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Londa R. Marks founder of Londa R. Marks Studio & Rock Legend News, Firenze, Italy non-profit organization promoting art & music. Londa R. Marks Studio & Rock Legend News are a division of Alchemist Publishing LLC.



Since 1972 artist Londa R. Marks has been part of the music, arts and entertainment sector. Londa R. Marks and Doug Marks were founders and developers of music publisher Metal Method Productions, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA., 1980 and rock band HAWK in Hollywood, California with radio airplay for HAWK album during the 1980’s. HAWK played Hollywood venues alongside rock bands such as: Motley Crue & Poison. Londa founded Alchemist Publishing, LLC in 1993 and after locating to Firenze, Italy in 2014 founded Rock Legend News for music, music arts, news, interviews and reviews. Londa R. Marks is also admin for Pete Way Facebook Group.


ROCK LEGEND NEWS IS PUBLISHED AT LONDA R. MARKS STUDIO, FIRENZE, ITALY AUGUST 2016 INTRODUCTION PUBLICATION VOL. 1 ISSUE 1 - HOW TO SELL YOUR OWN MUSIC ISBN: 1-935615-97-1 978-1-935615-97-2 PUBLISHED BY: Alchemist Publishing, LLC LANGUAGE: English CONCEPT, TEXT, DESIGN: Londa R. Marks COVER PHOTO: Londa R. Marks Advertisements are not sponsors but chosen for their adherence to quality. Charles Morrill (cover photo), original HAWK vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and musician.





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How To Sell Your Own Music

Written By Londa R. Marks — July 2016

In the mid 1980’s Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder and president of Atlantic Records was considering signing popular Hollywood, California glam rock band HAWK to Atlantic Records. Just at that time turmoil within the band began and ultimately everything disintegrated due to money issues and personal differences. Being signed to Atlantic Records may have been a good thing, but maybe not; 25 years later, a HAWK album is at least still being sold by one of the original HAWK artists, Doug Marks, for $7.50– $18.00 each. If Atlantic Records had signed the band, possibly a lot of money/fame/artistic validation would have happened with HAWK but also possibly no money would have been made for the artists. In some cases however, selling your own albums can give you control over what you earn.



HAWK was founded by and sponsored by Londa R. Marks and Doug Marks. HAWK band lineup was Doug Marks (Metal Method guitar instructor, guitarist), Scott Travis (drums, Judas Priest), Lonnie Vencent (bass, BulletBoys & King Kobra), Charles Morrill (vocals). HAWK album included David Fefolt (vocals), Matt Sorum (drums, Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Hollywood Vampires, Motorhead), Dave Tolly & Steve Ayola (keyboards), Mark Edwards (drum tech), Mixed by Duarne Baron, Alex Woltman & Kevin LaHue at Pasha Music House, Hollywood. Originally mastered at Greg Fulginiti, Artisan Sound Records, Hollywood.


of how emotional and creative you are you have to make money. If you work hard for someone else, you can do the same for you. And, years from now you will appreciate yourself for having done so.


The Hawk album was recorded in 1986 as a Doug Marks solo project after the original band dissolved earlier that year.





Taking Responsibility For Your Creative Inventions What you produce, your art, your songs - your products - which is what they are - products, can either make someone else a nice living, or, if you are smart, can make yourself a nice living. Being signed to a record label usually happens for one reason; it isn’t because they adore you. They are investors, signing you because you can make them money, dead or alive and sometimes more when you are dead.

Create it, Copyright it, Publish it, & Sell it 1. Copyright your songs, art and album title. 2. Offer downloadable songs first to gain cash to press vynl, CD, DVD and such. 3. Sell your album yourself with PayPal buttons on your website, Facebook or store. Copyright your name, art, songs, etc., (about $35). Look at your country’s govern-

ment copyright website. Make sure it is a government copyright website. U.S. Copyright website is: Though everything can be more involved, if your budget is small, starting this way can be a good way to build towards a larger operation, more albums, sales and get signed if that is your goal. But more album sales doesn’t necessarily mean more money due to other costs as outlined here. The HAWK album gained radio air play because we had a strong fan base (numbers) from magazine ads for guitar lessons and sold out shows in Hollywood. Those fans purchased enough albums to gain the interest of The Album Network in Los Angeles who talked to radio station programmers around the U.S. and worked with radio syndicated programming (In The Studio, various World Album Premieres). If a small, strong fan base will buy what you are selling it can escalate from there. Eventually we had sponsors like Carvin supplying guitars, mixing boards and other equipment, Jackson Guitars and so on. But we proved our value and gave them advertising in what we did as well.




Dio Guitarist Craig Goldy Said:

Check out this extremely talented


artist Londa R. Marks!!!! Go to her page and see if she has more there but these are fantastic! And she too should be a world renown artist!!



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“Few bassists did more to elevate the profile of the Thunderbird than Pete Way.” …”flaying the watching hordes, like he was the best bass player in the world, which, to many, he also was.” (is) —Alexo, “Way Up: Pete Way,” Bass Guitar Magazine, December 1, 2015

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UFO “Strangers In The NIght” Album Artwork includes: Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Michael Schenker, Andy Parker, Paul Raymond. 6.6K - Facebook Likes 212 - Facebook Shares

“BasiSst Pete Way IS ACUTELY AWARE OF WHAT MADE THE BAND SO MAGICAL.” —Kirk Blows 1992 Metal CD Music Magazine Vol 1. No. 1

The Sunset Strip Poster designed and executed with Bic pen, by Nic Van Hees, created for the CrĂźefest Hollywood Thursday, July 28th, 2016. Hawk logo is in the center. This is the second poster Nic created that includes Hawk. The first one was in 2015.


Festival Formula Many artists want to go from the garage to

festival level. And those who have been at festival level years ago want to go back to festival level but may have lost the magic formula to put them back there just yet possibly due to member changes or other. This magic formula generally entails numbers which equal profit. Numbers of fans, numbers of album/merchandise sales, Facebook charisma (numbers of ‘likes’/fans on a regular basis) and or having played constantly at venues where the band draws - numbers - soldout shows - all based on longevity - because you can’t have the numbers without having the time behind you to build them. Numbers can also come from your own YouTube live streaming. https:// com/youtube/answer/2474026?hl=en Before putting on shows through video or live video format with Youtube and such make sure your website, Facebook and or store is up-


dated with current information - not old info with old dates, stores that don’t work, broken images and such. It has to look like you care and are professional. Look at it as if you are the prospective buyer. Would you book your band at your venue? Would you buy from you? If not, why? Part of the Festival Formula: Study bands from the 70’s. Many are still highly popular for good reasons: well crafted songs, excellent vocalists and musicians who rehearsed months before playing, played small venues before hitting big venues, were generally sexy, alluring, had mystique, a bigger than life persona and were willing to go through what it takes to create an awe-inspiring show. An awe-inspiring show can also be done as a live show in your locale. Build or rent an awesome stage, hire a videographer, graphic artist, wardrobe and such as partners for a percentage of the live show/album sales.


Offer downloadable music which can be sold, for example, by paying about 2.5% based on sales to, DigitalGoodsStore. com, includes music section. But typical stores like use First Data and Your money goes directly into your bank account, not someone elses who promises you “royalties.” Research everything before you apply it to ensure you are not agreeing to give away any types of rights to your work or products just because you integrate with their system. Some stores may do that. Sell downloadable albums first so you can use that money to invest in physical product. It is also a good test to see how well your product sells. After about 5 -10,000 downloads then consider physyical product. You don’t need to sit on inventory indefinitely. Business is an art, so look at it that way. Group Pages on Facebook, Personal Pages on Facebook, several Facebook pages, a Linkedin Account with 99+ endorsers for your

skills can add to your cache of accomplishments and shows diligence and professionalism. The ultimate goal is to have a successful album that produces an income for you and keeps you financially able to continue creating. But to be successful there has to be a solid foundation for the album and those that follow.

Facebook Groups are Invaluable Many Facebook Groups are built by fans who have enthusiam for that artist or band adding more fans and potential fans. On 23 January, 2015, I built Pete Way Facebook Group and quickly reached over 11,000 members.That includes 11,000 fans and potential fans who receive email alerting them each time something is posted in the Group; one of Facebook’s valuable gifts. Pete Way has contributed to rock music since the late 1960’s, is a founder of UFO, has played with Ozzy Osbourne and his own bands: Waysted and Pete Way Group.


Promotions: Photographers, Videographers & Graphic Artists Videos and photos are enthusiastically harvested and replanted to express the fan’s love for their favorite artists while also advertising for the band, artist and or photographer. Any business needs a really good graphic artist; someone as committed to your work as you are, who enthusiastically loves what you do. They can inspire you and keep you motivated, give you ideas and vice versa. Just as you package your music, you must package you and or your band and promote, stay in the limelight, become familiar to current and potential fans. Many artists and designers will work for credit or out of love for you and your music. Bands tend to not want to display photos for fear of fans taking them and selling them. This can and does happen but celebrities must have photos they release to the public for enthusiastic fans to post on their Facebook. Consider the amount of money you could pay advertising agencies to create ads that people hate and click through at ‘<Skip Ad.>’ If fans end up sell-


ing your pics, yes, you could lose money, but you may lose more money by paying advertising agencies to try to force ads upon people who don’t want them. Fans put more faith in their friends than conventional ads. It’s a trade-off to seriously consider. Advertising agencies can be seen as part of the hated establishment to fans. Even if someone didn't want it before, if a friend or someone else wants it, they want it. Value is put on that which is desired by someone else. Allot several hundred or thousand photos for release to the public. Make a deal with the photographer. Without the artist they have no photos. A thousand photos are not that many considering it generally takes hundreds if not thousands of photos to get that one perfect magazine or album cover photo. Photo shoots should include photos for fans to promote you.

Merchandise Print-on-demand merchandise may be a good option but check to see if they own rights to your products. They will still have your graphics and could store it for later sales on ebay or such. Print your own t-shirt iron-on logos.


Thousands of Fans Want to Market You - For Free! Thanks to Facebook your fans are working harder than ever for you now. Give them material to work with. Let them market you. There is no marketing better than testimonials from fans. When they post your photos and videos on their Facebook pages, the potential for thousands of people to see it is incredible. There was no Facebook in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s yet there were Woodstock type festivals. Think what can happen now!




Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right. —Henry Ford

Magazine or Booklet

" is a great online magazine tool for even more promotional ideas. Upload your pdf and Issuu turns it into a magazine, booklet or catalog format such as this publication. It’s free and offers assorted paid plans. Of course it helps to have graphic artists compile your info into a pdf for a great magazine, booklet or catalog but this wonderful tool can also help you post photos and information about your band or yourself by embedding it into Facebook where people can dowload or share and post to their Facebook pages. Issuu can be a great tool to help sell, ar-

chive, showcase your merchandise, albums and information. You may want to promote certain music equipment you use which could end up helping you get sponsors, keep sponsors, or gain more sponsors - depending on how great your publication is and how great of a band or musician you may be.

Your Album Campaign Your precious product, your album, should be treated like gold. Because it is your gold. You are going to invest in something that will give you a financial return possibly as long as you live. On YouTube Official Videos be sure to add a URL to where your album can be purchased. Install advertising on your videos to receive some compensation each time your video is played. The back end of YouTube has those details.



Publishing Your Own Work Choosing to take control and build your own music business could be the wisest choice you ever make. Not only will you have complete control over your art/products, you will have complete control over the sales of your art/products for as long as you want. Wait until your album is published to post any of it. Don’t keep advertising your album with a cover that is not going to be the final cover or snippets of your music. Things change and fans get confused and tired of your album before it is even released. You want to publish your music because of the money. If you want all the money due from a public performance of your song, from, for example, radio play, the song must be published by a music publisher and registered with a performing rights organization. There are two ways to get your music published, find an honest music publisher who’s willing to take you on as a client, or publish your own music. Some songwriters establish a music publishing company with the intention of publishing only their own material. Songwriters who retain their publishing rights earn both the writer’s share and the publisher’s share of any income their songs generate. In addition to earning twice the money, the other major benefit to self-publishing is that you control all creative and business decisions regarding your songs. Yes, you can remain smaller this way, but you may make more financially and for a longer period of your life than if you are signed to a record company who sends you around the world dazzling you so much that you forget about money - as they siphon it off. For those who are able to secure placements of their material and generate income without relying on a publisher, self-publishing may be ideal. One option to publishing is through BMI. An application form can be downloaded by clicking on: http://www.bmi. com/forms/affiliation/bmi_publisher_kit.pdf. There is a $150 fee for solely owned publishing companies to affiliate; $250 for partnerships, corporations, and limited- liability companies. There is no fee to affiliate with BMI as a writer. (Source: BMI)

Very Important, Read Complete BMI Publishing Article: how_to_ start_your_own_music_publishing_company Even if your goal is to be signed to a major record label you will still be expected to work Online and off, do shows to sell your albums and chances are the record company still makes more money than you will. And, it can take a year or more before you see any royalties, if that. If you sell your album completely on your own, you could start seeing money come in the day you post it for sale.

Performing Rights Organization You can choose between three organizations: ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Look them up on the Internet, gather information on them and choose one. Choose the right name. You should choose a name for your music publishing business. It’s suggested that you pick 3 names out, and choose for the last one, if you are lucky that name will be available. The organizations do not want any chance that the money you should be receiving from your songs is going to someone else, so they will reject names that are even similar to names already registered with theirs or another organization. Form your business. After the name clearance, you should form a business in your state or country where you have a registered agent. This business formation process might be as simple as filing an assumed business name. If your


business is just going to be you, then this simple process is Okay. However, if more than one person is involved in the business, co-writers, band mates, etc., it’s strongly recommended that you form a more structured business, for example, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation. The operating agreement or by-laws for the business should address who does what, who owns what, how members are compensated, how new members join, and how members can leave. Some organizations charge a non-refundable application fee and some require “proof” that you are a real music publisher. That’s one reason why it is important to put the publishing information on the CD and liner notes - proof that you are a real music publisher. While you can complete the application yourself, you may save time by getting help from someone experienced. In the music industry, a music publisher (or publishing company) is responsible for ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. Through an agreement called a publishing contract, a song-

writer or composer “assigns” the copyright of their composition to a publishing company. In return, the company license compositions, helps monitor where compositions are used, collects royalties and distributes them to the composers.

YouTube Making Money from Your Music on YouTube: What you need to know!

Advertising Google and Bing are good places to advertise if you don’t want to take time daily on Facebook. You can start an advertising campaign for about $25 a day. Turn it on and off when you want. But, you can also advertise on Facebook for free and at very low costs around $15-$25 a day,


all day/night long with an Artist Page, Group and store. If you are working Facebook anyway and have a store connected you generate more sales.

Radio Airplay Have your own radio station: gclid=CNG8ko3G7coCFclPgQodmRICtw&gclsrc=ds This can be a full time job though. Get radio stations to play your music. You will need a tracking system to collect royalties each time your song is played. Leonard Kaye advertises his radio show and New Artists Group daily. Post your new work on his Group. He may play your song/album on his radio station and advertise it too!

“Get Your Music Heard, Post Your Music Here:

LKCB’S New Artist/Artist Group notif_t=group_activity

Classic Stuff In Black and White


Booking Shows Probably all you need is a booking agent if you feel a need to travel or book shows, not a record label. You can create your own events, shows and such through Youtube or something like https:// View on Chrome browser for translating to English if necessary. Many booking agents can be found on Linkedin and Facebook. Linkedin has many music professionals. I would suggest that you have a Linkedin account and do extensive research to find the best booking agent. Professional musicians, crew and such are also seeing the advantage of having a Linkedin account for purposes of not only selling their work but networking with other music professionals.The network is quality. Reviews, interviews and such can be released through this venue.

Management Management may be needed to work with promo-

tions, social media, art, tech department, sales, business communications, contracts, ensuring the artist is seen in the best light possible, has a sense of well-being, protect them. If a manager is hired that manager must truly love that artist/band and relate to their idea of who they are, ensuring promotions are in constant play. It is someone who becomes practially a band member. Manager pay should not be more than the artist for any reason because without the artist the manager has nothing. In fact, before hiring a manager draw up an agreement/contract or have an attorney do so - and or, hire an attorney to read their contract. This is extremely important. UNDERSTAND what you are agreeing to. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be dazzled by being signed to a manager, record label or anyone. Ultimately, you will not be dazzled by them. Emotions must be left out of this. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life, life does happen.Things beyond your imagination can happen. Be wise about this. Get a trusted friend or family member to


review any contracts you sign. I have found that any time I have to hire a lawyer, I have to hire another lawyer to watch that lawyer then I have to watch both. A good example of this is that of Grand Funk Railroad and their manager Terry Knight. Mark Farner’s suspicious intuition was right about Terry but he didn’t follow through on it. Terry was a good manager - to a point. In the beginning he loved the band, knew how to dazzle and lead them, appeared to be a ‘friend’ - but ultimately Terry took egregious advantage of the band. Terry has said, “They had only 3 months left on the contract.” He knew it. They may have known it, may not have understood the ramifications; regardless,Terry was supposed to manage them, was paid to manage them, and should have worked with them, protected them on that instead of suing them for $57 million dollars. Greed became more important than doing his job or friendship at that point. “By 1971 Grand Funk Railroad had sold over 10 million records in just over 2 years. On June 5, 1971 tickets went on sale for a Grand Funk concert in New York Shea Stadium. The only other band to have played Shea was the Beatles in 1965. Grand Funk Shea Stadium sold out in 72 hours. It took the Beatles 7 weeks. Mark Farner said, “There were no words exchanged. When I looked over at Mel, he was just like, can you believe this, we’re 3 guys from Flint Michigan, a garage band, on stage at Shea Stadium in front of 50,000 people!” ....Living on $350 (dollars) a week...”

Valuable Articles Posted on Facebook by Tracii Guns NY Times Royalty Rules Unaltered media/justice-department-wont-alter- music-industry-royalty-rules.html?_r=0 Forbes Crushing Blow to Songwriters crushing-blow-to-songwriters/#7fffcef11127


iTunes Sales Signing up to offer your music on iTunes is free - however, they eventually make you pay one way or another. And personally, as a customer I have to sign up to a monthly account whereas I may not use it monthly. Once you add your credit card, good luck getting them to stop charging recurring billing. I prefer to purchase directly from the artist. Additional details on the sales terms are available during the sign-up process. Be sure to read it. sell-content/music-faq.html You may need a Universal Product Code (UPC) and International Standard Recording Code (ISRC). UPC stands for: Universal Product Code. It has 12 digits and identifies a product such as an album, single or EP. An ISRC Code stands for: International Standard Recording Code is a standard code for identifying songs. So for instance an EP which has 5 songs has: • 1 EAN Code (which describes the product) • 5 different ISRC Codes, one unique code forevery song. • The ISRC system is the key to royalty collection for recordings in the digital information age. (Radio play, etc.) • ISRC is a unique, reliable, international identification system. • ISRC provides a unique tool for the purpose of rights administration. • ISRC is a useful identification tool in the electronic distribution of music. • ISRCs are readable by hardware already used in the recording industry. • ISRCs can be used without requiring investment in special equipment or technologies. • ISRCs are a mandatory requirement of Official Chart governing bodies. • A UPC (12 Digit Universal Product Code number) or EAN (13 digit European Article Number) is simply a number which can be exclusively associated with your Album, EP, Single or Merchandise Item. Unlike an ISRC number which is used to identify an individual recording a UPC or EAN number is used to identify a group of recordings or a physical product.Arkade recommends that you use an EAN number which can be purchased for a small charge without requiring that you be-

come a member of an issuing agency. This single license option has been designed for independent music makers and small labels. To apply visit www. A wide range of software options to generate barcodes are available and GS1 provides a free service to check the validity of your barcode. For more information on UPC, EAN and barcodes visit the GS1 site at Both identifiers are required for all audio delivered to iTunes. The Universal Product Code (UPC) uniquely identifies an album and helps to ensure that you are marketing the right album. The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) uniquely identifies individual songs. Once the album is complete, recorded, packaged and ready to post for sale I would consider posting the album for sale on a few online sales outlets but most importantly, have your own store under your control where you can monitor sales and stats. (To be continued in next issue...)

HAWK VIDEOS & YOUTUBE VIEWS HAWK was: Doug Marks (guitar, guitar instructor Met-

al Method Productions), Scott Travis (drums, Judas Priest), Lonnie Vencent (bass, BulletBoys & King Kobra), Charles Morrill (vocals).

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Hard As Nails and Overkill YOUTUBE Views: 6,534 Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Fades So Fast YOUTUBE Views: 19,512 Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Let the Metal Live YOUTUBE Views: 24,082 Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Bang Bang YOUTUBE Views: 8,128 HAWK ALBUM

HAWK album included David Fefolt (vocals), Matt Sorum (drums, Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Hollywood Vampires, Motorhead), Dave Tolly & Steve Ayola (keyboards), Mark Edwards (drum tech), Mixed by Duarne Baron, Alex Woltman & Kevin LaHue at Pasha Music House Hollywood, originally mastered at Greg Fulginiti Artisan Sound Records, Hollywood, CA.

Hawk - The Dream (1985) YOUTUBE Views: 40,327

9 videos of one show at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA, and one album.

Hawk - Tell the truth (High Quality) YOUTUBE Views: 273,107

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Burnin' Leather YOUTUBE Views: 5,392

Hawk - Into The Sky YOUTUBE Views: 15,391

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - No One to Love YOUTUBE Views: 50,974

Hawk - Victims YOUTUBE Views: 8,004

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Bang Bang YOUTUBE Views: 8,128

Hawk - Fades So Fast YOUTUBE Views: 11,695

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Witches Burning YOUTUBE Views: 34,364 Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Let the Metal Live YOUTUBE Views: 24,082

Hawk - Can’t Fall in Love YOUTUBE Views: 18,337


The Internet is not going away anytime soon so here is another reason to get in control and sell your own music from your own website. Shared from:

The Metal Syndicate (Like Their Page)

Roger Daltrey (Vocalist for The Who): There's no music industry anymore, why would we make an album? (by Stef Lach - Team Rock) 4 June 2016 [Excerpt] Roger Daltrey tells Rolling Stone: "We've talked about it, but it's not going to be easy. There's no record industry anymore. Why would I make a record? "I would have to pay to make a record. There's no royalties so I can't see that ever happening. There's no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don't know. "I'm certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can't afford to do that. The Who frontman says the internet has stolen the record industry and gives musicians

no incentive to make new music Roger Daltrey says The Who are unlikely to ever release another album because the internet has "stolen" the music industry. The frontman admits he and guitarist Pete Townshend have discussed the possibility of making a follow-up to 2006's Endless Wire, but as it stands he can't see it happening. The Who unveiled standalone single Be Lucky in 2014 and at the time, Daltrey hinted that a full album would follow. But he tells Rolling Stone: "We've talked about it, but it's not going to be easy. There's no record industry anymore. Why would I make a record? "I would have to pay to make a record. There's no royalties so I can't see that ever happening. There's no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don't know. "I'm certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can't afford to do that. I've got other things I could waste the money on." Asked why the record industry is in the state that it's in, Daltrey adds: "Well, it's been stolen. The way the Internet has come about has been the biggest robbery in history, like musicians should work for nothing. "You get paid for streaming, my ass. There's no control. Musicians are getting robbed every day. And now it's creeping into film and television, everything now. "You notice, the Internet is a slowly but surely destructive thing in all ways. I don't think it's improved people's lives. It's just made them


do more work and feel like they're wanted a bit more, but it's all bollocks. "They feel like they're wanted because they got 50,000 Facebook likes or whatever, and it's all bollocks. Look up for a while. Live in the real world." In the same interview, Daltrey discusses The Who's early tours with the Beatles, his admiration for Eddie Vedder and the aims of his Teenage Cancer charity. The Who will play at October's California mega-festival Desert Trip, along with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. They are also on the bill for the Mad Cool Festival in Spain on June 16 and the Azkena Rock Festival, also in Spain, on June 18. On Saturday, June 11, The Who headline the Isle Of Wight Festival.



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The Metal Syndicate Like & Share Their Page The Metal Syndicate is expanding the family We are looking for: - DJ's (1 two hour show per week, live or recorded, format up to you). - Writers: to contribute for cd reviews, interviews (written, audio or video), live shows reviews/interviews/photos). More info

Craig Goldy DIO Songwriter, Guitarist With Niji Management

Resurrection Kings with drummer Vinny Appice, bassist Sean McNabb and vocalist Chas West recording was released January 26, 2016 on Frontiers Records.



With DIO Guitarist Craig Goldy

Written By Londa R. Marks Unaltered and Originally Published By Tempi-Dispari, Rome, Italy and Rock Legend News 2014 Visit Craig Goldy Facebook In October 2014, Goldy was announced as part of the 2015 XG Extreme Guitar Tour line-up alongside Uli Jon Roth and Vinnie Moore. Goldy is set to perform with his all-star band Black Knights Rising, featuring drummer Vinny Appice, vocalist Mark Boals, keyboardist Allesandro Bertoni, and bassist Elliott Rubinson. And, January 2016, Craig Goldy released a new collaboration called Resurrection Kings with drummer Vinny Appice, bassist Sean McNabb and vocalist Chas West. The recording was released January 26, 2016 on Frontiers Records. (Wikipedia)


the rhythms and solo-wise as much as possible…. firstly, out of respect for the original creator….and then….most anyone can do most anything in the studio, with over-dubs and second and third chances to get it right…..but not in a live situation….. so I try to give a “CD” quality performance to the fans that are expecting to hear what was originally played and created for on the CD of the songs we play live…..and then add a little me to it. Over-all, my approach to music, is trying to come up with something new and unexpected! With the band I am starting now on my own, my approach is going to be, writing music that is fresh enough to be considered unique, yet familiar enough to get a warm welcome on the first listen. There will be some twists and turns that will be unexpected and with the highest quality of musicianship that my band and I can both create, record and perform. I will be doing this, while trying to use all that I have learned over the many years of working side by side with Mr. Ronnie James Dio……in such a way….that I can only hope would’ve made him proud.

Q: What has been your approach to music Craig?

Q: As well as playing with Dio, you are known for having played with Rough Cutt and Giuffria. Will you tell us some of your memories with them?

CG: My approach to music is that of a fan first and foremost….I’m a fan… I still have that excitement inside for this type of music… when it comes to writing and recording, I try to come up with something that I would be excited about as a fan myself…..when it comes to performing….I like to try and “sound” like the album versions both with

CG: Rough Cutt was actually the time that I first met Ronnie. I had heard from one of the band members the night before the audition for Rough Cutt, that Ronnie wanted to meet me, and that he would be there for the audition. Meet me…..ha!! I wanted to meet him!!


Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy continued... He was inspired by my audition and asked to sit in on the rest of it with me and the guys, we did “Man on the Silver Mountain” and “Heaven and Hell” together! Then he asked me to play one of my riffs that I wrote to see if it would work with their sound…..and he sang on that too!! It was at a concert that Rough Cutt was headlining, when Mr. Gregg Giuffria approached me afterwards to see if I would be willing to check out his new project….I was staying at Ronnie’s house at the time and knew this would be risky…….I see visions sometimes….as weird as that might sound….when I heard Gregg’s new band ….I saw a vision….and said to myself…. ”This is going to be big”……this situation was not an easy one for me… see, I came from living in a car on the streets of San Diego to get away from the physical and verbal abuse I was getting from my family…Ronnie heard my demo tape that I made from my last $20 from giving guitar lessons…..and he and Wendy actually rented amplifiers and cables for me to do the audition for Rough Cutt, because I only had a guitar……Ronnie was and still is my favorite singer of all time….and he was the voice I turned to when in times of trouble and pain from my family……Gregg Giuffria had a bad reputation around town at the time…. and Rough Cutt was getting a record deal on Warner Bros. records…….so I was faced with leaving the new family that I have just been welcomed into with open arms headed by no other than Mr. Ronnie James Dio, a record deal with Warner Bros. (the same record com-

pany as Ronnie and Deep Purple) and join up with a guy with a bad reputation and no security of a record deal or of any security of any kind…….but I saw what I saw….and heard what I heard in my head that day…….so I left…..everyone except for Ronnie thought that I was crazy!!! But less than a year later…. Rough Cutt was dropped off the label and Giuffria had a hit song and a hit album in the top 40, touring with Deep Purple (my favorite band) and was number 9 in the MTV top 20 video countdown, now touring the world as the opening act for Deep Purple and then later on with Foreigner, in 20,000 seat arenas every night! Q: How did you come to join Dio? CG: While working with Rough Cutt in the studio recording demos with Ronnie as the producer and his Wife Wendy as the manager……Ronnie and I quickly became friends and gravitated towards each other in the creative process involved… much so… that one late night in the studio….Ronnie turned to me and said…..”Goldy, if Viv (the original guitarist for Dio) ever doesn’t work out….you’d be my first choice”!! this was back before “Holy Diver” had been fully recorded and released! Ronnie would have me over to his house as his guest on many occasions…..and it was just he and I…sitting around talking and laughing…. he would often go get his VCR equipment from the back room, and bring it into the front room so



Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy continued... he and I could watch old “Rainbow” videos together. When it became late, he would tell me just to stay over….he would make me a bed on the floor, with a mattress, pillows, sheets and blankets…and then he would give me a set of headphones to listen to the “Holy Diver” recordings before they were even finished……tuck me in like a father would for his son, and say “Goodnight Goldy, see you in the morning”. That would’ve been enough for me….a true fan…..but….after Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge left Ozzy, right around the same time as the “We’re Stars” recordings…..I was asked to come over to Rudy’s house and check out their project…..I needed something closer to my true roots of hard rock and heavy metal than what I was getting with Giuffria….and this was it!.......nearly a year and a half later…….Ronnie….being a man of his word….. asked me to join his band……that is why there were no auditions…..he meant what he said to me in the studio that late night so many years ago…..and simply stayed true to his word! Except this time….I was IN the band that was headlining 20,000 seat arenas every night!! Q: What was the creative process like with Ronnie James Dio? How open was he to your ideas? CG: The creative process with Mr. Ronnie James Dio, now my friend and band mate….was exactly like it was when I was in Rough Cutt….only better….and every day!! He had a work ethic second to none! His imagination was without boundaries…..and so was his skill level and talent levels! We would write and record the entire album at his house first, and then go into a proper studio, knowing full well what it was that we wanted…… Long before the hours we spent recording now meant spending money!! He could play bass, guitar, keyboards and program the drum machine……and so could I……and that meant that there were even less boundaries when it came to writing and recording… much so….that it was he and I….mostly me…..that recorded all the keyboards for “Magica” and “Master of the Moon”!! He was very open to my ideas and production assistance…..not to the point of giving me co-production credit…..but those who do their homework know where a lot of the ideas and production value came from on “Magica” especially!! We would start at 11:00am each day (only because we didn’t stop until 2:00am or 3:00am the night/morning before) and just go and go…..I don’t think I ever outlasted him….but I certainly kept up!! We would get to the point that there were no days off… we made a deal with each other…..12 days on…..2 days off…..of course, even though he had me move in with him at his house so we had 24 hour access to one another…..those 2 days were away….but not away….my mind was always there…and I’d come


home to him in the studio saying….”Goldy… gotta check THIS out”!!....but as far as being open to my ideas……let me rewind a little bit…. Back in Rough Cutt, unbeknownst to the other band members……they were all so self-absorbed that they couldn’t see past themselves …..meanwhile I’m over at Ronnie’s and he’s asking me what I’ve been working on… I play him some of my ideas….and he loved them… much so…..that when the band started submitting songs for the upcoming demo to be recorded…..he was wondering where my ideas were……they certainly weren’t in the new songs being submitted….so Ronnie took it upon himself… drive down to a Rough Cutt rehearsal….taking time away from writing and recording “Holy Diver”….walked into rehearsal and said to the guys…..”Hey, Craig has some great ideas…… you should use them……if you want to continue with me”!!…fast forward…..when it came time to write and record for what would later be called “Dream Evil”…..Ronnie called me and told me about the Dio song writing protocol…..he and Jimmy (Bain) would start and then they would bring in Viv to finish…..and so it will be with this album… I started putting ideas together……after a few weeks went by…….Ronnie called me and said that it looks like Jimmy isn’t into this as much….so…”You’re up kid”!! Little did he know that during that two week period, I had stored up over 135 song ideas and guitar riff ideas! So, that is why he and I co-wrote 8 out of the 9 songs on “Dream Evil”…one of them being the title track to the album…..and one of them becoming a hit song!!.......that is also why, it was mostly he and I writing for and recording on “Magica” and “Master of the Moon”…….and also why there’s a keyboard solo in “All the Fools Sailed away”!!! Q: You are still affiliated with Niji Entertainment Group; Ronnie Dio and his wife Wendy’s company. What are you doing with Niji now? CG: At this time, it is the “Dio Disciples” and my long standing friendship and working relationship


Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy continued... with Wendy that keeps me close to Niji! The Dio Disciples is not a full-time band, a career, a gig or a money making enterprise… is a group of guys that were IN his band, close friends of his and Wendy’s and/or close friends with the Dio family circle that get together as often as possible…..going only where we are invited ……and perform the music that this unequaled man created as well as some of the songs we wrote and recorded with him. We do this in order to keep his memory alive….in the form of a “memorial service” cloaked as a rock concert. The world was his family….and it is the world that still loves him and misses him as much as we do……so we try to do this as often as we can. There is something special that happens when a group of people all gather together in the same place, with the same hearts and minds as one another….and that is what these concerts are… there’s always a time when the “band” and the audience connect as one….and Wow!! That is just something that every true Dio fan should experience at least for once in their lifetime and NOT rely on the crappy recordings on YouTube… they may watch them with a few of their friends….but it’s not the same as the big ass speakers pumping out Ronnie’s music played the way it was meant to be played… and loud…in a room full of like-minded people!! Q: Prior to joining Dio, you were part of Ronnie’s Hear ‘N Aid project when you were in Giuffria. Was that a project dear to your heart? If so why? CG: Yes that was a project dear to my heart! Since I came from living on the streets to Headlining with my favorite singer……I promised myself that I would try to help others as much as possible!! There is a quote


from a famous educator…..Mr. Horace Mann….. that I think this project did in fact touch upon, and everyone on the planet should try to live by….” Be ashamed to die….until you’ve won some victory for mankind”…..I tell myself…..that I want to try to make at least one thing that was once “wrong” before I was born….”right” before I die…….just to keep it simpler! Q: Will you tell us about the project, Dio Disciples, with Simon Wright and Rudy Sarzo? CG: This could be combined with the Niji question above……but Rudy and Simon were both in the band when Ronnie passed….and Rudy stayed with the Dio Disciples as often as he could…..but life has a way of getting in the way at times….and since the Dio Disciples is not a full-time band, career and/ or money making enterprise….we all are forced to do many things now-a-days in order to make ends meet…..some of us have our own projects……and some of us took longer than others to get there….. moving forward into the pages of life that we all must now face without Ronnie….is and was harder on some of us more than others!! Q: Why were you chosen, or how was it decided that you would co-write the song called “Lady Luck” with David Lee Roth? CG: Actually….this is an interesting story….when I wrote with Ronnie for the Dream Evil album….Warner Bros. was impressed with me being the first Dio guitarist to write so much with Ronnie, that they signed me up as a songwriter for them….at the same time John Kalodner an A&R rep that was single handedly responsible for Aerosmith’s big come back….asked me to join Whitesnake….and David Glenn Eisley (lead singer for Giuffria) to be the lead singer for Blue Murder….when neither of those


Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy continued... two scenarios came to pass….Kalodner put Eisley and myself into the studio to record some songs…..of which he turned down…..those songs later became the property of Warner Bros……David Lee Roth was looking for guys to write with….Warner Bros. sent him those songs….he heard them and some others that I had written….and he (David Lee Roth) called me personally at home saying…”Hey man…Dave Roth here…..I really love your s**t man…let’s get together and write some s**t….do you have any other ideas you could play me?” I said yes…..even though I had nothing at that time… during this period….Mr. Roth was working with Bob Ezrin as his producer (Pink Floyd among many others)… and they wanted to change his image from “Diamond Dave” to “Dangerous Dave”….they both wanted me to come over to Bob’s house and meet…..this was on a Monday….and they wanted to meet on Wednesday…..I had 2 days……needless to say…I put my “nose to the grind stone” and one of the riffs and song ideas I came up with….ended up as “Lady Luck”!! Q: The Welsh hard rock band, Budgie, who influenced The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, (NWOBHM) and bands like Metallica, considered among the “heaviest of metal bands” in the 70’s is your next project as I understand. Is this so? And if so, who is in this band lineup aside from yourself? What are the plans? CG: Right around 2009…I was asked to be a guest guitarist for Budgie at one point to fill in until they got a full-time guitarist….they had some concerts coming up in Australia at that time….and asked me if I would do


it….so I did. They were so happy with what I brought to the table…..that they stopped looking for guitarists. Then they wanted to record a full length album with me…..thinking of calling it “Hybrid”…and just before we started a tour in Poland to try out some new material…..Burke went into emergency surgery and the doctor said that he may not be able to sing like he used to anymore… far…he’s made a full recovery….and they plan on doing another full length album, and have asked me to do it with them…..but there are now some issues with the lineup that I am not at liberty to discuss…and things are on hold. I am not a full-time Budgie guitarist, nor was I supposed to be… just kinda ended up looking like that because they were so pleased with me at the time! Q: I want to ask you the same thing I am asking others because it is a profound occurrence now. Why do you think the 80’s are re-igniting? I mean, it is like it’s 1985 in Colombia, South America; it is happening here in Italy and it is apparent all over the world that the 80’s and even the 70’s rock styles are becoming enlivened again. CG: This is a good question….and I think your readers would also want to know how and why this is happening!!…. Well, for one thing…..there are “seasons” to everything that lives…..those seasons do come and go, and you cannot set your watch or your calendar by them when those seasons are directly connected with the entertainment industry in any shape and/or form!.....however…..good is good….



Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy continued...

company guys signed them because he loved the fact that they were breaking all the existing rules…. now….at the same time….record companies were tightening their budget belts in order to recoup from the aforementioned loss….so all the 80’s guys that were used to having a $500,000 album budget….could no longer sip their $900 glasses of wine while patting themselves on the back and writing more of the same……they became resentful…..and started working less and less….putting out worse material…..meanwhile these Seattle bands were “lucky” to be doing an album for $30,000!.....and ending up selling millions upon millions of product! Now…..this is where “seasons” come into play even greater…..During the recession from “Desert Storm”……business’ were laying off and firing people left and right to save money…some of those people had families…..some of those Fathers that got laid off…..were the ones previously yelling at their kids to go to college, get a good job and to have something to fall back on if their dream of becoming a “rock star” didn’t pan out……now these Fathers are getting drunk every night cause they lost their jobs…..can’t find new ones and lost their pension….now….they start hitting the Mom’s and slapping around the kids during their drunken binges…….. When a band comes out with a “Screw the establishment” sort of song…..with a total disregard for the current “norm” in both their look AND their music….what do you think is going to happen??? At that time, you didn’t have to be a virtuo-

and great is great…When “Desert Storm” hit…..that war created a recession within the economy….then Michael Jackson demanded a billion dollar advance from the record company…which he got….and did not recoup…. once Madonna caught wind of this…..she did the very same thing…..and also…did not recoup! This caused a recession within a recession……at the same time, there were record company guys who had job security and did not need the approval of anyone to sign new bands to that record label…..there was deviant behavior going on in Seattle…..this behavior was being offered to these record company guys to have performed in their hotel rooms privately…….they went….meanwhile the local bands there thought they would never get noticed….so they weren’t writing songs according to the 80’s formula that had oversaturated the market at that same time…..causing listeners to be in “search” mode for something new. Before the deviant behavior was to be performed in the hotel room…..the girls asked the record company guys to come see their friend’s band play that night……so….they did….cause….. more girls that would “behave” in their room later that night would also be there……if there was anything going on in the 80’s….it was “The more the Merrier”!! The bands that played that night weren’t wearing flannel shirts for a fashion statement….they were cold and freezing their butts off! The music they played that night was everything opposite of the 80’s band formula…..with job security full in hand….one of the record



Interview With DIO Guitarist, Craig Goldy conclusion... so and look like a Greek god to become a “rock star”……the tables have turned drastically in the favor of the average joe……so….average music was being put out…..there are some great new bands…..but nothing like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin!! Now that the average joe has had HIS run and THAT kind of music has oversaturated the market…..forcing the listeners back into “search” mode again……meanwhile missing the music they grew up on……what do you think will happen!!!! ….Meanwhile….thank God for the video game…”Guitar Hero” and all if it’s 80’s based music that was introduced to a whole new and younger generation…..that is why we have the young AND the old, along with the market place smiling upon the 80’s based music again!!.... Hopefully we don’t screw it up this time!! This is for the last question.... and just in case anyone is wondering......this can be added.... During the “Seattle Sound”, “Grunge” and other bands and so forth that took over in the 90’s.....there were a handful of 70’s/80’s based bands that remained in the marketplace! The two main reasons for that are: 1) That they were in the top 5-10% sales bracket before oversaturation of the market occurred in the 90’s during everything that I mentioned before was taking place. 2) They were willing to adapt to modern times and not remain resentful for the smaller album budgets and still worked hard to put out quality material at the same time! To name a few: Aerosmith, AC/DC, Scorpions, Metallica, Ozzy...... you get the idea!

Mercato Centrale launches radio project The project was inaugurated by three generations of Italian musicians—lyricist Mogol, singer-songwriter Ron and rapper Ghemon— who each performed exclusive DJ sets in their own individual styles. Mogol explained his excitement about the scheme: ‘The emotion of Italian music should be cultivated, like a vegetable garden. The radio, broadcasting from this beautiful marketplace, can do that.’ Read Article at: news/2016/07/mercato-centrale-launches-radio-project/

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FRONTIERS MUSIC SRL Via Giulia Gonzaga, 18 80125 Naples (NA) ITALY CONTACT PHONE: Tel. +39/081.2399340 Fax. +39/081.2399794 E-MAIL ADDRESS:

Furnishings From k

NASSI ANTIQUE RESTORATION 'Nassi of Henry' - 5th Generation - Since 1860 Restoration of Antique Woods Via Savonarola, 31 - 56028 Ponte a Egola, PISA, ITALY My drawing table was restored and built by Enrico Nassi and antiques were restored or reconstructed by Enrico and his family.

thE art of photography Michael Northrupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art and photography includes clients such as: Capitol Records, National Geographic, Wired Magazine, PBS. This is a photo he took of my two sisters, Sherry Thomas and Colleen Potter (looking out the screen door) with ex brother-in-law Walter McVeigh and dog Lucy at Sherry and Walterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house in Moss Run, just outside of Marietta, Ohio, where we grew up. The year was 1973. Michael is owner of Strobophoto Studio-Commercial and Fine Art established in 1991.

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They Have the Good Stuff! Organic Foods & Wines.

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Art & Music St udio

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spiritual connection


Philosophy metaphysical



Florence, Italy is a city of studios and workshops of artisans painting, writing, playing music, making violins, making jewelry, sculpting, making toys and such, each with its own unique qualities. During my interior design process it was important to select furnishings for my studio that allowed each room to be a unique creative work room while sustaining the Renaissance atmosphere of the builduing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and my soul. Even the dining room has a heavy 9 ft., Renaissance style table big enough and heavy enough for art projects, music equipment or other creative endeavors, perfect for a gathering of philosophers to exhange ideas and feast with Italian Chianti and Prosecco. And it is well known that Chianti is an important tool for the creative process...


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Alchemy chemistry

Elixir Of Life


In 1993 when I started Alchemist Publishing

my studio was in San Francisco. I found a source in Egypt that sold handmade Egyptian papyrus. Not until I received the bundle of papyrus did I know what to paint on them. The painting on the left is the one that started a series, entitled, "Who Are You Really?" Actually, I never had an answer for that question. But I think I do now. My conclusion is that who I am is who we all are, alchemist’s. We take ideas and turn them into our reality. The definition of alchemy is: 'any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.' Ideas are common and ‘of little value’ until they materialize. Once the idea has been cultivated and is a reality it may appear to be magical but results occur due to that which is used to make something happen; your process of chemistry, your alchemy. There are still important elements that will makeup my studio. One important element in my studio chemistry is the bar. It is still being restored by my antique restorer and will be shown in the next issue.

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Sanctuary inviting

Pensive Moments


Art & Music St udio


Florence, Italy

Environment is particularly important to artists who are highly sensitive synchronicity to their surroundings. You become your environment, who you surround yourself with, where you live. Being in a community of creative thinkers and like-minds can evoke a positive difference in how artists function and perform. Like much of what has happened with me pertaining to Florence, Italy — since I first became aware of Lorenzo de’ Medici on his birthday January 1, 2009 (born 1449) — unusual circumstances or, kismet, revealed an available space in a Florentine building, again in the month of January of 2014. The building was built during the Renaissance period on land once owned by the Medici and during Lorenzo's rule. Since Catholic elementary school I’ve felt destined to be in Florence. Even without knowing the Italian language and on my first day in Italy, February 11, 2014, it felt like home. On Valentine’s Day, I was ready to view my studio but was informed it would not be available to be seen until — my birthday, February 26. I acquired it that day. It was made available to move into on April 1, 2014 after they lovingly brush painted it to my choice of colors. Watching the painters caress the 500 year old walls day after day was heart warming. The difficult task of becoming perPHOTO: LONDA R. MARKS - PRINT: RORY GALLAGHER (Natural Pasture Death Hide/Leather Rug, Faux Leather Sofa, Antique Furnishings) manent residence in Italy was granted March 10, 2016. My Via Tornabuoni location, named after Lorenzo de’ Medici’s mother, Lucrezia de' Tornabuoni, is a design venue where Ferragamo, Cavalli, Gucci, Bulgari and other designers also call home. Street artists and street musicians perform here near the Firenze Hard Rock Cafe, a few steps from there classical music and opera are performed in the Piazza della Signoria. World class art museums and antique galleries are all part of this thriving creative village. A lot of ups and downs, struggles, hard work and sacrfices make dreams possible, but desire and love for something draws upon an almost mystical type of strength that overrides everything else. You do things to get to that dream you aren't even aware you are doing at the time, only to be revealed later, when the time is right. I have always studied and worked on creative projects daily, but to wake up each day, look at and live in art from the Renaissance that I have loved since childhood makes me want to be more prolific. My studio has just begun. It's a work in progress. Without a work in progress though, what is life? If I could only find a way to live 300 or more years. For now though, I know I am in the perfect place suited to my concept of Art & Music synchronicity — or, serendipity. —Londa R. Marks

Music Salon

A quote I love regarding Pete Way’s band, Waysted, that is fitting to all artists:

“If they ever really grow up the magic will surely be gone.” —Paul Suter, From Waysted, "The Good, The Bad, The Waysted," Kerrang! Magazine

Art & Music St udio

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Renaissance Fare & Florentine Sunsets


Art & Music St udio

Florence, Italy

Emotion considering



Art & Music St udio

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drawing upon

Transcendent Thoughts


Art & Music St udio

Florence, Italy

2000 years ago Tonight in Pompeii Sounds of rattled stones Fill an airless atmosphere And you’re here It seems In a shadowy dream Of secret chambers And ancient dust Encased in darkness You emerge and reach For a dangerous embrace Frozen in a passion place

The Way of t he Sw ord POMP3II Passion COMPILATION: LONDA R. MARKS

©Londa R. Marks, Melodic Muse ISBN: 1-935615-95-5 978-1-935615-95-8

Art & Music St udio

Florence, Italy


The Way of t he Sw ord

love's penance

Eyes closed shut painted psychedelic pensive In hammering madness Sleep deprived burning agonizing senses Paying love’s penance Dreams scattered with never ending confusion Poetic lyrics and passion-edged tunes Codes sung on a tongue of red rot Through crusted lips burning blood-hot Paying love’s penance ©Londa R. Marks, Melodic Muse ISBN: 1-935615-95-5 978-1-935615-95-8

Art & Music St udio

Florence, Italy


The Way of t he Sw ord

Conqueriing illusion Seduced by confusion Riveted to nether The punisher's tormentor Trapped stages of suffered agony Thrust into the tragedy Railed and nailed by obscure allure Conquering an illusion evermore

ŠLonda R. Marks, Melodic Muse ISBN: 1-935615-95-5 978-1-935615-95-8


“Genius is eternal patience.” – Michelangelo Buonarroti


Rock Legend News August 2016  

“How To Sell Your Own Music,” and Hollywood Glam Rock Band Hawk.

Rock Legend News August 2016  

“How To Sell Your Own Music,” and Hollywood Glam Rock Band Hawk.