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The White House for Kids Visit the President's house without ever leaving your classroom. At this site you will receive tours, advice, trivia and quizzes from the White House Pets: Spotty and Barney the dogs, India the cat, and Ofelia the Longhorn cow. Can you find George W. Bush's favorite book?

Kid Pub Check out this cool website filled with stories and poems written for kids, by kids. The links include Publisher's Picks, displaying the publisher's favorite stories and poems, Story Hat, providing a randomly selected story just for you, and The Grimys, a story in 14 parts by R. Hart, an Australian author. Notice that you can contact the website publishers with an email address. Why do you think that is?

Starchild Project Blast off with NASA as you explore the Solar System, the Universe, and cool Space Stuff. If you are stuck on a vocabulary term, there are links to glossary definitions with tons of cool pictures. Each segment also has interactive activities to reinforce what you have learned. What languages can you identify at this web site?

Imagine the Universe If you are really interested in science check out this web site filled with all of the latest discoveries written in a magazine format. The topics include Recent News, Featured Scientists, and feature presentation with video images. There is also a site-based search engine for astronomy information. What creditable agency powers this site? If you are drawn to the funny papers, this is the site for you! It includes a comic of the day, as well as links to Peanuts, Rose is Rose, and Marmaduke. You can also check out a variety of comic categories like sports, cats, or dogs. What comic character most resembles you?

History Channel Want to find out something about the past? This site is a great place to begin. One of the most interesting features is "This Day in History," which tells you what happened on a particular day of the year throughout history. Covered are events of the day in Crime, Automotive History, Sports, the American Civil War, Technology, and Literature. What great events occurred on the day that you were born?

How Stuff Works Have you ever wondered how quicksand really works, or what makes the inside of a refrigerator cold? This website has the answers. You can look for answers to your specific questions or simply browse the colorful articles to learn something new. What are the Top Ten Questions asked at this website?

National Geographic for Kids National Geographic has a special spot just for kids. Even though the information is changing all of the time, some of the favorite features stay the same. Check out the wild animal facts by clicking on Creature Features. Show off your sense of humor at the Cartoon Factory. Can you find the link to read some of the featured articles from National Geographic Kids Magazine?

Mystery Net: Kids Mysteries Looking for a clue about what to read? This site features mysteries for you to solve, mystery stories by kids, magic tricks, and even a link to a Nancy Drew Mystery. You can also write your own mystery! If the judges at this website select your story, it will be published on the web page and you may win a prize. According to the publisher, all of the stories are changed regularly. Why would that be important to know?

Stone Soup There are no recipes here, but you can taste a number of great stories written for kids, by kids. This site is the online version of the popular Stone Soup Magazine. Check out the illustrations. Can you figure out how to listen to young authors read their tales for you?

PBS for Kids There are tons of fun places to visit from this homepage! I recommend clicking on Between the Lions. This will take you to the web page for the popular TV show filled with stories. At the top of the page, you can click on the stories link to take you to a list filled with tales to read by yourself or with a friend. You can also follow directions to print out the story to make it easier to read. When you have finished reading the story, there are fun games to test how well you read between the lions.

The Mint Have the feeling that you never have enough money? Or do you want to know how to make your money grow? This website has been developed to help you gain a better understanding of economics and personal finance. Can you find instructions for how to write a check?

PBS for Kids Ready to zoom into action? If you click on the Zoom icon at this site, you will reach the web page for the Zoom television series. The focus here is on volunteering. You can take a poll, learn more about the cast members, express your ideas, and be yourself. At Zoom into action, you will find project ideas, submit your own stories, and learn great ways to volunteer. Can you find stories that others have shared about their own volunteer efforts?

How Are Hollywood Films Made? Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? At this site, you can go through the steps of making a film from screenwriting to directing, producing, acting, and finally editing. Hands on activities include writing part of a comedy script and managing a budget as the producer. Can you find a Film Jargon page to help you learn the lingo? Have you read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe? Check out this site to learn more about author C.S. Lewis and his famous characters from the seven Chronicles of Narnia. You'll find many selections from the books, detailed illustrations by artist Pauline Baynes, a glossary of characters, and colorful maps. An interesting timeline shows Narnian years as compared to English years. You may have to brush up on your Narnia knowledge if you plan to take the quiz!

Page by Page – Creating a Children's Book Explore the development of the children's book Zoom Upstream from the creative process all the way to the printing process. Sections include the idea, the writing, finding the illustrator, the pictures, printing, and selling the book. Can you crack the code in the printing section?

Grimms' Fairy Tales Step into the world of the Brothers Grimm, but beware of the dangers that lurk in the woods! The tales the brothers collected in Germany were often frightening and cruel. This National Geographic feature brings you 14 tales based on a 1914 translation. Click on the treasure box to find information about the Grimm brothers, a map, an activity for kids, and the list of stories.

Listen and Write Poetry Did you know that Rap stands for Rhythm and Poetry? This site can help you to write your own rap. Starter lines are suggested, practice with similes are provided, and you can take short quizzes on what you have learned. Can you find the unusual writing tools? (rhyming dictionary, beatbox, scrapbook)

Harry Potter Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then cruise to this site to try the three Hogwarts games in which you choose the right answer to help Harry get through his first three years at school. You receive a score at the end of each game and if you choose an incorrect answer, an explanation is given. Or try the scrambled Wizard Words, they aren't as easy as they look! You can also print the crossword puzzle with clues covering all the books to date. Find out more about author J.K. Rowling by reading interview and chat transcripts. Be sure to check the monthly question in the Discussion Chamber.

Redwall Enter the gates of Brian Jacques's Redwall series. There are 13 books so far, full of mice, moles, badgers, and others with the good characteristics of humans, who face the evil side of humans in the forms of rats, weasels, and foxes. Find crossword puzzles for each book, a gallery of characters, and information about illustrators of the Redwall books. You'll also find transcripts of interviews, a biography, and answers to questions readers asked Brian Jacques.

A. Pintura: Art Detective The clues are everywhere! At this web site, you will learn about famous artists, composition, style, and perspective as you play A. Pintura, a 1940s detective who helps Miss Featherduster identify a mystery painting. As you collect clues, you can use the vocabulary list and study sheet to help you solve the mystery.

Ranger Rick's Go Wild! Take a walk on the wild side at this site sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. If you love animals, nature, or weird facts about the world around you, then this is the spot for you. Can you find the latest reading suggestions in the book nook?

The Pencil Page Did you ever wonder how pencils are made? And just how do they get those little erasers on each one? Click through the Great Eraser Caper to see how. This site offers little known facts about pencils, like why they are traditionally yellow. Additional resources are provided for those sharpening their pencil knowledge.

Leonardo's Workshop Join Carmine Chameleon for an ArtEdventure into the mystery of a missing painting. You'll find information about the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci as you track down the stolen painting. As you find clues in Leonardo's room that lead you to information about his inventions, paintings, and interesting tools he used, like a perspectograph. The toolbar at the bottom of each page takes you out of the Leonardo section but is filled with art activities and ideas, well worth investigating.

Kids Planet: Defenders of Wildlife Are you ready to make the world a better place for animals? Then check out this web site. There are fact sheets on many endangered and threatened animals. Check out the games and activities, too. Can you find some facts about endangered wolves?

Molecular Expressions A whole new world is waiting for you right before your eyes! The Molecular Expressions Website goes where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as "photomicrographs"). Visit the Photo Gallery for an introductory selection of images covering just about everything from French fries and ice cream to circuits and superconductors. What would you examine if you had the chance?

The World of Beverly Cleary Explore the colorful world of Beverly Cleary. Not only is there a section to find out all about the author, there are also links to neighborhood maps, descriptions of all of your favorite characters from Ramona the Pest to Ralph and the Motorcycle, and some fun and games too. If you like the web site - you should check out her books! Where can you go to read a chapter from one of Beverly Cleary's books?

Babysitting Safety Tips You got a job babysitting!!! It's a very big and important job, but there is so much to remember. Learn how you can be a safe babysitter by taking a tour of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department's Babysitting Safety Tips page. You'll get loads of common sense tips that will make your babysitting job easier and more fun. If you are worried about remembering all of the details, locate the checklist and print it out.


Visit the President's house without ever leaving your classroom. At this site you will receive tours, advice, trivia and quizzes from the Wh...