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Thanks to all those to have put up with my

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Words: Louis Grasse Pics: BlingRockets

Taking in a baseball game may be part of America’s history, but for some, it’s

a lifetime commitment to an organization. Such is the case with most New York sports fans. Growing up in the city myself I remember how important the weekends were for sports; both professional and recreational. Being raised in a big city doesn’t afford many opportunities for outside activities unless there’s a great stickball game or a street hockey tournament in between the hydrants. Needless to say, the tri-state area supports their professional sports teams and lives for the games on the weekends and weeknights. One such fan of the long history of winning that surrounds the New York Yankees is Sergeant First Class Gerard Bowman of the 3rd Infantry Division, United States Army, out of Ft. Stewart, Georgia. Pg.20


(www.jv GSX-R bike sho the whil The smo side of t rear whe creation a smoot check if

wman, a long term member of the “J-Ville Riders” Motorcycle Club out of Jacksonville, Florida has been running the Yankee’s scheme for some time on his 2002 Suzuki 1000. During the last year Bowman took time out to clarify his vision of what his “Yankees” ould look like. He wanted to start with the bling-bits of chrome to finish off the look while all le planning for a sick 300 wide tire on the back of a now extended, 18” over stock swingarm. ooth inline brake system was chosen to accentuate the larger rear rim and clean up the right the bike. When sitting and viewing the bike from the right side it looks almost as though that eel is just floating there in between the tightly squeezed rails of the arm. The swingarm, another n by Jason and Tommy up at C&S Customs in Mocksville, NC ( boasts thie rear end that covers all the unsightly hardware and talon points that will keep your legs in f you decide to walk too closely.

The paint scheme was already based off the

rest of the extreme modifications. The guys ove this cycle during its growing phases. John Barr bikes he’s done in a bit because of the swapped the chrome fork tubes over the stock bronze colo for an older cycle. We’ve replaced normal wear would still choose to rebuild this year and make

e NY Yankees world famous top hat logo but it was time to spruce up the paint to match the er at H2o Cycles were happy to oblige and had been completing the earlier transformations on ry, shop manager at H2o Cycles, mentioned that this was one of the better steering big-wheel d out front end suspension. Bowman opted to go with a GSX-R 750 front end, mainly due to or that normally ruins all chrome feel to chrome plated forks. “The bike is solid and runs great r and tear items like the neck bearings, front sprocket and scheduled maintenance items, and e of the GSX-R 1000 over the new one any day�, said Barry.

When Bowman decided to go back over the entire bike he gave

a few ideas of where he wanted to end up, but pretty much left the overall design and scheme behind the final sketch to the interpretation of Paul Wong and the crew over at H2o Cycles. He knew he wanted something new and something vibrant, but left the creative thinking to the guys with the paint guns and wished for the best. Hours of taping and masking left the old, outdated Yankees theme far behind in the dust and the current scheme, seen exclusively here at Blingrockets Magazine, leading the pack like the team its named after. The base of the cycle was sprayed in ice white pearl and then a custom mix of blue was used to replicate the famous Yankees stripes and colors. Bowman had found the graphic that you now see airbrushed across the front windshield and it was the only “requirement” of the paint job’s creativity from its owner. The urban look and feel of the skull and baseball bats across the front of that bike really grabs your attention from almost any angle while passing by this bike on the road.

A custom fiberglass enclosure was fabricated to

house a GPS unit right in the front section of the tank which allows the rider to get where they’re going quick and efficiently. A host of red, white and blue LED’s and LED strips were installed on the GSX-R to help light the night when this bike is out on the prowl in the dark. All hooked up via wireless remote, the LED system changes between some really fascinating patterns that help divert attention from the stares and smiles that already pour out upon first glance at this baseball-themed masterpiece. With all the championship years lightly airbrushed across the tank and the riders’ view focusing on the championship ring that emblazons the front section of the tank, you can’t help but feel like a winner riding around on this beast. The seat is custom painted and airbrushed to match the overall scheme and the frame continues the graphics right down the bike without any break up to provide a stunning splash of color and graphics when Bowman passes by you on the street. Be careful, the NOS bottle is loaded and he’s not afraid to use it!

One thin

cent love fo one-hundred the first team tank if they

ng’s for sure; this New York Yankee theme bike is built and ridden with fifty peror the game and fifty percent love for the machine. At the end of the day, that’s d percent love for New York. While writing this story the Yankees just made it as m into the 2009 playoffs. Looks like we might have to add “2009” to the top of the keep this up. Go Yankees!

“To be true to others; One must be true to himself” was exactly what Capt. Tony Jackson (US Army, 3rd Infantry Division) a.k.a. ‘B True’ did when he built this over-the-top ZX-14. For an experienced rider such as Tony he wanted to do something out of the norm that’s when he came up with the idea to take this 14 to whole other level. Tony could have went chrome but he knew that had been done before. He spared no expense in making this Rocket as light and nimble as a missle. Over 50% of the heavy 14’s components have been changed over to carbon fiber. For those that have jockied this heavy racer right out of the box and are familiar with it’s power can imagine how reducing the weight makes this baby balistic. Capt. Jackson, BlingRockets salutes you for your service to our Country and our Rockets!


Words: Steve Hall Pics: BlingRockets

Body P





Misc: S guards chrome

Current Mods:

Panels: Powerbronze

e: PCIII, custom map (flys out)

st: Muzzy (carbon fiber)

g: 16 front, 43 rear

s: BST with Pirelli Rosso tires

Speedo Healer, GPR steering damper, Muzzy dog bones, carbon heal s, custom carbon fiber/red foreman grills, custom red Kawasaki labels, e levers, chrome/black handgrips, vertical mount license plate

Future Mods: Rearsets: Vortex or Sato Suspension: Ohlins shocks Wheels: ceramic bearings Fuel tank: carbon replacement Tail section: carbon fiber tail section Electronics: mounted radar detector & camera Winscreen: red double bubble Mirrors: carbon fiber replacements Seat: Corbin in carbon fiber, pipes in red


FlatOut Industries was approached by and existing customer in the oil and gas in from Calgary, Alberta to design a custom, one-off motorcycle for the purpose of med marketing at the Global Petroleum Show in Alberta, Canada. The focus of the build emphasize the quality and innovative designs that FlatOut Industries developed toward motorcycle component line and relate their workmanship in the same fashion to the o gas tools that the customer sells and distributes around the world. FlatOut decided to use the ZX10 for 2 main reasons. The first being it’s solid and on relationship with Canadian Kawasaki Motors. The second, that it was a relatively new and there were no existing aftermarket components available. What sets FlatOut Ind apart from most all other custom motorcycle shops is that they carry no stock in any aftermarket parts. Absolutely none. Almost every aluminum billet part that replaces the component is rendered, designed, and machined in house. The stories of 100K plus “custom” bikes are greatly exaggerated in owner Sean M opinion. If a stock bike is customized with a combination of catalogue parts, wheels paint job, and if a bank account is all that is needed to copy that…then you may have a c but you will never have an exclusive. With years in the manufacturing industry and equipped CNC facility and design studio Sean can’t see how some builders charge $10 dollars a build hour when most all of the manufacturing work is outsourced.

ndustry dia and was to ds their oil and

ngoing w model dustries y or all e stock

Mance’s s and a custom a fully 00 plus

The parts bolted to the 2009 ZX10 are one-of-a -kind and are available absolutely nowhere and will be found in no catalogue. There was a limited edition of numbered parts manufactured for show purposes for Roaring Toyz which are all that exists. The triple clamp, bar ends, stator cover, sprocket cover, rear foot peg block offs, mirror block offs, starter motor cover, and centre stem cover are all one-off parts built exclusively for this bike. The mirror block offs were designed and manufactured in house by simply using the Dimension 3D printer located in the facility. After measurements are taken and the design is complete, the 3d file is sent to the Dimension printer and an hour later‌ magic. The same process is taken for every individual part designed for the bike. Before any aluminum is ever vised in a CNC machine, the 3D file is printed and fastened to the bike to secure fit, function, clearances and of course cosmetic appearance. (There is an example of this process at our design website –

do tu

pl pl an ca w w ar

si fr

The intermediate process that takes place between the design and manufacturing stages oes take extra time but is necessary in order to eliminates any mistakes in the manufacuring process. After the manufacturing process is complete FlatOut Industries sends out all its chrome lating to Kuntz Electroplating Inc. who is a OEM chrome supplier and is the largest later in the country. The chrome finish on all FlatOut parts are automotive OEM chrome nd never sport chrome, cosmetic chrome or decorative chrome. OEM chrome is typially 3X thicker than decorative chrome plating and lasts years in all climate elements, which means allot, especially if you have ever had chrome wheels and driven in Canadian winters! The process is definitely costlier but the quality in the finish and it’s durability re superior. FlatOut will be releasing it’s latest build in November and again in January 2010 so all igns still point to another great year. Please stay tuned the the upcoming projects and feel ree to contact us with any requests or comments via email:

Rear sets: Modified set of Rizomas for 07’ GSX-R by Flat Out Ind. Controls: Modified set of CRG levers by Flat Out Ind. Chrome: by Kuntz Electroplating Inc. Clutch, stator, passenger peg, starter, and sprocket covers: by Flat Out Ind. Upper triple tree, bar ends, and mirror block offs: by Flat Out Ind. Exhaust: Roaring Toyz low exit megaphone. Paint: BodyWorks Seat: embroidery by Radical Stitches, leather supplied by Rebel Tanning Co.

WikiShift – Breakthrough Technology Enthusiasts have complained for years of having to change between clear and tinted shields for night and daytime riding. Wiki® provides a much sought after solution. Their sun-sensitive color changing shield technology named WikiShift™ delivers convenience with style. No more uncomfortable sunglasses inside the helmet, switching shields, carrying an extra shield, or getting caught at night wearing a tinted shield which is obviously dangerous. So how does it work? The photochromatic reaction occurs when the photochromic molecule is exposed to UV from the sun. Therefore when riding at night, street lights and oncoming headlamps (which do not emit UV light) do not cause a reaction and the shield remains clear. But when exposed to sunlight the shield quickly darkens. The “shift” from clear to tint typically takes 30 to 60 seconds. WikiShift is a coating which must be applied to the exterior surface of the shield to work its magic because UV inhibitors in polycarbonate (the material all faceshields are made of) block most of the UV. This is the main reason photochromic inserts do not work well. Photochromic molecules are one of the most expensive materials in the world by weight. Cost varies by color and amount of darkness. Current available colors are smoke, amber, and blue. Wiki’s advanced award-winning technology was developed by its premier photochromic chemist. The popular Wave helmet includes a WikiShift shield. It is an incredibly unique and desirable piece of safety equipment. The helmet features an incredibly light carbonfiber re-enforced fiberglass shell, is very comfortable, and meets DOT and strict ECE standards. Also, a brand new product called a WikiShift Skin™ will convert most clear shields to a WikiShift shield in a snap. Now almost any street helmet can be outfitted with WikiShift technology! Prices of shields and skins range from $49 - $99 depending on color and darkness and Wave helmets (WikiShift shield included) run around the $300 mark. Visit or call (877) 411-9454.


was inv ‘I’d tell other th a purpo


gine getting an invite to view the Presidents’ secret bunker, that’s exactly how I felt when I vited to go along with Aaron Colton and watch him practice at his secret Florida stunt spot. l ya where it is...but I’d have to kill ya’. In the world of stunting, Bling means a whole hing. Bling means function combined with style. Everything about these machines serves ose. As you can imagine there is no margine for error. Words & Pics: BlingRockets

Aaron considers stunting as a family affair.

He and his father, Sean started with this 2008 CBR600RR, but trust me, this bike is custom. Aaron has to rely on all his performance parts while competing in front of hundreds, up on one wheel. As you can see this bike not only performs reliable on one wheel it looks good at the same time. The aftermarket world of stunting is evolving and becoming more astetically pleasing. After all, theres nothing like doing a 50 mph endo looking as good


Bill D

Jesse Toler

Aaron’s 2008 CBR600RR -Cheetah Racing body -Blownconcepts graphics -Zero Gravity windscreen -Convertibars -MSR Raptor easy pull levers -GPR stabilizer -Custom aluminum fairing stays -Bazzaz Performance w/ map selector -Fan by-pass setup -Tank dented w/ custom StompGrip -Full LeoVince exhaust -FullThrottleInc handbrake -Vortex rearsets and sprockets -Re-enforced subframe -Custom scrape plate -Re-valved stock shock -Elka shock


Tony Prez in a spreader circle wheelie


Despite the poor weather, wet track, and low attendance Evel Knievel himself would

have been proud of the show that this hard working group put on for the Sun Coast area of Florida. As I stood soggy I was in awe and some times envious of the wild and outrageous maneuvers that were displayed. Almost like a balanced acrobatic act at a rocket fuel propelled circus. If one has never experienced up close and personal StuntWars I truly recommend you immediately go to the next show in your area.

Several riders competed for position and tour points but in the end, one stood out from

the rest. The infamous and sometimes legendary Bill Dixon a.k.a. Bill D took the win home in individual freestyle. Followed by Brian Bubash and trailing a close third Nick Brocha.

Jesse Toler endo’d up with the longest endo win with an amaz-

ing 545 ft. Try that on your scooter! I’ve attended numerous StuntWars since the conception and I have noticed one common denominator amongst these Type-A gladiators. They are all friends and act as though they are an extended family. StuntWars is in this riders opinion a fun family event. Words: Steve Hall Pics: BlingRockets

Visit info

Individual Freestyle for event

- results - standings - and more. Brian Bubash in a switch back burnout

1st Bill Dixon 2nd Brian Bubash 3rt Nick Brocha 4th Dan Farris 5th Ernie Vigil 6th Tony Prez 7th Chris Theis 8th Ken Arnold 9th Sean Parrish 10th Joel hickman 11th Jeffery Ponis 12th David Cutler 13th Jeremy Block 14th Stephen Welch 15th Ryan Colbert and Kevin McDonough Tied 16th Zac Woodard 17th Matt thorton and Mike Tindall Longest Endo 1st Jesse toler 545ft. 2nd Mitch Adams 532ft. 3rd Bill Dixon 474ft. 4th Nick Baccari 400ft. 5th Witz 396ft. 6th Roger OMR 387ft. 7th Tony Prez 376ft.

Jesse Toler: Endo

Bill D: Endo


During one of the most beautiful times of the year

to be in Florida, what could be better than a weekend of FMX, live music, great food and a group of 90% insane stunt riders pushing the very limitations of their modified machines? The normal answer would be “nothing”, but such was not the case for the recently attempted gathering called GEARFEST 2009. All seemed great from an advertising and location standpoint leading up to the event and I must admit that the weekend was an overall success until suddenly it wasn’t. From the time we hit the parking lot the band was playing live music, the smell of two-strokes was freshly in the air, the parking lots were filled with 4-wheelers and 50’s running amuck and that lovely lady selling crack-infused lemonade was stocked and ready for the weekend to come.

Words: Louis Grasse Pics: BlingRockets

Brownie and the crew threw down out on the hot asphalt and made sure we had c

the Star Boyz themselves. Both on the stunt strip and the fun box course, which in truck rally, the riders all came out to complete and put on a show. Thankfully, they time. With classes setup for female riders, tandem, pro, amateur and team events,

constant music and great play by play of the tricks and the riders by none other than ncluded a car stuffed under a wooden ramp that was reminiscent of an old monster y did not disappoint and put on one of the best stunt shows I had witnessed in some they hit a widespread of interests from the crowds and really kept the excitement

There w

drift demo the place friends

was a great FMX show, test rides on the new Can-Am Spyder, os by Adam Chumita and vendors galore that made this show to be in Tampa for a great outdoor gathering of families and

“Thx to my sponsors: Hard Rock Cycle Park, Mountain Motorsports, No Fear, Renegade Apparel, EVS, DP Brakes, SDG, Ogio, Alpinestars, No Toil, Advanc -Paul Smith

“I had a blast at Gear Fest .. Great weather and awesome fans had all the riders wanting to ride their best. Myself, Jake Coombs and Jason “Tricky” Biterzicky put on FMX demos all weekend and were stoked with the street stunters and mini moto racing. My Mountain Motorsports Yamaha worked awesome all weekend and I’m already looking forward to next years event!” -Paul Smith


r, Steel MX, Boyesen, Maxima, Crusty Demons, Spider Grips, Menace Clothing, ced Performance Accessories, HAF, Sosa Racing and Chuglife Clothing.”

Behind the scenes of a scorching hot weekend, hosted by the OG stunt performers

the Star Boyz (, was a terrible disaster just brewing and waiting to explode. Mark Southall, the show’s promoter and financier had different plans for the seemingly terrific weekend. His “plan” was to use all of the vendor money and previously collected funds to pay the fairgrounds and himself, while praying that the gate admissions and VIP upgrade passes were going to cover the remaining $40k+ that was due to the supporting companies and most importantly, the prize pool! The event was advertised with over $40k in prizes to be awarded in major national magazines and surprisingly funny was the small print on the side of their advertisement that said “payouts subject to change without notice.” I don’t think anyone thought they meant they could change from existent to non-existent without knowledge! As you can imagine, Mark fell short of his goal due to low attendance and come Sunday afternoon, he was scurrying for the office surrounded by local police and his staff members. After all the performers had performed, all the vendors had been vending all weekend, all the staff had busted their balls and the half-naked women who made it out to the bikini contest to compete had sweat off their makeup being paraded around the grounds, Mark gathered the bunch and advised everyone that there wasn’t any money. NO MONEY? Really? Not his own staff, not the security, not the winners of the competitions, not the bike show winners, not the bikini winners and definitely not the tattoo contest winners. Wow, what a colossal disaster! Not to mention our thoughts and prayers still go out to the young boy that was injured sitting close to the fence during the competition as a spectator and spent his 6th birthday in the hospital nursing his broken and splintered femur.

Khaos Keelan

MotoMike & Elyse

We at BlingRockets signed on to promote the event alongside Susan Hamilton (a.k.a

Gixxie) and to co-host the bike show on the grounds. We worked from their scorecard classifications and their rules. We got stuck judging bikes that were incorrectly classed against each other, calming contestants that had been unfairly forced to wait by their vehicles and got the worst end of the deal when we had to gather what was left of the participants only to have to exclaim that the show was a flop, all the trophies had not been properly ordered and Gearfest was going to refund them $20 of their $25 registration fee. People were pissed and it took us an hour to sort out the craziness after most vendors had already left. Just to make it clear again, Blingrockets traded vending space to promote our magazine for our services to help run the bike show. It wasn’t our money to collect or our show to cancel. For all the haters out there that tried to push off their involvement with the disaster on us so they could sleep better at night, keep pointing fingers. Our readers and the show participants know the real deal.

We tried numerous times to contact Mark about his debacle with no prevail. W

friends, and roommates, but again without prevail. I guess our efforts to help clea forum under a thread created for a lost helmet. Sorry Gixxie, we tried to report on find below the actual standings as provided by the management group of the show. for your hard work and travel to put such a show on for the public.

We also attempted to contact Gixxie for comment via numerous phone numbers, ar the air with her was not as appealing as posting her life story on the StuntRide n your side of the story but perception is going to be reality. As promised, you will . Congrats to all the competitors and thank you from all of us here at BlingRockets

Pro Freestyle 1. Bubash - 146 points 2. Apex - 142 points 3. E-Dub - 136 points 4. Twite - 119 points 5. Dustin - 93 points 6. Darrel T. - 92 points Am. Freestyle 1. Jeff Ponis 2. Matt Thornton 3. Mike Tindell Ladies Stunt Comp 1. Teena Colbert 2. Kelly 3. Brandi Tandem 1. CJ and Tawny 2. Ken and Brandy 3. Joel and Kelly Team Was A TIE Nick / Bubash / Edub and Team Tandem Target Stoppie 1. Mitch Adams 2. Jesse Toler 3. Bubash 4. E-Dub 5. Ken Arnold 6. T-Ice 7. Twite 8. Todd Colbert 9. Sean Parrish 10. Johhny Bravo Stunt Course 1. Bubash 2. Darrel T. 3. Nick Apex 4. E-Dub

BlingRockets would like to personally thank all of the vendors, performers, stunt

riders and show patrons that made this weekend what it was regardless of the final result. Special congrats goes out to Bubash for his win of the new R6, to the female riders that came out to compete in their own class and threw down quite the show. Lastly, big shout out to Jeff “Ponis” for finally getting some rest the night before a competition and taking down first place in the amateur class competition, sorry you didn’t get paid man, everyone there deserved to be properly compensated. And a special thank you to the Star Boyz for being world class gentlemen. During the fallout of this event and while Mark was dishing out excuses to the public, they advised that of the $10k they were owed, the small portion Mark was offering them should be split amongst the winners. I don’t know if any money actually got disbursed, but a completely selfless offering nonetheless. At the end of the day, what a great group of people that got together for what could have been a great weekend without fail. Looks like what could have been an amazing annual gathering for the Tampa area is now clouded with the bullshit that this promoter fed everyone. Stay tuned for coverage of the Florida stops of the Stunt Wars tour and ride safe in the meantime.

Words: Steve Hall


In keeping with true BlingRocket’s fashion this 71’ Corvette has been mad

over-the-top. The Vette started out as a 10 second car but that wasn’t good such as the Blinged-Out 800 horsepower 427 with a little help from our fri harnessed by a progressive controller that helps this shark leave the line ca the street legal oversized meats. Throw in a beautiful Kentucky girl and yo

de Vetter than ever. The McCoys, as they do everything else, took this car d enough for Jerry McCoy, they made a few ‘tiny’ mods (sarcasm included) iends at Nitrous Express bringing the total output to 1000 angry ponies. All alm and controlled. All this tied to a bomb proof PowerGlide ready to bake ou’ve got yourself one hell-of-a BlingRocket. Thanks Mr. McCoy!

1971 Corvette T-Top -427 small block with 14 degree proheads and intake. Built for 2k hp. 800hp on motor - 1000hp on NX -PowerGlide transmission. Built for 1500hp -Custom 4-link with sway bar -Custom Mod rear end. 4:10 gearing. 35 spline -Custom front suspension -Aerospace brakes, front and rear -Custom fuel system with Magnafuel 500 pump -NX nitrous setup with 600hp plate max -Progressive Nitrous computer -1050 Demon Carb -Stroud Chute -FAST dual wide-band A/F setup -Aerospace shifter w/ air shift -Wheelie bars -Weld Alumistar wheels -Street Radials -MSD boxes and timing selectors -NX Fire and Ice bottle warmer-cooler -Custom Headers and side exhaust -Painless wiring panel -Aerospace water pump -Custom Griffen Radiator -Twin elec. cooling fans -MSD distributor and wiring -Custom hood -Tubbed rear and custom cage



BlingRockets No.4  

BlingRockets Issue No.4

BlingRockets No.4  

BlingRockets Issue No.4