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Welcome to the very first issue of BlingRockets digital magazine! Learning curves are a PITA. We’re certainly not born with the knowledge on forum development nor the knowledge on how to create a publication such as this one. I’m working on overcoming this though. My goal is to put out a new issue approximately every thrity days or so. Keep in mind that I’m virtually a one man show so your patience, suggestions, assistance, and other contributions will be very much appreciated. Cover bikes have been a controversy ever since I can remember. The system by how our “cover bikes” are chosen is not scientific. It’s really going to depend on if a particular shot simply stands out as a nice cover. The bottom line is that every bike in any given issue will be given as much coverage as the material we have on it will allow. We may even put two or three bikes on a cover at one time, who knows. We’re also looking to provide you with other random ‘BlingRocket’ motorsports machines.

For example, in this issue we’ve featured a Fountain 40 Race, poker run boat, that’s a perfect example of power and Bling. Something else you may notice that is unique is our Contributors section. This section is for anyone who assisted in providing material. As is the case for this issue Mark Tempesta brought us his “HotWheels bike” all the way from Peabody, Ma. (We’re in Florida BTW), Louis provided access to his “Skull Krusher bike” in J-Ville last May, and Adam created BlingRockets’ fresh new identity. His BlingRockets and BR logos can be seen on everything from the cover of this issue to our updated Tshirts. It’s a given that your going to find chicks with many of the layouts in each issue. I have a long time, deep seated belief, that babes and custom bikes go hand in hand. Actually, don’t be surprised to see chicks in just about any feature, bike or not (hint, hint). **Please let me know what you think, my email is: Until next time, take care and be safe!! -Lee

Words by Louis Grasse, H2o Cycles Photos by BlingRockets

On a beautiful sunny day in the summer of 2008, Mark was riding his brand new Ninja through his home state of Louisiana. The sun was bright, the motor was revving loud, and the new bike sitting atop only 600 miles was ready to growl at every twist of the throttle and flick of the wrist. Unfortunately for Mark, the motorcycle had a mind of its own that day and decided to buck him off like a prodded steer upon one of its climbs towards the rev limiter. Although Mark was not seriously injured and was later able to ride the broken stallion back to his house around the corner, the daddy of all Ninjas had been battered and bruised, along with Mark’s ego. Knowing that he didn’t want to completely start from scratch again without wiping clean the memory of the Ninja’s demise, Mark decided to contact us at H2o Cycles and compile a plan to take the dark memories of the motorcycle’s

past and harness them as creative energy for the rebirth. The motorcycle was transferred to Forward Air in its broken down state and delivered to Jacksonville, Florida where we started assessing the damages. After a quick run through of all the parts needed from Kawasaki to put this road bullet back into pristine shape, we sent over the estimate and Mark setup a quick trip to come see us in Florida. We spent over eight hours that day discussing paint schemes, replacement of stock parts, swingarm ideas and an overall theme for the new custom build. With such a great story of the bike’s past, and the everlasting option to pick on Mark just a little for looping his 2008 beast with less than 650 miles on it, we stuck with the dark and sinister look that you see before you today. The swingarm was a lock from the get-go; Mark knew as soon as he walked into our shop and saw the Transformer ZX14 sitting on that single-sided that there was

no other options to be explored. We talked about ideas for the small bling parts, options for the larger painted parts, and finally came up with somewhat of a design to base the paint scheme off of in just a few short hours. The idea for graphics was derived from a compilation of old classic and hot rod cars we found on the Internet. The sleek lines of the black bike with the realistic flames is a hard appeal to bypass and the skulls were chosen to really give the bike some street-cred where it was needed. With Mark and his wife soon on their way back to Louisiana and an entire motorcycle to rebuild, the fun stuff quickly ended and the real work began. We spent a little over a month tearing the bike down to its true exo-skeleton and checking each and every piece of metal for bends, scrapes or tears. Hidden secrets like a torn weld on the sub frame, a slight bend in the lower right fork leg, and scarred engine covers and radiator casings were just a few of the tales left to be told of the quick kiss with the pavement that day. We replaced all of the OEM parts, ensured that all pieces of the engine and transmission were perfectly in tact, and then moved to start on the custom build. The Ninja was painted by Paul Wong and once again is nothing shy of a painted marvel. The airbrushed skulls and realistic flames literally jump right off the panels of this motorcycle and appear glossier than a glazed Krispy Kreme donut. The smooth panels and dash panels are the only modification to the stock plastics while the entire bike is trimmed up with all the latest upgrades from our friends down at Roaring Toyz ( Some slight hints of plastic chrome adorn the front fender and the black chrome contrast wheels are nothing short of a wonder in person. The new movement towards black chrome is very exciting for us here at H2o Cycles since we have now made our entire line of plastic chrome available in black chrome in addition to our metal plating.

The PM torque wheels are lightweight, expertly designed and offer a much different style when parked in a sea of RC Components wheels at your local bike night. The C&S Swingarm is readily available on our site at and we can have them made in any length, width, or size imaginable along with our custom CNC machined spinner hub. Arnott provided the black adjustable air ride mounted right after this shoot was completed and we matched it up with our wireless air ride remote for a little fun with the onlookers at the gas station. Many of the normally chromed parts were sent over to our powdercoater for the gloss black treatment instead of chrome this time around and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the quality of the finish and the shine they achieved. The accent parts on this bike were a necessity to contrast the darker colors so we had the guys at Roaring Toyz knock us out some custom red brake lines with black gloss fittings and matched them up to our anodized foot pegs and fairing bolts mounted around the bike. With the ostrich seat cut to a drag racers specifications and the suede captain’s cushion embroidered with our logo, this baby was almost ready to take off the rack. The motor was fine tuned with a Power Commander III and mapped to spec for the Roaring Toyz exhaust. Matched up with the Ivan’s TRE installation, a must have for any ZX14 owner, the beast not only looked and sounded good, but now she was responsive on the road as well. For final treatment, black gloss fairing screens were installed along with the craziest of LED kits. We installed micro LED’s all over the bike and really gave this thing a nasty, wirelessly controlled, glow. Mark took some time here recently to drive all the way out to the Ville and take his new monster for a test ride. We enjoyed a peaceful ride up the northern coast of Florida on the scenic routes of A1A while turning heads every step of the way. I think Mark said it best when he first saw his new bike sitting outside our shop here in Jacksonville, “Now that’s one sexy ass bitch right there”! Well, the crew and I here at H2o Cycles couldn’t agree more...

Bike: Ka Owner: Built by Motor: P Swinga Wheels

via Sport


awasaki ZX-14 2008

: Mark Vinson y: H2o Cycles, Jacksonville, Florida (

Power Commander III, Ivan’s TRE, Roaring Toyz 4-2-1 Exhaust (

arm: C&S Single-sided 12” over stock 300 rear tire swing arm ( s: PM Torque wheels, contrast Black chrome finish on wheels available through H2o Cycles Chrome (

07’ Suzuk

Paint - Hotwheels custom Kreations, (PPG Vibranc with Key Lime candy Fla Body - Clear body set do Powdercoat - Complete from Goodhues Powder PPG Vibrance Midnight S blue powder coating fini Swingarm / Triple trees a coating on Wheels and required.. ) Electronics - Blue and W Drastic Plastix, 4 channe color. 2 momentary chan Seat - Worlds first illumin NU Upholstery Swingarm kit - Widened Swingarm 4� extended Tires - Avon cobra Suspension - Tricky rear Engine - Ceramic coated haust, thinner head gask usb with LCD display an air filter

ki GSX-R 600

m paint job donated by Killer ce Midnight Sapphire base ames) onated by Hotbodies Racing e powder coating donated Coating, Custom match to Sapphire and Key Lime and ish on Frame / Subframe / and Forks, Key Lime powder entire motor (dis-assembly

White LED kits donated by el remote. 1 channel per led nnels for air ride nated seat, donated by ALL

d factory rear 300 tire kit.

air ride suspension d headers and GP style exket, Power commander PC3 nd multifunction hub, K & N

Muscle Racing’s ( owner David Branch allowed us to shoot his poker run boat just in time for the first issue. This particular boat is a multi-time national and world champion in the Super V class. It’s life obviously had began as a pure race boat, later converted into a poker run/pleasure boat - yes, pleasure boat. It’s not uncommon for David to take her out for a day cruise in the Sarasota area. It’s completely worth going through about one hundrend gallons of fuel each race and the numerous noise warnings it recieves along the

intercoastal because there’s one thing that it’s really good at, “It makes chicks want to take their tops off”. -Fountain 40 Race, twin staggered 750’s with No.6 Mercury drives, Dry sump/constant flow oil system, single sea strainer (common in Fountain race boats), weight: approx. 8,500 lbs, paint: custom cheetah print, seats five (no harnesses or lap belts), launch by ramp or crane (lifting eyes), full canopy was trimmed; race windshield still in use, swim platform added

-In our opinion, MotoGP bikes sport some of the most “money is no object� Bling in the World. Check out the Fiat Yamaha no. 46!

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BlingRockets No.1  
BlingRockets No.1  

BlingRockets Issue No.1