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Pre-Kindergarten 4’s Curriculum Overview

August September

Thematic Unit: Welcome to School


Thematic Units: Fall, Apples, Fire Safety Sounds and correct letter formation: T, L, B, N, M Blend vowels and consonants Create a book: 1 picture to 1 word Number Concepts: 1-10 Write numbers: 1-8

Thematic Units: Alphabet, Me, Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Shapes Short vowel sounds and correct letter formation: A, E, I, O, U Introduce writing own name Using scissors to cut straight and circular lines Number Concepts: 1-4 Count and identify numbers 1-10


Thematic Units: Pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Five Senses Sounds and correct letter formation: H, S, C, D Literature Focus: Laura Numeroff Number Concepts: 1-20 Write numbers: 1-10


Thematic Units: Five Senses, Christmas Sounds and correct letter formation: G, R Literature Focus: Felicia Numeroff Count Numbers: 1-30 Write Numbers: 1-12


Thematic Units: Winter, Snow, Ice, Hibernation Sounds and correct letter formation: F, J, K, V, W Letter Rule: One vowel words Literature Focus: Jan Brett Count Numbers: 1-50 Write Numbers: 1-14 Begin Little Book Series Create a book: Numbers


Thematic Units: Valentines, Family & Friends, Dental Health Sounds and correct letter formation: P, Y, X, Z Literature Focus: Dr. Seuss Pre-communicative and semi-phonetic writing Count Numbers: 1-70 Write Numbers: 1-16


Thematic Units: Ocean, Opposites Create a book: 1 word change in a sentence Introduce long vowel sounds: A, E, I, O, U Letter Rule: 2 vowels rule Count Numbers: 1-90 Write Numbers: 1-18


Thematic Units: Spring, Weather, Wind Add 1 to 1-4 using concrete objects Add 0 to 1-9 using concrete objects Tell time to the hour Count Numbers: 1-100 Write Numbers: 1-20


Thematic Units: Bugs, Fruits and Vegetables Literature Focus: Eric Carle Add 1 to 1-9 using concrete objects

Concepts Integrated Throughout the Year:

Print Conventions Directionality of text Capitals and periods Spaces between letters and words Letters go in a specific order to form words

Phonological Awareness - Hearing and understanding the sounds of spoken language Alliteration ex. Brown bears buy big balloons Compound words ex. hotdog, rainfall, upstairs Rhyme ex. at, cat, sat, fat, rat, mat Syllables ex. ba-na-na Onset and rime ex. b-ake, r-ug, c-at Phonemic awareness ex. c-a-t (smallest units of sound) Blending phonemes ex. c-a-t, cat Segmenting phonemes ex. cat, c-a-t Initial, final, and medial sound awareness ex. What do you hear at the beginning of cat? Substituting phonemes ex. What word can I make if I change c to b?

Oral Comprehension Skills Sequencing events in a story Retelling events in a story Identifying Cause and Effect Identifying characters in a story Concept: Author and Illustrator

Alphabet is introduced and then reviewed twice throughout the year.

Math Concepts Sorting and Classifying objects by category Graphing with 1 to 1 correspondence Using non-standard units to measure length, width, and height Comparative Concepts: More/Less Most/Least Larger/Smaller Before/After

Sign Language American Sign Language is incorporated into the student’s day to assist with classroom management, increase communication, and to assist with letter recognition and vocabulary building Manners Food Colors Animals School Emotions Family Letters Days Seasonal

Christian Life Schools admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. A ministry of RockfordFirst

Revised 09/12/2011

CLS Prek-4 Curriculum  

Curriculum for the Prek-4 Program at Christian Life Schools

CLS Prek-4 Curriculum  

Curriculum for the Prek-4 Program at Christian Life Schools