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This month’s cover: American Patriot Busa, shot on scene at the entrance to Sin City. Photo by BlingRockets

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Model: Ashley Alexa



Executive Editor & Art Director: Lee Wallace Associate Editor & Art Director: Adam Canni Editor-at-Large: Louis Grasse Aussie Associate Editor: Matt Gittoes Dutch Associate Editor: Livingstone Rijff Marketing and Promotions Director: Jesse Fennell Technical Director: Rob Uecker Contributors: LifeCreations TiffModels Wildside USA Joel Alvarez FlatOut Industries

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You wouldn’t find me talking about this about six months ago.

What I’m referring to, is that as I write this, it’s been one year since Indiana, my best friend had to be put down. It was last year’s Super Bowl Sunday, and as we were about to leave for the party, Indy went into a condition which made it obvious that we had to make an immediate decision about his life. Only four months prior to that day he was positively diagnosed with a cancer that was the kind that every dog owner fears because there is no cure, no turning back. He wasn’t expected to make it to his 13th Birthday (Christmas Eve) but he surpassed that mark by almost two months. We tried everything that we could find. Herbs - Chinese medicine, prescribed meds, etc. Those things only delayed the inevitable. Needless to say we greatly appreciated every extra day that we had him past what the Vet said would be his last.

What does this have to do with the mag you say? Well, my experience with Indy is very similar to this mag. It took me 13 years of screwing up his training to finally see that I knew nothing. I pretty much learned everything about dogs with him. My comparison comes into play with our three year old Domeranian, Spike who luckily came into the family during Indy’s last years. You see since having Spike I’ve been educated and I don’t screw everything up with his training. We know how to do just about everything the right way now and it’s paying off. Spike listen’s and behaves 100% better than Indy ever did.

There’s no waiting 13 years to learn how to do this magazine correctly. We’re learning one

month at a time but we’re learning quickly and at a much faster pace than the development of my dog handling skills. One huge thing that we’ve learned is that we need to know more about you - The custom sportbike aficionado. Knowing more about you is going to be our ticket to fine tuning all aspects of your publication (see Pg.38). You may win a new Wiki along the way! One last bit of info I wanted to relay was the reason why this issue was so late. In early January we, Rockets Media Inc. moved into a commercial building. This move put production terribly behind schedule. Look for shots of the new digs in the next issue. I hope you enjoy this one, be safe, and keep on Blinging!



Eurocomponents Streetfighter fairing kit features an aggressive design that means speed even if your bike is standing still. It will make your naked bike stand out, guaranteed! Kit includes fairing, high beam and low beam lights and mounting bracket. Fairing is available in black or carbonlook finish. Headlights use H3 bulbs 12V/55W. $195.96

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Cuba (left): Ou their Canadian land and spre handing out o Australia (bel any time spre Warehouse in man himself in Kyrgyzstan (r rector, couldn stan. During welcome spot


ur good friends at FlatOut Industries, thanks to n citizenship, were able to make a trip to the isead the word about FlatOut and BlingRockets by one thousand of these custom made posters. low): MBP Matt, our Aussie Editor didn’t waste eading the word over at Mladin’s new Bike Gear n New South Wales. Pictured (middle), is the n a BlingT during their grand opening. right): Jesse, our Marketing and Promotions Din’t resist promoting while en-route to Afghanihis temporary stop in Kyrgyzstan he found a t for a BlingRockets sticker.


Words: James Mason Pics: Model: Jarna

Bad luck. Fate. Restitution. Not the typi-

cal reasons why a custom bike comes into being. But then this is no typical bike. Project Cannonball was never planned but born from bizarre circumstance. Ingrained into this machine is a story as much about human spirit as it is about engineering…. The donor bike, a mildly fightered but otherwise stock ’93 Honda Fireblade, had been a trusty workhorse for much of its life but had since been relegated to the dark, dank corner of the garage that normally spells “T-H-E E-N-D” for most motorcycles. Fate had other things in mind though. With less than 24-hours notice, it had once again been called to duty. But this time it would not be for the mundane commute to work but a hardcore thrash around the deserts, mountains and coastal roads of North Africa on one of the most challenging of all motorcycle adventures – Cannonball Bike Run. Builder Paul Bainbridge and lifelong friend Andy Glover had been planning their Cannonball entry for some time. Both talented engineers and renegades to the core, they had decided to shun the easy option of entering on standard, modern sport bikes but instead create their own big horsepower, attitude-laden custom Street Fighters.

Andy had created a mean, menacing

and eye-catching GSX 1400 while Paul had converted a Yamaha Thunderace into a wild two-wheeled pit bull of a bike. Both had huge turbos and over 200 bhp. They were ready. Until disaster struck. On the very day the Cannonball truck was due to collect the bikes and ship them to Africa Paul’s Thunderace had blown its’ turbo on a final shakedown run. The damage was severe enough to be irreparable in the time available. The only option was to drag out the old ‘Blade from the depths of the garage, throw it on the truck and hastily buy some essential spares that they’d fit when they arrived for the start. The shit had hit the fan.

Thursday 2nd October 2008, Tangier, Morocco - 9.00 AM Cannonball Bike Run Day 1 The bikes are lined up and ready

for the start parade. Andy is standing proud alongside his sexy, naked, standout model of a GSX 1400 that is getting all the eyes and has clearly benefited from the hand of his surgical enhancement. Paul meanwhile, stands sheepishly by his ‘Blade – an “old faithful” that hasn’t bothered getting dressed up, has clearly been around the block one too many times and dredged from the back page of the “Black Book” when his regular date failed to show up.

Three hours and 15 minutes later….

Lunch is shattered by the sickening

sound of metal on metal. Andy has been T-boned and come off right outside the restaurant. The GSX 1400 is bent, in pieces and oil is spewing from the sump. He’s down, hurt and unable to catch his breath as Paul arrives on the scene…. No surrender. No choice. Now, only the Blade’s two well worn seats would get them both two-up through another 6 days of African onslaught. And so it did. Miraculously it hauled over 480lbs of burly bikers through another 2000 miles of everything Africa could throw at them: the fierce heat of the Sahara, endless deep canyons and mountainous peaks high above the clouds. And it never missed a beat. At times, quite incredibly, they ran at the front, riding like heroes (and beyond), thrashing the thing for everything it had. Squirming, sliding, living life. No fancy paint, no chrome, no frills. Just two men, a motorcycle and a mission. At the finish the “Spirit of The Cannonball” award was theirs. Nobody questioned that. But quietly it was felt that the motorcycle was deserving of an honour of its own. Restitution was due and a deal was quickly struck to rebuild the ‘Blade in to a Cannonball tribute bike.

After many months

of frenzied workshop activity the result is what you see today. The brief had been simple: “Make it mad”, and while its’ primary purpose is to draw attention to CBR the bike still hustles along pretty well. To achieve the asymmetric look Paul grafted on a VFR800 singled-sided swingarm, offset to accommodate the 240 rear tyre and hooked up with custom, adjustable billet linkages. The front-end set-up though would not be so straightforward. Starting with a pair of GSXR400 fork legs, custom yokes were made (with internal lock-stops) that hold the forks in line on the left hand side of the bike. The standard brake calipers are mounted onto a one-off bracket that also allows the NC30 hub to be revolved and adjust the geometry and ride height. A single-disk solution would have been simplest but neither bike nor builder were exactly accustomed to taking the easy way out. So some mad science was machined in with a funky adaptor and the original cush drive reversed to incorporate the ZX636 twin disks and a modified matching car wheel that had two inches cut from the width. It took some 36 welding rods alone to reassemble the wheel. Other custom touches include a slick one-off riser block that allowed the bars to be cut in half and the switchgear wiring fed through the bars and out of the top yoke. Cont.- pg.25


A custom can was fabricated to cap the Micron stainless steel exhaust and all the electrics were moved to under the tank with a new billet expansion bottle now sitting next to the rear shock. The final touch was a cheeky, stealth nod to Cannonball race-tactics with an auxiliary two-gallon fuel tank hidden in the sub-frame. Essential for regaining the lead when the other bikes are losing time refueling! Needless to day, wherever it appears Project Cannonball draws a crowd with reactions ranging from WTF! to mystified head scratching. The occasional, uninformed comment that it could never be rideable, clearly is a point of view that needs to be disproved. Properly. So in June next year the story will come full circle when the bike will once again rock the kasbahs of Morocco on Cannonball Bike Run 2010 – this time in it’s new boots and panties. After that, maybe, just maybe the old girl will finally get some rest. But then again, maybe not…..

FRO nal lo a cus REA age. WHE from Rear: ENG expan FRA tail u

BUIL Mick 0120

ORIGINAL MAKE / MODEL: 1993 Honda Fireblade

ONT END: Suzuki GSX-R 400 forks with machined bottoms, custom billet yokes with interock stops, custom billet hub with NC30 bearing, one-off adaptor, Kawasaki ZX636 disks and stom billet riser block. AD END: Honda VFR800 swinging arm, hub, disk and caliper & custom billet shock link-

EELS / TYRES: Front: Aftermarket car wheel, originally 18” x 8” with 2 inches removed m width and re-welded, Metzeler 180x18” tyre. : Aftermarket car wheel, 18”x8”, 240x18” Metzeler tyre GINE: Honda Fireblade, clear clutch cover, translucent coolant pipes, custom billet radiator nsion bottle, Micron exhaust with one-off custom can, 124bhp. AME / BODYWORK: Honda Fireblade frame with custom sub-frame, Kawasaki ZX-10R unit and custom fabricated hidden 2-gallon auxiliary fuel tank.

LT BY: Paul Bainbridge @ Alchemik Custom Moto ( with thanks to: k @ Paint My Ride ( Les @ Roosters Motorcycle Breakers (+44 07 284000) Andy, Gouphy, Sarah, Sam, Christine & Henry

Wildside USA, the soul of the Cannonballl Bike Run, provided the following bits of info regarding this years upcoming run: - 3 riders from the USA confirmed for 2010. - The most Internationally diverse entry list to date with entries from 9 different countries at this point. - In 2010, CBR will be looking to establish a National Speed Record in Morocco on a closed section of highway. -

“Wildside also offers VIP service to all nightclubs in Las Vegas�

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Livingstone Rijff is the owner and operator

of airbrushlab LifeCreations, based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Livingston, a selfthought airbrush artist, has been performing his art for over seven years now. Besides working out of his personal studio, Livingstone accepts freelance airbrush assignments from a wide variety of companies. A lot of these assignments are executed all over Europe and are sometimes not very rewarding. His latest project, seen here, started out with a 2005 R1 that had low mileage but came with some minor body damage. The bike was slated to become Livingstone’s personal toy, the bike to ride and enjoy, but he somehow fell in love with this particular project, later becoming his showcase bike. To Livingstone, the look and feel of the R1 was exactly to his liking. He knew the bike was going to become something different, something special. A lot of the time, airbrush projects are a race against the clock. This sort of stress was avoided completely when doing anything with the R1. It was his opportunity to show the world his worth as an airbrush artist. Being a private project, every bit of potential was used to the fullest. In the Netherlands the sport bike scene isn’t as big as in the US but there are some people that truly customize their bikes. Most of them use the same features: changing the stock arm for an extended swing arm, using a bigger size tire and mostly adding huge amounts of chrome. “It doesn’t matter how nice chrome looks, you’ll never really stand out that much when everybody else has the same chrome features”, per Livingstone. Pg.42

Words & Photos: Courtesy of Airbrushlab LifeCreations


“When I started on the design of the bike, I wanted to make this bike an eye catcher without chrome. I wanted to show people there is a lot more than the same chrome you see over and over again. I also wanted to make something that would be a display of my skill set. The name Airbrushlab is not chosen to be a cool or catchy name. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different paints, mediums, and surfaces. I find it very important to have as much knowledge as possible about the material I work with - to get the best out of them. And even more important, to have the knowledge to use the best paint and it’s effects, suiting the project I’m working on”. There are several airbrush and custom paint artists out there, but not many of them are actually good painters and good airbrush artists at the same time. By mastering both Livingstone is able to produce a top shelf product. “You can give ten random airbrush artists a design or a picture and watch how they incorporate it onto a vehicle. You’ll see that most of them will do a good job transferring the design. The ones who have extensive knowledge of paints will produce artwork that stands out allot more. I think for one to be a good automotive airbrusher you should entail more than airbushing to detail. It should also envelop the knowledge of paints that will compliment the artwork.”

In reference to the finished project at hand: It stands out from a distance and looks

even better up close. Furthermore, the entire bike seems to be fully customized even though the majority of the parts are stock items. “A little bit of paint in the right place can do miracles”. The focus of the design is the use of a two tone color use, utilizing opposites. Both the blue and orange are made up out of different layers of metallics, pearls, candies and sparkles. Together they form a lively combination, which makes the paint look rare and exotic. After finding the right tones it was time for the bike to become one big canvas. This project shows fast tribal lines, combined with a high-level of airbrush art. The design had to fit the rounded curves and dynamics of the motorcycle’s shape so a rounded approach was chosen. Balanced in size and color the tribal design looks raw but organized. To compliment the main colors a pure white pinstripe was used to border the entire design. The pearls and metallics inside the candies are light sensitive, and turn into a dark hue without light. The white, on the other hand, will remain bright even in poor light. Therefore the shape of the tribal always stands out.


On a full bike custom paint job the entire bike has to be disassembled. Only the engine w

will be separated from the frame. This in itself can be quit a handful. All of the parts to b first before being sanded. After the sanding process, all the metal parts are painted orang Steps before, during, and after the painting process a numerous: Primer is used for a go bare metal and the paint. Then a couple of even layers of fine metallic and pearls are laid o are the base for the candies that will follow. A combination of yellow and orange candies even coats. When all the pieces are finished they get clear coated with four layers of clea sets of clearing. Two times - two layers - of clear coat end up being stronger and cleare four layers of clear coat in 1 session. The parts have to dry properly before being reassem

will not be opened but be painted get cleaned ge. ood adhesion between over the primer. These s are laid down in four ar. This is done in two er then trying to spray mbled.

A good tip when painting several small objects in a candy is to make a reverence panel.

Candies are pure transparent paints and therefore become darker with each added layer. If you’re painting multiple parts with curves or hard to reach places it can be difficult to get the same tone everywhere. By using an ultimate reverence you can look in between layers to check how far you are from the desired color tone. All of the parts becoming blue go through the same steps but instead of orange, blue and purple candies were used. This time, only two layers of clear coat are added. The clear won’t be the final stage, but will serve as a protective layer over the blue and gives a perfect base when wet sanded for the added layers. As soon as the blue parts have been sanded they get reassembled onto the bike. This is done to ensure a smooth flow of tribal line design from one part to the other. With white chalk, the tribal designs are drawn out. The next step is taping off all the negative space around the design that has to stay blue. The same metallic and pearl base used on the frame parts is used for the base of the tribal design. Now the tribal design is formed and the skull design is filled in. In this case, the completed tribal design holds 549 skulls. The skulls have been freehanded with orange and red candies. When all the skulls are finished yellow and orange candies are added on top of the design to match the overall color used on the frame. Cont. - Pg.52

The top of the tank had to stay clear of design as much as possible. The goal of this project is to showcase the main art piece, but even without the portrait on the tank, the design had to be strong enough to stand out on it’s own. The freehanded face was painted in different tones of the same dark blue, the rest of the bike is painted in. This way the face blends into the rest of the blue paint thus providing a very 3D look.


“Realistic renditions of the female face, I have found, are one of the most difficult things to do. Besides getting the features right, it can be hard to capture the right expression. When I’m looking for a certain face I always like to look in fashion and photography magazines. The presence of different light effects can help when creating a specific vibe. Even though I found a face and expression I wanted use, freedom of expression, in this project, allowed me to change a few features in her face. I changed her nose, mouth and hair and a tribal tattoo was added to match the overall bike design”, Says Livingstone. To start with the portrait, all the tape has to be removed and both the orange and the blue parts are revealed. All traces of glue from the tape must be removed. The orange parts get taped off. White chalk is used to draw reference lines for the portrait. The face is airbrushed with a mixture of base coat white, white pearls and blue candies. The darkest details are airbrushed with a candy called “Burple”. All the blue parts now get sprayed with two coats of intercoat clear (clear basecoat). This helps smoothing the edges between the colors and it serves as a mid coat. The mid coat helps to prevent the candies from bleeding. Without the mid coat the white pinstripes would react with the blue and orange candies, which would result in a pale yellow line on top of the orange candy and a baby blue line on top of the blue candy. After twelve drying hours all the painted parts are clear coated with six layers of clear - in three sets of clearing. The parts are left to dry for 24 hours after being heated.

To finalize the design, a few custom parts wre installed. The orange windshield was m in France, done to match the color of the bike. The stock indicators were replaced with tegrated blinkers in the front and a LED indicator was added to the rear light. The brake tors have been replaced with very exclusive wave rotors. Custom white and orange leat seats replace the factory one.


made h ine rother

Overall, the bike i Livingstone turne All together a tota variety of faces, th LifeCreations. Co

is a work of art. It shows design, flair, dynamics and creative outlook - all balanced perfectly. ed an already great bike into an “eye catcher� from a distance and a joy to observe up close. al of 420 man-hours were put in this project. And it shows in the detailed finish. With a wide he skulls invite the viewer to take a much closer look and explore the creativity of Airbrushlab ont. - Pg.68

Livingstone lastly said, “This project was a joy to work on. I hope my bike will bring joy to everybody who sees it. My art is made with passion and paint, a reflection of my soul through imagination. Airbushing is my passion, which I perform with joy and happiness. Perfection is the standard I live by whether it’s a custom bike, a speedboat, a canvas, or a massive wall. There is always room for improvement. Improving therefore is actually a part of my joy”. In the near future, LifeCreation’s airbrush projects are expected to debut in the USA.



Once in a great while, opportunity knocks and we answer its call!

It’s not simply that we respond, however how we respond to that opportunity that ultimately determines the outcome, and defines our experience. Case in point the bike you see before you, “The Patriot”, a highly customized 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa. This particular opportunity for Adam Canni came in form of a collaborative joint venture between Canni Design and Great American Sales CEO Doug Doty. The goal was to have a traveling showcase designed to bring high visibility to each other’s products. The fruits of this collaboration “The Patriot”, is the culmination of 3 months of intense fabrication by painter – and now bike builder extraordinaire Dan Goodwin of DG Designs in Groveland Florida. “Dan signed up for a paint job and ended up completing his first full build”, stated Adam, and what a job Dan did, creating this bike that is true to Adam’s patriotic design vision and a well timed reminder of how great it is to be an American! With “The Patriot” Busa the first thing that strikes you it the colors that don’t run! I know what your thinking, what’s up with the Old Glory theme on a Japanese motorcycle? Well you see Great American Sale is all about American made products, and it’s this shared philosophy that drove Canni’s design direction. “It seemed fitting that the bike have a patriotic appearance”. “It’s all about the flow, we have seen a ton of bikes with stars and bars so for this build, I set out to differentiate this bike with a modern flare and a unique theme that emphasized the flowing lines of the Menace Kit”, said Canni. Once you get past the patriotic graphics, a closer inspection reveals the not so stock lines of the Canni Design Menace Kit, which debuted earlier this year on the Ed Hardy Helmets Busa featured in Super Streetbike and Dub magazines, respectively. “It was great to release this new body kit product on such a high profile build, but the graphics where too busy to allow the uniqueness of the Menace kit to stand out!” Canni continued, “It was important that the Patriot theme didn’t cover the clean lines of the kit”. The Menace kit is definitely hot and certainly puts “The Patriot” Busa in the league with the heavy hitters. Cont. - Pg.82

“This Kit allows builders everywhere the ability to take their builds to the next level, over a thousand bucks from the original MSRP of $2,999.00”, commented Adam. T newer Suzuki Hayabusa, not to mention that there is also a 6” longer than stock, D arms. Speaking of all American, “the Menace Kit is manufactured right here in Flor Menace kit could have never happened without the support of many long time friend modeler and Rats Hole Judge, Ken Glen, and co-conspirator Dennis the “Menace” Pg.82

, by providing cutting edge style for only $1,995.00”. “The $1,995.00 price is down The Menace kit is designed to bolt on to any Busa with fitment for 99-07 and 08 and Drag tail kit available for builders who are going 10”-12’ over stock on their swing rida, by Americans, Canni was quick to note giving praise and special thanks, “The ds and behind the scenes players such as the Menace kit fabricator, master fiberglass Virga for whom the kit was named after”. Cont. - Pg.86

No doubt sharp from any angle, “The Patriot” has what it takes with right stance a

available. Performance comes from a remapped 1300cc motor exiting with and Indy system, complemented by matching red nameplate. Nose - to - tail, the bike is adorn takingly laid down by Dan Goodwin. “The Patriot” is supported by a custom C&S 3 “The Patriot” is accented with chrome billet Triple Tree’s, Clear Gas Cap, Levers, Kic Links. Incredible stopping power is provided by Galfer Wave Rotors, Lines and GP include custom Patriot Gauges created by Street Racer Parts and custom blue


and flow, and it keeps on giving with a boatload of the finest aftermarket products y Car exhaust symphony provided by the Brocks Performance - Alien Head complete ned with Pearl White and Candy Blue and Red paint from Matrix System and pains330 Swing Arm with Rear Air Ride suspension by Tricky Air. If all that’s not enough, ck Stand and Spikes from RIS Designs, Roaring Toyz grips and Adjustable Lowering P Brake pads, and finally Avon rubber meeting the pavement. Other custom touches e MV Augusta F-4 LED taillight, provided by Clear Alternatives. Cont. - Pg.90

Opportunities, like bike builds, are often about the journey not the destination, and

as with any projects faced with deadlines there are always a few tense moments” s being shoulder to shoulder, in the thick of a project, last a lifetime!” Well the proo Las Vegas just in time for SEMA. SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Manufacture Patriot” will be seen next at Daytona Bikeweek, after which it will be sold off to ra

With “The Patriot” build behind him, I asked what was next on the horizon for Ca

line along with further expansion into the body products with new products on the latest build it’s clear that opportunity has knocked and Canni has answered the call


d “The Patriot” Busa build was no exception for Canni. “This was one hell of ride, said Canni, “ heated moments come and go but the friendships that develope while of is in the pudding; Canni and his team delivered one fine tasting dish of a bike to ers Association; the nations top automotive show (also featured in this issue). “The aise money for the next build, just think this bike could be in your garage.

anni. Canni tells me that he is going big this year, launching a wheel and hard parts e way for the ZX-14 amongst other popular models. Judging by the results on his l!

2005 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa

Builder: Dan Goodwinn - DG Designs Custom Paint: Dan Goodwin - DG Designs Body: Canni Design - Menace Kit Exhaust: Brocks Performance - Alien Head Tail Light: MV Augusta F-4 LED taillight - Clear Alternatives. Triple Tree: RIS Design Fuel Cap: RIS Design Spike Kit: RIS Design Grips: Roaring Toyz Levers: RIS Design Mirrors: Roaring Toyz Kick Stand: RIS Designs Foot Pegs: Yanashiki Swing Arm: C&S Customs 330 - 10� over stock Tires: Avon Brakes: Galfer - Wave Rotor Brake Lines: Galfer - Braided MC Covers: RIS Design Rear Suspension: Tricky Air Lowering Links: Roaring Toyz Gauges: Custom -Street Racer Parts


What can one say about the wo

This is the show that combines spokes models and over 120,00 essence of the SEMA show. With only a few days until this get their booths set up for a we be Jager Bomb induced, sleeple a must see, must do Mecca pilg tive Editor, Lee Wallace will n “Sin City Tour Guide�, leading not to mention that a porn indu

Well after several weeks of hy

standing in a familiar setting w

orlds foremost Automotive Specialty Equipment Show, SEMA 2009. How about awe inspiring! s the latest motorsports product innovations, with the world’s finest custom cars, trucks, bikes, 00 enthusiasts from all around the globe. All of these elements are combined to formulate the

is annual gathering, thousands of vendors where quickly descending on Sin City, each racing to eek of man style fun. If Las Vegas was a Bar and SEMA was a cocktail, the SEMA show would ess sensory overloaded week of motorsports indulgence! For those of you in the know, SEMA is grimage for any motorsports enthusiast, as our new BlingRocket editor Livingstone, and Execunow profess. Being the only seasoned SEMA veteran in our group, I assumed the likely role of g our two unsuspecting SEMA virgins on the tour of exhibit halls, casinos, strip bars, and excess, ustry convention was also in town, oh how I love Las Vegas!

ype and anticipation, we where in Sin City! The usual suspects Lee, Livingstone, and I, where with very unusual surroundings. We where smack dab in the middle of a dozen - Cont. - Pg.108

custom sportbikes, standing center stage in the Roaring Toyz booth, the surreal part about it w tion Center. Over the years I have seen Bob Fisher at many events but never at SEMA, and m heart of the event. Too add to the ambiance of this setting, we where treated to hourly off road in front of the Dub Tour custom car displays. If there was an economic recession it was pretty swimming through a sea of custom vehicles, the likes of which I have never seen before. After a quick scan of the chaos, I decided to pop the Roaring Toyz trailer for a quick check o Good news, “The Patriot” had made it to Vegas undamaged, not to mention it was my ride for the east exhibit hall to peruse the show. It was already 3:00 pm so we had only three hours to “Red Bull Desert Racer” and it’s accompanying “Red Bull Chopper” created by custom bike the best plan of attack. Where to begin - is a serious consideration - when you ponder the ma Pg.108 encompasses a complex that’s about one square mile. To compound this dilemma we

was that we where in the parking lot in front the SEMA show located at the Las Vegas Convenmuch to my surprise with the help of his new corporate sponsor AEM, Roaring Toyz was at the d shows provided by the Lucas Oil sponsored, Stadium Trucks that performed high flying feats y hard to spot here! From where I was standing, there was a non-stop onslaught of enthusiasts

of “The Patriot� Busa that Bobby and Ricker where nice enough to hall out too Vegas for me. r next few days, no rent-a-cage for me! With the bike check behind us, we made our way in to o take in SEMA on day 1. Once inside we where instantly drawn to the foyers centerpiece the e builder extraordinaire, Jesse Rooke. As we studied this hot Jesse Rooke build, we discussed agnitude of SEMA. With over 1700 exhibitors spread out in more than a dozen halls, SEMA e had just a mere 3 days to take it all in! Cont. - Pg.118

With the seemingly impossible task o

to us. We walked into the hall to find th companies like TIS, Enkei, TSW, BF had their own showcase complete pro awesome, however there where a few Giovanna wheels. With a sheer drape corporate setup. This over-the-top ultr ters from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamb very bling! On our way out of Giovan lovely ladies accompanying it. Who c by our friend Roland Sands booth to c


of covering the entire event, our team set out to tackle the east exhibit hall being it was the closest he world’s largest gathering of wheel and tire manufacturers. You name it and they where there, Goodrich, Michelin, Pirelli, where just a few of the brand names being displayed. Each brand oduct displays, custom cars, and hot spokes models signing giveaway posters. The east hall was booths that stood out from the crowd. The first was the south beach nightclub themed booth by e and high tech lighting the Giovanna booth had a decidedly upscale and unique look for their ra luxury booth was the host to over 10 million dollars in exotic cars, complete with heavy hitborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin, each adjourned with the finest wheels from Giovanna, very, nna, we where instantly drawn to the striking lime green Kenda Tires, Dodge Viper, and the two can resist the allure of two sexy ladies and hot race prepped Viper? Next up was a special stop check out his rolling art. Cont. - Pg.124

While at Roland’s booth we where treated to some

cool up close time with a nice collection of Roland’s bikes, not to mention, his vivacious and beautiful spokes models Elouisa and Katrina who where kind enough to entertain us during our visit. Providing us with awesome material for the magazine, the charming Elouisa and Katrina where both great sports. I must say that I’m damn impressed with Roland’s great eye for aesthetics. I’m sure, now that you have seen the photos, you too will agree that Elouisa and Katrina are both gorgeous as well! All in all, it was a good first day, especially considering we only had three hours at the SEMA show. With the first day of the show behind us it was time for our team to cut loose and have a little fun, Sin City style. We got word of an industry party at the Bellagio and by the time we got there, the place was hopping, hot girls, music, and cold drinks where the order of the night, the cocktails were flowing and tunes were jamming late into the evening.

Day two began with an alarm clock chime which

pierced the silence of our deep sleep like the clanging of a ringside bell at the beginning of a prizefight, ding-ding, it’s time for round two of SEMA! I pulled back the tightly drawn drapes and our room


was instantly flooded with blast of warm desert sunlight. As I sta pondered the coming day, and all the adventure it would bring. W shooting as many vehicles as possible before the crowds got too Arriving at the show at 7:00 am we separated our team, movin much ground as possible. With Lee and Livingstone in the hunt the crowd and look for the hot stories. While Lee ventured off to


ared down the strip sun bathed valley of sin; I We were off to an early start, with the goal of thick. ng in three directions to effectively cover as for hot shots, I took a minute to mingle with o cover the original Big Foot - Cont. - Pg.136

monster truck, I turned back to the DUB Tour and luckily stumbled across AKA Customs, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation while honoring the memory of Mask (TapouT founder) who tragi intense custom paint-work, by Freddy at Killer Kreations Inc., 80 spoke custom wire wheels by After a busy day of walking though the dense crowd of show attendees, it seemed obvious that over 100 custom 2010 Camaro’s on display at various booths throughout SEMA. The 2010 Ca booths throughout the show. The other cool trend I observed at SEMA was the large contingen Big few years back, with there flat black Tahoe featured on their hit MTV show. Now taking r “Murdered Out” Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and Bentley’s scattered throughout the show. One of the m V-10 Super car (left side of next page), to bad it’s not a new Supra! Day two was quickly coming to an end when I spied a carbon fiber tour de force, by Pagani. Th be appreciated. A mixture of matt and gloss finished carbon panels make up the cars exterior, co Pg.136 all business. The Zonda looks like it’s begging to be driven on the track at full bore! O

their recently completed Mask tribute Busa (Pg.126). The bike was created to raise money for ically lost his life earlier this year in and auto accident. This incredibly themed machine features y Ride Wright, billet parts from RIS Designs, and a single sided arm by Gregg’s Customs. t the all new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was the most popular car at the show. In fact, there where amaro was followed closely by the ever popular 2010 Ford Mustang, which also graced several ncy of “Murdered Out” custom rides in attendance. This hot trend was kicked off by Rob and root and going mainstream the “Murdered Out” trend could be seen everywhere we went with most notable “Murdered Out” rides was the all new and totally bad ass, six figure Lexus LF-A

he Zonda (Pg. 140), Pagani’s 1.5 million dollar super-car is a car that must be seen in person to omplimented by an F-1 suspension, twin turbocharged motor and a race car styled interior that’s Oh well maybe someday.. Day two had flown by and our team was feeling - Cont. - Pg.142


a bit overwhelmed by all the crowds ing in, we decided to grab a twelve p

The week had gone by fast and day


jumpstarted by some help from twen to an early start as we headed out of shoot the bike just off the strip and it camera! The photo shoot went off w visit to the famous pawn shop featu company and the stars of the TV sho find that they where taping the sale o at the Indy Brickyard. The guys form full restoration. After a brief exchan antiques, art and jewelry. Once insid who had a set of Presidential cuff lin

s, cars, babes, it was definitely Miller Time! With the three hour time difference and jet lag kickpack and some carry out food and call it an early night; Not! y three was already upon us, and what a busy last day we had planned. Our lack of sleep was nty buck’s of Columbia’s finest, from Starbuck’s. After a quick double shot slam we where off f town to shoot the Patriot Busa (see page 72) for this month’s issue. We found a sweet spot to t was just about 9:00 am as we got to work cleaning the bike for its big moment in front of Lee’s without a hitch and it was about 11:00 am as we made our way to our second stop, a surprise ured on History Channel’s new hit TV series, Pawn Stars. As fate would have it, the production ow where in the parking lot, taping for the upcoming season as we pulled up. We were excited to of a vintage 1960’s Yamaha 125 pit bike, which had a completely documented history of service m the show had just purchased the bike and the former owner was loading it up to take it in for nge in the parking we where invited into the shop to checkout their elaborate collection of fine de, we where treated to a bevy of exceptional collectables and ended up meeting a gentleman nks and coins from Presidents Ronald Regan and George W. Bush. Cont. - Pg.150

Each item on display had its own unique history, the most interesting of which was a Super B

player, who was pawned it a five thousand dollar entry fee into a local poker tournament. We al with a couple rare one thousand dollar bills owned by a private party. Eclectic, is the word that appearing on Tv - since they don’t stop the cameras when customers come in. Done with the m We arrived at SEMA to find the show swamped with attendees scrambling to take it all in, be quickly set out to cover as much ground before the shows conclusion. Once in the main hall we ergy rally car. There where a few examples of this cool machine on display in the Subaru booth Pg.150 Being airbrush artists, both Livingstone and I just had to check out the cool air brushi

Bowl ring valued at ninety thousand dollars, from nameless third string New England Patriots lso had an opportunity to check out the shop’s collection of blinged out Rolex time pieces along t best describes this must see pawn shop, not to mention that you stand a really good chance of morning’s distractions, we where all happy to finally be on our way to the SEMA show. efore the scheduled end of the event at 6:00 pm. With nine halls completed and three to go we e gravitated to the Subaru corporate booth to check out Ken Block’s - DC Shoes – Monster Enh, including one that featured a tank tread conversion in place of its wheels and tires. ing demonstrations going on at the House of Kolor and Iwata airbrush booths. Cont. - Pg.172


While there we where treated to demonstrations by the world famous airbrush artists Mike La the time flew by as the air brushwork captivated us for hours. Now that we had concluded our business at the show it was time for a little last night fun in S ner reception. The Matrix System Company had sponsored the paint on the Patriot build and t the NACE show. The NACE show for the automotive refinishing industry was running concurr System party it was in full swing, featuring shrimp cocktail, prime rib and pasta bar accompan opportunity to spread the Bling Rockets message to the folks at The Matrix System, and they w In retrospect, it was a mission accomplished for our BlingRockets team on our first outing to eighty pages of SEMA coverage, which by the way is more then some sportbike print publica of attendance. If all the coverage you have seen here in the magazine has left you wanting mor SEMA event on the next page. As I close out the story I can’t help but say that I know what you age you promised at the beginning of the story?” - “Well you know what they say about Vegas Pg.172

aVallee, and Craig Frasier. We where both inspired by their unique techniques and talents, and

Sin City. For our last night in Vegas we had decided to attend the Matrix System corporate dinthey had been kind enough to invite me to SEMA to display the bike in their corporate both at rently at the Mandalay Bay resort during the week of SEMA. By the time we got to The Matrix nied by a few stiff cocktails that offered a welcome relief from the weeks grind. It was a great where great hosts. What a great way to celebrate a terrific week in Las Vegas! o SEMA. We are excited to bring you our unique bling spin of this killer event, and with over ations entire monthly issues, I am sure you will agree that SEMA is a pretty cool event worthy re, feel free to check out the link to all of our exclusive BlingRockets photos and videos of the u must be thinking; “hey Canni what about the Night Club, Strip Bars and Porn Festival covers, and in this case, I must say that some things are better left unsaid!� -AC







BlingRockets No.6  

BlingRockets Issue No.6

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