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Executive Editor & Art Director: Lee Wallace Associate Editor & Art Director: Adam Canni Editor-at-Large: Louis Grasse Aussie Associate Editor: Matt Gittoes Dutch Associate Editor: Livingstone Rijff Marketing and Promotions Director: Jesse Fennell Technical Director: Rob Uecker Contributors: Enjoy MFG Kory Souza Originals Myrtle West TOCE Brothers Performance Nick Anglada Originals BlingRockets, ISSN 2151-0776 (online), Issue no.8, June 2010 is digitally published monthly by Rockets Media Inc. All rights in letters, all photographic submissions including but not limited to drawings, or any type of submission sent to BlingRockets will be treated as unconditionally assigned to copyright purposes and are subject to BlingRockets right to edit, title, and organize editorially and will become the property of BlingRockets. Copyright Š 2010, digital publication originating from the USA

Thank you all for your support. Without it

we may not have been given the chance to be doing something that many publications never get to do and that is enter into their second year. This very issue marks the beginning of another much anticipated twelve months of BlingRockets eMag. Seven issues plus the "Anniversary Extra" were published last year and we're slated to do at least twelve issues this time around. As usual we need your help so please keep spreading the word about BR. We're not quite sure but we've been thinking that our content over the last year may have made some readers uncomfortable when it came to sharing the magazine with others. If we're all wrong then please let me know. If you want to continue seeing the hot chicks please let me know. If you want the entire magazine to be work-safe please let me know. Write me at


need feedback because as of right now the monthly BlingRockets eMag that you all know an love is slated to become worksafe on a regular basis. Don't freak out because we'll still be shooting all the girl material but may just have to start sharing it in a special issue like a Bling Babes annual special issue at the very least, maybe even biannuals. We want everyone to be


comfortable with sharing the magazine. We want everyone who loves custom sportbikes to be viewing BlingRockets so if the hot babes in the monthly issues have to go then so be it. Please let me know if I'm onto something. Good or bad - right or wrong.

We love BikeWeek but the whole BikeWeek

experience for us had to be modified. Our time in Daytona is now all about scoring material for the magazine. There are plenty of publications that provide coverage of the races and other time sensitive things that must be published right away before being considered old news. The material in this issue is of bikes that are timeless. These machines each have a story that can be told now or ten years from now. Each were motivated into existence for different reasons and purposes. One was simply to show the world that a fat tire bike can still stunt. Another was a Corporate build that in our eyes was done just right and deserved to be a cover bike as much as any other. The pictorial bike feature is the perfect example of a bad ass daily driver that's the "whole package" with chrome and all the extras one could ask for. Last but not least our cover bike which is a near opposite of the last bike I spoke of. This beauty came from only a mental vision, no tangible illustrations. Just confidence and faith that the vision depicted a winning combination. Enough said, you've got BlingWeek 2010 bikes to enjoy. Take care! -Lee

Well I hope you enjoy the great cov-

erage we were able to pull together for you with the Daytona Beach Bike Week issue. While you’re browsing through the extensive collection of images, I wanted to grab everyone’s attention for a quick minute this month to talk about a little motorcycle etiquette. For over a hundred years now bikers have shared the “wave”. If you ride anything on two wheels then you know what I’m talking about and you know that it’s the instant connection between yourself and the brotherhood of the biker clan. Now, since nobody offers “wave” training, let’s go over a few things.


1903 the first Harley Davidson was pulled out of the shed it was built in, within the first year it was quite normal for Arthur Davidson and William Harley to be seen riding around town. Since they knew each other, they waved when they passed. Others who saw the kings of motorcycles execute this wave every time they passed each other quickly copied the motions and put them into immediate play. If they were doing it, it must have been a secret society biker type of thing! The entire thing seems to be based on a copycat theory and however it started, just like the wave at a baseball game, it’s infectious, and probably should be. Now that we know where it came from, let’s talk about how and when to use it. Pg.16

Photo by BlingRockets


have all come across that time when we felt unsure about throwing the deuce to a fellow rider. Should a cruiser wave at a scooter? Should a chopper wave at a crotch rocket? Should I wave on the highway? Should my passenger wave as well? There are many rules that govern your own mind and not the law of the road. I’ve personally ridden dirt bikes, cruisers, choppers, sport bikes, 50’s, the occasional three-wheeled Hayabusa and definitely spent plenty of time driving a T-Rex. If you find me on any of these vehicles, and happen to pass me on the road on something of the same likeness, I’m going to wave. Hell, this type of peaceful gesture is heavily used on the water for boats, jet skis, etc. It’s just a friendly salute to someone that is enjoying life on two or three wheels. There are plenty of riders that will not return the wave, may not know about the wave, may not care that you exist, or may have some type of reservation because of the type of vehicle you are piloting as compared to their chariot of choice. Don’t get sand in your trousers if someone doesn’t wave back, just keep throwing it in a positive light and eventually everyone will join in. Remember the entire thing started off with others copying what the icons were doing, let’s set the next hundred years in motion with our actions. Until next month, keep those tires sticky and the model smoking HOT!


While in the middle of a photoshoot

at an old abandoned coin-op car wash near Main Street, I peered through one of the stall and in amazement this is what I saw. Having only enough time to take a couple good snaps of this unidentified vehicular work of art I had to continue with the original shoot at hand. Luckily we caught up with the engineering geniuses responsible for this leaned over three-wheeled contraption. The guys with TreMoto say that it's not a three-wheeler, it's a TreMoto!

The chassis can lean up to 45 degrees

like a motorcycle. With a chomoly trellis frame, low center of mass, and a 444lb weight (with fuel) they say it makes for a revolutionary high performance platform. The parallelogram double A-arm front suspension which is Patent-Pending rides on a pivoting composite leaf spring with rotary dampers and a hydraulic lean brake. If you find this rig as cool as we do then I encourage you to visit their site at -Lee Pg.22

Silver Star and Y

in collaboration w one of a kind - s ha R6. Silver Sta Ocean Center du


Yamaha commissioned Nick Anglada Originals, with tattoo artist Franco Vescovi, to design this street culture and tattoo inspired - 2009 Yamaar provided us access to the bike at Daytona's uring the IMS tour.

Preliminary pinstripe design by Franco Vescovi

Toce Brothers Performance 240 arm stock length

Seat by

Harris Rearsets available through Yamaha

Performance Machine platinum cut Heathens

The R6

fuel cont used and speedo a with Bre accelera

JDA Custo "ICE" keyl gas cap

consists of a few performance enhancers like a Bazzaz Performance trol unit and Voodoo Shorty Exhaust. An aftermarket drive train was d gearing was calculated to match the original setup keeping the as accurate as possible. By enhancing the bike's braking abilities embo HP calipers the end result provided an R6 which stopped and ated better than stock.

om less p

Vortex clip-ons, FP Racing levers, Renthal grips and GPR stabilizer

Silver Star and the Boz Bros

destined to resurface from th and Indianapolis MotoGP rac via their Facebook page. As bikes and designs. Exclusive JDA Custom sprocket guard

Paint by Jason Gray Customs

s Bike Show have paired up in 2010, so this R6 is he Silver Star headquarters at both Laguna Seca ces. Follow every Nick Anglada Originals project a fan you'll be the first to know about any new material uploaded regularly.

Visit Silver Star's online home at


we first laid eyes on this old-school brown Busa at the Hess Station it immediately captivated our attention. After being introduced to the designer and builder, Kory Souza by Arnie with Tricky Air we knew this bike would make a great feature. Kory is best known in the chopper industry as being legendary master bike fabricator Dave Perewitz's right hand man. A Busa build at the Perewitz shop triggered Kory's passion for sportbikes. Once that first bike was returned back to the owner he knew he had to have his own thus the creation of this personally owned masterpiece.

After acquiring the desired canvas,

a partially damaged 2003 Busa. Kory unleashed his creativity by first redesigning some of the bodywork. He then focused on the exclusive overall bike concept revolving around his unorthodox color choice. Kory's paralleled love for the "rat rod" style is evident in every detail of this bike. Enjoy the rest of the feature.



By scoring this GSX-R 1000 for cheap after it was flipped

by it's owner, TOCE figured that it would be the perfect candidate for a custom build that would eventually quiet the critics. They had been hearing for years that 300 tire bikes were all show and no go. Those same critics had been saying that custom bikes couldn't withstand the abuse of tricks such as stoppies and wheelies - TOCE set out to do the "impossible".


race replica GSX-R 600 plastics represented some of the best graphics on any sport bike to date, according to Mark Duval (rider in the following photos). A set was found on Ebay and installed rather quickly.

A TOCE T-Slash pipe for the Ya-

maha R1 was slightly modified and made to clear the big swingarm. A stock GSX-R rear wheel was widened to 10.25" and offset so the factory cush drive functions just like stock. A Busa shock and rotor was used to further compensate for the increased tire size.

Like all TOCE parts, the swingarm

was machined in house. In order to get the desired performance the arm was only stretched six inches. Controversial prior to the finished product, the two different colored wheels definitley provided a very nice final touch to this custom GSX-R. The end result is a critic silencing 300 wide tire bike that Mark has fun thrashing on a daily basis.


WikiShift – Breakthrough Technology Enthusiasts have complained for years of having to change between clear and tinted shields for night and daytime riding. Wiki® provides a much sought after solution. Their sun-sensitive color changing shield technology named WikiShift™ delivers convenience with style. No more uncomfortable sunglasses inside the helmet, switching shields, carrying an extra shield, or getting caught at night wearing a tinted shield which is obviously dangerous. So how does it work? The photochromatic reaction occurs when the photochromic molecule is exposed to UV from the sun. Therefore when riding at night, street lights and oncoming headlamps (which do not emit UV light) do not cause a reaction and the shield remains clear. But when exposed to sunlight the shield quickly darkens. The “shift” from clear to tint typically takes 30 to 60 seconds. WikiShift is a coating which must be applied to the exterior surface of the shield to work its magic because UV inhibitors in polycarbonate (the material all faceshields are made of) block most of the UV. This is the main reason photochromic inserts do not work well. Photochromic molecules are one of the most expensive materials in the world by weight. Cost varies by color and amount of darkness. Current available colors are smoke, amber, and blue. Wiki’s advanced award-winning technology was developed by its premier photochromic chemist. The popular Wave helmet includes a WikiShift shield. It is an incredibly unique and desirable piece of safety equipment. The helmet features an incredibly light carbonfiber re-enforced fiberglass shell, is very comfortable, and meets DOT and strict ECE standards. Also, a brand new product called a WikiShift Skin™ will convert most clear shields to a WikiShift shield in a snap. Now almost any street helmet can be outfitted with WikiShift technology! Prices of shields and skins range from $49 - $99 depending on color and darkness and Wave helmets (WikiShift shield included) run around the $300 mark. Visit or call (877) 411-9454.


bike e h t f f o t r o sta t y a k! In w c a r r e t t t e e h b t What ties then a day at he track, tivi at t y a d l a m week fes a nor ’t any n o t s a n w o s e i r r , the g compa n i c a r sn’t a y w n a y l t ’ e t n i s n defi e r e there wa h t ss d a n k a c i g r t n i a d i r e was r e h t dirt bike d a e t emis h n I n r . r e t a s c e s the W any Na n i p u host t e d s e y e a s l r p u t o ot tha l road c g n i k r a p l XDL e a h n t o i f t o a e N r f the sphe o d n u o r t ries. e S p to the firs i h s n Champio


XDL ch g n i n g i e der and r , Dan Jacks i r a h a m Duke� ctory Ya “ a f e k s u a L s what , r e r e k e n t a i f l r a d B a e e E c , h n h ppeara se Toler a s g e With suc n J , o l r t a s c ere was i t a h r T e e . V d y a r e u o m j J n eve Dixon, ankle i n Colton t r o p o r j e a a k A t m , r a s e h i rid mons t since h m d E e Red Bull s e s k a u p L biting fin d l d i a a n h a n s a n k t e o f een Dix only we ir and le w a t h e c b r i e l e t h t close ba edge of t

Bill hampion even son and like t seemed ngly an amazi n the eryone o nal round

e re was pl e h T to do; e ns on t m o a i c t a e r t h s t a n did wh as well o e x l al sess i t n t D a o , i b t d a n e e h m t e e eated r ider. In th hallenge was quit c r t iding. h i r c y a s z e n a r o r i t c c i fo d e Toler &N circl wet con K h t d i e n Bill D h w a T , d ! y n n r o N u e t l o p f o WI p i C l quite s ler and o r T e . d es. If n n i i n l e u e w e e w e h t h e t w and b r ectacle king ove p a s t at le e y l l h d t l a u u e t t o n h e s qui v e

emond e r e w e sly, ther u o i inforr r e e s t h t u o B l . a n r d seve ially rai n c a e , p l e and s a v e c i , o t l r d r e n e V e t k n e e o by Jo little stu en all we m a e e h s d ngth t i e e a r l w b t l i S s r o r t p d o y t A n t a a n e t e y Speed t of spec Teach, th b s e e n i back l o w e h s e e c a n t h i e e s w W h s t s i e t e h h t to entic y perfec nsored t l d o b e p a t s a h , e c r n u c o ight and o i t s t i n t e u e h p t s sions i m e h t o i sing qu ain with st trick c s g e i a k m c t i n s e r e e a andled h m h e u T n v o a a y p m n e e e l h h ning t rson t otorcyc m a d e h Dixon ow ’t seen this in pe c ever wat n n e e v v a ’ I h . y u l yo mediate m i t i e l g east goo

se! The s e n fi d an h poise mprised c o u c s , e h g t i n w lle d star Cha l l A with roa a l l d i e r x i Ap m e freestyl Eric Pet y b d of pure e h s t was cru Dan kep y z a r C racing, d Dixon an and took e r o c s s tit while i h arters on podium. u e q h t e s n o o l c ots f spills, ining sp o a y m t e n r e l e p th e here wer icks for everyt , l l a n i l Al ch and hot s k c i r t k sic for njoy. eduled h c s one to e s i f t event .com). I w o h s l d The nex x ( h these olis, IN c p t a a n c a i o t d n e I c the chan u to get e o v y a h e r u o l o y mp sportction, I i a h c n t i a s w y d gu touch an c r eel stun u h o y w 2 f off o t d d the ar r beyon a f s t i bikes an m i l l hed to le. You’l b i s s o p ing pus e st believ ckets of what mo ge from Blingro peeled ra s e e v y o e c r e u e s yo at they and keep h r t u t o a t m s i r th fo se e show k i b e . I promi h g t n i c for u d be intro isit this will soon eeper. Let’s rev nting a k year, Stu kly t it to be x e n e ic e tim ed so qu r u t the sam a m s els ha parking e d h n w a 2 s n c o ti kyard an ry mainstream c a b m o fr ve hin es into a c i t c a ight. Wit r l t p o p lot s d it deserve ill watch w e w and well s few year ional tours like the next from nat n i a ing the X g t a a n i m o grow d s come ventually y e u g o t e L s D e X Th r bigger. ent and they go o s e m a G v u every e ery time. To all o y r o f t ev ou crowds, e h t and keep r b o o f j t a BIG e r g petitors, e specta h t l l a o the com T k. port and reat wor p u s r u o up the g ry nk you fo o instead spent a h t , s r o t h people w on their couch e h t l l a to g ass nd sittin e k e e ff your w o s t e thi g , reruns ent that watching ch the amazem wat and go . is, X-D-L




Exclusive Heavy Metal Flake Graphics by Enjoy, Developed for the J채germeister Freestyle Motocross Team. -Available at

BlingRockets No.8  

BlingRockets Issue No.8

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