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Brian Ogle on his 2010 BMW S1000RR at the Dog House. Biketoberfest 2010. Photo by Lee Wallace.

Shannon with Roaring Toyz GSX-R.

Publisher: Rockets Media Inc. Executive Editor, Photo Editor & Art Director: Lee Wallace Associate Editor & Art Director: Adam Canni Editor-at-Large: Louis Grasse Marketing and Promotions Director: Jesse Fennell Senior Staff Writer: Steve Hall

Contributors & Participants: Myrtle West Cycles Break Lites Motorsports BMW Motorrad USA Brock's Performance H2o Cycles

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Wow, is it really the end of the year? Seems like

only yesterday we moved into our new office, wait a minute that was yesterday but that was the second new office, but seriously time has flown and the year has been good. We've had some great issues and a lot of things to be thankful for, especially the return of Jesse "Feenom" Fennell from Afghanistan, safe and sound. What else? Well there's so many things to reflect on, for instance, look at all the cool builders we met and not to mention all the new friends that we made along the way. What are you thankful for? What does 2011 hold in store for BlingRockets? Only we know and soon you will find out, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might just make you say wow. Thanks for reading and your support. Have a happy holiday and a safe new year! Stay tuned, it's only going to get better.

Teamed up with Bob from Roaring Toyz,

Happy Holidays to all our Blingrockets family out

there and best wishes as we creep into another new year. In 2011 we will continue to deliver you amazing photography, peeks at the newest in parts and accessories and as always, the hottest of bikes. Keep turning the pages of Blingrockets in 2011 - I promise you it won't disappoint. After traveling to Indy for Moto GP and covering the Boz Bro's custom bike show, we made it down to Daytona for Biketoberfest 2010 and had a great time, as always. The bike crowd was tamed compared to years past, but it got us plenty of material to bring you, up to and including the cover bike BMW. Directly following, I hopped on a plane and headed to Las Vegas for SEMA 2010. As with any trip to Vegas you have to play your cards right to get in the action, to be in the limelight and come out a winner. If you've never been to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), then you have never been to a car show. We brought you extensive coverage last year of the event and will continue to provide you a front row seat to what has to be the LARGEST "Bling" event of the year. While in Vegas I met with the guys from Metal Mulisha, visited a few casinos, jumped out of a half-stuck elevator and spent four days walking the floors of the convention center. But nothing could have prepared me for the adventure-filled greatness that waited for us at our host hotel, the Stratosphere.

the Blingrockets crew headed over to the Stratosphere to take on the newest adrenaline rush in Nevada, the SkyJump! Nestled on a small platform just outside the observation deck of the largest structure in Las Vegas, lies the best joy ride around. Laced up in a parachute-like jumpsuit and wisped away to the 108th floor with little training, you are quickly strapped into a cable system, stripped of your gravitational rights and plunged into a ten story free fall. Trust me when I tell you that this ride is better than a night at the Spearmint Rhino, and that's hard to surpass. If you get the chance to get out there, I highly recommend that you find your way to Stratosphere and in the interim, check them out online at Be sure, if you take the long trip to the top for a jump, that you really do jump. On our excursion, "Koolaid" of H2o Cycles had to make the walk of shame after standing out on the platform of fate not once, but twice, for a combined total of 15 minutes. Unable to shake enough sand out of his girly parts to make the jump, Kevin was forced to ride the elevator back down, forfeiting his $100 bounty, and being forced to sit idly by as the staff and patrons of this world-class ride labeled him the "SkyJump Chicken". He swears a rematch is scheduled and we'll be there to cover it. Check this month's blog for videos, pics and even the painful ten minute video of Koolaid NOT JUMPING! Next month we are covering Stunt Wars 2011 in Orlando, Florida and then it's on to Indy again for the Dealer Trade Show. Until then, and without further delay, enjoy SEMA 2010...

Check out this Reader's Ride sent to us from Gary Drown. We always enjoy seeing your

rides and what you or your builder has done to make your ride a BlingRocket. This 2008 Yamaha R1 was brought to TOCE Performance for a total desaturation. As you can see the bike has been desaturated of color which actually makes all the cool components, pop. We like this bike for it's creative and unique styling. We have seen "murdered", repeatedly but this is a whole new realm. What stands out to us is the fact that the

swing arm and down forks appear to be powder coated or painted aluminum but in fact TOCE is using a system by Allied Metal Finishing which actually leaves the raw metal exposed with a protective finish. More to come on this process in the future. Flat colors are actually hard to pull off. We have seen so many hack jobs but, professional painter, Robert Pradke pulled it off without a flaw. This bike is a fine example. Nice work guys!

2008 Yamaha R1 Swingarm: One-off TOCE Performance 300 Wheels: 18x10.25 factory widened by TOCE Mirrors: Block-offs by TOCE Lowered: One-off lowering triangle by TOCE Exhaust: TOCE T-Slash Rear sets: Rizoma - Modified by TOCE Heal Guards: TOCE Misc: Rizoma - Front and rear reservoirs, grips, bar ends, levers Rotors: Carrozzeria Brake Lines: Stainless by TOCE Gas cap: Lightec Sliders: GYTR Springs: RaceTech Sprocket cover: Greggs Customs HID: DDM Tuning Signals: Watsen design Tail light: Blaster-x integrated Rear cowl: GYTR Paint: Robert Pradke Metal Finishing and powder coat: Allied Metal Finishing Fabrication and CNC: Dan Toce Disassembly/Reassembly: Mark Duval

For centuries, music has d lot about the person mere of music, some are die ha love the concept of a boo how important it was to p to have the biggest boom Lites has taken the boomb

defined our lives and who we are. One can tell a ely by the music they listen to. Some like all sorts ard to their genre, me I like em all. And I especially ombox on wheels. When I was a kid I remember play your music loud and how everyone wanted mbox to over-power everyone else's beats. Break box into the future and into the biking world.


2007 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 -300 SS Swingarm -RC Raven wheels -Tricky Air Ride system -Chrome: Frame, Subframe, Forks, Swingarm, Wheels and PPM See Thru Billet Covers -Voo Doo Slip On exhaust -Custom seat with logo

Bike by Break Lites Audio by Bonez -Tank molded Alpine screen -Alpine amplifier -Infinity 4" speakers (front) -Infinity 5 1/4" speakers (rear) -Rear view camera -Hidden microphone

No longer are the days of the 22 pound silver blas if you can... your BlingRocket equipped with high section of any Super Bike. It is not unusual to see and clean high def sound and trust me this is wa sound systems like these visit:

ster blaring a distorted Master-P sound track which we all thought was cool. Imagine end, state of the art, custom sound works. All placed properly in the cowling and tail e one of these custom two-wheeled BlingRockets on scene at any meet playing crisp ay easier than carrying that box on your shoulder. For more information on custom



-240 -PM C whee -Pow and g

Ghetto Blaster"

2006 Yamaha R1

Swingarm Contrast Cut Heathen els - 18" front & rear wder coated foot pegs gas cap

Bike by Break Lites Audio by Bonez -Alpine 407 Double DIN head unit -JL Audio 300x4 Amplifier -JL Audio 3.5" speakers in headlight housings

-JL Audio 5 1/4" speakers in tail section -JL Audio 7" sub in custom enclosure (seat cowl) -Rear view camera -Hidden microphone

During World

After the war unveiled it's fi emblem or tra white and blu this motorcyc

d War I, BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) specialized in the production of aircraft engines. ended, a treaty subsequently forced BMW to focus on other projects. In 1923 BMW first motorcycle and it wasn't until 1928 when they produced their first automobile. The ademark BMW logo that you are familiar with represents their heritage, airplanes. The ue logo represents a white propeller spinning through a blue sky. BMW has been in cle game long before most companies.

When we got a first look at the new S1000RR which was unveiled in 2009. We all s how long it would take for a builder to fully customize this European heavy hitter. Fu is just exactly what Jon over at Myrtle West did when the brand new 2010 “Double the shop. It didn't take Jon and the boys long to get to work exploiting the great lines the hidden potential. As far as we know this is the first of it's kind in this genre.

speculated on ully customize e R� arrived at s and unleash

After extensive research and development, based on the one-of-a-kind build, John Rhem was able to painstakingly create a precision 360 swingarm. Most firsts that we have seen usually start out mild but not over at Myrtle West where the moto is “go big or go home”. The fat tire is mounted on the first set of “Crazy Larry's” which you can purchase directly from Myrtle West. Notice the bottle mounted to the arm don't be fooled it's not NOS, it's for the instant up. The trailing edge of the swingarm was designed to match the Crazy Larry style. Trying to match up BMW's factory 525 chain to the custom 530 based jackshaft wasn't going down. Based on Myrtle West's research they were able to supplement an aftermarket front sprocket for a Honda 929. How they figured that out I don't know but it works and that is the game of customizing. I would have to say that my favorite feature of this BMW is the paint. There are few occasions here at BlingRockets when we see such detail and optical illusions through the art of paint. One views this bike and can quickly be deceived by the paint scheme on the engine casings. The casings depict gears and three dimensional exposed engine parts. All of this based on the history and precision that BMW represents. Myrtle West did a great job on the first BMW custom that we have ever seen. I am sure that when the builders at BMW rolled their first bike off the assembly line almost eighty eight years ago never in their wildest dreams would they have envisioned this bike. I am sure this bike would put a smile on their face if they were here today.

2010 BMW S1000RR by Myrtle West Cycles ( Owned by Brian Ogle

-Swingarm: 360 12" over by Myrtle West (R&D by John Rehm) -Wheels: NEW "Crazy Larry" model (18" front) by Myrtle West -Exhaust: Brock's Performance Alien Head exhaust system -Calipers: Performance Machine -Rotors: Galfer -Undertail: Custom by Alex Tucker -Paint: Jimmy Jackson -Headlights: Digital Slim HID -Lenses: Tinted by Jimmy Jackson -R&G Racing: Mirror block offs & Frame caps -Greggs Customs: Fairing plugs -Vortex: Sprocket & Levers -Air Ride: AirFX rear air suspension -Misc: Myrtle West kickstand and spike kits

All parts available through Myrtle West Cycles

Justin Kingsland: South Eas Manager (ACM) for BMW M BMW Performance Center's

st Area Community Motorrad USA on the s S1000RR.

Domonic Anderson: Virginia based MIROCK drag racer on his BMW S1000RR (

I can't ever remember a time period in my life when I considered purchasing a BMW and after intense discussions and many interviews I cannot find any of my counterparts who disagree. If we wanted a bike built for speed in the turns, out of the box or a straight away machine with a few mods I always reached for the "fab four" before the mere thought of a BMW would have ever crossed my mind. However, I did picture myself once cruising the highlands in my elder years with all of my backpacking equipment on my BMW traveling the world. When I first laid eyes on the S1000RR my thoughts started to change

and my choices began to grow. Now, in my opinion the best thing that BMW has ever done was to hire Justin Kingsland. You see, Kingsland is responsible for bringing this bad ass into our world. This ain't your weird neighbor's BMW. This bike is for real. Kingsland, along with the BMW Performance Center wanted to spotlight the S1000RR and provide a rolling model of a true street legal eight second bike. Therefore the first thing that Kingsland did with this S1000RR was to contact Brock Davidson from famed Brock's Performance. Kingsland knew of Brock's street racing lady, known to most as

"Christine", Brock's flagship BMW S1000RR eight second drag racer. When Brock heard the news from Kingsland about the project he was more than eager to put his hat in the ring. Brock supplied the majority of all the performance related parts needed for this venture. After the completion of the bike Kingsland debuted this BlingRocket via a performance based tour throughout the South East United States. The response from spectators at first was one of disbelief and utter shock. Could this be the beginning of a new legacy? First Brock's bike, now the BMW Performance Center does a repeat? Yes folks, it's real and this writer is happy! I love the fact that BMW is now one of my top choices for performance based motorcycles. As you can see, if I had a BMW with some minor mods from Brock's Performance combined with the factory 183 BHP, I'm in the game at 203 BHP - for real. Considering this bike can be purchased for around 13k, even with a Brock's Full Bolt-On package I still haven't broke the bank. And I'm way ahead of you. Who knows, there might even be some money left for saddle bags..just kidding.

Keith "Shine" Dennis: Legendary street racer on the Performance Center BMW at Palm Beach International Raceway. -Photo courtesy of Brock's Performance

2010 Performance Center BMW S1000RR Engine: Stock (203 RWHP/80 ft-lbs SAE Scale using VP MR12 Fuel) Exhaust: Brock's Performance Full Titanium CT-Meg with flame option Fuel Injection Control: Dynojet PCV with Brock's Performance map Wheels: BST Carbon Fiber 17" front & rear Wheel Bearings: Worldwide Bearings Ceramic with Low Tension Seals Tires: Metzler 120 Racetec front & 190 Dragtec rear Swingarm: Brock's Performance 9" over Alumi-Pro by McIntosh Shock: Brock's Performance Dragshock by Ohlins Stearing Damper: 18 Click, oil filled by Ohlins Sprockets: Vortex (16 tooth front & 47 tooth rear) Clutch: Brock's Performance Clutch Mod & Heavy Duty Springs Lowering Links: Brock's Performance Fully Adjustable Window Links Drive Chain: EK DRZ530/2, 150 Link Front End: Brock's Performance Radial Mount Front End Lowering Kit Oil: Alisyn <<0 Weight Fully Synthetic with Petron Plus Coolant: Motul MoCool Brake Line - rear: 9" over by Spiegler Performance Brake Pads: CL Brakes (XBK5 Compound) *All modifications are completely bolt-on and 100% reversible

Dystany Spurlock: 18 year old drag racer who ran a 8.61 at 163.61 MPH in the quarter at the Manufacturer's Cup Finals in Valdosta this year on the Performance Center BMW. It should be noted that her time was from her 5th pass after riding the BMW for the first time. (pictured with Brock Davidson)

WikiShift – Breakthrough Technology Enthusiasts have complained for years of having to change between clear and tinted shields for night and daytime riding. Wiki® provides a much sought after solution. Their sun-sensitive color changing shield technology named WikiShift™ delivers convenience with style. No more uncomfortable sunglasses inside the helmet, switching shields, carrying an extra shield, or getting caught at night wearing a tinted shield which is obviously dangerous. So how does it work? The photochromatic reaction occurs when the photochromic molecule is exposed to UV from the sun. Therefore when riding at night, street lights and oncoming headlamps (which do not emit UV light) do not cause a reaction and the shield remains clear. But when exposed to sunlight the shield quickly darkens. The “shift” from clear to tint typically takes 30 to 60 seconds. WikiShift is a coating which must be applied to the exterior surface of the shield to work its magic because UV inhibitors in polycarbonate (the material all faceshields are made of) block most of the UV. This is the main reason photochromic inserts do not work well. Photochromic molecules are one of the most expensive materials in the world by weight. Cost varies by color and amount of darkness. Current available colors are smoke, amber, and blue. Wiki’s advanced award-winning technology was developed by its premier photochromic chemist. The popular Wave helmet includes a WikiShift shield. It is an incredibly unique and desirable piece of safety equipment. The helmet features an incredibly light carbonfiber re-enforced fiberglass shell, is very comfortable, and meets DOT and strict ECE standards. Also, a brand new product called a WikiShift Skin™ will convert most clear shields to a WikiShift shield in a snap. Now almost any street helmet can be outfitted with WikiShift technology! Prices of shields and skins range from $49 - $99 depending on color and darkness and Wave helmets (WikiShift shield included) run around the $300 mark. Visit or call (877) 411-9454.

Hayaputa (Hi-ah-poo-ta) "Japanese/Spanish Slang" The word "Haya" in Japanese

means "quick" and the word "puta" in Spanish means "Whore" or "Bitch" After seeing the "Geisha360" bike built by H2o Cycles ( in 2009 on the remote island of Aruba, covered in another magazine, our custome was locked in and positive that the dream bike was to be built as a second rendi tion of that very build, with his own US flare. The original "Geisha Busa" was cus tomized completely on the island and still rocks the roost as the baddest bike be tween the seas; for this build though we would need something more. The original based on a candy orange scheme, was quickly substituted with candy apple red and the murals of the women, originally depicted as Asian woman of the "service industry, were replaced with well known models that better fit the look we were go a little more blessed from behind and draped in flowing long locks of hair. Not tha attempt, but the second was quickly becoming a new addiction. When sitting ove


n er isel, d e" oing for. Notice that the women are bustier, at we weren't already large fans of the first erseas in a pile of sand and waiting for

any ass hole to come around the corner and try to blow your head off, you get some serious time to contemplate things. In this case, our customer was busy overseas protecting this country and like many of our friends and customers, he was dreaming of coming home to something special. Something to enjoy daily and worthy of justifying his trip and the demanding sacrifices that he would have to make in order to complete his tour safely. This bike was built to serve exactly that purpose and he was dead set on the style and look that he so desperately wanted. We laced the candy red everywhere and when it was complete, Paul Wong did his magic. Armed with only an Iwata airbrush, a few pics printed off the Internet and some freshly wet-sanded panels; sitting by and watching the girls come to life was as intense as the completed motorcycle is in person.

Eighteen inches over stock and on a single-sided platform is not for the faint of heart. Mixed with a power commander, a great map and exhaust system from our friend Brock at Brock's Performance ( and a T.R.E, this beast was gorgeous and easily capable of bucking off its jockey. Powder coated, painted and chromed wherever possible our customer couldn't have been happier to return to this girl in his garage. Hat's off to him for making us repeat a great build and create another classic, and more importantly, for allowing us the opportunity to do what we do while others put their lives on the line to protect us.

Although we stood true to the original design, we changed enough to make both bikes live on forever as H2o Cycles originals. Whether your abroad, in the Orient or right here in the U-S-of A, H2o Cycles has proven that women and bikes were meant to be together. Don't worry about the casting call for this shoot ladies and gentlemen, the models for this spread were already included...

God bless the troops!

2008 Suzu

18" over sided

RC Compo Alien

Brock's P ceramic coa full exha

Loads of Roarin H2o

H2o Cyc Hayabusa

Paint and H2o Cycles airbrush ar

Special tha John at H their h

uki Hayabusa

r stock single swingarm

onents wheels - 360 rear

Performance ated Alien Head aust system

f Bling bits by ng Toyz and o Cycles

cles chrome a gauge bezel

d Graphics by s, "Koolaid" and rtist Paul Wong

anks to Vic and H2o Cycles for hard work.

BlingRockets No.11  

BlingRockets Issue No.11

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