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Even another key point which I feel should be brought up is the fact that this publication is completely open to any and all bike submissions. Up until this point it may appear as though we’ve only had mainstream bike shop builds lining our virtual pages. This is only true due to the fact that these are the shops that we’re familiar with and have access to. Keyword: Shocked. I’m not the only one Since we’re like many others, working on a shocked. All those involved in putting our tight budget, I’ve had to do all the photogralittle digital publication together each month phy in each issue myself. If your are willing are just as shocked as I am. We’re shocked to work with us and follow our basic photo that it’s already that time for issue No.3 to go requirements then we’ll gladly run your bike out and to the fact that this one is pushing (or babe). We really need each and every one 134 quality pages. How the few of us actuof you to let us know your out there and that ally pull this off every month is an absolute you’ve got a bike that should be featured. We miracle. I don’t say this to cheapen our efdon’t know everyone but we are slowing buildforts in any way. We’re very proud of the fact ing relationships with each and every shop that we’re doing something that looks pretty we hear about. This includes all amateur and cool and has the potential to be enjoyed by home based mechanics as well. every single custom sportbike enthusiast This months feature bikes come from some online. We also respect that our publication of the top names in the industry. As stated in is “Green”, since we don’t actually go to print last month’s ‘Intro’, we had recently traveled nor impose a heavy carbon footprint during to Kentucky where we scored our own mateour distribution process. rial on two of the McCoys most bad ass bikes. That reminds me of another keyword: The two Roaring Toyz feature bikes are now Distribution. This magazine’s distribution is both privately owned and the feature really strictly digital via emailing those who have hits home the different style changes from the been deemed as potentially being interested 05’ ZX-10 to the newer 08’. The H2o ZX-14 is in checking out the only free online custom also privately owned and one of the few 14’s sportbike magazine available. Keep in mind that I’ve seen that can set it’s tail right onto that each issue has it’s own web address a 300 (air-ride). Please keep in mind - BR (URL). Each address is very similar and easy WANTS YOU - let us know about YOUR build! to remember. For example the first issue‘s address is This issue Be safe & I’ll see you on the forum. will be There should be no confusion in how to find any given BR -Lee publication. Please feel free to distribute any of the available magazine links - to anyone - the magazine is viewable world wide.


It seems just like yesterday when the 2nd issue of blingrockets issue came out and here we are again, time fly’s when your having fun. Here in Oz, a big step forward for our custom bike scene has occurred since the last issue. Up until this point, the majority of the custom parts and accessories have come from overseas, with the main supplier being the USA. It’s not easy for builders and people alike wanting to get hold of these parts. Either turning to the parts manufacturers or eBay and in some cases for these people purchasing has been just to difficult. Well that’s all about to change, Mat Mladin’s - Bike Gear Warehouse (BGW) will now be importing the Roaring Toys range of custom parts to Australia. This move towards easy access to custom accessories and parts should push the custom market to new levels. I was fortunate enough to talk with the people at BGW and they are excited of the prospect and promotion of the custom scene where as there used to be a big black hole for us in the custom market. Mat’s custom built GSXR is currently traveling around the USA, then being shipped to Australia in a few weeks time to be displayed in the BGW showroom and then to be used at upcoming shows to promote the Roaring Toys product line. There is excitement in the air to see a Roaring Toyz bike up close. Lastly, I’m glad to see an Australian company finally see’s the potential of the custom market and is working to fill the void that has been around for too long. Of late, the new custom bikes that have been around Sydney have been the middle weight bikes being GSXR600’s, R6’s, and the odd Triumph 675 although a number of heavy hitter Busa’s and ZX14’s being built and ready to hit the scene in a few months - when it warms up. The show season is just around the corner and with what will be in store (literally) I can only imagine what we will see rolling out. -Matt



“If you weren’t already familiar with the Roaring Toyz custom Ninja’s that have graced magazines, television shows and manufacturer trade shows across the globe, then you surely wouldn’t know that typing the keywords “roaring toyz kawasaki” into Google will return you just under a million results.”

Pics: BlingRockets Words: Louis Grasse Model: Ms. Chassidy (

Today’s generation of car enthusiasts look up to the trendsetters in automotive styling where names like Roush, Shelby, and Foose have been replaced with references to companies like West Coast Customs and Unique Autosports. To create a name or brand that’s synonymous with performance and styling requires good old fashioned know-how, natural talent and years of trials and tribulations that define the very edge of “custom”. Roaring Toyz of Sarasota, Florida has stamped their mark on sportbike customizing for over ten years and when it comes time to be called on by a private customer or a powersports giant like Kawasaki, Robert Fisher and his team are always ready! Our first “dime” is the 2005 Kawasaki ZX10-R, outfitted with the RT King 300 swingarm conversion kit sitting atop Gladiator wheels from RC with matching rotors. Another custom paint scheme sprayed by Ryan Hathaway of Roaring Toyz made to be the perfect contrast to the dripping wet chrome furnished by Sport Chrome of Westminster, California. ( This motorcycle was built for Terry Harvey of South Florida and man was this build a cry for new karma. Terry had been riding a 2001 Yamaha R6 for a while and really enjoyed where the sportbike trend was moving. After visiting Bike Week in Daytona for a few years, the ideas started flowing on how and what would really make a bike like his stand out back home. Unfortunately, luck took a turn for Terry and he had a short makeout session between the pavement and his R6.

A quick fix would have Terry back on the road soon and then luck would slip away once again. One morning at the Harvey household, a feeling of uneasy settled in when looking at what should have been a locked and secured workshop in the backyard. Bad luck had found Terry again and this time it was enough to drop you to your knees. Someone had broken into his workshop over the night and wiped him clean of two different street bikes and three mudslinging dirt bikes as well. After filing reports, talking to Johnny Law and eventually giving up on the situation, the luck in Terry’s world finally changed for the better. After more than three weeks of nothing, the police located not one, but two of Terry’s dirt bikes. Soon after, the police found the person responsible for the theft via a credible tip and retrieved every bit of the equipment like it never happened. Realizing that these bikes should have been stripped down and sold as spare parts by now, was just the motivation that Terry needed to get the ball rolling. After this debacle came to a close, Terry did some shopping and bought himself a 2005 Kawasaki ZX10-r and immediately took it to see the magicians at Roaring Toyz. Trading in his bad luck for a bad-ass Roaring Toyz monster was true proof that the third time’s a charm for this Florida rider. This should stand as a warning to those crime-bound idiots in the world that spend their days looking for just this type of opportunity….Karma really is a bitch, luck eventually runs out or changes and somebody, somewhere, is always ready to drop a dime on your ass!

“The Recipe” – 2005 Kawasaki ZX10-R -Roaring Toyz King 300 conversion kit with RC Gladiator wheels. -All chrome done by Jon Reed of SportChrome. (www. -Custom grips, fork caps, levers, spikes, NOS bottle bracket and dry shot, mirrors, kickstand oil cap, dress-up kit, lowering links, custom stingray seat and stainless brake lines all available from RT @ -Power Commander and custom map switch installed. -PM chrome billet rear caliper with Galfer wave rotor. -Gator-Glass custom windscreen. -RT low-exit megaphone exhaust. -Chrome plated vortex rearsets. -Orange LED kit.

When catching first glance of the 2008 model ZX10-R you can’t help but do a doubletake. It’s easy to understand what Kawasaki was thinking when passing this bike on to the crew at Roaring Toyz to showcase the customized possibilities for the newly designed liter bike. Being a road racer gives Robert an advantage when putting these showcases together; He knows what to expect of them on the pavement and lends special at“Wit tention to salvaging as much performance as possible with the stretched and widmany ened stance of these customs. With plenty of RT part numbers spread across the ing many years the ZX10 has been in production, tricking out a Ninja is what Roaring Toyz does best. With the kickstand, mirrors, oil cap, lowering links, tag bracket, rotors and spikes coming directly from the “RT” online store, only being a few feet away from the in-stock inventory has its privileges. Bolting on the RT low-exit megaphone slip-on system is a cinch and really makes a huge difference in styling while addPg.26 ing a few extra bolt-on horsepower that’s easy to notice in the twist of the throttle.

Another showcase of color and technique are proven in the sun with this eye-catching monster. Ryan Hathaway, responsible for more than a handful of RT custom paint schemes does it again with classy lines, deep contrasts and shiny flakes. Jon Reed of Sport Chrome provided the sinister finth plenty of RT part numbers spread across the ish that would glaze over the y years the ZX10 has been in production, trick- Performance Machine “Gasser” wheels. This specialized out a Ninja is what Roaring Toyz does best.” process compliments today’s movement towards “contrast cut” wheel designs and sets this bike apart from the crowd upon first glance. The crew at Sport Chrome perfected an illustrious mix of black and brilliant to create a show-stopping set of wheels that demand your attention. The engine covers and a few other accents were finished off in this “contrast-chrome” process as well, and really make the bike Bling!

Kawasaki has travelled the world with custom Ninja’s built by Roaring Toyz and this one completed the entire International Motorcycle Show circuit alongside custom ZX14’s also created by the RT crew. Delivered to the Kawasaki team at Daytona Bike Week 2008, this bike was immediately packed up and quickly found its way to several superbike races, the Kawasaki dealer trade show in Vegas, Myrtle Beach BBW and ended up back on tour with Robert and the RT crew. Catching brand new production models like this ZX10-R and the possibilities for customization from all the manufacturers is a great reason to visit the IMS show circuit this year. Check for the next show near you and take a minute to see what the manufacturers have to offer for the next year to come.

With the two of these 10’s pushing the limits of styling and functio coming from Roaring Toyz. Kawasaki didn’t change the body styl they’ll call. In the interim, read more about RT and their current pr check them out online at o

onality you’ll understand our anticipation for the next liter bike project le for the 2009 model but I’m sure as soon as they do, we all know who rojects on their sponsored forum section of Blingrockets and be sure to or get your shop on at

“The Recipe” – 2008 Kawasaki ZX10-R -PM “gasser” wheels, contrast chrome plated by SportChrome. -Pirelli Diablo tires front and rear. -Roaring Toyz 240 swingarm kit, 6” over stock, black powdercoated. -RT mirrors, front axle caps, dress-up kit, kickstand, lowering links, oil cap, stainless brake lines, peg-mount tag bracket, caliper block-off spikes, and rear wave rotor. -PM chrome billet rear brake caliper. -Adjustable lever set. -Vortex rear sets. -Billet upper triple tree, clutch cover, stator cover, and sprocket cover by Flat Out Industries, in black chrome.

The bikes k Pg.40

Words & Pics: BlingRockets Model: Lacey ( ToBeFast, M, and Phoenix logos: courtesy of

McCoy Motorsports compound houses two of the industry’s most insane custom known to date - the Turbo PHOENIX and the “INSANE Shane” R1, you may have seen them seperately, now enjoy them together - BR style.

Astonishingly enough, this first bike began it’s life as an 06’ Busa. The Turbo PHOENIX was built in 180 days for the Metric Revolution Tv show in 07’ which it ended up winning. The bike stands as a reminder as to what our top level sportbike builders are capable of. The PHOENIX sports twin turbos, NOS, air-ride, tons of “one off” trick parts, hand made bodywork, and tube frame. As Shane stated, “this bike is pretty much a radical drag bike that’s been Bling’d-out to the extreme”. The second bike (pg. 56) still resembles it’s baseline, an 07’ R1. The bike defies all the typical turbo bike scenarios. Plumbing in a rear mounted Garret Turbo required the fabrication of a custom subrame and tailsection. Front and rear airride allows the bike to lower itself onto it’s integrated belly stand. The paint job has more sparkle in it than a bass boat. Lastly, check out the rear tire wear in the pics, it’s evident that this R1 lays down rubber at will.

Parts List 3D Billet: “SUPERMAN” Front Reservoir Covers Action Powdercoat: Wheels, Brake Calipers, Swing arm, Sprocket, Ducati Flower Drive Cover, Sub frame pan, Sub frame Under tray, Rearsets, Nitrous Bottles (2), Nitrous Bottle brackets, Frame, Clutch Cover, Clutch Cover bolts, Starter Motor Cover, Engine Block, Turbos, Forks, Triple Trees, Clip-ons, Levers, Twin outlet Turbo Airbox, ANT Video Screen Monitors, AIM Dashboard, Side Panel Covers, Gas Cap, Pingel Shifter Brackets, Clutch Adjustment Cover, Shift Rod, Oil Pan, Wave Rotor Carriers, Wave Rotor buttons AIM: MXL PISTA Data logging digital dash board (Translucent Red Powder Coated) APEX: Tuning / Wiring / Dyno / ANT Racing: Dual (2) Rear View Cameras, Dual Cyclops Monitor Displays (Translucent Red Powder coated) cont.


Catalyst Composites: Custom Fabricated Tail Section (hand built utilizing R1 upper slope / MilleR rear upper / CBR 1000rr Seat vents), Custom Carbon Fiber Gas Tank, Front Section (Custom Fabricated R1 Head light cut outs and Aprilia ram air vent), Billet Machined Gas cap Cox: Radiator Grill Cyko Racing: Custom ONE OFF 3D Billet Wheels (Chrome & Translucent Red Powder Coated), Cyko Rear bolt cover dish cone BAZAAZ: BPD II ECU Stand alone Engine Management System Browns: Chrome Swingarm Dixon Customs: Custom Upholstery and shaved seat covered in Ostrich skin Galfer: Front Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Red), Rear Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line (Red), Clutch Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line (Red), Race Modified Lines with inline mounted Line Coolers on all Braided Lines, World Super bike Front Brake Rotors (Show Polished with Translucent Red carrier inners and carrier button mounts), Race Wave Rotor Brake Disk Gator Customs: Complete Painting, Bodywork Customizing and Gator Glass, Painted Handle Bar Control covers, Gator Glass Tail Section (transparent red and clear panels), Gator Glass Rear Tail light system, Gator Glass Rear Turn Signals, Gator Glass Tank Striping and Custom upper tank flanges, One OFF custom side panels, Hand inlayed and flanged turbo side air vents, Gator Glass Front Turn Signal SystemGator Glass Clear Side Panel openings (exposes engine), Mesh Aluminum Covers Tail section vents (2), Mesh Aluminum Covers Side Panel turbo vents (2),

Mesh Aluminum Cover Front Ram Air Vent, Gator Glass front “Twin Turbo Nitrous”, Combined Windscreen into front Upper bodywork, Combined Headlight/covers into front Upper bodywork, Gator Glass Front Upper bodywork (5 distinct “ghost” lighted areas), Combined R1 and Hayabusa Front Fender (SLIM low profile), Painted Rear Headlight and assembly covers, Custom inlayed polished side panel covers (around exhaust pipes) Greggs Customs: Single Sided Swing Arm Hand built single sided arm with trellis style hand fabricated rails (Chromed and Translucent Red Powder coated), Compressed air tank system built into swing arm, Custom Frame - Hand built frame, Factory frame spars were separated and hand built trellis frame spars were built and incorporated into the frame with machined junction points (Chrome and Translucent Powder Coated), Balled Milled Rear Frame Spars, Custom Ducati Rear Hub drive assembly, Custom Mounted Brembo rear brake setup K & N: Air Filters (Twin w/ Chromed cap covers) Koenig: Low Profile Oil Pan (Polished & Translucent Red Powder Coated) McCoy Motorsports: Custom ONE OFF Adjustable Sub frame (Chrome), Custom “THUMB HAMMER” Throttle side nitrous purge/activation switch, Clutch Oiling System with Stealth Mounted Oil Cooler, Air Kickstand -Custom switch activated Kickstand, Custom Designed Paint Scheme, Custom One off seat pan, Custom Radiator System, Custom Radiator Overflow Catch Tank (Chrome), Custom Camera Frame Rail Mounts, Fairing Side cover panels (Translucent Red Powder Coated), Stainless Braided Air line hoses

Motec: Air and Pressure Data sensors MPS: Air cylinder - Integrated into air kickstand Naarden: Hayabusa “DRAG LINK” Lowering Link System Nitrous Express: Sport bike “WET” Nitrous System with Carbon Fiber Solenoids, Purge System with Carbon Fiber Solenoids, Dual (2) 1 lb. Nitrous bottles (Translucent Red Powder Coated), Dual (2) Billet Bottle Brackets, Custom Fabricated Nitrous Bottle Fill up junction point NO Magic Neon: Hyperstrip LED System, CL Pods, Extreme Step Light Bars, Micro Magic LED (Gator Glass), Wireless Perimeter Remote Performance Coatings: Turbo Exhaust Pipe HIGH Temperature Coating PINGEL: Electronic Shift System, Digital Ignition Kill (UP / DOWN) box, Shift arm mount system, Chrome Dual (UP / DOWN) handle bar shift switch PIRELLI: Diablo Rear 240/40ZR-18, Diablo Front Sport Chrome: Magnesium Chrome Valve Cover, Chrome Frame (4 piece), Chrome Sub frame, Chrome Starter Cover Techmount: Video Screen Display Mounts (Chrome) Trac Dynamics: Race Valve and Lowered Front Fork System (Show Polished) Tricky Air: Hayabusa Rear Air suspension system, Solenoid Air Compressor pump Setup

Tsubaki: Nickel Plated 152 Link Roller Chain Velocity Racing: Custom Hayabusa Twin Turbo System, Twin Outlet Turbo Airbox (Translucent Red Powder Coated), Clutch Cover and Clutch System (Polished and Translucent Red Powder Coated cover with custom red bolts), Modified Garret GT Turbos (Translucent Red Powder Coated & Polished) 250 HP each (2), Dynamic (Raked Front End) (Polished), Custom Twin Outlet Exhaust Pipes (Jet hot coated) Vortex Racing: Hayabusa Rearsets (Chromed and Translucent Red Powder Coated), Shift Rod (Translucent Red Powder Coated) Walbro: Fuel Pump 340 YMS: Billet Machined Handle bar Grips (Anodized Red), Billet Machined Bar Ends (Anodized Red)


Bike: 2007 Yamaha YZF-R1

Paint: ColorZone Designs Paint - custom blue iced flake with red flames and ghosted Yamaha tuning fork logos Design: McCoy Motorsports Custom Paint Design Scheme Body: McCoy MCarbon Front Fender, Tank Cover, Tank Sides, Lower Fairings, Front Reservoir Cover, Rear Reservoir Cover Arm: C&S Customs Single Sided Swingarm +11 Wheels: Cyko Racing, INSANE Shane 3D Wheels Frame: Cyko Racing Chrome Frame, Swingarm and Subframe Turbo: McCoy Motorsports One off Rear mounted turbo system, Garret Ball Bearing Turbo, McCoy Motorsports Custom Side out Turbo Exhaust Pipe and Airfilter Velocity Racing: Turbo Airbox & Racing Fuel System Graves Motorsports: Exhaust Header System (custom piping), Adjustable Rearsets, Chromed Left Billet Engine Cover, Right Billet Engine Cover Tricky Air: Front Air Forks & Rear Air Shock NO Magic: Neon LED lighting System McCoy Motorsports: Custom Turbo Subframe, Subframe Side Panels (blue frosted with No Magic LED system), Turbo Oil Return like clutch oiler, aluminum tail section heat guards, McCoy Adjustable Clutch Lever, McCoy Billet Grips, Adjustable Kickstand, Custom Integrated Bike stand, Rearend Fan Cooling System, Wiring control Panel, Thumb hammer nitrous switch system, Lowering Triangles, Custom lowered R1 tank Helix: Metal Mesh vents in tail section Brembo: Brake Lever Justins Custom Cover: Carbon Red Seat Hafer: Billet R1 Tuning Fork Gas Cap Sixty61: Gatling Frame Sliders, Gatling Bar Ends Nitrous Express: Dry Nitrous System, 2lb Bottle with Action Translucent Red Powdercoat, Purge System, Bottle Gauge Action Translucent: Red Powdercoat Frame, Swingarm and Subframe, Blue Powdercoat Wheel accents, Red Front Brake Rotor Carrier Catalyst Composites: R1 Stretched Drag race tail section Custom LED: integrated Tail light, Programable Flasher Relay Galfer: Wave Rotor Front & Front Brakeline, Galfer Rear Brakeline DEI: Hose fittings, Red Hose Covers and heat cover linings Pirelli Diablo Tires Speedlink EXT Lowering Link Patricks Performance: Red Front Brake Reservoir Cap, Red Rear Brake Reservoir Cap Beringer Triple Piston Front Brake RC Components: Rear Sprocket Vortex Racing: Front Sprocket, Racing Clip-ons Pingel: Push Button Airride Controls (one for front and one for back) AutoMeter: boost guage DynoJet Power Commander


Over the past decade America’s first family of Motorsports, the McCoy’s have made their humble hometown of Pikeville, the High Performance capital of Kentucky! Those ten years have gone by faster than a single pass down the quarter mile, however the McCoy Motorsports team has remained tight knit family affair. For those lucky enough to be in their presence, you realize quickly that the expression “part of the family” is not just reserved for those bearing the McCoy’s name. High Performance experts and brothers, Jerry and Randy McCoy founded McCoy Motorsports with one purpose To Be Fast! Never happy with stock, McCoy brothers Jerry and Randy perfected their Turbo tuning prowess in the mid nineteen nineties with succession of insane GMC Cyclones and Typhoons. If you are not old enough to remember, the GMC Cyclone and Typhoon broke all the rules, with strait line factory performance that surpassed all but the fasted exotic cars of the time. Randy and Jerry where smitten with the trucks potential, but being motor heads form way back, they where not willing to settle for high 12’s in the quarter mile. In fact it wasn’t long before the brother’s McCoy had their Typhoon’s

pulling the front tires off the ground on their way to low 9’s. Winning big ing events from coast to coast immediately put the brothers handy work in light. This level of performance certainly attracted a ton of attention at our na strips, and it wasn’t long before the McCoy brothers where tuning their co rides. Based on the huge demand for the McCoy’s products and tuning capabi business had exploded, and in a few short years the McCoy team had grown the majority of the family members as well as the brothers two son’s Shane With first cousins Mike and Shane onboard the company began to shift it’s perform to include Motorcycles. Shane McCoy brought his raw passion of motorcycles from Cross racing roots, combined with his background in his own web design company

g drag racn the limeations drag ompetitor’s ilities, their n to include and Mike. mance focus m his Motor to the table.

These skills where complimented by cousin, Mike McCoy’s passion for tuning and customizing fledgling sportbikes like the 99 Yamaha YZF R-1. Together with their dads and extended family, this youngest generation of the McCoy clan was on the fast track to motorsports high performance domination in the US. Under Shane’s creative hand it wasn’t long before the company had expanded it’s local showroom to the World Wide Web. The McCoy Motorsports company web site is a state of the art international market place where you can find just about any motorsports related product. Whether you’re looking for sportbike, off-road, and automotive parts and accessories, motorsports apparel, or high-performance entertainment, McCoy Motorsports is your one-stop resource! In addition to hosting their company website, the McCoy’s also foster fellow enthusiasts, by hosting the worlds number one R-1 and R-6 forum, at and .

The R-1 and R-6 forums are the ultimate Yamaha YZF-R1 and R6 motorcycle sites dedicated to all things R1 and R6 respectively. Each summer early in the forum members gather at Fontana Village Resort in Fontana, North Carolina ( the annual Deals Gap event ( This awesome event has b rum members and grown in popularity and attendance every year since it’s inc industry support and incredible customer interaction that separates the McCoy

e enthusiasts forums and webmonth of June the R1 and R6 ( for become legendary with the foception 2002! It’s this level of y’s from the their competition,

and has contributed their meteoric rise to the top of the industry. I met the talented McCoy family during our shared appearance on a TV series that aired on ESPN 2 back in 2006, and must say that they left a lasting and indelible impression on me, and my fellow competitors. I feel truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people in this

business over the years, however I can’t say that I have ever met a family quite like the McCoy’s. This all American family is truly first class, from the brothers Jerry and Randy to their sons Mike and Shane, the McCoy family shares a common passion and focus that make them truly unique. I mean, what could be cooler than a family that enjoys a common love for motorsports. I must say that my first impression of the McCoy’s left me a little envious and wishing that my own family possessed my enthusiasm for motorcycles. However, It was at this moment, that I was confronted with the realization that I was going to have to compete against this industry powerhouse on national TV. What a holy shit moment! Well despite me and my fellow competitors best efforts, the McCoy’s went onto kick the entire industries ass (including mine) with their most incredible build to date the Phoenix, (see our accompanying feature) going on to win the TV series. I am sure by now that your wondering, with such a long list of credits, ground breaking show bikes and countless awards and achievements, what’s next on the horizon for the McCoy clan? Well, you know it’s never easy for any talented organization or individual that has set the standard and repeatedly raised the bar year after year to out do itself, but keep your eyes on the McCoy’s because they have still got a few tricks up their sleeves. For starters they have expanded their apparel product lines to include products from top brands like Joe Rocket, Shift and Fox, while continuing to lead the industry with new performance offerings from Graves, Nitrous Express and Galfer. For those seeking thrills outside the two-wheeled world the McCoy’s have got you covered, with the industry

standard the T-REX, and the all new revolutionary VENOM three wheelers, not to mention the off road excitement of bullet proof Team Joyners ATV lineup. Heck, they even carry my products, including the Menace Styling kits for the Suzuki Haybusa. You name it, and more than likely they have it in stock and ready to ship today. If all that’s not enough, they are always ready willing and able to fulfill your custom bike fantasies, with a one off McCoy creation, crafted from the industries finest product offerings. It is obvious that there is definitely more to McCoy Motorsports than meets the eye, and I am confident that we will see more unbelievable accomplishments from this talent family from Kentucky in the 21st century! I for one can’t wait to see what’s next. -AC

Words: Louis Grasse Pics:BlingRockets Bike: H2o Cycles

In a land full of custom motorcycles that barely stand apart from one another here in Florida, it’s hard to pull off a theme bike without copying another idea or taking it a little too far. Tony Rutland of Jacksonville, Florida knows just how important it is to stand out in a crowd of motorcycles. Tony is an active member of the J’Ville Riders motorcycle club ( out of North Florida and needed a bike that could handle the weekly regimen of club rides, bike nights and community events without sacrificing swagger and individuality for handling and performance. For this exact reason Tony chose the Kawasaki ZX-1400, the king of all Ninja’s, as hisblank canvas for the upcoming transformation. When Rutland purchased his ZX14, he did it with the theme of his upcoming makeover already well thought out. He spends most of his life travelling the seas chasing his paycheck and has really taken his love for the sea to a whole new height with this build. Being fascinated with pirates and more importantly the movie phenomenon “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Tony set out on a course to recreate his own version of the “Black Pearl”. Pg.82

Most people would have been happy purchasing a new ZX14 in black, throwing some cool chrome rims on it and putting a few vinyl graphics on the body; but we aren’t talking about most people here. Building a theme bike with intricate details while the owner spends months at a time out to sea is a struggle from jumpstreet. Many phone calls, emails, voicemails and smoke signals were put into action between Tony and the guys here at H2o Cycles ( to complete this build within a short timeframe and prepare it for bike week. While onsite at H2o Cycles in Jacksonville, Florida to shoot the bike, we asked John Barry, H2o’s shop manager, what his input on the build was overall. Barry quickly answered, “This ZX14 is an intricate display of black and chrome. Simple concept with simple execution! Tony may have named her the Black Pearl, but around here we call her Shiver my Timbers.” The build was based off of a contrast theme of black and chrome. Parts of the bike were quickly shipped out to SportChrome of California while the arm was in production and the rest of the painted panels and pieces were quickly stripped of their color and laced in custom airbrushing. Many plastic chrome pieces were added to this build as the project continued down the assembly line. Trying something new for the first time, H2o Cycles created a one-off set of side fins for this bike that were dipped in real chrome and then coated with a clearcoat mixture that would allow the insides of the fins to be contrast painted. Keeping with the black and chrome theme of the motorcycle these side fins really stood out on the bike and helped to not take the chrome overboard, losing the dark and sinister look of the bike overall. Another first in the plastic chrome world was the aftermarket undertail being modified to fit the build and then hard chromed prior to being placed back onto the motorcycle. This piece was quite difficult to pull off because off the size, the hard bends and intricate placement of the panel once back on the tail, but it was pulled off and done well. Many bolton bits and pieces were placed on the bike helping to keep the theme alive. The tank was laced with the world famous “Pirates” skull while the tail pieces were happily emblazoned with the word “Savvy”. The front windscreen was masked off with the pirates map logo and backlit with LED’s to allow a nightly glow to protrude from the screen while on display. Keeping it real under the riders’ tail is the custom seat, wrapped softly in ostrich and emblazoned with the term Tony keeps so dear to his heart, “Surrender the Booty”. From top to bottom, this bike stays true to its theme and can even be found playing the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Disney flick on the custom IPOD display at a show near you.

This bike was completed in a short timeframe and has remained a continued work-in-progress. Rutland is always thinking of the next thing to add, change or remove from this blacked-out masterpiece. The “Black Pearl” has already toured the IMS Atlanta motorcycle show on display, has seen many events in North Florida and South Georgia and was quite the hit at Myrtle Beach and Daytona bike weeks. Tony already has plans in his mind laid out for a new theme build and he is well underway with the particulars. We at H2o Cycles look forward to translating his concept into reality again and we’ll bring it out as quickly as possible to our loyal readers, right here in Blingrockets. Once again, you’ve seen it here first.


-RC Components wheels wrapped up in an H2o Cycles Smoothie 300 arm - chrome from top to bottom and stretched 10” over stock. -Custom NOS bottle bracket with purge system by H2o Cycles. -IPOD fiberglass enclosure built into the gas tank for the IPOD touch with onboard 500 watt amplifier and multiple LED-enhanced speakers. (LOUD) -Over 300 BLUE LED’s installed on the bike with wireless remote control, blue halo’s installed in the headlights, and blue speakers. -Custom-cut and LED backlit windscreen by H2o Cycles. -Chrome plastic fender fins, rear tail triangle, complete aftermarket chrome undertail, switch housings and custom side fins. All plastic chrome done by -Powder coated clutch and stator cover. -Headlight blackouts. -Airbrushed “Pirates” theme by the Mad Artist in Jax, Florida. -Custom ostrich seat with raised anchor and embroidery. -Arnott air ride assembly with H2o Cycles wireless air ride remote. -Chrome subframe, front and rear sets, kickstand, rear brake caliper and fork caps. -Custom blade levers, black spike kit, and dress up kit. -Power Commander III, TRE, and Roaring Toyz full exhaust.


Parts of Art Every once in awhile a certain part catches your eye. Sometimes it’s the color combo, sometimes it’s the design, or maybe other times it just looks hot! Such is the case when one of my customers brought his GSXR 1000 in for a slam and stretch package. My eye went straight to the grips. I have been around the sportbike scene for awhile now and thought I have layed eyes on every spiked, chromed, holey, rubbery style of grip possible. Well, wake the neighbors slim, check out Rizoma! The Italian based manufacturer has designed a functional and custom looking hybrid grip. Not hybrid in the greener sense but in the combination of billet aluminum and traditional “rubber” grip. Stylish AND rider friendly, do tell more. I dialed up a U.S distributor, Motovation Accessories, and ordered a set of Rizoma Sportline Billet Grips in Black. $59.00, the product appeared like a very fair deal. I stated that they were for my ZX14 project and was instantly filled in by Paul that the grip is a universal style, that comes with a variety of throttle cable cams for different applications. Instant red flag for me, when I hear universal fit I think of the seafood bibs at Red Lobster where everyone trys like hell to make it fit, then soon after just making the best of it. Hell no, I wanted to try anyway, the grips looked crazy good on the GSXR, so why not.

Grips were received and packaged with instructions (translated Italian) and hardware. Pretty straight forward.

I removed the left side bar weight and then used an air attachment to release the grip from the bar and slide it off. Trick to this is to keep bursting air under the grip and it will literally float off the bar.

I threaded in the 2 supplied set screws part ways and slid the grip into position. Installed stock bar weight and then - a problem. The grips are a few millimeters shorter than stock so the bar weight doesn’t sit exactly in the grip end like stock. No worries new bar ends or taking some material off the inside mounting surface of the bar weight will get it to mate up to the new grip. Definitely a set of new bar ends for my bike, I’m picky like that.

Right side is not bad at all. Remove the bar weight and open up the throttle cable bar mounted housing. Disconnect the push and pull throttle cables, noting cable orientation, and slide grip/throttle barrel housing off. Match up one of the throttle cams to your stock cam. The end of the throttle grip has teeth that will accept the cam, easy no fuss assembly. Reverse the steps and the throttle side goes back together quite easy.

I did not have to adjust for sembly but did have to trial to get the Rizoma logo to fa grip when the bike is at idle ing all the details.

Would I recommend them? very reasonable for a high q grip insert works and perfor gonomics of the aluminum g fatigue and the design is ver

To order: contact Motovation Accessori

r cable slack after final asfit the cam to the throttle all at the top position of the e. Not an issue; just cover-

? Absolutely! Pricing is quality product. The rubber rms like it should. The ergrip fit your hand without ry simple and smart.


See entire build on Bowtie South’s MySpace: ( (Gallery Link)



Photographer ( Model (

WikiShift – Breakthrough Technology Enthusiasts have complained for years of having to change between clear and tinted shields for night and daytime riding. Wiki® provides a much sought after solution. Their sun-sensitive color changing shield technology named WikiShift™ delivers convenience with style. No more uncomfortable sunglasses inside the helmet, switching shields, carrying an extra shield, or getting caught at night wearing a tinted shield which is obviously dangerous. So how does it work? The photochromatic reaction occurs when the photochromic molecule is exposed to UV from the sun. Therefore when riding at night, street lights and oncoming headlamps (which do not emit UV light) do not cause a reaction and the shield remains clear. But when exposed to sunlight the shield quickly darkens. The “shift” from clear to tint typically takes 30 to 60 seconds. WikiShift is a coating which must be applied to the exterior surface of the shield to work its magic because UV inhibitors in polycarbonate (the material all faceshields are made of) block most of the UV. This is the main reason photochromic inserts do not work well. Photochromic molecules are one of the most expensive materials in the world by weight. Cost varies by color and amount of darkness. Current available colors are smoke, amber, and blue. Wiki’s advanced award-winning technology was developed by its premier photochromic chemist. The popular Wave helmet includes a WikiShift shield. It is an incredibly unique and desirable piece of safety equipment. The helmet features an incredibly light carbonfiber re-enforced fiberglass shell, is very comfortable, and meets DOT and strict ECE standards. Also, a brand new product called a WikiShift Skin™ will convert most clear shields to a WikiShift shield in a snap. Now almost any street helmet can be outfitted with WikiShift technology! Prices of shields and skins range from $49 - $99 depending on color and darkness and Wave helmets (WikiShift shield included) run around the $300 mark. Visit or call (877) 411-9454.


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