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Rock Hall, Maryland - 5th Annual - August 10-12

Pirates& Wenches Fantasy Weekend

Special Friday Events

Friday, August 10th Pirate Costumes Encouraged at All Events!



Inn at Osprey Point

5 - 8 pm $15 for 5 tastings and hors d’oeuvres Music by The Elliots (Blake Thompson & Kate Russo)



Bay Wolf Restaurant

7 - 10 pm Pirate Performers (Song Books Provided) Heavy Seas Beer - The Heavy Seas Crew will be giving away Pirate Booty and holding fun contest: Best Grog Toast, Ugliest Pirate, Bawdiest Pirate ...and more!!!

Full Menu and Bar Will Be Available


Rock Hall, Maryland

5th Annual

Pirates & Wenches

Fantasy Weekend Grub & Grog

See Map on back page for locations

Rock Hall Avenue (Rt. 20)


1 - Bay Wolf Restaurant – Austrian & Seafood, Full Service Menu 2 - Bayside Foods – Full Service Grocery, Bakery and Deli, Carryout Beer and Wine, Ice 3 - Ford’s Seafood Restaurant – Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Full Menu and Sports Bar, Crab Cakes, Beer, Frozen Drinks 4 - J&J Seafood – Homemade Seafood, Sandwiches, Soup and Platters, (try the crab pretzel!) 5 - New Yarmouth – Hot and Cold Subs, Pizza, Steak, Breakfast, Beer and Wine 6 - Osprey Point Restaurant – Brunch and Dinner, Fine Dining and Casual Attire 7 - Pasta Plus – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 8 - Rock Hall Liquors & Deli – Carry out Deli Sandwiches, Meats and Cheeses, Carryout Beer, Wine, Liquors, Ice 9 - Shore Stop – Convenience Store, Snacks, Soda, Water, Carryout Beer, Ice

Sharp Street Pier

Main Street 10 - Durdings Store – Ice Cream and Fountain Treats, Coffee, Hot Dogs, Crab Cakes, Roast Turkey Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, BLT and Reubens 11 - Java Rock – Custom Paninis, Salads, Gourmet Sweets, Coffee, Espresso Drinks, Wine by the Glass/Bottle, Beer 12 - The Kitchen at Rock Hall – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 13 - Concessions: Funnel Cakes, Italian Ice, Ice Cream, Kettle Corn, Hot dogs, French fries, Crab Cakes, Seafood Baskets, Gyros, Italian Sausage, Lemonade, Smoothies, Soda, Water, Quesadillas ...and much, much more! 14 - Maggie’s Tavern: Full Service Bar

C - Waterman’s Crab House and Dock Bar - Waterfront Dining, Steamed Crabs, Crab Cakes, BBQ Ribs, Lunch and Dinner, Full Service Menu and Bar

Bayside Avenue D - Harbor Shack – Seafood, Steaks and Mexican Food, Lunch and Dinner, Full Service Bar, Frozen Drinks

Rock Hall Beach

(During the Beach Party)

E - Concessions – Hot Dogs, Crab Cakes, Ice Cream, Fried Fish, Italian Ice, Pit Beef, Pull Pork, French Fries, Soft Pretzels, Lemonade, Soda, Water, Beer

Coleman Avenue & Rock Hall Avenue (Rt. 20) 15- Swan Point Inn – Happy Hour, Come in costume and receive complimentary tropical drink with dinner, Full Service Dinner Menu 16- Muskrat Alley Café – Breakfast, Coffee, Juice – Waffles, Crab and Shrimp Quiche, Biali Sandwiches, Breakfast Wraps

Worth Traveling To

(a little outside of Town)

17- Chester River Seafood – Chester River Crabs, Softshell Crabs, Corn on the Cob, Full Service Retail

Log of Events

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday, August 11 ~~~~~~~~~~

Main Street Marketplace Rock Hall Village Gazebo 10:00 Pint and Dale 10:45 The Pyrates Royale

Main & Sharp Sts. 10:00 Pirates for Sail

Kid’s Pirate Encampment

11:00 Scales and Crosstones

10:00 Cannon Salute Encampment Demos and Games 11:00 Valhallas Pirates

12:00 Spiced Punch

12:00 Old Bay Circus Company

Rock Hall Harbor &

Sharp Street Pier &

Waterman’s Crab House

10:00 - 12:00 Dinghy Registration

11:00 – 2:30 Cast-Off Party with The Brigands

11:30 The Salty Dogs 12:15 Pint and Dale

Bayside Landing & Harbor Shack

12:00 – 4:00 Calico Jack (Waterman’s)

12:00 – 12:15 Skipper’s Meeting for Race

~~~~~~~~ Dinghy Parade in Harbor ~~~~~~~~ Dinghies head to Beach

1:00 Belly Dancing 1:45 The Pyrates Royale

1:00 Salty Dogs

1:00 Encampment Demos and Games

2:00 Scales and Crosstones

2:00 Vallhallas Pirates

3:00 Spiced Punch

3:00 Old Bay Circus Company

4:00 Pirates for Sail 4:30 Kids Costume Contest 5:00 Scurviest Pirate Costume Contest 5:30 Wenches Beauty Contest 6:00 Spiced Punch

4:00 Encampment Demos and Games

1:00 - 2:00 Cast Off Party Continues at the Harbor Shack with The Brigands 2:00 Captain Long John Flynn’s Buy Boat Flotilla Arrives

2:30 Pirates for Sail

3:30 Belly Dancing 4:15 The Pyrates Royale 5:00 Pint and Dale

6:00 The Salty Dogs

7:00 Pirates for Sail

7:00 Scales and Crosstones (Roaming)

5:00 Vallhallas Pirates

6:00 Old Bay Circus Company

7:30 - 8:30 Bayside Landing/Bulkhead

War of 1812 Commemorative Free Concert

by The Maryland National Guard on Bulkhead Followed by Fireworks Salute and Cannon Barrage on Rock Hall Harbor

Harbor Shack 8:00 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT - Food and Drinks all day!

Buccaneer’s B

at Waterman’s Crab House & Do

6:00-8:00 – Pre-Ball Live Music by The Pyra The Brigands 7:45 – Ball kicks off with a Live Auction to W Captain Black and the Valhalla 8:00 – Blake Thompson Band

Plus: Grub, Grog & Co

Graybeard Look-A-Lik Best Dressed King & Queen Note: Schedule subject to change.


& Beach Rock Hall Beach

~~~~ Sunday, August 12 ~~~~

Main Street Marketplace

Rock Hall Village Gazebo 10:00 OCEAN Quartet

10:30 - 12:00 Kid’s Treasure Hunt

10:45 Pirates for Sail

Main & Sharp Sts. 10:00 Pirates for Sail (Roaming)

11:00 Pint and Dale

Kid’s Pirate Encampment 10:00 Cannon Salute Encampment Demos and Games 11:00 Valhallas Pirates

11:15 The Brigands

12:30 – 4:00 Caribbean Beach Party Begins (Live Music) 1:00 Dinghy Race to the Beach 2:00 Tug-of-War 2:30 Limbo Contest 3:00 - 3:30 Dinghy Awards & Treasure Chest Drawing 4:00 - 6:00

Happy Hour at

Swan Point Inn on Coleman Avenue, just a minutes walk from the Beach


ock Bar

ates Royale and

WIN Breakfast with as Pirates


ke and n of the Ball

12:00 OCEAN Quartet 12:45 Pirates For Sail 1:15 The Brigands 2:00 OCEAN Quartet with Pint and Dale


12:00 Treasure Hunt Begins/ Pirates for Sail

12:00 Encampment Demos/Games

1:00 Pint and Dale 1:30 Pirates for Sail (Roaming)

1:00 Valhallas Pirates

2:30 Treasure Hunt and Deck Out Awards 3:00 The Brigands

Kids and Pets Costume Parade and Costume Contest ~ Begins at Main & Sharp

2:00 Graybeard’s Pirate Boot Camp

3:00 Encampment Demos and Games

4:00 Event Closes - Thank You - see you next year for the 6th Annual Pirates & Wenches Festival

Kid’s Pirate Encampment

Saturday & Sunday

Not JUST for Kids!! Games for Kids in the Pirate Encampment, Sing-A-Longs, Contests, Pirate Performers, Tattoos, Face Painting, Hair Wrapping, Sand Art, Costumes and more...

Main Street Marketplace

Saturday & Sunday

Live Entertainment and Fun for ALL Ages, Pirate Performers, Contests, Costumes, Merchants, Artisans, Grub and Grog and more... Note: Schedule subject to change.


Marks the Spot

Key Locations

A - Rock Hall Village Gazebo & Pirate Encampment B - Main &Sharp Sts. / Marketplace C - Sharp St. Pier & Waterman’s Crab House D - Bayside Landing & Harbor Shack E - Rock Hall Beach Official

Rock Hall Pirates & Wenches Merchandise & Treasures

Tee-Shirts Skull Covers Pennants Coozies

Pirate Flags Beads Tattoos Souvenir Programs ...and more!

Merchandise can be found at most Key Locations (see map)



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