence and wished for a months old, both sisters were diagnosed chance to play with and train dolphins at with Epilepsy. They have a genetic Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, with disorder so rare that they are the only her family. two people in the world who have it. After being sent home from school “This is just our life. This is our daywith aches, pains, and a pale complexion, to-day,” Kaja Ekern, Violet and Lily’s Lucy’s mother Glenda Huizar brought mother said. “We’re used to it. So, what her to the emergency room at Children’s scares some people really doesn’t scare us Faith, the 2017 Wish Kid, learns Hospital. There, a blood test indicated anymore because we’ve had to deal with how to hula dance with her that Lucy had an abnormally low white it forever, it seems like.” family at the closing assembly blood cell count. Lucy was promptly sent Feb. 16, 2017. Violet and Lilly share a close bond, photo by J. Bartmann to the general hospital, where she was where their mother describes them as diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic sisters who finish each other’s sentences. Leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the bone Lilly’s wish to experience Disney World marrow’s white blood cells. with her family was granted previously by Rock Canyon. When Lucy began treatment, her condition seemed to During the closing assembly, Violet and Lilly received improve drastically. a video shout out from Imagine Dragons, due to a Rock “Later that night [following treatment], I was able Canyon alum with connections. Student council revealed to see my baby girl back again,” Glenda said in the 2016 that total of $64,305 was raised and a total of eight Wish Week Issue of, The Rock. “She was up dancing, wishes, including Violet’s was granted. which I hadn’t seen for quite a few months. She was up “Having so many people care about pur family when dancing and playing with her sister, and laughing. Just you guys know nothing about us and kind of adopt us being Lucy.” into your school and into your lives is pretty phenomenal,” Lucy often struggled with her body’s unusual responses Kaja said. to antibiotics and blood transfusions, but found strength total raised: $64,305.00 from her parents, grandmother, and nephew, Emmanuel. total wishes granted: 8 “There are days I see her not feeling good at all and she will still go up and say, ‘I want to hold Emmanuel.’ She 2019: Michael gets up and puts up that fight to get that strength to hold Last year, 5 year-old wish kid Michael’s feet dangled the baby,” Glenda said in the 2016 Wish Week Issue of, off the olive-colored couch at the Make A Wish The Rock. Foundation’s office. Lucy extended her wish to her family, as well. She “My wish is to go to Disney World,” Michael said. got to experience Discovery Cove, as well as explore The walls adorned with Disney-themed decorations, surrounding areas of Florida, with her family, as a result especially Mickey Mouse ones, we celebrated Michael’s of the $73,094.85 raised throughout the week. Along perseverance in light of his journey with Leukemia. At the with Lucy, 10 other children got to experience their wish time, Michael was considered to be in remission. in 2016. “We found out [that Micheal had Leukemia] May 8. total raised: $73,094.85 He was a bit low, he also had bruises that kind of came total wishes granted: 7 out of nowhere,” Venus, Michael’s mother, said in her 2019 interview with RCTV. “About an hour later, he was 2017: Faith diagnosed with Leukemia.” In 2017, Faith Sullivan stepped into the gym spotlight, In spite of his illness, Michael exuded energy alluding to her dream to bask under the Hawaiian sun. throughout the week, and especially at his opening Adorned with a pink flower lei, she learned how to hula assembly. As student council members Emma Brieske and dance in front of the school during the closing assembly. Ashley Mercer ‘19 introduced Michael as the wish kid, he Her wish was granted when $68,975.91 was raised. Faith excitedly ran to them at the middle of the gym floor and attended the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii, introduced himself. where she was the honorary hula dancer. When I first saw Michael, I was so shocked to see how Faith was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, happy he was even after everything he had been through,” a cancer in her blood and bone marrow that affects her Mackenzie Stafford ‘19 said in the 2019 yearbook. “I white blood cells. According to her mother, Chelsey thought he was absolutely adorable.” Sullivan, Faith’s prognosis is on an incline and her “My hope for Wish Week is for Michael to make a lot numbers continue to improve. of brand new friends,” Venus said. This is the best thing “It was really cool watching everyone run at once to that you guys could do.” the center after the countdown. It’s weird to think that Michael left Wish Week with not only a trip to everyone ran to the center for me, I hope nobody got Disney World, but a plethora of new friends. Throughout hurt,” Faith said in the 2017 yearbook. the week, students raised $62,086.99, and ultimately The hallways were decorated with Hawaiian-themed granted 8 wishes. fish, balloons, streamers, and signs while students dressed Michael passed away Oct. 11 2019, and is remembered in Hawaiian shirts as a sign of support for Faith. Her wish as his caring, energetic, and joyful self. was posted on social media frequently, which attracted total raised: $62,086.99 the attention of her idol, Olympian Simone Biles. Biles total wishes granted: 8 tweeted positively in an encouraging message to Faith.

wish issue 07

Jeremy Griffin’s 2015 wish was pie-in-the-sky-- almost literally. An imaginative 7 year-old, Jeremy wished for it to rain hotdogs. As the, “Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator” is only a figment of the 2009 film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Jeremy made a concession and wished for a trip to Disney World. Little did he know at the time, Rock Canyon’s Wish Week aims to grant each and every wish, no matter how up in the air. In 2014, Jeremy was diagnosed with stage III Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a cancer formed in cells of the immune system. Jeremy’s younger sister and best friend, Natalie, had been diagnosed years earlier with Type 1 diabetes, and was an important source of support. “The only way any of us got through the past nine months is just by [focusing on] ‘what do we do today?’,” Jeremy’s mother, Jennifer Griffin said in the 2015 yearbook. “Then I worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

Three months before Wish Week, Jeremy finished chemotherapy, and was considered to be in maintenance at the time of Wish Week. Even when in the midst of treatments and hospitalizations, Jeremy held his spirits high and lifted others up in the process. “When he would see new kids in the oncology unit, somebody who he hadn’t met before, he would make a point to go and talk to them,” Jennifer said. At the closing assembly, an abundance of hot dogshaped balloons descended from the ceiling-- not only did Jeremy travel to Disney World, but his original wish to witness hot dogs rain from the sky came true. The student body raised $67,500 throughout the week, and granted 8 other childrens’ wishes.

meeting Fabian

the rock volume 16 no. 2 february 21, 2020 spread design Amanda Brauchler


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08 wish issue

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1. Just “Write” Student Council leaders laugh while watching Carlos and Fabian draw Super Mario Bros characters on the wall Jan. 21. As per tradition, every Wish Kid and volunteer at the Make a Wish Foundation signs their name on the wall. Photo by: A. Brauchler 2. When You Wish Upon a Star Yearbook Editor in Chief, Emma Shea ‘20, reads the signatures on the walls at the Make a Wish Foundation Jan. 21. Every Wish Kid’s signature is marked by a mirrorized star, stuck to the wall. Photo by: K. Rex 3. Make a Mark Student Council leader, Izzy Daboub ‘20 signs her name on the wall at the Make a Wish Foundation, before meeting the 2020 Wish Kid Jan. 21. StuCo planned the decorations for Wish Week during their seventh period class, using the information they learned from meeting Fabian. Photo by: A. Brauchler 4. Quiet on Set Seniors Nick Quam and Sage Wheeler set up their film equipment before Fabian Jan. 21. Wheeler,


Quam and Matt Meijia were tasked with creating the video that introduces the school to the Wish Kid at the opening assembly. Photo by: A. Brauchler 5. Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo Fabian and his younger brother, Carlos, playfully fight each other while wearing large Minion costumes Jan. 21. After donning the costumes, the brothers danced to Uptown Funk and ran around the conference room at Make a Wish. Photo by: A. Brauchler 6. Lights, Camera, Action Nick Quam ‘20 instructs his RCTV peers, Sage Wheeler ‘20 and Matt Meijia ‘20, on how to set up the lights and audio Jan. 21. The three arrived at the Make a Wish Foundation well before Fabian and his family, to prepare for their interview. Photo by: A. Brauchler 5. Lo-go for It Student Council teacher, Katherine Hartline, points a potential t-shirt design out to Izzy Daboub ‘20, Mia Jackson ‘20 and Jacob Zuckermandel ‘21, while debating on what logo to choose Jan. 21. The shirts were decided upon by a vote in Student Council. Photo by: A. Brauchler

Profile for the rock

Pre-Wish Week Issue of the Rock  

The second issue of the Rock in the 2019-2020 school year. The issue came out just after the Opening Assembly for Wish Week, Feb. 21, 2020....

Pre-Wish Week Issue of the Rock  

The second issue of the Rock in the 2019-2020 school year. The issue came out just after the Opening Assembly for Wish Week, Feb. 21, 2020....

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