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Focus One is a ministry of Rockford First 5950 Spring Creek Rd Rockford, IL 61114 (815) 877-5000

seek. Imagine taking 10 months out of your one and only life to engage with the one and only God who created you. If you really took time to listen, learn, pursue and seek him, what would he say? What would he do in and through you? Seek first his kingdom, and his way of doing and being right. Then all your other needs will be met as well.   Matthew 6:33

It was 1993. Bill Clinton became President of the United States. The first Pentium chip was made by Intel. Jurassic Park captivated audiences in theaters. Oprah Winfrey interviewed Michael Jackson on prime time TV, and it becomes one of the most watched programs in history. A lot happened in the world that year, but there was one event that would have an eternal impact on thousands of lives...the start of the Rockford Master’s Commission. Over the next 17 years, RMC would be used by God to shape the individuals who would attend from all over the world. They would come to Rockford and be changed by God’s power. Now, hundreds of missions trips, outreaches, ministry events, youth camps, conventions, small groups and church services later, God is refocusing this ministry for the future. In August of 2010, Focus One will be launched! We are taking all the years of experience from 1993 until now and creating a 10-month encounter with God that will shape a person for the rest of his or her life. Focus One is not a college or university. It is different from a leadership college, internship or Master’s Commission. Focus One is not ministry training, higher education, a drama school, or center for the creative arts. Although we firmly believe in those educational choices, that is not our focus. Focus One is a unique experience where young adults can take one year out of the one life they have been given to focus on the one and only God! We have spent the last year praying, brainstorming, creating and developing a once-in-a-lifetime experi-


REV. JEREMY DEWEERDT Lead Pastor, Rockford First Executive Director, Focus One

ence that will position individuals to live to their fullest potential in God. This is not your average hang-out-ina-church, ride in a 15-passenger van, and sing “Jesus Loves Me” experience. These 10 months will be like none other, and we believe that EVERY person, regardless of his or her career choice or calling, should FIRST start the journey with focus. Before college, university, internship, apprenticeship, Master’s Commission or wherever God leads you, it is important that you take time and focus on who God wants you to be. The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, your paycheck or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God.  That’s exactly where we started when we created Focus One. We started with a focus on God! Seeking him. Growing in his Word. Serving his Kingdom. Then going on into life! We began to dream what a year of focusing on God would look like. If we had no limitations and could design an experience from the ground up, using 17 years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom as our foundation, what would it look like?   The dream took shape... Focus One combines the momentum of a church that God is powerfully using and a discipleship program to produce an environment of pursuit after Jesus Christ. Rockford First has a long history and signature of raising

AFTER 17 AMAZING A NEW FOCUS! YEARS up individuals and launching them into ministry and the marketplace. We believe that God uses the local church to accomplish his Kingdom work. You will be surrounded by thousands of people who are seeking God and living lives of worship. Focus One has lined up some of the nation’s most powerful leaders and communicators to speak directly to our students. You can go to a conference and hear these men and women of God or come to Focus One and meet them personally. Imagine sitting in a room with Mark Batterson as he talks to you about taking a risk for God, or asking Kari Jobe what motivates her to worship! These unique experiences were part of our dream for Focus One. That dream is now a reality. Focus One has developed a curriculum that helps shape a student’s character and pursuit of an amazingly powerful God. We have taken the best of the best books and teachings and created a learning environment that combines knowledge and experience. Our main goal is that you and God establish a level of relationship that influences every part of your life and future. Focus One has created a trip that is solely designed to encounter God. It is centered around the idea of “Coram Deo” which in Latin means “standing face to face in the presence of God.” Right in the middle of a student’s year, we are going to depart on a trip called “Focal Point.” Imagine waking up and spending two hours with God on one of the most beautiful beaches in his creation, then coming together for a message from God’s Word. Hang out with friends in the after-

noon and then end the day by worshipping as the sun sets. Now imagine a week of this! Focus One has planned missions trips around the world where you will tell others about the love of God and his forgiveness. Partnering with some of the most amazing missionaries and organizations, Focus One students will travel to destinations to be his “hands extended.” The best part of a missions trip is that students experience God moving in and through their lives, never to be the same again. I could go on and on about all that God is going to do, but the words wouldn’t do it service. God’s plans for those who attend Focus One are too big for this article. Before you go off to school and get your education, before you launch into your life... take a year to focus, one year to focus your one life on the one and only God. I hope that you pray about coming to Focus One. God will do more than you can imagine! Ephesians 3:20 (CEV) “His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine. Amen.”

JEANNE MAYO, President Youth Leader’s Coach, Author and Speaker

Focus One is a unique one-year discipleship program that will be an incredible asset to ANYONE prior to jumping into the rest of his or her life. As with any quality discipleship program, leadership is paramount. And Focus One’s Director, Taka Iguchi, is one of God’s finest. I recommend the program highly.

why You have ONE life. You have been given ONE chance. Why not give ONE year to focus? Many things screaming to get your attention right now—many voices telling you what you should do, how you should live, and where you should go. Before you advance further into your ONE and ONLY life, take ONE year to focus. Focus on God Focus on Mission Focus on Direction Let’s put first things first! God created you for a purpose. Therefore, it only makes sense that you take time to establish a powerful, life-changing, and authentic relationship with the ONE who created you. To do anything with this life outside of God’s direction will ultimately be unfulfilling. In Focus One, you will be given a unique opportunity, in a one-ofa-kind environment, to launch into a more powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. You were created for this—this life… this time… this moment in God’s overall plan! God wants to awaken his mission inside of you. This awakening doesn’t happen by chance; it only happens by intentionally pursuing him. Remember that God leads us on this journey called life. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the path before the journey?  God already knows your destination, so it is important that you make him your guide. In Focus


One, you will have opportunities to be involved in life-changing experiences that will clarify God’s direction for your future. Keep in mind that we were not designed to navigate life alone.  It is important to surround ourselves with others who are pursuing God. In Focus One, you will be “doing life” with people from around the world who also want God at the center. Focus One is unique. There are no other programs like it in the world; the combination of 17 years of experience, an emphasis on personal life change and discipleship, a commitment to making a community and world impact, and the dynamic relationship with Rockford First is unparalleled. The Focus One staff is marked by experience, education, and passion. They not only teach, but live life with students. The lessons taught in academics are used throughout the day, whether through serving in the various ministries of Rockford First (our up-and-coming, progressive, growing church home), through the hands-on experience offered in training tracks, or even through dealing with the challenges faced by living with four other people in Focus One’s very own housing complex. So why Focus One? Because you want to see the difference that will be made if everyone gives one—one year to the one and only God.

Life can be blurry. We can be easily distracted. Our priorities can get out of line.  We can lose sight of what the main things really are.  It’s important to stop and ask, “Do I have the right things in focus?”  As part of the Focus One experience, you will travel to an inspiring location, clear all distractions, and spend a week seeking God with one distinct purpose:  having a face-to-face encounter with him and walking away different.   Imagine spending a week in the company of other individuals who want nothing more than to be as close to God as possible.  Imagine worship services on the beach, praying together, listening to inspiring teachings, having incredible conversations. Imagine taking a week and doing whatever is necessary to clarify your pursuit of God. In the same way you adjust the focal length of a camera in order to make an image distinct or clear, you must adjust your focus on God so that He may become increasingly clear and distinct. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  (Jeremiah 29:13)


We have sent some of our children straight to a fouryear college and we believe that taking a year off and really seeking God first is worth the investment. To me, it’s not money poorly spent when a son or daughter can really figure out what they’re called to do and can run with much more clarity down the path to a four-year degree or whatever direction that is.  Taking a little extra time as they launch into adulthood to seek God?  I don’t think you can put a price on that.

grow. Growing is a by-product of seeking God. Whether it be worshipping God, studying his Word, listening to a teaching from some of the top leaders in the nation, or spending time in prayer, God is going to do a work in you that is beyond what you can imagine. Prepare God’s people for works of service until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of fullness in Christ.   Ephesians 4:13b


Academic Dean



“Are people living in 3rd world countries who have never heard the message of Jesus Christ, and/or haven’t heard about God going to hell?” -Male, age 20, new dad

“What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Isn’t God love? Shouldn’t he accept me the way I am? Why can’t you?” -Male, teens

“How can we prove the validity of God’s Word, especially the Gospels? Weren’t they all written years and years after Jesus had died after being passed through the generations orally? That doesn’t seem very reliable.” -Male, mid-20’s

“Why does God let the innocent suffer, but dirt bags live fine?” -Female, mid-20’s, bartender

“Why does God allow violence, sickness, poverty?” -Female, age 38, stylist “Why did God give us free choice?” -Female, late 20’s “If God is all-knowing, and knew in advance mankind would sin, why would he create the human race knowing so many people would end up in hell?” -Male, age 19, college student “Why do people suffer? Whether it would be from an illness before death, or from the hands of others?”

-Female, mid-40’s

“How do you know whether or not you are going to Heaven or Hell?” -Male, 20’s, car dealer “If God is the truth, how come it’s so hard to convince people of that?” -Female, late teens, college student “Why did God create us on a separate earth instead of in Heaven with him?” -Male, senior in high school “I want to know how much God loves me. Why he would love me? And why would he love the whole world? How is that possible?” -Female, early 20’s, college student

are walking in our glory. Real people admitting that there are things about God they don’t understand asked the questions at the top of this article. Asking the question is only the very beginning. If you are serious, you must enter into the search with God. “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but the things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all of the words of this law” (Deuteronomy 29:29). When you dive into the search, the things that you learn will bring change and abundant life not only to you, but also to those connected to you. The world misperceives God. As we search and study and learn, we can help change these misconceptions and assist others in entering into this amazing relationship we have with God.

mics. “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing” (Proverbs 25:2). God cannot be put into a box. Our words are not adequate to describe him and our minds cannot expand enough to understand him. Part of what makes God, well, God, is that he is mysterious. If God were as easy to understand as an engine (and that is a stretch for some of us), then we could master him. And a God that can be mastered isn’t much of a God. So part of God’s glory is his mystery.

During your ten months in Focus One, you will have the opportunity to study portions of the Bible indepth. Together, we will concentrate on simply learning to know and love the Word of God. We recognize that God has chosen to reveal himself to us primarily through his Word—therefore, we will diligently work towards gaining a life-changing understanding of that Word. In addition, every student will be given their own Apple iPad, which will be useful for research, notetaking, memory keeping, and book reading. As a part of their growth, they will given time to read and process several life-changing books. Students will tailor-make their reading list to fit the needs and interests they have, and participate in book clubs where they will have the opportunity to discuss what they are reading and get the most out of each book. It is our desire that every Focus One student graduate having developed a life-long love of learning. The goal of the Focus One curriculum is to take you on a journey to know God and, in turn, make Him known. Learning has more meaning when you keep the purpose in mind.

Now it gets fun. This God who is mysterious wants to be known by us. He has invited us to enter into a search to find him and to learn his ways. He is beyond us…and yet, he has initiated relationship with us. He has invited us to know him. God not only is willing, he longs to bring us into truth and to reveal and make more clear the mysterious things about the universe and himself to us. When we study the Word of God and enter into conversations about the things we find there, we

NATE RUCH, The Center for Youth and Leadership, North Central University People cannot come to Focus One and remain unchanged. The program and the culture of Focus One are

designed to stretch a person spiritually, physically, emotionally and in their ability to discover their place in this world in order to become a leader in the world outside. What happens there is contagious; you won’t be able to keep it to yourself! I love this program and am proud to partner with it. Focus One students who transfer into North Central University to complete their

degree are among the best of our students.

Each year, as part of Focus One, you will have access to exclusive closed sessions with some of today’s top communicators and influencers, such as:


exclusives. Mark Batterson, Author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Nate Ruch, Co-Director of the Center for Youth & Leadership, North Central University

Andy Crouch, Author of Culture Making Nancy Alcorn,

President and founder of Mercy Ministries


Dave Gibbons, Pastor of New Song Church

Monty Hipp, President and founder of C4 Group Jay Mooney, National Youth Director for the Assemblies of Margaret Feinberg, Speaker and author of The Sacred Echo and The Organic God

Reggie Dabbs, Internationally renowned evangelist and motivational speaker

Kari Jobe, Worship leader at Gateway Church Terry Kelley, Worship leader and recording artist Nancy Heche, Author of The Truth Comes Out, The Story of my Heart’s Transformation and Love Won Out conference speaker

Cliffe Knechtle, Pastor, speaker, and author of Give Me An Answer That Satisfies My Heart and Mind and Help Me Believe: Direct Answers to Real Questions

Michael McNamee, Assemblies of God missionary to Europe and president of MC Europe







These individuals have carved out time in their schedules to come and share face to face with the students of Focus One. The inspiration and wisdom you will gain from these interactions will sharpen your dreams and equip you to accomplish them.   Visit our website for more information about these exclusive speakers.


serve. When God fills you up, the natural response is to do something! You cannot spend this amount of focused time with God without having your thoughts and actions shift toward his priorities. That shift will challenge you to join him in his efforts to share his love with this world that desperately needs real answers. For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.    Mark 10:45

any’s prayer starts at 6 AM. ...the facilities crew starts tending to the building. ...100’s of school children enter this facility to learn. ...women’s bible study sets up with coffee and dives into their book of the month. ...the tech team hooks up miles of cords, aims lights, and brings things into focus. ...seniors make their way through halls they have walked for decades to gather for a time of worship. ...the media team dreams, creates, edits. ...dozens of church and community members

given day... gather over a cup of coffee. ...creative ministry is carefully planned, practiced, and shared, both at home and on the road. ...over 700 kids, youth and young adults show up with friends to learn more about God. ...the events team lays the groundwork and sets the stage for life-changing moments. outreach is planned and the doors are opened to all. ...interns learn and do, and learn by doing. ...the valet team sets out the cones and gets ready to welcome everyone to church. ...1000’s of people gather to put first things first and grow in their love of God, others and life!

...scores of Focus One students fill the sanctuary with prayer, dive into the Word, then roll up their sleeves and pitch in! Anything is possible on any given day! And that is what makes Focus One a place where what you KNOW quickly becomes what you DO. Our mornings are filled with “pouring in”: spending time in prayer and in the Word, hearing from our exclusive speakers, sharpening one another in accountability groups, and learning the pragmatics of discipleship, godliness, and mission. Our afternoons are filled with “pouring out.” We will spend time putting into practice all that we are learning by jumping into the various ministries of Rockford First and Focus One. Rockford First is a dynamic, growing, communityimpacting church. Focus One is integrated into every aspect of our home church, which means we have abundant opportunity to use our skills and talents, and put into play all that God is doing in us. This dynamic relationship sets Focus One apart from other programs. Nowhere else will you be able to integrate so completely into the fiber of a world-class ministry. We believe that the best kind of learning involves action! There is just something good about taking all that you are learning, and giving it away. In return, as you do and serve, you will find that the lessons are more deeply imprinted on your heart and life. Any given day what you are learning will come alive as you engage in Focus One Tracks and Connects. You will have the opportunity to serve in several Tracks, and to choose a Connect to join for the ten months you are here. Tracks will include opportunities to work in behind-the-scenes areas of ministry, with media, and in connecting to our community by volunteering with various organizations city-wide. Through Connects, Focus One works up close with a revolutionary children’s ministry called [continued on the next page] KidsLife, a thriving student ministry called Cross Current,

Aaron Hubert, Lead Pastor & Church Planter, New Life Church

Over the past 3 years of pastoring a new church, I’ve seen eight of our students pack up everything and move to Rockford for a ten-month journey of a lifetime. Many of them have since come back with a readiness and a willingness to be used by God to impact the world around them. The leadership team in Rockford is cultivating an environment where God is producing dynamic and passionate followers of Jesus. I highly recommend you take that journey.

[continued from the previous page] and a forward-thinking young adult ministry called theForum. In each of these ministries, you will be able to come alongside the unchurched, new believers, and those who are committed Christ followers with the mission to make a difference. Our assignment in these ministries is to dive in. There is no better place to learn how to be and how to make disciples. You will also have opportunities to use your creative gifts and talents in music, dance, drama, and speaking—we are all available at all times to be used to share the Good News about God’s love for us!


On any given day... ... you might go to Rockford’s inner city, play dodge ball, or tutor a student who could use a little help. could do research for an upcoming sermon series. may be in the gym of a local high school, cheering for #14, who showed up at Cross Current last Wednesday night looking for something. might do a service project for a family in need.

LAWRENCE J. MORRISSEY, Mayor, City of Rockford

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Focus One. Their commitment to influencing positive change through ongoing volunteerism efforts and youth initiatives has left, and continues to leave, a remarkable impact on this community. may pile into a van after weeks of practice to begin a ministry tour to the East Coast where you will influence hundreds of youth. could sort thousands of shoes for the people of Haiti. might serve breakfast to the homeless. may help create an environment where 20-somethings can connect with God. could build the set for Sunday’s service. might develop, practice, and perform a skit for the kid’s service. may film, edit, and deliver a video project. might pick up a carload of kids, swing by Road Ranger for slushies, and head to JV Cross Current. may help make the facility a welcoming place to all guests. might have dance practice for the outreach. may prepare and give your testimony. could stuff 10,000 Easter eggs to help 100’s of kids understand new life and second chances. Any given day, God is doing great things here. You don’t want to miss out!

go. God is the inventor of purpose. He has placed his purpose in you and when you focus on him, it will awaken inside you.  Be a business owner, poet, youth pastor, teacher, doctor, or musician, but discover that all of us are to live missional lives centered around God’s original intent for us. After your time in Focus One, it will be time to go… go into all the world… and live the difference God made in you! Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

missions. Since our start in 1993, we have sent teams to love and serve in the four corners of the world— Mexico. Haiti. Sacramento. Detroit. Tanzania. Swaziland. Brussels. Guatemala. Miami. Los Angeles. Cuba. Orlando. Alaska. Morocco. Kenya. China. Portugal. Canary Islands. Ecuador. Toronto. Vietnam. Sri Lanka. Kosovo. Vancouver. New Orleans. Shiprock, Denver. India. Paris. Newfoundland. Argentina. Kyrgyzstan. Austria. Macedonia. South Africa. Amsterdam. Romania. Bosnia. Denmark. Australia. New York City. Atlanta. England. Iceland. Israel. Peru. Netherlands. Maritime-Bahamas. Philippines. Salt Lake City. Quebec. Northern Arizona University. San Francisco. Boston. The Balkans. Louisiana State University. Glace Bay, Canada.

First Nation Cree. Venezuela. Spain. Nepal. Scotland. Equatorial Guinea. El Salvador. Ireland. Russia. San Diego. Bangkok. Algeria. Macon, Georgia. Moldova. We believe in a God who cares. Focus One is designed to help you discover the character and compassion of God; in doing so, you will also find the meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. In John 21, we find Jesus speaking with one of His disciples, Simon Peter. “‘Simon son of John, do you truly love me?’ He answered, ‘Yes Lord, you know that I love you.’ Jesus said, ‘Take care of my sheep.’” “Take care of my sheep.” Take care of the lost, the hurting,

Haiti, RMC Missions Trip, 2008 the dying, the orphans, the widows, your neighbor; take care. As a part of Focus One, each student will have the opportunity to care for people all over the world. Whether it is hugging an orphan in Swaziland, building water filters in Haiti, or talking with the homeless in Chicago, missions trips have been a vehicle to meet people at their point of need and add value to hundreds of lives every year. All Focus One students are required to participate in a missions trip. Likewise, all trips are self-funded aside from tuition; trips are specifically chosen by each individual student. For more information on Focus One missions, please contact



Director, Focus One

kindergarten & skyscrapers A teacher looks at her bright-eyed kindergarten class and asks, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Immediately, hands shoot up across the room and, practically talking over each other, they excitedly yell out their answers…   An astronaut!   Dora the Explorer!   A doctor!


A lion tamer!   A firefighter!   At the end of the day, once the last shoe is tied and the guinea pig is fed, the teacher sits down at her desk and imagines the future of her eager students. She begins to ask herself a different question, a question far more important than what they would eventually do.

of the foundation would literally determine how high the building could go. Here is where kindergarten and skyscrapers collide. The question “What do you want to DO?” is very important, but another question must be answered first. “What kind of person do you want to BE?” The answer to this question determines our foundation, and our foundation determines how high we can build our life. Your level of significance will be directly determined by what people may never see—the depth of your character. The investment you make into your internal structure will directly determine what kind of person you will be. Career training may determine what you do, but we believe that the time spent in Focus One will help you build the foundation for your life—who you are on the inside. And who you ARE will determine HOW you do what you DO. And that makes all the difference. What kind of person would they be? Her heart is filled with emotions that only a parent or a teacher would understand. Slowly the words begin to take form…   Passionate. Faithful. Honest. Hardworking.   Disciplined.   A heart after God.   On September 24, 2004 construction began on the Burj Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world. At 2,717 feet this tower is, by a considerable margin, the tallest man-made structure ever built. In order to support the unprecedented height of the building, an entirely new structural support system was created. Without this system, the building would literally twist on itself and collapse. The centerpiece of this system is a pillar that weighs over 350 tons which, in turn, sits on a foundation which contains 110,000 tons concrete and 55,000 tons of steel. This foundation is nearly 200 feet deep and took 22 million man-hours to complete.   Why was there such investment on a portion of the building that would never even be seen? Simply put, the builder understood that the strength

In other words, you may be an accountant, but will you be honest? You may be a teacher, but will you love your students? You may be a pastor, but will you be passionate? You may be an entrepreneur, but will your business honor the Lord? At Focus One, we believe that everything that we do is unto the Lord, which means it should be marked with excellence, passion, discipline and integrity. Spending a year in Focus One won’t necessarily answer all of your questions about the future, but it will position you to get those answers. It is our desire to help position you for greatness in the field of your choice, whatever that may be. The question that keeps our team up at night is this...”What if everyone gave one?” What would happen across the world if every future doctor, athlete, teacher, dentist and plumber gave one year to focus their lives on the One Creator?  What would happen if they took one year to deepen their faith and serve their God? What would happen if everyone took the time to become the person God created them to be, and then walked in what he created them to do? The real question is, “What would happen if YOU gave one?”  

GABE LYONS, Author of the book Unchristian

My experience with friends who have participated in RMC/Focus One is that they are some of the most authentic and deeply committed followers of Christ I’ve known. This program has personally impacted me as my most significant discipleship experience came through an RMC/Focus One alumnus. Their work is not limited to the time spent in the program—but is carried with them as they go throughout life doing the hard work of Christianity—making disciples.

the details.

RESIDENTIAL LIFE Part of growing up is learning how to live on your own. Separate the colors from the whites. Check. Set load size. Check. Choose water temperature. Check. Choose cycles: heavy, normal, or delicate? Normal. Check. Add detergent and fabric softener. Check. Looks good. Wait a second. Did that say 4 cups or ¼ cup? And all of a sudden a small fraction makes a big, big difference. The fractions in life are important— the little differences between how you grew up and how someone else did. Different music. Different economics. Different family make up. Different likes and dislikes. Different pasts. These fractions come together and form who we are, and it is in these differences that we learn the most about love and friendship. Dorm life is part of the appeal of a traditional college. The friendships forged over late-night pizzas and all-night study sessions are unforgettable. As a student at Focus One, you will have the privilege of living in the Discipleship Training Center, or DTC. This specially-constructed housing facility was completed in early 2001, and with a private laundry facility, spacious living area, two full bathrooms, three bedrooms, and attached garage, each unit provides an incredible environment for learning and making life-long friendships. The DTC is an outstanding example of Focus One’s commitment to excellence in everything we do; offering much more than a dormitory or normal housing facility, the DTC provides comfortable living at a reasonable cost. Part of Jesus’ primary method of teaching and training the disciples was time spent together, living together, dedicating significant amounts of time to getting to know each other well. The strength they found to minister side-by-side for years to come was a direct result of the time they spent with one another. Leaving the place where everybody knows your name and settling into the unknown is difficult, sure, but richly rewarding. The friendships you will make with people who are different from you in many little ways, but like you in the two main focuses of their life—to know Him and to make Him known—will last a lifetime.

FAQ’s “WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO APPLY?” We accept applications year-round. You can apply online, email, or call (815) 877-5000 to request an application. “WHAT IS PROVIDED IN THE DORMS?” Items that will be supplied for you by Focus One: -Single bed -Closet space -Washer and dryer facilities (coin-operated) -Kitchen supplies (i.e., dishes, flatware, glasses, cooking utensils, etc.) -Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher) -Dining table and living room furniture “WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?” A complete check-list of required items, such as a passport, a thumb drive, and a good study Bible, will be mailed to you upon your acceptance and the receipt of your 500.00 deposit. “IS MY FULL TUITION PAYMENT REQUIRED ON REGISTRATION DAY?” The amount of your payment on registration day will vary according to the payment plan you have selected (in full, quarterly, or monthly). Our admissions department will be happy to discuss payment plan details. You can reach them at (815) 877-5000. “DO INSURANCE COMPANIES ACCEPT STUDENT STATUS AT FOCUS ONE?” Yes. Full-time student status verification letters are available to accepted students. “DO TUITION DONATIONS QUALIFY AS A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION?” Many students have tuition and missions sponsors. Per the U.S. tax code, giving towards tuition is not considered a tax deduction. However, giving towards missions trips is considered tax deductible. “IS A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA REQUIRED?” Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or the equivalent (GED). “WILL I NEED A VEHICLE?” Yes, students need a car that is in good working order. If you believe you are unable to bring a car to Focus One, please contact our office.


As parents of 3 girls who attended this program we were unsure of what to expect at first. What we witnessed though, was increased confidence in themselves and more importantly, a deeper relationship with Christ. The way they live their lives is a testament to this amazing program. We strongly support Focus One. Every young person could benefit from this program. If you are looking for a program that will produce character development and integrity with a strong Christian teaching, this is it. 

“IS HEALTH INSURANCE REQUIRED?” Yes, students must provide proof of health insurance upon arrival. Focus One is not responsible for a student’s hospitalization, doctor, or other health-related costs. “CAN I WORK WHILE BEING A STUDENT AT FOCUS ONE?” Focus One is a full-time experience. The purpose of Focus One requires 100% dedication; therefore, no one is permitted to work an outside job. “HOW CAN I RAISE MONEY FOR TUITION?” Start saving now! Many students work a job or two to raise money prior to coming to Focus One. Some students send support letters to family, friends, their church, and local businesses in their area to raise monthly support. “HOW LONG WILL THE APPLICATION PROCESS TAKE?” It is our heart to see the will of God come to pass in your life. Upon receiving your completed application, we will schedule one or two phone interviews in order to get to know you better. Next, we will take some time and pray for God’s wisdom and direction. Within approximately two weeks after your phone interview(s), you will receive a response letter from Focus One. “DOES EVERY STUDENT SERVE ON OUTSIDE MINISTRY TRIPS?” Every student will have the opportunity to go on one missions trip, which will be a life-changing experience! We do also send teams out on various other ministry trips, and we love to give as many students as possible to opportunity to serve in this way! “IS EVERYONE AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED?” No. Focus One is not the right place for everyone who applies, nor is everyone who applies right for Focus One. “WHEN DOES THE YEAR BEGIN AND END?” The Focus One year begins the third week of August and ends the third week of June. “ARE THERE ANY BREAKS DURING THE YEAR?” We will take a four-day Thanksgiving break and an almost three-week Christmas break. Specific dates are available from the admissions office. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS?” We are looking for people who are willing to push “pause” on the rest of life and dedicate a year to the focused pursuit of God and his will, people who desire to SEEK God and his Kingdom, first and foremost. We are not looking for perfect people, but we are looking for those who are willing to GROW in the ways of God. We believe that a servant is not greater than his master, and our Master modeled putting others first. We are looking for those who want to SERVE. Lastly, Focus One is the place for people who want to live out God’s purpose and direction for their lives—GO! This is the place for those who will go from here into all the world and live the difference God has made in them. STEPHEN DAVIS, Alumni I chose this program because honestly, it’s the best out there. I have never met so many individuals on fire for God and pursuing Him in every aspect of their lives. This program stands firm on the Word of God and sticks to its core values at all costs.


fine print. Commitment Focus One is a period of intensive, distraction-free pursuit of God and the ways of God. To remain true to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, students will be unable to work an outside job or take outside classes. Also, no dating is permitted during the ten months of Focus One. The student’s agreement to come to Focus One is a commitment that God will be his or her sole pursuit. Personal Finances Students are responsible for their own personal finances while attending Focus One. Unexpected expenses are a part of life, and we suggest that students come with a plan in place to meet these. Missions Each student is required to participate in either an overseas or continental missions trip to graduate. These trips take place during the year and are led by Focus One staff members. Funds for these trips are in addition to tuition and support must be raised by the individual student. Passport Each student must have a passport that is valid for travel for at least six months after their date of graduation from Focus One, as many countries will not accept passports that are within six months of expiration. Information for passport application or renewal can be found online or at your local post office. Study Bible We suggest either the Life Application Study Bible or the Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible. If you should choose to bring another Bible, make sure that it includes cross-references, background information for each book, additional study tools (timelines, charts, etc.) and study notes. Next Step Thank you for your interest in Focus One. You can apply by filling out the paper application contained in this magazine, or by going to our website, The application process will begin upon the receipt of your completed forms and your $30.00 application fee. If you have any questions, call our offices at 815.877.5000, or email us at



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