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Thirty窶色our Questions To Ask a Prospective Software Outsourcer Before you send out the next RFI

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34 Questions You Must Ask An Outsourcing Vendor

Thirty-Four Questions That Could Make or Break Deals With a Prospective Applications Outsourcer You are looking to outsource your system development and application programming. Perhaps yours is a leading-edge technology start-up, very knowledgeable and looking to strengthen your product offerings. Or yours has grown to be a very large enterprise that has a one-time requirement for very capable custom software. The search for third-party assistance can quickly become tedious and confusing. Every programming outsourcer you meet or send email to affirms that they are the best of the breed, faster, cheaper, that they have exactly what’s needed before you even send them a formal Request for Information (RFI). There are so many different types, you find out – freelancers, small companies, local contractors, full-service domestic organizations that are big names in the IT industry. But you’ve also heard about more affordable rates and efficient delivery models of India-based IT companies, and finally, dual-shore companies with onshore as well as offshore capabilities.. Herewith forty hardnosed questions to weed out the pretenders from the achievers and make sure the integrated service provider you partner with can and will meet ALL your needs.

Company Description & Background 1.

Please render brief history of your company, including how many years you have been in business.


Are you a subsidiary of any other company? If so, what company is that and please describe how autonomous your operations are.


What are the key differentiating points between yourself and your competitors?


Please submit organization chart and the credentials of your management team.


Please list the industries/verticals that you have done work for..


Please list 3 current client references with contact names and phone numbers.


(IF A LEGAL ENTITY IN THE UNITED STATES) Please state your status as a minority- or veteran-owned enterprise, if applicable.

Operations 8.

Please provide full address, contact person and details for each of your offices What are your specializations as an independent software developer and provider?

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9 Sugarberry Dr, Nashua NH 03062 Email: Phone: (888) 683 8281 Fax: (801) 991 3740

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34 Questions You Must Ask An Outsourcing Vendor


What engineering process variations, integration products and technologies do you support completely in-house? (e.g. agile, RUP, spiral, waterfall, others)

10. On what basis do you prefer to quote for software development projects? 11. Please detail the vision/mission, ISO programs (or other process management), day-to-day leadership practices and culture you will put in place to ensure a software development project will completed to the highest standards and on time.

12. What is the minimum work experience you will deploy for our development team? 13. Can you provide access to onshore and global talent?

How do you do that?

14. What kind of ongoing training do you provide your developers and how often throughout the year?

15. Describe

the working relationship between developers and QA. Are you amenable to third-

party QA?

16. Do you routinely do proof-of-concept and at what stages? 17. Describe how you will implement integrity and physical security for my project team and code. 18. What project sizes do you handle best, based on your staffing, experience, internal processes, access to resources, etc.?

19. What is the extent of internationalization and localization that you have done? 20. Do you carry insurance against general liability, errors and omissions?

Project Management 21. What can you do for me if I do not have the technical expertise in-house to define a complex project?

22. Can you guarantee that we will deal with the same Account Manager throughout the life cycle of any project we contract with you?

23. Will the Account Manager and key team members be online during working hours in my time zone? If not, please state your turnaround time for responding to client concerns relayed by phone or email.

24. Do you guarantee a monthly/weekly review with a key executive of yours in our offices? If so, will we be billed extra for this or will it be part of the project contract?

25. What options do I have for selecting the team myself? 26. Can I visit my team any time I want? 27. What tools do your developers use to streamline and accelerate projects? 28. How do you ensure that you give the most accurate time estimates in the contract? What do you do to ensure the fastest time to market? Š HyTech

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9 Sugarberry Dr, Nashua NH 03062 Email: Phone: (888) 683 8281 Fax: (801) 991 3740 All rights reserved. The content of the publication is copyrighted.

34 Questions You Must Ask An Outsourcing Vendor

29. Please define your policy on intellectual property and code re-use. 30. Whose time zone is best if I wish to contact one of your management team? 31. How do you handle a client who is not satisfied with the quality of your work? 32. What problems commonly arise in your development cycles and how do you address them? 33. Once completed, can you provide 24/7 online help and support? 34. How do you ensure bulletproof security for Web-based applications?

Why Such an Extensive List for a First Contact? In short, why try to find out so much for a first screening? Can it not wait for the stage when bidders make their respective live pitches? Well, the truth is yes, it can wait. But think of it as shortlisting your independent software providers right away. Whether you are the CIO at a Fortune 500 enterprise or the Office Manager for a tenattorney practice, chances are your working day is chockfull for days and weeks on end. Can you really afford to spend time with a dozen ISP’s all wanting half a day each to make their pitch? We at HyTech Professionals agree your time is precious. Asking tough question this early will give you: An opportunity to get down to brass tacks, beyond the general, “one-size-fits-all” you encounter on Web sites and exhibitors’ brochures. A better feel for the capabilities of those you first contacted; and, Avoid doing an RFI or RFP right away because this exponentially increases the risk of your company policies and strategies leaking to competitors. As a global provider of end-to-end solutions and software engineering services, we at HyTech Professionals share your concern that robust code is not all there is to it. Total service and savings that go straight to your bottom line are, if possible, even more critical. To this end, we have engaged with challenges with specific domain knowledge, besides tightening up management, processes and overall delivery. For more on effective outsourcing of your mission-critical applications and systems, do feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation and a quote. After all, partnership is more than just dollars and cents. HyTech Professionals LLC email:

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9 Sugarberry Dr, Nashua NH 03062 Email: Phone: (888) 683 8281 Fax: (801) 991 3740 All rights reserved. The content of the publication is copyrighted.

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Thirty‐Four Questions To Ask a Prospective Software Outsourcer