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Owning History The Antique Wardrobe

There is nothing quite like the charm of an antique wardrobe. It whispers in the language of the past, telling a long and interesting story. The past is portrayed in a patina that defines the beauty and individuality of the piece. This is not to say that a new wardrobe is completely lacking in character and beauty. There are advantages to both new and antique wardrobes. The choice of an antique wardrobe versus a new one generally comes down to personal preference. But there are certain factors that can influence your decision.

The cost of antique wardrobes can be prohibitive. The expense of any restorative work performed is added into the price. The history of the piece may have significance; therefore, you are essentially buying a piece of history. An alternative to this would be to search flea markets for antique wardrobes and do the restoration work yourself. This allows you to create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours. However, this can be a very timeconsuming task depending on the age, condition and size of the wardrobe.

Purchasing an antique wardrobe is environmentally responsible. You are buying an existing piece and preserving our natural resources. There is a very large market currently for antique wardrobes. They combine the functionality of today's furniture with the character and beauty of history, while not taking anything from the environment.

The craftsmanship of an antique wardrobe may exceed that of today's manufactured versions. A centuries old wardrobe is a statement to the extra care and skill that went into the making of it. Much of today's mass-produced furniture is unable to match the standards of craftsmanship that were employed to produce the handmade item. However, with the advancements in furniture manufacturing, the quality of mass-produced furniture is quite good.

The style choices and storage flexibility of new and antique wardrobes is equally extensive. Some of the more elaborate wardrobes of the Victorian era are reproduced today. The simple lines and styling of the Shaker style wardrobe is a popular option in today's furniture market. The variety of wood colors, stains and finishes is just as broad in the antique wardrobe as it is in the new. Design of the antique wardrobe is mimicked in today's styles. Depending on the level of restoration, differentiating between a new and an antique wardrobe can be difficult.

With the rising popularity of vintage and antique furniture, new wardrobes can be created to look like a fine antique. With paint, stain and even some carefully administered marring, the new wardrobe can take on the characteristics of an antique. Conversely, there are many antique pieces that have been completely restored to look brand new.

Owning history the antique wardrobe  
Owning history the antique wardrobe